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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  July 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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per hour. so hartwood 6:03. so we will watch these storms south and east. get ready southern maryland and southern prince george's county. and good and bad news for the holiday weekend that in a few minutes. breaking news out of dhaka, the capitol of we think la. isis is -- capitol of bangladesh. isis is claiming responsibility for hostages taking up to 20 customers hostage. we are told at least two police officers have been killed, dozens hurt. the attack has led to a stand- off between police and the hostage takers. the state department is telling u.s. citizens in the area to shelter in place. a manhunt is underway for the terrorist who directed the istanbul airport attack. a top isis commander. 44 people died in
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carried it out are believed to be from either russia or former soviet republic. the neighborhood where the attackers hit is popular with people -- with people traveling to and from syria. there's no known terrorist threat in dc but local and federal law enforcement agencies will be out in force this weekend. >> city officials have advice for anybody planning to take in festivities on the national mall. >> reporter: dc officials are urging anyone headed down here to take public transportation, pack plenty of water and be aware of your surroundings. the fences are up. the security plan in place. but still, the threat of terrorism is looming. >> we thought about it. we definitely thought about it. but we're not going to let that stop us. >> it is frustrating at times because america is supposed to be the land of the free. >> even the re
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around and say, what's going on. >> reporter: in the wake of high profile terror attacks in the u.s. and abroad, visitors can't help but consider the what-if. >> i don't think steer typing is helping right now. it's the muslims. well, it's not all of them. isis doesn't represent all of them. like the ku klux klan doesn't represent everybody in america. >> reporter: mostly confidence bordering on defiance. >> i'm not afraid. >> not too worried about it. just going to enjoy the freedoms that people have died for us to have. >> the threat could be there but still going to do what i'm going to do. >> reporter: every federal, state and local police agency will be on high alert this holiday weekend. some security measures will be visible. most will not. >> i feel the united states will take care of us. and the security will be strong enough to protect us. >> reporter: good news about metro. its safe track maintenance
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surge on monday night and won't begin the third surge until tuesday night. and that means metro should be running smoothly on monday. at the national mall, wusa 9. city officials are urging anybody who is headed to the mall to watch the fireworks to arrive early. the security screening stations which allow visitors to access the best viewing hears close at 8:00 p.m. expect extra security at the nation's airports if you're flying this holiday weekend and millions of people will be. for those traveling out of reagan national, the check point lines seem to change throughout the day. the tsa recommends getting to the airport two hours before the scheduled departure time. make sure not to pack those things not allowed on flight, especially fireworks. expect more delays on metro as crews prepare for the third feys phase. starting tuesday night, the tracks will shut down for a week. >> metro is working to improve safety and efficiency but
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now, it's causing non-stop headaches for riders. how bad of a commute can riders expect next week? >> reporter: well, unfortunately, they're going to have to take a shuttle here. and that could add an extra hour to their commute. and those changes will begin as early as tuesday at 8:00 p.m. >> going to ruin my life for two weeks. >> i can't imagine. >> reporter: they're talking about the new phase of safe track. starting july 5th, it will shut down. metro will provide free shuttle buses but it's a three-mile stretch that will take more time and effort. >> it's better to avoid it because it's going to get bad for traffic. and with certain places being closed, i think it's going to be chaotic. >> reporter: and for those sticking to metro, you will exit here and then come down to the escalator and that's where the shuttles will be waiting. we are told about 75 people can fit on
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now a thousand people fit on the trains. we did the math, that means it would take 13 buss and nearly 65 minutes for an entire train to commute which means you could be standing here in line for quite some time. >> huge hassle. i normally leave at 6:30 a.m. and that barely gets me here in time. and now i'm going to have to leave at probably 4:30 or 5:00 just to get on the train and sit there. not okay. >> reporter: not okay but for many, not avoidable. >> doesn't change my commute. i still have to get to work and home. >> reporter: those who own a car may drive instead but worry highways will be slammed with drivers. so some are considering other ways around. >> using it for the past two weeks. >> i'm thinking about getting a city bike and trying to bike in without dying. >> reporter: now she may have been joking but a lot of people are using this as an opportunity. and taking alternative routes seriously. a lot of
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buses. some people even ubering as you just heard. wusa 9. >> all right, at least we know now and we can plan ahead. thank you. this next phase of the safe track plan will be completed and re-opened july 11th in time for the morning rush. metro has reached a milestone in the safety maintenance plan. the gm says all third rail insulators at underground station platforms have been removed. they ordered that they be replaced with safer more heat resistance insulators after an incident at the federal center station back in may. and metro riders who get into rail station and then decide they don't want to get on a train now have 15 minutes to exit without being charged. metro says the new grace period will be helpful during service disruptions. this will today, if you left the same station you entered
