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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> right now on fox 29 remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia. today's funeral mass in washington, d.c. comes after two days of public mourning for the jurist who left behind a long and sometimes provocative legacy. good evening everybody, i'm joyce evans. >> and i'm dawn timmeney. scalia died last week at the age of 79. his life and career celebrated with tears and some humor today. fox's shannon green with a look at the funeral mass. >> reporter: thousands gathered today at washington's basilica of the national shrine the largest roman catholic church in north america to bid fare wale to antonin scalia. today's funeral mass was celebrated by his son, the father paul scalia.
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>> in the waters of baptism antonin died with christ and rose with him to new life. may he now share with him eternal glory. >> reporter: speaking of his father scalia the son noted this father would want us to focus more on the critics agree he was a power house whose impact will be felt for generations. >> hope does not disappoint because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit that has been given to us. >> reporter: vice president and mrs. biden who long had a friendship with the scalia family represented the administration today. scalia's son noted during the mass the relationship his father saw between his commitment to christ and his country. >> when faith is banned from the public square or when we refuse to bring it there, so
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he understood that there is no conflict between loving god and loving one's country, between one's faith and one's public service. >> reporter: the burr yawl of justice scalia was private for family only. as for his colleagues they'll be back on work on monday on the bench to hear a new round of cases. >> for more on justice scalia and his service on the supreme court go to the story is right there on the home page. >> to your fox 29 weather authority. feels more like spring than the end of february with temperatures hitting 60 degrees this afternoon. dave warren, what a great day to get out. >> yes, absolutely. we did touch 60 just briefly and now everybody is out enjoying it. certainly seeing a nice night tonight. this is a live view atop our building here. the number is 60, dropping to 56 now but also the winds dying down just a little bit so a pretty comfortable night tonight.
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temperatures into the 50's and few areas right about 60 so still a very mild night. may not even need the coat as you step out tonight. you might need it a little bit later. we'll drop into the 40's and 30's by 11 o'clock tonight so it quickly cools off. now, by tomorrow morning we're starting down into the mid to low 30's like today, one little change not quite as warm. a little front came through, brought in a little cooler air so we should be able to touch 50 but maybe about five to 10 degrees cooler. the concern tomorrow will be the rain coming in. ultimate doppler is clear now but look at this. starting out tomorrow morning, then by tomorrow evening here comes a little light rain, maybe out of here by the morning rush on monday but we'll watch this closely because up north there could be a little cool where we could see a little mix briefly but should not cause much of a problem but that rain is getting here by tomorrow night and really filling in. you'll deal with this by tomorrow evening. should be out of here monday morning. we have a mess on monday, midweek storm coming in should
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be mainly rain that could lead to coastal concern. full moon on monday, maybe brief coastal flooding we'll break it down look at each day in the seven-day forecast let you know what to expect. i'll have that coming up a little bit later. >> dave thank you. happening now fire crews investigating a deadly fire. we first told you about the condo fire in florence township burlington county last night. officials confirming today that one person has died. let's head right out to sabrina. >> reporter: they have confirmed the woman who died was irene thorn a 72-year-old woman who loved ones say lived alone in an upstairs apartment here at this heavily damaged building. now, firefighters just carried out her body about an hour ago. this was the scene last night. let's take a look. flames engulfed building 39 at the florence tollgate condos here. emergency crews arrived about
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9:30 last night. they were already contending with a roof collapse that happened before crews arrived on the scene. now, firefighters say about eight people lived in the four apartment units here. six people were rushed to the hospital because of the fire including two firefighters and one police officer. now, all of those people are out of the hospital today and they are expected to be okay but that tells you something about the incredible difficulties emergency crews faced with getting this fire under control. it took them about two hours until 11:30 last night to get it under control. now, firefighters tell us they initially searched the building while the flames were still raging but they say it was too dangerous especially because of that roof collapse and they had to pull back. it wasn't until this morning when irene's body was found. we spoke with her niece at the scene today. >> i happened to see it on the news this morning. i recognized the building and the address and then from
