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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we have the yellow alert today because the snow and ice are still on the roads, especially the secondary roads this morning. so give it a couple of hours to get everything treated and the roads will look a lot better. still problems out there. moving on we still have the blizzard watch in place that will most likely get upgraded to a warning within the 24-hour time frame. this is going to be a huge storm, potentially problematic. i want to give you a quick shot of today's forecast. once the snow goes away we are going to see temperatures get above freezing. it will help mel things away, -- melt things away. i know it will be a mess at the grocery stores but you want to get prepared for friday and saturday. i have updated snowfall amounts and timing to show you coming up in just a bit. over to you. 6:00 is your time right now. bw parkway is a mess both on the northbound and southbound side outside of the beltway. once you get to eastern and kenilworth avenue, you'll be good to go as you make your way
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toward the 11th street bridge right now. close do 197 and 198 is where we have issues. sky 9 has been over the scene the past ten minutes or so showing us significant delays on the northbound and southbound side. this is the southbound side where we had a disabled vehicle. because the bw parkway at this section, only two lanes, you have one disabled vehicle blocking one lane, you get a lot of delays associated with that you also want to watch out for icy roads as they've been causing problems all around the beltway. want to take you back to our maps and show you how things are shaping up. the red here over the wilson bridge is where we have the biggest trouble spot. here's a live look from the traffic cam and you can see the standstill over the wilson bridge. fairfax county schools are closed. >> right now at 6:00 a.m., the never ending commute as many drivers slip and slide their way to a standstill on snow and icy covered roadways. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine and we are driving on the beltway or rather sitting on the beltway.
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checking out conditions, hanging out with some of our good friends here saying on the beltway. we have a live update from the scene coming up in just a few minutes. >> that changes moment to moment so you want to stay tuned to nikki's report. we're following breaking news out of montgomery county. a fire at a homeless encampment in bethesda is now being investigated as a homicide. we're live across the district on wake up washington. good morning. a live look at the d.c. skyline. we had a dusting to an inch of snow. boy, did it cause problems for the commute that lasted take last night all -- lasted from last night all the way to now for some people. good morning. i'm andrea roane. just in fairfax county public schools are closed this morning. i'm mike hydeck. our team is covering the lingering impact of last night's little bit of snow. we'll start with meteorologist allyson rae as we look forward to the big blizzard coming as well. >> yesterday was a quick snow.
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it was all about the timing, worst timing possible right h the evening commute and untreated roads, cold roads. taps' why it was -- that's why it was very problematic. we had the winter advisory at 11:00 and people were already at work and it was just a mess. still icy roads out there. please take it easy. that's why we have the yellow alert today. this is 7:30 in the morning on friday. still dry, cloudy skies. by mid-morning friday, get your errands done. get home safely. here come the snow showers. by 2:00 in the afternoon we're looking at snow showers arriving. as we head to 4:30 starting to move on in. light to moderate for much of friday. it's after 10:00 we'll start to see the snowfall totals really start to intensify. i'll go through the rest of the timing and why i lowered the snowfall totals just a little bit through southern maryland. that's coming up a little bit later. guys, over to you. even though our big storm is over 48 hours away, a mid week snowfall from last night is still causing major problems
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today across the dmv. >> we have team coverage this morning. mikea turner is in fort washington. we're going to start, though, with nikki burdine who is behind the wheel stuck on the beltway. good morning, nikki. >> reporter: good morning, guys. i would say i'm driving on the beltway but that's actually incorrect. we are sitting on the beltway and have been for the past 5, 10 minutes. we are on the inner loop. we just passed branch avenue here in prince george's county and we are at a standstill. not only are cars just barely moving here on the the beltway, if you look in the emergency lanes to the left of me, there are dozens and dozens of tractor-trailers. they just pulled over to the side. they are waiting now -- they are waiting out the storm, the storm that is this traffic. a similar scene to what we saw last night. take a look at this video. it's being called carmageddon. some cars running out of gas. in fact even having to be towed away. hopefully that does not happen this morning because the good news that i have for you is that we are seeing blacktop.
