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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> ♪ fighting back. one mom forced to cover up her pregnancy, during a internship which when she was told to stop doing with her belly because it could be too exciting for the men around her. >> ridiculous. >> and getting glammed. she is the celebrity make up artist we know and love. oh, mally shows you how to cover up those dark circles in no time at all. >> from the kitchen to the silver screen. the stars are on good day. we hang with bobby philadelphia international airport, and sasha baron co-then morning. >> borat? >> and move over, gucci and channel. there is a new fashionista in town. the eight year old fashion designer making the world her
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runway. >> ♪ >> okay, i can't wait to meet her. she lives in our area, she will be in our studio, little girl on the right, designer at eight years of age. >> look at that. >> i know. >> put that on now. >> ya. hi, lauren? hello. >> we're making prank phonecalls today. hold on, let me make one. is this the tobacco store? do you have principal albert in a can? better let him out. >> send me on twitter. >> a better up? >> yes, good crank calls that you've give glenn please help this man out. >> you know why we're doing that? 140 years ago today the first phonecall was made. alexander gram bell called watson, hey, watson, i want to talk to you, whatever he said. what was the line? what? watson, or he said something, watson. >> can you hear me now? >> mr. watson, come here, i want to see you. >> oh, okay. >> and watson goes what's
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this? because he had handed him a phone. >> trying to figure that out earlier. >> just going to room next-door. >> i bet the kids at home have no clue when this is. >> this is called land line, it is a phone. >> i hope they know what it is. >> no, no, you have to think even my neices that are 11 have only grown up around iphones, so my phone, when a cordless phone rings. >> and that's mike's direct line. >> i know it is not plugged? >> that's important. >> what the heck is today? >> to the march 10th, thursday, march 10th. >> friday over. >> my friend said my forehead is shiny. >> i got you. >> thank you. >> can you go back to the days of -- this is probably five, six, seven, eight years ago, they would put on those shows, my sweet 16. >> sweet 16. >> that's how it goes. >> lavish. >> sweet 16 birthday party. these famous people, these really rich people would put on these lavish birthday party
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for their youngsters. like this spoiled rotten little thing. >> i know. i think it is casino of ridiculous, mike and alex. so this texas attorney. >> well, they would spend millions and millions of dollars, and would always ends with a kid getting a car. >> or two. >> or two cars, yes. give me example of some of the people they showcase. >> always famous celebrities, lil wayne's kids. >> la toy, a maybe ti, always big name, or football player kids. >> and it happened toward the ends have the celebrity come out, sing to them. >> and put the prices but the big part was the invitations went out there is woe always pick who got to go, who didn't get to go, hand delivered, a be there would be like someone pulling in a limo, oh, always. >> and have two cars, first who get the ranger, no, now it would be mercedes. >> or lamborgini. >> so the first part was the kids always act like they didn't know, they wanted certain things, the parent oh, that's too much. they always got it in the end. >> alex and bring talking about this yesterday, she
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goes, you know, i am free texas and they put on big party in texas, that match those sweet 16's. >> oh, yes. like little mini weddings. >> you all right? >> i'm okay. >> do you need some water or something? >> di? >> do you have water? >> i think we're making it worse. >> i know the mine can half offer. >> what? >> heimlich? no, don't shoot her. that's horrible. we'll have an update on her condition later. >> she is still coughing. >> oh, here we go. >> could you get over here to fourth and market immediately? with a lose inning err. okay,. >> back to texas. >> so they have big parties in texas. >> of course that is celebrating sweet 16. >> yes. >> so, chances are there is one a lot of people are really
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talking about. >> go back, give me the guy's name again. >> sorry. >> there it is, texas attorney thomas j henry,'s rich. >> look, was that pitbull, nick jonas cents? >> yes, this is his daughter, her name is miya henry. >> she is 15. >> yes, of course. now, 600 people came to a 55,000 square foot venue built for the party. and pitbull performed. i love pitbull. he always get the party started. >> i'm trying to think. >> it was fun. and then nick jonas performed, so all of the kids got jealous. i wonder what kind of car she got. you know they always have to have a car. >> how much? how much? >> $6 million. >> that's just stupid. >> i'm telling you, the whole time i would be sitting there like this. >> really, did you ever go to one that was hundreds every thousands of dollars? >> one girl came out and for
