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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  March 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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d in black." new radio calls just released shed new light on the tense moments following monday's madison school shooting. good evening, i'm tricia macke. we'll play those for you in just a moment... but first... the family of the alleged shooter, james austin hancock released a statement late this afternoon about the incident. they say... "we are devastated by austin's actions at school on monday. we pray for the immediate recovery of the injured students and for the healing of the entire community. our family has lived in this community our entire lives and we never expected anyone to experience the event that occurred on monday, and we
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our family members would be involved. we are praying for everyone involved, including austin.. whom we still deeply love. words cannot express the gratitude we feel for all of the support that has been shown to our family and community." end quote. also at this hour... we have obtained the police and radio traffic from the moments.. and minutes after police say james opened fire. police say the first call came in at 11:18 a-m by school kent hill... 9 seconds after the shooting started. "shots fired. madison "shots fired, subject down. zone 150. madison alex road." suspect.. dressed in a field." "not sure on the victims. there were several of them down in the cafeteria. staff is attending to them." "is this still an active shooter situation? can you confirm?" "notify county to re- route the helicopter to
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landing zone. south front in front of the cafeteria." "you're gonna have a patient when you get here. be a gunshot to the abdomen. small caliber. patient's stable at this time." start with two more squads. we have a possible 3rd victim here." that shooter was on the run up there. so we moved it down here. they're getting ready to land right now." lieutenant 152 to all fire units. the.. he has been captured." the students stuck in the middle of that chaos are back to doing homework and other normal activities.. after returning to class today. this picture pretty much says it all... mowhawk strong... a phrase that was on the minds of many... our own mike schell was there when classes let out... mike how did it go? some students chose to move forward as quickly
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and like coucelors, all just helping in every 2bailey "we had the who staff and like coucelors, all "we had the who staff and like coucelors, all the teachers, they were just helping in every way they could. so like with that it just felt normal." couldn't bear to watch... 2maryann "when i was watching the news this morning, i teared up. every time i saw it." monday's shooting at madison junior high school affected one class over the others... 2mykayla "the eight graders were definately taking it the hardest. they were really scared to go back in the lunch room." 2curtis "kids were pretty much acting normal. i don't think we had...we might have had a couple of kids who chose not to come down to the lunch room today." 1calista "i can see the cafeteria and the 8th graders in the cafeteria and i didn't see anybody sitting at the table that got shot at." 4mykayla "it was real emotional for me and seeing like some of the
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parts in the wall where he shot at." 2calista "it was kind of hard because i seen some of the bullet holes in the cafeteria." authorities say the alleged shooter...james austin hancock..somehow got a hold of handgun from a relative 1curtis "this is a conservative community and a lot of folks in this community own guns edit but my message to them is lock them up. get a safe and lock them up.". today's school day was the first test of courage, strength and healing..... 3calista "i just tell them to keep moving forward and stuff will get better through time." 1maryann "i know we will get through this. we will heal togther and unite, with no doublt." thanks mike... and today schools all over the area showed their
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red for the mohawks. you can see all the messages of support on fox19 you'll see a link right on the front page. one of the four the shooting is speaking tonight... account of what happened. "i didn't really get a face and he didn't say anything he just shot and then ran out." brant murray is doing remarkably well... "sounded like a large firecracker going off next to my leg i think that's where the shrapnel came from." but for bullet fragments still lodged in his skin. "i have 2 pieces of shrapnel in my leg one in my upper thigh and one in my calf." he was extremely calm as he described sitting at the lunch table right next to austin hancock monday afternoon--when he says hancock simply stood up and started shooting. and that cool head may have saved his life. "i saw the gun so i duck under the table and i grab my friend so we're
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ran out after he shot the 2 kids next to me." thankfully... everyone will survive. "he was od kiduntil he did what he did. he was liked by many people and he was very funny." there's still a lot of details yet to come out in this story. as new developments come in... you can stay connected on air, online and on the fox19 now mobile app. developing now animation developing now... a wyoming high school student has been arrested and aggravated menacing... after allegedly making a threat to another student tuesday. this was the scene today as the police presence as haven't identified the student or said what the threat was. in the end there was no incident, and no one hurt. today marks 4 years since powerful tornados ripped through parts of the tri- state... leaving heavy damage in its wake. steve, you and i were both there we'll never
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it was a horrific crash police say was fueled by heroin... crash police say was fueled by
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new information about the crash... that has a silver lining in the wake of this tragedy... next. and authorities rush to the scene after they say a woman was carjacked at remke's. we'll tell you where.. and the car to look out for. you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by performance toyota: always home of the $24.99 oil change right now animation right now a local
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right now a local baby is back home and expected to recover...after being thrown and critically injured in a crash! i worked my sources and got this confirmed earlier today. it happened two weeks ago on 2-75 in fort thomas... after police say a driver lost control and flipped a car with four people inside! this was the scene. one was killed, three others including the infant were seriously injured. police haven't named a driver yet... but claim the crash
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and police say drugs are also to blame for this serious crash in harrison this morning that sent 2 women to the hospital. police say 36-year old terri @ates was driving an s-u-v around a curve on campbell road when she went left of center... and hit an oncoming car head on. both women were taken to u-c medical center with non-life threatening injuries. so far no charges have been filed. now animation tonight police are on the lookout for a suspect who they say stole a car from an 77-year old woman at gunpoint! it happened right in the parking lot of the remke market in fort mitchell just after 12-thirty this afternoon. police say the suspect came up the the woman, pointed the gun... then took off with her car! it's a 2002 black toyota camry... license plate 7-3-6 t-h-v. police say it's missing the driver's side rear hubcap...
