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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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america this morning. i offered up this morning the three things will hear the marrow virginia beach talk about during today's state of the city address and breaking overnight a tense month long standoff in rural oregon could and soon our santa parker has the late breaking details good morning it is thursday. this is thirteen years now at daybreak and lucy bustamante time andre senior the time is now four thirty on the dot and what a way to start the day it is bitterly cold outside. oh my goodness the drought is greg muller is tracking the continuous drop in temperatures the morning greg good morning guys it is going to turn chilly air temperatures today mid to upper thirties a weekend deal with that i can tell ye stepping up this morning it was kind of a consensus among the studio crew years while it's really really cold and
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get breezy and chilly conditions and a step outside it's almost like getting smacked in the facial like i was cool weather is really settling in. scott is going to be mostly sunny so that's going to be a beautiful aspect to our forecasts when you step outside today you're going to notice that cold air but at least it looks really pretty and it will throughout the day to day mainly clear skies plenty of sunshine remember your sunglasses out the door and you definitely want to coat. temperatures this morning in the upper twenties is thirty in virginia beach but you go and look at how chilly it is some the inland areas right now in the lower twenties so it's very very cold out there the winds gusting up to twenty five mph there now for a twenty four mph gust in newport news and gusts around twenty to twenty five down along the outer banks so you factor in the wins it's feeling like it's in the teens and you know what it's going to get even colder over the weekend so very cold stuff out there you really want to bundle up and bundle the kids up make sure the dressed appropriately as we take you through the day you can see the temps are
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thirties through the afternoon i'm expecting a high of about thirty six with thirty seven degrees officially and we will enjoy the sunshine i'll be back with details on snow chances tomorrow if you haven't heard we do have a system that's going to come through that it's going to produce some snow across the area tomorrow afternoon i'll show you how much unless you know exactly when our lives at coming up here's eschewed the midtown tunnel. all right well this morning it seems like traffic a little bit that's out there this point is moving very well and we don't have any issues whether wise or good and have the right of course the heaters in the car but other than that of the traffic is moving well so the track at the midtown as you can see here. eastbound into norfolk that one car going westbound in the portsmouth. if you're about another door one of those early bird commuters you will like the ride at the midtown tunnel flooded back to the traffic network maps and hampton newport news one spot to just be careful when you're when you're kind of approaching and passing the scene sixty four
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to fort eustis boulevard the left lane is blocked due to roadwork. i don't think that will last too much longer but again if you're about to head out the door you may still see remnants of that ah going on so i continue to want to let you know it clears and coming up at four forty one to traffic at the time bt all right ashleigh thank you later today virginia beach mayor will stephens will deliver the annual state of the city address systems is expected to highlight the city's progress and share his vision for the future. our lease brown joins us now with much more on what the mayor's expected to talk about a lease with the entree over the years the mayor has talked about what he wants for the city and where he's even going in today's title is any indication he'll do the same. it's called connecting to our brightest future mayor seth and will give that address at noon in front of a packed crowd at the convention center were told to address community issues to the development success. plus i am impacting the region in business. some topics that will likely come
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a new eighteen thousand seat arena that the city hopes will attract big acts. if you are planning on attending the state of the city will be live streamed on tvb dot com also will be sure to dress you after to update you after the address live in a studio elise brown thirteen years now right elise thank you all starting today you will likely see over drivers making the rounds at norfolk international airport for months the airport van to the right sharing service for picking up and dropping off their travelers because of a contract disputes but yesterday the two came to an agreement the airport drop the annual fees and tried to get from work in a contract but they are still charging the company two dollars per pickup and dropoff for thirty four now later today the virginia beach human services department will offer free tax preparation assistance to help session for qualified residents takes place in the department of resource lab on virginia beach boulevard. if you can make it a day schedule
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afternoon. there are four others this month. more information visit thirteen is now in this morning's service members veterans and military spouses are invited to a free job fair and education expo next month in virginia beach the event is scheduled for tuesday march fifteen at the weston town center more than forty five employers are expected to attend including lockheed martin the virginia beach police department and wells fargo remember bring your resume and dress to impress this morning we're learning the weather is the reason the construction project is delayed and slowing traffic for drivers along shore drive in virginia beach. crews have been working on the new lesser rate for months now. we were told high winds is one major issue the other crews can work on cold days expect the bridge to be completed in june of twenty seventy after me will have to be outside there are some health risks to talk about in this bitter cold weather. one danger hypothermia if you start to feel cold and sluggish have trouble thinking while you're
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somewhere warm quickly and get medical attention this morning a friendly reminder before you head out the door with temperatures topping out in the thirties remember to bring your pets inside animals can suffer frostbite and other health issues in the bitterly cold temperatures at night if you can't bring them indoors make sure they have warm shelter and access to on frozen water and some scary moments when a student brings a loaded gun and a ski mask onto a school bus ahead was another student did that may have averted a
