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tv   13 News 4  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the supreme court will hear former governor bob mcdonnell to peel a knife reportedly found on property o j simpson once owned los angeles police now have the weapon details on where the weapon wise and who may face charges that was getting ready to go with an instructor who is making moves to help others the news in four starts right now. bummer easy start to the weekend you can see the flags dancing in the win on the side of our sky view in hampton but the good news it just is tracking a warmup for the weekend my day and still not going to be back where it should be this time of year but it's going to be better than we've seen lately also not going to be completely sunny. i think we'll see a few bits of sun both different days and most of the showers we see are
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that a second but yet not a great weekend but not bad let's take a look at radar of course we don't take it back too far show you the last three hours and you'll notice that we sought some moisture offshore but pretty much the heavy role of the snow came last night turned to sleet mix with the rain changed over to rain as we talked about and then the rain moved out and behind it we had wins forty almost fifty mph. now there are only running in the mid twenties twenty four twenty five twenty six here actually twenty three twenty four twenty five twenty six right along the coastline not as strong in line but the virginia beach thirty three duckett thirty three so they are still very blustery but they're not as strong as earlier and they will be easing as we get to to have less of a wind chill factor later tonight than we do. early this evening so for this evening cole thirty nine degrees coming up at five o'clock when you factor in the wind it'll feel like a round the upper twenty s to
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drop too much during the sort of mid to late evening hours eventually in the mid thirties but by then the window below one up it'll still feel like the upper twenties to about thirty so that we need to bundle up tonight again improvement in terms of the wind and a gradually some improvement over the weekend as we said terms those temperatures well i'll have those details coming up are looking for to that thing stuck with it with string a few days ago but take a look at the beach can you can see the impact of the weather the whipping winds blowing the sand into a pattern there. joe flanagan is live at the oceanfront with a look at the conditions right now jan thank you regina having my own personal storm mode and are thus the hat we've been out here all day freezing as we look across and beach while the waves whipping around from the outer banks to grow to an all day today. one neighbor told us they have lost twenty five feet of beach since the beginning of the year their current and another person saying parts of their backyard are slowly disappearing all because
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away and hear rudy inlet they an winds up on the resort strip not so much along the beachfront at crow a tan as videographer brandon graves pulls out and swings around to the left you see this and burn the city virginia beach public works has built today they do that in store modes like this one today to protect robben island park and also to keep sand out of the storm drainage system that's right drama here the oceanfront in virginia beach and will be out here with more at five o'clock reporting live in virginia beach joe flanagan thirty news now friday so we have new information about the death of an orphaned teenager and a hassle with long a new witness has come forward with information about her death and may testify against her stepfather wesley hassle this information came to light after what's lee hassles public defender filed a motion to withdraw from the case saying his office
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witness hansel is not charged in a dazed out but the new witness will cooperate with hansel is prosecuted. hansel was set to be sentenced in march eighteen and federal ammunition charge as it is unclear what will happen with that hearing reporter marsala robertson will have more information tonight at six the u s supreme court has scheduled april twenty seven to hear arguments on former virginia governor bob mcdonnell to appeal his conviction on corruption charges. the high court released its schedule today in september two thousand fourteen a jury convicted mcdonnell and his wife maureen of doing favors for wealthy businessman in exchange for more than one hundred and sixty five thousand dollars in gifts and loans. mcdonnell and federal prosecutors have argued over whether the former governor was convicted based on an overly broad definition of what an official act is the supreme court is expected to issue a decision by the end of june the world seeking to pull in diet nor for treasurer anthony barr
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of its goal to collect enough signatures by today. members of the citizens recall committee hit the polls on super tuesday trying to get people to sign the petition the group says they are about eighty percent done getting the needed four thousand three hundred and fifty two signatures birth but has refused calls to step down his attorney says the recall effort is just partisan politics rushing to convict someone who has not had his day in court the very people who claim to be so fair and so constitutionally oriented that they want government by the people are actually trampling all over the constitution. this is a citizen who has not been convicted of anything the recall group hopes to have enough signatures to submit to the clerk next week burr funds political corruption trial is scheduled for me. other news jason gordon is behind bars facing tom sachs charges police say
