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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 31, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: tonight, another disaster for the commercial space program. the second this week and this time it's deadly. ape spaceship designed to carry tourists crashes on a test flight. the man charged with murdering pennsylvaniaitate strooper bryon dickson faces poetic justice. >> he was placed under arrest and handcuffed with the handcuffs of corporal dickson. >> pelley: which maine quarantine a nurse with no ebola symptoms. and jericka duncan reports fear is leading to presently. and steve hartman on the road with a priceless gift that most us have. >> are you a little excited? >> pelley: but few appreciate as men as ben pierce. >> open your eyes. >> oh, yeah, i see it! o
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. .>> pelley: good evening. virgin galactic was hoping to turn tourists into astronauts within months, but today, the project was dealt a serious setback when its spaceship two exploded during a test flight over california's mojave desert. one of the two crew members was killed. this happened just three days after an unmanned rocket blew up on lifted off in virginia. two serious blows to america's commercial space program in one week. ben tracy is looking into today's accident. >> reporter: the wreckage was scattered in pieces across a remote session of the mojave desert. it's what left of virgin galactic's spaceship two. two test pilots were on board. only one survived with major injuries. george whitesides is the chief executive of virgin galactic. >> space is hard. and today was a tough day.
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>> reporter: this was spaceship two in a test flight last year. >> release, release, release. >> reporter: today's accident came shortly after the space plane disconnected from its mother aircraft and fired up its rocket engine. the company had been testing a new fuel mixture that would give the craft the extra boost needed to get it into space. kevin mickey was in charge of today's flight. >> this was a new fuel formulation. again, it had been proven and tested on the ground many times. >> reporter: today's test flight was the 55th for the space plain planewhich was intended to be the first craft to offer firsts a suborbital trip. more than 700 people have already booked a seat at a price of more than $200,000 each for the two-hour experience. virgin galactic's owner, british billionaire and vrlture richard branson bought the first seat and has been passionate about the project since day one. >> ordinary people-- and i know $to00,000 is not an ordinary person but in time will be ordinary people-- will have a
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chance to become astronauts, go into space. >> reporter: branson tweeted his condolences and said he was flying to mojave immediately to be with the team. investigators from the national transportation safety board are on their way as well to help determine the cause of the crash that is likely going to be an extraordinary stet back for the budding commercial space industry. after years of delays and technical issues, virgin galactic thought it was dloas finally launching its commercial space business. had this test gone well here today, scott, they planned to do it as early as next year. that now is very unlikely to happen. >> pelley: ben tracy in the mojave desert for us tonight. ben, thank you. it turns out a self-destruct signal was sent to that rocket that malfunctioned tuesday. the rocket builder, orbital sciences, says the command was radioed as the anterez rocket was falling back into the launchpad in virginia on tuesday. we don't know what caused the unmanned rocket to fail. it was bound for the intirnld space station with 2.5 tons of cargo.
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today, in wichita, kansas, crews were notably to recover the remains of the dead from yesterday's plane crash. four people, including the pilot, were killed when a small plane slammed into a training facility at the wichita airport. the billion will have to be reinforced before bodies can be brought out. the pilot had reported engine trouble. people in northeastern pennsylvania tonight are breathing easier after the arrest late yesterday of eric frein, the man who allegedly ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers at their barracks seven weeks ago, was taken back to that barracks, restrained by the handcuffs of the trooper he is accused of killing. today, vladimir duthiers tells us that frein heard the charges against him. >> why did you do, it eric? why did you do it? >> reporter: a large crowd gathered, some shouting out to eric frein as he was escorted out of the pike county courthouse today. >> are you sorry!
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>> reporter: he had just been arraigned on first degree murder charges accused of ambushing and killing pennsylvania state trooper bryon dickson and wounding trooper alex douglass. lieutenant colonel george bivens was in charge of the search. >> it's difficult for everyone in the state police and particularly for the dixon family, but i think there's also a sense of release that this has ended, relief that there won't be anyone else injured in the course of this manhunt. >> reporter: frein was arrested about 30 miles from the state police baraks are the shooting took place and 11 miles from his family home. u.s. marshalls on parole found him on the grounds of an abandoned airport. they say he gave up without a fight though several weapones were found nearby. deputy scott scott malkowski is part of the special operations group who found frein. >> once i saw movement i told my guys suspect. they immediately fanned out, flanked him, and when he got about 25 meters he finally spotted us. he turned, looked at me, i identified myself and told him to get on the ground.