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her insurance she had back up dancers, they just came out. she had back up dancers, they had a routine, like bowing to her, doing all casino of stuff, she had several dress changes, but i mean that's part of the culture, you're supposed to do big things. >> it is just showing off. it is just showing off. i'm not sending anything you say to me. >> i'm back. >> i do know this about that girl. she wore two dresses. >> at the same time? >> different times. both dresses cents, $20,000. >> just showing off. >> i guess they have the money. >> her mommy think said we wanted to do a party different than any other party she ' been to or had before. >> too bad sweet 16 isn't home any more. >> $6 million? >> that's a lot. >> if you're billionaire that's not that much. >> how about help out your community? >> i like that idea. >> you know what i mean? >> i know what you mean. >> maybe she could have done a service project or something? i guess at 15, do you want -- >> her service project, ac brat. now, my agent, larry cram err,
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has three daughters. >> great pants. >> he has great pants, yes. >> and good jokes. >> oh, well. doesn't negotiate a salary, what a loser. anyway, he has three daughters n and i've been to all three of their bat mitzva's, oh, the money they spent. >> actually the money you spent because that's your agent. >> all of the client sitting at the table. >> that's your salary right there. >> they had satellite feeds. >> what? >> from where and who? >> oh, the world, people saying hi, yes, celebrities. >> be nice. >> had to be over $100,000 for each of them. years later has to have their wedding. >> true. >> just bat mitt have a at 13, and then the could the ill yan that's a big deal. having a girl. >> kids are expensive. >> don't ever have children. >> these are things, don't get married, don't have children? alex, don't get married. i was like all right.
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>> well, you're working pretty hard on that. >> mike? >> so listen to this. i know this woman. i like this woman. she is very nice. she is very beautiful. and i think pretty talented. tv host maria, not easy to say. but she's finally got engaged to this boyfriends i met couple of times. they've been together almost 20 years. do you want to hear her talk about it? >> yes. >> on howard stern. >> i want to ask you something, maria, would you make me the happiest man on earth? would you marry me? sorry. >> get down on your knee. >> get the mike near you. >> are you kidding me right now? >> i should have set that up better because i sting. she goes on the radio with her boyfriend of 19 years, has no idea he is about to do this, got down on his knee and proposed to her, wow, look at the size of that. >> yes. >> so, do you want to see her
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reaction? >> show me. >> this. >> well -- >> did did we shoot this? >> there you go. look at that face. >> it looks like she is hit with a cattle prod in her butt. >> they've been together that long, she met him when she first dot to la. people did not want them to be together, like always talking her out of the relationships, they've had so many ups and downs, wasn't specific about what the ups and downs, were basically like he had to fight to keep her around, and now here they are. >> though fought for love. >> i know, just, you know, people say love shouldn't be that hard. love, you know,when you know you know, but i really don't think it is always that cut and dry. >> can i say this? i think they look good together. >> yes. >> most of their adult lives they've been together probably all of their adult lives. >> i think the question here though is if you were with a man for 18 years and he didn't
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gave you a ring would you still be around for 18 years? for some women, because i know some women who have broken up, look, he wasn't going to propose, and i'm trying to get made, and i feel like he should have by now. >> what's your cut off? let's go on twitter and facebook. >> you? >> four years like college. >> the school of alex. >> four years is your minimum. what if you get to the four years how much longer after that are you okay, time is clicking? >> just like school lauren. sometimes some people take little longer than other. if did he didn't go to summer school probably there five years. >> grad school? >> you can do grad school. >> med school? >> that too. >> medical school? >> maybe you're ago going on to be a lawyer? you could keep going. >> what about community college? >> that works too. >> trade school. >> that's not the full four years. yes. so there is no two year program. you can't just casino of -- >> college and transfer. >> i'm full four years, three year institution.
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>> enroll (. >> zero. >> but you know working right now, i'm thinking about giving up scholarships. >> recruiting? >> mike is the one recruiting, always recruiting. >> your admissions advisor? >> unofficially. he want to be but i'm not trying to have that happen. >> do the bernie sanders approach, make them free. >> true. >> okay, a legal victory for former college student in michigan. she just won nearly a million dollars. how did she do it? >> she sued wayne state university after she was told to stop rubbing her pregnant belly. >> what's her name? >> her name is tina, and she was working on her masters agree in social work in 2007 when she became pregnant. >> okay. >> assigned an internship at the salvation army that's where she said she was discriminated against by her supervisor. >> oh, oh,. >> and according to the lawsuit, told to wear moo moo's. >> the big, you know, big dresses.