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there we made phone calls and flew over here. >> it was well advanced prior to police and fire even getting here so when the fire got here, there was a lot of structural damage and the structural damage made it tough for the firemen to enter. >> she was a kind hearted person. she loved animals, loved people, loved her family. she would do anything, go out of her way for anybody. >> reporter: and as you heard there family says irene was a very kind woman, very active, one of 13 brothers and sisters. they say that her body was found on the couch of her apartment. back here live you can see this is coming up about 24 hours after this fire and it is still a very, very active scene. you can see firefighters inside of the building where irene's body was discovered. they are working to determine a cause of this fire and that investigation continues tonight. that's the very latest. joyce back to you. >> thank you sabina. there are several
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developing stories tonight at 6:00. first the search for two men who police say tried to set a bucks county bar on fire. you can see one of the suspects throwing some kind of flammable device at big head's bar. this is on county line road in warminster. the surveillance video was shot early thursday morning. the fire ball set a garbage can on fire. firefighters quickly put out the flames then fire never did reach the bar. if you have any information please call police. police are looking for two men seen running from the scene of a stabbing near kutztown university. investigators say a 22-year-old student is in serious condition this evening. police say it happened during some kind of fight. several blocks from campus. somebody pulled out a knife and stabbed that student. if you have any information about these two men, call police. >> two new york city police officers are recovering after being shot during a chaotic scene with a suspect in brooklyn. police say they're still trying to determine the sequence of events that
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occurred around 3:30 this morning. they say it all began when housing officers heard gun shots nearby. as the officers approached investigators say the suspect pointed a revolver at police and then took off in a car. police followed and as the suspect drove the wrong way down a street, police say he rammed a cruiser. eight officers involved in this pursuit and at some .2 plainclothes police officers were shot during the chaos. they're hospitalized in stable condition. the suspect was also shot several times. he is listed in critical condition. it is now 11 years since the mysterious disappearance of a couple on south street and the fbi says it is pursuing several solid leads. danielle imbo and richard petrone jr. were last seen leaving a bar at fourth and south street in philadelphia. it was just before midnight on february 19th, 2005. they were riding in petrone's black 2001 dodge dakota pickup which has never been found. the fbi says the investigation remains opened and there is a $50,000 reward for information
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that leads to an arrest in this case. >> turning now to the race for the white house, hillary clinton already declared the winner in the nevada democratic caucuses. clinton overcame a surge that opponent bernie sanders had seen in the state. meanwhile in south carolina polls are opened for one more hour in the republican primary. carolyn shively is covering the race in columbia. >> reporter: strong finish here in south carolina is seen as a must for some republican candidates to keep their campaigns going. as voters head to the polls throughout the state, former florida governor jeb bush is fighting for last minute votes in south carolina and possibly the future of his campaign. >> such a volatile time to be able to beat expectations would be helpful and i think we'll do that. we'll see. >> reporter: after a shaky finish in new hampshire florida senator marco rubio aid made his final pitch to voters on the heels of endorses from governor nikki haley and senator tim scott. >> i'm as concerned as anyone running for president but i'm
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i can unite our party and we'll win and turn our country around. >> reporter: ted cruz spending the day at washington, d.c. reiterating the argument his next president should choose. >> this should be a choice given to the american people. >> reporter: and frontrunner donald trump is warning his supporters to not be complacent. >> the more we can do it and the more we can win by the bigger the mandate the better it is and the easier a job we're going vigil the two parties swap places next week. the republicans caucus in nevada on tuesday and the democrats vote here on saturday. in columbia, south carolina, i'm caroline shively. fox news. >> back to the nevada caucus. sanders just called can clinton congratulate her. he says he's proud of his campaign which turned a 25-point deficit into a close race. a. >> heartbreaking story in chester. a dead dog found inside a suitcase. coming up what investigators
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say makes this story even more disturbing. >> plus a five-year-old girl is being called a hero. how she managed to save her blind grandmother from a fire. where she says she learned those life saving lessons that guided her to safety. >> and there's something really big lurking in fairmount. what's making a permanent home on the ben franklin parkway that is sure to turn heads sean. >> dawn, we're talking college hoops. villanova, saint joe's and directionally is all in action. one suffers a huge upset. what happens? later in sports.
