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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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hubener. near side. caught, 1st down, kansas state, once again, burton, the local kid if here in manhattan. no emotion from the coach. >> joel: and the methodical pace, kansas state trying get the clock on their side, not wanting to score too early to allow trevone boykin another opportunity. >> gus: 1st down. at the t.c.u. 29. they hand it off, jones. and jones leaning forward, gets to the 25. carraway with the tackle and you are absolutely right, what a
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patient approach by this kansas state team right now, moving the ball effectively. cantele warming up on the sideline. 2nd down and 6. and jones this time chopped down in the backfield. issahaku making another play. >> joel: and that's what you want to avoid, blitzes in the safety position and he shows it late, after the center's head picked up so kansas state was unable to check out of that play. >> gus: so a huge play coming up after the 4-yard loss. 3rd down and 10 at the 29. kansas state needs inside the 20 for a 1st down.
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burton has been the man. hubener. near side. caught, out of bounds, not enough for the first. this time it's heath. >> joel: oh, what a decision bill snyder has to make now. they have been so successful with the 1-yard attempts but they will send cantele out to kick and tie to pickup. >> gus: he has not attempted a field goal in this game. he flip-flopped for the starting job with matthew mccrane. and a time-out on the field. ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest
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financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. >> gus: has bill snyder had a change of mind? >> joel: i think he should. you don't want to leave trevone boykin if a tied game. even if you make it, there's time left. there's a lot of pressure on the defense. and you don't want to try a fake field goal because the defense has had a chance to talk about it. >> gus: so cantele back out on the field. and last week he missed his only attempt, a 43-yarder. >> joel: and you just stay home for a possible fake.
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>> gus: from 37 yards away. jake cantele. and it's good. cantele, ice water in his veins, levels the game with 1:47 to go. but here ms. trevone boykin. -- comes trevone boykin. just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us.
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>> gus: jake cantele with the field goal, tieing the game at 45. i know you had a different opinion. you thought they should have gone for it and not given trevone boykin and t.c.u. an opportunity to scoe with a lot of- score with a lot of time left. >> joel: they are basically running their regular offense. two time-outs. he's one of the best players in america. i thought that was kansas state's chance to win the game right now. i wouldn't trust of defense but bill snyder has won a lot of games trusting a defense that is fundamentally sound. >> gus: turpin will get a shot. he's dangerous. to the 20, all the way up to the 35, make it the 36 yard line. so let's look at how we got here. >> joel: i mean, what a game it's been, just the second half alone. the first possession of the
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second half, and the pick six and then t.c.u. got rolling. and k-state in the run game, hubener. and then all trevone boykin, just a sensational run. to give them the lead before kansas state tied it at 45. [crowd yelling] >> gus: trevone boykin, 1st down at his own 36. and he'll run it, with room again. boykin. gained about 8 yards on the play, at sha as sean newlanstop it. again. t.c.u. with two time-outs. 2nd and 1. boykin lines up -- over the middle! caught!
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doctson, wow! touchdown, t.c.u.! 55 yards! >> joel: right on the money. the mismatch on the outside. remember, for kansas state, jesse mack has been playing number 5, the all-american, josh doctson and as soon as mack gets turned around, boykin puts it on him in stride so he can run for a touchdown. that's too easy inside of 2 minutes. >> gus: doctson, 8 catches, 155 yards and two touchdowns. the extra point is good. t.c.u. ranked number 2 in the nation, why? because they have two incredible talents. trevone boykin to josh doctson. 52-45.
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>> gus: joel, you were absolutely right. you didn't want to give trevone boykin that much time to get down the field. t.c.u. scores. it feels like in seconds. >> joel: the fourth straight game for doctson with so many yar yards. >> gus: dominique heath will let
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it bounce out of the end zone. >> joel: i thought the last series was kansas state was their best chance to win. they oaf kept boykin on the field, if they converted and potentially wind the clock down for a winning field goal or even a potential touchdown but allowing boykin on the field, you are inviting the long completion to josh doctson and now the clock is absolutely a factor. 1:10 with no time-outs. they will be in full hurry up mode, the first time all game long. >> gus: so hubener. from his own 25. >> gus: here's hubener. rolls out of the pocket. throws. incomplete.
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intended for burton. >> joel: this young secondary for t.c.u. at this point they are charged with one thing: doper than the deepest. that's all they have to be worried about. and the senior has to be making sure no one jumps a short route. >> gus: hubener. and hubener lost it! loose ball in. recovered inside the 5. with 53 seconds to go. pierson.