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fourteen year old girl from richmond where to start with two counts of rape and aggravated sexual battery which when police arrested gordon on wednesday. alright time to go to the traffic network is friday and it is very very busy as we head to our first camera when i show you now track the trouble in newport news on both sides of sixty four so just about the way here this is sixty four eastbound right around the fort eustis boulevard just before you get to for you this earlier accident just beyond this point now causing a six mile back up to busch gardens in williamsburg also notice your westbound is very heavy around for uses as an accident scene still in place up nearly hall and the jefferson avenue overpass that's causing about forty five mile backups of newport news right now just a mess on both sides of sixty four to watch this will keep you second camera and take a look at the berkeley bridge in norfolk on to sixty four west headed for the downtown
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this crash is blocking one lane causing delays back to bramble tend to have the latest on the rest of your traffic troubles and there are few. coming up busy friday as we think you are getting some unusual visitors and you don't see them on the roads are popping up on beaches were talking about seals workers at the virginia aquarium say this is an alarming but they do have a message for beachgoers thirteen is now reporter elise brown explains feels they look cute but they are wild animals and so they don't tend to want to interact with people very much if you keep a safe distance they're pretty aloof and relax. alex christie's with the virginia aquarium says that calm demeanor can change if you get too close will look much more alert and a mind which are waving their flippers at yet and they have teeth or summer dogs on thursday alone three seals were spotted on land in
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was taken around a short drive to harbor seals and a harp seal of holding out on land along the coast here christie says it's not unusual for seals to come ashore. however if one is spotted he says stay back at least fifty yards not feet in to call the stranding response teams to weaken the evaluating see if their behavior is what we would consider abnormal look at their body condition to the look of fat and healthy they look skinny. he says the seals spotted thursday went back into the water officials at the aquarium understand it's exciting to see a seal but say they want to ensure that excitement doesn't go too far at the beach learning more about seals are interacting with them a little more something that interests you would use you can see have some school friends here and there are some opportunities to do that at the aquarium with trained professionals in virginia beach police crown routines now from sales to stunts we have an alert now for
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the skunk tested positive for rabies in newport news. they found that scott just west of anderson's corner on richmond road near ro sham bo drive rabies the deadly but preventable disease. anyone with any information about possible exposure to infected scott is asked to call the health department. new developments in the o j simpson case in decades after he was acquitted of murdering his former wife and a friend with the knife police have long of a knife reportedly found on the grounds of this former home then christening day for the uss washington had a hand here in newport news shipbuilding on my
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the o j simpson is back in the headlines police recovered a knife found at the los angeles the state the former football player
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dna evidence they say a construction worker found the knife buried on simpson's estate when the house was being demolished years ago he then gave it to an l a police officer the officer kept an eye for years and retired from the force in the department could consider charges against the retired officer lapd is investigating the weapon if any evidence is found simpson could not be charged with the homicide because he's already been acquitted on suddenly and mind blowing that is what bobby cruz bobby brown is saying about authorities releasing the autopsy results and as donna staff twenty two year old bobbi kristina brown was found unresponsive in the bath tub in our georgia twenty fifteen the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown died in hospice care last july a medical examiner says bobbi kristina brown had morphine cocaine pot and
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body when she went underwater and atop bobby brown said he will continue efforts with a wrongful death lawsuit against bonnie christina's partner nick gordon closing arguments today in the erin andrews case in question said to hotel companies and a convicted stalker be forced to pay and or seventy five million dollars the sportscaster and co host of abc's dancing with the stars is sewing the two companies had owned and operated the nashville marriott and vanderbilt michael ballard is serving two and a half years in prison he admitted to stalking and has altered the peoples on hotel room doors recording nude videos of her and then posted them on the internet and now to the water crisis in flint michigan a community that continues to work to resolve the ongoing issue today for the first time flint residents expressed their frustrations to top
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re ramon de has the latest developments. it's how he did desperately hoping construction crews signup water pipes which connect water means to home the latest effort in an attempt to fix michigan's contaminated water crisis feels great to know that people steal here in and not ignoring us. well good afternoon. the digging coming after a push by flint mayor karen weaver to fast track a plan to start swapping out lead lines that goal my mission is to totally get the lid out of plant it also comes just twenty four hours after construction crew funded by private and charitable organizations dug up service lines michigan governor rick snyder today assuring the people a point he is staying on top of city and federal agencies to ensure the water contamination is resolved he added this to say at a committee meeting. this is something that we have
