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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 6, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: tonight a new turn in the ebola crisis. for the first time someone outside west africa contracts the disease. a nurse in spain. president obama tries to reassure americans. >> i consider this a top national security priority. >> pelley: reports from dr. jon lapook and manuel bojorquez. as an american allegedly planning to join isis appears in court, we talk to the f.b.i. director about home-grown terror. some people call individuals who are radicalized "lone wolves. " is that the biggest threat we face? accused copkiller eric frein is still on the run, but the police have found a letter they believe he wrote. don dahler on what's in it. and a wake-up call for high school drop-outs.
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michelle miller on a program that's giving them a second chance. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. until today everyone who had come down with ebola in the current outbreak had contracted it in west africa. well, that has now chained. we have learned that a nurse working in spain has caught the virus while treating a patient, a spush priest, seen here arriving in madrid from sierra leone on september 21st. the priest died four days later. the 44-year-old nurse became ill five days after that. dr. jon lapook is joining us. jon, we have been told that modern, western medicine can prevent contagion, but it didn't happen in this hospital. >> scott, you take a look at that picture. it looks like everything is being done right. they're gowned up.
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we were told this nurse only had two brief encountedders with the patient. i'm sure what the spanish authorities would love to see are the scenes not photographed. we know the big difference in real life between protocol and what is actually done. we saw that in dallas where the man infected with ebola came to the emergency room. he had symptoms of ebola and he told them that he was from west africa and yet he was mistakenly initially sent home. >> pelley: but there have been at least four or five patients treated in hospitals in the united states, and no medical workers have become ill. >> no medical workers have become ill. the total is now six, including three at emory who had really close contact. >> pelley: president obama got an update on the ebola crisis today. afterward he said the chances of an outbreak in the united states are extremely low, but he added, "we don't have a large margin for error." he said there will be additional screening of air travelers, for example. dr. lapook has more now about the u.s. response. >> i'm going to be putting a lot of pressure on my fellow heads of state and government around
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the world to make sure they are doing everything that they can to join us in this effort. we've got some small countries that are punching above their weight on, this but we have some large countries that aren't doing enough. >> last month the president announced a military mission to support the fight against ebola, but the mission is taking time to ramp up. goals included sending 3,000 forces. as of october 2nd, 231 were on the ground, training up to 500 health care providers a week. the training center will be operational by mid-month. building as many as 17 ebola treatment centers, each serving 100 patients. construction has begun on two, but completion is not expected until the end of october. rear admiral john kirby is the pentagon press secretary. are things moving along at the pace that you feel comfortable with? >> well, obviously we'd always like to be building more and doing more faster, but we do think that we're getting the resources in place. weather is a challenge. infrastructure in liberia is a
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challenge. the lack of paved roads outside of monrovia, that's a challenge. just over the weekend our construction people had to sit for hours and hours waiting for the rain to stop before they could finish their work on just leveling the ground. >> the number of ebola cases is doubling every two to four weeks. the rainy season is set to end in a few weeks. that will help in construction of the ebola wards, but logistical issues remain. >> pelley: we should mention the nurse in spain is in stable condition. jon, thanks very much. the condition of the only ebola patient diagnosed in the united states worsened over the weekend. manuel bojorquez is in dallas telling us what's being done to try to save thomas duncan. >> reporter: texas health presbyterian hospital announced doctors started using the after duncan slipped intoofovir critical condition saturday. the drug is taken by mouth and works by stopping viruses from
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replicating. though it has previously been used against smallpox and adenovirus, duncan's treatment will be the drug's first test against ebola in humans. >> today i issued an executive order. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry has formed a new task force dedicated to finding ways to fix flaws exposed by the nation's first ebola diagnosis. the most serious occurred when the hospital allowed duncan to go home after he first showed up with symptoms. >> there were mistakes made. there will probably be mistakes made in the future as we go forward, but the fact is i stand by the fact that the process is working. >> reporter: for clay jenkins, dallas county's top administrative official, making it work meant personally moving duncan's quarantined family members from their apartment. he took them to a new location without wearing protective gear to calm fears that ebola is easily spread, but he says the apartment clean-up was a problem. why did that take so long? >> finding people to clean,
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finding people to dispose of it, getting the permits was arduous and it's way too long. we have to speed that up. >> reporter: officials say duncan's personal items have now been destroyed. scott, this could be a critical time for ten people believed to be at higher risk of infection here. duncan has been at this hospital just over a week. ebola symptoms commonly show up within eight to ten days. >> pelley: manuel, thank very much. an american journalist who contracted ebola in liberia is in a nebraska hospital tonight. 33-year-old ashoka mukpo was working as a free lance camera man for nbc news. he'll be kept in a special unit designed to handle this kind of illness. another illness that has captured the nation's attention is the enterovirus which attacks children. well, today the c.d.c. confirmed 594 cases in 43 states. the confirmed death was that of eli waller of new jersey.
