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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7. firefighters suspended after what they thought was right to save a baby's life back on the job. what does it mean for washington and other teams that could be looking to pick up a qb. >> paying respects to a former first lady. how you can send your condolences to the former first lady. following a story outside the white house. thanks for joining us i'm bruce johnson. >> and the man tried to get over to the white house over the fence. we explain what happened. garrett. >> reporter: law enforcement says this started at 4: 45 when a man hopped over the
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the secret service takes that seriously and the man was arrested. lots of other things go into effect immediately. first the white house was placed on lock-down and the tourists and other folks in the street and in the park were immediately pushed back by secret service all the way out to h street and asked to stay there for half an hour while secret service went through the area and made sure there was no more danger. we don't know the identity of the man or how committed he was to getting over the fence but we hope to get that information later tonight and possibly by tonight's 11:00 news. until that i'm garret haake from wusa9. two volunteer firefighters on the job placed on leave for using fire truck to transport a toddler to the hospital instead of waiting for an ambulance. captain james kelly and sergeant virgil bloom were dispatch last month to a
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toddler blue possibly from a seizure. >> had a heart rate and unresponsive and nothing i was doing was arousing her to get her to move at all so at that point i told my driver, sergeant bloom, i said turn the engine around we are going to the hospital ourselves. >> the medic unit an ambulance were enroute but kelly did not know how far away they were and did not want to risk the child's life. the child is fine and the parent thanked kelly and bloom. how bad is metro? worse than the boss expected but has a plan. he has launched a web page to keep track of metro's response to the safety demand. work is under way to install new radio systems and cell phone cables in the tunnels. we knew it was coming and now it is official. this morning the
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gold release robert griffin iii. the news was celebrated. rg iii led the team to the playoffs and injuries sidelined him on and off since that 2012 it was. frees up $16 million in the team's budget and took to instagram to say thank you to the fans. rg iii says it was a blessing and although his time is over he is excited about what the future brings and finding the time that god wants him to be. >> i'm at the african-american task headquarters where rg fans are happy because they are hopeful to show his talents in another city. these are not his average fans. they add us to the family and all of us made us feel a
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lot more safer and more i guess whole. >> that's the relationship that they have with robert griffin the iii. the program helps military families that have losted loved ones. griffin learned of military problems and it started over socks. >> we got a package for a major surgery and my son went insane with these socks and it turned to robert and then a home visit and i was trying to fill the 20 minutes that i expected them to spend with us and they stayed for like 3 hours. >> despite the ups and downs on the field rg iii is a positive role model in their life and checking in on the kids' grades. >> all of us at taps love robert. he will go on to do amazing things wherever he is. >> the deck family mans
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team no matter where he goes. a lot of speculation on who that next team will be. there are rumors that 49ers and texans and the la rams are interested and there are conflicting reports on whether rg iii could be wearing that big blue and silver star for the cowboys. won't wish him luck for that. we are tracking 70s and maybe 80s. we are going to jump from march to may like weather. temperatures 25 degrees above average. we will talk about tuesday, wednesday and thursday. average high is 54. and now check this out, woe will go 73 tomorrow for a high and 76 on wednesday and 79 on thursday. record highs on thursday, 78. both at national and dulless set in 2006. tonight there will be clouds rolling in and stay dry, 58 at 10:00 and a little walk after
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and 56 in silver spring. by morning it will not be as cool or chilly as it was. 29 at dulless this morning. we are in the 40s tomorrow morning. 49 in manassas and 45 in hagerstown. we will come back and talk about weather, and whether or not showers will accompany it. police are telling us that the stabbing of two women inside a landover apartment today was no random act. one person kill and the other badly injured. the woman that died has been identified tonight as 23-year- old santa lazomma. one attacker and they have not made an arrest but they have strong leads. they have not commented on a possible motive. a hero's goodbye for the police officer killed on her first day on the job. this afternoon hundreds of police officers including many from virginia escorted officer