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of fun but the outcry of the government response is for ever growing including leigh anne waters a mother who says her home is ground zero of the crisis and is now suing city and state officials for health problems she says her children suffered due to contaminated water congress is debating proposals on a two hundred million dollars federal aid package which will be used to help fix the city's infrastructure. this will be a topic that will definitely be discussed during this weekend's presidential democratic debate every monday abc news new york walk ons out there still but no precipitation most of that and actually during the morning hours fairly early in the morning for some of you and now is long gone offshore again the clouds are sticking around you can see of last three hours the last vestiges of that system pulling out and with that some of the strongest winds
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and gusty out there are not nearly as strong as they were this morning we went right now sustained at only eighteen mph with gusts up into the thirties rising barometer pressure that eventually get help to scour out this quietness and bring us those the improving conditions again temperatures right now quite cold for this time of year look at all the forty showing up if you spot especially right near the water the eastern shore is in the thirty still and it feels like the thirties everywhere all of these numbers when you factor in the win that out there that feels more like the thirties with what we call the wind shell that is going to continue through the evening and in the overnight you'll definitely need a heavier jacket and head outside notice the clouds gradually start to sort of dry up and filter away as we get to the evening in the overnight very far in one extremely rural areas out near the interstates maybe some the spots way up north and west of us will be in the upper twenty s to near thirty tonight. right near the water it's going to stay
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thirties i would say if you averaged it out most of our seven cities probably averaging in the low to mid thirties. meanwhile temperatures then tomorrow climbed quickly up in the forties and then increasing clouds during the afternoon with high temperatures anywhere from around forty seven to maybe fifty fifty one depending on your exact location that is considerably below normal but again we're trending at least back in the right direction tomorrow evening. notice the chance for a couple of showers the better chances are higher odds will be later on in the overnight hours and during the day sunday gradually things will sort of fall apart in terms of that wet weather and will be looking i think it's some partial sunshine by afternoon here's that storm system again a pretty powerful low pressure area swinging through the snow last night there was slush on everything here at the station and then of course as we talked about it turned over to rain we got
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improve dramatically although still windy and wet so clearing tonight in cold diminishing winds northerly and twenty early at about where we are now my morning down to only five mph so that's the good news the winch a less and less a factor throughout the overnight mile forty seven increase in clouds chilly for this time of year are supposed to be in the mid fifties rest of the forecasts right at fifty on sunday began a few shower saturday night into sunday best chance of sunday showers will be a couple stray ones in the morning fifty six monday a look at next week. sixty five sixty eight sixty eight for tuesday wednesday and thursday guys knife hardest time to feel good with some zone
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welcome back everybody you all have heard of them
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feel good. well there's one zumba instructor who's taking steps to help the community and you can join in. here's how marilyn castro is making her mark. i am maryland castro. it's the am the am the am the rating you get your stress out of lifting spirits to get everybody to smile and nothing that's the most important part that includes children even though this little angel is clearly happy. maryland is about the zumba to help other children who are going through tough times is so important that we get back to the community on sunday march thirty two teaming up with a bunch of other zumba instructors to help jamie avid and hotel kids dot org they take homeless kids off the street and get the hotel room so they can be safe. she
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food donated by the community is isn't very fast or isn't she wake up everyday and she tried to make a difference in our community and that i admire them for community is rallying around jb and she certainly feels them on i mean the good image in a way to raise six hundred hours the hotel canton took at least twenty cameras up the street. what about that later. our lives let her keep the law the and it's clear that got the right move to maryland to bowl full of high energy and lots of heart the year to new and untested new sounds he makes an impact yet and i know you're one of them. so here's the info on the hotel kids room but hey it's sunday march thirty three although work on sundays at noon at the simon family jewish community center in virginia beach and
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information call seven five seven six one nine four five six five that's six one nine four five six five in more instructors know thirty be there. yes the number i did so until i saw them break up the phone to take video yet we're not the kind of got the gene the right and a lil