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. good
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thirty nine and the skies were already mainly clear across syria we have a little of time cover offshore that's been a stay at that way very cold air blowing across the relatively warm water there creating some plumes of cloud cover but that stuff again. offshoring non issue temperatures this is an issue we have low forties and one upper twenties around the downtown area and thirty eight virginia beach. very chilly this morning it's a little breezy out there as well so when chels actually in the teens this morning and look at how cold this air mass is settling in around the great lakes region or sent us we are in for a bitterly cold weekend especially sunday sunday just looking so cold with temperatures staying in the twenties for afternoon highs. you can see there are some areas of snow coming up the great lights we've got a little bit of energy back across parts of west virginia received a few snow showers breaking across kentucky in general the cold air that's the big news you see the temperatures a decent
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chicago and minneapolis st louis sent to bed. dallas much warmer you can see nor was about that seventy six degrees fifty four in atlanta temperatures in the upper twenties for new england up around boston and new york city also a twenty nine as we take a look here you can see our temperatures locally staying cold northern virginia very chilly upper idc upper twenties their thirty four charlottesville thirty five in richmond times miler down to the south. lots of sunshine going friday of thirty seven degrees will see upper thirties around wakefield and septic also virginia beach about thirty nine or so will see temps in the mid to upper thirties for the peninsula williamsburg a little bit warmer it will be cooler for the eastern shore down to the south fence close to forty around the lives of the city of eden can also kill devil hills. a chilly day but lots of sunshine. now tomorrow we'll be talking about snow chances through the afternoon in some minor accumulations of one channel with ink and with my next update will also be a full
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lot to watch there are not nearly as much to watch here on the traffic network you can see here behind me on a thirteen years now track the camera tracking him ten leaving camp then eventually making its way to norfolk sixty four eastbound at settlers landing road moving very studly really calm and quiet out there. also mice on sixty four west headed away from the hr bt traffic network masses we head to newport news. we had the roadwork sixty four westbound just before you get to for you this that has clear and not seeing any major delays at this point again traffic flow in volumes are really nice coming over the next few minutes we had to for sixty four into traffic in south norfolk thank you ashley. time now for forty one you may be much more than your dating profile picture with prospective love interest. we never know it right as loving continues on daybreak for ashley smith spoke to an expert about how
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i do breaking overnight in oregon the last four armed occupiers or world wildlife refuge day they will turn themselves into the fbi this morning overnight. the fbi moved in to contain the final few members of the group special agent in charge really sick insane that the situation had reached a point where it quote became necessary to take action to ensure the safety of all involved a the frog jeff s
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members of the group that seized control of federal land a month ago the holdouts are among sixteen people charged with felony conspiracy. but for much more on the story ahead on good morning america in asia center parker is now at four forty five new details of the city of ferguson missouri the justice department says they will sue to prove in court that the police department committed numerous constitutional violations yesterday on daybreak we told the city council cited cost as a reason for pulling out of a deal to reshape the police department the fed say police took part in baseless stops and searches the black drivers and excessive use of force by officers. the move was triggered by the shooting death of unarmed black teenager michael brown for more of a developing lawsuit ahead of good morning america that's coming up at seven o'clock right after thirteen years now at daybreak and new this morning a new study finds people are more likely to miss identify a toy as a weapon after seeing a black face rather than a white base
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question are those of young children. researchers at the university of iowa have the findings published in the journal psychological science. earlier this week the study is being touted as a real teaching moments for people to examine their own racial bias you this morning a loaded gun and a ski mask was allegedly found on a teenager riding a school bus another tell on that bus attack said a relative who then alerted police in the tampa bay area eighteen year old marcus simmons has been charged with two counts of possession of a firearm authorities say the gun was stolen and gma will have more on this story coming up right after this newscast here at home students at gloucester high school could be in class an extra twenty minutes a day and have more days in their school year the division is considering switching to a semester style schedule instead of taking seven classes a year students would take for each semester at the end of the year that would be eight classes the division also is considering adding extra days to the year nothing will be
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the spring are at the temperatures waking up in the twenties this morning was so bitterly cold as i walked out the door my goodness what a find out what he is saying cracker was talking i dropping as the day goes on very chilly guys some just are going to warm up much at all yesterday we made in the forties today were staying in the thirties so chilly ad is the deal sunshine by afternoon temps are staying in the mid to upper thirties and that's it right around thirty six fifty thirty seven degrees officially now you can see across the area skies are clear we really don't have any problems you out the door other than the very cold conditions when chills right now in the teens most air temperatures in the twenties one expand the dish a little unsettled weather off to the northwest over the great lakes region leon said some snow showers back across new york state over towards parts of connecticut a few light snow showers and flurries this morning but again here the mid atlantic things have
