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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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security for the national football league. >> presided over a big drop in crime, immensely popular with citizens, but not with some of the ranken file. bruce la shan is live. >> reporter: maybe this is one of those only in america, only in dc success stories from single, pregnant, a 14-year old jr. high dropout in maryland, prince georges county, to security director of a $13 billion sports monopoly, turned down other offers, this one may have been just too good to refuse. it is the rare police chief that gets this kind of love, after her retirement announcement, a dozen officers lined up to hug her good-bye. >> are you going to be happy? >> it's tough to say, happy, i love th
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i have been here my whole adult life. >> reporter: lanier wouldn't say how much she will make as chief of security at the nfl, in the line up room at police headquarters, she joked one thing will change. >> i heard they have air- conditioning a at the nfl. >> reporter: proud her personal story has been an inspiration for thousands of other young people. never stop working says the chief who has prestrided over a 2 -- presided over a 23% drop over crime in the city. she has her detractors, black lives matter, dc tweeted about her retirement, couldn't happen fast enough. the police union treasurer tweeted, my phone is blowing up with members fanatically excited. people are thrilled this nightmare is over. >> you can't be the boss and do a job with 5000 employees and think there is not going to
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people unhappy. >> reporter: other knocks against the chief include last year's brief spike in homicides, that controversial jump out, stop and frisk policy from a few years ago. the police officers escort of celebrity charlie sheen, lights and sirens from dulles, she insists she had nothing to do with that. somewhere between 61 and 71% of dc residents support her and for a chief who has been around for a decade, that's saying something. bruce la shan, wusa9. >> those numbers were higher than many elected officials for years. we have watched that lanier will leave dc with a pension worth $180,000 a year, she won't say how much she will make with the nfl, but the commissioner, roger goodell made almost $32 million last year.
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we have good news, severe thunderstorm watch continues to be trimmed back. right now, only montgomery and howard and points to the east, arundel is in the watch until 11:00. we don't see storms back building to the southwest, this is probably going to be trimmed farther as we go through the next hour or so. we still have the one storm, has weakened and hammering western lauden, and weakened as it moved eastward. it is over 270s but not that strong, heavy rain, north of rockville, up towards german town, it will move in to eastern montgomery county. not hammer you lake you fogs got hit yesterday in places like tacoma park and sandy spring. heavy rain, georgia avenue and also out new hampshire avenue far enough to the north. tracking this for you, aldie at 6:
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rockville close to now, 6:05. there is no hail, there is no damaging winds, again, i think the watch will be trimmed back. we will come back up and date you on the watch and when finally the heat index will end up below 100. . a dc police officer grabs a woman by her arms and lifts her off the ground. this happened yesterday and it was caught on camera. twitter video is going viral after many say the officer's actions were out of line and overly aggressive. >> eel eel ellison >> she was waiting at bus stop when a police car pulled up, he grabbed her. police assumed she was prostituting. people are conditioned about how this officer approached w
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>> exactly. >> for walking around being a black female. >> reporter: this happened at 7th and t yesterday afternoon, as we watched the video with people today, some are disappointed, most say they are not surprised. according to the video, police believed she was a prostitute and you can hear them say that. the person who took this video didn't want to talk but did file a formal complaint with dc police and posted these videos on twiter including an interview with this woman moments after it happened. >> it's harassment, i'm a schoolteacher. >> reporter: a 32 year old with a daughter and denies prostitution. >> reporter: as police investigate what happened here and
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in, stating this is a small example of a much larger issue. >> racism isn't getting worse, it's getting videotaped. >> police overreacting, being under trained, overly militarized and aggressive. >> it's happening around the corner, this happens everywhere, i think. >> reporter: you heard it, the community upset and the woman involved did not want to be identified which is why we are not using her name but said she is working with an attorney and in the process of filing a claim against dc police. police are investigating the incident and the officers involved. the woman involved, wasn't arrested nor given citations. the man shot to death outside of a hospital by a fair fax county sheriff's deputy had just been released from the
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stop where -- escorted him to a bus stop where people saw him waiving a sign post. the deputy is trained in crisis intervention, and tried to negotiate but when the man charged at him, the deputy fired several shots. the shooting happened next to an apartment complex. >> scary for kids and people that sit at the bus stop. a lot of people walk here. >> at least they got to it before it got worse. that's the best part. >> like before he might have hurt somebody. >> or anybody else. >> the fairfax county police chief and sheriff gave details about the shooting, they are not releasing the victim's name until they reach his family. a bedford county virginia woman has been convicted of lying to a grand jury about the missing lions sister. the judge gave 66 year
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patricia welch a 2-year suspended sentence and a $1000 fine. shela and catherine lion disappeared in 1975, as they walked to wheatton plaza. the welch family once lived if the area, patricia claims she knows nothing about the disappearance. her husband is a pen of interest. their nephew loyd is charged with murdering the girls. 53 survivors of the explosion and fire at the flower branch apartments in silver spring are looking for a place to live. montgomery county officials say they are working with the complex owners, kay apartment management, to find housing in some of the company's 34 properties across the region. tenants and survivors say they don't trust the company to provide safe housing, more came forward claiming complaints about gas odors before the explosion were ignored. kay has not responded to repeated requests from wusa9 for comment. we are under a severe thunderstorm warning, things
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topper is all over this, back in 10 minutes. first donald trump talking with law enforcement, after days of unrest in milwaukee. hilary clinton facing questions about her
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police arrested anthony pa she'll connected to wild fires. among the fires,li
