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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 2, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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york city. details emerging about the terror suspect and about the lives that were lost. plus, we have an inside report of law enforcement training on how to deal with active shooter situations. plus check out this video. this happened at a local high school. wait until you hear the full report. this is "chasing news". >> islamic terrorism hits new york city again, this time in the form of a rented home depot truck. eight people dead, 12 people recovering from injuries in local area hospitals. we have the full story on what happened, plus we will have
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details. caroline has all of the emerging details. reporter: officials confirmed a 29-year-old immigrant entered the u.s. legally in 2010 under a diversity visa program. >> it appeared that mr. sayfullo saipov had been planning this for a number of weeks. he did this in the name of isis. reporter: investigators learning everything they can about sayfullo saipov, accused of running a truck in new jersey and driving it down a popular new york city bike trail for nearly a mile. running into people, killing and injuring many. for. >> he appears to have followed the instructions that isis has put out its social media channels, with instructions to their followers on how to carry out such an attack. reporter: simply say that they have interviewed sayfullo saipov who is in the hospital after police shot him, ending his rampage. the suspect reportedly bragging about the attack.
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reporter: sayfullo saipov had recently been living in paterson, new jersey. about 25 miles from the scene. investigators did as a that had not been the subject of any previous investigation. it appears he had connections to individuals previously investigated by the police. >> all of america's praying and grieving are the families that we pledge to renew our resolve to and to further investigate this animal that did the attacking. reporter: two of the victims killed in the attack are from the new york city area. six others are not u.s. citizens. president trump said that he would consider sending the suspect to guantánamo bay military prison. >> thank you, caroline. bringing in diana. reporter: i am on genesee avenue. this is where the tribeca terror suspect sayfullo saipov lived with his wife and children.
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on tuesday he killed eight people when he rented a pickup truck from home depot. he drove it into manhattan and plowed into a busy bicycle path along the hudson river. one of those killed was very trait of new jersey. the investigation turns to the suspect's home ties. >> i always told people that he comes down here in shots. reporter: on wednesday he woke up to streets blocked off by the fbi. >> they had a large box truck and also a large minivan. on top of the home depot truck. reporter: the suspect has a history of being under surveillance by the nypd.
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[inaudible] reporter: the nypd and the fbi are continuing the investigation president trump wants to afford a merit-based program and have people vetted. >> if we have to go back and re-examine how we got people that are coming to the united states, we should, and we should do it now. and as for phil murphy, he appeared on tv on wednesday.
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he said that he is cautious about whether or not to do away with the diversity program. we are learning that the fbi has a second person of interest in this photo. reporting for "chasing news." >> thank you, diana. bringing in a counterterrorism expert. a former agent with the fbi, former navy s.e.a.l. his name is jonathan gilliam. it let me start right at the back. what is happening today? so you have seen things like this. what is happening or what are they doing now in terms of prevention or finding out. >> you know, it was rammed through the databases. we start to see a bigger picture development. agents that are already working on the cases are now going to be working in conjunction with this
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case. trying to find out if there's something that they have missed and if there are other people that are involved with the planning. >> there were reports that he was already under surveillance? is the politically correct culture inhibiting the efforts of law enforcement thwart future terrorist attacks? >> yes, when i was in the fbi we were stopped from doing certain things, just simply because it included muslims. instead of focusing on where the issue is coming from, they wanted to push us away from actually doing very effective techniques in and around mosques or different islamic communities. >> the last question. you wrote about thinking like a terrorist. what is your message to people as we get through this.
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>> what i am trying to teach people as they can think like a bad guy, they can look at their own life from a bad guy's perspective they are trying to avoid it if they can. if not they will come up with a plan of how they will act so they don't have to react. >> thank you for joining me. we certainly appreciate it. let's bring in our panel. i am joined by lauren, a columnist. welcome back. bob is also here, former prosecutor of morris county. bob, let's start with these labels. i want to clarify what jonathan was talking about. right away active newsmakers come out with news labels. are we forgetting that we have lives at stake here?