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>> reporter: over the course of the $10 million manhunt officers found a cache of victims enabled frein abandoned include a homemade bomb and a diary police say outlined the trooper shootings. for 11 weeks the intense search for frein disrupted life in this area. schools were often shut down and hunting season was postponed. >> when i heard it on the news and stuff, i was, like, wow, what a relief. i mean, it really-- you could physically feel it. >> reporter: many here are also relieved that canceled halloween celebrations are back on tonight, and, scott, as for eric frein, police tell us that the cuts and bruises on his face happened before he was in custody. as for prosecutors, they say they intend to seek the death penalty. >> pelley: vladimir duthiers, thank you, vlad. in maine, a nurse who deified the governor's orders to stay at home has been freed of her ebola quarantine by a judge. this is kaci hickox taking a walk today with her boyfriend. hickox returned to maine after
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treating ebola patients in west africa. she's symptom-free, but the governor wanted her barred from public places. vinita nair has her reaction. >> reporter: kaci hickox stepped out of her home feeling vindicated by today's ruling. >> i am humbled today by the judge's decision. >> reporter: on thursday night, the judge issued a temporary order restricting her movements. today, he reversed that, saying hickox can now leave her home as long as she is directly monitored for any symptoms of ebola. she must coordinate any travel with state health officials and immediately notify them of any symptoms. the judge said an in-house quash teen is not necessary to protect the pb. >> the three points that he is still recommending that i abide by, are three points that i believe is part of this good compromise that we can make. i have been compliant with the direct active monitoring that
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the c.d.c. recommends. i will continue to be compliant. >> reporter: hickox returned from sierra leone a week ago and was told to quarantine herself for 21 ds. yesterday, she deified that order, going on an hour-long bike ride with her boyfriend. maine's governor, paul lepage, says the decision puts individual rights ahead of public safety. >> i don't trust her. and i don't trust that we know enough about this disease toe so callous. >> reporter: in his ruling the judge said the court is aware of "misconceptions, misinformation, bad science, and bad information being spread from shore to shore." he said whether that fear is rational or not, it is present and it is real. and, scott, he asked hickox to guide herself accordingly. >> pelley: vinita, thank you very much. the biggest ebola outbreak ever continues to grow. new reports today show a total of more than 13,000 have been infected, almost all in west africa.
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there have been 4,951 deaths. only one of those deaths has been in the united states. but fear is leading to prejudice as jericka duncan found. >> reporter: oretha bestman-yates has shopped at this west african market on staten island for more than 20 years. a few months ago, there were 22 vendors here. today, there are just five. you said normally this place would be packed. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: but it's not. >> it's not packed because of the scare of the ebola virus. >> reporter: bestman-yates says she's watched west african business suffer since the outbreak of ebola in liberia. >> it is devastating. it's something that we can't even explain ourselves. we just try to hold our head up high. >> reporter: most here have lost friends and family to the epidemic overseas. no one on staten island has the disease, but that hasn't stopped the slurs against west africans in this neighborhood.
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>> people don't want to talk with you. you walk in the street, and they yell out, "african, go back to africa with your ebola." >> reporter: someone's ideal that out to you? >> oh, yes, it happens all the time. >> reporter: and it's not just new york. in connecticut, a family is suing the school district for banning their daughter from class after she returned from nigeria. in the bronx, two middle school boys originally from senegal, africa, say students have been harassing them with ebola taunts. and at navarro college in corsicana, texas, officials are not accepting applications from ebola-affected countries. for bestman-yates, the discrimination is just as hard to hear as the news from liberia. >> we don't know where the virus came from. we don't know how it was created. we just pray that people look at us as people and don't just stigmatize people because they are from a certain part world. >> reporter: bestman-yates says she is fighting the ebola stigma with words. she hands out pamphlets on the disease and talks to people on
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the street. scott, she believes the fear surrounding the virus can be diminished with education. >> pelley: and we've just gotten word that canada has banned travel from west africa from three nations there that have ebola. jareek athank you very much. today, a former marching band member at florida a &m was convicted of manslaughter in the hazing deathave drum major. 27-year-old dante martin faces up to 15 years. he was said to be the ringleader of the hazing ritual. robert champion died after walking a gauntlet of fist and drum sticks on the band's bus three years ago. four days now before the congressional elections, and our cbs news battleground tracker finds republicans have a better-than-even chance of taking back the senate. if they do, they'll control both houses for the first time since 2005. what would they do with that power? nancy cordes went to kentucky to ask one man who has the answer.
