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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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investigation into last years amtrak train derailment, could new fur set to be released shed light on the cause of the deadly accident. monday night could be a historic night for this country. we can make history. >> the ticking of the clock in iowa because tonight is the night, the caucus gets underway, it is big, we have been building up to this. >> the other wild card is the the wind because they have a blizzard warning in effect for parts of the state. >> there are concerns about how this will affect voter turnout. >> with their caucus, they stand around in some 1800 precincts and gather in places. >> the same as going in the voting boot. >> but getting there might be an issue because of a foot of snow is expect knowledge and high wind. >> yes. >> well, good morning, it is february 1st, 1st of the month, 2016. it is also the the first day of black history month.
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>> mike jerrick taking a day off so i'll be in my name is chris murphy. >> nice to meet you. >> i'm murphy, not the murray, murphy. >> so, help us out, nice and warm today. >> it is a mild start good for once we are not talking about black ice in the morning because it has been a problem with the melting during the the day and freezing at night. that is not the case today. we have rain on the the way. we will go with a six out of ten on your monday. is there bus stop buddy. he does have the umbrella, it is closed because he doesn't need it the now, but he will later on. we are off to a mild start with temperatures in the 40's, some in the 50's this morning. and our current temperature is 44 degrees. our sunrise happens at 7:10 this morning. there is some of the temperatures we're talking about. upper 30's in reading, 33 in lancaster. so temperatures really all over the the place, so would i say from the 20's to the 50's, depending on where you are this morning. here comes that rain, although, it is not expect to get here until after
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lunchtime, so, rain around the western part of the state right now and not here in our area. here is your planner for monday, plan on a lot of cloud cover today, and a early high temperature of 56 degrees, and probably around is 11:00 o'clock or 12:00 and a few showers as we head home for the evening commute today, sunset time 5:20. that is your planner for monday from the winter weather authority. we will see if there is any winter weather in the forecast coming up but bob kelly is off today so we will head over to new jersey on the 42 freeway at creek road a lot of volume there but no reported problems, at all. now, back outside here to the schuylkill expressway, westbound at university avenue where the accident there is still blocking the right lane and it is really slow going on the westbound side of the schuylkill near university avenue, until they clean up that accident. travel times, this morning, still smooth sailing on the schuylkill, from the blue route to the vine, and on i-95 southbound we're okay around that woodhaven road area, which will get pretty crowded
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in the next hour or so, guys. >> starting to day no cars will pass on the falls bridge in east falls. crews started temporary lane closure to start rehab work. >> bridge will be closed to all vehicles but pedestrians and bicyclist will still have access. work is expect to be finish, by april the the first. april 1st? that is our 20th anniversary of good day philadelphia that is true. >> that is big day and it is also april fools day. >> but no joke. >> about the bridge. you can only walk or bike over it or run over it. >> or the the 20th anniversary. >> now to the developing story out of cherry hill. police have charge a juvenile person for sending a threatening text message about cherry hill east high school. >> the threats made their round through social media lets bring steve keeley in the with the very latest on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: it was talk of the town on line and hopefully talk will die down by the time school starts. you will see cherry hill patrol cars in the lot at the municipal building. you will a's see them pulling out and going to all of the schools in cherry hill today.
