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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. it's going to rain this weekend, but many of you may stay dry. topper will explain. why were you running from the police. >> also put them up. we're busting through doors on a police ride-along to apprehend some of the area's most wanted. and the social security crisis finds new younger victims in their 20s and 30s. this is 9news now. it turns out it's even worse than we thought. the government now says social security and medicare are going to run out of money a lot sooner than it projected just last year. gary nurenberg reports to fix whatever that turns out to be is going to mean smaller checks for just about all of us. >> reporter: time is running out. the social security trust fund is projected to run out of money in 25 years. >> incoming revenues will be
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insufficient to maintain payment of full benefits. >> reporter: medicare 14 years away 20 24. >> are we going to have a major change. >> reporter: house republicans are talking about a voucher plan instead of medicare for future retirees. >> if nothing is changed, seniors benefits are going to get cut. >> reporter: but given the political cycle, both parties have agreed to keep social security reform off the table even though benefits already exceed tax revenue. >> when you have payments exceeding revenues, that means that you're in a deficit situation. that can't last forever. >> reporter: so change is coming. period. you're 60 or older. >> you've basically probably going to be all right. >> if you're younger, i think the real issue is that the social security benefit that has been promised that your parents got, you're not going to get that benefit. you will get a benefit. it will be a more austeer
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benefit and you're going to have to save more for retirement. that's inevitable. >> reporter: there is a lot of politics, but social security reform is inevitable. and whatever form it takes, expect to work longer and get fewer benefits than even promised because the promises are "completely unrealistic". >> oh, my goodness. so then which promises are going to be kept, gary? >> reporter: well, maybe the new promises, derek. he says to be fair, make the changes well in advance so younger generations can plan. phase it in over time so people can plan. but if you've got fare and politics in a 15-round fight, there is no guarantee that fair is going to win. >> no guarantee fair is going to win a round. tonight iowa's governor has issued a state of emergency for taylor county after this ripped through that area on wednesday. take a look. you can see this twister just
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tossing things all over the place. we actually heard that a boy survived this tornado by hiding inside a dryer. obviously not the best place to hide. thankfully it worked for him. for us, though, the weather is not going to be that bad. topper, it's still going to be a little tough. >> hiding in a dryer protects you from flying debris. it's heavy. quick thinking. let's start with live doppler 9000. derek, here is the deal. there is not much on it. you see a little bit of light rain, light showers, a little bit to the west of warrenton. but there is just not that much going on. there is say little drizzle here and there. that is going to be kind of the trend tonight and tomorrow. at least through the morning. so i think if you have little league games tomorrow, they're going to be played. nothing heavy is going to fall between now and noon. 61 in manassas. 62 downtown. 63 in leesburg. so that southeasterly wind has kept us kind of cool. so overnight mostly cloudy and
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mild. a few showers. some drizzle. low temperatures 55-60. and winds east, southeasterly at about ten. so nothing heavy tonight by any means. now, your wakeup weather on saturday, light activity in the morning. 6:00, 56-62. by 8:00, temperatures are just cool. but, again, nothing heavy. 58-64. and then by 10:00, 59-66 with some light rain, light showers, rather, or some light drizzle. we'll come back and there is going to be periods of the weekend when you can do some things and periods where you want to be indoor. we'll detail them in a minute. derek. >> thank you, top. a big show of support for the law enforcement officers who protect our families. this was the scene tonight down on east street and northwest. thousands of people taking part in a candlelight vigil for officers killed in the line of duty all across the country. leading tonight's gathering, homeland security chief janet napaltono. tonight's vigil, part of national police week. well, it is a real life game of cat and mouse, and prince
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george's county authorities are hitting the streets to put an end to it. a staggering 40,000 warrants for offenders on the run remain active tonight in prince george's county. ken molestina had a front row seat as officials try to put a dent into that monumental number one round up at a time. >> be real careful. watch each other's back. >> reporter: under the cover of darkness, a team of law enforcement officials took the street. the sweep included deputies from the prince george's county sheriff's office as well as officers from the police department. their goal, to rack up arrests and bring down the massive number of warrants that sit open. >> did you know you have warrants out for you? >> no. >> we have an extremely high number in the county. >> reporter: more than 40,000 countywide. the sheriff sergeant says they have had to take a different approach at bringing down the numbers in order to regain the confidence of prince george's