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>> okay. >> tent-like clothing. >> yes. >> to hide her pregnancy she had to wear those. she chained at the university, but she said that things only got worse when she was at the salvation arm. >> i what? >> tina was told many times, verbally and also in writing, do not touch or rub your belly. you're going to sexually stimulate the men that are here being treated for addiction problems. >> what? >> so she failed the internship, was able to graduate at all. wayne state university was ordered to pay her close to a million dollars. >> for the men being treated for addiction problems? >> they'll be affected by her bell. >> i what, because -- really? >> protect the men. >> that's weird. >> so nobody at the salvation army get pregnant? according to that? >> better not. >> school of thought? >> or you're out of the army. i don't understand. it is called.
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ffloralge? >> stroking of your bell. >> i i do sometimes after i eat and there is no baby in here, it is a food baby. >> like oh, that was good. >> you're allowed to do that here at fox, nobody will bother you. >> i told you the late here thought i was pregnant, tio, public information officer, i went to a press conference, and she kad congratulations. >> why? that doesn't make any sense she would think that. >> i don't want to hen sean his name but guy in the building here named tom tomorrow. woman used to work here, sitting in ear suit, you know channel, we got in the elevator after the show, tom gets on, what exactly did he say? this is six months after she delivered, now, when are you due again? >> no. >> that was the longest two floor in a elevator. i just depth looking ahead. >> look straight. >> you without words? that's a shocker. >> ya. >> well, six months ago. >> the twins are six month
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now. >> he sling dollars off the elevator and slid down. i haven't seen him since. two, three years ago. >> mike you said you always wait until the woman bridges it up first, even if you know for sure, co-could be nine properties pregnant. >> oh, head could be sticking out, a arm hanging out. >> don't say a word. >> nope. >> until you say it first i'm not going there. >> you are a smart man. >> i've been burned. >> bobby philadelphia international airport standing by a man who loves to stuff his lips. oh, manny watch him all the tile on the -- i love this those she shear. >> specially beat bobby philadelphia international airport. he has brunch with bobby. he's always on the iron chef. he is all over the place, now he is in university sit which chris. >> one every his 19 bobby's burger palaces, it is in philadelphia, been here about six years now. bobby philadelphia international airport. >> hey. >> how are you, sir? welcome to philly. >> you caught me making a burying erring, this is our classic called the crunch burger, really simple. it is double american cheese
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with soda, really potatoes chips on there and all about the crown. >> you're all about good management. i listened the last 15 minute before we went live where you talk to the whole staff. you want to know what's working and what's not, hearing from the customers they rec they want ranch dressing, in your rooms and. >> and they want a veggie buryinger. >> this is great. bobby said i've never taste add good veggie bigger zero burying nerve my life. >> not a great one. we strive for greatness here. we were voted best burger in philadelphia whether we opened. it is hard to do in a town like. >> this was 2009 i believe. >> listen, that this is the bobby blue burying edger, blue cheese, bacon. the this is burger of the month. so obviously greek ingredient, cucumber sauce, fit cheney, so obviously we do beef, chicky and chicken. as time goes on, people want to eat more healthy.
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>> really? i am bea to eat potato chips on a hamburger, go ahead. >> those are healthy potatoes chips. >> why? >> i don't know, why not? >> thank you. tried one of your shakes too. >> oh, the shakes are ridiculous. >> coffee shake with real coffee grounds in it. my goodness. >> takes loft ice cream, you got to hear that crunch. there go. >> yum. >> you're going to expands. >> nineteen, keep it going. we have one in philadelphia, one in cherry hill. at the cherry hill mall, and, you know, a bunch in new jersey, 19 total just keeps going and going. >> look at. that will hands dipped. their is the deal, we do everything from scratch here, the fries made, starts with a potato, two day process, we have butter milk onion rings, soak them in butter mill being kian. >> you know what? that's not greasy at all. >> no, kick it in in canola oil.