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the roads are much better. however, i have not seen one snowplow or salt truck out here since i've been on the roads since about 3:30 this morning. i have not seen a single snowplow or salt truck. so just be careful as you are out driving this morning and take my warning. don't get out here and drive if you don't have to, especially on the beltway because we are just barely moving. back to you in the studio. >> we're having problems with mikea's live shot. she's in prince george's county this morning. we just learned that mayor muriel bowser and d.c. will be holding a 10:00 a.m. news conference to address the issues with last night's snowfall and then of course the upcoming blizzard. we are going to stream that news conference on the wusa9 app and we'll have more coming up live at noon today. breaking overnight, a pedestrian is struck and killed
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by a private snowplow in beltsville, maryland. it happened just after midnight on route 1 at naples avenue. the driver left the scene but was later arrested. metro trains might be running on schedule this morning, but some of the buses are not. right now metro buses are operating on what's called a transit agency -- what transit agency calls a moderate snow plan. that means buses are restricted on some routes. they are being detoured around the roads that are icy. this includes many neighborhood streets. passengers are being told to expect longer waits than usual if you're waiting for a bus. they say they will do all they can to keep the buses and trains running smoothly. right now it has about 600 pieces of equipment available to tackle the snow and ice. metro warns that heavy snow will probably lead to delays and service disruptions this weekend. >> so now would abgood time to download -- to be a good time to download the wusa9 app. you'll get constant updates, closings and delays and push alerts if you want them. everything you need to prepare
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for the storm. we are also following breaking news this morning out of montgomery county. a fire at a homeless encampment in rockville is now being investigated as a homicide this morning. nick giovanni is on the scene. he has what we know so far. nick? >> reporter: we just crossed into the sixth hour of this investigation and it's still an active scene behind me as you take a look. it's centering around this wooded area behind the autodent care body shop off randolph road. here's what we know so far about what investigators are looking at back there. we know one man is dead. another person injured in a fire that happened just after midnight. when montgomery county police pulled up to the scene, they found a tent completely consumed by flames and the victim was inside. we're still not sure what caused this. we're told that is still under investigation but we're also being told this case is being investigated as you mentioned as a homicide. and that is still the case at this hour. we're hoping to hear from investigators here soon. we've been working back and forth trying to see if there
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are any updates to pass along as soon as we have more information about exactly what happened, we'll certainly pass that along. that's the latest from rockville, nick giovanni, wusa9. >> thank you, nick. 6:08. still to come, we have continuing coverage of the traffic mess and the very latest across the whole area. >> we're also following other news, including a teacher found guilty of sexually abusing a boy he met online. learn how long he'll spend behind bars. >> here the updated snowfall amounts. still very good agreement that we're going to see 1 to 2 feet of snow for areas west of 95. about a foot of snow for much of the region. but it's down through st. mary's county you'll see a lot of the the rain-snow-sleet mix. it's going to be very problematic. we'll go through the timing and also the slick roads. lots to cover. stay with us on wake up washington. >> sky 9 right now over the bw parkway giving us a live look at how things are shaping up there. this is close to 198 where we had three vehicles involved in an accident. one spun out of control.
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two emergency vehicles are on scene working to get the situation under control. as you can see from the image there, significant delays. we've got problems there and all over the
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we have a weather alert through the morning hours. the secondary roads especially are left untreated. we'll be very cold for a while. take a look at your planner. once the sun comes up, we'll start to increase the temperature. we're into the 20s across the area, even teens for some. we'll head above freezing by lunch time. tonight still another cold one. everything will melt later on
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today under the sunshine. by 6:30 friday, here's a look at the futs cast. the -- futurecast, the snow is starting to intensify. we'll go through the rest of the futurecast in just a few minutes. over to you. right now your fast five report we're looking at how things are shaping up around town. still slow on the beltway over the wilson bridge traveling between alexandria and oxon hill. moderate conditions both on 95, 66, and 50. and again slow going on the bw parkway because of several accidents. i counted five and there certainly have been much more going on both on the northbound and southbound side of 295. i want to take you to our maps right now and let our riders know we're still single tracking on the red line between forest glen and silver spring. expect delays. the moderate snow service plan is in effect for bus riders. coming up on the campaign trail, sarah palin talks about her son's arrest this week on dom mostic very leans -- domestic violence charges. >> a local man accu
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only at a sleep number store. a prince george's county man accused of killing three people is due in court later this morning. clifford brown, jr. of capitol heights is accused in the shooting death of lakeisha walters, her 25-year-old daughter and james gibson of southeast. a fourth man was injured.