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>> joel: here he comes, the pressure, i believe that's wilson, the true freshman linebacker. and it's just a delayed blitz. he held the ball finally the blitz gets home and wilson, from texas gets the job done. those linebackers had a bull's-eye on him all game young. long. young, small but make the biggest play of the night. sealing this victory for the horned frogs. >> gus: no time-outs. for k-state and hubener in tears on the sideline. boykin taking a knee. and here's the dr pepper one of a kind play of the game. >> joel: you let by quarterback like trevone boykin have a chance, all he needed was a
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field goal and got more than that. finds doctson, doctson with eight catches, two touchdowns, showing you why the two are a couple of the best in the entire country. what a win. last time on the road they escaped lubbock and again here tonight, 52-45. in manhattan, kansas. >> gus: as coach patterson walks across the field to shake hands with his mentor, bill smired. -- snyder. the story this this game, though, trevone boykin. this young man in the 4th quarter, five carries, 106 yards, 2 touchdowns. he was 5 of 6 passing for 87 yards and a touchdown. a t2-point conversion, as well. the first road win at kansas state since 1985. lets go downstairs where molly
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is standing by. >> molly: you are understandably very happy. tied with two minutes to go -- less than two minutes. what was the game plan? >> coach: number one, ougs, we didn't -- our guys didn't play well in the first half. but i told them to get stops and get in the 4th quarter where we were and this group on offense and i am very proud of the defense because they stepped up and gave us a chance. >> derek: trevone boykin took over in the 4th quarter, making plays with his legs connecting with josh doctson. >> coach: you know, i said before the game, josh and trevone, they are special guys. we about gave it away defensively and they bought back and we just wanted to get out of it with a victory. >> molly: another close win on the road against a conference opponent. what have you leaderboarned abor
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team? >> coach: i told them before the season that the games would be like this. i don't know why they are not believing me. >> molly: congratulations, coach. >> coach: appreciate it. >> molly: back to you. >> kevin: we'll return to wrap things up after these messages. 52-45, the final. take a look at these bbq best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition.
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>> gus: 52-45. t.c.u. survives as they come back it beat kansas state. gus johnson with joel klatt. what a game. >> joel: and what a 4th quarter from trevone boykin. five rushes, just in the 4th quarter for 106 and two touchdowns and throwing it when they needed it the most. 5 of 6 and the touchdown to doctson to seal the deal. he was sensational tonight. 425 yards of total offense. this guy solidified himself with fournette as the two top players for the heisman.
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>> gus: and trevone boykin, they talk about his intellect. and when he needed him most, he went to his go-to guy. >> joel: he was clutch. that's the mark of a great player at that position. you've got to be clutch and have reliable weapons on the outside and we saw t.c.u. needing a big 3rd down play or a touchdown, a score, where did they go? josh doctson. josh doctson just a heck of a game tonight and the guy trevone boykin will look for and showed up in a big way. >> gus: and molly had a chance to catch up with the all-star quarterbac quarterback. >> molly: trevone boykin, at times you wouldn't connect with the young receivers but held your composture. >> we went into halftime and e
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reeviated and knee knew to leave it all at line. >> molly: you told me before the game your chemistry with josh doctson has never been stronger am how valuable is your trust in him? >> it's unbelievable. we really jut try to make the routine plays and not asking anybody to jump over a building or anything, just play football. >> molly: congratulations. >> thank you. >> gus: boykin. 20 of 30. 301 yards. and here's our dr pepper play of the game. boykin to doctson for the game winner. t.c.u. keeps on rolling. dodging a bullet, now 6-0. 3-0 in conference play. the final score, 52-45. t.c.u. beats kansas state. flip over to fs1 to see the conclusion of a great soccer match between the u.s.a. and mexico, live from the rose ball.
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that will wrap up it. gus johnson saying so long their manhattan. -- from manhattan. we are! fox sports! welcome to carmax, the bright side of car buying. carmax makes car buying stress-free, with fair, no haggle-prices for everyone, every... now wait a minute, can we, can we just hold on for a second? you know, we don't need any of this stuff. look, we're not splashy. we're not gimmicky. we're just a bunch of people like jeff... good people who sell good cars to good people. and that's what we mean by the bright side of car buying.
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fox 29 news hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. >> right now on fox 29, an investigation into why someone worked so hard to get inside this building in the dead of night just two days after a violent and bloody crime was committed here.
