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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 6, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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ferocious winds. a double assault. from crumbling cliffs to daring rescues. plus, the major flooding threatening the plains right now. what's in store for the week ahead? a scare for a star. lena dunham hospitalized. the actress facing surgery with complications from a disorder she's battled openly. the update on her condition this morning. and miracle landing. a father and daughter's close call as their plane loses power midair. >> five alpha romeo, your request? >> 5 alpha romeo. >> forced to deploy the parachute. >> feel very lucky. very lucky. >> how they managed to pull it off. hey, good morning. paula is off today. happy to have cecilia vega here. fresh off the campaign trail. here at the desk on this morning after super saturday. we saw record turnout saturday
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we now may be looking at a brand-new dynamic in the wild republican race for president. >> wild, indeed. check out the results. donald trump wins kentucky and louisiana. but ted cruz prevails in kansas and maine. a tough night it was for marco rubio. neither he nor john kasich able to eke out a win. overnight, both trump and cruz calling for the others to drop out to make it a true, two-man race. >> hillary clinton was hoping to put sanders away overnight. she did not succeed. sanders took home nebraska and kansas. clinton did rack up a lopsided victory in louisiana. do these rulgts alter the fundamental dynamic of the race? >> we have team coverage. we'll talk to george stephanopoulos in just a moment. but we want to start with abc's mary bruce in the battleground state of florida where the front
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. what a night. it appears we have ourselves a two-man race on the republican side. ted cruz is the preferred candidate to take on trump. >> thank you so very much. god bless the great state on kansas. >> reporter: this morning, it's trump versus cruz. >> today has been a very good day. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a record number of republican voters turning out this super saturday. handing cruz decisive victories in kansas and maine. cruz now gaining on his chief rival, donald trump. >> for those who came today in kansas, voted in maine, who had been supporting others, thank you for joining our team. >> reporter: trump, meanwhile, taking louisiana and kentucky by a smaller margin. the billionaire subdued. at this post results event at his luxury resort. >> i want to thank the people of louisiana. the people of kentucky. it's been just an amazing relationship. >> reporter: meanwhile, marco
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coming in with a string of third place finishes. this morning, trump calling on him to quit. >> he should do well in maine, because it's very close to canada. let's face it. >> reporter: overnight, "saturday night live" taking aim at trump supporters with this blistering fake ad. >> so when people ask why you support donald trump, you just tell them -- >> he's going to take our economy from here to here. i like that. >> reporter: it was another rough night for marco rubio. coming in with a string of third place finishes. this morning, trump is calling for him to call it quits. >> i think marco, marco rubio had a very, very bad night. and, personally, i would call for him to drop out of the race. >> reporter: saying he's ready to take on cruz head to head. >> i want ted one on one, okay? >> reporter: but cruz is convinced he can take him. >> ours is the only campaign that has repeatedly beaten donald trump.
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campaign that can and will beat donald trump in this race. >> reporter: if the other candidates stay in until the bitter end, as some in the gop establishment are calling for, trump tells us he's ready for a fight. looking ahead, are you preparing for the possibility of a brokered convention? you're said that you -- >> no, i'm not. i think we'll win before the convention. >> reporter: no response yet from the rubio camp for those calls for him to drop out. he's been looking ahead, hoping to win big here in his home state of physical. . >> dan, a crucial race for him. mary bruce, on the trail in florida. now on to the democrats. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders scoring big wins overnight. they prepare to face off in a big debate tonight. david wright is outside clinton's head quarters in brooklyn with the story. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan.