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it is healthful. >> tell me about owning a restaurant like this versus your high ends restaurants. what is the difference when it comes to manage (. >> the difference is that i mean there is almost no difference when it comes to management. i teach the same techniques in this restaurant as i teach in my high end restaurant. except this is a much more casual concept, obviously a lot more affordable. we came came one this hashtag play for all. not everybody can get to my high end restaurant or maybe they don't feel like spending 75 or $80 a person. but for $10 a person everybody can come to bobby's bugbear to have great meal. >> the food is fantastic. one last little hint here guys. try the mint shake, they don't mess around. >> we don't play game, fresh mint oil, obviously milk chocolate, all natural ingredients. >> i could go on a half hour with food with you. this is fun. >> burger man thon, been here all day. >> pleasure to meet you.
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mike, you got to be jealous, right? you got to try this mike. have you heard that before. >> i've heard it, so good, have been eating yogurt all the time. i have to admit during that seg there. with bobby we got on, found phone list, country phone list, people's phone numbers. that still have land lines and so we're trying to crank call an ex around around err err gram bell, because oh, 140 years ago today the very first phonecall was made from alexander bell his to his an i assistant thomas watson. common in, watson. >> so what have you fawn? >> i'll write this down. >> what's his name? >> alexander bell. >> there is even a g in it. >> uh-huh. there is the number. >> hopefully, i have my glasses. >> of course. >> seriously? >> sore. >> i by the way we had somebody on twitter says he's
9:19 am
doctor and he's headed on over to help you. >> is it running? >> no ring yet. >> oh, it is ringing. hold on. >> oh, oh,. >> hello? >> is this alexander? >> yes, it is. >> this is guy by the name of mike. where do you live? >> manhattan, new york. >> you're in new york city in manhattan. i'm if philadelphia right now sitting two beautiful women by the name of alex and lauren. i just wanted to say what kind of happy birthday in a way it was 140 years ago today the first phonecall was made by you. >> oh, well i'm not quite that old, but i'm old. >> what are you actually do, ex alexander. >> i work for the airlines. >> what airline. >> united. >> oh, united. >> so yes, fly down, it is 14 minute flight. >> we're nine # 9 miles away. so have you dealt with this all your life? are you upset that your parent named you alexander g bell?
9:20 am
>> well, i am actually a junior. >> a junior? he did it to his kids. >> well, i'm another one. >> so what do you get throughout your life? what do people say? >> basically do you know who you are? do you know what your name is. basically the same thing all the time. >> over and over and over. >> really your name. >> have you enjoyed it or do you finds it a curse? >> no, i enjoy it. i gather kick out of it. >> do you know anybody named thomas watson? >> not at all. >> you know there is a golfer tom watson from kansas city when the bridge opened. >> is he going to keep his land line? a lot of people razz looking their lands line. >> while it is a land line, but i switched it to my cell phone. >> oh, okay. >> so you advanced into sell phone alexander i see. >> yes, i am learning. >> i see. >> slowly but surely little more every day. >> thanks for talking to us, mr. bell. >> not a problem, you have
9:21 am
good one. >> bye bye. >> what a good sport. >> man, one time a sammy davis, jr. who was white out in los angeles. >> that was such a good phonecall. >> it was. >> he sounded really cool. sue, what are you doing? >> i'm going to play the first of its kinds in philadelphia. it is feline fun at la cat cafe. fox fursday whether we come right back.
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caress presents the world's ♪ first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. caress love forever.
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>> it is time for fox fursday. sue is out on the road. >> when she leaves the studio to go to a place where cats can just roam around, you know it is a good day. >> cat cafe? >> bonjour. lounging on, yes, the eiffel tower right here, actually, on girard avenue in the brewerytown section of philadelphia. and the first of its kinds in the city.
