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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 14, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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>> as if the mta needed any more trouble, check on this video, a mta worker dragging a drunk off the train, with inevitable -- we in drunks and homeless, should cops step in. >> new jersey going to pot. new governor-elect coming in, he has legislature behind him, they want to legalize marijuana. and ivanka trump in new jersey talking about new tax plan. >> we need a tax coat to reflect modern reality. bill: it will save you money? it might, we'll talk about it later in the show. and it is freezing. it is going to continue, dan zarrow will have details, i'm bill spadea, this is "chasing
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news." >> u.s. senator bob menendez on trial for corruption and rub bribery. >> ale jurors save one, had been deliberates since monday. and i would hope that at the end of the day after they finish tomorrow, that those who continue to believe in my innocence, will stand strong. bill: mark is in newark at courthouse, what do have you. reporter: exciting day here, judge william, instructing jury to come back tomorrow after the jury passed a note to the judge saying we're deadlocked. bill: have you ever seen anything like this, usually you hear about a deadlock jury that is it. we'll go back at this. have you seen it before? where the judge -- what make them hash it out? reporter: yes. interesting this morning, the
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judge spoke to all 12 jurors, and all 4 alternates. asking them a general question, did you talk among yourself about the trial, and did you hear anything regarding media coverage. out of the 12, 4 said yes, we heard something. out of 4,ally it nat alternatesy were taken to chambers and questioned about what they heard or did not hear, the judge decided we're to start afresh, begin deliberations again. several hours later, the jury passed a note to the judge saying we're deadlocked. regardless, judge instructing jury to return tomorrow at 9:30. to begin delibbin deliberation . bill: is she give -- do you think she giving one alternate
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more than one day to figure it out? >> certainly, this is a complicated matter, it makes good since that juror that alternate juror needs to be brought up to speed, they are now part of regular jury. bill: all right mark joining us again tomorrow night on "chasing news." >> thank you. bill: is new jersey going to pot? that is right work. we have a governor-elect he has vowed to sign a bill, to legalize recreational marijuana. legislature has tried this but governor christie had vetoed it, now have you alleg ledge light - saying it time to legalize pot. reporter: for people over age of 21, murphy is banking on 300 million in sales tax revenue.
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partnerinpartnering worked withr in massachusetts, when state legalized marijuana to turn medical recreational dispensary nonprofits to for-profits, said there would be a lot of pot holes when it comes to passing regulation in new jersey. >> i think it will take a while to ramp it up, i think you are talking about a couple years, ii know that is disappointing for some, they have to enact legislation, then adopt regulation, and qualify the licensees. reporter: some economists say legalization would cause price of marijuana to drop. price of that collects the user submission indicate new jersey highest quality cost $345 an ounce average, and in colorado high quality $2 42 an ounce. >> i am ashley johnson reporting
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for "chasing news." >> thank you. >> all right bringing in our panel to break it down, lauren nanos is back with us, lawyer and legal columnist, and bob bianci . and joining us, brand-new misty maris, a trial attorney, trial attorney, legal pot. sounds like all this discussion of price going up or down, new jersey can't seem to get a handle on what they want to do. >> you know, an issue is how much do you regulate the rbs business aspect of growing legal marijuana, have you seen this in different states, they are struggling with the issue and how that impact the price. it makes a difference. bill: bob, does this put law enforcement on defensive potentially, we talk about broken window theory of crime, and policing and newark, they drive the crime down by
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arresting people for small crimes. >> i think that phil murphy is connectioning this marijuana issue with criminal justice reform, we don't as prosecuters and police have resources to continue to put team in state prison for low level offenses like marijuana, we know that everyone is doing it anyway, only person benefiting by that is the drug dealer. bill: do you agree as an attorney, drug dealers are benefiting, but think. that cost at a dispensary $400 an ounce, you buy on street $300. >> i think that is a problem, you point to really heart of matter that is what needs to be changed right away in new jersey. it is medical marijuana. that is more important, really should be handled immediately, and recreational use, i think that is a complex matter, agree with bob we don't want to waste our law enforcement resources.
