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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 23, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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bill: thanksgiving is tomorrow. peg,ing weigh in. keep the opinions to yourself. some trying to avoid all kinds of controversial sy subjebs that will lead to debate. not everybody is on the same page there. wait until youer that. the girl scouts of america advising parents not force their young girl's kids to hug their relatives. can you may gin thank giving
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without hugging grandma. we'll break it down tonight. i am bill speed gre. this is "chasing news." on halloween this year, tear terrorist took a truck and drove through a bike path killing eight a and jiang 12. the parents one man. the gile from west milford, new jersey. they are saying part of the game is bill de blasio and the new york city government. they gat lawsuit. diana has all the details. what do you got for us? reporter: this is where the 32-year-old was riding the bike on halloween before causing eight kills in the deadliest terror attacks. the suspects accused of renning a truck driving to the henry hudson bike which and later crashed at chamber street. protective barriers have since been in place but the family say that should have been done sooner? we are talking about a 33-year-old adult who was killed
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on a 32-year-old who had his full life ahead of him. butltler is a lawyer with the re marie arnold law firm based in new jersey. ons day she filed intonate sue seeking monitory dons from new york city's recreation department department of transportation and the hudson river park front an organization run jointly by the city in the state. butler'ses previous instance of the car droves on the path should have prommed organizations toes do more. this is a location where there was easy access to the bike path where there were at least 50 prior occasions where vehicles had entered the bic path. the city and state agencies had notice of this; however, nothing was done. >> new york city's law department called it tragic in a statement adding the claim will be earlier used the hudson river park trust declined to comment. mean while the suspect behind the attack was indicted ons day on murder and terror charges.
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see you cov liched in patteron, new jersey, but or lg friday uzbekistan. dime u.s. legal lynn 2010 through not lott ry program. am diana black recording for chasing news. bill: all right. let's bring in the a-plus panel to break this down. always good see you. congratulations. you are now newly elected to the new jersey assembly. let me start with you. we are talking about a lawsuit good forbid that you lose your season to this. the to voice tragic why on the book in the first place. losing weight, getting the life in order. he is dead. i don't think so. i think this is something that is just unforeseen circumstance. think heartbreak force the family. quite honestly. my son just lost a whole bunch of wait, getting his life back together. i cannot imagine. >> peeyon the horror as parent. i am torn on this. i have to tell you. can't we put the blim on bill de
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blasio. he is at odds with the new new k city police department. the guy has led the church on law enforcement and the punishment of the arrest of little crimes and the complaint. i dop know. listen. from a legal standpoint. there is some bars here they will street goget to including the tragedy. i couldn't i and gin where i would be and what i would be doing but there are legal impediments to what the family able to do and legal impediments and folks pointed out the fact they made upgrades after thence dent, right that he is not a legal setting there could be some good that comes out of it? f. this family through the litigation or through settlement of the lit is going is able to raise awareness of this and change the ways we do approach the pedestrian safety and frankly and there is good this comes out of this. it is it time that people do take this. what do you do if you got weak pollses not end forking the will you and maybe there is a case if the legislature is pot going to do it if the council will pot dot and the mayor is not going
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to dot. >> we come blaine the courts legislateing the bench. we cannot vit both ways. bill has good point there. if some good coming oft it. that's the family is looking for. thanks, guys. >> there is a tidal wave of sexual harassment allegations hitting not just hollywood, but the political in washington, d.c. and it is not just on one side of the aisle. it seems everybody is exposed right now and im paing the election and current office hollers. peter doocy has the story. peter? peter: well, by god we'll vote for him anyway. that is where on, people. that is wrong. >> democrat doug jone took the post direct shot yet at roy moore in a packed town hall tuesday. moores as could of inappropriate contact with several women, some of whom were under age at the time. >> conservative voices. putting children and women over parties. doing what is right. >> moore has doe nied all allegations in an interview on
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alabama cable tv and said his team is look into legal action against the aothers coulds. >> you cannot prev a negative. you cannot remember what you did 40 year ago but remember what you didn't do. he will tell you, didn't have any wrongful relationships, any engaging in sexual misconduct. >> should moore win, he will join congress under fire. senator al franken remains in seclusion after he was accused of sexual misconduct and john conyers the longest serving member of the house is facing a house ethics committee investigation. conyerss accused of skly harassing two female staffers then settling any lawsuits to taxpayer money the claims are false still other lawmakers are calling for change. >> we have to bar tax dollars going to pay for effect lovely private misconduct. >> people are here. a the taxpayers should not ob in