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were charged the base fare. for more information on the safe track plan and a full list of schedule closings, just download our free wusa 9 app. coming up, republicans and democrats prepare for a show down over competing gun control bills in congress. but president barack obama accuses congress of playing politics with
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president barack obama is trying to pressure congress to pass a stalled zika virus prevention bill. the president was briefed about the zika virus outbreak by top health officials at the white house. he later told reporters the vaccines of the mosquito-borne virus could be developed in fairly short order if congress acts quickly. a new white house report says somewhere between 64 and 116 innocent civilians have been killed in drone strikes authorized by president barack obama since20. it's important to note these do not include civilian deaths. the numbers are hundreds lower from independent groups which generally range from 2,000 deaths. it came after president barack obama signed an executive order calling for changes in u.s. policy. the house of representatives will
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proposal aimed at keeping terrorists from getting guns. paul ryan said the bill also hopes to prevent extremist groups from radicalizing and recruiting sympathizers and there will be votes on a bill aimed at boosting mental health programs. families are suing the fbi. the lawsuit accusing the department of errors that allowed dylann roof to buy the gun. the gun used in last year's shooting at the ame church. authorities say a clerk entered the wrong information for a prior drug arrest for roof and that prevented preventing him from purchasing the gun. we are learning more about the circumstances surrounding the first traffic death involving a self 46 driving car. up next, attorney general loretta lynch tries to clear the air about
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bill clinton all while
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we have breaking news from busch gardens in tampa. portions are being evacuated
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because it's believed an orangutan escaped its enclosure. this is the second such incident in recent weeks in. june16th, a young orangutan briefly escaped. >> he is out of there. >> catch me if you can. a number of questions are being raised of attorney general loretta lynch. >> yeah, today she discussed what role she take in the email investigation of the former president's wife. >> what on earth were you thinking? >> reporter: it's the question everyone has wanted to and attorney general loretta lynch since her monday meeting with bill clinton. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again. and because i think it has a cast a shadow. >> reporter: lynch talked aboard her plane in phoenix and says it was all small talk. lynch oversees the fbi investigation into hillary prdham clinton's use of a
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time as secretary of state. lynch says she will not make the final decision over any charges once the federal probe is concluded. >> the final determination as ho to how to provide will be contained within the report in whatever format the team puts together. >> reporter: lynch says the decision not to have the final say is not a recusal, meaning she will be briefed after the investigation. gop lawmakers argue that it compromised the integrity of the investigation and she should recuse herself. if this isn't a conflict of interest then we don't know what is the republican national committee said on twitter. >> i thought somebody was joking. >> reporter: clinton's republican presidential challenger mocked the explanation. >> just happened to be at the airport at this time. just happened to be at the airport. >> reporter: hillary rodham clinton has admitted using a private email server as secretary of state. >> hillary rodham clinton has no public i vents he
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releasing a draft of the upcoming convention. highlights include a $15 minimum wage, abolishing the death penalty, no bank too baying to fail. the draft is the work of hillary rodham clinton and bernie sanders' campaigns and the democratic national committee. the spokesperson for indiana governor says he will meet with donald trump over the weekend. he is on the list of potential vice presidential candidates. newt newt gingrich, chris christie and alabama senator jeff sessions are also being vetted as possible running mates. trump plans to make an announcement at the republican national convention in cleveland. tonight the feds are investigating the company or the tesla company after what is the first-ever fatal crash of a self-driving vehicle. the former navy seal josh brown was so excited about the auto pilot mode he posted video of himself with his hands off the wheel on youtube. but early in may in or
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noticed that a tractor-trailer turned left in front of him. that tesla went under the trailer, sheering off the roof and killing brown. still the crash has so far failed to dampen this customer's excitement. >> who doesn't want to sit back and get chauffeured around without another human being charging you for it? >> as long as it's safe. >> as long as it's safe. that's the thing. got to be safe. >> the truck driver was watching a movie when he was driving. tesla says drivers need to have hands on the wheel and be alert at all times. an 8-year-old maryland boy is in critical condition after nearly drowning in the pool of a cruiseship. the boy was found in the pool last night on royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. the ship left new jersey. it was about 10 miles off the coast of queens. a police helicopter landed on the ship and flew the child to the hospital. the ship returned to port. and authoritha