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are we making a mistake worrying about rhetoric instead of getting to the bottom? >> we need to balance the interest between what is right and wrong. there was a former law enforcement official in charge of homeland security. i care about keeping the community safe. we are arguing more about words and what they mean as opposed to doing that. and the situation of that we have right here, it is an ideology. this individual is brought over here and there other people who will be recruited to come to the country and commit acts of isolated terrorism. whether you call them alone will or not, it is part of an ideology. >> it seems to me right away that the conversation started about how this guy got here. we have this chain immigration. i didn't even know there was a lottery. >> you know, we do need to be
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careful and it's not only immigrants that are making attacks on civilians, there are americans doing that, we have seen out with other terror attacks. i think what is important and i agree with bob that it's not about the rhetoric. it is about who is doing what and why and why are they doing it. that is what we need to give law enforcement the tools to look into these people and do everything they can. >> the president talked about firing up wonton modem. >> i don't have a problem with guantánamo bay at all. we need to segregate these people from the typical situation end isis and those fon a specific hope that if they can get into this country, they need
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to be placed into a separate part of the criminal justice system. >> they try to abuse the flow of refugees in europe, this should not come as a surprise to anyone. >> thank you, guys. >> terrorism in new york city. we have learned so many details about the hottest that shouted "allahu akbar!" as he mowed down eight people in new york city oa new milford man from new jersey. five men from argentina. they were here celebrating the anniversary of graduation, all five of them killed. and another story. a victim who is a mother. a mother of two kids from belgium riding her bike with her mother and sister. her mother and sister were not
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harmed. the the the mom was killed when she was hit from behind. >> of course with the victims and recovering from injuries, it's more important to think about action. how to prevent this from happening. >> this happened at a local area high school. we will have all your weather as well. it is warming up. >> we have a warm-up on the way, temperatures are rising. right now a couple of nice days and a couple of cooler days. we will talk about how long it
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>> welcome back to "chasing news." we have a lot more show for you, including an inside look at a law enforcement training center on how to deal with an active shooter. wait until you see this. but first, let's bring in our meteorologist who has worked chilly change into warm forecast. >> who is ready for a warm-up? it is a very different weather picture than the children last night. as the warm front goes through the area, we are going to see temperatures and humidity rise. high temperatures will be about 10 degrees above normal for this time of yee. high temperatures will be about 10 degrees above normal for this
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time of year. that means the 70s on the way and it is temporary. the cooldown will come over the weekend. it is kind of a weird forecast because temperatures are not going down, they are going up. and depending on the temperatures or humidity, we could see bob develop and it is warmer, lower 70s for high temperatures and we will see more mostly cloudy skies on friday. it could be very nice days as long as we see a brick of sunshine. friday night is the next one system which is a cold front that comes through. we could see showers and sprinkles. that will cool us down and headed into the first weekend of november. >> check out this video. it's a fight in the hall at orange high school. according to one mother that
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said her son was bullied. wait until you hear the details of who is in the fight and why? >> disturbing cell phone video inside the east orange campus high school shows a 17-year-old student in a headlock by a man who work for campus police. this man has not been back to school since the fight which happened last thursday. the police report indicates that the other person involved is not a student at the school. >> i am just overwhelmed. not saying like scared but i don't know what is going to happen next. >> he said that he has been bullied on social media and that last week things escalated. he said the man to beat him up is the girl's older brother. we reached out to the city and
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school officials. the east orange superintendent said that the incident is under investigation. the mother said she cannot understand how this can happen will ground during school hours and why school officials did not do more to stop it sooner. she is waiting to hear back from the school officials. >> he is scared to go to school. i have reached out to the school to find out what my options were. and i have been calling since friday. >> meanwhile new york city announced that it was spend millions of dollars on a anti-bullying campaign. 16-year-old matthew mccree was killed last month during history class. abel sabino is charged with his murder. reporting for "chasing news." >> thank you, ashley. let's bring in our panel to break this down. lauren is here, a columnist. thank you for sticking around and also bob is here, a former
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prosecutor for morris county. this story has so many angles. you have the video, bullying, all of these things. what seems to be a lack of oversight. we have seen report of report over years. >> what the school is doing now is crisis management and damage report. you know, if that happened on school grounds, somebody screwed up. >> it looked like put up your dukes. >> somebody should have been there. >> would you have jumped in? >> my experience is they follow the rules. how are you getting around the law, you assume the role as a
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parent. >> that is a big deal. >> let's talk about this over and over again. it drives me crazy, i feel like kids today have no coping skills. everybody is a victim. they are spending $8 million on bullying programs. new jersey, the same thing. where is the coping skills? >> this is not about coping skills. although i agree on that point. and the problem is triage skills, common sense on part of the school administration. >> isn't it is called hey, pick yourself up? these are normal things that happen that people learn how to deal with it in person. >> i think that it's a bright
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star here in new jersey, we should be doing a better job of educating parents. but nobody showed up for the lectures until somebody got killed were somebody got injured. all of a sudden they said where are you. what did you do and they are playing the blame game. >> it is part of that, it is also that we have to teach these kids some resilience skills. >> these kids cannot deal with adversity. this guy stabbed a student to death. >> we have to have balance. in this particular case we are not talking about social media. a 20-year-old guy that started a fist fight. >> there is a line between bullying and criminal activity, certainly.
