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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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today, 68 as a potential high. one or two potential sprinkles in the mountains is all we will see as the front rodgers across parts of tennessee, kentucky, pennsylvania, virginia. down south, we will have another beautiful day to enjoy. those breezes out of the southwest big up a little bit, 10-15 out of the southwest. 48 currently in anderson, 40 in asheville. 53 in franklin. low 50's from greenville to laurens this morning. afternoon highs well into the 60's. we are seeing a 14 mile-per-hour breeze in greenville. greenwood, more like nine. 7-10 hendersonville to boone. 68 for the upstate high by 2:00 this afternoon. western north carolina will reach into the low 60's. we see clouds coming back tomorrow afternoon. we will talk about a chance for rain in the next report. geoff: new information this morning. fire officials tell us a child was taken to a burn center after a house fire in honea path.
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responded last night to green street. they say 4 adults and two children were inside the home. officials say one child was pulled out in cardiac arrest. taken to a hospital to be stabilized and then taken to the burn center. investigators say no other injuries were reported and the house is probably a total loss. also new information this morning. greenville county deputies say they're investigating a home invasion in fountain inn. they say it happened about 10:30 last night on nash mill road. investigators say a man and woman with a gun rummaged through the home and left in a car. no one was hurt and no arrests have been made. geoff: in greenville county. a boy scout's back home safe after spending nearly a day alone in frigid temperatures covered up in leaves to stay warm. allyson: 12-year-old john quay was separated from his troop during a hike in jones gap state park afternoon. saturday officials say he was was alone for roughly 18 hours. he was found on sunday on old camp creek road hungry cold and in wet clothes. we're told john crossed creeks and went through some rough
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in below freezing temperatures. >> the crew that found him said he just come up and gave them a big hug like thank you. it was pretty overwhelming. allyson: john is part of boy scout troop 210 out of powdersville. troop leaders say they teach the boys survival skills at a young age including using the buddy system. they say they aren't sure how he got separated. geoff: greenville county deputies say they need your help finding a double murder suspect who cut off his ankle monitoring device. investigators say bradford williams killed two people at a nightclub in he was released 2014. from jail in january with a ankle monitoring device as part of the home incarceration program. records show he cut off that device thursday morning. deputies say williams has friends and family living in the taylors area and in oconee and anderson counties. if you see him you're asked to call 911. allyson: in asheville police say they need your help finding a
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road rage incident. it happened early friday morning along tunnell road. a woman told police she was almost in a collision with a man, who then fired a handgun in her direction. police say they tried to stop the driver, but he took off. the woman was not hurt. about what happened, call the asheville police department. geoff: state troopers say they've charged a woman who hit 4 bicyclists with her car in johnston county. the crash happened last weekend investigators say 50-year-old donnie marie williams drove her car behind the cyclists and hit them throwing them from their bikes. williams did stop at the scene after the crash. but a cyclist hurt in the accident says he's nonosatisfied with the charges. >> i'm a bit disappointed . mainly because it seemed like the charges are minimal. geoff: williams is facing multiple charges including
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serious injury. allyson: in commitment 2016 coverage now. the south carolina primary has come and gone now it is time for super tuesday. we are only one day away from one of the biggest nights of the presidential election season. geoff: that's when many voters head to the ballot box and a lot of delegates are up for grabs. look at the map for a look at the states participating tomorrow. american samoa is also naming its democratic nominee. gop frontrunner donald trump heads into super tuesday leading every state except texas. his opponents are hitting hard, >> friends do not let friends vote for con jobs. >> i'm a con man? that was such an insulting thing. you don't call somebody of achievement. you don't do that. >> we should all be united in saying that the clan is reprehensible and has no place in politics. geoff: you hear ted cruz there slamming trump for not condemning support from the
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cruz is leading texas. meanwhile super tuesday's , looking good for hillary clinton leading nearly 2-to-1 in key states over bernie sanders. allyson: with the super tuesday vote just a day away. we want to know who do you think , will be the next candidate to drop out of the race? take our now poll on our facebook, twitter or web page here's the results so far. we will keep this poll runing for the next couple of days. geoff: you are an agreement yesterday was nice. i am with you. you are saying -- allyson: we are getting better. geoff: we get one more before we get back to reality. dale: today will be the warmest day of this week. we will see temperatures back off a little bit with a couple of fronts coming to. let's enjoy them while we have them. 50 degrees in laurens as we look at our downtown laurens skycam.
