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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 2, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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right now we have breaking news. pedestrians hit by a car one of or area's most dangerous streets. skyfox over the scene this is the boulevard roosevelt boulevard moments ago. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. details are still coming in let's get right out to fox 29's jennifer joyce live at the scene tonight in northeast philadelphia. jennifer? >> reporter: iain, good evening. we are hearing that the victim in this case mail in his 30s. at this point we know that he is in extremely critical condition at aria torresdale hospital. investigators tell us he was struck by multiple cars as many as four along the rows vessel boulevard at harbison avenue including this chevy tahoe that did remain on scene. accident happened around 8:00 o'clock tonight. again, police say multiple witnesses told them that the man was running in the southbound lanes of the boulevard in only his underwear. no shoes, no socks, no jacket, police say that he was waving his arms and singing police don't know if he was under the influence but believe there was some sort of underlying mental
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condition. investigators describe how the accident happened and say the first two vehicles involved did remain at the scene. >> from witnesses and preliminary information, this mail was running in the outer lanes running southbound in the 6500 block of roosevelt boulevard when he got struck by a heavy tahoe that was going south on the boulevard. after being struck, the victim's body went up into the air, and landed in the inner lanes of the 6500 block of the boulevard southbound. when he was struck by at least possibly two or three other vehicles. >> reporter: police say businesses across the way have surveillance cameras that may help them track down official additional witnesses. the man who's identity is not known is in extremely critical condition at aria torresdale hospital and as this investigation continues, but the inner and outer lanes remain
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shut down. iain? >> jennifer, thank you. more breaking news tonight. philadelphia police are investigate a possible abducti abduction. police are looking for this mini van linked to the case in center city. they say a man and a woman got into an argument that turned violent on wall it in street this morning. they believe the woman might have been knocked out then placed in the van chris or silver chrysler. the man and woman do know each other police believe. >> on your radar more record warmth possible flooding, a live look at allentown right now as tonights rain moves out. but this is nothing compared to what's heading our way. it is same system hammering the west with snow and ice. look at the mess the cars in california. kathy, we're not getting snow but we will see i'm guessing a loft rain. we've stay on the warm side of this storm not just rain but wind coming with this storm as well. ultimate doppler this is just a front moving through this is the appetizer to the main event or
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the main course that will come by wednesday. here's the storm right now you can see through the central planes, through parts of colorado, nebraska, kansas heading into omaha. so we are going to be seeing the storm also move into iowa tomorrow for the caucus not great timing. blizzard watches and warnings and this is going to be moving our way in the next 48 hours. right now, 45 in philadelphia. 34 degrees in the poconos it's 46 in millville. temperatures staying mild overnight visible has been reduced with that warmer air that moisture moving over the snow pack. but right now pretty good in most spots and wilmington we're down to 1 mile. so please be careful overnight. during the overnight, skies will clear, and temperatures will be falling. during the day tomorrow expect plenty of sun but then the wind and the rain will return. so coming up we'll talk about the storm approaching. the main event on wednesday. so midweek, we'll see a flood watch go into effect. flashing intoing possible as well record warmth update on the weekend weather.
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a loft people talking about another coastal low. we'll clear things upcoming up later in the broadcast. >> live look at wilmington on the top and south philadelphia on the bottom. remember get your day started off right with our fox 29 weather and traffic authority. from any problems on your roads to your newest forecast we've got it all covered starting at 4am. >> surveillance cameras catch a disturbing attack at a local chinese store. three men bust in, block their victim inside and start beating and stabbing him and robbed the victim before they took off. this happened in logan neighborhood. where we find chris o'connell tonight. you talked to an employee who saw the entire attack. >> reporter: pretty brutal, iain. police are hoping someone out there knows these three men in the video you are about to see. video from taken inside this chinese take ought saturday night here in logan. we do have to warn you the video is graphic and may be difficult to watch.