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just so parents feel that sense of security, the the police, say that it will be both precaution, and give parents a good sense of security and feeling because cherry hill east high school, especially the biggest of the district schools, that was the one mentioned in the threatening text message about the the possible shooting. police were at the high school over the the weekend. they found nothing suspicious. it will be opened up as schedule but with more security. police adding to the local school security, already there every day. now cherry hill police alerted everybody on the department's facebook page and then the school's superintendent e mailed this letter out yesterday to all cherry hill parents and students telling everybody about this threatening text message involving cherry hill east that was circulated on line. the the letter says, the juvenile who wrote it was arrested, charged with making a false public alarm. he did mention again that there will be increased police presence a at cherry hill east today. one smart sentence of advice by the superintendent is toward the end of the letter, it is very wise for everybody
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watching the following today's world whether making a stupid joke out loud, in line at an airport or writing something, on line, urging everyone to be cautious, and thoughtful, prior to posting anything on social media. ramifications of our word he wrote, written and spoken, are long reaching. alex and chris as this youngster has just found out the hard way about his words, even if it was a joke to a friend, no one is laughing out here in cherry hill. >> not at all. >> especially not the parents. let's head to lauren johnson with the top stories. >> good morning, alex. new report of the deadly amtrak train derailment, we may fine finally find out what went wrong. eight people died, 200 people were injured when a train derailed rounding a curve in port richmond in may. train was heading from d.c. to new york city and was going more than a hundred miles an hour. and reports suggest that the operator may have confused the curve at frank for junction for another curve. coming up at 6:30 dave kinchen will have more details live
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from 30th street station where the announcement is expected to happen later today. also happening in new jersey, democratic lawmakers embarked on a ambitious agenda to cut down on poverty. president obama recently called on congress to inact 12 billion-dollar plan over ten years to help, feed millions of school children, for low income families. >> so far, they have not introduced legislation that is expected to come later this year. problem is it is unclear what it will cost the taxpayers. starting this month more than 1 million people around the country, including pennsylvania, and new jersey could lose their government snap benefits if they failed to meet new work requirements. the the rules apply to able body adults ages 18 to 49 who have no dependents and requires them to work or attend job training courses in order to get food aid. if they don't, benefits are cut off after three months. chris and alex, back to you. all right, thank you. coming up at 6:07. local business owner, out
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thousands of dollars after armed robbers, in that business and what the robber said in the beginning that caught the owner off guard. >> who has the experience we need. >> new campaign ad shows democratic presidential hopeful look alike, tossing and turning, i'm sure you can get to it, why the republican national committee thinks hillary clinton is losing sleep over this.
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we were jamming on this monday morning. it is 6:10. we are looking at the sky line. it looked so good when i walk outside. >> not cold out. >> not at all. >> local business owner is out thousands of dollars this morning. armed robbers busted in his business, they were pretending to be police officers. >> police say two men burst in the car detail shop on geiger road on saturday night, armed with guns and telling the shop owner inside that they were officers. the gun man tied him up, with sip ties and demanded drugs and money. they got away with a you this dollars in cash. >> it was kind of like shocking that it could happen right next to my office. police are always in this area we're right next to the gun range. this is like probably better protect then mess banks. >> police say shop owner was able to free himself and jump out of the second floor window after the suspects left.
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people nearby were able to call for help. the the robbers remain on the loose though. 6:11. the iowa sound right now is the clock, everyone is counting down, my goodness, it is time, finally time for the caucus. tonight is the night. it will be underway soon. >> and weather could be an issue with the the caucusing. >> that is right. >> but first we will check the weather and check traffic coming up, including what had been a problem on the schuylkill expressway, we will tell you if there is still a slow down with that accident. here's a picture. we will show you traffic coming up. are you busy? i'm just day-dreaming. about your dream trip to italy? yeah.