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>> ♪ >> a tragic discovery in delaware county so shocking it even had humane officers getting choked up. they're trying to figure out who stuffed a dog inside a suitcase. the spca says what makes this case even more disturbing, that dog was likely alive when it was zipped up inside the luggage. ax fox 29's brad satin reports it's not the first time this has happened in chester in recent months. >> i don't even know how to explain this one. i've never come across something like this. it's sickening. >> reporter: that's saying a lot coming from delco humane society police officer ron reg goal who investigated 800 cases last year. the photos too gruesome to show on tv. a call came into the humane society thursday about a dead dog in a suitcase. it was found here in the 800 block of second street in chester. at first. >> i just thought somebody just didn't properly dispose of a dead dog.
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until we opened the suitcase. >> reporter: that's when he realized. >> the dog's mouth was actually clenched to the inside of the suitcase. >> reporter: which told him. >> somebody put a dog inside of that suitcase where it was still alive. >> reporter: the dog had likely suffered and been dead for weeks, the legs sticking ouster suitcase. it bothers officer reg goal that it wasn't reported right weigh. >> we've rescued many animals gotten them adopted and everything is great. >> reporter: everything is great now with duffy here discovered in a zipped duffle bag in chester on a hotter day sick and dying but found in time. the man responsible has been prosecuted. why he did it as outrageous as it sounds. >> he third how much the vet bills were going to be for a pup knee had pardo and their eyes went big and they said i can't afford that. and that was what they thought was the best thing to document what's best is to bring an unwanted pet to your local shell. the delco spca adopts out
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nearly 300 cats and dogs a month but it's the one they couldn't save. >> we're hoping we can get some kind of help from the public. >> reporter: that has them sickened and worried it could happen again. >> we need the neighbors to be on the lookout. we need everybody else to be the eyes and ears for when we don't have responsible people. >> so sad it appears that dog may have been a young adult. the suitcase was navy blue with the words cayman islands printed on it. if you have any information at all the number to call is on our web site, >> local activists showing support for a former police officer convicted of killing an unarmed man. chinese americans say liang is a scapegoat because of frustrations over police involved shootings around the country. he was convicted of manslaughter for the shooting death of akai burleigh. he was hit by a ricocheting bullet fired from the officer's gun as gurley was walking down a stairwell.
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no arrests in a big jewelry store heist. police are looking for these two men who burst into barsky's diamonds along jewelers' row on february 13th. the burglars got away with $400,000 worth of jewels. police say they hot wired a metal security gate outside that shop to get inside. >> in fairmount a new piece of art is in the works that's created to -- crete 88 a dramatic presence along the parkway. this afternoon crews putting the pieces in place on the ben franklin parkway and 22nd street. it's a 21-foot bright red sculpture with extended legs. it's called big daddy long legs. the art is part of the redevelopment at park town place. the eye turning art set to be completed today. well, it's almost prom season and some local teenagers who are on a budget are finding beautiful dresses for their big night. >> jennifer joyce takes a look at a local organization in the business of making prom dreams
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come true. >> fits perfect everywhere. >> reporter: that's what she wants the perfect prom dress with the perfect fit at the perfect price. >> i came here last week and i found a dress loved it. then i got prom posed to monday. >> reporter: after a few tries she found it. >> i said yes to the dress. >> reporter: so where is erin brooks finding these glam gowns? it's not a typical store. it's a clarity called helping hands in the northeast. >> we get them from all over the united states. people ship them to us. >> reporter: they're featuring a few hundred donated gowns both new and gently used. >> i'm a twin so we need two dresses and like money you just can't spend $700 on a dress anymore. >> reporter: what were you going for, what kind of look. >> i'm not sure. they're all like different. >> reporter: all different looks for one attractive price. $20 which is donated back to the organization. >> a total of $40 for two dresses. >> yes, it's a deal like you can't beat it.