9:25 am
look cat cafe. their explain what goes on here at the cafe, because as you tell me, kathy jordan, it is not about the coffee. it is about the cats. >> it is all about the cats. and this is august i. but bonjour, welcome to fit i's first cat cafe. we have opened this space up, because we want to have the newest adoption platform that is sweeping the nation available to get our rescues into new homes. >> this is really big in a lot of cities where you can come in, you pay a fee, and you hang out with cats, basically? >> that's it. basically. a lot of people have landlords who don't allow pets, husbands, wives that are allergic, student hasn't can't afford them. senior citizens who can no longer afford or manipulate themselves into positions to carry heavy litter, so it feels the need for cat fix for a lot of people, it is casino every like grand par wentz grandkids. you have all of the fun without the responsibility. >> and they have the run of the place basically, and they can climb up, they go down,
9:26 am
and sometimes they just hide. >> and sometimes they just nap, because they're worn out from all of the entertainment. and the attention they're getting, but yep, they basically have taken over this space, and they call it theirs. and they do, they're up and down and back and forth, and in and out and have a grand time. >> but if you happen to fall in love, you can adopt one of these cats, because they're all available in. >> that's. all of these cats are rescues off the street of philadelphia awfully vetted, spade, neutered, treated for fleas, worms, tested for aids leukemia, become adoptable, they are available to go to their forever home. we don't do same day adoptions but we have applications on line, that you can fill out. >> you want to make sure the people, and they're going good place. >> the space you are looking at, couple of times a week will move out all of the furniture, they have yoga here, and they have purrlate classes, you know what i am
9:27 am
talking about? so you can exercise and have the cats climbing all over you, it is the coolest place over, so you can enjoy cup of coffee while here, but it is all about the cats, at la cat cafe. we will have the information of course on our website isn't it great? >> that's really good idea. >> cats just lounging and chilling. >> thanks, sue. 9:27. move over borat. sasha baron cohen has new movie and he's on good day, lauren? oh, let's talk to him.
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♪ >> it the is 9:30. one of my favorite actors is
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on our show sascha baron co inn is back. the his characters, like, welshing they are like nothing we have ever seen before on film. >> his new film though has hade famous celebrities laughing in the aisles but in the for faint of heart. that is how it the business sascha baron cohen. here's a look. >> it is a a compromise. >> huge, man. >> stay away from me. >> don't worry, brother. >> i won't leave you. >> don't worry, it the is bullet-proof. >> you have have bullet-proof glass. >> yes. >> welcome to philadelphia, sascha. >> oh,. >> good morning, philly. >> good morning to you. >> oh, my gosh we have to rely on you and your brother in this film to save us from the terrorist? >> that is correct, that is correct. it is kind of of a borat meets
9:32 am
bond movie. it is not a spy spoof. it is a huge action film with filthy pieces, you know, so you won't be disappointed. it is a family movie. >> there is a scene in there that makes the naked fight lah like a disney movie. >> here's why i'm confused. in the movie, you play a football player but you are dressed up as a cowboy. >> no, no, no. this is how we dress in england. >> okay. >> i'm from texas, i didn't know that. >> see, this is me, i'm not in character. this is me, sascha baron cohen. >> okay. >> this is how we dress in england. i was apartment aware that they dress like that in america. but in the movie, it is a james bond kind of type and his brother kind of northern
9:33 am
english football player who likes to drink a tiny bit of heroin and nine kid who are about 11. >> wait a minute, do you put donald trump in this, am i giving something away in is donald trump in this. >> well, i don't want to spoil the fairy tail ending but donald trump does contract hiv. >> that is one way to get him out of the race. >> i would say, i would like to apologize for aids forgiving it the trump. >> i see you have have cast your wife in it. >> come back from around the world, and my wife is in it. it is amazing working, with an actress during the day, and sharing a bed with her at night. i want to thank her, she was amazing. >> this looks hilarious. >> as is rebel wilson. >> you love my hair.
9:34 am
>> in this film. >> i can't see yours but i'm sure it is lovely. >> she's bald. >> thank you very much. >> it is liam gallagher, do you you know him, he stole my haircut in the film. there is a bit of a conflicting on at the moment. >> do you do your own stunts in this film. >> no, i have managed to avoid doing any of my own stunts, i'll leave that for macho heterosexual men like tom cruise. >> okay. >> no hanging off of a plane. >> sascha is not even in the film. >> no, no, i think borat and bruno and others, i got injured quite a lot, doing my own stunt i became a man of the stunt man a association. i know how dangerous it is to do real stunts. so i have taken the most stupid stunt manny can find to do really dangerous stunts. >> a lot of people lost their lives in this film. >> oh, mike. >> when does it come out.
9:35 am
>> about 18 stunt man died but it was worth it. great movie. >> as long as product is good. >> it is coming out tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> you can see it tonight, actually. >> we will have to check it out. we will tip our hat to you. >> good luck with it and i have something to do tomorrow night now. >> howdy. >> or tonight. >> or tonight. >> i'll take that. >> howdy reference but i'll take it. >> good morning, cheerios, thank you very much. >> good morning. >> thank you. >> 9:35. >> let's check back in with jen. >> have we heard. >> okay. here's what we will do dark sickles, whether you always face it, you will fix it. >> i will fix it, your dark circles here at ulta just come and watch because i have secrets. i have secrets that no one has ever heard before.