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ashley guindon's casket to a church in springfield massachusetts. crowds of strangers lined the streets to pay their respects as that procession went by. the officer was killed why responding to a domestic dispute. prince william county police honored officer ashley guindon with a blood drive. several of the co-workers volunteered to wol up their sleeve to give the gift of life. the blood drive wrapped up at 6:30. no word on how much blood was collected. we learned that the former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest next to her beloved husband. it will be publicized. the public invited to pay respects on wednesday and thursday at
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she passed away from congestive heart failure. the u.s. capital and u.s. government buildings have flags flown at half-staff to honor her memory. president obama order this as respect for the former first lady. at 15th and pennsylvania northwest in the shadows of the white house, the white house visitors have had an opportunity to sign a condolence book for the former first lady. it was put on display at noon today along with strong feelings about mrs. reagan. debra robertson the mayor of the city in southern california says she felt compelled to write a note. >> i wanted to thank her for her service to our nation because she was definitely a woman who was truly a woman who helped to inform a lot of what went on in america. i had great admiration for her. the condolence book will be on
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the month from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day. coming up, saved by a split second. the story of the viral photo from a spring training baseball game. and peyton manning retires. but wait until you hear how he ended his speech. that's
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tv and phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v now to the erin andrews civil suit. the jury has awarded her 55 million-dollars. she was seeking 75 million. she file the lawsuit over the secret recording and release of her being shown naked during a hotel stay in nashville. michael barrett was the man that recorded that video.
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announcing he is hanging up his jersey one month after super bowl 50. he quoted the bible. i fought a good fight and finished my football race and after 18 years it's time. god bless all of you and god bless football. manning retires as one of the greatest players, the only one to win the mvp five times and the all time leading in passing yards and touchdowns. his retirement speech was not all tears, here is how he ended it. >> i had great coaches and players. it wouldn't have been possible without that. omaha. one last omaha. a good measure. famous for screaming the word before the snap. we will miss him. it will be hard to have another peyton manning.
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the photo making the rounds shows how important it is to keep your eyes on the action in a baseball game. take a look at this photo snap before the bat was about to hit an 8-year-old in the face. luckily his dad has quick reflexes and blocked the bat in time. this is his son's first mlb game. you can see theling boy was looking at his phone and checking out a picture he took to mark that occasion when the bat came flying at him. dad saved the dad. s that's my boy. that's what dads do. the deadly shooting involving a church band. the latest on the incident in prince george's county coming up next. the 70s roll in tomorrow. high temperatures on tuesday. 73 downtown and even 72 in hagerstown.
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come back. right now police are looking for the suspect used a prince george's' church van during a deadly shooting yesterday. police say the van is registered to a baptist church in laural maryland. the pastor didn't know the van was stolen. detectives now going through it looking for clues and looking for surveillance video.
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meantime residents are afraid and outraged over the recent wave of crime in the area. >> that put fright in my heart. you know. you can't go to work or go no place without being shot. for no reason. >> obviously police looking for suspects that were in that honda odyssey. anybody that got any information should contact dc police. the cvs drugstore that lewders burned down during the riots in baltimore last year are back in business. the second cvs protest to reopen. the rioters set fire to the store. one man arrested. six officers charged in awaiting trial in connection with gray's death. doctors have transplanted
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woman woman that was not able to have children. flowers in north america. thanks to three inches of rain last fall. the burst of cloud cover only happens about once end ten years. it makes look things prettier. >> it is more life in the desert than you think. it is beautiful in some regards. i love it. we are looking at almost record breaking warmth. >> really? >> surprise to that snowfall, that record snowfall. >> about 8 feet. >> not quite but it was a good one. >> it was nice. >> let's look at the three day guarantee. concerned. we will tell you what it was at 11. i went for a high of 63 that seemed just fine to me but umm, read higher than that on the car coming in. you can now watch it at 11