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strategy. after being trumped by bernie sanders in 2 out of 3 contests yesterday. >> thank you, all. >> reporter: bernie sanders is riding high. >> if you followed me around the country, seeing huge turntouts. i can't use the word huge anymore. i know, i know, i know. >> reporter: those crowds turned out to caucus for him out west, favoring him by double digits in nebraska and 2 to 1 in kansas. >> today, as i understand it, kansas had the largest voter turnout in the history of their caucus process. >> reporter: but in louisiana, hillary clinton turned the tables. thanks to overwhelming sport from black voters, she beat him there nearly 3 to 1. >> i'm grateful to everyone that turned out to support us. but now all eyes turn to michigan. >> reporter: an awkward moment, clinton was still working the
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when sanders came out to speak. [ speaking inging spanish ] >> reporter: this weekend, sanders unveiled a new five-minute ad on immigration. clinton touted jobs in her new ad. >> jobs with a future. hillary clinton. >> reporter: tonight's democratic debate in flint, michigan, likely to be downright high-minded, compared to wrestlemania over on the republican side. >> it's a good thing we're going to put a lot of money into mental health, because some of these guys need it. >> reporter: on that, the two democrats agree. >> i mean, really, you just want to pull your hair out when you see that insult-fest that goes on among the republicans. >> reporter: make no mistake, michigan is critical, especially for sanders. he has some ground to catch up on the delegate count. and he's count ogen a big win in michigan. he has to beat expectations. there are more delegates at stake in michigan than in all the weekend's contests combined. >> crunch time for bernie sanders.
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all of the campaigns are really closely watching the delegate numbers. as we head toward what many think could be a contested or brock brokered convention. >> this is the big number. 1237. the number of delegates a candidate needs to clinch. donald trump with 378. you can see cruz, roub yeo trailing behind. let's look at the big map. these are states up for grabs. ten days over the next ten days, nine states, including ohio, 66 delegates in that state. michigan, florida, if cruz and rubio want to win this, they have to start winning big. and hillary clinton, on the democratic icic side working hard. she has a commanding lead for the delegates coming up for her, too, dan. >> thank you. let's get more from george. >> hey, dan.
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a two-man race? >> here's what we know. a split decision with donald trump for cruz. their only home is being spoil nrs their home states to take this to a brokered convention. ted cruz has a slight chance to get to the 1237. donald trump, some what better. as long as kasich and rubio stay in, it will be awhile before we get to the two-man race. >> what do you think the results last night tell us about what success, if any, the mitt romney and stop trump movement is having at this point. >> a couple of things. if you look at all the states last night, donald trump underperformed his polls. going into this weekend. most of them taken before the debate, before mitt romney came out. he overperformed on the early vote. those votes cast before the
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attack on thursday. so there are some signs that there's been some impact over this week. the other point you have to look at, when you look at the states yesterday. kansas, maine, those were closed primaryies primaries. only republicans were allowed to vote. not independents. a lot of donald trump's strengths has been with independents. >> it's interesting you say this, because the conventional wisdom, at least in some quarters, has been, mitt romney, john mccain, coming out against trump, will only make trump supporters support him more. >> it could lock in the 30 to 35% that have been supporting him all the way. the question is, has the momentum he had been stalled? i think there are at least some signs of that from yesterday's voting. >> george stephanopoulos. fascinating as always. we love having you on. george will go one on one with both john kasich and bernie sanders. later this morning on "this week." right here on abc. >> looking forward to that. we want to turn now to the nasty supersoaker blasting
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the intense weekend storm causing downpours and fears of flooding and landslides. it's only going to get worse with more storms on the way. aditi roy is in pacifica. near san francisco. aditi, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. nasty is the word. take a look at these waves behind me. clobbering the coast. eating away at the already eroded shore. this extreme weather making conditions downright dangerous. this morning, powerful waves slamming into the coast and digging into the shoreline in northern california. >> stay up on the sea wall. don't get down on the beach. you -- people have died down here. you have to be very careful. >> reporter: the region battered by el nino-powered storms over the weekend. more than six inches of rain in 18 hours. more than 55-mile-an-hour wind gusts. snapping trees and bringing down powerlines. >> a tree fell over the fence
8:11 am
property. it just goes to show you, you don't know what you're going to run into. >> reporter: in pacifica, the weather gnaws away at this crumbling cliff. construction crews have demolished a red-tagged apartment building sitting on the cliff. >> it's just -- it's hanging on by a thread. >> reporter: a 48-year-old woman died when she drove her car into rising floodwaters. the coast guard rescued three surfers on the oregon coast saturday. urging residents to avoid the dangerous conditions. at the moment here, it's dry. that won't last long. the next round of storms expected to hit later tonight. the weekend washout, cecilia? >> thank you. let's get more on the threatening storms from indra petersons. good morning. >> good morning. that's correct. you're seeing a little bit of a lull right now. a series of storms expected to make its way into the west coast. remember, that is not the big story. we have to take a look at the setup that will be occurring for the middle of the week. winds go clockwise around a low.