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the four-year-old stayed home from school one day last month with what appeared to be pinkeye. the boy died in his sleep. in another major story today, the u.s. supreme court cleared a path for an expansion of same-sex marriage. the justices let stand several appeals court rulings, and as a result, same-sex marriage will soon be legal in 11 additional states, bringing the total to 30 plus the district of columbia. here's chief legal correspondent jan crawford. >> same-sex couples from indiana to oklahoma to virginia were able to marry today just hours after the supreme court said it would not intervene. >> you may kiss your bride. >> the justices gave no explanation for why they declined to get involved, but for the past decade, the court has been laying the groundwork with other rulings protecting gay rights. led by swing justice anthony
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kennedy, the court last year granted federal benefits to legally married gay and lesbian couples. the ruling prompted conservative justice antonin scalia to make a prediction, writing in dissent, "how easy it is, indeed how inevitable, for lower courts to take the next bold step and strike down babs on same-sex marriage." scalia's prediction was right. appeals court so far have unanimously ruled the constitution prohibits states from treating gays and lesbians differently than head sexual couples. today's order does not legalize same-sex marriage nationwide but instead leads the issue for lower courts to decide. now, that would change if other lower courts that are now considering this issue, say in louisiana and ohio, were to reach a different conclusion. then the supreme court really would have no choice but to step in and resolve that conflict and decide, scott, once and for all,
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if same-sex marriage is legal across america. >> pelley: jan crawford outside the u.s. supreme court. jan, thank you. federa prosecutors say a 19-year-old from illinois who hoped to join the isis terrorist group in syria was arrested over the weekend while trying to fly out of chicago's o'hare airport. mohammed hamza khan, a u.s. citizen, was in court today to hear charges of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist group. investigators say khan left a note for his parents that said he felt an obligation to emigrate to the islamic state. f.b.i. director james comey says more than 100 americans have been caught going to syria or traveling there to fight and then returning. we asked comey about that in his first major television interview for "60 minutes." some people call individuals who are radicalized "lone wolves." is that the biggest threat we
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face? >> if people use that term, it's not one i like. it conveys a sense of dignity i don't think they deserve. these home-grown violent extreme itselfs are troubled souls seeking meaning in some misguided way. so they come across propaganda. they become radicalized on their own, sort of independent study, and they're also able to equip themselves with training, again, through the internet. then they engage in jihad after emerging from their basement. >> pelley: the name "lone wolf" offends you? >> it does. i prefer lone rat to capture the kind of person we're talking about. >> lone rat? >> yeah. >> pelley: comey also told us he knows of a dozen americans who have joined terrorist groups inside syria. he says f.b.i. knows their names and is tracking them. the white house tonight is working to smooth things over after some undiplomatic remarks by4 the vice president shook up the alliance against isis. major garrett has that.