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the hook for that. president trump has yet to endorse moore for senate but he has not ruled out campaigning for him in the coming weeks. in washington, peter doocy, fox news. bill: it is the holiday season. that means a lot of interaction with friends and family but before you decide to give gland that hug, the girl scouts of america said hold on a minute don'tforce the little girl to hug relatives saying it could lead to young girls geeing wrong impression that may be physical contact is a part of reward for somebody, well, let's say cooking you a thanksgiving dern. we have to break down. let's bring in a parenting blogger. first all of, welcome to chasing news. >> thanks. thank for having the. >> i got ask you. i have to. on three this morning. i talked about this. i had kind of exploded thinking we the gone a little bit far telling parents they cannot have young girls hug their relatives. where do you stand? reporter: well, first of you a,
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we are an afekation fate almost there is nothing wrong. i believe the issue is forcing children that they prefer not to. really leaving enough. >> couldn't we be forcing kids to do everything. >> had to force our kids to purchase their teeth, we're a coat, pe we had to force my son sometimes to wear pants stead of shorts even thought is 30 degrees out. well, you force stob eat their vegetables why not force them to show affection to a family member. >> first of all. this is a safety issue. really arming them with tools to handle and protection. >> maybe, maybe there is emplication out there that you know a family member could be a ped doe still into what do you mean? reporter: mo. no. think in general. across the board they don't have to have physical tough. bill: could you force a fist bump? ing that is all right?
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is there a line? reporter: i think it really needs to be up to your child. my kids love to hug. they are affectionate. i think that your child feels, i am not comfortable with that. >> thank you, car carp. happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. all right. bring back the a plus panel of ser lean in and bill. i hear this and again, how, my head is going to explode a second time today. >> absolutely. >> yeah. i am taking deep breaths. >> ok. >> i not the only one. >> you know, we are not, it is not, it is the grandmother. how do children learn about love and affection unless they are shown love and affection? they have to see this. we don't know anything when we're born. we learn everything we need to know. yeah. we're not saying go head creepy uncle fred. >> i think, as somebody and i am
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seeing my brothers this weekend. non-hugging. rejecting the whole hug in general. probably more germaphobe than anything else. you know, there is a different conversation you want to hear, too. i think more about kids and a ren, right. i had these conversations with kids maybe not right in front of the adults. are not comfortable of doing it or whatever. look. why are we sell teg girls? what about boy ifs we want to keep this lesson. the other side, you bridge up this point. i remind my kids of everything. pick up your sock. >> do you remind them or force them. >> let's not look here. >> we remind first. a, if you don't want to brush your teeth, that is fine. >> no. when they don't, go brush your teeth. right? >> right. >> but you got do that with children. bill: my dad would force pe to shake hands with people that were woo visit our house and i learned at six years old not only shack but shake like a man, firm. that is it. look them in the eye. >> my three boy will blow by
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their grandparent and they won't ply. if you say hello to grand ma and papa. did you have those conversations this that is what parents do. are you remine them. you are forcing them to have a bodily interaction with somebody. he is actually. >> interactions that bodily interaction as you call it that. it has become a negative. a negative. where we're in our society. >> come on. hug grandpa. happy thanksgiving. than. we got a lot more "chasing news" coming up tonight. thanksgiving coming up tomorrow. the do's and don't. we'll break it down for you. pass turkey. keep the opinions to yourself and dan zarrow will have the freezing holiday forecast. >> bill, for those outside today. you already know the being story as we head to thanksgiving holiday weekend. cold out there. thursday morning is going to be cold. even during the day, it he going to be chilly. we talk temperatures, of course let you know what to expect through the rest of the holiday
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>> welcome back. ness that giving is coming up ons this all of the we talk a little bit the do's and the done's of the thanksgiving dinner conversation. what to avoid and what to embrace. all right. first, let's talk actions. we got a new governor coming in taking office in the middle of january and around there is some
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disdissatisfaction among fellow democrats. a guy has been be moon pretty much every single tax end cress over the past decade now sayingette may be time to het the pause button. we'll bring in a political expert, attorney, and publish herb of the blog. >> to you my friend. now i got to ask you. i realize a talking point, 115 time they raised the taxes. forget that. i think there is a bigger issue at play here. you got a democratic governor coming in who won fek ofly on the issue of raising taxes saying we'll raise that ref nu and fully fund education and what do you make of this president saying, oh, hold on. >> the importance distinction here, bill. don't think he won on saying he will raise tax. he won and lie which somehow he could pay for 75 billion in new spending are without raising tax. it is impossible.