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clockwise around the high. now you have two pinwheels in here, pulling all this moisture right out of the gulf. you have a bull's eye sitting right here. all the moisture right in the middle of the country. we're talking about five, even ten inches of rain in areas that are already flooded. cecilia? dan? >> we'll pick it up pr here. serious concerns in the weather department this week. also serious concerns this morning about the zika virus. an alarming new study shows that it can cause a variety of problems for developing babies at any stage of pregnancy. not just the beginning. >> that's right. there are at least 192 reported cases in 32 states and washington. and abc news chief women's health correspondent dr. jen ashton joins us now. the study changes the way we're thinking about this. should expectant moms be worried? that's what a lot of people want to know. >> i think everyone is concerned. pregnant women and obstetricians
8:13 am
at this time, absolutely still more questions than answers. i want to be clear. this was a study appearing in "the new england journal of medicine." followed 88 pregnant women in brazil. most of them had symptoms and went on to test positive. the findings were concerning. two suffered first trimester miscarriages. two suffered third trimester fetal death. and 29% of those women who had ultrasounds had abnormalities on the ultrasound that showed the fetal brain was being affected. this study indicated zika can affect women in all stages of pregnancy. it suggested there is a compromised function of the placenta, which then affects the fetus. we need to emphasize, this is association, observation. we haven't proven cause and effect. but this was a big study. >> devastating for those families. doctors, right now, the advice
8:14 am
worried you have been exposed, you should have ultrasounds. what would a doctor like you be looking for? >> deeper dive on those. when we do ultrasounds in pregnancy, we're not looking at one point in time. we're doing that, making observations. we're following that fetus over time to compare changes. we're looking at the size of the baby with respect to the dates that the mom is in her pregnancy and we're seeing if the baby stays along the growth curve. we're measuring the circumference of the fetal head. we're doing doppler studies that look at the umbilical blood flow and the flow in the baby's brain. we're looking for an indication is that fetus okay. >> we're lucky to have your guidance on a story affecting a lot of people. thank you. for the other headlines, to ron. >> hey, good morning to you, dan and cecilia. good morning, everyone. north carolina, a speeding train racing down the track at a group of people walking along a railroad bridge. four adults and a child were on the bridge. in winston salem.
8:15 am
get off the bridge just before the train reached them. one woman struck and killed. and man injured. the train's crew apparently saw the group and pulled the emergency brake. the train could not stop in time. to texas, a refinery explosion that rocked a suburban neighborhood outside of houston. injureing three people, one of them severely. the blaze caused when a generator exploded. no word on what sparked that explosion. and, new details about the florida man who landed his gyrocopter outside the u.s. capital last spring. prosecutors now saying douglas hughes was seconds away from colliding with a delta airplane that had just taken off from reagan national airport, potentially killing hundreds of people. he agreed to a plea deal in november. he's facing ten months in jail. and a health scare for lena dunham, the star of the hit tv show "girls." she was rushed to a hospital overnight.