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the shootings happened last november in oxon hill. police say brown and shaneka walters had been in a relationship that turned sour. a howard county school teacher who sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy who he met on the internet will be sentenced today. 37-year-old christopher rustle fox of randallstown will be sentenced on sex abuse charges. the victim told police he chatted online and agreed to meet a person he believed was a 16-year-old boy. it turned out to be the 37-year- old teacher. sarah palin is now breaking her silence about her son's recent arrest. >> palin says her son suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. track palin was arrested this week for an alleged drunken attack on his girlfriend. during a rally for presidential candidate donald trump, palin talked about how her military son has been affected by his time in iraq and why she blames president obama for her son's arrest. >> but my son like so many others, they come back a bit
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different. they come back hardened. they come back wondering if there is that respect. >> track palin allegedly punched and kicked his girlfriend before she says he thought he might shoot himself. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine. we are driving along the beltway. take a look at this. we're on the inner loop right now. traffic at a complete standstill and it has been for probably the past -- i don't know -- maybe a mile. but we've been sitting here just barely drudging along for about 15 minutes, not getting very far at all. the good news is i can see blacktop and the roads -- they're a little slick but they're not too bad. the bad news is i have not seen a single snowplow or salt truck out here on the beltway since we've been driving this morning. i would say since about 4:00 this morning. we'll keep you updated on these conditions. r fonow back to you all. >> yellow alert day. look at the beltway. we had nikki live not long ago.
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she was able to around the beltway unimpeded. as she said, you get that accordion effect. one incident and boom. >> we heard from maryland state. temperatures tend to go down as we get closer to sunrise. they worry about treating now for fear of refreezing. >> anything that is out there will be hard to go away till we get the sun up and the temperature increases and we see things melt. it's going to be stuck there. so hopefully we can get that cleared up because we have the big problem of friday and into saturday. it was just about an inch we said at 11:00 yesterday that there was a winter weather advisory. it's all about the timing. it is just a terrible situation with a little bit of snow. we are going to see a little bit of snow come friday afternoon and into the evening. only a couple of inches but then it's going to get to the point where it's so much at one time that we're not going to be able to keep up with it and travel is going to be problematic if not impossible for areas off to the west especially. that's where we're expecting the bull's eye. 1 to 2 feet of snow for areas
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off to the west. the rain-snow line will go right down 95. that is going to still cause problems for southern maryland. we're talking about a lot of rain. even if you don't see a lot of snow through parts of the coastal areas, coastal flooding, and it is going to be a big mess there, too. just a different story. as we go through friday, make sure you have all your errands done. try to lock down friday afternoon. we'll see the sun come out, melt things and that's good. 6:30 still dry. as we head through noontime and through mid afternoon, the snow showers arrive. so any time between 12:00 and 3:00, between 64 and 66, still light to moderate for much of the evening. 8:00 by friday we're starting to see the bands of heavier snow pick up. that will be the case overnight. look down farther south. we're looking at the rain-snow mix for st. mary's county. this is why we lowered the snowfall totals for the area. lots of rain through the morning hours. a little bit of mix but notice the know is relentless through the blue ridge and just east of
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it. by noontime on saturday the snow is continuing. heavy snow. the i wouldout conditions possible -- the whiteout conditions possible and rain here with north early wind, beach erosion and a lot of rain flooding will be a problem through areas along the coastal spots. by sunday midnight, we're still looking at snow hanging out. so i lowered the snowfall totals here to 3 to 6 but we're still expecting at least a foot for much of the metro spots and off to the west. temperatures will stay into the upper 30s today. that sunshine will help things melt, but by tomorrow we're expecting those blizzard conditions into saturday especially and drier by sunday afternoon. larry, over to you. >> thank you. i-395 northbound we have a couple of lanes blocked as a result of an accident. this is between seminary road and king street but south of that, south of landmark close to duke street is where our camera is located. you can see the delays associated with that crash so you can see heavy volume both