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>> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: that's the reaction of customers of the lucky garden restaurant when watching this video. >> that was brutal. that was -- that was brutal. >> reporter: the attack shocking. a 29-year-old man pushed inside the restaurant on broad and rockland streets for a violent beating and stabbing at the hands of three men. >> you're not safe. you're not safe nowhere around here. you got to be on point all the time report reporter video was taken from the store's four surveillance cameras. over the course of 88 seconds the victim is hit with a barrage of at least 25 punches, established twice and whipped in the face with his own belt the suspects demanded from him. and that's only the video police made public. >> i work here for long time. >> reporter: worker behind bullet proof glass witnessed the beating of her own customer. she didn't want to appear on camera but thinks this beef was personal, not random much she's not surprised over this kind of violence. >> it's scary.
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you know, normal here, so -- >> reporter: that's normal. >> police say the men got away in gray pontiac grand prix with pennsylvania license plate jzn jzn-9752. until the guys are caught, residents nearby wonder what's next. >> he didn't deserve that. i don't know what he did but it was a shame he got beat up like that. >> i'm afraid, of course. i don't want, you know, stuff like that going on. i'm just coming to get some fo food. >> reporter: back out here live the victim of the beating is still in the hospital einstein medical center in critical condition. police do not have any suspects at this time but police source tells me they do believe the suspects may be from the neighborhood and if you recognize any of though those three police are asking to you call northwest detectives. lucy, iain. >> chris, thank you. the search is on tonight for who opened fire on a kingsessing street hitting a man twice. police say this happened on the 1100 block of south paxon street just before 8:00 tonight. the victim a 22-year-old man hit
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once in the neck and once in the arm. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. you decide 2016. a big moment in the race for the white house all eyes on the iowa caucuses. the presidential race has been rocking and rolling for months now and we just learned former maryland governor martin o'malley has ended his bid for the democratic nomination. for the other candidates, tonight's results could determine how much longer they all stay in the race. fox's joel waldman is live in desmoines, iowa. joel, we're hearing about big crowds at caucus sites tonight despite the weather. >> reporter: lucy, good evening to you. you know it is no surprise that martin o'malley dropped out. we'll see a thinning of the herd for sure after the iowa caucus caucuses. but to get to your point the lines have been ridiculous to get into some of these caucus sites. lines around the block just to get in. they've been run ugh out of the registration forms. as predicted it is a neck and neck race on the republican and democratic side. among republican ted cruz
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holding a slim three-point lead over donald trump. hillary clinton barely ahead of bernie sanders. as this caucus rolls on this evening. scenes like this taking place in libraries and school gyms all over iowa monday night as the 2016 iowa caucuses play out. >> i feel like it's my duty as an american to go out and put forth my opinion. >> reporter: heading into the caucuses, democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck in the polls. and donald trump with a slight lead over ted cruz in the gop race. >> i think i'm definitely going to vote republican. i just think that trump is the one that is out here to say what he needs to say and he'll get the job done. >> reporter: i want yas turning out after plenty of campaign exposure. phone calls, door knocks, some 60,000 campaign ads airing on tv in iowa and around 15 had undread candidate rallies here all leading up to this moment i i wants finally getting to weigh in. >> i look to people that are a
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top the polls. i actually don't see either one of beating him larry. >> in the final moments before the caucuses a number of candidates including chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich already flying to new hampshire to campaign there. now, 122,000 people caucusing for the gop is the record and some analysts predict that number could be shattered today on the flip side on the democratic side, 2008 when senator barack obama was caucusing, he got 220,000 people to show up. most political pundants do not believe that number will be beaten but nevertheless, a big turn out tonight. iain? >> interesting, joel waldman in desmoines, iowa. thank you. investigators have a new lead in a deadly hit-and-run that killed a pedestrian in camden county. police released this surveillance video of the vehicle they think might be linked to the case. we first told you last night 65 year -- 55-year-old john hays