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well, 6:14. we are counting down to the iowa caucus, gets underway. >> time to campaign and caucus tonight at 8:00 p.m. the at the eye watch. when lou historically at this when iowa has gone first when started in 1972 being the first primary state, they ended up picking the winner for both republicans and democrats and just about half of the time. so the the democrats. here's the dangerous news though for hillary clinton n2008 a young fresh faced senator out of illinois named barack obama won iowa 38 percent to hillary's 29 percent. she was so ahead in the polls in the months leading up to that iowa caucus. >> people are wondering when it comes to bernie sanders he is counting on that young
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vote, doug luzader. >> good morning, doug you are at the capitol there in iowa. they are expecting some weather today too that might a affect things. >> reporter: well look, we will get to that in a second. that is potentially a big factor tonight. at this point this place has been inundated with tv, the arguments have been all made, this is a turnout operation in iowa and we could see a record number of caucus goers tonight. the pace is not letting up, throughout the weekend, every candidate made a final pitch and a final plea for voters. >> please pick a winner this time, okay. i'm going to win. i'm going to win. >> big g.o.p. turnout tonight will probably benefit donald trump who leads reese epps polls. if fewer turn up expect ted cruz support tours give him the edge. >> we know there is a blizzard they will shovel their way to the caucus. >> reporter: rest of the peeled marco rubio this may be a race for third place, but that is enough to stay in the
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hunt. >> the excitement, and the energy, ends with our campaign. what that means... >> reporter: it means among democrats bernie sanders in one of his final stops hopes to smokingly large crowds will translate into caucus goers. >> go caucus tomorrow night. the storm is not coming until after midnight. plenty of time to caucus. we will get all of the votes counted. >> reporter: hillary clinton battling renewed scrutiny over her past e-mail practices has a tiny edge a according to most recent polls and her supporters may be more familiar navigating the the democratic caucus procedures. and then there is also the the martin o'malley wild card, his supporters will probably lack 15 percent threshold they will need which freeze them up to support another candidate. will they back clinton or sanders? look that is a tough question to answer the the other big factor here and you mentioned it, the weather. it looks nice at the moment.
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is there a big storm on the way tonight. one of the oldest rules of politics bad weather can suppress turnout. we have seen just about every other rule violated through the course of these campaigns that one could go to the way site as well. >> glad you brought up martin o'malley factor here former governor of maryland f they then don't get 15 percent which is now not because he is polling 3 percent do they have to get in their cars and drive to whatever these precincts is like a church or some sort of a school. >> reporter: presumably they are already there at the precinct. you all go to the same precinct and you divide in groups. thinks how the democrats work if you don't reach that 15 percent threshold those supporters formatter inn o'malley will have to decide if they want to go home or join one of the other candidates. that is where lobbying gets down to the grass roots level as these people, they are neighbors try to convince one another to support my candidate. that is where things get really tough but that it is so
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close right now between sanders and clinton those o'malley supporters could be key in all this. >> it will be a fascinating night good sure will be. >> thank very much, doug. speaking of all that a new campaign ad from the republican national committee released over the weekend, a look alike for presidential hopeful hillary clinton. not only has a bad dream but bad case of deja vu, take a look at this. >> everything is so anotherly similar. >> it feels like what happened in 2008, right. >> familiar area for hillary clinton because she was also on top heading in to iowa last time we ran. we all know how that turned out. >> she is out there. >> ad shows hillary clinton's look alike having a nightmare referencing her 2008 campaign where she went in the iowa caulk as you head in the poles but was defeated. the other video is there a message that read for hillary it is deja vu. >> she came in third in 2008.
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barack obama won it, at 30 percent. john edward 28. the timing of that storm. >> yes, it isn't until, there are different parts of iowa and different parts of the storm. there is i was. here is des moines. now des moines is under the blizzard watch which is, in effect until wednesday morning. so this is a nighttime storm but the the arrival time will vary. here's orange area which is a blizzard warning and that purple a area winter storm watch. southern part of the state may be fine des moines may not get snow until after dark but is there nothing happening right now. here's storm gathering strength and headed that way. now meantime for our weather we're expecting rain and only rain with these milder temperatures. you'll feel it as soon as you walk out the door how mild it is. is there rain from williamsport all the way down to east of the punxsutawney where our focus will be tomorrow on groundhog day. so timing of this rain, we
6:20 am
have it moving in around one or 2:00 in the afternoon. by 5:00 o'clock or evening commute so some potentially steady rain in the i-95 corridor. then it moves to the south between 7:00 and 9:00 it gets out of here. that is the timing of that rain. now we have more on the way for wednesday. this is a more significant, stronger cold front, and it starts in the morning, around four or 5:00 o'clock with light rain and then it moves through, with the heavy rain in the afternoon and we could see, several inches of rain, but also rain because we're expecting record high temperature on wednesday. record is 62. we are calling for 63. in the 50's up until then. forty's after that as we head in the weekend, with temperatures in the upper 40's wye saturday and sunday and first weekend of february, temperatures still above average. so that is a look at your wet ther authority forecast we will see what punxsutawney phil says tomorrow about winter but we are checking traffic and back to the schuylkill westbound university avenue that
6:21 am
accident finally cleared, getting back to normal travel speed there we have reports of a new crash between a car and a tractor trailer on the northeast extension northbound between turnpike and lansdale exit. there were injuries but they have been moved to the shoulder. use caution at the the northeast extension guys, this morning. >> thanks, sue. 6:21. coming up 2015 pro bowl is over but we are still breaking down plays, and this one made by one of the philadelphia eagles players. i see you. >> and evidence russell wilson definitely enjoyed more than just football in hawaii this weekend, yes, big game too. flonase allergy relief nasal spray.