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southwest at 10. today will be a little breezy or them a we had yesterday. yesterday started outcome. wind picked up in the afternoon and continued this morning, 10-15 at times. a couple of sprinkles and northeastern tennessee. one or two spots in the mountains may get an isolated sprinkle this morning. clouds will break this afternoon. temperatures, the coolest in asheville at 40. greenville at 51. let's check in on anderson county and see what is like for oconee, pickens, and anderson. pickens at 50. walhalla at 52. northlake at 49. temperatures, for overnight lows this time of the year, are pretty good. afternoon high expected to soar into the 60's once again. we are seeing a 9-14 mile-per-hour breeze out of the southwest and upstate. here is a quick look at her two friends coming through this week. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, into half of wednesday is
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that will give us a 60, 70% chance of rain until noon or so on wednesday. it clears for thursday. friday afternoon, a chance of scattered showers. temperatures, as you can see after that front in the 50's through saturday. 60's. today will be the warmest. tomorrow, still mild. a chance of showers by tomorrow afternoon. get outdoors today and enjoy them. allyson: not often you see the price of a stamp go down it's not a sale or promotion. why it will soon cost you less to send a letter. geoff: a race to the top of the rock in new york city. some strong people scale 66
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allyson: 5:11 now an arrest has , been made in a string of car break-ins at fire departments across north carolina. johnny bing of charlotte is charged in the break-ins. investigators say he broke into several cars belonging to charlotte firefighters and also made his way up to greensboro. investigators say he damaged a dozen personal cars at three different fire stations across greensboro and stole contents from those vehicles. geoff: a woman is accused of trying to smuggle contraband to her son in jail in a bible. this happened in gastonia. deputies say 54-year-old frances melton stuffed tobacco products and the drug suboxone into part of the bible. investigators say that bible was intended for melton's son
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melton is charged with providing drugs and tobacco products to an inmate. allyson: in georgia one business owner is requiring all his employees to be armed. the company, lance toland and associates, provides risk management services to aircraft insurers. toland says recent reports about crime concern him. now, he's requiring that all his employees carry a weapon. once employees get their licences, he gives them a gun. toland says all his aviation insurance agencies carry the guns openly in the office. geoff: georgia house members have approved a bill permitting guns on state college campuses. it would allow anyone 21 or older with a license to carry a gun on campus. but student housing and athletic events are still off limits. the idea is still opposed by the university system of georgia. the bill now heads to the senate for review. allyson: at the south carolina statehouse lawmakers are looking at a proposal aimed at
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coyotes. the animals have even been if passed state officials would tag a dozen coyotes, and release them. hunters who kill one of them would get $1000. the state newspaper reports this is all to cut down on the predator population. geoff: a new 20-story high-rise oceanfront hotel is planned on the south end of myrtle beach the first major development in the area since before the great recession. the 240-room bayshore hotel will have its own waterpark and cost more than $50 million. it will be built on a vacant site in an area of south ocean boulevard that hasn't seen any new development in decades. allyson: in georiga, u.s. customs and border protection recently seized more than 2600 hoverboards at savannah's port. they say the boards are possibly counterfeit but if they're real, they'd be valued at more than a million dollars. agents say the boards posed a safety risk and used trademark logos without authorization. the first batch arrived here december 28 from asia. hoverboard fires are causing
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dale: 5:17 is the time as we look to downtown greenville. the peace center skycam looking back to liberty bridge. a southwest breeze at 11. 51 degrees is a light one. typically, we are in the 30's early and climbing to upper 50's to 64 the after noon. 68 today. a front pushing through mostly to the north of us. one or two spots and north
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showers this morning. we will expand that view. you can see that front marching across the ohio valley area. kentucky, parts of the virginias into north carolina early this morning. by the afternoon, that will be gone. temperatures, again, this time the year, much warmer today than they normally get up to. 48 in anderson, 51 in greenville. low 40's in western north carolina. franklin currently at 53. let's look at the breezes out of the southwest at 9-15 at times for the upstate. more northwesterly in the mountains at anywhere between seven and 12. what is an average temperature at this time? late february, typically 64 in every high. 38 for a low. today, upper 60's. the outlook for the mountains, instead of 54 like we typically to 61 today. the record is 77. we can have one days at this time earlier. it is warmer than normal.
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marching across the country impacting us by tomorrow afternoon into wednesday morning. that will be our best chance of getting some rain this week for both the upstate and the mountains. tomorrow, 30-40% early afternoon will increase to 60% to 70% overnight to about half of wednesday. it clears up for thursday. another chance of showers with quick moving fronts on friday. saturday and sunday, it will be sunny, 56 for the upstate saturday, back to 63 on sunday. as you can see, today will be the warmest day of the week. geoff: 19 minutes after 5:00 as we cover the nation for you. a police officer killed while on her first day of patrol, and investigators say an army sergeant assigned to the pentagon, pulled the trigger. officer ashley guindon and two other officers responded to a domestic incident on saturday. officials say ronald hamilton shot all 3 as soon as they got to his home. investigators say hamilton had already killed his wife. officer guindon, who was
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the hospital. collects -- >> the police department is in deep mourning over the loss of actually going to in -- of ashley guindon last night. our condolences to her mother and extended family as well as all of the loved ones throughout this department and beyond. geoff: the suspect, ronald hamilton, is due in court today the other officers who were shot are said to have non-life threatening injuries. allyson: in texas. officals say two adults and two children were killed in a small plane crash near an airport southeast of college station. a pilot landing at the airport spotted the crash site in the woods and called it in to authorities. according to the federal aviation administration the 4-seater aircraft departed from houston's david wayne hooks airport yesterday morning. the crash is still under investigation by the faa. geoff: an ohio pastor is dead after a shooting inside a sunday morning service. william schooler had just walked
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baptist church when the shooter got out of a pew and followed him. witnesses say they heard a couple of shots fired while the choir was singing, and it quickly became chaos when everyone took off running. more than 20 people were inside the church at the time. collects then we heard them. that's when everybody started running. i had my coast and purse still in there. all i had was this walker and we all ran out. geoff: the shooter is believed to be schooler's brother, and dayton police are investigating a possible motive. allyson: family and friends remember the life of a kalamazoo shooting spree victim. a memorial service was held yesterday for 60-year-old mary joe nye in battle creek, michigan. nye was one of the six people killed last saturday after a man went on a deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo. a retired teacher, nye had taught at a school that served at-risk students.