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>> reporter: jeanine says her daughter launched the prom dress drive a couple years ago. we featured rachel's story in the pastily she purchased the dress of her dreams as a senior at archbishop ryan high school but couldn't go to the prom because of money. she is trying to lessen the financial burden for other teenaged girls so they can live out their prom fantasy. >> it just gives me chills and it makes us feel like we're making a difference. >> reporter: it is kind of fun to walk the red carpet in the dress of your dreams on a day. it is going on tomorrow from 10:00 until 1:00 we'll have the information on our web site i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> nice jennifer. in manayunk some folks taking advantage of the warmer temperatures by turning out to mummers mardi gras parade. this is the second year for the parade which marched down main street. organizers say the event is just one more way to keep the mummers tradition alive in the
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city since budget cuts have led to reductions in some of the mummers pageantry on new year's day. >> perfect day for it. >> still ahead on fox 29 news new information about this terrifying crash landing. what the pilot of this helicopter reported to air traffic control just seconds before hitting the water. >> a local woman's porch falling apart. she scraped up the money to get it fixed but says the guy she hired took the cash and took off. >> if he's out there to know that god is going to get you, okay. don't think you got away with this because you didn't. >> why she says that heartless move could now cost her the entire home. that's up next.
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>> ♪ >> new information tonight about the terrifying seconds before a helicopter crash landed there into the water near pearl harbor. the pilot radioed air traffic controllers telling them his chopper was in trouble. according to honolulu television stations he told the tower "i think i'm going down" and as you see he definitely all five people on board survived but one of them a teenaged boy is in critical condition. a five-year-old louisiana girl is being called a hero. >> that's right. the little girl got her grandmother out of a burning home. chloe woods led her blind grandmother to safety by following a fire safety lesson she actually learned in school. the heroic rescue happened when her grandmother's stove
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caught on fire. when chloe heard the smoke alarm she got out of bed and ran into her grandmother's room. >> she told my mom to hold on her shoulder and they got to get out the house. >> there was a fire. what did you do? >> got out the house. >> it could have been tragic. she saved the grandmother's life, saved her own life. >> brave little girl. once they got outside chloe told neighbors to call 911. sadly the house was destroyed but everyone got out. >> love reaches a fevered push in south korea. couples from more than 60 countries exchanged vows at the same time. just outside of seoul and thousands of other couples participated via the internet. the ceremony was conducted by the unification church founded by the late reverend sun young moon. he was once jailed in the u.s. for tax evasion. some critics of the unification church call it a cult. >> a mother dog is reunited
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with her puppies after a terrifying ordeal. how firefighters managed to save them. >> and too much wind for the windy city. why the gusts had workers running from highrises. dave. >> a little wind here, that brought in the warm air. very warm but any records? not even close. we're about 10 degrees cooler but it felt so comfortable after last week. today is the day we're getting a little cooler and rain moving in. i'll show you that in the seven day coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> certainly feels like spring around philadelphia. temperatures climbing to 60 degrees but changes are coming tomorrow night. fox 29 meteorologist dave warren with are forecast coming up in just a minute. >> high winds causing troubles in the midwest. in iowa it was hard for trucks to stay upright on friday. police say wind speeds reached 60 miles an hour. no injuries reported but four
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overturned trucks causing traffic tieups. whipping winds causing problems in chicago. debris lowering from building before hitting ground. highrises had to evacuate. it was a scary friday afternoon for a city known for its winds. >> fox's dane placo takes a look at the damage. >> it was windy, noisy and everyone was scared. >> reporter: extreme even for the windy city. police blocked off warts of whacker drive when screaming winds blew material off two huge buildings under construction raining debris on the streets below and punching holes in nearby office buildings. damien flores was sitting in his 35th floor office. >> trash can flu from the construction and went through a window right next to mine. if it would have gone a foot over it would have gone through my window. >> we could hear the cracking of the windows, saw things flying by. it was pretty interesting for awhile. >> reporter: firefighters ordered an evacuation of three office buildings in the 100 block of north whacker. the lake street el was also