8:16 am
undergo surgery for a ruptured cyst. she's been outspoken about suffering with endometriosis. a pairful reproductive disease. a scary afternoon for a florida teenager. surveillance cameras show her running away from that tan suv. after she narrowly escaped being kidnapped. a man in an suv tried to call her over. she ignored him. the driver got out of the car and grabbed her around the waist. she screamed and was able to get away. police are looking for the driver. the bulldogs, not the university of georgia, but yale is headed to the ncaa tournament for the first time in over 50 years. half a century. makai mason leading the team to a 71-55 victory over columbia. the team's first ncaa bid since 1962. the big win coming just a month after team captain jack jones abruptly left the yale bulldogs basketball team and the school. >> let me guess why you put that in the show.
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>> no, it's an accident. >> yeah. >> totally accidental. we got one more story for you. finally, customers at a gas station in minnesota, you'll love this one, dan, a parked truck start to move through a parking lot, across the street, smash into a tree. the bigger surprise was when they caught a glimpse of who the driver was. that's the driver. >> no way! >> that's a yellow labrador. unlicensed. he put the truck in gear and took off. the actual human driver left the truck running. minute. insurance. >> my dog did it. my dog did it. >> the thought bubble over that dog's head is, anybody got a snack? >> i want to point out dan is wearing his dark blue tie. this month is march. colon cancer awareness month. dark blue is the color for this recognition. and -- important to note, 6 out of 10 colorectal cancer deaths screened starting at the age of
8:18 am
that's the lesson here. get screened for colon cancer. >> ron, good on you for raising attention to this. you told me to wear tie. and i did. >> got some more things on the list. >> i might have to revise that policy. >> indra here with more weather. we're looking at dangerous weather. severe weather setup this week. by tomorrow. we're looking at places like dallas, san antonio, right in the bull's eye for a threat for tornadoes. as we go towards tuesday, that will shift farther to the east. now affecting places like shreveport. the threat for flooding. good morning everybody it's gonna be another chilly day today with temperatures climbing near fifty degrees by this action and will have a chance for a few showers this morning and then decreasing clouds as we head into the afternoon and that's a bit chilly for early march we should be right about fifty five degrees here's a look at the seven day forecasts were going to see nice conditions as we start the workweek fifty nine
8:19 am
the seventies tuesday >> we've been talking about the west coast. all the storms. you may think it's not for you. every one of these systems that exits out of the west will affect the middle of the country this week. >> heading there today. >> not my fault. now to a daring smash and grab caught on camera. thieves ramming their car into a gun store and then raiding the place. this comes hot on the heels of a similar heist. lauren lyster is in the los angeles bureau with more on that. laurp, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this makes two in one week. thieves caught on camera again. in the latest breakin, here in california, they got away with 18 handguns. according to the a.p., they tried for an ar-15 assault rifle. they didn't manage to get that one. this morning, an all-out manhunt
8:20 am
brazen smash and grab burglary. a petaluma gun store, the target. this suspect peers into the front of the store. minutes later, a light green 1990s honda accord crashes into the glass door, toppling the gate behind it and disabling the security alarm. four men rushed in stealing numerous firearms. then, slipped back out within seconds. earlier this week, a similar crime took place at a gun shop in texas. watch, as at least ten suspects tie a chain to the back of this pickup truck, yank off the front doors, and escape with more than 50 guns. as of now, three suspects in connection with the houston burglary have been arrested. some of the guns were recovered. in both breakins, several suspects and an undisclosed number of weapons still remain at large. dan and cecilia? >> wild story. lauren, thank you. coming up here on "gma," saved by a parachute. a father and daughter in a small plane. the engine died suddenly. what they did to survive.
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she won't come out of her trailer. >> you scared her. >> come on over here. >> better that i lan never. >> fashlbly late. >> we're recognizing our lincoln, nebraska, affiliate. klkn. are you ready? glad you made it. this lincoln, nebraska, native was a former congressman, white house chief of staff, defense secretary, and served two terms as vice president. who is this person? >> i'm staring at dan. >> okay, wyoming. >> cheney? >> yeah, dan, dan. quickly. the perennial college football power house, the university of nebraska is in lincoln. what is the name of the sports teams? that's easy, if anybody knows anything about sports. >> huskers? huskers? huskers. >> corn huskers.