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on the hov lanes as well as the commuter lanes. you need to add extra time. with the closures it should help a bit but you will need to add some significant time to your morning commute if you are still going to be heading to school and/or work this morning. back to the maps right now. we told you we are keeping a close eye on major issues on the bw parkway but remember, too, our bridges and our overpasses tend to see ice when we have conditions like this and tend to be slick. so you want to be careful out thrcht luckily we're -- out there. luckily we're doing well over the 14th street bridge, roosevelt bridge and no issues over the 11th street bridge this morning so that's good news and working in our favor. talking about the bw park i, northbound and southbound seeing significant delays. going to affect commuters trying to make their way from laurel into town. once you get toward the beltway, eastern avenue, kenilworth avenue, you're good to go as you approach the 1th street bridge -- 11th street
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bridge. it's further north that we have major slowdowns and problems. i suggest you might want to get on route 1. we heard from one of our traffic watchers from john baker. he says it's good so i say go for it. i wanted to let you know if you're out in southern in ready maryland, brandy wine, ox why hill, you're good to go. >> facebook, twitter, instagram, talk radio, boy, did you sound off last night about the snowfall. we'll share what you and some of your neighbors had to say. >> the stars
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good morning. thank you for watching wake up washington. 25 degrees. a lot of activity. time now to get things done to be prepared for what's happening this weekend. just looking at the city, looks nice. >> people are still getting over what happened last night. >> some of them are still there. >> oh, my goodness. that's why twitter is blowing up with comments about the terrible commute before the impending blizzard of 2016. >> scott says it appears that the first inch is resulting in a big fat fail for d.c., maryland, and virginia governments. >> lisa says risked my life trying to get home on d.c. streets. did not see a single truck out there clearing the roads. that's what we're hearing a lot this morning. >> we do know that trucks were out there because the roads are clear but not enough. it didn't help last night.
6:26 am
>> stay with us. join us live in the next half- hour. d.c.'s city administrator has been out trying to assess the situation this morning and what they're going to do moving ahead. >> our reporters are out across the region. coverage of our morning traffic mess will continue but first what does allyson have to say? >> it's going to take a while before everything goes away. we're not going to warm up above freezing till noon. there's still a lot of issues out there with the secondary roads especially. the main roads seem to be doing a little bit better hour by hour. 25 degrees right now. the winds out of the northwest. lots of sunshine today and later on this afternoon, pretty good weather. we'll track the storm, the big one coming up. >> you're getting a live look right now at the beltway at branch avenue. you can see how things are shaping up on both the inner and outer loop. not good. not good there. not good all over the place where we have significant slowdowns and volumes associated with icy road conditions this morning. you'll need to stay off the roads if you can and if you are going to be heading out, make sure you take it easy because
6:27 am
we don't want you to get hurt out ther
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6:30. a live look at the capital wheel at national harbor. boy, you can call in late this morning. it's a good idea. the roadways have been a mess all morning long because of black ice. >> good morning. i'm andrea roane. welcome back to wake up washington. i'm mike hydeck. we're going to get to traffic in just a minute with larry miller. let's start with meteorologist allyson rae. we can talk about the forecast from yesterday that is still making an impact this morning. then of course there's the blizzard. allyson? >> i'm a busy person. lots to tell you this morning. yes, very problematic yesterday. it was only an inch. the timing, cold roads, untreated roads and you get those problems. we're still looking at icy conditions. take it easy. if you don't want to be -- if you don't have to be out there, wait till it melts. we'll get above freezing and see sunshine and it will be okay. if you're still seeing problems on the roads, tweet us. we need to know what you're moving forward, once we get all that cleared away, hopefully you can get some rest from your