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halted because of flying debris. how much stuff is going on at the construction site. >> it all depended when the gusts came. lost times it would be two by fours, sometimes sheets of plywood. it was a measurable amount. >> reporter: to show you just how dangerous this wind is here is a chunk of wood that came off of one of those sky scrapers under construction back there plunging down to the ground but we found it right here. the wind also knocked down part of a wall avenue brewery under construction on the west side. believe it or not there's a car under there. >> felt like what i would imagine an earthquake felt like. >> reporter: and tore off part of the roof of an historic building on fulton street. >> you can see skylight just the wood scaffolding and then just open air. so if it rains or snows it's coming into the building. >> reporter: the wildest thing we saw these bikes dancing in the wind. the windy city indeed. dane placo fox news. >> wow. now to your fox 29 weather authority. if you missed getting outside
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today, dave warren you're telling us we have one more chance. >> one more chance maybe just not quite as warm. it was windy today, too. >> it was a little chilly in the beginning then it warmed up. >> turned out to be a nice afternoon. now, tomorrow maybe not quite as warm but by the time we're dealing right about now we'll have the rain coming in. here's some things to look for. yes, it hit 60 today, well above average. the average high temperature when we normally hit 60 is tuesday april 5th just about a month away from spring. now a little under a month away from where we turn the clocks forward and you get to take advantage of the later sunshine. sunshine out there today. a lot of people enjoying it. andrew was one of them. but look what happens now. it's getting cooler. 60 down to 45 and 40. we'll rebound a little bit tomorrow. not quite up to 60, though, so not quite as warm. then down to 38 degrees on monday. we will will watch this temperature closely because we have some weather coming in tomorrow night and we'll keep a close eye on the temperatures looks like much of the area seeing rain 'cause
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we're so warm ahead of this storm. it's still pretty warm tonight. if you step out this evening, just a light coat. the breeze died down, its temperature will take a time to drop. 56 right now, light breeze about 10 miles an hour. the storm tomorrow it's one of two we're dealing with this week. this is it right now. it will really intensify rapidly as it moves through saint louis and parts of kentucky and west virginia but by the time it gets here we'll deal with just steady rain. we'll look at the timing of this here. this is by 5 o'clock tomorrow night that rain moves in. it's pretty much rain everywhere. the computer forecasts have been consistent with this except maybe trying to give a brief mix up across the lehigh valley. looks like it starts as rain and this latest forecast takes out quickly so cold air can't get here fast enough so by sunday night, it's dying down. by the time you wake up monday morning it's just cloudy out there. all the rain is pushed to the south so it doesn't really look like it's much of an impact there for monday's rush hour as you step outside
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there. it will be clearing. now, this is the complex storm we're dealing with for midweek. this will be tuesday to wednesday. two areas of low pressure developing. there's some colder air in place so i have a bit of a concern here initially 'cause we're seeing a little bit of a mix plus this northeast wind. we'll have a full moon on monday. so, by tuesday and wednesday, we'll get that consistent northeast wind, might have some coastal flooding issues there for those two days. but it could be a brief mix tuesday to early wednesday especially up north and west because this cold air is in place and you're getting the warm air being pulled up over top of it so you could get that snow that melts and then refreezes. it's just brief though. because by wednesday morning, look at how warm it gets. a coastal storm dies out and this big storm develops, it's to our west, pulls up a lot of warm air. temperatures soar into the 50's and 60's with some heavy rain there by tuesday and throughout the day wednesday. so, what to expect? that brief mix late tuesday or
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early wednesday especially north and west. watch the roadways. watch the temperatures. heavier rain wednesday. coastal flooding could be a concern that day, too, so watch those high tides. we have a full moon monday so highs will be higher than normal and it will all be moving out by thursday but a colder breeze comes in so the temperatures from the 50's and 60's back down into the 40's and 30's. tomorrow we are warm again. mid to low 50's but there's those showers developing late and a period of rain coming in about five to 10 clock. it clears out by monday, the seven-day forecast shows that. it's a cooler breeze. now, sun to clouds on tuesday, late tuesday we get that mix briefly but then we're into rain. 50 up to 60. that rain coming in mostly wednesday night to very early thursday. and a look at the temperatures back into the mid to low 40's and down below freezing next weekend. yeah, there's some snowflakes around so one weekend we enjoy the warm weather. next week it's back. >> crazy weather. >> i know. >> up-down, up-down. >> thanks, dave.