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was hit twice friday on tansboro road in berlin. the first driver stopped to help but as hayess was in the road a second vehicle it hit him again and kept going. he died. police think the second vehicle might be a dark colored sedan. possibly a nissan sentra with new jersey license plates. philadelphia police say they've nabbed the guy who stabbed a man on a septa bus. 27-year-old william smalls turned himself in to detectives over the weekend. authorities say last friday smalls and another man got into a fight on a route 56 bus near the intersection of torresdale avenue and paul street in the city's trang forward section. that's when investigators say smalls stabbed that man he now faces charges of aggravated assault the man police say he stabbed is in critical condition but he is stable. fox 29 investigation of smoking at lincoln financial field may lead to a new smoking policies during eagles game. this is what we saw during a late december game fans at half time lighting up in a section
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where smoking is not allowed. a vendor concerned about second hand smoke you were of urged jeff cole to take a look. this morning outside the side the stadium fox 29 investigate gates was there. after city health workers in had meeting. it was focused on smoking at the stadium in late afternoon statement the eagles wrote as we have said before the health and safety of our fans is of the utmost importance to us. we a productive meeting with the health department dan we're looking forward to continuing our dialogue with them and hearing their recommendations. a terrifying moment for two guys in the middle of a storm. >> no, no. bleep. >> bolt of lightning hits inches away from these two guys did moments before that may have saved their lives. >> look at this mess on a local street. but that's not even the biggest headache for neighbors much the danger lurking beneath the pavement.
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>> a woman pulling over a cop. what she saw him do right in front of her she felt she had to step in. >> a moment that brought tears to these moms. what a so special about this little girl's heart that hearing
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new clues into the deadly amtrak derailment last may. the train went off the tracks in port richmond on may 12th. the man at the center of the investigation has been engineer brandon bostian. fox 29' bruce gordon shows us for the first time exactly what bostian said about that night. >> reporter: investigative documents released by the
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national transportation safety board show no signs of malfunction in the train, its brakes, the tracks or the signals on the night of fatal crash. lawyers representing some of the 200 passengers injured say comments made by the train's engineer brandon bostian suggest he's to blame for the tragedy. says robert monk lewis glow what we've learned is the problem was brandon bostian and the problem remains his changes story. >> reporter: interview with investigators three days after the crash bostian says "the last memory i have is approaching and passing the platforms in north philadelphia" but six months later in a second interview bostian says a couple of prominent scenes have now come back to him and remembers accelerating and then realizing a mistake, applying the brakes. it was too late. amtrak train 188 was travel lynn at more than twice the posted speed limit when it hit a sharp curve at frankford junction northbound out of 30th street station. the train left the tracks and landed in a mangled heap killing
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eight passengers and injuring 200 others. bob hewitt was among those injured. >> i broke over 20 ribs, i think it was rib rib fractures in all. a couple of small spinal fractures. a head fracture. my entire head was split open. >> reporter: when we spoke to him back in november he was unair of what bostian second interview and ill proved memory. >> how can you not just remember? how can you drive a train at 106 miles per hour and not know what you're doing? >> reporter: his admission that he accelerated the train seems to suggest as some have theorized he was simply tragically unaware of his location. heading for a sharp curve. but mongols so who represents hewitt is on the differences from his first end view to his second. >> we believe that his inconsistent story speaks volumes about him and his credibility and believe ability at trial. >> reporter: that's a civil trial.