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students shared memories of her commitment to teaching inside and outside the classroom. frequent travelers know, leg room is shrinking on airlines. new york senator chuck schumer wants the faa to require airlines to abide by a seat-size guideline. he says leg room on planes used to be 35-inches, but has shrunk to an average of 31. schumer says seats are getting now or in the hips, too. shrinking about two inches. the senior senator from new york will introduce a seat-size reauthorization act that is pending in congress. a vote on the bill is expected in march. geoff: here is good news. will soon go down. it's not a sale or promotion. back in 2014, the u.s. postal service was granted permission prices. the price hike was contingent upon a planned price drop this year. that surcharge is slated to end april 10. the cost of mailing a one ounce letter will drop from 49 to 47
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decrease. geoff: the number of people caught up in the theft of tax-payer data last year is seven times larger than originally thought. last may, the internal revenue service said cyber criminals used a popular tool on their website to steal the tax forms of 104,000 people. in august the irs revised that number up to 330,000. friday, the agency said the number is now closer to 720,000. starting this week the agency will warn affected taxpayers about potential identity theft. they will be offered free credit protection. 5:23 as we look at our wyff timeline carried february 29, this is video from the oscars last year. it was on this date in 1940 that gone with the wind 18 oscars by the american academy awards of
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allyson: the movie is set in the civil war. many prestigious categories including hattie mcdaniel winning best supporting actress for her portrayal of mammy. she was the first african american actress or actor to ever win an oscar.
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: we look up from our spartanburg county skycam. it will be breezy at times 10-15 across the area but one more what we had yesterday. mountains may see isolated sprinkle in one or two spots. one or two areas could get an isolated sprinkle with a fast-moving little front that has come through overnight. for the upstate and northeastern
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temperatures at the bus stop cool now in the upper 40's to the upper 60's for the ride home. maybe a light jacket this morning but you sure whether this afternoon. for the mountains, cool early but low 40's will climb to the low 60's. time for our school salute. we have buena vista elementary feature today. mrs. wyatt's first grade wild things class wore blue to support rare disease awareness month. buena vista elementary school. thank you so much for sending in the cute picture. we would love to have a picture from your school. just go to our website, you can click on the u local link to upload a picture from your class. geoff: there has never been a bad picture. aly: that is a great cause. that is a great cause. not a lot of people say something about that, hence the rare disease.
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local -- u local over the last week. aly: this one was -- allyson: this one was a an early morning commute. geoff: sarah elizabeth long sent this in. bill clinton was at usc upstate campaigning for his wife. aly:allyson: she got a selfie. that is pretty good. bob burton sent this in on sunrise on glassy mountain at cliffs of glassy. geoff: puddin the pug. we have not heard from him in a while. puddin for president. allyson: our last picture. michael cinammon sent this picture in of the rainbow we had last week after all of our severe weather. a nice way to end the week. geoff: that was wednesday. allyson: midweek. dale: puddin voted in both primaries. allyson: he just walked under their feet. they did not know it.
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geoff: you're right. it is monday. our news continues now. announcer: you're watching live, local, breaking news with geoff hart, allyson powell, and weather with meteorologist dale this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. geoff: in this morning's headlines, the boy scout surprise freezing temperatures by covering himself with leaves. 12-year-old make it through a freezing night. allyson: the countdown to super delegates on the line. the 2016 white house nation hoping to gain support. geoff: the story of the boy scouts is something, isn't it? i can't imagine that. dale: that is a sleepless night ending to the story. geoff: temperatures could have time of year. we warmed up a little bit.
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this afternoon, expected once again to reach into the upper 60's. we watched over the past few hours some isolated showers in tennessee and more so in kentucky and virginia. one or two spots in the the next couple of hours. after that, it will clear up and be nice for the afternoon. temperatures right now ranging from asheville's 40. 44 in waynesville. brevard avenue 44. -- at 44. we will see low 60's for the spartanburg, anderson starting out at 51, and we will see upper 60's. cooler in tigerville and landrum, where it is 47. mid to upper 60's expected this afternoon. we will talk about our next chance of rain coming in


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