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. strong winds at the oceanfront a look at the skyview and seventeenth in atlanta again you can see the waves crashing on the shore closer to the boardwalk than usual meteorologist geoff lawson has the latest on tonight's weather yet and i were to see the winds gradually dying off
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in the overnight hours and still be blustery and cold this evening but again not as windy as it was earlier black cloud just on that picture from our sky view but no precipitation we were tracking a few things long gone now so let's talk about these wins as we go to the evening. notice over the next three hours they'll go from a lot of spots in the thirties for gus down to most spots here in the twenties. it'll still be gusting close to thirty right near the water but most of us will be starting to drop back work that still quite breezy again just not as windy as earlier ten pm even slightly lower wind gust down into the twenties with some teens in line and let that not much wind at all for inland areas by morning. although spider this actually the middle the night you can see right near the water still some in the teens and then during the morning right near the water's edge will still be talking ten fifteen mile per hour gusts sustained winds probably five six seven but back in one day it'll be
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mph gusts and then during the day starts to pick up a little bit but the bottom line is not a whole lot of wind during the day tomorrow meanwhile temps are forecasted can see we actually sorta hold steady a little bit this evening and then we dropped these are temperatures for metro urbanized areas as well as near the beaches in one spot to be colder than this down in the lower thirties and far inland areas near thirty and then tomorrow that's well again below normal although it is a little bit of improvement and we'll talk about another gradual improvement on sunday as well have those details coming up in just few minutes. hi it's friday so of course we had tricky traffic on talent and the hr b c h r bt which were not surprising as on a friday we see heavy traffic anyway but we had an earlier accident there about three thirty. the accident clear but of course the backups have not so classic look now at the traffic network map in general several spots of red working across hampton roads most of them around
4:31 pm
you can see here and some a little bit further up of it on the peninsula will talk about that in just a moment we talked about in the first traffic report but i do want to give you the latest injustice at first we head over to the camera now and take a look at traffic again sixty four westbound headed to the hr bt the shot of that grammy street at this point the delays beginning all the way back to chesapeake boulevard to do with eight or nine miles of this until you get to hampton your best bet to commodity merrimack with the jr be but the rest of the traffic alert over to facebook and twitter and of course right here stay with us on thirteen years now i thanks ashley well after months and months of bad news involving layoffs an important milestone is happening this weekend and newport news shipbuilding this after more than seven hundred were laid off back in february while a total of fifteen hundred layoffs is possible by the end of this year but despite the cuts work continues at the shipyard their christening the nation's next
4:32 pm
that was commissioned will be why getting tells us shipyard workers and leaders are hopeful that this is a sign of brighter days ahead for the twelve hundred layoffs here so far and more possibly to come get life does go on and newport news shipbuilding as evidence the christening ceremony this weekend for the uss washington since two thousand and eleven newport news shipbuilding and general dynamics electric boat have partnered in the virginia class submarine program building two subs a year and arrangement scheduled to continue at least through the early twenty twenties the washington will be the fourteenth such vessel knowing that the money will be there is crucial. well that the certainty is phenomenal not just for us not just for workforce but for the navy in the nation because the costs become predictable it gives us a better test drive those costs down. shipyard workers are understandably concerned
4:33 pm
trying to stay upbeat. it's definitely something that humans are divided over a sea of friends family relatives and being laid off but i try not to concern myself with things i can control the control of doing a good job. i just hope they come back out there ready to come back and said the workout will have to experience this again. i mean that's the dream and so we can continue to build its ships but the loss of law to give the cats and rats in the meantime the navy is excited about getting into sabah. these are really good submarines most technologically advanced submarine that we put together a christening attendees could hear much more about what the future holds for subs and for funding from the ceremonies principal speaker navy secretary ray mavis mei getting thirteen news now the case last summer shocked the nation as it played out in light of morning television today was back to work for the lone survivor of a shooting that claimed the lives of eight news reporter and videographer vicki gardner is back part time as the executive
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mountain lake regional chamber of commerce. this is after several surgeries and months of recovery partner says he is working to give back to her community and the same way again back to her and just in a joint warning from u s marshals the fbi and sheriff's offices of norfolk and virginia beach local authorities say they have received complaints about scammers who falsely identified themselves as a us marshall fbi agent or sheriff's deputy a reminder from the authorities law enforcement agencies will not call you to request money or payment of fines if he got a call like there is to not give out your personal information hang up and report the incident to the fbi crime complaint center. i follow activity continues to increase across virginia the cdc reports widespread flu activity reported for june and twenty other states here to talk more about the spread of