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some things absolutely go too far. i think we could use a little bit more toughness. >> the corruption and bribery trial of bob menendez continues as closing arguments are taking place this week and the jury is being given instructions. laura jones has the full details from the courthouse. >> the judge in the bribery case against senator bob menendez explained how they should consider all of the evidence that they have heard over the past two months. there are 18 counts of criminal misconduct. the judge said that this is one of the largest charges that he has written and he has been on the bench for 30 years. >> what is key and the jury instruction is what defines a bribe, which goes to a 2016 supreme court case tightening the definition. the judge said an official act must be performed to establish a quid pro quo, meaning this for
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that. >> today there were three members of the clergy to show their support for senator menendez. we are seeing some high-profile witnesses including senator lindsey graham and orie booker. also in attendance is the senator's son and daughter. senator menendez never took the stand and they are very concerned on how this is going to play out what the jury if he is found guilty, an appeal will be filed and that is why so many observers are saying that the defense will have the case be thrown out and there could be a mistrial. jury deliberations in closing arguments are set for thursday. according for "chasing news" are you. >> thank you. we have a lot more coming up for you including an active shooter situation. including training on how law enforcement deals with that. we will have a reporter on the
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inside showing you how that is going
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>> welcome to "chasing news." we are back, everybody. we have a report on how law enforcement trains and deals with active shooter situations. we have all of the details. >> give us a sense into the tactic tactic that you used. we need to effectively stop the shooting. so the way that we train the officers now, if you are the first person on the scene, you have to make that personal choice. >> what kind of gear are we going to wear? >> we are going to put you in a ballistic vest. we always train the way that we want to operate. so it does make a difference, especially when you work in an all-day. you want to get accustomed to
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wearing the gear. >> they are ready for rifle rounds, but i would not want to take a rifle round to the chest without wearing anything. here it is, you can split this up over your head. and then when we get rolling you wear a ballistic helmet. so we are about to roll up. >> we all want to go home at the end of the day. >> when you are preparing to go into an active shooter environment you have to be able to flip a switch. it is definitely an aggressive act. we control the structure by violent speed and surprise. that is the tactic that is most effective.
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>> another terror attack in new york city. this time the lives of eight people taken by a radical jihadists. when is enough enough? there are opportunities to solve this problem and one of those is immigration. and i didn't even notice until today that there is a visa lottery that allows 50,000 people to come into this country every single year. senator chuck schumer and president donald trump had a war of words over this policy. it turns out that chuck schumer is a part of the original law. it allow this program to get a start. president trump is saying that it's time to close the door. and so if we can prevent radicalized individuals from getting in, if we can only prevent one of them from getting in this country, that is a good start. >> take you for joining us, we will see you tomorrow night.
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♪ unsettling confessions no mercy from the hospital bed of an cued terrorist. seeing that picture i couldn't deal with it. >> eight lives gone too soon. ton night two major changes to keep it from happening in phil philly. also, his job was to protect and serve. tonight, he's facing hate crime charges. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ we begin with breaking news in camden tonight. a police officer shot on the job. thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland that officer rushed to the hospital. our shawnette w


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