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late night, we're looking at the blizzard watch for friday into saturday. warnings will probably be issued as we get closer to within 24 hours, maybe later today. we're still expecting a historic storm. we'll go through the details of what has changed, not much. we just got a report of an accident involving a bus. so we're working this in. sky 9 up there giving us live pictures and details. looks like it has made its way to the scene right now. that is bus. if it's montgomery county, that would be a ride on bus. fire crews as well as police currently on the scene. this is at the intersection of connecticut and weller. commuters heading out in that direction will need to be mindful. haven't received any reports of injuries but looks like a pretty active scene as we have people that are associated with that crash kind of mogging around where the white car apparently ran into the back of that right on bus. no reports of any injuries at this point but of course we'll get more information out to you
6:32 am
as soon as we get that information from police. significant delays on the bottom side of the beltway over the wilson bridge. want to give you a live look and show you how things are shaping up along that area. significant delays both on the inner and outer loop at the beltway at branch avenue. associated with those delays both on the wilson bridge and inner and outer loop. we're seeing delays at this point 30, 45 minutes in some cases and the bw parkway is still a mess both on the northbound and southbound side. we're going to walk you through all the problem spots coming up shortly. for now over to you. >> we're going to show them too you, too. we continue our team comp. the commute home was a nightmare for drivers all over d.c., maryland and virginia. >> traffic was at a standstill and some places that is still the case. nikki burdine is live with more crawling along on the beltway. nikki? >> reporter: all right, guys, i'm going to keep it real with you. listen up. we're driving on the beltway right now and driving is a very generous word because we are crawling. we are barely moving. if you are sitting at home right now and you are
6:33 am
considering jumping on the beltway in prince george's county near branch avenue, near marlowe heights, stop, rethink what you are about to do and sit at home if you can. because you're not growing to be moving at all. we've been crawling along the beltway for the past 45 minutes barely moving. for us the backups really started before branch avenue but now that it's just continued to grow even more in the past half-hour. we are five miles away from the drawbridge and you can't see if our camera point of view but trust me, what i can see, it's allred lights, all taillights. everyone just sitting, just barely moving. so i'm going to keep it real with you guys. i'm trying to be as honest as possible. if you do not have to leave the house today, stay at home unless you are prepared to just sit in traffic because this is what you're going to see. one quick note. if you are planning on heading out, make sure your car is packed full with an emergency kit, extra batteries, layers, water, just everything you need in case you are stranded and make sure you have a full tank
6:34 am
of gas. for more on what's going on in fort washington, let's head over to mikea turner. >> reporter: thank you, nikki. we are actually on 210. we're coming off of -- we're trying to head to -- off of 301 in upper marlboro where we are told a trailer -- tractor- trailer jackknifed. we're actually behind a snow truck now. road conditions are slowly improving out here. but as you can see, the traffic still crawling after hours as many people just sitting in those backups. this is about the fifth snowplow that we have seen this éééé morning. actually within the last half- hour because the roads were pretty slick and still a lot of icy conditions out there. earlier we were hanging out in a 24-hour safeway parkway off 210 where we spoke to some people who were really frustrated, many who spent the night in their vehicles. we spoke to some who sat in their cars for as many as ten hours. then we spoke to one person who said he decided to get an early
6:35 am
start to avoid all of this. >> oh, i feel -- i feel frustrated that the salt trucks didn't come by and just -- i guess they thought it wasn't going to be as bad as it was and they didn't put enough salt down to alleviate the problem. >> reporter: as you can see, the salt trucks, they are out and they are trying to solve this issue. reporting live this morning out of fort washington, mikea turner, wusa9. now would be a good time to download the new wusa9 app. you'll get constant updates, closings and delays and push alerts if you want them. i don't know if you heard the trumpet from my phone a little while ago. everything you need to prepare for the storm is on that app. in addition to the storm we are also following breaking news out of montgomery county this morning. a fire at a homeless encampment in rockville is now being investigated as a homicide. >> nick giovanni is on the scene. he has the very latest. >> reporter: we do understand there were a number of tents
6:36 am
here in this wooded area behind us here off randolph road at the autodent and body shop right behind that autodent and body shop. and at least one of those tents went up in flames around midnight. when montgomery county police pulled up to the scene, they found that tent completely consumed by flames and there was a man inside. that man pronounced dead here at the scene. the big question now is what exactly happened, what sparked those flames. again, as you mentioned, it's currently being investigated as a homicide. we're still working to get more details on exactly what happened here. as you can see, six and a half hours into this investigation and it is still an active scene out here. that's the latest from rockville, nick giovanni, wusa9. his wife died in a hit-and- run crash earlier this week. >> hear from the man who is both mourning and wondering who is responsible. >> also ahead, we're scheduled to speak live with one of the
