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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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a dead woman found in a dumpster. >> plus, with a share of the philadelphia big five title on the line, the face-offer between temple men's basketball villanova later today. >> and what president obama is saying about who he is going to nominate to fill the position after the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> good morning, everybody, it is a wednesday, it feels like a wednesday, doesn't it? mike, mike, mike, mike, because it is wednesday. >> i think it feels like it has been friday because there has been so much drama. >> it is my sister joanne's birthday. >> you have a loft birthdays. >> i have a lot of sisters. >> i'm going to call her today. i will call her. she coming to visit this week. >> oh, that's nice. >> yes. >> so going to bring her? >> no. >> you have to clean the joint up? >> actually. >> you seem so excited. >> yes, it is fine.
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so what's the number today? >> you know a lot higher than yesterday. >> it was a two yesterday. >> so, so bar is pretty low. so we go up to seven for today. much improved from the past two days, really. it is dry. it is chilly. but appropriately chilly for february. so bus stop buddy, back to school on time today. so many schools went in two hours late yesterday. all bundled one flyers cap on because they won last night. we have some clouds around this morning, but it should be a pretty tranquil day compared to the ice and the snow and the wind and the thunderstorms, and everything that we had the past couple every days, no more flooding reported, as well, 36 degrees right now, feels like 30, outside, sunrise time is 6:52. and we get to a high later on of 44 degrees. clouds, some sunshine, a seasonable day, casino of boring, really, bob kelly, and we will take boring you. >> ain't kidding we'll take boring, just talking like the ends of last week, last two
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days, all of the craziness, today's nice quiet day, a lot of the snow disappeared on the overnight, but left behind all of the gravel, or stones that the dot's used to kind of get you some traction, so you will hear that clicking up in your tires as you roll out of king of prussia. and down 202, heading down through malvern, no problems coming in on the 42 freeway, starting to see some pockets of volume as the headlight head in toward downtown philly. any minute now, 6:10, opening expected at the burlington bristol bridge. so if you are grabbing your coffee and keys and headed out the front door right now, you want to try using the talcony or the betsy. accident in cheltenham, tookany creek road, also crash up in gilbertsville. the south jersey side looking good. but rolling up out of wilmington starting g to see delays on 95 from christianna up through the delaware memorial bridge. mike and alex back to you. >> 6:02, following developing news this morning, update on a
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story we brought but a woman found dead in a dumpster. >> in a dumpster. now shoot-out in allentown, steve keeley, are these stories relate in the. >> well, here is where the woman was found in the dumpster on valentine day. sunday afternoon, found shot to death, multiple times, and put into a recycling bin, likely not this one, that has probably replaced the one she was found in. and the scene last night as we pan over in prime time at 9:00 right across this flip- football field from each other. allentown police chief keith morris says his swat team had a warrant for the man wanted for the woman's murder. police still on the scene as you can see here, where the man did not come out peacefully, but started shooting at police when they showed up wounding the detective in the left arm last night, after three hours a bullhorn command surrender didn't work, close up video we can run shows big holes in the top part of the first floor windows where police fired flash grenades, then went in and got the guy, we don't know if they had to shoot him.