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she won her first australian open but on the mens side there was no surprise, number one no vac djokovic taking on any murray match point and djokovic with the easy, win, he wins his sixth australian open his 11th major win overall, that ties him for fifth in the all time win, for a major on the mens side. villanova taking on st. johns in the garden. first half josh hart with the steel, throws it ahead to miguel bridges and he throws
6:25 am
it down. he had three off the bench. nova gets back in the winners column stop the red storm. quinton decozy is showing off the handle, he shakes his man off and goes in for the easy bucket. he had 30 points, seven board, two steals. they won 70-63. that is sports in a minute. i'm's sean bell. well, familiar faces on the field for eagles fans including darren sproles who caught a touchdown pass for team irving. right before half time. his teammate fletcher cox on the other side of the field for team rice on the play. and team irving wins 49-27. >> pre bowl are fun, they enjoy hawaii. also, was russell wilson who had a huge game. he threw three, first half touchdown pass toes lead team irving to victory over team rice. and first place hit, in the all-star game draft, led scoring drives on three of team irving first four possessions, but, we're pretty
6:26 am
sure that is not only fun he had on the island there was more fun after the game. his girlfriend, of course, singer sierra was spotted getting cozy with him during football practice before the game and wasn't sure about who his lady was she remember him this week because check out this sexy swimsuit we are about to show you. wow. she said this is a vacation, honey, i will show what you working with. >> what was he thinking. did he break up with her before going to russell wilsony don't know she might have broken up with him. >> but, anyway, she does look good. she does. >> wow. >> it is hawaii. >> live it up. >> did you see malcolm jenkins his cleats from the pro bowl. they were nice. >> he is such a nice gentlemen too. >> yes. >> he is all about fashion. >> bow tie line is fabulous. today we celebrate black history month. all month we will look at philadelphia's greatest pioneers.
6:27 am
coming up later in the show how the holiday or month of recognition got its start. did you see this last night. >> ♪ the. >> okay, all these songs are stuck in my head this morning, live audience, three different stages, millions of people watching this at home, so, we will come together and discuss, grease live, what did you think, tweet me, at fox 29. look at this.
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this is second school threat in one week where student and schools in new jersey will see increase security this morning. plus the national transportation safety board is wrapping up its investigation into last years amtrak train derailment, could new information set to be released shed light on the cause of the deadly accident. it the is very important for pregnant woman to understand that this is a difficult moment. >> zika out break is raising concerns all over the world, why travelers and folks here at home should be worried about this virus. good day, it is february 1st, 2016. the first day of black history month. >> of course, we will go to the history of black history month and talk about some important people, that are involved in it. but when you, talk this morning, i have to admit, i was like this feels good. >> down right tropical, 40 something degrees, sue serio. >> but, and it is first morning in the long time we
6:31 am
have not talk about refreezing of what melted yesterday. we did have melting, but it is still mild this morning. now bus stop buddy is ready for the rain later on in the day, probably arriving after lunchtime. mild start. temperatures are mostly in the 40's and 50's this morning. we're giving you a six in weather by the numbers because of the rain that is on the way and the cloud cover all day but temperatures will be comfortable. the it is already 44 degrees, already above the average high temperature for february 1st which is 41. sunrise happens at ten after 7:00. here is some rain, arrival time not until this afternoon, so 56 degrees, before that rain gets here with mostly cloudy skies, before that happens. and then tonight, down to 34, 35 degrees, the showers will be around but they will taper off after 9:00 o'clock at the the very latest. so that takes care of your monday as you get back out after the weekend. hopefully a good one for you. we will talk about record warmth and record rainfall, coming up in the seven day forecast.