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but you know, i think -- >> it does whether when it comes to driving under the influence. >> it does, they should regulate it. and make sure that profit goes to putting police officers and d.a.r.e. officers in school, and education about responsible use of the drugs. >> okay. thank you. >> tma, more trouble. the video of an employee dragging a drunk off of the train. that, a couple weeks ago, "new york post" had front page cover of a guy slipping under the seat -- sleeping under the seat, a growing problem, i don't have to tell you, the problem is in front of you, when you are on the saab way. the question is, what are cops going to do did dr. it? cold winter is here, that makes it ways we check in with diana, what do have you? reporter: new york city mayor office said that subway are among safest this stay, but
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those working on the train say. >> safe from what crime? gun crime, yes. but let's talk about all assaults that happen. reporter: thompson is a conductor to the mta, and this what he faces, drunks and homeless people passed out, refusing to get off of the train before returning to yard. >> we deal with a lot behind the scenes, with passengers getting aggressive, you wake them up, they alike they are in their home. they get aggressive with us, beer juswe're just doing your j. reporter: this photo, shows a homeless man sleeping beneath the commuter seats, then this video captured by claude harris, a worker is dragging and kicking a sleeping plan on the train, that worker has been removed. but transit workers say it further under lines their need are in back up from mta and nypd. they want cops assigned to all
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subway stations to assist in passenger removal. >> i love coming to work, i don't like whether there is no change. mta is not protecting us or riders. reporter: thomson has gotten attention, he founded progressive act, hosting rallies outside of the headquarters, but nothing he said has changed. now in a statement, nypd said hey patrol the subway stations, and call 911, mayor's office said that homeless people cannot be ejected. just because they are facing hard times, no ward from the mta, diane areporting for "chasing news." >> all right, thank you, diane abringing the panel back in talk about video, and those guys dragged off, i thought that the worker was calm, question, where are the cops? >> well this puts new york city on notice, that mta is not
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necessarily capable of handling these situations, we just saw it in the video. police should be called in. when you have someone, you can't wake them up. it is not appropriate for a mta worker to drag them off, this is a safety concern for the worker and the parent. bill: do you leave them there? >> you call. >> i agree, you have to treat this person with respect. you don't know if they are having a medical even or if they are dangerous. you have to have a policy with mta working with nypd, saying -- this is what we need to do. >> as a rider, they were probably happy, get that drunk off the train. train. >> it may be true, but making other parent passenger happen it goal of law enforcement. bill: every is miser able. >> that may be. but really, i think what they
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said it correct, good training, and access to police. mta professionals are need paid to drag people off. bill: i say, grab them off the train. >> thanks. >> coming up "chasing news," ivanka trump is in the area, she is pitching a tax plan. it could save a lot of people a lot of money, we'll have details. dan zarrow, has your forecast, it has been freezing all weekend. do we get a break? >> a lot of cool temperatures to talk about for the week ahead, i prefer to talk about the one sunny day, and almost warm, i'll tell you which day that is. and we'll talk about cool
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>> welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, with your freezing forecast coming up with dan zarrow it is getting colder. but first, promises, promises, promises. governor-elect murphy traching was omrfmurphy is takingoffice e is already promising a lot, we bring in our panel. according to -- there was a list of 19 huge promises. what do you think? >> i am sure some are realistic,
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minimum wage hike is, we're talking about a small increment, i think 15 cents. i really hope that his promise to change the funding in new jersey school district, really hope he makes god that. god rest ye merry god -- good on that. i would like to see him stand behind that promise. bill: he not only testing. why drive that home as your first priority. >> my sister is a teacher, my niece is a teacher, i have done nothing but listen to over years chagrin in classroom people about the park testing and standardize testing, they are not allowed to take care of each student and engage their individual progress. i think he is on to something, this is say direction -- this is a direct, a right direction.
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bill: hig talking almost $10 bin a year intending. spending. >> they croft money. bill: -- they cost money. >> it seems that he is campaigning for 2020, catering to a very left wing democratic party. >> absolutely not. >> what. >> that crazy. >> he wants to make stronger, fairer economy. for all, residents. bill: absen except for small businesses. >> if we can't in the direction he is talking about in next 15 years we will have a middle class with more money in their hands, he has been saying many millionaires saying they are willing to give their share so middle class families, and businesses. we know that theory of trickle down economic does not work. bill: except the times it did
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work. if you tax millionaires, 100% of income they don't have enough to pay for what he is promising. >> let's turn to taxes. specifically a new plan working its way through washington. i am joined now by congressman tom mckmarter today, at jersey shore was joined by ivanka trump, and treasury secretary steve mnuchin, to discuss the trump/republican new plan to lower your taxes. congressman, welcome to "chasing news" how are you. >> good to be with you. bill: we caught you on your way out. on your way back to washington. tell me, what was the significance of today, you had ivanka trump, and treasury secretary, what happened? what are you promoting. >> you know, right, i am in my pickup truck on my way to dc. i reminded them, these are