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>> still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 a a dog and puppies rescued from a burning building. what firefighters were facing and how they managed to save them. >> an egyptian teenager has something pretty special. how he discovered his donkey's hidden talent and how it's making both of them famous. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the teenager in egypt is jumping into international headlines and his bet pitt donkey is jumping along with him. the video gone viral. this 14-year-old chained his pet donkey named rihanna to jump over things. at first he was using rihanna to run some errands for his late grandfather then one day she just started jumping on her own over small stretch of water and the rest as you can see is history. >> love it. >> firefighters pulled off a really delicate rescue in florida. >> they d they saved a dog and several of her puppies from a burning apartment building. we have the story. >> reporter: firefighters treating a mother dog and one of her puppies. they're given oxygen in the back of a rescue unit with a especially designed mask for animals. >> yeah, they were in severe
6:39 pm
respiratory distress. our crews started using the pet mask that we keep on the truck and started administering oxygen and started to treat the puppies trying to save them. >> reporter: the blaze broke out in a second floor apartment at 677 northeast 24th street in miami friday afternoon. firefighters believe it may have started in the kitchen. >> i have a puppy and i feel bad. i feel bad. i'm a puppy lover. >> reporter: they were able to save three puppies but four remain missing. the dog's owner rushed to the animal clinic where the mother dog and puppy were taken. x-rays were done and vets expect the two to be fine. >> most important thing for puppies is that they stay warm, stay with their mom, they eat regularly and in terms of the smoke so long as none of those things are impaired i don't think she'll have any issues since she did not present in respiratory distress. >> look at the mom giving her baby a kiss can. that was fox's alex depratt
6:40 pm
tow reporting. the four missing puppies were found not alive. a local woman's porch falling apart right in front of her eyes. >> she scraped up the money to get it fixed but says the guy she hired took her cash and took off. why she says that heartless move could now cost her her entire home. >> i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson. tomorrow on good day we have the porn tips the make your family vacation a whole lot better. >> we'll help you if you're on that family vacation teaching your children thousand swim so they can fully enjoy. >> lie sense plates. why some of them are selling for hundreds of thousands of dodges all of that tomorrow morning. we'll see you at 7:00 a.m. pass
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>> ♪ >> small but mighty seems to be the motto for little puppy in nevada who is recovering after being tossed out of a car. the car was moving, yes, at the time. four month old bandit ended up with a broken leg after being tossed out. now the charity rottweilers of las vegas is helping him recover. although he suffered quieter an ordeal bandit is still a playful little pup. >> that's a very serious injury for a puppy.