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no guarantee bostian would testify. the ntsb materials released on monday do not indicate the engineer was distracted or impaired in any way. the materials will go into a full report released by the feds on the cause of this crash likely to be released sometime this spring. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. not far from last year's crash another amtrak train was hit by a mysterious object last night as it passed through the bridesburg section of the city. passenger, shared this picture of acela express train. the object broke the train window. investigates are trying to figure out where that object came from. no one was hurt in that incident. delaware county police think a tractor trailer driver might have been high when he lost control of the his truck and drove down trolley tracks in collings dale. the truck ended up getting wedged into the tracks and that wasn't the end of the trouble. when a tow truck drive came to help get the trailer out it jumped the tracks and ended up pinning the tow truck driver in
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between the two vehicles. he's not seriously hurt know and police arrested the tractor trailer driver. more shaking in south jersey today. >> yeah. police and residents in cape may county say they once again heard and felt something that sounds like and felt like sonic booms. the brigantine police department tweeted residents heard two bombs just before 2:00 this afternoon however they say today's weren't as strong as last week's. just last thursday, people up down the jersey shore and in fact across good chunk of the east coast could feel the booms created by an s35 joint strike fighter jet. now we know that that was sonic boom at least what's the military is telling us. we know of glass door shattering down the shore. no word if that's what's behind today's booms though. question and answer forum focused on stadium on the campus of temple university got heated tonight. about 100 students and handful
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of north philadelphia residents turning out tour the meeting tonight. school officials answered questions about a proposed 35,000 seat football stadium. dozens of students stood up to oppose the plan. they say a stadium is bad for the community and accuse the college about those living near campus impact beside such a project. one part of that project involves retail shops, school officials say that would help the north philadelphia economy. >> people living on one street in kensington and dealing with a mess outside their front door. possible water mape break sent water gushing from the road, residents who live near the intersection of tulip and east tucker streets called fox 29 after they say water started gushing from the street and the water department was late to respond. they've had problems before with water coming up from the street and worry a sink hole is opening. after we called the water department showed up to fix that leak and repair the street. >> we don't want to see customers going through any
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prolonged outages for any unnecessary reason. so we apologize for that, and we'll make sure we're out there until this is repaired today. >> reporter: the water department tells us the leak is fixed and it has fixed and filled in the damaged intersection. it adds that all of its customers have water service. a family awoke to the sound of their home collapsing around them. windows were shatter, the roof was peeling. the siding was breaking. what was actually pump link their home to pieces. >> plus music super star fuses to perform at a benefit for the people of flint michigan. the woods the club didn't have that sparked timberland's shut down. >> the queen of soul taking on philly's own patti labelle. rye aretha said patti better move on over. ♪ now, with tomorrow's traffic ears bob kelly. i'm soup serio in for bob kelly with this notice in the east falls area. the falls bridge between ridge
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avenue and mlk drive is completely closed from now through april 1st as they completely redo that bridge. now it will be open for foot and bike traffic at least for while. out your alternates or roosevelt boulevard are city of a bridge. we'll be with you at 4:00 a.m. with lots of weather and traffic and more.
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ breaking news out of camden county tonight. police are looking for a missing brother and sister who police say were taken by their mother kenya garrett. her children are one-year-old and three-year-old. police have not issued an amber alert but they continue to assess the situation. anyone with information on there whereabouts contact camden county police. two armed robbers ambushed a shop owner but he didn't go down without a fight it happened at a rare coin collector store in new mexico. police say the men hit the store owner in the head but the owner a gun and shot one of the robbers who later died at the hospital. hospital employees they found proof of what the man that done in his pockets. they found coins and gold bars. meanwhile police are still looking for the second robber. developing to night the fast spreading zika virus now international emergency. that's what the world health organization is calling the
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outbreak. they say this quote extraordinary event poses a threat to countries around the globe. doctors have linked the disease to thousands of cases birth defects in the americas. a global emergency ramps international effort to stop the outbreak. health officials have confirmed cases in several states here in the us but those people had just traveled to central and south america. zika spread by mosquitoes it causes no more than a mild illnesillmost cases. it can cause birth defects. >> if it certainly a certain link between the virus and microcephaly that will allow public experts to intervene and come up with avon seen and other methods to prevent the virus. >> the wealth health organization estimates 4 million cases could turn up in the americas within the next year. bill cosby is about to set foot in montgomery county courtroom. why the entire future of the