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hey, welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. happening right now. the votes are in. donald trump and ted cruz winning to states apiece on super saturday. marco rubio coming out empty handed. some big wins on the democratic side as well. clinton handily capturing louisiana. but sanders walking away with both kansas and nebraska. and a manhunt is under way right now for a dangerous murder suspect who escaped from a mississippi jail. rafael mccloud is accused of
8:30 am
police say he used a makeshift weapon to overcome a prison guard. also, the coast guard serging for man who fell 100 feet overboard on a royal caribbean cruise ship off the coast of florida. he's believed to be from texas. a passenger aboard "the navigator of the seas" ship reported seeing someone fall overboard just before 11:00 p.m. on friday. >> that's disturbing. good morning, everybody. paula is off this morning. happy to have cecilia vega by our side. sara is off this morning. rachel smith filling in because sara just had a baby. this she is along with her husband, max. and their brand-new little baby boy. alec richard shifrin. named after their dads. born at 1:52 yesterday. and here's the quote from sara. we're all getting to know each other. i think we're still in shock. he's pretty damn cute. a quote. he's adorable. we love you, sara and max and
8:31 am
congratulations. >> hope you're not watching this morning. the only person allowed not to watch. >> she was periscoping from the hospital. she may very well be watching. if you are, congratulations. we can't wait to see you and that little boy. we turn to an amazing survivor story. this one involves a father and daughter. lucky and grateful to be alive this morning after a plane crash. >> they made it out after the engine failed thanks to an emergency parachute. marci gonzalez joining us from long island, new york, with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia and dan. it came down here narrowly missing this building. the plane in tact because of the pilot's quick, calm reaction and that crucial safety feature. >> we got very lucky. very lucky. >> reporter: a close call crash on long island. this father and daughter able to walk from the wreckage thanks to this parachute. >> the engine died. and i pulled the parachute. we landed. >> reporter: louis oberg, left
8:32 am
his teenage daughter rachel with a relieved smile, after her college tour turned into a brush with catastrophe. >> we were coming from the university of rhode island. looked at colleges. we had a problem on the way home. >> reporter: problems with the cirrus sr-22's engine forced dad to attempt an emergency landing eight miles from their final destination at a small airport. they didn't make it that far. >> 5 alpha romeo, say your question? >> alpha romeo lost the engine. >> reporter: when the engine lost power entirely, he popped that parachute and came down in an industrial park, just feet from this building. >> he landed somewhere in the vicinity of the midfield, right downwind. >> reporter: authorities saying a bit of luck helped that plane miss hitting the building. >> once the parachute is deployed, you do lose some sort of control where the plane will come down. that's why the exact landing of this plane is very fortunate.
8:33 am
another small plane in arkansas using its parachute to land. this time in the middle of a busy road. hitting this truck. >> we're very fortunate that no one was hurt any worse than they were. >> reporter: back on long island, rescuers rushing in, finding the father/daughter duo without serious injuries. >> never expected to have a problem like this. >> reporter: the pilot shaken. uncertain if he'll fly again. >> we'll see. we'll see. it's a scary day. >> reporter: understandable. the wreckage out here this morning while the faa and ntsb investigate. cecilia? >> boy, lucky indeed. they are very lucky this morning. marci, thank you. we want to turn to indra for more weather. >> i have good news. it's been so cold for so long on the east coast. that is finally shifting. watch that cold air kick right out of here. temperatures going up about ten degrees a day. new york city, 50s, 60s, then yes, bring on the 70s. it doesn't stop there. the good news, it even gets better and better. look at the extended pattern. next week and the week after.