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county residents. >> we're doing everything we can to knock that down with the manpower. that's why we have to partner and use their resources. >> reporter: by partnering with other police agencies, more boots are on the ground. and more warrants are served. >> did you know we're looking for you? >> reporter: so how is it that so many warrants remain active in one county alone? sergeant cooper says one reason is those on the run from authorities know it and they're constant aly on the move. in -- constantly on the move. in most cases they leave their homes and go elsewhere, faster than the paperwork is done. >> they know they're wanted and they're able to take care of the business. >> reporter: for these men and women on the run, the road has come to an end. >> they got me for nothing. a traffic warrant that they claim happened this year. i just got a damn background check. so how do i have a warrant? >> reporter: this particular roundup netted about 15 arrests. let's talk some numbers so i can
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put this in perspective for you. in montgomery county, about 20,000 arrests remain open. over in fairfax county, virginia, with just over a number of people, fewer than 4,000. when this campaign began in prince george's, there were close to 50,000 warrants. now it sits at a little higher than 40,000. >> ken molestina, thank you. well, as expected, dc police reclassified a 12-year-old cold case as a murder. now joyce chiang's family finally gets answers as to how she died. she was last seen alive in 1999. she got out of a friend's car at 8:30 that night but she never made it home. the next day her wallet was found in anacostia park. two days later her brother reported her missing. the fbi were assigned to the case. they started looking around the park where her wallet was.
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an autopsy never revealed how she died. in late august of 2001, metropolitan police told her they thought joyce had killed herself but they never believed that. the case went cold until day when they officially classified her death as a homicide. and as the case closes, dc police are now placing more emphasis on outstanding old cases. the days of washington being known as a city of unresolved or unsolved murders is over. >> we have cases more than 20 years old, you're not going to get away with murder here. it's not that city anymore. >> right now dc police are on pace to solve about two dozen cold case murders. that's twice the number they solved just four years ago. the woman who helped run vincent gray's campaign for mayor has now testified she never paid any money to sulaiman brown. now, brown has alleged that the gray campaign paid him to
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verbally attack another candidate and then mayor adrian fenty. he said he was promised a government city job and he did, in fact, get a city job but he didn't keep it very long. lorain green told the dc council there was no wrongdoing on her part in the hiring of sulaiman brown. >> he was on the fast track to get a job and he got a job. >> i don't know about him being on a fast track to get a job. i know that what i was trying to do was to live up the commitment the mayor made that he would get an interview. >> green refused to answer questions about talking to campaign manager allen brooks about him paying brown. brown hold us lorain green perjured herself under oath. tonight more details emerging about the take down of osama bin laden. captured files from the raid include recent refrjss to
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targeting the -- references to targeting the u.s. president. u.s. officials also say there was a fairly extensive stash of pornography. it's modern, electronically recorded video. meanwhile the pentagon says they have questioned three of bin laden's widows living in the compound, but intelligence agents were not able to get any information. a double suicide attack in pakistan has killed at least 80 people and wounded more than 120 others. the bombing is the first major retaliation since the u.s. killed bin laden. the taliban blames pakistan for not killing bin laden. thousands have died because of the country's ties to the united states. well, there is an old saying in television. it's risky to work with animals or with kids. well, after the break, how this reporter learned that the hard way. plus, who needs charlie sheen? apparently not "two and a half men". a look at the show's replacement
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and sheen's reaction to it. you want to hear that one. stay with us. hi, i'm mark fisher, ceo of sport and health. rich amador, our capital one commercial banker really rolls up his sleeves to help keep our business growing. he's done hands-on research to better understand our growing cash flow needs. rich, i am very excited about what you've put together. and with the strength of the largest bank headquartered in the dc area,
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he's able to fiercely protect our bottom line. plus, he always looks for new perspectives on the club to help us grow. 75 by 16! [ laughs ] [ all ] what's in your wallet? the media loves a good food fight. >> tonight students in springfield, virginia, worried that their prom might get