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>> reporter: if thing goes mitch mcconnell's way tuesday he will win reelection in kentucky and take controlave new g.o.p.-led senate. do you see your goal over the next two years as blocking the president's agenda or showing that republicans can govern in advance of 2016? >> the main goal is to see whether we can make progress for the country. >> reporter: the republican leader has clashed bitterly with the president over the past six years. >> never before has a president and a senate done so little. >> reporter: but in covington, kentucky, mcconnell told us he wants to end congressional gridlock and work with the president. >> i'd like to see him move to the middle and address issues that he says he wants to address, like trade agreements, like comprehensive tax reform. my members want to do that, too. >> reporter: white house press secretary josh earnest was skeptical. >> for the last six years, the president has spent his entire time fighting for the middle class in this country, and we have not seen that same kind of
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commitment from republicans in congress. >> reporter: mcconnell says he would also move quickly to pass conservative priorities, like approving the keystone xl pipeline, or rolling back a medical device tax that helps to pay for obamad care, bills that would likely get enough democratic support to make it to the president's desk. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with sending the president a bill that makes him uncomfortable. he doesn't own the place. congress is a factor, too. you know, we are elected by our constituents all across america. we need to have an impact on policy as well. >> reporter: mcconnell does have his own race to worry about first. but, according to our latest battleground tracker, he leads his opponent by five points. and, scott, over the past 30 years the mcconnell machine has developed quite a reputation for not leaving anything to chance. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thank you, nancy, very much. coming up next on the cbs evening news, generation x. has become a generation of renters. and later, san francisco salutes
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changes in urination, and runny nose. ♪ do the walk of life ♪ yeah,you do the walk of life ♪ need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga. and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. >> pelley: record highs today for the dow and the s&p, but the same cannot be said for the american dream of home ownership. the census bureau is telling us that ownership has fallen to
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nearly a 20-year low. jim axelrod went out to find out why this is a dream deferred. >> reporter: 45-year-old matt purdue has a 10-year-old daughter and a good job in public relations. what he doesn't have is a house, which is just how he likes it. >> i never have to deal with maintenance. broken pipes, cleaning the gutters. >> reporter: but this isn't just a question of convenience. >> i have so many friends who own homes that are still underwater since the financial crisis, can't sell their home, can't move, don't want to rent it out, and they're just miserable. >> reporter: purdue is not alone. homeownership is down across the board, but it's fallen most among gen-xers, those between 35 and 44, dropping from nearly 67% before the recession to 59% today. ownership among millennials, those under 37, fell as well, from 41% to 36%.
6:48 pm
realtytrac's daren blomquist. >> it's hard for them to believe that owning a home is the best way to building buildwealth anymore because they've seen in some markets home prices went down 30%, 40%, 50%, during the housing bubble and the burst. >> reporter: blomquist expects those rates to rise if a sustained economic recovery generates more security for millennials and x-ers. if not, they'll join matt purdue as members of homeownership's lost generation. >> to me, the american dream is freedom and having flexibility to go when your lease sup, maybe upgrade to a better place, and not be stuck in debt to a bank. >> reporter: blomquist says there is a flip when it comes to lending. it is the government looking to loosen lending rules and the bank asking for tighter requirements not wanting a repeat of a bifort houses bubble. >> pelley: jim, thanks very much pain subway train runs into
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>> pelley: in hawaii the agonizing wait continues. lava threatens the village of pahoa. the molten rock is within 100 feet of the nearest house but it hasn't advanced in 24 hours. still, hawaii's civil defense says the lava will move again and it could swallow up dozens of homes. there was a bit of trouble on the new york city subway. a big bit, actually. a construction worker operating
6:52 pm
a drill yesterday accidentally pierced the ceiling of a tunnel. the steel bit, 10 inches in diameter, narrowly missed a train carrying hundreds of passengers. it seemed as if most of san francisco skipped work today for a giant celebration. streets were packed and confetti mixed with raindrops at the victory parade. it's become a regular event. the giants have won three of the last five world series. madison bumgarthener got the biggest cheers when he showed off his mvp trophy. kids all over america today collected candy. you young ben pierce has been collecting memories. "on the road" with steve hartman is next. i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms
