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Successful twice... and. only 35! 

Charles Killy is successful twice at the 
age of 35! After fifteen years with an 
internationally known company, he gave 
up a regional managership to go in his 
own business. 

Charles Kilty had a problem. At 
35 he had 15 years service with the 
General Electric Company and had 
risen to a position and salary that 
would satisfy most other men. 

But, in his own words, “I was dis¬ 
satisfied. I had risen to manager of 
a regional accounting office, but was 
making only $8500.00 a year. This 
paid the expenses but did not provide 
the extras that I wanted for my fam¬ 
ily. At the same time, I was con¬ 
stantly given more and more respon¬ 
sibility without a corresponding in¬ 
crease in salary. This diverted more 
of my time and energy from my fam¬ 
ily that I could not make up to them 
in any practical way. Looking years 
ahead, I could see myself making 
$15,000.00 or $16,000.00 a year tops, 
but I wanted more time and more 
money now when it would help my 

family the most. I knew I had to find 
a business of my own, but the risk 
of giving up 15 years with an inter¬ 
national company plus an above aver¬ 
age paycheck that was real steady 
seemed insurmountable. I had a prob¬ 
lem that seemed to have no solution.” 

Seekg His Own Business 

In casting about for a solution to 
his problem, Mr. Kilty investigated 
many business and franchise opportu¬ 
nities. One of them was U.S. Mercan¬ 
tile Systems, Inc. in Boston, the na¬ 
tion’s largest consumer credit organ¬ 

Program Solves Problem 

In discussing his problem with 
them, a program was suggested that 
would allow him to keep his job until 
his business made it financially possi¬ 
ble for him to cut himself free from 
his “security.” 

Kilty continues, “Our town is a 
small town and I was not at all sure 
it had the potential to support a 
credit service, and even if it had the 
potential, I doubted I could estab¬ 
lish the business without personal sell¬ 
ing. I had only weekends and eve¬ 
nings available. That is, I’d have to 
depend on U.S.M.S.’ direct mail pro¬ 
gram to succeed. My wife, Peggy, 
and I talked it over before we de¬ 
cided we’d have to try it if we ever 
hoped to break out of the rut I was 

Starts At Home 

Charles Kilty made his move about 
eight months ago. He started from 
his home and faithfully followed the 
direct-mail program organized for 
him by U.S. Merchantile Systems. 

No, there wasn’t an avalanche of 
business, but there was steady growth, 
almost from the first week. In fact, 
it wasn’t long before he moved his 

business from his home to a neat, 
modern office downtown. From that 
point on, he was really in business 
for himself! 

“Small Towns Are Not So Small” 

He found his small town did have 
a good potential and no one offered 
any real competition. 

He found he was enjoying what 
he was doing, as it was a “people” 
business and he always did like work¬ 
ing with and supervising people. 

He found his clients respected him 
as a professional in his field, for he 
was giving them a vital service. 

About 8 months later, the day 
came when his decision was no long¬ 
er a problem. He had the solution and 
he resigned from the security, the 
steady paycheck and the 15 years in¬ 
vestment of his job. 

It had been a good job and he had 
achieved a degree of success at 35 
that only a minority of men reach 
during their lifetime. 

But he had also achieved a second 
success in his own business in only 
8 short months. And this success was 
even more gratifying. 

Full Time For A Big Future 

As he remarked when he was leav¬ 
ing his job to go full time and full 
speed with his credit business, “I guess 
having ‘cold feet’ is normal when 
you’re thinking of leaving a good job.. 
But I’m sure sorry that I didn’t start 
full time from the beginning with 
U. S. Mercantile. I should have 
known that if I could do well with 
a responsible job, I could do at least 
as well in my own business with the 
help of a franchise company like 
U. S. Mercantile behind me. Now, for 
the first time, my future is under my 
personal control, and with continued 
help and advice, I’ll do better faster 
than I could on any job.” 



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