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case could depend on what happens tomorrow and -- no, no. >> bolt of lightning hits just inches away. what these two guys did just moments before they may have saved their lives. kathy. >> wow. in weather we're talking about showers moving out but another storm crossing the country that will move in time for wednesday with a flooding threat and
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♪ breaking right now, fox news calling the iowa caucus for ted cruz. republican senator from texas just ahead of donald trump at the polls. fox news calling the race in iowa right now for cruz. 28% of the vote. trump coming in with just 24%. bill cosby about to head back to court. this comes five weeks after he was criminally charged in sexual assault case a judge will decide if that case will go to trial. >> a dispute over a possible immunity deal would stop that case from moving forward. fox 29's shawnette wilson live tonight at the montgomery county
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courthouse with a closer look at the battle that could affect the case's future. shawnette. >> reporter: this will be bill cosby's first court appearance on these criminal charges. but a judge has to decide whether an alleged prior deal could stand in the way of him being prosecuted. 78-year-old bill cosby will be back in montgomery county court tomorrow when judge could decide whether the criminal sexual assault case against him should be dismissed. it all hinges on alleged deal made between then prosecutor bruce castor and cosby's legal team. >> big day for bill cosby. his lawyers are arguing that there was a non-prosecution agreement that was entered into with the da at the time bruce castor with bill cosby's criminal lawyer back in 2005 and they're saying because of that non-prosecution agreement they can't go forward with the prosecution. >> reporter: cosby' attorneys argue they made the agreement in exchange for his testimony in a 2005 civil suit filed by victim andrea couldn't stand the same woman at the center of these criminal charges.
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but attorney ken rothweiler says there's one sticking point. >> there's nothing written they can't prove it through a writi writing. >> reporter: rothweiler says not so fast. neither side can definitively prove whether there was an agreement or not. >> bruce castor said there were three parties to that agreement. bruce castor, there was bill cosby's criminal lawyer and there was andrea couldn't stand's lawyer. bill cosby's lawyer died last february 2015 so he can't verify that there was an agreement. and andrea's lawyer denies there was ever an agreement. in addition to that, risa ferman the former da who was the first assistant to bruce castor and would have been a part of any talk about non-prosecution agreement she basically said there was no agreement, she knew of no agreement. >> reporter: it will will be a loft pressure on the judge he says. >> this may be the only case in the country where bill cosby will find himself in a courtroom with these criminal charges. if this case is dismissed bill cosby may never be prosecuted for the alleged crimes. >> reporter: and back here
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live the scene is already being set for this big hearing tomorrow. lots of media here local and national and also behind me you can see that fencing and gates have been put up outside the front of the courthouse likely for crowd control for any spectator that is might show up. in the meantime you'll want to tune in starting at 4am tomorrow with the fox 29 morning news team and good day. we will have coverage our dave kinchen will be out here life and also ken rothweiler will be onset giving a play by play as we get information coming from court. back to you. >> it is certainly going to be an interesting morning, shawnette wilson, thank you so much. live in norristown. the odds of getting struck by lightning or one in 960,000. >> for two guys in australia this weekend it was a lot closer than that. >> oh, holy bleep? >> oh, my god j. >> you city bolt of lightning miss them by just inches you heard stuff there. they were just about to go in the water but changed their minds at the last minute that.
3:32 am
decision may have saved their lives. fortunately neither was injured but they said they felt the static that storm left more than 50,000 without power in sidney. >> so often kathy you can probably talk about this, before somebody gets hit by lightning they feel that electrical char charge. >> yes. on the back of your neck. your hair is supposed to raise on the back of your neck. i never experienced that hang full but i've heard that many many times people that are struck by lightning or come close to that typically have nerve damage. so if they escape -- >> i was almost struck by lightning. we'll have to do this on facebook. pick it up there. in the meantime let's talk weather just drying conditions outside right now. on market street no more rain. temperature is 45 degrees. normal high 41. we made it up to 59 degrees today. so about 18 degrees above normal. as we go hour by hour overnight the skies will clear, the temperatures will fall and tomorrow expect plenty of sunshine for groundhog day. then the rain will be moving in by wednesday morning. getting heavy during the day and into the afternoon.