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he was taken to a hospital. later we'll likely learn who the guy is, or the woman killed was, and what reason for killing her might have been. alex, mike, police certainly had enough for that warrant. and if the guy was wanted for murder, odds are he felt he didn't have much to lose trying to shoot his way out of his arrest. >> right across the street, unreal. all right, steve, continue to gather information there in allentown. all right, coming up on 6:05, let's get to lawyer win more top stories. >> good morning, investigators looking for the person who left the body of young woman along busy bucks county road. police believe 25 year old stephanie matchen died of drug overdose, the driver discovered her body around 10:00 yesterday morning, along mill road near the i95 overpass. but, investigators do not believe that's where she died. state officials say donald trump and john kasich have filed enough signatures to get on pennsylvania april 26 primary ballot. that's ten total candidate who filed a run for united state
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president in the keystone state. the deadline to smith signature was yesterday, but court challenges could follow to test whether to make sure each candidate correct dollars 2,000 signature of registered voters in their political party. >> meanwhile, president barack obama says republicans have no constitutional ground to refuse to vote on a supreme court nominee to replace the late justice antonin scalia. obama is challenging his political opponent in the senate to rise above the venum, that has paralyzed judicial nominations, senate judiciary chairman said he might be open to considering obama's yet to be named nominee. >> bill cosby's criminal sexual assault case appears to be headed toward evidence hearing. now that a pennsylvania judge denied his latest effort to throw the charges out, the same judge, who refused to dismiss the case this month, has denied cosby's appeal on that decision, the 78 year old tv star accused of drugging and violating an ex temple university employee at his suburban philadelphia home,
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back in 2004, if convicted, cosby is facing ten years in prison, his defense is insisting cosby had a promise from previous district attorney, he would never be charged over that encounter. mike anal next. >> thank you very much. boy, it is a big showdown tonight. happening right here, in philadelphia, oh, the college basketball world will be watching philly tonight. temple will face number one in the country villanova, big five basketball, it is the best. of course we have six teams here but we call it the big five still. owls are two and one in the big five. we get share of the title. if they win over the wildcats. but that's not the important thing. the owls are 16 and eight, this season, while the wildcats of villanova are 22 and three. number one in america. nova earned it first-ever number one ranking, in the country, when the polls were released, first time on february the eighth, they were named number one again yesterday when the polls came
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out. 90s time they'll meet since 1914. plus st. joe's the hawks are having a big season too, place really well. have huge game tonight against dayton. that's also in philly. that starts at 6:00. and then the other game, at temple, will start at 7:00. >> just going to be a big night for basketball. >> fantastic, and i love it, i hope i can get into that game but i don't have take help. 6:07. listen to this. >> we'll need a lot of help to get back up and running, because we're non-profit. >> severe weather ripped the roof off of a landmark. local boys club, with rich, rich history. why there is extra pressure to reopen quickly. >> well, part of the roof anyway.
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listening to the theme music. >> whenever we hear it, we enjoy it, mike. >> oh, it puts a skip in my step. >> a good question: have you had a good day lately? can't ask it every day. >> aid good day back during the carter administration. i do remember. it was in april. >> i'm just glad you remember. >> yes, it was great. >> you know, i didn't realize that the winds got to up 06 miles an hour in some parts of new jersey yesterday, in the 50's, up in the northeast yesterday afternoon, around
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noon to 2:00. >> and those strong winds think ripped a roofer apart at the girls and boys club. they just spent years fundraising. >> fairly new roofer. rain poured in, flooding the hockey floor, is there such thing as a hockey floor? yes, they play hockey on the floor. shutting the clown down until further notice. community members disappointed this morning because the kids won't have anywhere to go today. they say there is tens every thousands of dollars in damage to the club. volume up tears say the roof was barely a year old. boy, wouldn't you think could you stand 55-mile per hour winds? it took years to raise the money to put the roof on that building. >> what am i going to do, all of my volunteers helped me to do what i got to do here. like starting all over again. >> well the club now scrambling to make temporary repairs to that roof before scheduled tournament this weekend. we are told insurance will not
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cover the repairs again. 55 miles per hour, shouldn't it be table sustain that? >> wow. >> 6:12. >> president braham barack obama offering some critiques of the republicans running to replace him. one in particular, though, what the president had to say about him. >> he is not a member of the trump is her. remember? it goes book that. hey, here's bob. >> good morning, everybody, 6:12, skyfox over the scene of this accident, i've been talking about on the new jersey turnpike northbound just north of exit number four, which is route 73, what we're seeing here looks like this tow truck slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer, right at the service plaza which again is just north of exit number four, and route 73. they're trying to get the driver out of the vehicle. we'll stay over it and we'll bring you another update and check in with philadelphia
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>> talking earlier how high the winds got, pit grove, new jersey, 56-mile per hour wind gust, in west depford, 57 miles an hour, in the northeast, recorded a 50-mile per hour gust at the airport in philly, 47 miles an hour in wilmington, delaware, 41 miles