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going to enjoy a lot of sunshine today. there will be a system though that is going to bring some moisture in to play tomorrow and that's what i really want to focus on right here with our future cast through the day today make sure that you have rejected make sure you've got sunglasses julie both of those with intense stain chilly but lots and lots of sunshine through the afternoon mainly clear skies this evening notice the winds still coming in from the northwest generally across the region as we go through the day tomorrow changes come up here we go seven a m friday. north winds coming in maybe a north northeast component some cloud cover down to the south we start off with mainly clear skies but as the morning wears on we see increasing amounts of cloud cover in motion start to come into play. he'll notice the chances for snow showers developing mainly through the afternoon hours initially we could see some by late morning down to the south and
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overtakes hampton roads in parts of the peninsula at the eastern shore some spidey activity a little farther north to the little pencil in the northern neck snow showers continue through the afternoon into the evening and we do have the potential for some accumulations i think anywhere from say a heavy dusting to an inch or so a possibility across much of the area and that's tomorrow afternoon by tomorrow evening it moves out and the skies clear out that that snow should make for a messy drive home tomorrow and that's going to be watching to see how things develop over the next twelve to twenty four hours will keep you updated really important to stay tuned and let you know more more about that but the snow chances tomorrow afternoon and then more cold air another shot coming in friday and saturday were looking at highs the low thirties and sunday with breezy conditions saturday colder air coming in. highs will be in the mid to upper twenties really cold over the weekend right now is allegedly adventures in
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thirty in virginia beach and while visibility is excellent and the winds are calm right now see the winds increasing today blowing about ten to say fifteen or ten to twenty mph gusting at times up to about twenty five so it becomes blustery an obviously cold and the temperatures will be colder than yesterday's and men should look for temperatures to drop as we go through the weekend thirty three tomorrow afternoon snow showers some minor accumulations are forecast models but in general we're looking at heavy dusting to maybe an inch or so some slightly heavier amounts down to the south and as we look ahead to saturday windy and cold really cold on sunday maybe a few bay effect flurries and another system monday into tuesday bringing a mix changing over to rain i actually watch around the jordan bridge. well not nearly as much as you walk in the forecast will tell you that as we head to the jordan brand new live within our traffic conditions ahead to our camera so check this out
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couple cars down there making their way from just begin to portsmouth at the westbound side of the jordan bridge and nothing much to look at this point in the morning and if you're headed eastbound coming from portsmouth and in the chesapeake i'm the same stories over to look at the jordan bridge also for sixty four through south norfolk and one to sixty four also looks very nice out of the back of the traffic network map and you have to learn to bore you for later on today the berkeley braydon to sixty four set to open at nine o'clock this morning write that down from a boy during that time if you can the coleman bridge opening night at noon today lessons were already down to sixty four will head back there at five o'clock traffic around the downtown tulsa who had between norfolk and portsmouth stay with us for an update at five o'clock se de que it's four fifty one if you're trying to find a cold with vitamin c may not help as much as you'd like to try it had when it is most effective and what you need to know before you take it then the touching and to a story we have been following for weeks long lost love
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well the story has a happy
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i man this morning it may seem like a good idea to take a boost of vitamin c when you have a cold but consumer reports says that
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according to the national institute of health starting vitamin c supplements once you're already sick doesn't really help you in addition experts say that taking them while you're healthy. what prevents a cold but it can definitely shorten the time that you have it and the severity. meanwhile taking high doses of vitamin c can also cause other health problems for fifty five now new this morning a long running study reveals the mentor rates fell steadily over the past four decades most likely due to declining rates of heart disease dementia rates didn't fall for all five thousand people involved in the study researchers say their findings likely reflect reflect a national trend other research also suggests that mention rates are declining in the us and other developed countries. well as a real life romance that we have been telling you about for months after seventeen years that's when that hug happened seven years in the making of virginia beach will to veteran has been
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love. norwood thomas arrived in australia on tuesday night and got to see his former flame joyce to run to the last summer they saw each other with before d day. we reconnected over skype just a few months ago you that to me the most moving thing that could definitely go to the norwood and joyce will spend the next two weeks together in australia let you know what i like the perfect thing leading to this lovely continues here on daybreak this all happened at this time are giving you a chance to win a romantic getaway to the williamsburg winery just go to thirteen years now. com click on the features tab then fill out the form and submit a photo of you and your sweetheart you must do that to enter five lucky couples will be chosen after daybreak on friday i will bundle up before you head
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there in craig's updating temperatures in the twenties and thirties for hampton roads and then for years bill aiming to allow school security officers to arm
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