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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 9, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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rs off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. in the washington metro area, most of us were pretty lucky, the much-talked about storm that rolled through left us with some snow. but nothing like what they're dealing with just up the road in pennsylvania. good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane. we are still under a yellow weather alert, with the
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this afternoon. meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking what is headed our way. howard? >> yeah. andrea, the big snow. by the way, they're getting 3 to 4-inch snow rates with this monster storm up here. this thing has been incredible up there. so a total of 14 inches across parts of central miscellaneous ms. -- massachusetts. even la guardia had about 9 to 9 1/2 inches. philly, new york, boston, through portfolio, maine. what i'm tracking here, not a big deal. but if we get a heavier one, yeah, it could put a quick coating. that's what i'm watching. right now, i don't see anything like that. but certainly a bunch of flurries i've noticed this one as well. this is going to head over to looks like 210 there. other flurries and snow showers coming out of potomac there. just looks like the west side
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we'll take you through dickerson. and clarks burg, up through damascus. these were all flurries and snow showers. and everything coming out of the southeast. coming through urbana. and middletown and myersville. more flakes. but conversational flakes more than anything. and you can see the overall motion. everything is moving from the northwest to the southeast. so we will anticipate some flurries and snow showers. and suddenly, you see all of this activity, with a big storm and more stuff in pennsylvania, with temps in the 30s. and gusts at times, over 40 miles an hour. wind advisory on the bay, until 6:00 p.m. andrea? >> thanks, howard. while the metro area had a few flakes that quickly melted as they reached the ground, there were a few jurisdictions to the north that had just enough cold air and moisture for a little accumulating snow. melissa was in the sheehy 9 tracker. >> reporter: here in
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last night, just after midnight. and did continue into the predawn hours of the morning. but it was a highly elevation- dependent snowfall. and where i'm standing right now, in a slightly higher elevation, we ended up getting a couple of inches on the ground. and for a moment, until the plows came through, it did cover some of the main roadways and back roads as well. now, to look towards the rest of today. the snow is over. road conditions significantly improving. and now, the brutal wind chills arrive, with gusty winds for the rest of the day. in frederick county, i'm meteorologist melissa nord, wusa 9news. we told you about winter storm. some parts could get up to 18 inches of snow. it comes just a day after people across the northeast, including new york city, where they were just soaking up
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a number of schools in new york city, philadelphia and boston, had already canceled classes for today. now, airlines across the northeast have also canceled thousands of flights and some of those affected people flying out of reagan international and are the airports in our region. evan koslove was there, where some passenger his to get creative, in order to get to their destinations. well, a quick look at the board will show hundreds of flights are canceled. that means a lot of unhappy people as they try to find another way. >> make the best of it. >> it's been a tough road for karen and tyrone barton. they were headed to sunny miami, but had their flights canceled. worst pars? it's tyrone -- part? it's tyrone's birthday today. >> can't change that. have to accept it and keep moving. >> reporter: more than 100 canceled flights to the north, to the south, and everywhere in betwee
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christybergman. they had to get creative. had to drive to washington, d.c. to catch a flight just to get to a cruise. >> got a rental car, drove what? 8 hours, overnight, on coffee and red bull. [ laughter ] it was pretty wild. >> it am be -- will be worth it when you're on the cruise. >> absolutely. going to the bahamas. >> airlines are offering free flights for some. >> we got a little pink slip to get a discount on our hotel tonight. so that helps. >> so are you guys sort of antsy to get home? >> yes. we're ready to get home. >> reporter: and when you look at the raid sar, you'll -- radar, you'll see that of course, the storm is to the northeast. it makes sense that places like boston and new york are impacted. but you'll see flights going to orlando, even phoenix, that are canceled. that means there's a lot of upset passengers from all over the country. reporting leer at reagan
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here at reagan, kevin kozlov. remember the latest flight delays, weather closings, right at your fingerprints when you download the wusa 9 app. president donald trump is being criticized by his own supreme court nominee. this for comments he made about federal judges. and the country has a new attorney general. weijia jiang is at the white house. >> so help you god? >> so help me god. >> reporter: jeff sessions was sworn in as attorney general in morning in the -- this morning in the oval office. after a contentious debate on the senate floor. he talked about the process during his farewell speech wednesday night. >> in the future, maybe intense the last few weeks. would die down and maybe somehow, we'd get along. >> reporter: the senate could move onto a final vote today, for congressman tom price, to become the health and human services secretary. >> reporter: president trump's nominee for the supreme court also faces challenges from democrats who promise to fight against him. but the judge has revealed they ve