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democrats by senate president steve sweeney. they are dumb they knew better. they knew it was hot going to work but lied to the voters during the electionance stood by silently while murphy and now we're stuck with this gy for four years and pump the bring as really. >> blaming president trump and the republican congress. because you are going to lose the state and local tax deduction that is forcing our han and we cannot raise taxes. >> stupid nonsense, bill. that is what it. senate president caucuses a you pointed out has race are raised tacks over 100 times and run up to chris christie tenure. ok. there is reason why we have such state local taxes which is why new jersey doesn't benefit more than it already would for federal tax reform. if they want to make it hurt less, instead of eating a bump of turkey this week they should go back to the halls of power, shut the door, cut the spending,
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low are the state. >> all right t. thanks, mt. math. happy thanksgiving. enjoy the holiday. let's bring the a plus panel and breakette down. al free holder in monmouth county and a newlogical elected member of the new jersey assembly. congratulation. welcome. >> bill caruso, bill, it is your party. we'll start with you. >> it seems to me that we have interesting situation going on. you got a governor. i said he won on raising taxes because he said i will stick it to the millionaires and many working class voters. let the rish guys pay for it. it may not happen. we'll see. people forget sometimes we have a governor and one of the most powerful before nors in the nation but there is a state legislature that you got to work through. then, that is where a lot 6 the work happen, right. you have pair trans is a massive effort happening between impact new jersey and potentially in a negative which and at the federal level. we don't know what that he going to be yet. the house has a plan at thele from level. so the senate president said, by
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the way, something is not going happen anyway. let's take a look. do you think the new governor is mad at him. it is a rowing democrat out there. no, till yu. they having a dialogue together. there is a public dialogue we're going on. there is a private dialog and sweeney and others are all having. what do you make of this? >> have been the local government now a part of the legislature come january. the trillion tax cuts look they are going to going there and we may lose that state and recall tax teeduction. what does it do? well it may create a gridlock. think the republicans certainly are not going to support any. hope think are polt going to support any tax increase, then going to be different levels of similarly what is happening elsewhere. i think that you know, we are going to have to found a best, best way to take care of south carolina. in the end, this is going to go, it may help us the end. you know? that butting on the brick i appreciate. very much. >> we'll see gridlock sometime. thanks. >> thanks.
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thanks giving is coming up in a matter hov of hour and some folks are saying you know what? be careful before you sit down the dern bus it is fraught with parrel. a self-proclaimed row to call and etiquette expert said you got to be strategic about what where you sit, what you talk about. don't in gag in conversations that could lead to debate. talk about neutral top k, sport, movies things like to. i spent a little bit of time on the radio show this morning saying i think that is ridiculous. it feels look we have lost our ability to cons have with anticipate other. so let's bring you are in our ex per. we got dr. jeffrey who is a clinical psychologist. always good to you have. how are you? >> my pleasure. happy thanksgiving coming up. happy thanksgiving to you, too. so i have to be honest. he heard the clip. my head almost ex plod. what do you think? >> le, i think, think i partially right. in that trying to half gate some of the conversations but i think
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you should navigate the conversations with being extremely positive. k, we are a fractured community. we have a fractured america i think the thanksgiving table is a great place to come together and to talk in a positive manner about thing thises that are making us crazy. >> well, what constitutes too star in what point do you say, woe, dial it back. well, our people started screaming at one another they start disrespecting one another and where no one is learning. i am all for talking about the delicate subject but let's do it in a way that is respectful. because thanksgiving dinner is about having a good time. >> thanks, always great to see. youp pi thanksgiving. we'll talk soon. >> thanks? are, bill. bill: let's bring back the a-plus panel. so much to talk about. we have these conversation on this show every night. we do it without calling anticipate other names and fighting anthro things. billion, your thanksgiving experience.
