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tv   Fox 29 News Special Fox 29 Pet Tales  FOX  February 19, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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cannot judge a book by its cover. >> especially true with the shelters, where dogs and cats are so scared, what you see in that kennel so often is nothing like how that pet would be in your family. and that is where, the pit bull rescue comes in. >> saving the oven miss understood bull breeds left and ride right even though with bad kennel behavior. that is more of than not. and then, they are just big love bugs. >> whistling. >> come here, bug. >> life only had a few hours left on earth. >> ♪ >> when, then called philadelphia's municipal shelter, offering to sponsor royce. act philly's life saving department got a we'll take him from don't bully us pit bull rescue. >> we're working with right now that we will meet, in a little while, is royce thaw helped with. >> my royce. >> absolutely.
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>> he is a big time pity boy hoist a hundred pound. he just doesn't know his boundaries. >> you don't necessity how strong he is. >> he just doesn't. he doesn't. >> i was here, and he came up and grabbed my, sleeve with my mouth. >> holy cow. >> as i stood here calmy staring at his eyes, okay, buddy, here we go. >> ♪ >> jumping on people, isn't good. >> he meant no harm. >> see how sweet he is and how wonderful he is, and, our staff, we were going to put him town because he had all that energy, in the kennel and he was scarring people. >> think about it, in a kennel, surrounded by barking dogs and he went out for a walk today or day before. >> stir crazy it is not fair to say what you see in the kennel is what you are going to get when you get home. the. >> he just need a chance. >> don't bully a pit bull
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rescue gives them that and more. >> we socialize, we take our time with them. we call it a reset per. sometimes it can is a short as a couple weeks. sometimes it need to be several months. >> good boy. >> dog behavior expert christine nolan working with don't bully with royce week in and weekend getting him ready for his forever home. >> big boy and he doesn't know what it is he he should to with all this energy and power. >> reporter: royce just one of so many pups don't bully us has saved in the nick of time. >> good girl. good girl. >> a lot of the students really rallied, and, reese donated to any rescue that would take her. >> always fun. >> yep. >> and tried. >> kelly was on the phone 72 hours straight trying to get them to take her. >> these pet students who grabbed attention of don't bully us, which immediately rescue the pup, they named
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rose. >> we have gotten there in the nick of time and very happy to be home. >> what was it like walking out knowing her, that it had been a few hours later. >> it is the the greatest feeling in the world that you made a difference. >> these vet student know their animals and they think far more people should get to know, bully breeds, and adopt. >> is she terrifying. >> they get a bad rap but they are just as sweet as any other dog. they just want to be loved. i mean we have two dogs and they sit on either side of me and all they do is kiss me. >> they get along great. >> don't buully us foster mom helped save jasmine's life which was also about to expire. >> she's so cute. >> yes. >> you will have a hard time giving her up. >> i know, i know. >> do you want to go back to your baby brothers and sister
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as cute as they are they represent one of the biggest reasons or shelters are jammed, and so many dogs, die. don't bully us, saved their mom from a life of backyard breeding. >> she was down in an area that is known both for dog fighting, and for breeding backyard breeding, over and over again. >> she's the one that got away. sweet as could be, flee ridden and filthy but the rescue broke the ugly cycle of the constant breeding and selling, that still shelfers with abandon abused pit bulls. >> beautiful. >> stunning. >> yes, people stop me on the street, what is he? i said he is a shelter dog. why don't you go get one. >> yes, exactly. >> these are the dogs that make up don't bully us rescue family page. they are cuddling with children. they are hanging out with their families. even sleeping, with their best buddy. all because of rescue gave
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them a chance. gave them love. and helped them fine their forever home. >> he is great. he is. will make somebody a fantastic puppy. you really are, baby. >> look at the that face. >> i know. >> ahh. >> royce by the way is ready for his forever home. if you are in the mark for a new best budd he could be your perfect match. >> well, an aggressive cancer is striking dogs without any warning but there is hope, thanks to amazing research at pen pneumonia vet, how veterinarians are using a anxious chinese remedy of all things to prolong your
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penn vet is making some amazing stride in fighting a devastating cancer in dogs. >> it the is called hemangio sarcoma and it strikes like a lightening ross. >> as i know i looked bode to that awful cancer and as we battled this together we have learn that penn vet researchers are conducting a promising study to help turn dog owners despair into hope. >> bode was an eight year-old healthy, happy golden retriever. one minute he was playing in the yard... the next minute he was being rushed to an emergency veterinarian. the diagnosis was something i had never even heard of hemangio sarcoma a highly a