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common. >> i'm very proud to have picked judge gorsic. >> on wednesday, president trump gushed over his nominee. but the favor was not returned later in the day, when judge gor seven met with senator richard blue men thal. he said the judge told him, he considered recent trump criticisms of the judiciary, disheartening and demoralizing. trump said, senator blumenthal, who never served in vietnam when he said he had, major lie. former senator kelly ayotte, who has been guiding judge gor seven through -- gorsech. >> and democrats have opposed the
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as well. after learning he introduced legislation that would have benefited drug companies. however, some had comments about the president's comments on travel bans. richard tweeted, donald trump, obviously, you are afraid to withdraw the gorsech nommation. sad. >> sandy said, so gorsech breaks ranks. and finally, mark j. robinson is feeling a bit unsettled about the supreme court nominee. he tweeted, gorsech gives me a spooky feeling. is he an american or not? so far, the courts haven't done christians one favor in 50 years. what do you think about the gorsech nommation to -- nomination to the supreme court? log onto any of our wusa 9 social media pa
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conversation. protestors fought with police as they tried to stop the deportation of a woman in arizona. that was the scene overnight in phoenix, where police say they arrested about seven demonstrators. they were trying to prevent the transfer of 36-year-old guadalupe garcia dureos. she was convicted of working in the u.s. illegally. but her deportation proceedings were stopped during the obama administration. a lawsuit claims an ohio clinic falsely told dozens of patients they had alzheimers. some say they quit their jobs. one patient even killed themselves. the director at toledo clinic, cognitive center, gave out the diagnosis. turns out, she didn't even have a medical or psychological license. so far, there are no charges against sherry ann jenkins.
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using holistic methods. the lawsuit is seeking $1 million in damages. you know, this isn't going to end well. coming up, see what happens when a drunk guy walks out of a shop with a big bundle of fireworks, tucked under his arms. but first, see how four sisters with the same heart ailment, sharing their stories of hope. how they hope it will
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you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon.
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knowledge is power when it comes to surviving heart disease. especially when it comes to knowing your family history. just ask marilyn sperington sisters. >> the kitchen, the heart of this home is where you'll find the ferrington sisters, at least once every month. nicole, lawanda, candice and casey, nourishing their bodies and souls. >> thank you,
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the love. the family time. >> and this is an awesome day for sister casey. >> i'm celebrating my one-year anniversary today from open heart surgery. >> it's an anniversary they can all celebrate because they all share the same disease. cardio myopathy. >> it becomes each weaker to pump more flow. >> maria rodrigo treats all four sisters. >> when that happens, all your organ systems start to fail. >> they're thinking that because it's four of of us, it's genetic. >> familial myocardiopathy affects mostly black women in their 20s and 30s. doctors believe the sisters inheritee
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their father, who died just before his 47th birthday. >> familial cardio myopathy can occur in anyone. and if you have a family member who had this, you need to think about it. >> in the sisters' case, pregnancy seemed to be a trigger. 20-year-old lawanda. a new mom to twins, doctors were talking about a heart transplant. >> the first thing in my mind, of course, was god, please don't let me die before my kids know who i am. >> i realized i was in the first stages of the disease, i found out i was pregnant. >> sadly, nicole would lose her baby. and any chance of having any more children. >> it's always been the hardest part for me. >> but then their younger sisters, candice and casey, also got word, they have the same heart condition. >> my life literally changed overnight. >> meds couldn't keep nicole's heart pumping ic
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answer. but she had to lose weight first. in 2013, two years after gastric bypass surgery, she received the gift of life. >> i had a setback. at the end of september, which my heart went into rejection mode. but i'm much better now. [ laughter ] >> and last year, after 20 years of highs and lows, including a stroke in 2005, lawanda was also blessed to receive a new heart. >> it's a true gift. and i think about every single day. every time i lay down, i hear it. >> a handful of medications keep candice and casey stable. candice's heart has gotten stronger. and casey is taking charge with diet. >> i am practicing becoming a vegan. i've lost 15 pounds within a month already. >> reporter: their only worry is for their children, who may have inherited the gene. everyone is healthy now. t
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casey's 3-year-old daughter, get regular heart screenings. still, the fearless ferington sisters say they'll get through this as they always have. leaning on each other. >> it's something about being with your family, within each other's spirit. they're amazing. and i look up to them more than they know. >> and we want to inspire you to take care of your heart. so we're holding a series of heart love health screenings. blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiac risk assessment tests and they're all free. if you want to get tested, screenings are next week, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. you have the choice of two locations. in prince george's county, at the wayne curry sports in hyattsville. and partners will administer the tests there. and it their will also be screenings right here at our wusa 9 studios on wisconsin avenue. we are partnering with the med star heart and vascular institute for th