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an hour, that's tropical storm force all every these wind gusts, brief, but intense, those storms that came through, right in the middle of the day yesterday. now, today, chilly again, as opposed to yesterday when it got pretty warm. few patches of ice around, but very few, not really seeing a problem with that, sunshine returns, clouds will be around this afternoon, breezy, not enough to talk about, there is yesterday's cold front, most of it off shore, and there is another one coming through little later on today, also why we will get some clouds, we don't expect precipitation, we will get little chillier, at least for a day, after a secondary cold front comes through. so we have nothing much to show you in our area, way to the north of us, some snow, down to the south every us, little bit of rain. so, we will talk temperatures walking out the door. 36 degrees in kutztown, 34 in lancaster, 37 in straws berg, and in bear, 35, 34 in camden,
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new jersey, 31 in jackson, new jersey, expect to get to high of 44, yesterday's high 60678938 chillier day tomorrow then the warming trend starts just in time for the weekend. fifty-five sunday, and clouding up monday, in anticipation of some rain on tuesday, but really, you will just take boring for little while. bob kelly, while we we recovering from what happened yesterday. >> yes, what a difference a day can may hook, some good news on most of the major roadways, unfortunately, bad news here, the new jersey turnpike, something we've been talking about, for the last hour or so, looking live from skyfox, you can see, this tow truck driver, rearended this tractor-trailer, all happening north on the new jersey turnpike north of exit four, right at the entrance to the service plaza, looks like the turnpike there, i've gotten off here couple of times for coffee and little potty break
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here, northbound, you got that one lane, wondering if the tractor-trailer was sitting there popular spot, guys like to take a turn on the turnpike, northbound, rearended by this tow truck. a letter, alive, responding to rescuers as they're trying to free him from the wreckage here. going to the maps. if you are headed northbound this morning, just watch for that delay, just north of route 73 exit four, northbound lanes are open, and we got bridge opening underway right now, burlington bristol stack and pack on both sides with a opening, and good morning to the schuylkill expressway three cheers cheese for septa bus driver, eastbound starting to see the beginning after morning rush hour between the boulevard and center city live look at the 42 freeway, all of the headlights coming into the city tapping the brakes there at creek road. mass transit looking good.
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mike, alex being back to you. >> 6:18. lauren, you're tagged. >> all right, president barack obama offered extended critique of the republicans running to replace him. he described them as truck. the president spoke yesterday in california, following two day summit with leaders from southeast asia nations, he criticized positions, republican candidates have taken on climate change. muslims in america and i am graduation. and when asked to weigh in on the democratic presidential primary campaign, between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders, obama simply said voters should be given the chance to decide for themselves. apple says it plans to fight a judge's order to help the fbi unlock cell phone of one of the shooters in san bernardino terror attack. the iphone in question was used by farook, he and his wife opened fire at holiday party in san bernardino last december, killing 14 people, the two were later killed in a shoot-out with police. apple will have to supply software, so the fbi can bypass a self-destruct feature in farook's work issued phone. the ruling is the first of it
6:20 am
kind. >> actor george janes, best known foray peering in the foster parent 1980 citcom, has died, his daughter says, he passed away yesterday, at her home in washington. he is survived by his wife, actress allen ann motorcycle clary and his daughter, gains was 98 years old. >> how about dose of cute dogs this morning? cj, german short haired pointer, now america's top dog. he won best in show at the westminster dog show last night at madison square garden, three year old cj beat out over 2500 other dogs to win the nation's most prestigious dog competition. the dog's owner says he did special rituals before hand including taking a stroll around the ring, bowing down, and sneezing, mike and alex. >> did i that this morning, myself. >> you can teach an old dog new tricks. >> you better believe it, old dog right here. best in show, great movie, too, called best in show, about the westminster dog show. >> well, the internet has been
6:21 am
going crazy, since ufc women's champion rhonda rousey opened up about how she really felt after she was defeated by holly holmes. >> she got kind of emotional. >> yes. >> what am i any more if i'm not this? and i was literally sitting there in like thinking about killing myself, and in the exact second i'm nothing, what do i do any more? and no one gives a beep about me any more about this. and i look up, i saw my man, travis, standing there, and i look up at him and i was just like i need to have his babies, i need to stay alive. >> well, interesting confession from rhonda rousey on the ellen degeneres show yesterday. she talk about her initial feelings after the loss last year in the ring. rhonda ended the interview by saying she still consideration herself undefeated because being defeated is a choice, but she admit that she thought about killing herself.
6:22 am
simply because she lost that bought. and she didn't want to die because she said she opened her eyes in the hospital and saw a man, her boyfriend. >> what do you think of that? >> i don't think much of it, but ellen really celebrated the fact she was willing to cry. >> she said little girls should see this and casino of look to up her for that. >> well, i don't think little girls, if you have a setback in life, don't think the first thing is to kill yourself. >> that's true. >> really? >> maybe shear was more thinking about the fact that she is till here and she said she will go back and she want to keep fighting? >> which is great. >> yes but you also need to stay alive for yourself. not because there is a man in your life. >> that's true. >> all right, let's check in with chris, who is finding tickets for me tonight at the liacouras center. >> good luck. >> temple's taking on the number one team in the count rip, chris? >> ladies, real quick. do you have any tickets? any ticket for mike, for the game tonight? nothing? sorry, struck out there. it is to sold out tonight guys.