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it's an area of low pressure which is the culprit right now moving into iowa. bringing heavy snow to that part of the country and the great lakes tomorrow night. we stay on the warm side of the storm we get heavy rain, strong southerly winds could be gusting to 50 miles an hour down the shore. in our area in philadelphia gusting to 35. this is on wednesday. a strong southerly push maybe even a few thunderstorm. flood watch goes into effect wednesday afternoon through thursday afternoon for heavy flooding and warm temperatures that will make all that snow melt. heavy rain for your wednesday about an inch across the region. the higher accumulations will be north and west of the city where we have more snow. rapid snow melt expected. so poor drainage and street flooding. definitely expected and even moderate, minor stream and creek flooding so the neshaminy, the perkiomen, the usual suspects could have problems late wednesday into thursday. overnight in the city partly cloudy skies, 35. our suburbs 29 degrees. showers have ad all moved out during the day tomorrow fief
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degree degrees, 9 degrees above average mostly sunny a little bit of a breeze out of the east northeast. tomorrow happens to be groundhog day. so will punxsutawney phil see his shadow? chances are he will. he sees his shadow, 86% of the time. but i have to tell you he typically right only 46% of the time. on your seven day forecast you can see temperatures soar to record levels on wednesday. record warmth with rain and wind. thursday cooler. fright friday. saturday and sunday a chance of a shower monday. we did look at potential offshore coastal storm for friday but guess what the latest computer models made it disappear. it's not on the map any more. >> that's we're. >> nothing developed. >> like the buy bermuda triang triangle. >> all right, kathy, thanks. a woman pulling over a cop? that's right. what she saw him do right in front of her she felt shed had to step in. >> music super starry fused to
3:35 am
perform for a people of flint measure issue. >> the queen of soul taking on patti labelle.
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watch closely here. a loft people spot -- do you see that right there? fire ball in the sky over washington, d.c., virginia, maryland even over the skies of pennsylvania and new york saturday evening when it happen. the american meteor society got more than 330 reports from witnesses who spotted it and somebody as you see right here captured this with their dash cam. no official word on what it was. >> you might be paying more for baggage and leg room at one airline improving their snack selection and offering free movies. american airlines making the announce many today those snacks will be free on all flights. movies free on select aircrafts and american plans to bring back free meals on certain routes. >> you're joking, right. >> i know. >> that's a huge deal. all right. girl scout cookie season and now you have a new way to order those thin mints or dose see doughs whatever cookies are your favorites. girl scouts have sold their beloved cookies for nearly 100 years and you know how this work. scouts set up a table outside the supermarket or knock on
3:39 am
doors around the neighborhood like i did when i was girl scout. but now cookie sales they're going digital. they call it cocoa direct. the girl scouts can now invite you via e-mail to order cookies online and ship the treats right no your house. >> it's a big thing for lot of people who live out of the state or town and they want to support you. they just can't because they're not, um, near you and so it's * really good tool. >> she's so well spoken. the girls are still selling their old cookies the old-fashioned way. philly's own patti labelle might want to watch out. >> because the queen of soul aretha franklin is challenging patti pots pies. patti -- ♪ >> you'll turn into patti after eating this. >> remember that viral video
3:40 am
helped turn her sweet tow potato pies into a nationwide sensati sensation. franklin is launching her own food line. pies, chili, gumbo, baked chicken with dressing, franklin told a tv station she has not tasted patti' pools pies but ms. patti will have to move that pie on the side. >> that's awesome. >> throwing some shade. family wakes up to the sound of their home collapsing around them. windows were shattering. that roof was peeling. the siding was breaking apart. what was happening pummeling their home to pieces? >> a moment to brought tears for these two moms. what's so special about this little girl's heart that hearing it beat was a moment they'll never forget.