8:34 am
staying for the eastern half of the country. the west coast, cooling down. but they've been waiting for the week. good morning everybody it's gonna be a chilly day today as highs climb into the upper forties will see chances for showers this morning a few showers but decreasing clouds as we head into >> that weather is brought to you by wayfair. yes, it gets better, better, better, every day. not just for one week. next week looks good, too. >> very excited about that that. >> dancing, kind of whatever this is. >> thank you. coming up on "good morning america," how a nanny cam led to this woman's arrest. what police say she did to the toddler in her care and how you can protect your own children. and a programming note. a huge game in the nba this afternoon. you can watch steph curry and the warriors take on kobe and his lakers.
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a wakeup call for parents this morning. it involves this fresh-faced nanny facing child abuse charges.
8:39 am
was caught on camera smothering a baby because he wouldn't stop crying. here's abc's gloria riviera with more. >> reporter: 20-year-old mariah gonzalez, a nanny previously listed on, pleading not guilty to felony child abuse in a california courtroom on friday. >> her conduct is characterized as criminal and i disagree. >> reporter: in an affidavit, police say gonzalez allegedly attempting to calm a 13-month-old boy was seen hutting her hands closer to his face. when the sounds went from clear and audible to a muffled cry and the child began to squirm and kick. the alleged incident discovered on home surveillance video. the parents hired her after seeing her listing on a spokesperson for telling abc news we're deeply troubled by this incident. adding the safety of our community is of paramount importance to us. this is not the first time a case has shown poor light on
8:40 am
>> people can be dishonest on their profiles. they can provide information that is not linking to them. >> reporter: last month, sara gum sentenced to 23 years in prison in the killing of a 3-month-old girl. in january, susan lally pleaded not guilty after allegedly being too intoxicated to care for a child. and in 2014, dana cash, the nanny caught on camera abusing twins, convicted of child cruelty charges. all three women previously listed on says it makes background checks available. but they're only preliminary checks and do not catch everything. encouraging parents to take additional precautions on their own. >> it means they have no criminal record. but are they a safe caregiver? that cannot be answered in a background check. >> reporter: experts say there are some very simple tips, precautionary measures, to make sure you hire the right care for your child. one, have a trial run. be there yourself to assess the care giver.
8:41 am
no sugar-coating. and three, install those cameras why not -- in your home. tell the sitters about them. you know, you guys, a lot of people have found great caregivers through services like these. myself included. the onus is on parents to do the homework before they bring someone into the home. >> good advice. thank you. appreciate it. coming up on "good morning america," the best ways to keep your pets safe at home. keep it here. dan, i have one word for you. kittens. two words, puppies. >> i cannot wait for that. and "pop news." keep it here.that. and "pop news." keep it here. i was a doer. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor and i agreed moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some patients,
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it's always a good morning when i get to hold a kitten.
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aspca. i'm holding copper because, while we all know about child-proofing your home, how about keeping it safe for pets? here to talk more about it this morning is dr. camille declementi. good morning. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> i guess one of the main dangers is leaving out over-the-counter drugs. what are the most dangerous for animals to eat? >> there are lots of different types of poisonous things that they can get into. really, any medication you take. over the counter or prescription. you should be cautious about those. this year, 2015, the most calls about over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. >> what about foods? chocolate is a big one.
8:46 am
>> chocolate? >> they'll eat so much of it. they can have a racing heart. grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure. onions and garlic for cats are dangerous. >> onions and garlic? okay. i have three around the house. that's good to know. i guess the other question is, if you're in a situation where you suspect that your animal has ingested something dangerous. sorry, copper. you're not enjoying this. are you? if you're in a situation where your animal has ingested something dangerous or you think they may have ingested something dangerous, what do you do? >> there's no set way to deal with a poisoning, because they're all different depending on what they got into. i would suggest calling your veterinarian. another good resource is the aspca animal poison control center. we're open 24/7 to help you with situations like that. and we have a mobile app that people can download. >> great. thank you very much. copper and your dog is -- >> this is logan. >> they're both available for adoption.