6:37 am
people in charge of getting the roads cleared in the district. >> still below freezing. we're into the 20s. it will take a while for anything that hasn't melted or hasn't been treated to melt. moving on to the blizzard or potentially a blizzard, there are very specific requirements. you'll hear that on our facebook page, wusa9. you can get all the details on that. 3:00 friday we'll start to see snow showers. we'll go through the rest of the timing when i return on wake up washington. >> sky 9 still over an accident involving a ride on bus. this is at connecticut avenue and weller road. still no reports of any injuries associated with that crash. but we're working to get more information to you. that's just one of many issues that we're keeping a close eye on. we have stuff going on all
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yesterday's inch of snowfall. when you have very cold air, cold roads, untreated roads, that's going to happen. so we have those issues to deal with. moving forward to friday, 3:00 a.m., snow showers already moving in. light to moderate and then it turns heavy. if you have an hd tv, zoom in. you see the darker shades of blue. that's where our snowfall totals are going to continue to amplify and intensify. as we head through saturday morning, look at the pink. that is going to be very messy. maybe not as much snow for southern maryland but you are going to see flooding concerns. icing conditions through prince george's county and we'll continue to see the snowfall totals add up for areas off to the west. we'll continue to go through this coming up. larry, over to you. >> thanks. your time 6:41. time for fast five. again slow conditions on the beltway both on the top side and the bottom side and we also
6:42 am
have issues at around branch avenue as well. moderate both on 95 and i-66. 50 doing well. once you make your way inside the beltway when it becomes new york avenue, you see a little bit of a slowdown there, primarily just the volume. 295, bw parkway seeing delays both on the northbound and southbound side. and we're talking significant delays as well. so commuters will need to be mindful of that. sligo creek parkway between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue remains closed because of icy conditions this morning. certainly having an impact on commuters there. you can see from all the red here, that's the bw parkway. so northbound and southbound coming from laurel trying to make your way into town, you're looking at more than a 45- minute delay at this point. so you will need to account for that accordingly. route 1 is open and available but that will start to see its own share of volume as well. weather and traffic returns shortly. for now we'll send it over to you. let's ignore the snow for just a moment. ahead tommy mcfly will reveal who's performing at the grammys
6:43 am
this year. >> the new restaurant where you
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6:45 am
it's hard not to sing the next thing. you can dance, you can jive having the time of your life at the new abba restaurant in stockholm, sweden. >> it has olive trees a fountain and a sense ever the mediterranean. it was created by a former abb
6:46 am
a singer. >> there's a certain party mood in both the -- [indiscernible] people, you know, are very -- at the end of the show, they're very happy. they're standing up and dancing and the idea was to try and take that with us into a restaurant environment. >> i was one of those standing up and singing and dancing in the aisles. all four members of abba showed up for the opening. so you eat standing up and getting the fat cells out of the gluteus maximus. time to check with our partners. what they're doing at cbs this morning. >> charlie rose is new york with a preview. good morning, charlie. we're getting ready for a blizzard here. what are you talking about this morning? >> bundle up. we're talking about the same storm. good morning. we're continuing your coverage of the storm already causing problems in our area and all the other news of the day. plus, if you have donated money
6:47 am
to politicians or veterans, they may have never seen a dime. also on what macy's new discount options mean for the future of department stores. and we'll talk with a leading astronomer about the discovery of a possible night planet. all of that and more. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. stay warp. >> you, too, charlie. thank you. >> thank you charlie. looft people are waking up in their cars -- a lot of people are waking up in their cars on the the side of the road. >> pretreating is a question everybody will ask about. what times did you identifies finally -- guys finally get on the roads. >> n. >> we geared up at 4:00 p.m. we were on the road 4:00, 4:30 p.m. we already pretreated in fact with a brine solution that stays on the roads for several days in anticipation for friday's event but we had crews out before the event started.