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♪ check out this video showing a police officer getting pulled over. it wasn't a cop who got the officer' attention it was a regular citizen. a woman frustrated when she says she saw a cruiser passed her in miami. >> the reason i pulled you over today and i'm asking to you come over and have conversation is because i saw you since miller drive when you were first
3:44 am
jumping on to the palmetto and you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> really? okay. >> claudia is that so castillo was driving with her cell phone hooked to her windshield. she saw him fly by without his emergency lights. she got his attention. he pulled over thinking she was having some kind of emergency. >> i pushed 80 to try and catch up with you and you were still -- i was still, you know, eating your dust. you were leaving me behind and i was going 80 miles an hour even just want the to know what's the emergency? >> i don't know how fast i was going, but i can tell you i'm on my way to work right now. >> um-hmm. >> i don't believe i was speeding. but like i said you're entitled to your opinion. >> miami dade department says it's investigating the incident. investigators say cass still slow not in trouble for speeding up to catch the officer and pull him over. >> family outside of d.c. a woke to what sounded like their home basically collapsing all around them. windows were shattering the cidarring was breaking the roof was coming apart.
3:45 am
>> the homeowner now this it's all tied to cleanup from last week's blizzard. emily miller explains. >> it was the scariest think. >> reporter: report this family woke up 1:00 a.m. on saturday because they are heard loud crashing sounds. the back of his house was being bashed and windows were shattering. >> what we heard is whole house shaking. things are hitting the sides of the walls, the sides of the house we really thought these big trees had fallen on the house. we storm out of the bed and run for the kids, the kids are screaming bloody murder. we grab them. it was scary is as we were moving in the house apparently the truck was moving so i could hear the damage just following me. >> reporter: he says the only explanation was that the maryland state highway snowplows hit his house from norbeck road which is right behind him. >> apparently they had the augers aimed directly at the house so all of ice they were clearing from the shoulder of the road was being throat into my backyard and on the house.
3:46 am
>> reporter: there's a ton of damage. the top floor windows of the family's bedrooms and huge pieces of glass all over the yard. the siding is cracked. and the roof pieces of it are on the ground. >> you can see the tree limbs, these are all from the main road, bamboo, the main road. all of this black snow and ice and debris from the main road. >> reporter: montgomery county police responded the officer told him to call maryland state highway on monday. did he that and was referred to the state treasurer to make a claim. they told him it could take months for the state to quote vigorously investigate what happened. >> i'm going nuts. i've got glass all over my backyard. i got kids who live out here in the spring and the summer. i have no idea what to start cleaning and then the state adds insult to injury, saying, you know, we got to investigate this and somehow figure this out. then we'll come help you. >> reporter: he will pay for repairs with his homeowners insurance but he doesn't know how to get rid of all the shards
3:47 am
of glass. he he just wants the state to fix their mistake. >> spokesperson for the maryland state highway administration says officials will apologize but only if it's investigation proves snowplows blew the debris on to the house. a library book finds its way back only 71 years old. frank ryan discover the book while cleaning out keep sakes after his wife passed he was afraid to call the library about the old book because he didn't want to go to jail. so his son did it for him and of course there was nothing to fear. the library says no legal chargecharges will be pursued ae fines are capped at 10 bucks. >> concerned citizens and celebrities are rallying to support the people of flint during the crated crisis. timberland even a ranged for benefit concert in detroit but the club owner say the performer left them high and dry. >> josh landon has the story that's now going viral. >> reporter: according to the owner mitchell jaworski the night took a turn when the club
3:48 am
did not have the champagne ace of spades it could com datate te music artist and his blue with bottles of dom. it was already midnight with a packed house and the owner says, timberland did not want to perform. >> his manager said he would not in the mood for it because we did not have the proper champagne they request. >> this is one picture of the music artist sit tag booth. jaworski tells me at some point p.m. timberland got on stage but did not perform his half out hour set which is part of the deal. we put in a call to rep for the music artist to get a comment but we did not hear back. >> what did timberland or his entourage say when you said this a fundraiser for flint. >> they really did not even seem to know much about it. i was stunned by their lack of knowledge and their lack of caring for especially since several other notable hiphop artist including eminem, p diddy,. >> snoop dog. >> the game have all made huge