6:32 am
right now traffic time, bob kelly is off today. so we are taking a look to begin with at i-95, just past girard avenue. we have a disable vehicle there you see on the left-hand side of your screen. it the is on the shoulder but as everybody slows down to take a look with the flares there it is causing minor delays. vine street expressway is showing volume heading in both directions so plan ahead if you are taking the vine to work this morning. kind of slow. falls bridge is closed, starting to day, that is right, falls bridge, you cannot drive over it, it is between ridge avenue and mlk drive is what we're talking about. this is in effect through the the first of april, so, it will be a while before they get that bridge repairs, but chris and alex, it will be worth it i'm sure, especially with the right over the bridge. student and faculty will see increased security at one new jersey high school. they have charged a juvenile after a threatening text
6:33 am
message. >> warning was about cherry hill east high school and it made round on social media. they plan to have increased police presence a at the cherry hill high school east and plan for children of all cherry hill schools, juvenile is facing one charge with one count of making a false public alarm. 6:32. let's turn to lauren johnson with the top stories. >> hello, chris. tow truck driver was hurt hurting a tractor trailer, stuck on trolley tracks in collindale last night. the driver of the tractor trailer lost control drove down the tracks getting stuck. while the tow truck driver was working to get it out, the the truck jumped the tracks and pinned him between the two vehicles. he was taken to the hospital. his condition is not yet known. police say driver was taken in custody for suspicion of being under the influence of drugs. police are looking for a hit and run driver who ran over an already injured man. the accident happens on tansboro road in white horse pike in berlin new jersey on friday. a man was hit by a car
6:34 am
crossing the street, that driver pulled over and hell and then the man was hit by a second person whom police say kept on going. the man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. bill cosby, offering insight into how he perceives his relationship with the woman now accusing him of sexual assault. he says that his attraction to andrea constand began the day that they met at temple university. cosby described their relationship as romantic but her lawyered say he was only amen for and a trusted friend. their relationship will be explored in death if the the judge allowed the 12 year-old case to trial, tomorrow. the sex a saul charge stems from the 2004 encounter cosby's suburban philadelphia home. that is your top stories now, now lets head to alex with the national stories. today we will find out in a new report what may have gone wrong in last years deadly amtrak train derailment. >> you will remember eight people died when that train went off the tracks round ago this curve in port richmond. let's bring in dave kinchen live at 30th street station with more on this report to be released, all these months
6:35 am
later, dave? >> reporter: yes, chris and will alex, a really big development here, eight months after this tragedy. this will be a touch stone in the aftermath of this whole thing, a major report that will answer questions as to what happened to amtrak train 188, and what caused it to crash last year. here's what we know, the the national transportation safety board has wrapped up its investigative phase in the crash that killed eight and injured about 200 others, on may 12th of 2015, attorneys bob mongeluzzi and tom kline represent many victims who have filed lawsuits and they will a address reports after the federal government issues them around one. this would be the the first big development in the investigation. ntsb says excessive speed was a factor saying train reached 106 miles an hour before an engineer activated emergency brakes. they have probed whether train 188 was struck by a projectile before the derailment.