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where in maryland the boy and his family live. workers are picketing outside atlantic city's casino right now. about a thousand union members walked off the job this morning. there is one picket line but five casinos failed to reach new agreements. the 10th largest jackpot is up for grabs tonight. it's worth an estimated $415 million. no one has won the megamillions since march 8th. it's the largest prize since a new jersey family won $430 million jackpot back in may. what would you do if you won that cash? >> we've been getting all kinds of responses on facebook. tom says, help people truly in need. i have enough now. and emily write, pay off debt move to ocean. >> and depp are says, pay my debts and set aside a college fund for my
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donate to the sickle cell foundation. and angela writes, live comfortably for me and my kids since i work with the military for almost 10 year, donate to the wounded warriors project, give some between the three churches in my community and organize a trip to disney world for the kids who not have the chance to go. >> we have such giving people. >> yeah, absolutely. >> great sentiments. so they give and you take. you take the good weather away from us. >> some good weather over the weekend. we have problems right now. yellow weather alert. and the reason we put it out yesterday, several reasons going into that. we're concerned and we were concerned and still are that the commute was going to be a problem. and for some, it has. not everybody has seen the storms. some quite strong. and a few severe warnings but gusty winds and rain as well. all those factors combine. we have
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watch east. fredrick dropped out of that. this goes until 10:00 p.m. most activity south and east. and starting to see a rapid increase. most because one shower, hefty ones here in boyd. so 270 seeing rain. and rain south of bay sox stadium. and the lightning over toward hall. everything moving to the east or slightly south at about 40 miles per hour. and look at this, a ton of lightning on french avenue by the beltway here. here's the north. and north of clinton toward the east, southeast. charles county, seeing a couple heavy cells which have developed to the west. n the last half hour. this stubborn one 6:11. and then this cluster of thunderstorms, again, none of
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lots of lightning south, approaching fredricksburg with rain right now. and fairview beach at 6:34. made it up to 88 today. but rain-cooled into the 70s now. and we clear out this evening once the front pushes through. 60s and tomorrow is going to be the best day of the next three. 60sand 70s from the start but the humidity way down tomorrow compared to today. and highs 80 to 85. it's going to be a sweet saturday. sunday, a few more clouds. late shower west. mainly dry, 83. and problems for fourth with scattered showers and storms and highs around 80. concerns for parades in the afternoon or even the fireworks. tuesday, more showers and storms and then drying out and heating up big time for thursday and friday. we're about to meet the areas newest 23-year-old multi- millionaire. >> show him the money. >> the lottery -- >> yeah. >> the lottery for
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nba free agent money is absurd but don't tell that to the wizards guard. the 22-year-old gets a max deal. brace yourself, in fact, just turned 23, five years, $128 million. now he has shown promise in the first three years in the nba but has been prone to injury.
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it's worth the risk for the smooth shooter. age is nothing but a number for serena williams, one of the older players but still one of the best in women's tennis. going up against the fellow american at wimbledon. and a battle tie breaker in the first set. the unforced error, drops the first set. and williams was so unhappy, she took it out on the racket. yes, slamming it into the ground. and then tossing it away in disgust. she did get a penalty. she would dominate the second set. and then the ace on match point in the third. williams survived and advances. yes. nationals back to making baseball fun again. going for six straight wins against cincinnati tonight. i would love to show you early highlights but my guy was right on. a little rain there. game ing delayed. start time pushed back 'til 6:40 tonight.
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showers passed nationals park. central avenue south of 50 over 301, that's a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:00. we're concerned not just for winds 60 miles per hour but the hail. could be hail up to an inch with this. watch out for that moving toward the east. and going to drift in. and we've got other big showers and storms south. but this is the only severe one at the moment with the watch. severe thunderstorm watch 'til 10:00. i think it will cancel before that but south and southeast of dc, an hour or two. please pay attention to the weather. and more on the app and more at 7:00. >> keep that app close by. >> that's wusa 9 at 6:00. "cbs evening news" is next. >> and we are back with the only local news at 7:00. see you then.
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>> elliott: yet another deadly terror attack. gunmen kill police and take hostages in bangladesh as security tightens across the u.s. for the holiday weekend. also tonight-- >> i certainly wouldn't do it again. >> elliott: attorney general regrets her meeting with bill clinton and pledges to accept the recommendations of prosecutors investigating his wife. a state of emergency as toxic algae as thick as guacamole covers beaches in florida. >> oh, it's just nasty. >> it's disgusting. >> elliott: and steve hartman visits a neighborhood that's been reborn thanks to momma oe.>> reporter: run through your background in urban planning. >> i


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