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the suspect is responsible for the one that tore through the lake california community over the weekend destroying 175 buildings and homes. four soldiers killed when their tank plunged in to a river. >> military officials say the tank lost the balance during a military drill while trying to pass a bridge across a river. the driver did get out with minor injuries. the other four were trapped under water for an hour before they were rescued. the military is investigating what happened. explorers in poland resumeed the search for the legendary nazi train believed to be filled with treasure and armorment. they found the train hidden in southeast poland. a government official fist said he was 99% sure that train was there, geological experts using magnetic equipment found no train
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scrutiny for use of a private email server and how she answered questions while under oath. donald trump is making a direct appeal to some voters. one of the candidates is struggling to gain traction in several battle ground states. >> reporter: hilary clinton runed to philadelphia, urged people to register to vote. >> we care about what is going to happen in this election. we also care about winning back the senate, making the senate democratic again and trying foik up democrats this the -- trying to pick up democrats in the house of representatives, too. >> reporter: some are calling in to a new investigation about her email server while serving as secretary of state. republicans sent a letter to the u.s. taupe the dc alleging she may have pudgiered herself during the testimony at the house benghazi hearings and comparing notes from
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testimony. clinton says she answered all questions honestly. donald trump is talking to officers while campaigning in wisconsin tuesday. trump is struggling to gain traction in the polls in wisconsin and many other battle ground states, he admitted last week, he needs help in the traditionally red state of u exput made the pitch to voters saying earning support and trust from the voters of utah is a top priority, why i'm pleased to have the endorsement of so many great leaders. cbs news learned donald trump will receive his first intelligence briefing tomorrows at a secure fbi facility in new york. social media was quick to weigh the on the fact that roger ails is joining the trump campaign. and attack the benghazi that happened while hilary clinton was secretary of state. someone calling themselves obama 2016 tweeted,
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coached by serial harasser ails, how perfect? hash tag, women for trump, trump train and dump trump. nate tweeted if hilary clinton wins i'm moving to benghazi, at least i know she will leave me alone there, crooked hillary. dustin tweets, carville is right about trump, he is a stupid politician. unfortunately for us, both are unfit for duty. to keep tabs on the latest poll numbers and breaking news on campaign 2016. download the free wusa9 news app. caught on camera, a 45 minute high speed chase in new mexico. police after a man wanted for a shooting, dash cam shows him weaving through traffic, running red lights and finally slamming in to another car. the impact sent the suspect smashing in to a vacant store. a father and son
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hit. >> as the car hit, he fell down, his father picked him up. he was literally right up against the car and walked away. >> medics took the suspect to the hospital, all the other people in the other car were not seriously injured. we got tonight to get through, then there is light on the horizon. >> we have to get through tomorrow, too. not exactly cool tomorrow. we are going in the right direction. >> he is telling us the truth, though. >> you said cold front yesterday. even if it's going to be 90. >> heat index 107 today. tomorrow 100. good picture of a shelf cloud from leaseburg. this is the storm that's dying out right now, a monster, though, about an hond
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half ago in western lauden county. great picture, we posted this on twitter and facebook. now, this is all that is left of the watch. i frederick, no longer in the watch, fairfax, lauden, prince william and prince georges, all clear, trimmed back further. live look outside, still 94 degrees, dew point 73. the humidity is high enough to produce an index of 104. good news is, the wind is stirring around. gusting to 28 now in national. hear is the radar, last little storm. i got to tell you, this was a monster, when it was here in western lauden, as it moved through across the river, it weakened. not a warning, a little bit of heavy rain, still, just to the
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northwest of aldie. light to moderate rain. clarksburg, light to occasional moderate rain. it's going to be out of gas by the time it gets there. strong to severe storms ending tonight. looks like the watch will be canceled. heat index tomorrow, either side of 100. improvement, not much, good news, highs around 90, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, afternoon storm possible each of those days. future cast tonight, 10:00, no real worries but hot. 87 downtown, 82 in fairfax and 84 in stilling. by morn -- sterling, by morning 79 fairfax and 77 in buoy. get ready, we will be in the 90s by lunchtime again. 88 by 11:00. 91 by 1:00 p.m. temperatures are going in the right direction, 89 on thursday. we spike back to 92 on friday. we have the game, burgundy and gold in town
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game. 90 saturday. 89 on sunday. 87 on monday. finally no storms and 84 on tuesday. plenty more excitement for team u.s.a., more medals coming for team u.s.a. often date on the path of the local -- an update on the path of the local olympians as well.
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game on sports with kristen berset. >> up and down day for team u.s.a. and local olympians in rio. i will start off with the gymnastics spoiler alert in the olympic update. the final individual competitions on the gym floor, simone biles rebounded to give a stellar performance as did ali raiseman. biles taking home her fourth gold medal. matthew is moving on to thursday semi final, his dad, a former olympian is the track coach at american university. boxing ring, disappointing and controversial day for prince georges county russel, lost, surprising decision left floyd may weather calling out the olympic judges.
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tommy haws arrived home, a member of the 4 by 200 free style relay. leave it up to grandfather to find a positive part and not more of that. hard to imagine anyone beating michael feps michael phelps, yes it's happened but not too often. an mba player got the best of the olympian in the path. chris humphreys was a swimmer before taking up basketball, at 10 years old, held the fastest time in 6 events in the country. better than michael phelps and lochte at the time and once beat michael in the 100-meter free style by se
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he gave up swimming for basketball and of course we know the history. >> you know he is telling that story at parties. >> i beat him. i was once better than him. >> quickly, in good shape, watch canceled shortly. tomorrow 94. going in the right direction and 89 thursday. tuesday, sunshine and 84. toasty for the game friday night, though at fed ex. let's focus on tuesday, forget the next 6 days. that's it for us, cbs evening news is next. see you here at 7:00.
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