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from patient first. thank you for coming on and have things like this is kinda late for the flu in love with. why would you say it's a lake this year. the wetter than last year i think the biggest thing was the last western recall the whole time this year we had big warm spell i think coz everybody to spend more time outside on hand up in close quarters and just cause everything to be delayed a little bit and now this is what we make every year with flu isn't too late to get a flu shot takes about two weeks for the flu shot to work i think we're probably looking at least another month the flu so probably worth it to go ahead and get the flu shot this year's flu shot better than last year yeah cdc says about twenty percent chance of working last year sixty percent this year so it's much better if they never really know them to the flu actually what comes out it's hard to know because they have to predict based on models with the flu will be in any given year it takes three to six months to make the shot. so sometimes it's a it's their best guess and this year there seems to be pretty good list the best
4:36 pm
spreading or catching it whatever we get the flu shot if you are around anyone who's sick make sure that they're coughing into their sleeve not in their hands wash your hands frequently use disposable tissues lot to hand sanitizer he if you're sick stay home from work stay away from other people cause it definitely is contagious all right good advice we appreciate it thank you regina. well this weekend republican presidential candidates will compete to win delegates and democratic candidates would take on the debate stage. abc's monday news has the latest two day dual donald trump rallies in michigan served on what's become typical trump calling out protesters get addie out out out out hitting the media have to tell you about the me they are the most dishonest people they're worse than work the work and the day after mitt romney laid out the case against him in salt lake city
4:37 pm
differences or will he attack me with every imaginable low something that said the couple wrote our economy he's a stupid person. marco rubio in cannes this echoing romney's concerns if he's our nominee it will split the republican party and it will be the end of the modern conservative movement but with trump winning ten out of fifteen states so far can he suggested a brokered convention. the chairman of the republican national committee said the odds are small i would suggest that it's better when he spoke to a conservative gathering in washington where trump was expected to appear tomorrow but told them today he was canceling ted cruz today in maine was asked whether he'd consider uniting with marco rubio on a joint ticket there is only one campaign that has repeatedly beat and donald trump and there's only one campaign that can and will be donald trump now compete to win for
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fifth we have some breaking news right now i want us to take a four vehicle crash causing some traffic problems as is happening on charleston boulevard and county road to her is live on the scene to know what's happening out there guys the truth is actually just cleared out a few seconds ago there were lots of fire crews and police officers out here just re directing traffic around this intersection here the rules of the sweeping up any debris that was out here the cars were looking pretty bad pretty smashed when i got out
4:42 pm
a left turn from town poirot on to church lynn boulevard in front of vehicle number two which was traveling southbound in church like this in costs to other cars to be hit by vehicles one and two four people were taken to the hospital with what appears to be non life ending injuries this is all according to police they say the driver of the first car then attempted to make about love turn was suffering from a medical condition. this actor right now is currently under investigation by chesapeake police wives has been to her thirteen years now i see on a ford f one fifty pickup truck you might wanna check your brakes the us government is investigating the complaint said the brakes can fail the investigation covers pickups with three point five liter six cylinder engines from the twenty third teen and twenty fourteen model years. investigators will check into how often the problem happens before
4:43 pm
the fist time is the charm let's check the headlines player right now on usa today dot com another final countdown is on for the space x falcon nine rocket after four scrubbed launch attempts fingers are crossed for successful liftoff tonight from cape canaveral florida so far the weather is looking good the last few attempts were canceled for both mechanical and weather issues the falcon nine rocket will carry a commercial communications satellite into space. the state department says that american student detained in north korea and presented to the media there this week it has now received a consular visit spokesman john curry says the swedish embassy visited ottawa be on wednesday as the us does not have diplomatic relations with north korea sweden handles consular matters for americans in the isolated country. kirby says the u s is coordinating closely with the swedes but has no further information to share. north korea announced in late january and arrested the twenty one year old uva student then did take an e
4:44 pm
makeover. that's not so tricky and more straightforward the mbs i have been made optional it's getting good reviews from some of the stones were already talking. it continues to test a reading writing and math with an emphasis on analysis n our vocabulary words are more apt to be used in classroom lessons jan and the are some of those more mature were words like and i look at the top of the fetus was awesome and i wrote this law was scaring the kids there with the rising class cards and the hours do you know when to sow and promote his vision i use every mile time with me. i don't know the title this last bill clinton's own military training could be the answer for many local high school dropouts a california program is working to get young people on the right track. one cadet at