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we'll have preview of the huge game, coming up, and speaking of how many, you will be hugely wealthy if you have the winning lottery numbers. good luck. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> flyers four in the third, beat the devils six-three, big game in town tonight, temple and fran dunphy, hoping the number one villanova at the liacouras center. villanova won two games since taking over the number one team in college basketball. owls are hot. won seven of their last eight. throw out the numbers for this one. >> can take no possessions, understand how good they are. and yet, be ready to play our best basketball, whatever that means. you know? again making shots, de thens has to be excellent. >> dayton at st. joe's, pitchers and pitchers and catchers due to report in clearwater, florida, total of 66 players, will be in the camp only 16 of them were in camp year ago. howard eskin's live report begin today on the "fox 29 news at 5:00". that's sports in a minute.
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i'm tom sredenschek. >> remember when we used to get excited about spring training, had something to look forward tonight anyway, if you want to netflix and chill. >> why not do it in style, sneak. >> okay. >> air b and b set up suite just for the occasion. >> now, what exact have i chilling? what's, what's chill mean? >> i'll explain in a commercial break. i don't think i can say it here. >> are you sure. >> kids are watching.
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
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>> right now an officer, coming up on 30:00. an officer in allentown is recovering after a shoot-out with a suspect of a murder investigation. >> what detective in allentown say happened, and why they do believe this may be connect today a woman who is found dead in a dumpster couple of days ago. >> horrible. all right, what a night it will be. a share of the big title on line. the face-off between temple men's basketball, and the number one team in the country, the villanova wildcats at the liacouras center. >> i need a ticket. >> now she will be in philly, caitlin jenner,, where the reality star is expected to be later today and why you can possibly hear hear. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, february the 17th, 2016. >> it sure s it is hump day, mike. >> what day is it? >> i think you should leave that to bob kelly. >> i think that whole phrase has jumped the shark. >> so let's just go to sue.
6:31 am
feeling blue today? >> i'm little but. >> am i blue ♪ temperatures in the three's, more importantly, much more tranquil than it was the past couple elf days. >> on ultimate doppler radar, sunrise is coming soon, it is 6:52. for your sunrise time. 36 degrees right now, feels like 30, but little bit after breeze out there, but there is nothing dramatic and that's a good thing. high of 44 today, seasonable, few light breezes tonight we will be chillier than it is right now, with clearing skies and a loath of 27 degrees. but, little leisure to get -- little easier to get over the hump when the weather is okay. that's what we have for your wednesday. the seven day coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly here right now, problem on the in urge new jersey turnpike.
6:32 am
>> northbound looking live from skyfox, an accident happened about an hour ago, on the northbound side at the service plaza, which is just north of exit number four. what we are seeing here is crews trying to rescue tow truck driver alive, responding to the rescue folks, but the tow truck driver slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer, he's been trapped here, for about an hour or so, this is just north of exit number four. route 73, northbound, recognize that service plaza, that first stop for coffee, the soda, bathroom break for the kids there if you are headed north. turnpike itself is open. it is all centered right around that off ramp. >> the burlington bristol stacked on both sides of the river here, so expect delays for another five minute or so.
6:33 am
>> fire location downtown here, in fairmount, at 24th and green, so watch for some local detours just off the art museum area. and starting to see some volume pop 95 northbound, up near the christianna mall, heading up in to wilmington, mike and alex, back to you. >> yesterday morning at this very time i was telling you about a woman's body that was found in a dumpster up in allentown, now allentown police officer shot last night investigating that murder. >> and it isn't far from where that dumpster is. >> no, across the street basically, right? here's steve. >> reporter: yes, all related. >> this recycling bin, likely not the one the woman's body was found in. this woman found sunday afternoon 2:00. this recycling bin behind this apartment building but also right behind allentown fire department, fire department, they stay up 24 hours a day, looks like driveway, but actually a street that a lot of people use.