3:49 am
personal donations million dollars, my i don't million bottles of water. huge donations made by hiphop artists. many of them with no michigan connections. >> snoop dog paid a visit to perform at the masonic temple in detroit but not before he met the mayor. he also wore the t-shirt that says flint lives matter. here's what he posted on his social media page. >> detroit had to stop by flint michigan. >> even without timberland the club raised $5,000. one mother's heartbreaking loss turning into a miracle for the three families. >> heather clark seven month old son died in 2013 she decided to donate her baby's organs safing three children's lives one of this children is now four years old her name is jordan and she received baby lucas' heart. both moms have been corresponding for months but just met for the first time in arizona. lucas' home holding up a stethoscope to hear her son's
3:50 am
heartbeating for the first time since he died bringing tears to everyone involved. >> i can't save my own son why not safe somebody else's child. because i can't do anything with them. >> she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family while she's going through her grief. >> i'm telling you the raw video is just so powerful. we have it up on facebook. both mothers say their now family. they kerr each other family and plan to see each other as often as they can. >> tom srendenschek is here now with a look at sports. >> iain and lucy, good evening. the flyers hopes of making the playoffs may very welcome down to the next two weeks. we'll explain why. it's journalist let loose journalists gone wild. super bowl week is fishily underway in northern california. what happened at the new and improved media day is coming up next. look at this
3:51 am
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♪ super bowl officially under way in northern california. but one of the real of the week has a new day, a new time and a new name.
3:54 am
you got all of that? media day on tuesday morning is no more. it's now called super bowl opening night and it took place night in prime time. journalists of from all over the world crammed into one arena. when the dust settled what did we reall really learn? probablt very much. do you think anybody asked peyton manning if sunday will be his final game. >> i don't know the answer that, marshall. i think, um, one thing i've done well this season, this team has done well all this sun is stay in the moment, focus on the task at hand. take it one week at a time. about 10 other cliches you could use right there. >> three was good start. little adventure fort broncos leaving practice. dee marcus wear tweeted his picture saying to keep the day interesting we have a small wreck. locks like ever everyone is ok okay. broncos spokesman confirms no injuries. >> flyers return from the break tomorrow night and host the canadians at the center.
3:55 am
flyers will start the second half of the season five thins of points out of wild card spot. tomorrow night begins a huge stretch for the flyers. flyers will play 15 games in this month of february inn clueing in inn in the next 14 days alone. >> i think this is our season right here. the month of february much the amount of games in that short amount of time. we have to have a good month. like i said i think this is going to be the most important stretch of our year in terms of being a play off team or mott. >> steve mason missed the last two games with undisclosed injury. today backup left practice with undisclosed injury of his own. a week ago villanova was coming off overtime loss to providence. one week, 115-point win over saint john's they're up to number three. oklahoma number one. carolina number two. villanova will host creighton on wednesday. hughes who in philadelphia sports tonight the 112th annual philadelphia sports writers association annual banquet. team of the year in philadelphia
3:56 am
was matt ruhle's temple owls. >> if you're in philadelphia you better be tough, you better be hard working and not take yourself too seriously. and not ab big shot. all right gifts are hard working blue collar gifts and they're talented and they find ways to get un. beating penn date state or making championship game all year they kept attacking whatever was next. >> 10 wins. >> sounds good. let's check back in on the i way caucuses. senator ted cruz is the choice of the republican caucus with 28% of the vote. donald trump trailing with 24%. marco rubio with 23. hillary clinton with slim lead over bernie sans 50%
3:57 am
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good morning, on the fox 29 morning news a surprise for one party, too close to dull for another this morning we will take to you iowa where caucuses are still being counted, what the numbers will mean for candidates. brutal beating, it is hard to watch, what a witness says about the attack will leave you totally stun. bill cosby is expected in the montgomery county courtroom this morning why the entire future of the case could depend on what happens today. and? >> oh, yeah what a way to remind thaw today is groundhog day. >> all eyes will be on punxsutawney, pennsylvania this morning, that is where famed groundh


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