4:45 pm
discipline with law enforcement mentoring reporter mark brown has the story ninety and eight at the national guard joint forces training base in los alamitos master sergeant peter got here it appears to wake the cadets five fifteen am to move quickly away ten seconds to get out of bed and on their feet then push ups to get the blood pump at in the male barracks the expectation is the same get up make your bed get dressed. it's all done the specifications under the watchful eye of a master sergeant with an unforgiving stare and a stop to the caddo get it done right get it done on time or pay the price of the oh oh the cushions in front of your whole squad. it's not easy if
4:46 pm
through this part of it is definitely being away from home and being secluded not knowing what's going on out off the base this part of the base is a high school the sunburst youth challenge academy gives a second chance to kids who dropped out of school hours in to drugs alcohol have anger management problems. i was abused all my life but my father i was to charter school by train to take it. i was abusing drugs alcohol and i was lying to my pants there are two cadet classes a year each with two hundred eight students difficulty that comes in with a grade point average of less than one and leaves with a three point eight or higher a couple things you should know these kids are not felons they're not offenders they were not sentenced to be here by a judge they're all here voluntarily here because they want to be here and secondly the very strict in terms of their access to the outside world no
4:47 pm
no computers. this is not a boot camp but a highly structured militaristic remedial high school classes are separated by gender at mealtime boys and girls separately in complete silence help or does the military component of this i mean you see rocks here this looks like a military bearing. it's absolutely vital to use the military framework because what it does is it takes an individual that generally doesn't have any discipline. we provide them the framework and foundation for discipline yet let me know the knot they neither the courage of their most aren't and in charge claims or partnership with the lapd is one reason for their ninety percent success rate an army veteran is looking for job tonight after being fired as a cvs store manager many think what joe morrissey did was heroic
4:48 pm
robberies in maryland it all happen when two men came into the store and ran to the pharmacy area. they jumped the counter and told the pharmacist to open the safe. morsi says he immediately ran downstairs and told cashiers to call nine one one as we are discussing the aisle one tried to hit you with a screwdriver and a can of luck to them at the front door doesn't open in this kind of are the main struggle happens kind of disarming the one guy with a screwdriver all according to cbs policy employees are never to go after iraq. when the much of today and of course cold exposed to the way up into the mid fifties already here in early march. today we were talking mid forties and a lot of cases even some lower forties actually take a look right now everything has gone on radar we got a lot of clouds out there still and you can see a piggyback six
4:49 pm
time is that about the last ten forty eight or so. this precipitation the rain was still offshore but again moving farther and farther when of course the snow had ended as at that point as well right now we're going talk more next broadcast coming up in about half an hour how much snow fell across the region you might find interesting a lot in a few areas so for degrees eighteen but they're still gusting up into the upper twenties in your thirty shot from hand to actually show this last night to see if we could see any of the light dusting that was on the ground but as you can see a pretty picture up there nice clear conditions again at the ground bison drive east of the clouds so windy and cold as we get to the evening hours varying amounts of clouds northerly winds gusting as high as thirty and that will make this actual air temperature which will drop back toward the upper thirties it will make that number feel more like around thirty or even the upper twenties. peak wind gust today thirty seven in
4:50 pm
the beach forty four that down in manny oh some buoys just offshore reporting forty five or more mph same thing at the bay bridge tunnel as we get to the evening we're going to talk about these countries as i said dropping thirties will feel colder than that and then they're not going to get terribly cold tonight far far inland and rural areas by late at night the wind dies off and that allows things to get a little bit colder but also he's the one she won't be as bad as that sort of tradeoff in good news. it'll get down close to the upper twenties are near thirty for the very farthest inland areas the most rural of spots most of us on the assailants a lower thirties to mid thirties and then there'll be a few mid to upper thirties right along the coastline with that win comes in off the water was still chilly but again it is slowly warming up as we now head through march meanwhile by tomorrow afternoon temperatures rebounding back near forty upper forties to near fifty for the inland area's most of hampton roads
4:51 pm