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cancelled after a stunt about like the one you saw. a food fight yesterday happened. somebody pulled a fire alarm and now the principal calls the stunt very serious and senior pranks will not be tolerated, he said. administrators are now putting senior activities on hold until they can get to the bottom of this and they say it will be monday at the earliest before they decide whether or not to go ahead with the rest of school events, that would include the prom. so anybody remember when we used to give young people some leeway because, after all, they're just kids? lately that sounds about as old fashion as a chalkboard or a slide projector. now, we rave at the extreme examples because they remind us of our younger days. the food fight we told you about, the middle schoolers suspended for their coordinated gas attack on a bus and back in february there was that 14-year-old spotsylvania spit baller suspended for the rest of the school year. back in my day, you would barely get a note home for mom for that
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kind of stuff, much less any headlines. but how quickly we forget. back in my day, there had never been a columbine when all of a sudden everybody was in a panic and clammering for more school discipline. school officials responded. they crack down on the smallest offenses thinking it might keep a spit baller from escalating into something else. cutting the cheese is not a gate way to al qaeda and a childhood without a little miss which he vus behavior -- mikscheivous behavior. "two and a half men" has a new man. ashton kutcher sput.
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ashton kutcher is a sweelt heart and a brilliant comed i can performer. oh, wait, enjoy the show, america. enjoy seeing two point, oh, in the demo every monday. enjoy planet chuck. ashton, there is no air, laurt. >> sure, i'll pull it out over diner. production of "two and a half men" will resume with ashton kutcher joining the cast. charlie sheen was fired. sheen responded to the news saying kutcher is a sweetheart. >> he is going to be great. it's a whole new fresh person. it will be really great. >> no, it will be a return to the small screen for kutcher who has spent the last few years making movies. he first gained fame with the 70's show and the mtv show
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punked which he starred in and produced. >> he has his own sort of persona and reputation that he brings to anything that he does. >> kutcher is also a source of media. he twit ers what's the square root of 6.25. the answer two and a half. now that cbs and warner bros. has confirmed kutcheresr's new role, how will he interact with the rest of the cast? >> i'm curious to see how he fills in. in a statement kutcher released he won't replace sheen. according to the wall street journal, he'll make about $1 million an episode. caught on tape, a break in the cops just can't quite figure
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out. this is a state liquor store in ohio. it's closed for the night. a guy heevz a brick through the window. then he makes his way inside making a dash for it. wait for it. it's an empty gum ball machine. he ran right by the booze. right by the cigarettes. cash register, he didn't care about it. all he grabbed was the empty gum ball machine. we have no idea what that is all about. >> fraternity. >> fraternity. maybe he already had some beverages before he broke into the liquor store. also look what happened to richmond tv reporter brook morgan. this farm is home to a camel. >> this might not be a good idea. >> 3, 2, 1. >> two of the dogs are in isolation at han over animal control. they're still looking for the other two. meanwhile, other livestock owners -- . [ bleep ]
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>> get it out. . [ laughing ] >> were you rolling on that? >> yes, i was. [ laughing ] >> i can't get -- why are you eating my -- >> oh, yes. she said it right at the beginning. i don't know if this is a good idea. >> good idea. >> and sure enough, the camel, like i said, the old hair commercial does your hair smell delicious [ laughing ] . all right. we're looking at an unsettled weekend. not chamber of commerce. we got spoiled monday through thursday but you'll be able to get out and do some things. you can access live doppler 9000 any time. by the way there is something the radar should look a little different to folks tonight. if you can figure that out, go to our website, our facebook page and tell me what it is. a little bit of shower activity just south of town. but nothing is heavy. the light showers towards
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hagerstown. the west side of 270. heaviest thing we can find is west of warrenton. we'll zoom in on it. a little bit of heavy rain pushing off to the north and east. in fact, we'll widen back out a little bit. and then we'll tell you where it's going to go in the next hour. we don't anticipate really heavy overnight in the immediate metro area. this is going to just push off to the north and east. notice how it dissipates. crosses over 66. it will just be a light shower. no big deal. all right. we'll break it down. here is the deal. keep the umbrella handy. but, okay, nothing heavy on saturday. the little league games will be played. especially the morning games. heaviest appears to be saturday night. it's going to get warmer on sunday with a better chance of thunderstorms on monday as we go into the 70s. here is a look at the future cast. tomorrow morning a couple of showers south but notice it's all light green or dark green. pushes through saturday morning. light showers are possible.