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again, the tests are free. and you'll get the chance to meet some wusa 9 anchors at both locations. i think howard might be here at the station. and he definitely has a personal interest in this. so we want to see all of you. we had a wonderful turnout yesterday. >> you were in west springfield? >> yes. and people were excited about the opportunity to take charge of their own health. so do it for the district. and in maryland, it's next wednesday. 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. >> i did have a nuclear stress test in december. but thankfully, i passed with flying colors. we will keep it there. >> and this reminds you, heart disease kills more women than all other diseases combined. breast cancer is also something to pay attention to. so we thank howard for wearing pink. >> you've been doing it for decades. thank you. just east
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now. still snowing hard. 14 inches on the ground. they got blizzard warnings up for parts of southeastern massachusetts. generally 12 to 18. this is the storm that just laughed at us, went by, spit a little snow on the ground up to the north. now it's throwing snow showers toward the back. but you still see. it's this band of snow right here. and i know it's not for us. you gotta be excited when you read reports about 3, 4 inches of snow per hour and thunder snow. and it's right here where they have the 14 inches and counting on the ground. for us, we've got a couple of flakes coming through on the northwesterly winds, which have been gusting over 40 miles an hour at times. see some of these flurries in toward d.c. now. brandy wine. each down toward areas in northern charles county. generally east of 301. a few flurries flying out at the moment. approaching georgetown and howard. fedex field. down on central avenue
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don't be surprised, a few flakes in the air. and montgomery county. we're watching flurries and snow showers. maybe a little heavy in germantown. i don't think it's anything that will cross any slick spots right now. but certainly, that wintry feel a little bit for a few moments. you'll notice, damascus north, your drive. but you're running into flurries there up toward urbana as well. and we'll point out around the winchester area, light flurries down towards strausberg. cloudy skies now in d.c. there were a few flurries. temps will hold where they are, mid- to upper 30s with scattered flurries and snow showers through 5:00, 6:00. and then just coal. winds will slowly die down. but we've got wind chills. there's a wind advisory on the bay. gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour. in fact, we're seeing gusts here, in places like leesburg right now. and manassas, gusting to 41. same wi
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gusting to near 50. and when you look at the temperatures, which are sitting in the 30s now. even 29 in hagerstown. you factor in the winds. we've got wind chills, teens and 20s. so what a difference from just the last couple of days. in the 60s and 70s. once this storm system departs, things will settle down for a few days. but the chill, it's only going to be around tonight and tomorrow before we start a warming trend, a big one on saturday. high was close to 50 at midnight. upper 30s this afternoon with snow showers. we'll keep the yellow weather alert. that would be isolated. 20s tonight. maybe a few upper teens. 41 tomorrow. more clouds in the afternoon and the morning. stray showers saturday. but look at that temperature. we're going to get that close to the 60-degree mark f. not the upper 60s again on sunday with a stray shower. cooler monday and tuesday. and by wednesday, the 15th, chilly with a couple of sprinkles or flurries possible. we've got more
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after this.
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this guy in northeast china, caught on tape. is facing charges after burning down a fireworks store. surveillance cameras catch him staggering into the shop, buying fireworks and walking out. he lit the fireworks, once he got outside. duh. ansetting off a series of explosions that eventually grew into a raging fire. police say the man named lee, was drunk when this all happened. really. he's in jail now, facing a list of charges, but luckily, no one was hurt. we'll have one final look at the re
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tonight, on wusa 9news at 5:00, a troubling new report shows d.c. schools are badly segregated. ridership is down. assaults and harassment is up. what metro is doing to get more people on the trains. and the latest on the snow, making a mess for people, trying to get around in the northeast. we're seeing flurries and snow showers once again.
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with a couple of showers here and there. and maybe a few flurries by next wednesday. >> if not february, there's always march, right? we'll be back at 5:00. until then, have a great afternoon. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, the only 100% fiber optic network, with uploads as fast as downloads, their half house has full internet. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of their downloads. now you might think it's a little odd that the wilsons have a half house,
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>> victor: and today, my sweetheart, i'm gonna teach you defense. it's called the robatsch defense. what's the matter, sweetheart? you don't feel like it today? >> faith: not really. may i go up to my room and read? >> victor: of course you may. >> nikki: that poor child. my heart aches for her. she loved dylan so much. >> victor: you know, i hate to see her sad. [ sighs ] nothing gets me more than a little girl with tears in her eyes or sad or depressed. but i think, in time, she'll adjust to the situation, don't you? i mean, we won't let her forget


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