onshore wind in the forties tomorrow which is below normal and then as we go into sunday. we'll also talk about temperatures trying to recover back to fifty but that's not where we should be for this time of year so a satellite and radar shows the system. x sitting across the region earlier how for tonight clearing and cold diminishing winds thirty four colder inland notice those northerly winds down to five by morning after being at twenty this evening and forty seven tomorrow by tomorrow evening and into sunday if couple a few showers around and then they should tend to clear out sunday afternoon really nice weather moving in but not until early next week i think you want to build this with the stars jenna jenna at the right to watch the show the cost of gasoline has the scoop what's trending now this is so cold very exciting so we all know and we love meteorologist ginger return to gma she was on maternity leave and beautiful baby boy sitting around in
4:52 pm
running because that's not the only show to be returning to gma of course he's also going to be on season twenty two of dancing with the snarling brand new while that after maternity leave so it's really exciting for the way his wife absolutely get that body back girl snapped back to going to be out with the weather turning pro bows were copies of congratulations to her that can be really exciting to watch a lot of great couples on dancing with the stars you may have been our thing so that the extent that girl right now also today is employee appreciation day you might have known that his role working very hard to even notice right in personal finance website wallet hub conducted a very in depth analysis of this year's hardest working cities in america and you may not know what the chickens without virginia beach is number two and this list of over a hundred cities long as one hundred and sixteen cities lohan analysts yet were number two one with i can't believe it all while the hubs analysts compare data from labor force participation
4:53 pm
per week to number of workers with multiple jobs and number one that was the only city that the virginia beach anchorage alaska and you see their number three was the plano texas. dc was number nine on the left and chesapeake was number fifteen the smells of norfolk twenty seven we were content playing as well as the run was all over that list so you know congratulations to all the employees watching us and congratulations you guys will have a hard working artists and thank you ashley went on in dc and all the last man standing at eight o'clock followed by dr cannon and thirty then track tank and nine o'clock and an all new twenty twenty at ten o'clock and join us again for thirteen years now just a day after announcing his bankruptcy sports authority starts is liquidation sales one stores in hampton roads are affected next thirteen years now and five nova police could be close to a
4:54 pm
it may all come down to a new witness will explain and the new norfolk
4:55 pm
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ask your doctor about stelara . check your child's car seat even flow is recalling more than fifty six thousand car seats for harness problems the recall covers transitions three in one combination booster seats made from december two thousand fourteen through january two thousand sixty even flow is notifying people who have the seats and sending a new kit liquidation sales began today at about one hundred and forty sports authority stores that are set to close this morning as retailer filed for bankruptcy wednesday citing huge debt and saying its sales had slumped after it failed to keep up with consumer trends those sales will take place in stores in hampton norfolk and virginia beach and that's
4:58 pm
five starts now a year after she disappeared and new witnesses come forward in the aj had so case why this person wants to testify against a j's adoptive dad from the outer banks the crow ten. this storm picking up the waves all along the shoreline and joe flanagan in current and coming up we'll have that story. north texas city treasurer accused of corruption and lying under oath why anthony burke for his attorney says the perjury charge was a setup. we start with what could be a big break in the death of an awful team. aj has all disappeared a year ago police found her remains a short time later but no one was ever charged in a death in our new witnesses coming forward in the case court documents obtained by thirteen news now show this new witness has information on a j's adoptive dad right now wesley hats was behind
4:59 pm
marcel robertson is here to explain what this new development means for the case. well this could be a major development in this case apple's attorneys asking a judge to take him off of the hassles federal case because of a conflict of interest with a new witness that witnesses claiming to have information that could tie hassle to the death of a j our legal analyst says his new witness is most likely a jailhouse informant the death of a j hansel has been a mystery for nearly a year police found her body behind a vacant home. the cause of death a heroin overdose but no one was ever charged. now a new witness is stepping forward what evidence is when this happened what is he going to testify to these court documents filed by hansel the attorney asked the judge to take him off the case because he represents another client that is cooperating with police that other client may have information that could tie a hassle to the death of
5:00 pm
is behind bars on a federal ammunition charge but has never been charged with a jay's death court documents say the new witness could testify against hassle if charges are brought our legal analyst kevin dutton says new charges are likely coming one of those terms are going to be if they have enough to make the murder case that's yet to the sea. it's unclear exactly who this new witness is and what information they have a dozen says it may be a jailhouse informant. the only new witnesses that would come about under both conventional wisdom are witnesses that hassle has interacted with in the last several months which would be people that he's interacted with in jail to court documents say this potential new witness is cooperating with police in hopes of getting a reduction in his or her own sentence as it was said to be sentenced for the ammunition charge on march eighteen. what these new developments mean for his federal case coming up tonight at six. marcella


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