6:48 am
i think the real issue is we were expecting a half-inch of snow. we got 1.7 inches. it was supposed to be over in two hours. it wasn't over for six hours and it happened during the evening rush. >> you got a little bit more than you anticipated and for a longer period of time but everybody is talking about not seeing any snowplows on the road this morning getting people going. i saw one on my commute in. and side streets were pretty slick. what are you doing to get rid of those icy patches and icy streets this morning in the neighborhoods? >> we've been in active deployment since the event began yesterday. we've had crews working through the night. our crews switch over at 6:30 this morning and will be working throughout the day treating all of those roads. we were tackling the major arteries all night and getting to the secondary roads. we'll be focusing on secondaries and residentials throughout this morning and early afternoon. >> do you have an idea what the mayor is going to say in her news conference this morning? what's the reason for the news
6:49 am
conference? >> we were scheduled in this news conference to continue to talk about the weather for friday. we anticipated significant snow. we've been geared up for this with all of our resources, contract resources, calling on the national guard. so we're talking about the preparations for the friday and saturday snowstorm which could be a blizzard situation but also we'll be talking about what our efforts have been in this particular snow event that started yesterday evening. >> d.c. administrator rashad young, thank you for being with us this morning. >> certainly. thank you. >> you're welcome. an f.b.i. agent has avoided jail time in an assault case back in october. a jury found gerald mcjerry guilty for shoving a 15-year- old boy to the pavement. wednesday at his sentencing, the judge waived all jail time. he will also be able to keep his f.b.i. service weapon which is crucial because he needs it to perform his job. crews in new jersey are busy building a line of defense
6:50 am
ahead of this weekend's major winter storm. high winds will bring the threat of coastal flooding. when crews finish the sand berm, it will extend 8 to 12 feet high. the challenge is taking care of the roads before things get worse. what is the latest timeline as far as the snow starting for the big event? >> we are expecting it any time after noon on friday. we will see some snow start to move on in mid afternoon between 2:00 and 4:00 and then it's pretty light to moderate to start but as we head through the evening, it will just continue to pick up and it will come down faster than we'll be able to take care of on the roads. that's why we're expecting huge travel problems if not impossible for some areas, especially the farther west you go where we're seeing 1 to 2 feet. make sure you're ready, prepared. once the roads start to clear up later on today, that's when you want to get your preparations done. stay off the roads. let them get treated the next couple of hours. here is a look at our watch-
6:51 am
warning map. still a blizzard watch. once we get closer to the event, possibly this afternoon they'll upgrade to a warning. blizzard watch for areas off to the west. as things continue to form and develop, we have the warnings in place for white. once you get north of 64 we still have the watch in place. let's go through the timing. timing looks pretty similar to what we had yesterday. now that we're getting the model data in with really good reports, our consensus is there. here we are 3:30 farther south. we're looking at those snow showers arriving. light at the moderate. about 8:30 here we go right up through 270, through hagerstown. as we head through saturday morning, see the darker blues? you can see that really intense snowfall coming on in overnight through much of the day on saturday. now, i lowered the snowfall totals through southern maryland, but they're going to see another host of problems. we're talking coastal flooding, ying problems for parts of --
6:52 am
icing problems for parts of charles county. this will turn back to snow but the snow continues for areas west of 95. that's where we're going to see the bull's eye, 1 to 2 feet of snow. by midnight saturday into sunday, still looking at some snow hanging around. here are the latest snowfall totals. 3 to 6 for areas farther south. still a foot of snow for most areas. we will see things clear out by sunday afternoon and into monday. red weather alert for friday and into saturday. got to stay home and stay off the roads. larry, over to you. >> allyson, thank you so much. so for our metro commuters, we're keeping a close eye on how things are shaping up on metro this morning. again trains are currently running on schedule but metro buses are going to be operating on a moderate snow service plan. what does that mean? some of the routes are already can keled, will not be -- canceled, will not be operating today. you will need to be mindful and check in with metro to see if your bus is impacted by that
6:53 am
sligo creek parkway between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue remains closed because of icy conditions. icy conditions are really all over the place, not only on the interstates but primarily our secondary roads which in some cases have yet to be treated. taking you into town right now, no major issues over the 14th street bridge, roosevelt bridge, key bridge. also the 11th street bridge free and clear of any issues. sky 9 is giving us a live look at 270. heavy volume as you travel southbound from falls road making your way into bah these dacht be mindful -- bethesda. be mindful of that. on the bw parkway, still slow going beau on the northbound and southbound side -- both on the northbound and southbound side making your way into town. we'll send it over to you. as we brace for more snow this weekend, perhaps you can spend some time stocking up on grammy nominated music to go with your bread, milk and eggs. >> you know who is prepared. tommy mcfly. he's in the 94.7 fresh fm studios with the just announced performer. good morning. >> great news. we're going to see adele at the grammy awards. we found out yesterday she's going to be forming. adele will be performing.