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aggressive cancer of the blood vessels that strictly strikes. >> by the time we diagnosis it, it spread to other organs. >> your favorite things to do. >> the most common thing, very devastating, in fact, the doggies normal one minute. >> say hi, everybody. >> and then an hour later was in a really a acute, collapsed and critical state. >> bode was treated at metro pol tan vet associates in audubon, pennsylvania where the oncologist gave us the poor prognosis, tumors on his spspleen, heart and lung, the cancer was advanced. might have a few days, maybe a month to live. we could do chemotherapy but it would not buy him much time. our one hope a chinese compound a arrived from mushrooms. >> the immunity comes from a very specific place mushrooms. active compound within this mushroom is the column i
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pepper. it has been used in chinese medicine for over 2,000 years, and the predominant interests that it is boosting immune function. >> penn vet researchers found in the study they have published in 2012 that this particular compound increased longevity in dogs with hemangio sarcoma and appeared to have a tumor fighting effect. >> we realized wow this is promising. it made us want to go ahead and dot next study which is the study that we're doing right now. >> first study was small, 15 dogs but some lived over a year. this was more definitive and involved 100 dogs. like this golden retriever, booth and this ten year-old my low. this guy is getting his regular monthly checkup at penn's ryan veterinary hospital as do all of the dogs in the study. >> when you are dealing with cancer, you are always looking for is there any indication that the cancer has spread, beyond where you knew it was last time you looked the dog
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over. >> this is his active monitor. >> reporter: mylow was diagnosis with hemangio sarcoma right after christmas in 2014. he had his spleen removed and joined the stud any january 2015. >> when we found out just on a fluke that penn had the opportunity for him to be involved in this trial with new medications, i mean we definitely jumped at the chance because we wanted to make sure we has as much good time with him as we could. >> half of the dogs in the study are on immunity, a quarter on chemotherapy a and another quarter are getting chemo and a placebo. mylow is getting chemo but she does in the know if the the three capsules she gives him or the drug or a placebo. >> we won't know until the entire study is done. >> but he is much improved living the life. >> the fact that he is now gone past, the typical window, of what hemangio sarcoma has been seen it is like a winning lottery ticket for us. >> booth is seeing a amazing
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results. he had his spleen removed last february and has been taking only the drug for nine months. he is doing fantastic especially considering golden retrievers and german shepherd are predisposed for this ugly cancer. >> one of the major problems is they can have bleeding from their tumors either from the main tumor in their spleen or they have spread of tumors. small tumors can bleed, as well. >> and that is what ultimately causes the dog to succumb to the cancer. my golden bode lived for 38 days after the dreaded diagnosis. taking nine capsules a day. >> he just kept a big ice cream cone. >> he likes that. >> we considered those 38 days, a gift. >> it is such a devastating disease and we have so few effective treatment options
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for it, that it is easy to get excited about anything, that loosen remetly promising. this does. >> this has been the best year of mylow's life. >> so we shot this story, the day after i lost bode, so this story is really a tribute to him and dogs that are still fighting. >> it was so tough. both of us were crying. when we were going out of here at the station i remember just hugging it out. it kills me. but other dogs, they can actually take part in the study. >> the study is ongoing, two year study. if people are interested they can contact penn vet. there are no adverse effects. the hope is it will offer a significant alternative to chemotherapy which is costly, and it really doesn't greatly increase a dog's chance of survival. >> that is great stuff, dawn, all right. you know, one incredibly cute group of kitties need a fantastic public relations campaign. >> once they heard i'm fostering cats they say oh, my
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gosh you have the perfect step. >> why positive is always a good thing especially when you are battling
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♪ >> a spotlight tonight on a group of kitties that really
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need a great pr campaign, right. >> exactly. >> have have you ever heard of f iv positive cats. >> a lot of people have not, it is like hiv in humans. the virus weakens immune systems. vets say they can be wonderful long pets but so often are the ones left behind at shelters. >> hi there, sammy. hi. >> this cute boy sammy just needs a break. >> his owner died last may, so he was in the vet hospital for a month, separated from his siblings. >> the hospital transferred this f iv positive kitty to a shelter where he curled up into a ball and just gave up. >> once i heard that i foster fiv cats they say my gosh we have a perfect candidate for you this cat sammy needs to get out of the shelter asap or he will keep declining because he is purring now. >> they cannot catch fiv, other cats, only by a deep