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>> our biggest problem is our allies. >> reporter: following a speech last week at harvard university, vice president biden said saudi arabia, turkey and the united arab emirates had allowed extremist groups to flourish in syria all in the name of fighting the regime of bashar al assad and indirectly giving rise to isis. >> they poured hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against assad, except that the people who were being supplied were al qaeda and extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world. >> reporter: biden also committed the diplomatic faux pas of recounting a private conversation with turkish president recip erdogan, where erdogan admitted that foreign fighters were crossing from southern turkey to join isis in syria. >> president erdogan told me, he's an old friend, said, you're right. we let too many people through.
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now they're trying to seal the border. >> reporter: the white house worried biden's statements could undermine the newly formed coalition of countries fighting isis. turkey only publicly joined last week. when erdogan demanded an apology, biden complied, placing phone calls to the turbish president and the crown prince of abu dhabi. this is one in a long list of faux pas by biden. in that same speech, biden cursed about the limits of his office. [bleeped] biden gave voice to long-simmering white house frustration about the flow of arm, money and foreign fighters into syria. his mistake suggesting it was official policy of countries named. but, scott, the white house says it remains confident the new coalition will hang together even amid biden's candor. >> pelley: major garrett, thank you. an accused copkiller may have left a note for police looking
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here's don dahler. >> reporter: once again last night police believe they were hot on the trail of aircraft ache. theyonverged on a tree nursery where a man fitting frein's description was seen. dogs picked up a scent but they eventually lost the trail. state police colonel george blevins. >> the only way to confirm it is to have him in custody and ensure, yes, that is eric frein. >> reporter: police were reluctant to run after him for freer of booby traps. a number of handmade pipe bombs were found in an area authorities believe the fugitive had been hiding. >> a campsite was located within our primary search area. numerous items of clothing, food, ammunition and two explosive devices were located at that time. >> reporter: officials say frein has been living on tuna fish and ramen noodles. authorities still consider the 31-year-old self-taught survivalist armed and dangerous, so as of this weekend, hunting has been banned in the immediate area of the search. that has spoiled the vacation
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plans of many, including jsaban cabides. >> i have three blinds set up on my property. >> reporter: and you can't go to them now? >> i can't even step in the woods without being arrested. >> reporter: the weather is getting colder. trees are losing their leaves. now police can start using thermal imagery as well as helicopters to try to find the alleged copkiller. >> pelley: don dahler in the search area. don, thank you very much. we will be right back. i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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>> pelley: tha gps that helps us find our way when we're driving, turns out the brain that has one, too, cells that work together to help us remember where we are and where we've been. the team that made that discovery won the nobel prize in medicine today. john o'keefe is both an american and british citizen. nor wee gins edvard and may brit moser are husband and wife. today u.s. swimming suspended olympic champion michael phelps for six months because of his arrest for drunk driving. he will miss next year's world championships and his training money has been cut off. phelps is in rehab. geoffrey holder was a tony award-winning director, but many folks remember him best for the commercials he did in the 1970s for 7-up, the un-cola. >> these are kola nuts. they grow here. they're used to make
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cola-flavored soft drink. these on the other hand are un-cola nuts. they grow here, too. >> pelley: the voice is silent. holder died yesterday of pneumonia. he was 84. in a moment, a special boot camp that's helping high school drop-outs turn their lives around. she said, "dad, go pro with crest pro-health." [ male announcer ] 4 out of 5 dentists confirmed these pro-health products helped maintain a professional clean. crest pro-health really brought my mouth to the next level. [ male announcer ] go pro with crest pro-health.