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download the app for free as well. all right. this is a look north on wisconsin avenue over the last few hours. the clouds are rolling in. we will keep the clouds in the forecast and not going to rain or snow or anything but clouds will be in for a while so just sort of keep that in mind. looking at temperatures very mild. right now 60s downtown. the winds out of the southwest at ten. and dew points above freezing. no one will get below freezing and no one should make it in the 30s. a cool start tomorrow with a warmer finish. bus stop temperatures, 42 to 56. pretty darn warm by the time 9:00 rolls around. 70s the rest of the week. right on through friday and now it appears that we will stay dry through friday afternoon. it will be a pretty nice week. for may that would be a fantastic week let alone for march. 10:00. a few clouds and temperatures 50s. 58 downtown and 56 in fredericksburg 5
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temperatures in the 40s. it was in the 20s this morning. 46 in gaithersburg and 47 in silver spring and buoy and 43 in fairfax. by mid-morning back in the 50s. with again some clouds rolling through. and it's warm for the mountains to the coast. at 1:70 in sterling and 68 in cumberland and romney. looking at temperatures everywhere upper 60s to 70s. 72 in fredericksburg and 70 in buoy and silver string and rockville. by 6:00 still warm. and generally clear. temperatures mid to upper 60s across the board and then by late tomorrow night temperatures generally in the 50s. that is going to be nice. so on the day planner, some 40s to start, but they don't hang around long. 65 by 11:00 and 69 almost 70 by 1:00. wednesday, gorgeous. that's my pick of the day, they are all going to be nice. my pick of the week. 76 for a high and 79 on
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the record high is 78. next seven days, friday bringing in clouds and keeping it dry, mid-70s and 60s in the weekend and another wash out and some showers and maybe a thunderstorm and clouds lingering on monday and cooler and temperatures still in the low 60s. how much are we loving that guy. >> wearing shorts on wednesday. i think i am too. back in the day they wore short shorts. maryland's head man mark sturgeon played for kansas and legendary coach with coach larry brown
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. the talent here in the upcoming ncaa tournament. sturgeon was told to be a
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proplayer at 5'10". good advice. a young mark sturgeon. can you believe that is college. played for larry brown. brown is now the coach at smu and brown says he has a lot to do with sturgeon getting the job at maryland five years ago. >> the one time i went to the kentucky derby with my family i was standing outside in the veranda between races and kevin plank walked out of underarmor and i met him before and he mentioned that we had an opening at maryland and we were talking to sean miller and he gave me some other names and i said sean miller is not leaving cleveland, arizona to two to maryland and even though he is a great coach. and i said i know a kid that really could coach. and i mentioned mark's name. and i called mark and told him about our meg
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me coach you won't believe it but i'm going to pittsburgh to meet with them sunday. so i don't know but obviously they made the right choice and pretty excited about it because they are not only going to be good this year, they got things in place now that they will be good for a long time. i hate that they are not in the acc. they are now in the being ten. we have a big day on sunday, 11:30 a.m. a special game on and 3:00 the big final of the tournament, hopefully the terps will be in there. the men's 2 atournament right here on wusa9. all coming up sunday. are you confident about the terps the way they are playing? >> no. >> and i got to ask but rg, where do you think he will end up, do you think he will vy for a starting position? >> i think he will be
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maybe the la rams. that could be a nice landing spot. >> as long as it's not the cowboys. >> exactly. it would be hard to cheer him on there. that's all for the news at 7:00.
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♪ ♪ blake shelton, gwen stefani and the new revelation in their red-hot romance. could gwen's ex the father of hernany's baby? >> we hear you're pregnant? >> what we know tonight. > verdict is in on the erin andrews peephole trial. we'll tell you what the jury decided. >> news on nancy reagan's funeral and e.t.'s look back at our time with the former first laid. >> what's it like to be back in hollywood on a sound stage? >> her just say no campaign and rare moments with her hollywood friends. >> mrs. reagan, can we talk? >> i think i'll leave that to joe. >> also tonight, new details on the knife allegedly found at o.j.'s former estate. >> and the tool box in the last 15 years. and dwhatid this psychic tell e.t. back in 1995. our shocking exclusive. >> there is a murder weapon, a knife. >> plus hollywood's most


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