6:44 pm
a very young dog like imhe has a lot of growing going on and it can affect him for the rest of his life. he's super playful. even though he suffered such tragedy being abused by people he's a lover. >> the pup's recovery is expected to take about four weeks and then bandit will be up for adoption. >> nowhere to turn that's what a north philadelphia woman tells fox 29 after she signed a contract to have her dilapidated front porch rebuilt before it falls down. that's when she ran into problems. she says the contractor took her money and then never showed up to do the work. >> our dave schratwieser has tonight's fox 29 investigates report. >> i just think that any second now i'm just going hear a loud crash. >> reporter: regina gardener says not a day or night goes by when she isn't living in fear there her front porch could collapse. >> when that come crashing down part of my roof might go with it.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: gardener says she's been living a nightmare since last june when she called a contractor to her home to repair the dilapidated porch and the roof above it. >> i wanted this work completed in the summertime, okay, because i knew that it couldn't never go another winter. >> reporter: she says things got so bad she couldn't even let her grandchildren come outside to play. >> the beam already fell out. i couldn't even let them come outside to sit on the porch in the summertime because i was afraid it would come crashing down. >> reporter: we had 2 feet of snow. >> i know. >> reporter: what was going through your mind. >> that any minute now it was going to come crashing down. >> reporter: gardener suffers from chronic anxiety, hypertension and harder problems. she's on disability with a fixed income. last june she managed to scrape together $1,800 to fix the porch with the help of family and friends. she brought tyrell wright from the right way company to her home to get an estimate and do
6:46 pm
the repairs. >> they looked at the porch, they go upstairs and look out the window. they see how bad, they both agree that it's in very bad condition, okay. >> reporter: all right. >> they said they could do it. >> reporter: so, regina says she entered into this contract with wright to repair the porch put in rain gutters and prep and paint the porch. total cost, $1,800. regina says she gave wright $400 in cash on june 8th, then another 500 on june 30th. she signed the bill and he signed the bill. >> then they would just start to totally ignore my calls, okay. then he would say he was sick, he was out of town, he was working on another job. it was going on and on and on. >> reporter: excuse after excuse. >> excuse after excuse. >> reporter: regina went to this address on castor and glenwood where wright told her his company was located. the bill even listed the address. she decided to confront him.
6:47 pm
>> he said he would bring me my money that evening. but he never showed up. >> reporter: regina finally got tired of waiting for the work to be done. she gave up and went to court where she filed suit against wright and his company. in october, she won a judgment against him. >> i got a judgment in my favor for $995. >> notice of money judgment flurry favor. >> yes. neither one of them came to court. >> reporter: you have the bills. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: you served him when you sued him. >> yes. >> reporter: and you have a judgment. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: in october. >> yes. >> reporter: and you haven't seen a dime. >> i haven't seen a dime. >> reporter: so, fox 29 investigates went looking for wright. first at this car lot where he supposedly had his business according to the bill he gave gardener. then at this home where he supposedly lived. he wasn't at that location, either. >> i don't think it was right what they did to me. i mean, how can you do that to me? how can you do that to anybody? we signed a contract. >> reporter: we checked the
6:48 pm
internet and found tyrell wright advertising under right way management company to do renovations and demolition work. we called him and e-mailed him. there was no answer. we even found this ad where he advertised rooms for rent. same name, same phone number but no answers. >> this is my home. this is where i live at. he could have just gave me my money back and told me the job was too big for you. you didn't have to run out with my money. >> reporter: we checked city records and can find no properties listed for tyrell wright anywhere in philadelphia. >> that is what tyrell wright if he's out there god is going to get you. >> reporter: for now regina gardener says each prediction of snow or heavy rain leaves her in fear her front porch could come crashing down. >> it's a nightmare. it hasn't helped my anxiety, hasn't helped my hypertension.
6:49 pm
i'm very angry and i just want them punished for what they d i'm probably not the only victim they got out there. they were scam artists. >> reporter: regina gardener says so far she hasn't received one penny of her money back. in fact she's been told by l and i that if the front porch collapses, she could be forced out of her home. in center city, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> well, we are happy to report that after our story first aired earlier this week several contractors gardener and they're offering to help her. we'll keep you posted on how this turns out. sean. >> spring training down in clearwater florida. we catch up with phillies general manager and get his thought on some of that new young talent. >> we talk a little college hoops. villanova taking on a desperate butler team but today they weren't desperate enough. that's coming up next in sports.