6:34 am
>> so that guy pulled exposure dumb that body in there, the woman had been shot multiple times, too. so who knows how and when he stuck that body in the resigning link bin. he knew it would be found even if it wasn't until recycling day or when somebody sladely from this apartment building, goes to throw out some plastic containers, sees a woman shot several times, turns out the guy wanted for this even though police had no idea who the woman is, still may not know her id, right across the school football field right here, and you see all of the lights on over there, the police have been there, since about 9:00 last night, when they first went with a warrant, and the swat team, and they probably had good reason to know why they needed a swat team. maybe the guy that had the gun that shot the woman still had that gun and still had bullet in it, because instead of coming up peacefully, he started shooting, and shouted, in the left arm, going to the close up video that we shot,
6:35 am
and you can see big holes in the top windows, of the first floor windows, and the reason the holes are in the top windows is that's where they fired concussion grenades in, there flash grenades, to distract the guy and go in and get him, because after he had shot at the police, he did not come out peacefully. they tried to lure him out with a bullhorn for about three and a half hours, finally they went in after him and got him around 1:00 this morning, so alex, mike, we don't know if he shot or how, what kind of condition he's in, they did take him to the hospital, the police chief, keith morris out here, talking to the media overnight, said that the guy was still alive, and he was taken to the hospital where the police officer was taken, and the police officer, okay, just shot in the arm immediately getting help, so they solved this murder mystery somehow, but we just don't know all of the details of it just yet. we don't even think the police may know all of the details just yet because as late as yesterday afternoon, they were still looking for the woman's identity putting out what she was wearing in a description whatever she looked, and they
6:36 am
thought maybe she was 18 to 30. so who knows what the relationship is. maybe they met walking dogs here, but somehow, he got that woman's body in that resigning link bin, sometime over the weekend. >> that's horrible. all right. >> horrible. >> 6:36. >> former miss new jersey is in critical condition this morning, after a serious car crash. >> yes, really bad wreck. this tweet coming from southern new jersey, where 24 year old care a motorcycle cull up is an anchor. >> yes, so the new jersey snj, news station, there they have a show where she is the anchor in the morning. >> new jersey state police say she was en route 55, in pit grove township monday night when her convertible spun out of control, and hit two trees. >> investigators say she was not wearing her seatbelt, and they do not think that drugs or alcohol were a factor. she represented new jersey in the 2014 miss america pageant. very sad to hear. >> yes, our best to she and her family.
6:37 am
>> we've met her several times. she is very sweet. >> lauren, what else is going on? >> well, philadelphia police trying to find the guy shown on surveillance video ron ago woman at gunpoint, inside an olney store. take a look. comes say this is a guy who walked into the angel spirit deli on rising sun avenue earlier this month, well the video shows right after he walks in he approaches a woman inside that store, from behind. he forces her to the grounds, she ends up dropping her bag, and her keys, investigators say that's when the man just pick them up, ran out of the store then drove off in the victim's car. >> she is thinking she is getting a hug. next thing you noah gun is pull on her, of course they will pull everything. and that's ridiculous. >> authorities now looking for the black honda accord, already plate number jzg1179. if you have seen the car have any information that could help police, you are asked to give them a call. after stormy two years, filled with scandal, criminal charges, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says she's done. kane made announcement do not seek re-election in her hometown every scranton during
6:38 am
news conference yesterday the democrat did not mention the charges against her. last year, prosecutors in montgomery county charge kane with perjury and other offenses, they say, she leak grand jury material to a reporter then lied about it. a trial is set to begin this summer. >> new jersey governor chris christie talks about his run for the white house just before unveiling his 2017 spending plan for the garden state. the budget project a $800 million surplus. the revenue growth is expected to come from grogan come and state sales tax revenues. yesterday, presentation was the governor's first public appearance, since dropping out of the race for president. he thanked the people of new jersey for allowing him to quote great privilege of running. >> well the result was not what i had hoped for, maybe some of you, too, on the experience has made me a better governor, it has made me a better american, and it has made me a better person. >> democratic lawmakers say they're disappointed
6:39 am
christie's plans didn't address the state's transportation fund set to run out of monday any june. >> and the state of new jersey's fight to legalize sport bet something entering its next phase today this morning at 11:00 new jersey and sport betting leagues will argue in front after philadelphia appeals court. the garden state has been trying since 2009 the to offer legal sport betting, and at its casinos and racetracks to help both struggling industries. ruling on today's hearing is not expected until later this year, mike and alex. >> new jersey with a budget surplus? >> i know. >> that didn't work out. 6:39. well, big showdown tonight for philadelphia college basketball, alex. >> tell will be face number one villanova for a shot at the philadelphia big five title. >> chris murphy at the liacouras center trying to get us ticket for tonight's game. >> is he really trying or just standing outside of the lee cora center. >> well, he knows coach dunphy. >> truth be told, last time i saw coach fran dunphy at fundraising sent he said,
6:40 am
chris, i want you guys every morning, any time you want to come to the liacouras center and see a game, just let me know. >> the time is now. >> really call in that favor tonight when they take on the number one team in the country villanova? all right, the game time 7:00 tonight. it is cold out here on broad street right now, but will be warm and hot and rocking tonight at tip-off at 7:00. the owls for their part, they're 16 and eight. they're ten and three in the american conference, two and one in the big five, right? wildcats 22 and three, 21 in the biggies, three and zero in the big five. here's the thing, though: the wildcats are not just going to walt in here and beat up on the owls because temple's won eight of it last nine games including a season best streak of five in a row, guys. the owls february 14th win put them in sole possession of first place by the way, the american with a record of ten and three, so temple is going to play the number one team for the 17th time in their franchise history.