6:36 am
this happened last night, an obstruct another amtrak train as it passed through philadelphia, through the brideberg section headed to new york from washington d.c. according to the washington post. tim lawrence tweeted out this photo of shattered glass and called it a bullet hole. it is not clear exactly what obstruct that train, that is under investigation. no one was hurt in that case. but, obviously very odd... >> dave kinchen live, thank you. lets turn to the national headlines on this monday morning where three escaped kalinin mates are back behind bars this morning. two rushed yesterday to the the southern california prison they escaped from more than a week ago. they were released by orange county deputies show being released from the car in the jail. three men cared off a jail break more than a week ago triggering a massive manhunt. third escape inmate turn himself into police on friday. a sheriff's deputy in florida is charged with
6:37 am
attempted manslaughter after firing on a handcuffed sus peck. >> unaudible. >> former deputy timothy vernon is charged with attempted murder. here's his picture. the sheriff said he lied about why he shot a handcuffed man twice. incident happened december 30th during a traffic stop near tampa he a arrested dylann holmes after being handcuffed and then the deputy said thomas holmes tried to take his gun from the holster. the deputy wrestled it back. he shot him twice. the sheriff's deputy, or the sheriff there says the internal investigation shows the deputy's story is, in fact, a lie. two virginia tech students are in jail connected to the death of the 13 year-old girl. the girl has been missing from her virginia home since wednesday night. her body was found saturday near the north carolina border. eighteen year-old david
6:38 am
eisenhower seen here next to 19 year-old natalie marie keepers are both charged in connection with the death of the nicole lovel. police in blacksberg says eisenhower and the girl knew each other before she disappear. they won't say how but they say he used that trust to abduct her and then kill her. keepers is accused of helping eisenhower difficulties suppose of her body. the president of the virginia tech sent a letter to the community offering condolence and counseling services for any one who need them. in world news asian markets are mixed in early trading, stocks are falling while stocks in japan and south korea are up. in japan market rising in the morning session after the a announcement of negative interest rate policy from the country's central bank announced last week and we will see how that plays out here, in wall street, and the u.s. market. more than 1,000 migrants arriving at grease's port over weekend. many desperate migrants are from conflict zones from the middle east, facing several
6:39 am
obstacle from war and poverty. it comes after the passenger ferry carrying people to the greek island of lisbos sinking off turkey's western coast on the saturday. more struggles. more struggles there in that part of the world. >> well, 6:39. growing zika virus has caused concerns for 2016 olympic organizers in rio di janeiro. the test event for summer games was supposed to get people excited but instead feared out break overshadowed the the event. several wrestlers discussed staying in their hotels to avoid zika carrying mosquitoes. brazil has been hit the hard west more than a million cases of the the virus. the the international olympic committee assures athletes and travelers that the games though, they will still go on. >> actions are being taken with special vehicles, with informing the community, so we do the work that has been done so far and we will continue in the way to the game so we will sure be safe.
6:40 am
other countries are also trying go to combat zika a nicaragua is pushing a clean up campaign to remove trash abe standing water. it is february 1st, 1st day of black history month. this month acknowledges accomplishments of african americans who contributed to the success of this great nation. >> we will kick things off with how black history month got its start. the man behind the movement was carter g woodson and the association for study of negro life and history. the in 1926 the historian announced second week of the month would be negro history week. you are wondering why that week? that week was chosen because it coincided with the birthday of abraham lincoln who freed slaves. the woodson believed it was essential to guarantee the fiscal, intellectual survival of the race, and the idea, received a luke warm acceptance at first, but the idea that extend the week to the full month, well that started at kent state university. >> the expansion was officially recognized not until 1976, by the u.s.
6:41 am
government, so decades later. president gerald ford encouraged to honor too often neglect accomplishments of black americans. so here we are today and still celebrating. here we are, even though there have been some questions of effectiveness of black history month. that is a discussion we will have later in the show after stacy dash made those comments a couple weeks ago. >> and then other sort of the backdrop to what is going on in hollywood where we have not a single african-american who is being nominated for this years oscars. >> true. >> okay. >> have you seen this, by the way... >> ♪ >> i just saw this over the weekend a head of the super bowl performance cold play releases a music video and, we already know he did with beyonce. but you have to see her in this video. my goodness.
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well, 6:44. okay, watch closely, a fireball do you see that was spotted in the sky over washington, virginia and maryland on saturday. this was saturday evening.