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> pelley: the national guard has a mission most folks don't know about, giving high school drop-outs second chances. 80% of those who attend the guard's youth academies go on the college or a job. michelle miller checked out an academy near los angeles. >> let's go. get up! get up. hurry up j.get up. let's go j.get up, get up! >> reporter: this 4:00 a.m. wake-up call is like none these teenagers have ever heard. >> why are you just standing around? >> reporter: it's called shark attack. >> move it along. >> reporter: day one for these 16 to 18-year-old high school drop-outs. >> this day is going to be a long day. >> reporter: it's designed to set the tone, establish structure. >> right now. >> reporter: and let these rebellious teens know who is in charge. >> you don't listen to
6:55 pm
authority. that's why you're here. >> reporter: angel master, jeremy caesar, crista hopkins, adjekai stewart and 212 other students in this class have abused drugs, joined gangs and are desperate for help. if you listen to their story, you may understand why. >> me and my mom were homeless pretty much, sleeping in cars, underfreeway, in hotels. i was always on my own my entire teenage life. it caused me to drop out. >> i feel like the kay i turned 13, i decided i was a careless teenager. the day i turned 14 i became a delinquent. i got into seven fights my freshman year and three fights my sophomore year. i was on the thin line of being arrested and expelled at the same time.
6:56 pm
>> when someone tells you something so many time, you start the believe it. they always say, "stick and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you." it's so not true. words hurt so much, especially when it's by someone you love. >> i want to make my dad proud. he hasn't been in my life. it sounds backward, but i want to make him proud of the young lady he never took the time to learn. >> all right. this is your papers. you need to be responsible for it. mom doesn't hold it anymore. okay? >> reporter: their last chance at a second chance began in july. dropped off by parents or guardians, sometimes a friend or neighbor. each of them has volunteered to be here. saying good-bye wasn't easy for 16-year-old francisco lazo's mother cynthia. >> it breaks my heart, but it's for the best. i'm sure he'll come out a different person. i mean, he's great kid. he just needs help. >> it was really tough, hard to
6:57 pm
say good-bye. i didn't see it as a sad good-bye. i saw it more as a good good-bye. >> next candidate. what's your last name? >> reporter: they are split up into platoon, two male, two female. >> all you got to do is what? >> breath, sergeant, breath. >> that's it. all you got to do is breathe. we're going to think for you. >> reporter: for the next five and a half months, they will be told when to eat, sleep and go to school. no access to social media, television or contact with the outside world. >> we will make you faster. >> let's go. pick those knees up. >> we will make you stronger. >> keep moving, cadet. get up. >> we will make you healthier and windser than you have ever been in your lives. >> if you're going to do something, how are you going to do it, the right way or the wrong way? >> the right way. >> there you go. >> we will help you earn the credits you need to succeed and graduate from high school.
6:58 pm
most importantly, we will give you the skills necessary to go out there and get a job so you can take care of yourselves. >> yes, sergeant. >> this is hard core. if i can do this, then i can leave here and i can get what i need to get done. that's going to be the most amazing feeling, knowing that i can actually do this. >> reporter: even though sun burst is one of the most successful youth challenge academies in the country, it's estimated that 15 of these kids who started won't make it. and there are some big tests ahead. we'll be reporting on which students tough it out and scott which ones make it to graduation in mid-december. >> pelley: amazing kids, michelle. thank you very much. you can follow their progress on our web site. we'll have more information about them at and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captio
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two young women tie the knot minutes after same-sex marriage becomes legal here in virginia. i'm peggy fox. coming up, we'll take you to the ceremony. >> we'll be tracking another cold front on tuesday that will produce some showers and thunderstorms. we'll give you a timetable on that and let you know if we'll have to issue a yellow alert. >> right behind me, jason hatcher warming up. he appears ready. seattle seahawks in town. i'll have that story. and good evening, i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm derek mcginty. jan has the night off. this has been a historic day here in virginia. it is legal for same-sex couples to get married. >> the u.s. supreme court refused to return a lower court
7:00 pm
ruling. and within hours, couples rushed to the courthouses to tie the knot. >> peggy fox begins our team coverage in arlington. >> dearly beloved, we have joined together to join this woman and this woman in the holy state of matrimony. >> erica turner and jennifer are the first to same-sex couple to marry in arlington county. >> this kind of love requires that you are there for one another in good times and bad. >> reverend lynn olsen was ready and waiting to perform this ceremony after the couple bought a now legal marriage license. >> i, erica ivy turner, take you, jennifer k.melsoft to be my married wife. >> they have been together four years and have been engaged for a year and a


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