6:54 am
>> hello. >> hello, are you there, can you hear me? also kendrick lamar will be involved. involved. and country band little big town will be there, too. of course the grammies right here on wusa9 on february -- grammys right here on wusa9 on february 15. i know you've been wondering why is adele not nominated for that masterpiece "25 ." i know you're wondering that. >> i've been talking with you so i have a little bit of an idea. shed some light again. >> that's right. because it came out after the september 30 deadline which means we'll get more adele next year. >> so walk away with an arm load. it's on cbs. will she bring james corden with her after the success of car pool karoke? >> that would be awesome. that would break the internet. >> it would break the internet.
6:55 am
>> thanks, tommy. glz. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine stuck in a parking lot otherwise known as the inner loop of the beltway. we are just a few miles away from the drawbridge. we're copg up on the split -- coming up on the split here but this is what we've seen all morning long. the past two hours we've been at a standstill on the inner loop of the beltway to branch avenue where we are right now. if you are considering heading out this morning, stay at home if you can. it is a parking lot. it is a mess. mikea? >> reporter: good morning. i'm mikea turner live this morning from fort washington. we had to pull over on 295 to show you this. nothing but gridlock on both the inner and outer loop. [ no audio ] >> reporter: i'm nick giovanni live in rockville where the crime scene tape has just gone back up here at scene of a fire that's now become a homicide investigation. investigators tell us this happened around midnight at a homeless encampment. montgomery county police pulling up to the scene said
6:56 am
they found a tent completely consumed by flames with a man inside. that man has been pronounced dead and again this has become a homicide investigate. we'll continue -- investigation. we'll continue following this throughout the morning. for now we're live in rockville, nick giovanni, wusa9. as nikki says, stay off the roads if you don't need to be out there. it's just a mess till we get those cleared up. we will head above freezing with a lot of sunshine so we will see things melt later today but we don't have much time before another storm arrives tomorrow afternoon. this is the big one we've been talking about since last sunday. we're talking about historic snowfall amounts here. once we get over 14.4 inches out at reagan which is within our forecast, then we're in the top ten snow storms of all time for this region. getting a look at the maps right now, you can see just how busy it is. the red on the right hand side of your korean is the bw park -- screen is the bw parkway. you saw from the live shot momentarily it is certainly
6:57 am
slow, especially as you try to make your way into town. at this point it's going to be difficult to do that. here's a live look at 270 at falls road as you make your way in toward the spur. expect major delays trying to make your way into town. cbs this morning is next. teachers plan another sickout today. >> move over, pluto. scientists believe they found a ninth planet. >> a huge one. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with more local news, weather and traffic. >> that's a cool story. i'm sorry. [ laughter] >> don't forget the app.
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, january 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.” a monster storm threatens millions with heavy snow. but already washington, d.c. is paralyzed by just an inch. >> breaking news. russian president vladimir putin is implicated in the poisoning death of a former spy. >> are your donation to support veterans or politicians reaching the people you want to help? cbs news investigates. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. we got snow on top of the ice. you start snglidi. you can't get it going any more.


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