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working families, they need to understand when the plan will do for them and the state. and we really had a good discussion about helping working families, and businesses of all size, small, and big. bill: there seems to be a disconnect with some positions that some take to oppose the tax refortthe taxreform package, sas away deduction worry those with their own businesses and child care deductiontions, what do you say? >> well, look at what happened in last 30 years, more loopholes get created, every time they get created, rates go up for everyone else. so we're trying to go from a high rate, high loophole system to a lower rate less exception
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system, we can't touch anything without anyone getting upset about it we're trying to preserve the things that we believe are most important for our society, encouraging homeownership with the mortgage deduction. >> what is ivanka's role in this. >> she was involved in increasing child tax credit. that is one thing we too in bill, and we add a new credit for nonchildren depend, if you need a grandparent to live with you, she was involved with that. bill: congressman thank you. >> appreciate your time, good luck, and drive safe. >> as we approach mid point of november, normal highs for the time of year about 55 or 56, right now wir we're below, that notable exception will be thursday of that week. no major storm systems on the
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horizon, maybe a shower in coming days, tonight will be chilly, with lows in low to mid 30s. we could see a freeze, any left over puddles from monday rain could freeze over there could be light icing tuesday morning commute. tuesday, clouds in the sky, hopefully breaks on the way, highs to upper 40s, still below normal. wednesday, closer to 50. with mix of clouds and sun. there could be a shower late day on wednesday. and that leads to thursday, the niceests day of the week, it will be breezy, maybe blustery. but we'll enjoy sunshine, highs thursday, 60. and cool weather is here to stray for a while. how long? next 10 days that take us to thanksgiving. good news that there are no major storm systems, as any storm system could bring a
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chance there are snow, something we'll watch right threw. next week. i am meteorologist dan zarrow. >> here is a look at headlines here with chasing, alabama senate candidate, roy moore under attack against a fifth woman has accused him of sexual misconduct. he appeared with attorney allred. >> mr. moore, reached over and began groping me. bringing his hand on my breast. reporter: senator republicans are asking moore to drop out of the rate amid the allegations. >> penn state university, investigator recovered new video that was deleted by a from ter night -- fraternity member that involved games with heavy drinking. >> nypd releasing this video of a thief who allegedly stole high price photo prints last month.
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on friday, prints were mailed back to museum. this video shows woman who police believe is mailing the photos back. >> gq magazine with 2017 man of the year, collin kaepernick, recognize as citizen of year, wonder woman, taking cover as wonder woman of the year, and nba star kevin durant is champion of the year, st stephen colbert, bad mom pre of -- mom buy of the year. >> on chasing news, your sports, giant how low can they go? ♪ you need to survive much more than the cold to be a polar bear plunger. it takes courage, bravery and heart. each year these winter warriors jump to frozen glory to raise money for special olympics pennsylvania athletes
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, sports, bringing in george condo yo in e gronkowski. >> it looks like a limbo dance
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with giants every week, they get lower and lower. cosaying that head coach ben mcadoo is still head coach ben mcadoo. assessing his status and the team status at the end of the season. jenkins looked silly, how can you tell? yesterday no different, he did not show up with two big touchdowns, giant lose again, very embarrassing 35-21, jets facing their former quarterback ryan fits patrick in tamp rah, a boring game. full of fieldgoals at the end of the game, 15-10, tampa wins that, jets are 4 and of and 6. >> baseball, aaron judge of the
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yankies no surprise,al rookie of the year, cody bellinger of dodgers gets the award in national league. >> at home, with protests football, we have woody's roadside tavern in farming dale, new jersey, they turned off football for veteran's day week, and invite is is family and friends to raise money for military charities, they packed it up. 300 to 400 supporters showed up. and a great day sunday, we were invited to visit. staten island i met some crew, officers at devil a game. they invited us to tour the ship, what an experience. inspiring for everyone that is your day in sports back to you. bill: all right, great, great to see there is money in these places, without the nfl. >> how many days. >> under 100. >> thank you.
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bill: governor-elect phil murphy in new jersey, he has a long list of priorities, most of them require a lot more money than new jersey has already been spending in their 34 plus billion dollar budget, murphy raising facts only on millionaires, but $1.3 billion in new facts and tens of billions of new spending. you and i are going to pick up the rest of the tab. here is a question, is it about time we have some in trenton that is looking out for middle class and working out, i am sorry governor-elect you will have to disail bac scale back se promises you made to get into this office. and think about new jersey. all right, i am bill spadea, i appreciate you opportunitying in
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we have breaking new out of bristol. case of road rage. a driver shot up a car tonight police say smack dab in the middle of rush hour on i-95. man in buick rendezvous shouted at another driver to roll down this window he point add gun at him and fired off two shots. one hit the rubber trim on the top of the passenger door. the other flew through the back of the car. fortunately no one is hurt. the guy in that buick.hing for- he broke the rules not once, not twice but three times apparently the judge thought it was time for actual consequences but tonight hundreds are saying local rapper meek mill doesn't deserve that punish many. that includes every day folk and celebrities and athletes alike even colin kaepernick is taking this one on he beated about the case tonight. thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. so a crowd of people outraged by that d


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