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this is the barnes and noble book store. yeah, do you have a book called under the bleachers. who is the author. seymore butts. >> yes. >> he could do this all day. he probably does. >> i have been doing it all day. >> i have seen this make up artist on wendy williams. i see her all the time selling her stuff on qvc. >> new she's hanging out with jen. they are make up bestties. >> they are make up bestties, and we have to say hello to all of the, folks here behind
9:40 am
the scenes. >> oh, yeah. >> they are here in warrington but if people want to touch, feel, kiss, hug and learn, collegeville, collegeville, collegeville. >> collegeville, pennsylvania saturday. >> 8:30 in the morning. >> yes. >> you will wake up that early. >> i get up at 4:00 today. >> yes. >> quick segway. >> lets talk about concealer. >> let's put it on before my foundation or after. >> you can do both but i like it after. it brightens and hydrates. >> where does it go. >> i want to show you less is more when it comes to consumer. two biggest mistakes is using wrong formula. people use it, it is very watery and doesn't cover. you need something dense, hydrating and moisturizing. that will cover. here's the secret. number one mistake i see women make is they are only putting it right underneath the eyes. that makes you look like a --
9:41 am
>> that is exactly what i do. she busted me. >> i want to show you a method i created called ice cream cone method. you want to take concealer and take it the first underneath the eye but go right down the side of the nose just like so. do you see that you take it down the side of the nose and then you will create a cone. that will go underneath the eyes and really whiten and brighten the whole under eye area as opposed to just that, again that circle underneath the eye and that is really going to wake up your entire face. >> it is almost like a filter, instagram filter. >> yes, if you want to necessity where ice cream cone starts and end, starts on the side of the nose and you take your brush, put it at the end of the brow and lip and that is where you want brightness. >> we leave it on top and say no translucent stuff. >> no, translucent powder is
9:42 am
the enemy. it makes you look 150 years old. it is magic. it sets everything. it modifies your skin, it glows like you you know who. >> yes. >> okay. >> you travel the world. >> yes. >> you also go to target and all these other places, ulta. >> of course good do you stop anyone and say i can help you a little bit. >> all the time. i'm on noxious, i'm a mommy's mommy. hi, lets talk burr eyebrows. i know i'm crazy but i will do them right here in the middle of the store. i do it. it is who i am. if you want that, i'm just saying in real life, collegeville. >> saturday. >> all day. >> make an appointment because they are filling up and i don't want to miss it. maybe she will come. >> she can do this all day. >> i will be skiing. >> never mind. >> next time. >> amazing. >> they probably will do it all day. >> i will start doing that. >> i'm doing reverse panda.
9:43 am
>> okay. >> if you like cute television and really kind of very interesting television i would hang around for next segment because look at these girls, move over, gucci, move over channel is there a new fashionista in town she's eight years old, she lives in our area. she design these clothes we are about to see. >> she's amazing.
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we're in sea isle city here, good morning. another beautiful day but i'm about to introduce to you a beautiful designer. i wouldn't even call her a new designer. she has been in the game now. check out these amazing designs making their way down the catwalk. we're talking about atlantic city's fashion week last month. they are working it. you might not believe it the but an eight year-old girl from philadelphia created them. this is her big debut of her latest collection. her name is naja lawrence. good morning. we have your mother here, christine, hi mom. >> good morning. >> tell me what is the name of your fashion line. >> safari design. >> why do you call it safari designs. >> i love everything in the safari, so i just wanted to call it safari. >> you designed all of these dresses and put them together. >> no, somebody else does i just draw them out.
9:47 am
>> that is the important part. >> yes. >> what is your inspiration for your line. >> it is just me when i make them, it is just my imagination or my -- it is just natural for me. >> natural. >> mom, do you hear this, it is natural. when did you know. she's only eight. what age did you realize i have a designer on my hands here. >> i would say pretty early when she was like four she started with modeling and after that she would always be sketching and they were really nice. i said lets try to make some of these sketches come to life in terms of the design and see them on the runway and how do people wear them. do you ever think that she will be in fashion week, how many dresses have you done so far. >> twenty-five.