6:45 am
the meteor society received american 330 reports from witnesses, who spotted the meteor. look at that. >> that is awesome. >> someone, caught witt their dash cam. >> they were driving along and they have a dash cam rolling. >> that is so cool good that is very cool. >> what would you think if you saw that. >> well, thing is, you think look, look, look. >> and then i'm glad they captured that. >> i love stuff like that good good to have it on the the video. >> hi, sue. >> contrary toy popular opinion meteorology is not the study of meteors. so as of yesterday, we still had 11 inches have snow in allentown but a lot of melting a a week in philadelphia, little more than a week, two and a half to 3 inches of melt willing to day. new is there 3 inches of snow left on the ground and by wednesday we should take care of the rest of it the not only with the record high of 63 degrees breaking the record of 62, but by rainfall and lots of it predicted for
6:46 am
wednesday. this is a lighter rainfall with this cold front coming through later this afternoon. expected arrival time probably, two in the afternoon. there is punxsutawney, that is our focus tomorrow, which is groundhog day, wow. so, the the seven day forecast, goes from 56 degrees today to 51 tomorrow, cooler but not a whole lot cooler. look at change between record high on wednesday and the the rain, and the wind, to 47 degrees, on thursday. so we're talking about a big difference there but still above average because average high is 41. and, for saturday, we are staying dry so far because we are watching the possibility of a coastal storm for the end of the week but still pretty iffy at this point and we are talking about a above average temperatures in the first week end of february. is there your weather from the weather authority, let's check traffic. we will get out to i-95, at highland avenue, and everything is looking good in
6:47 am
both directions, not even a whole lot of volume yet but it is coming. we are at 422 eastbound at the path turnpike, in problems, there at all, plenty of headlights and no reported delays at philly international. alex and chris. well, it the is one of the most popular event in the city a and today starts your chance to get in on the the broad street run. >> i say it is not a full marathon, it is just half than that. registration lottery is opened through february 12th, and once the spots are chosen at random, every year tens of thousands take part in the 10-mile race that kicks off at broad street and end at the navy yard this years race is sunday may 1st. >> are you going to do it. >> would i love to do it. >> would i love to and i will do it are two different things. >> i will just put it at i would love to do it. >> that is how i am that sure looks nice. i will wait to see other people do it. lets talk about some
6:48 am
entertainment news. what about this. ♪ my goodness. >> during this audio clip alex is saying look at beyonce. >> happily. >> shy was watching this on my songs. she looks so vibrant. colors are so beautiful. my only complaint is we don't have enough beyonce in it but it is still a good song. don't wait until the half time show to see cold play and beyonce together this song heading to the weekend you can see them, well, they are never really seen together but they have video together so that is cool. this is throughout india. it was a very visual video. very nice. >> where is beyonce, is there not enough beyonce. >> she was hardly in it.
6:49 am
>> but they show poster of her in india. he is watching her. you can tell they did not the meet up with india. >> look at how visual that is, a amazing. >> so i bet they will perform this song during the half time show. it will be pretty cool. there will be a lot of colors and things. chris is mess more rised. >> that is mess more rising in every level. >> i want to be doing something like this. >> yes. >> we know a lot of flowers and i want to move around. >> we can do that. should we replicate that on this week, on good day. >> put you on the green screen, get that backdrop. >> it looks like physical flowers turning. >> that dress is amazing. >> that is a piece for the edge. >> it is. >> how about another piece for the eyes, we will talk about cindy crawford and why she's stepping away from modeling later in the show but first did you see it in did you watch the grease live show. >> i could not miss that. yeah, i watched it from beginning to end.
