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moov The Arrivant Volume One Kitchen Sink Records KSR-007 


moov The Arrivant Volume One Kitchen Sink Records KSR-007 

TheArrivant Volume One 

01. What are You Expecting? 

02. That's a Good Question 
03. Chess with Death 
04 .1 Tried 
05. Do it Again 
06. For Instance 
07. The Longed-For Entrance 
08. Behind the Curtain 
09. Disquieting 

10. A Long Walk in the Brutal Cold 
n. Possible Warmth 

Recorded and mixed by Tony Gudwien. 
Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering. 

moov The Arrivcmt Volume One Kitchen Sink Records KSR-007 

"The arrivcmt: this word can, indeed, mean the 
neutrality of that which arrives, but also the singularity 
of who arrives, he or she who comes, coming to be where he or 
she was not expected, where one was awaiting him or her without 
waiting for him or her, without expecting it, without knowing what 
or whom to expect, what or whom I am waiting for—and such is 
hospitality itself, hospitality toward the event." 

Jacques Derrida, Aporias 

"He starts to climb the stairs. But tediously the paradox comes back: 
Expect the one you do not expect. Very well; but must every beggar then 
be treated as a prodigal son, embraced, welcomed into the home, feasted?" 

J. M. Coetzee, The Master of Petersburg 

RECORDS ©2006. All Rights Reserved 

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The Arrivant Volume One