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bite wound. >> good boy. right. >> doctor sarah has a lot of fiv positive patients. >> these cats, can live a very long life potentially. >> do you think there is a a misconception out there. >> yes, for sure. i think a long time ago when it was first diagnosed, cats were being euthanized because of it. >> so sad. but perception is starting to slowly catch up to reality. in an fiv positive cat catches something as you would with any pet you just got to head to the vet. >> but as long as it is caught, very early on, they do quite well. >> especially if they are indoor kitties. >> you just do your regular maintenance as you you would with any other cat. >> that is most important, keep them indoors, good nutrition, newter them so they do not have aggressive tendens sees. >> cindy randall of randall's rescue saves all kind of kit fridays area shelters. one of her main missions these days is teach folks that fiv positive kitties can live fun
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with non-fiv positive cats. >> a lot of rescues turn them down when they find out that they are positive. they want them. then they get tested. they come back positive and they no longer want them anymore. but i tend to gravitate toward them because i know they're not going to -- they have to have time. >> like sweet sammy the lap cat waiting for his forever home, for ten months now. >> sammy, handsome face there you young man. there you are. so you are waiting for your forever home, um, sammy. >> sammy is waiting for his forever home. >> ahh. >> so cute. >> yes, i know. fiv positive kitties need loving forever homes, dawn and, beside sammy, randall's rescue saved a beautiful super lovely cat waiting for seven months for her forever home. >> she's pretty my friend at delaware county spca, our
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friend, just saved 2fiv positive kitties. this is a grumpy cat. take a look at this handsome man, delco spca, they call him silver fox. he wants what we all want, just some love. >> hopefully they will get homes. dogs with special need are often ones had get left behind in a shelter as well. >> let's go, yeah, let's go. >> well, one philadelphia area rescue says these cute k-9's despite their differences have a whole lot of love to give, why the pet mix pride
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♪ >> of course, it is heart break to go see all of the dogs overlooked at shelters. therefore at greater risk far greater of getting put down. >> but one small philadelphia rescue with a very big heart prides itself on taking special needs pooches. the pet mix seeing the good in these dogs deemed by many as unadoptable. >> we think they are problem children. we always take the problem children. >> marlene davis of the pit mix dog rescue worries if they don't, no one else will. >> we just try to take who needs the most need of help. >> like this pooch fee own a such a pretty kitty but passed over because what vets diagnosed as a spinal lesion leaving her without the use of her back legs. >> it clearly doesn't stop her and she loves life. she's always happy. she's always smile on her face. >> i can attest to her fantastic smile, as she gets around just fine on two legs. although she does love going for walks on her donated
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wheels. >> come on. come on. >> she knows a wheelchair means we will go do something awesome. >> on this day it was a stroll along the path with her pals, who is also looking for a forever home due to anxiety issues. >> let's go, yeah, let's go. >> as cute as she has fiona the has been here for a year now, and still no takers. >> it is a combination of the fear and unknown of what it is like to care for handicapped dogs. >> it is not anything more than than any other dog. >> reporter: jean nutter says it is these dog difference that he is make them more enduring. >> they have a special extra love and they appreciate what you are doing for them so much more good long time residents barrett knows he is a lucky guy, he is missing a eye. >> his family is a stray. he is a little bit of the miracle dog. > he was scheduled to be put down in the city shelter but was somehow missed. marlene happened to be in the shelter, overheard the conversation and home she went
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with the pit mix. >> he is such a perfect dog for kids good and then carla surrendered on christmas eve of 2014. she has been at pit mix ever since, understandably fearful of people. >> once she gets to know you, she will give you more love than you can handle. but, it takes her a while. >> pit mix was founded ten years ago by malry after she found her dog lola a in a dumpster. she has been by her side ever since and the rest is history with people like marlene and jeanie joining in the fight to save these voiceless animals, particularly pit bulls. >> i have a huge passion for pities, i just can't, i just feel like i get them. >> they look real big and tough. you can think they are tough, by their bark but they are big soft mushy love bugs. >> love bugs like fiona in need of the forever home. pit mix motto we've got your back for as long as it takes
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to find the right home. >> there really is a perfect family for every dogs. you are giving them a chance at life that they would never experience otherwise. you want to do it the because you are making such a big impact and it feels so good. >> ahh. >> ahh, right. >> i know. >> and these dog, you know it, they do it because it is a fashion. they have full-time jobs, family friend, but they care and they really do want to make a difference. >> sure good are they available still. >> all of the dogs in all of these stories are up for adoption. >> speaking of which, dawn if you had a's like more information on the wonderful rescues and shelters that we have featured tonight. >> or learn more about the penn vet cancer study or fiv in kitties head over to our web site at fox >> you will find all of those links under our as seen on tv section. this has been so much fun. >> i hope we can do it again. >> yes, thank you so much for joining us. >> have a great the night, and thanks for watching. pet moments are beautiful,
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