8:47 am
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naptime waits for no one. good, clean food waits for anyone who orders it. order online and avoid the line at panera. food as it should be. all right. it's time for "pop news." rachel smith in because sara haines just had baby. >> she did. congrats, sara. again to you. little alec and max. can't wait to see you. we want to serve up some dos and don'ts about meeting a newborn in this age of social media. hear me out. the website mashable, rule number one, do not post anything on social if the parents have not posted anything first. because you don't want to steal their thunder, right?
8:52 am
another family's baby without checking first, as well. okay. rule number two. parents should plan ahead of time what to post. you don't want to be surprised about your partner live-tweeting your labor, right? that would be unfortunate. exactly. >> sara came close. she came close. >> they practically did. >> i hope you and max talked about that first, young lady. three, consider texting your congrats initially. you don't want to bombard the family minutes after that child arrives. in sara's case, baby alec. >> just a big deal of not posting those photos first. weddings, too. >> no spoiler alerts. major no-no. >> i may have done that. moving on from big beginnings to poignant endings. "downton abbey's" two-hour finale is airing tonight. fans are already grabbing their tissues for the expected emotional ending. producers are promising to tie up many loose ends.
8:53 am
it's been a six-year run for the show. they've broken ratings records for pbs, earned numerous awards. and earned fans worldwide. there's been talk of a movie. not certain yet. any fans of "downton abbey" here? >> i've stayed with the show all -- >> really? >> i've never seen it. >> tonight, on your must-see list? >> i'm a few episodes behind. i probably won't see tonight in real time. >> i want to watch. i have to catch "walking dead." >> got a lot of binge-watching to do. >> so much to do. >> i love "the walking dead." i love "downton abbey" the two don't mix. >> they don't. >> well versed in television. and it was an emotional night for madonna. she broke down on stage in new zealand before dedicating a song to her son. >> there is no love stronger than a mother for her son. >> she went on to sing la vie en rose. rocco, her son, has been living with his dad, guy ritchie, in
8:54 am
there's been reports she conceded the fight with her ex-husband, ritchie. brighter news. hol lie wood is buzzing this morning about a crossover of blockbusters heading to the big screen. "men in black" and "23 jump street." >> what? >> genius combination. sony is looking to start production this summer. jonah hill and channing tatum will reprise their roles. will smith and tommy lee jones won't be joining them. those two roles will be highly sought after in hollywood. i can't wait to see who lands those roles. >> i don't understand how this happens. >> oh, it's so going to work. you know what, dan? strims you cannot question things. you just have to let them be. i cannot wait until they come together on the big screen. >> maybe there will be "downton abbey" and "walking dead." >> you never know. and "house of cards."
8:55 am
pride and prejudice and zombies. >> really? >> i would watch that. >> you're a little late to the game, ron. >> thats a all for now. >> i still am mystified by the pitch meeting. how that goes. i know we're going to do 23 jump street. i think we can throw in -- >> throw in will smith. even if he's not going to be in it. done. it's a blockbuster. >> true. >> it carries the cache. stick around for george later this week. thank you for joining us this morning. good morning, america. i'm lisa kearney. chris hassel here with you. ufc 196 did not disappoint. mischa tate.
8:56 am
your winners there in vegas. and we had two tickets punched to the big dance. >> two upsets in usc. two tickets punched in college basketball. this is a bit of an upset. yale, they hadn't been to the tournament in 54 years. 1962 was the last time they were in the ncaa tournament. but they are in. beating columbia, 71-55, clinching the outright ivy league regular season championship. no post season in the ivy league. yale in. the ohio valley conference championship. austin pea taking on ut martin. davis, the long three. he had 14 points in the game. josh robinson draws a bucket. the foul. this is fun. he's fired up. he had 20 in this one. austin pea punching its ticket to the ncaa tournament. first time since 2008, winning it 83-73.
8:57 am
over the next week. we're a week away from selection sunday. three more tickets will be punched today. we've got that to look forward to. >> we've got that to look forward to. enjoy yourself on this wonderful sunday with more hoops ahead. chris hassel, lisa kearney.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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