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good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. a 62-year-old man was stabbed more than 20 times at that southwest philadelphia business on thursday night. this morning, police were called back to the scene again. that's where fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live tonight. sabina? >> reporter: joyce, police say somebody went so far as to take an air-conditioning unit out of a side window here, climb inside and rival through a bloody crime scene. well people who know the victim say they are so disturbed that somebody would do this while he was fighting for his life they boarded up the building themselves. >> the building was burglarized again after they stabbed him 35 times. >> reporter: barely two days after 62-year-old patrick spin notice is a was left brutalized to the bring of death inside his southwest philadelphia auto tags shop what police say was a botched robbery. his friend david coletta could not believe his eyes when he checked on the business saturd
11:24 pm
saturday. >> somehow they got the air-conditioner out of the wall and crawled in through that sp spot. >> reporter: spinosa fights for his life police say someone burglarized the bloody crime scene at 3:00 in the morning. authorities say, nothing was taken, coletta says that's not for lack of trying. >> looks like they went through everything else in there that wasn't gone through at this point. >> reporter: police say any valuables to been removed from the business after the attack on thursday. he helped his friend. today he went even further. >> we went and bought some lumber and boarded this up so they don't steal any more of our buddy's stuff. >> reporter: police are looking through surveillance video from the night of the stabbing. at least one suspect is shown leaving the scene. investigators have not said whether they think the violent attack and the burglary are related. coletta says he's been in touch witness victim's familiar and his friend won't be returning to the business. >> humanity is gone it sounds like. something has gone wrong. >> reporter: and tonight, the victim is now in good condition
11:25 pm
at penn presbyterian hospital. meanwhile, detectives are looking for whoever attacked him and now on top of that for whoever burglarized his business. joyce? >> all right, thank you is a bean inform. a court appearance today for one of the men accused of of murdering a teenaged girl more than three decades ago. that's joyce george shaw right here walking out of the bucks county distract courthouse this morning. prosecutors say he's responsible for the death of 14-year-old barbara rowan back in 1984. police say the bensalem girl was babysitting shaw's daughter when she disappeared. investigators found her body in the woods two weeks later. nobody was ever charged until new leads developed last week. police say those clues led to shaw and another man tying them to the murder. and on your radar, a chilly fall night. let's get on over to fox 29 meteorologist dave warren. dave it's chilly for real. >> for real, absolutely. yes. you'll feel that tomorrow
11:26 pm
morning. here's what you have to do. get the coat ready or hit the snooze button one or two more times tomorrow morning it's just a short period of time where these temperatures will really drop into the 30s. mainly in the north and western suburbs. we're headed there now. mount pocono at 36. mid 40s in many of the suburbs. little warmer in philadelphia then it drops to 44 degrees in millville. it was windy this morning. but now it's really getting cold. we don't have that wind. it's a clear sky. it's a calm wind that will let the temperatures really drop night. not talking about that wind chill tomorrow morning. it's just the actual air temperature. many locations down into the 30s by tomorrow morning. just for about an hour. we'll have the sunshine the numbers will quickly climb when you take that first step outside a little chill in the air. 44 degrees in millville. the suburbs into the 30s here. not down to the freezing mark but close enough where you can get frost forming on few surfa surfaces. frost advisory for carbon and monroe county. that's what you might see.
11:27 pm
just some patchy frost tomorrow morning. on though it's not down to 32, you can still get that on a few surfaces. so sensitive plants you want to extend their growing season bring them inside or just cover them up or move them closer to your house. little to no wind. no wind chills and we're talking about warmer weather quickly. pretty much by tomorrow afternoon and gets warmer in the seven day forecast. those numbers i'll have that for you coming up later. >> see you then, thank you dave. death toll now stands at 19 from the flooding that has devastated parts of south carolina. as we hear tonight from fox's janice dean the weather did not help recovery efforts at all today. >> reporter: the river of misery continues for south carl. >> water was up to the door. they had to take the boat gone to the door to help me to get in there but then i still got soaking wet. >> reporter: even more rain hit the palmetto state on saturday making recovery even more difficult.
11:28 pm
governor nicky haley is promising her state will recov recover. >> this is south carolina showing what her heart and soul looks like through her people, and so i want to remind all of you that as we are going through this, and as the x-rays gotten long, um, we will get through this. >> reporter: president obama has also signed a disaster declaration ordering federal aid to help south carolina recover. >> as whiffers continue to rise, close attention is being paid to the dams in the state and clean drinking water. >> there are 20 dam breaches to date. these include 129 dams that are now being monitored. understand that these dams they monitomonitored some are regula. some are not. our job is to check any with get any concerns about. >> we're watching the public water systems as well as the private wells. >> reporter: governor haley says there have been 850 rescues so far as a result of what she is calling historic flooding. the system producing rain will
11:29 pm
exit the area on sunday and drier conditions are in the forecast for much of the new work week. i'm janice dean in new york, fox news. happening now, protests are taking to the streets in turkey to denounce terror all this after two explosions rock the capital city this morning. at least knife people are dead and hundreds more badly hurt. the attack happened at a peace rally held by opposition supporters and curdish activists. tonight, thousands of frosts are flooding the streets condemning the suicide bombers. lawmakers have declared a three-day mourning period to respect the victims. a show of unity on the national mall. two decades after the first million man march in washington, d.c. hundreds of thousands rallied this morning echoing some of the same messages. fox 29's joanne pileggi joins us from the newsroom, now. joanne, reunion of sorts to many returning after 20 years. >> reporter: that's right,
11:30 pm
joyce. it was another gathering of close to a million people in the nation's capitol and this the 20ths are of the million man march. we caught up with some folks from philadelphia who have just returned from washington. >> justice are else. >> reporter: gathering of minority groups stretched from the capitol to the washington monument. several hundred thousand people coming together for the 20th anniversary of the million man march. timothy dean part of a group from philly that witnessed what they called history in the making. >> it was great. it was a great experience. learned a lot. good seeing a lot of black families coming together and just building and sharing and positivity. >> reporter: while the original march in 1995 brought hundreds of thousands of black men to washington, who pledged to improve their lives and communities, this time women and minorities were invited to take part. >> we got to stand between the guns. >> reporter: nation of islam


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