9:48 am
>> did you ever think so. >> i didn't think it would get to that point, and it just started from one outfit and they are like there is more girls, she just kept on designing and we kept going through, the fab brick and it is just incredible. >> are you presenting this line to us, yes. tell me about this dress. >> it is my favorite i think. it is the blue that i like, nice, blue and i really like the top outfit because it is a night little thing on the top. >> this is your friend here, isn't it. >> yes. >> why don't you see a spin, turn around, lets see it all. >> she's like i want you to see the front. >> it looks good. >> thank you. >> okay. who do we have next. this is a skirt and top. tell me about this 1nija.
9:49 am
>> it is a little skirt on top. but, this one is, i like this one because it has nice, bright colors and then like the purple because it is one of my favorite colors, purple. >> that is my favorite color too, purple. >> i like the pattern. >> thank you. >> and flowers on it. >> yes. >> okay, thank you so much. we have our next model, we have a lot of girls here i'm liking this one. mom this is a little short. >> it is more gowny and i guess she wanted something to flow and just not the too distract in the front where she would trip so this is how this one came together. >> it is ane beginnings theme and it works with her, it is very beautiful. >> yes. >> is this one of your favorites too. >> yes, i love gold and sparkly. >> more sparkles the better. >> yeah.
9:50 am
>> now we have our final look, this is another skirt, you like to show some skin, don't you. >> yes. >> she will be trouble when she gets to be a teenager. >> tell us about this one. >> this one has nice color, so i really like this fab brick but we didn't even know what to to with it but we made a skirt and top out of it. >> do you wear your own dresses. >> not a lot, i wear jeans. >> those are your work clothes. >> yes. >> okay. now that you have done this, an a amazing line, congratulations, and this was on atlantic city fashion week. >> some of them. the gold one and that one. >> are you showing these. >> yes. >> where can we buy you them. >> right here. >> we can just get them off the street. >> where can we go.
9:51 am
>> instagram or facebook and it is saphari design and either on instagram or on facebook and from there let me know what you want. >> have you ever been on a actual safari. >> no. >> you should go. >> congratulations. this is amazing. give me a high five. >> what will you do next. >> i'm going to be starting wedding dresses. >> mom, she's thinking about marriage. okay, we will look forward to. that keep us updated, okay. >> okay. >> can't wait. >> thank you so much. she's an amazing daughter, truly special. thank you to our lovely models. you look great too. 9:51. bob, cuteness here in the studio i just can't take it. i can't. >> we have got cuteness here it is breakfast with bob, the
9:52 am
home version, i'm here with bernie and rest of our west catholic lady friend for the last 50 years they gather in the kitchen and make soda bread, irish soda bread. today we will pass that tradition on to the kids and grand kid, from delaware county, we will be right back.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
good morning, it is breakfast with bob this week it is home addition. we are the at the home of bernie bradley and rest office family in delco where for 60 years you have been making irish sewed bread and you invited us in here with all of the west catholic ladies. hello, girls a sorority and they don't get together to have irish coffee every month they get together to have
9:56 am
manhattans, here. this joint is jumping here this morning. you will pass recipe on to your children and your grandchildren here so lets talk first what you have to start with the irish soda bread. >> all right. i started with the dry ingredient, flour, sugar, salt. >> okay. >> baking powder. >> and my granddaughter, jena. >> jenny. >> jena. >> she will add raisins. >> hoist next. >> we have christie, and she's adding the melted butter. >> how many grandchildren do you have all together. >> twenty-three. >> keep them coming. >> then we've lanea, she's adding the butter milk. >> and amanda a, amanda is the baker in the family so she will finish, she will start. >> so lets go the line and introduce your girlfriend from west catholic. >> okay. >> that is who. >> say her name. >> from ireland.
9:57 am
>> delores mcfadden. >> and donna connor from tyrone. >> and shady kane from dunn gallon. >> and nancy, from dublin. >> over here. >> patsy kelly. >> yes. >> come on. >> and this is laurie from claire. >> and my cousin marry ann. >> look at final product. that has just come out. >> look at that. >> this is it. >> from all of news delco to all of you at home. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> wow. >> look looks great. >> by the way, your phonies not even plugged in. >> i know. >> maybe it is a magic phone, that is right. >> you just to have believe. >> hey, lucky strike bowling alley, yeah.
9:58 am
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>> the kids would come play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell pup. >> all due respect, have a seat. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: tada, here we go again! thank you for watching today.


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