6:50 am
it was great. it really was there was a really special parties vanessa hudgens she dedicated race night performance to her father. i could not believe this. her father passed away the night before from cancer. he has been suffering from cancer for a while. it was just before. >> so much preparation, right? how much she spent away in the last minutes is really hard but you talk about yes, pulling it all together for the performance, right. the the performedder worked hard for months to get everything just right for this live event. it really paid off. lets take a look. look at the this, remember, this is live, okay n retake the. this is live audience on three different stage, millions watching at home what an
6:51 am
undertaking. >> it was amazing. it was cool because at first it was raining, they had some concerns. some of this was outside, sound stage and everything. then they are like you know what we will try to make this work. they will put a tarp up. some scenes were inside that were normally outside, but they still went out for the the carnival. and they made it work. they did. it was great. >> look at the lighting, the set design, costume, everything, was spot on, what an under taking to get it the done just right. >> of course, you have to mention the the fact that boys two men was in it. they did a beautiful job. they represented philly in a wonderful way. so cool to see them do it. i loved it. they said this set the the bar. recently we have seen live musicals with the wiz, sound of music but this was over the top. >> beautiful. >> singing was good too. >> yes we're in the off the a air until will ten. >> alex, no, my producer says.
6:52 am
in one is here for you to sing. speaking of a real singer, aretha franklin, the start of the mega diva showdown, aretha franklin new launching her own food line. >> she told the detroit channel four that it will include dessert and her own brand of chile, gum bow and baked chicken. patty labelle made headlines because wal-mart could in the keep its patty pies on the shelf. now aretha says you have not tasted my stuff yet. miss patty will to have move to the side. she will to have move that pie to the the side. >> it should be interesting patty labelle, they sold like crazy. we tried to find some for our show and didn't you have trouble finding them. >> i went on a big search at different wal-mart trying to find me a patty pie but they were good. they were. here's the thing, a lot of people say too, when that video came out. >> the the one that went viral of the gentlemen. >> yes. >> we had gentlemen in studio on set with you and a mike. >> i had a sing about every
6:53 am
dish, mashed potatoes, the the greens, i wanted to him him sing. >> it was good. >> a blast from the past, twitter erupts with what they used to have in their childhood bedroom. i had within of those. >> yes. >> a game boy.
6:54 am
6:55 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at all over twitter for grease live but did you notice this happening, a a lot of
6:56 am
people were sharing glimpses of their young are days, thanks for the hashtag in my childhood bedroom this hashtag was trending yesterday. twitter users they were sharing what used to be in their room. >> a view master, i remember these good a a lot of people, it seemed like people growing up in the 90's but there is a a view finder, and, there is a picture of the game boy. >> wow, anxious. >> and there is a lot of people in the 90's here. >> and then there was my first record player. >> isn't that cute. >> that is from the 70's i think. >> yes, all decade represented. >> another user tweeted a picture from the movie monster inc. >> monster incorporated was my childhood of my daughter. >> chris, what was in your bedroom, playboy. >> busted. >> i had a record player. i thought i was so cool when i got the my first real record player and could play records.
6:57 am
>> yes, 45. >> yeah. >> sadly. >> in the next hour the the night mayor coming to an end for chipotle, e-coli out break is declared over but have they ever determined the source. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
6:58 am
we're making changes, and we're getting better every day eaner. friendlier. fresher. like fresher meat and seafood. and fresher produce and hundreds of organics. to top it off! we offer lower prices every day. get in on the big entenmann's full line sale and get 50% off all entenmann's cakes and other treats. plus buy 1 genuine pork baby back ribs and get 2 free! low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme.
6:59 am
nearly will months after an amtrak train derailed in northeast philadelphia we may finally find out what went wrong as another train was hit by something while passing through philadelphia.
7:00 am
>> what we are saying is, enough is enough you have had your day, now it is our turn. >> well, his turn starts in 12 hours. candidates the for both parties spending the weekend trying to rally voters, alex, caucus getting underway tonight and it could narrow field for race for president. tax season and, we will keep an local philanthropist stepped up to help people hundreds of miles away and goes through a blizzard to get it done. how he delivered 60,000 bottles of water to the people of flip michigan: wow. >> great cause. >> very special. >> good morning it is monday, february 1st. >> mike jerrick is off today. it is much warmer then most typical february 1st days. >> when we think bit, still


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