6:41 am
if you want to call did a franchise. but then two and 14 record. you'll remember their first game of the season against north carolina, who at the time was number one, and they beat up on the owls in that game. as for ville november a they've been number one now as we know since the pole came out february 8th. another pole came out yesterday, again number one in the nation, so j. wright has his wildcats in top form going in to march madness, which is just right around the corner. boy it will be fun tonight. sold out again, and mike, i don't have a ticket, alex no ticket. but if you have espn2, it will be on television. >> yes, another big game on espn. i think north carolina plays duke, so some competition for college basketball fans tonight. don't sleep on the st. joe's hawks. >> correct. >> having good season. >> they have a big game tonight against dayton at their home. >> it will be so hard, between different channels, just
6:42 am
trying to watch it all. >> dvr time. also happening today, over at penn's campus, reality star caitlin jenner will be in fill. >> i she will be speaking there later tonight. it will be a conversation with author anal almost, who wrote the article about her transition for vanity fair. you know the article, when she introduced herself as cat lynn jenner to the world? sure. i guess that's kind after closed event. no cameras except her reality show cameras will be there. >> i see. >> listen to this. ♪ >> the internet has spoken, blown away by lady gaga's tribute to david bowie. but vaughn very important viewer who doesn't seem to be impressed. >> yep. he didn't like it. >> ♪
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that's ed sheeran performing in our studios, probably three, three and half, four years ago, it is his birthday today. how about that. >> look at that. he is 25 years old. he won a gram. >> i do you think he is thinking out loud about the fact he is one year older? >> beautiful done. >> love that song. >> if we called him right now, what are the odds of him coming back to our studio at this point in his career? >> pretty slim. >> that would be -- he is thinking about it. >> you guys, good timing, getting him right before he blew up. >> that's what jody hear boys say, our booking person, she is always asking people before they're known, that's what she says. you watch there is person will be big in about three years. >> that's why people should watch the show, see who is up and coming, who is next. >> we're basically the simon cowell of morning television. >> sometimes we also get them on their way. >> yes, we had one on the other day, ya.
6:47 am
netflix and chill. might it be dirty? >> depends on how you look at it, more tan just popular phrase on social media apparently. this is real life. knock. >> the phrase has gotten so popular that it has become a theme of a room available on air b and b. >> really? >> if you don't know what the term means. >> are you going to find it for us? >> invite somebody over to your place, you turn on netflix. >> ya? >> and then you get physical physical ♪ >> oh, you mean like you pick your hand up and you press the button on the row mother? >> have sex, okay? >> oh, okay. >> so one bedroom in new york city apartment that goes for $400 a night, it comes with a fully stock mini bar, a bed draped with a netflix braided blanket. >> because that's romantic. >> so you have blanket and it has a biggio go on it it says netflix. lay down on that. >> here is the thing though it, gives you access to netflix account if you don't have one.