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>> ♪ >> villanova is the number one team in the land. 23 and three and they won 15 out of their last 16 games. ball. now they have a target straight on their back. every team wants to take down the number one and it started with butler a squad on the bubble and in need of a resume victory and it was senior day for villanova, the program celebrating the two winningest players in program history, daniel ochefu and ryan arcidiacono. butler looking to spoil the night for the seniors. three up top. that was part of a 16-two bulldogs run but nova would flex its number one muscles. look at the back door and dunk by darrell reynolds. nova beats butler 77-67 for their seventh straight win. saint joe's and davidson,
6:53 pm
he drivers to the rack and gets the and one. he had 35 points. 30-point game of the season. audrey come offer the pick nails the corner three. after getting a big top 25 victory, the hawks with a letdown game. saint joe's loses its first road game 99-93. to drexel and william and mary. late second half, full court press and that ends in a elijah williams easy layup. william and mary still with a chance. nine seconds left off the dribble drive, they have one last shot for a game tying three. no. no good. drexel hangs on for the victory 74-69. in baseball ryan howard has finally showed up for spring training. he missed the morning workouts but is now in clearwater florida. but these things aren't really for the vets and position players don't have to really report until monday but most of the players actually have
6:54 pm
shown up already. really the spring training is for all the new young players trying to stake their claim. this is no longer a steam stacked with vets. only howard and carlos ruiz are left from the world series team. it's year two of the official rebuilding process and the organization wants to see what they have with all their new young very good talent. >> you know, i think the big thing is we want to see energy and effort and i think we will. i think the nature of the competition that we set up in a number of areas and the young players that have an opportunity to make a first impression i think that's what i'm looking forward to seeing. >> young players will be battling for veterans for their roster positions and starting spots. a bunch of young pups going against some guys who probably just want to go to another team that going to win but pete mackanin says those old guys want to compete and that should make for a very good camp. >> those older players, more
6:55 pm
veteran players, guys with experience i think they're going to add what they can to the success of the team. the older guys want to make their mark. they want to compete against the younger guys and the younger guys want to take their jobs and it's the nature of the business. >> in hockey flyers in action tonight in toronto but they'll have to do it without their captain and leading scorer claude giroux. giroux out with a upper body injury. no specific given. injury is not supposed to be serious and he's listed as day to day. he took an elbow to the head late in the game. he was down for several minutes but he came back and he was okay but that might be a part of the injury. back to nova, they -- we're putting our banner on november v flyers, phillies, sixers, we have to root for november v they're the only team that give us some happiness at the end of a season. >> it's pretty exciting.
6:56 pm
>> it's very exciting. their d has been unbelievable. they're playing great. o nova don't get knocked out in the second round like you did last year. >> stop it. >> had you to put it out there. >> this town needs to do something. >> they're do it. we'll stick with that. >> positive. >> we'll stick hopefully with this weather for a few more days. >> not much luck with that one. tomorrow it will get a little cooler but the rain comes in and there will be two storms to watch. first late tomorrow and very early monday it will clear out. then by tuesday things will go a little down little there. we have the clouds increase. now, because the temperature is cold initially we might want to watch for a brief mix early wednesday before it changes over to all rain. 50 up to 60. doesn't last though. we're back down to 40 on friday an few snow showers will be around next weekend. so, still a month to go before it's sprung. certainly feels like it today. >> it's not 7 degrees,. [laughter] >> is it our imagination.
6:57 pm
you think about the year before it seems like it was pretty steady in february but now this is up and down. >> up and down. it's been pretty active and i think the year before it did get down pretty cold. >> two years ago we had a lot of snow. >> i don't want to remember that. >> i remember 'cause i was standing outside in it. >> gosh, don't bring that up again. okay be sure to join us tonight on the fox 29 news at 10:00. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fast moving fire that left one person dead. >> also coming up, two ships running a ground off the jersey coast. why did crews have to suspends operations to retrieve them? find out more at 10:00. >> and that is your news for this saturday night. your live lottery drawing is next and that is followed by tmz. >> we'll see you back here at 10 o'clock. have a great night. thanks for watching. get out and enjoy the weather. >> snow ♪
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