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i don't think we're going to see enough to really cancel any games. we get a break. it's cloudy but no showers from leesburg to manassas. then we get towards saturday evening and, okay, now we see some more activity developing off to the south and to the west. and this pushes up to the north. that could be in the form of a thunderstorm up towards frederick as we get into late tomorrow night just before midnight. and then on sunday, you know, we're looking at a couple of light showers in the morning. but then we'll get a break too. and we'll be in reston town center for the march of babies. the march starts at 10:00, get there at 9:30. 11:15, the showers get pretty close but nothing super heavy. overnight, motionly cloudy and -- mostly cloudy and mild. winds east, southeast at ten. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy and mild. showers maybe a thunderstorm. temperatures in the 50s and 60s.
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and then by afternoon, mostly cloudy with showers. maybe a thunderstorm late. high temps around 70. want a silver lining with these showers and storms. air quality good and the pollen will finally go down a little bit. so your day planner 55-62 in the morning. some light activity. mild by noon. some light activity. 60s. and then 67-72 by evening with showers becoming a little more prevalent and perhaps a little heavier south and west of town. next three days, 70 on saturday. most heavy activity saturday night. sunday milder. thunderstorms come into the picture and then upper 70s on monday. next seven days, it stays unsettled monday, tuesday, wednesday. temperatures go back into the low 70s on tuesday and wednesday and then we're dry finally on thursday and friday. low 70s on thursday. and back in the mid 70s on friday. so if you get maybe a little break tomorrow, you can run out and cut the grass and come back in. >> thank you, sir. we'll be back with brett and
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sports after this.
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brett brett
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> tonight the nats got one of the most brilliant defensive plays you will ever see and they skwan erred -- squandered that in extra innings too. a shot to center field. and roger makes the magic fully outstretched. ice cream cone in his glove. you may not see a better catchall year. so we go to the 11th. tied at five. dobbs shoots one to right. avoids the tag with his hand over the glove. wilson ramos whips on the tag. that's crafty by the base runner and that's now the nats lose 6-5 to night. orioles in tampa taking on the rays. jeremy made two mistakes in this game. the rays blank the o's 3-0.
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no offense to governor o'malley and kal ripken but the most popular guy is the new head coach of of the terps. the coach took some time to stop by 9news tonight and chat with me. he confessed one of the reasons he took the job is that unlike at texas a&m where football comes first, in maryland hoops rules. >> it has everything to do with my decision because it's basketball country. whenever you make a decision am i doing the right thing. the last three or four days makes me feel like i've done the right thing. >> he's a really cool guy. gary williams will speak at the commencement ceremony which is going to have a distinct sports theme. turn your steering wheel to the left and hold it there for about three hours. that's how some nascar drivers describe racing.
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it's short. the monster mile, as they call it, is, well, a mile. whereas tracks like daytona are two and a half miles around. and guys like kyle busch has mastered the place. he won both the nationwide and masters last spring. if he wins again on sunday, he will likely be the point leader. time to show you our game of the week. and for that we take you to senior night at herndon against the chantilly chargers tonight. there is katie thomas. and then chantilly's alex sanbburning says if you can do that, i -- sangburn says if you can do that, i can do this. finally tonight, it's the most mindless task in baseball. lobbing the ball to the catcher four times to intentionally walk a guy unless you do that as
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kevin jepson did. as a major league pitcher fails at being able to have a catch. i mean, you're just really throwing the ball to another guy. >> i think sometimes you just lose concentration. >> or sometimes something is so easy that you make it hard. >> we'll be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with amazing innovation, driven by relentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪
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stay dry. enjoy the weekend. we'll see you next time. bye bye.
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