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softball size dent under the rear license plate. the suspect is being described as a man in his twenties. if you know anything, call police. we have a major announcement tonight... it involves this anchor desk... we'll tell you about it next. ben carson made a major announcement.. we'll detail that for you... steve... steve cam 4 you decide animation
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now behind us... and so far voters say these two are the front runners. and already... last night's results are showing signs of a shakeup for the g- o-p. today ben carson's campaign sent out a letter to supporters saying that he sees quote... "no path forward" for his
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thursday's debate! carson says he'll make an announcement about his campaign friday. "in the old days which isn't so long ago when we were less politically correct, that stuff wouldn't happen..." but even after tuesday night's big win... trump's campaign is facing more controversy after this video surfaced from a rally in louisville last night... showing a protestor being shoved out by supporters. as you heard, trump was encouraging her removal... but at no point condoned any shoving. of course the next step is this saturday's republican caucus in kentucky! we'll be covering it every step of the way... and you can get the results on the fox19 now mobile app. more local news animation more local news now... the hamilton county coroner has identified the man found shot to death inside a crashed car in east westwood. 21-year old donte whitehead, seen here, was found in a
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northern boulevard near mchenry avenue on saturday. after further investigation, his death was ruled a homicide. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. take a look at this...leaders from several local police agencies met up today for a check presentation for $35-thousand dollars! it was all raised at the annual "guns and hoses" charity boxing event at the horseshoe casino. the money will go to "the shield ohio"... a group that helps the families of fallen officers. you've probably seen these commercials run in the last few days and have been wondering what's going on! "pretty nice out don't ya think? yeah got a nice long walk with the dogs. i'm ready for me too.... so uhhhh... is that a hint?" well.. here it is.. there are actually two
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the first announcement is... rob williams will be joining us here on fox 19 now each night at 6:30 and 10! 4-shot rob rob ad-lib 4-shot tricia "and here's the other
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"dan wells will join kara sewell, frank marzullo, denise johnson and the entire morning team" 4-shot tricia congrats to dan! weather now animation steve weather after a mostly clear evening, clouds will
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rosewood at 8, followed by a brand new episode of hell's kitchen at
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then at ten... roaches, dead mice, and overflowing grease. just some of the violations inspectors have seen at local restaurants. check this out...this is a photo of what inspectors found swimming in the sink at a tri- state restaurant. those are turtles! and this is food that isn't being kept at the right temperature -- a common violation. "that could cause bacteria to grow, depending on how long it sits out." more photos of some extreme violation inspectors found. and find out what your favorite be doing wrong. the mound this afternoon... jeremy rauch is here in studio jeremy what are you working on? stephenson can you'll see his spring debut next. "sports animation"
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former first rounder robert stephenson, getting his debut in the second game of spring. that changeup...filthy. bryan price told the beat writers in arizona, rob will make his major league debut some time this season. stephenson had a high pitch count, but struck out 2, gave up one hit and one walk over 2 innings. game ends in a 4-4 tie because it's spring baseball, stephenson wants to play summer ball with the reds. robert stephenson: "on my best days last year i felt like i could go out there and get anyone out in the major leagues. it's just those bad days where i don't have everything working when i need to be more consistent. i obviously feel like the stuff is there and it shows at times, it's just being consistent at all times to be a regular every day player." jer hplaz gfx reed who came here in the cueto deal... one earned, in 2 innings. air... the news doesn't stop. here's a look at
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now. are you a fan of the show "making a murderer"? two of the main characters are coming to cincinnati! and a local cub scout gets the chance to meet the president! hear how... and finally, we've got the story of a local kid who raised cancer awareness... by shaving someone's head on our air! all those stories are live right now on fox19 now dot com. we will see you tonight at ten.... tricia 4shot don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are
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from sony pictures studios, it's america's game! wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, of our show -- pat sajak and vanna white! thank you! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, jim. thanks, everybody. you're very kind. okay. goodbye. woman: hi! good to see you. a "toss up" here because that's why we're here. for this first "toss up."


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