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viagra. talk to your doctor. if your doctor decides viagra is right for you... you can fill your prescription at your pharmacy. or, check out viagra home delivery, a convenient place to fill your prescription online and have it shipped at no additional cost straight to your door. viagra home delivery. get started at >> pelley: this is the weekend that most of the country sets the clocks back and gains an hour. it's payback for the hour we lost in the spring and a reminder, perhaps, of how precious time is. steve hartman "on the road," met a young boy who is determined not to waste a second. >> reporter: nine-year-old ben pierce of denton, texas, isn't
6:56 pm
blind. he's just preparing for that will havity. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: born 17 weeks premature, ben suffers from a condition that is slowly stealing his sight. he has already lost his peripheral vision, and his parents, dannd heidi, say the rest may soon follow. >> our goal became what can we help him experience to store up these memories and we sat him down and said, what, do you think would be cool to see? what's on your wish list?" are you a little excited? >> reporter: for the last year, the pierces have been crossing sites off ben's "before i go blind" bucket list. >> i see it! >> reporter: they have explored everything from the depths of arizona to high above alaska. from places they can go in their van-- >> austin capital. >> reporter: to faraway van goghs. >> guess who that is? the person over there? >> reporter: i have no idea. >> me, either. >> reporter: the kid is nine, which is also reflected in the list itself. >> we tried to stay very true to exactly what he said, and some
6:57 pm
of it was weird. he wanted to see the inside of a water tower. he wanted to see the inside of the apple store. and his enthusiasm about seeing these things, his-- his joy is contagious. >> reporter: today, it's chalk under a microscope. >> there we go. >> reporter: yes, that was actually on the list. >> and that's your chalk dust. >> reporter: his parents really are trying to cram in as many different visuals as they can. >> he'll be able to talk about what the ocean is like with his kids. >> and he will remember in his mind what that looks like because he was there before. >> reporter: it's a gift he may never be able to fully appreciate. at least so i thought. you realize how lucky you are that your parents are helping make all this happen? he considered that for quite a while, then asked me a question. >> do you have a pencil? >> reporter: as his parents later explained-- yeah, why? when ben find a question too emotional to answer, he prefers to draw it out.
6:58 pm
eventually, he hand meade a full shoot of doodles which includinged the word aroar aas in borealis. a little guy say, "wow." the words, "ipad from dad," and the inside of the apple store. and all this equals, "yes! i'm thankful." ben may be losing his eyesight, but he clearly sees what he's got. steve hartman, "on the road," in denton, texas. >> pelley: on monday, steve will have an update on last week's story about 19-year-old lauryn hill. she's terminally ill with cancer, but this weekend, she'll achieve her dream of playing in a college basketball game. and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. i'll see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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from all of us at wusa9 happy halloween! jesse matthew appears on a video link here in fairfax, the suspect in the hannah graham answering charges of abduction, attempted murder and sexual assault in fairfax. i'm peggy fox. i'll tell you how quickly this trial is moving forward. >> repor ter:i'm debra alfarone in northeast d.c. where an overnight axe attack has a neighborhood shaken and d.c. police chief worried for her officers' safety. >> i feel great. it's been a process. >> you heard it from the man himself, rg3 talking about the decision to get back on the field this sunday. >> yellow alert tomorrow. we'll track showers and rain and cold temperatures. we'll tell you when the rain roll out and look ahead to sunday. >> good evening to you. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. as trick-or-treater trickle back into their homes, 1 part of the d.c. area is about to explode with halloween revelers. >> whether or not you're
7:00 pm
participating in that fun, you could still get caught up in it. mola lenghi joins us live from georgetown. what can folks who venture out expect to see down there? >> reporter: georgetown is beginning to look, feel and taste a lot many are like halloween out here. we're beginning to see more and more folks out here in costumes. we're seeing an increased police presence, some police officers on foot and some of the traffic patterns are changing, especially some of the side streets that are connecting to m street. we're seeing different parking restrictions. you see some of the temporary signs up here in preparation for tonight's halloween celebrations out here in georgetown in d.c. with it being friday night that certainly is good for folk coming out to enjoy themselves, obviously no work or school in most cases tomorrow. so people will be out here celebrating harder than if it was say monday or tuesday night. with that in mind


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