6:48 am
that's the key, mike. because not everyone has a netflix account. some of you need that season chill. >> pretty good for new york city apartment for $400. >> basically a boom boom room. like you're paying? >> think about it. if you're not actually watching netflix -- (laughing). >> sue? >> you're making it worse. >> oh, my gosh. please, let's go to sue. ahh. >> alex? >> where is that phone number? >> who knew? she new. >> we have pit grove new jersey yesterday, recorded a wind gust of 65 miles an hour, and it was fast and furious that line every thunderstorms that came through yesterday. west depford, 57 miles per hour, philadelphia international airport, 47 miles per hour, very wind any short yesterday. also what happened yesterday, we started at midnight with 33 degrees, and zoomed all the way to up 60 by 12:00 noon
6:49 am
just astounded but of course we had the weather drama all the responsibility of this cold front, now, off shore, another secondary front coming through later on in the day, but this one, just expected to produce clouds isn't be big deal, but will be chillier tomorrow than it is today see couple of flurries going away from new york city around the usual spots to get lake effect snow with chillier air, but nothing for us, so getting right to the seven day, getty ready, had 4 degrees today, chillier tomorrow. high of 38. >> fifty-five sunday, looking good there, getting cloudy monday, chance of rain, on tuesday but none of the temperatures swings and all casino of weather, guess what just had to have boring sunshine, mild temperatures, bob kelly, think you can deal with that this weekend?
6:50 am
>> we're going to get ready to check son traffic. still accident northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike. all north of exit four route 73, sorry, okay, you know what? if i hit that button there, watch what happens. there you go, vare avenue, just off the schuylkill expressway, not sure if that's disable or an accident, right, there headlight coming up and over the whitman headed into downtown philly northbound, north of exit four, which is route 73 off to the service plaza there, then watch for brake tap. otherwise the schuylkill expressway starting to see the
6:51 am
delays. the little pebbles that the dot has put down for traction during the ice storm, roosevelt boulevard an accident at southampton road right this in front of the armory, crash in cheltenham, ashburn road, along gilbertsville and big road. and watch for the penndot crews today. we are doing some painting, paint wag twist. ninety-five, in delaware county, line painting in both directions, racing stripe on the side of your car, hit 95 today and change lanes, right after they paint the center line there. how does that sound? >> ♪ >> well, two of the biggest scene on music stars may soon join forces. >> wow. >> talking about mariah carey, and beyonce, reportedly discussing the possibility after duet.
6:52 am
>> a picture of it. >> sews that's when they started talking about this idea of doing a duet. both on big fans of each other's work, of course, according to "tmz", they've wanted to work together for years, finally, want to get into the studio together. however, we should not get too excited, no definite plans were made, they just were talking about it, so they both want to do it. will it get done? we'll find out. >> we have to see. a loft people wondering when will beyonce release her new music, already released her to up, formation tour. >> she likes to just spring it on us though. >> that's true. >> like overnight. >> all the sudden wake up one morning and boom there is beyonce. >> her boom boom. in the next hour, it is more than just dairy, the surprising products found in many popular grated parmesian cheese brands. start guessing what they found in this cheese. >> cheese? >> there is some cheese? >> milk. >> some milling.
6:53 am
>> shoeing flash. >> there is some sugar. >> but then there is something you don't want to put in your mouth.
6:54 am
6:55 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> ♪ >> you have the oil fields, and the pollution. >> way to ruin it, mike.
6:56 am
>> so sore. >> i we celebrate the lives of two great men, today is nba legends michael jordan's birthday. >> happy birthday. >> former pro-basketball player turns 53 years old, and he is considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time. he's a six time nba champion, and a six time mvp. >> also celebrate al bedder richards son today in 1891, he invented the butter churn. richardson's idea allowed for easy way to make butter forever change the food industry. among other things, he also created device to help lower caskets into the ground .
6:57 am
>> slippery. >> 6:57. >> we're off the radar. >> okay? >> yes, i think, you know? >> you want butter fingers? >> oops. >> no, clog your arteries. >> and then -- really? >> later during our show, most people who watch the grammys, love lady gaga's tribute to david bowie. i thought it was pretty cool. but an important person to david didn't like it at all. >> ♪
6:58 am
since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. ♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since.
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the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
7:00 am
♪ >> we had shoot-out in allentown, murder investigation leads to police officer being shot. likely related to that dead woman found in a dumpster. >> i was literally sitting there, and like thinking about killing myself, and in the exact second like i'm nothing. >> emotional add midges from rhonda rouse bye reaching her lowest point. find out who she turned to, who inspired her, to keep living. >> daring rescue, woman trapped in a overturned car. how they were able to get her to safety. >> and it is probably the biggest game you'll see this year, in philadelphia. the number one villanova wildcats traveled to north broad


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