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what do you think? leave it to officials. i have, i have a deal in my house. you probably have this, both of you have to deal with this, too. you have one relative, oh, so you are involved in politic. you end up in a debate. in your professional life it is one thing. when you are sitting around din, he i have a way to steer the conversation back to something neutral without making a scene. >> sade: try to take every subject back to politic. >> well, that is surprise. >> same at my house. the biggest argument is when the cauliflower should get put in the oven, who he is cleaning up enough dishes. other than that, everything goes. the idea here, i think we're literally losing or way. we are having a hard time. no i, you have a space at the thanksgiving dinner table. i agree him. the best place to interact on real issues is with the family. >> family is a great is, too. i am raising three little boy am my 12-year-old will engage and my 12-year-old has adopped some liberal views shockingly enough,
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bill. my father, his grandfather is conservative t. the two of them will have debate. my mom tried to interrupt. no, mo. we love it. it is great. the two of them may off of each other. there is a good way to have this i could be of conversation. >> the kid learn. as long as it doesn't escalate where there is a food fight going on. bill: right. don't throw food. no name calling. that is it. all right. thank you. bill, thank you. happy thanksgiving, guys. >> grateful that let's check in with dan zarrow with your weather. dan. one of the most important biggest forecast of the years the thanksgiving holiday weekend. as we have been discussion all week. there is no travel issues to worry about no mat when you are come org going. there will be ups and is on the forecast in tonight is definitely a down. especially term ins of those temperature. is getting cold out there. some chilly air working the way in. just in tim for thanksgiving and if you are going to go a football game oar pay rid or anything outside, both tonight and through the day on thursday. you will certainly want to bundle up. temperatures tonight nal the mid
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to upper 20's across most of the area. some 30's sprinklele in as well. most of us will experience a free overnight. clear skies. calming winds expected, too. during the dy thursday. we stay chilly. is on the mid 40's. we'll see some good sunshine with maybe some extra clouds building in later on. i think thank giving day will stay dry with light winds. fridays warm up a bit more to around 50 degrees with lots of season sheen. actually liking this forecast. it will be a pretty nice late november day for black friday shopping frenzy. on saturday, the warm-up continues? ear tee maybe 60 degrees. how about that? well, mild. there is a chance for some rain on saturday. it is a coin flip forecast right now. so done be surprised if there are some raindrops around. looks liability is going to stay cold on monday. have yourself a safe and happy thanksgiving. i am meteorologist dan zarrow. bill: coming up on "chasing news," all your headlines including this one, don't let
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this happen to your thanksgiving turkey if you are thinking about deep-frying a turkey. pay close attention to the fire department's public service announcement.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." he am bill spadea. here is a look at the headline tonight. including this. don't let this happen to the thanksgiving turkey. >> the rockets stepping out for quick rehearsal before thursday's macy's thanksgiving day parade. the parade set to have 17 giant balloons. earlier week shall mayor ashored north carolinaers that the city was doing everything it can to coop the day safe. >> there will be street closure. there will be things we have to grapple with as new yorkers, we can deal with that. bill: here is thearly reminder from the hillsboro county fire department. if you flon deep-fry the turkey this year, be extra care. water and grease can cause
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instant reaction like to fireball. defrost the bird completely, drit before you cook. also don't over phil the flyer with degrees and keep a fire extinguisher handy t. that is a look at headlines we're chasing today. >> ok. things that are getting just a bit ridiculous. now you are telling parents not have their kids and relatives and experts weighing in telling you what you should and should not be talking about on thanksgiving. it is outrgous. if as it is civil we cannot have discussion about issue wes don't agree on where are we as a society? let the tell you something. you cannot handle an adult conversation, where don't show up at the relative's house because it is absurd that adults sitting around the table over thanksgiving who are related and who are friends cannot have a heaningful discussion about what impacts their daily life. i say embrace politics. embrace realmost gone. talk about convotres, subjects
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becauses the are the people that you ought to be talking abouts the subjects with. don't be afraid of an uncomfortable conversation. vit. don't go too far. no way tron throw bunch or call names. have adult conversation. enjoy your thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the family. have a great thanksgiving
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♪ live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 11:00. counseling down to thanksgiving already here we are. we've got you covered from weather and traffic to holiday shopping. thank you for joining us i'm lucy noland a lot on the menu tonight we begin with a man robbed at gun .10000 dollars in cash stolen. our dave stratt wise sr. joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters with the story you'll see only on fox. dave? report roar lucy, detectives


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