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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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pconvenience store once word got pout. pthe winner still hasn't come pforward. peach winning ticket is worth p$528 million. pand every day they don't claim pit, then they lose the interest. p>> they've already lost over p$100,000 on interest. p>> easily. p time now for the fox 13 p11:00 news. p surveillance isn't just for psecurity guards. p>> check this out, a tampa woman pwas watching as burglars broke pinto her home and she was able pto stop them even though she was pmiles away. p>>woman: i had the app. p>> have to see how she pulled pout the police power all from pher app. p>>man: we had more phone calls pyesterday than we had the entire pmonth of january. p pulling the political
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ptheir party affiliation today. p>>man: it's over the top. p>> just a few words to describe ossessions. pyou'll see why the glits and pglam is now on the auction pblock. p first at 11:00, smile, pyou're on camera. phome surveillance catches a trio pof burglar suspects in the phouse. pthis happened sunday morning. pcan't wait to hear how the homen pstopped them and got rid of pthem. p>>reporter: well, we all know pone of the best pieces of pevidence in any case is the pvideo because video doesn't lie. pin this case, it goes to show phow far home surveillance camera ptechnology has come. pit wasn't the kind of cell phone palert that the south tampa home
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p>>woman: i just saw these guys pwalking inside the house. p>>reporter: three of them, in pfact. pthey came in monday morning to ptake what's not theirs. p>>man: i felt violated, i felt pwe were in a safe neighborhood, pwhich we are in a safe pneighborhood because it can phappen at any time. p>>woman: i panicked. p>>reporter: what they didn't lan was the high security pcamera. pthey bought it back in december. p>>woman: i didn't even take it pserious. p>>reporter: what do you think pnow? p>>woman: i think it's amazing to phave. p>>woman: anything home owners pcan do to help us solve crimes pand potentially notify suspects pthat you're watching them is pgoing to be beneficial for both arties. p>>reporter: from her smart hone, the home owner was able pto not only see the suspects but palso set off an alarm forcing pthese guys to high tail it out pof there with only an ipad. pthe video has already helped olice track down one of the
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pa 16-year-old. p>>man: learn from this any time pthey may think they're going to pget away from something, there pcould be someone watching them. pthey were caught this time. p>>reporter: they plan to buy pmore. p>>man: and now feel much safer pin the house with it. p>>reporter: but they're hoping pthis is the last time they see pany alerts like this. pthe teen is facing a pair of pfelonies tonight. pthey're tracking down the other ptwo suspects. pwe're live in tampa. p>> josh, thanks. p the woman accused of killing pa tow truck driver and fleeing pthe scene is now behind bars on p$600,000 bond. phe was loading a broken down car pon to his tow truck. pshe hit him and kept going pbecause she was scared. pshe tried to hide out at an
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pcalled police and turned her in. pshe has three prior dui charges. p plenty of action at the pelections office today. pit was the last day to register pto vote or change party paffiliation. pmore than 3 thousand people pshowed up to change their party pregistration. pflorida is a closed primary so pyou have to be registered with a arty to vote in march. pmost of the people we spoke to ptold us they want to be eligible pto vote for bernie sanders or pdonald trump. pthey offer the greatest popportunities for change. p>>man: he's kind of extreme. pwe need an extreme to fix the pextreme that's going on now. p>>man: he has real policies that eople want to see. p>> so which party gained the pmost? pin penelis county had a net gain pof 300 republicans.
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prepublicans and democrats. pin 2008, only about two thousand pswitched in pulp county, right pnext door. pthis time, more than five pthousand switched party paffiliations on the last day. p meanwhile, not such a good prubio. pan embarrassing campaign gas. pone dealt with a website prank, pgeography. p>>reporter: these political pcampaigns are tough. pyou type into your pweb browser and see where you pend up. pit's probably the last place pthat jeb bush wants you to end pup. pyou wind up at donald trump's pofficial campaign website. poops. pthe foul up was reported by the pdaily caller. pit appears the domain is owned by a pcompany in australia and they've
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pjeb bush's official website is pworking okay and it's different. pboth campaigns have denied pinvolvement in this but in the pcampaign where bush has been pattacked by low energy by donald ptrump and also by passive, this pcertainly does not help jeb bush pget over that narrative. pmarco rubio, the campaign pcommercial shows stock footage pof vancouver which is most pdefinitely not in the country pthat rubio hopes to lead. pthe rubio campaign tried to plaugh it off saying "it was a pgood catch." but they promise pnot to make canada an issue. pover one of his chief rivals psaid cruz was born in canada and psome have wondered out loud if phe's eligible to serve as resident. pa political editor said sloppy pmistakes can be a turnoff to pvoters. p>>man: the campaigns are a test pof your ability to lead and
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pand rubio is not cutting his own pads but where does the bug stop? pit stops at the top. pyou look at the campaign as a pmeasure of what kind of padministration a candidate may pbe able to put together. pon jeb bush's website, the predirect reenforces the erception that bush is being powned by trump even though it's pan outside force that may have pdone this, it's an example of pbush being unable to comment on pthe narratives his opponents try pto build for him. pthey're saying they're solely pfocused on promoting pand that site does not redirect pto donald trump, probably a good pthing for him but certainly some pissues with the other website pthere. p>> sometimes these little things pdon't help.
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p well, spree -- spring is pnowhere in sight for people on pthe east coast. pin virginia, the storm is to pblame for three deaths. pin the new england area, heavy pstorms have caused thousands of ower outages and causing ptraffic back ups. pdozens of flights delayed and pcancelled. pmore than 150 flights were pdelayed and 7 were cancelled ptoday in tampa international. pthey were supposed to return to ptampa from philadelphia last pnight but they didn't make it puntil 24 hours later. pmost of that spent on the plane. pthe passengers say the trouble pstarted when they boarded the lane. pthey sat on the plane for three phours without ac because of a pmechanical problem.
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pflight all together and when pthey didn't offer passengers pcompensation, things got ugly. p>>man: kids crying, it was pawful, it was ugly. pand there was no amount of rovided. pit was just like nothing you can pthat's it. p>> now, listen to this. pfrontier leader gave those assengers a hotel voucher but pthe passengers say the vouchers pdidn't work for any hotels that phad rooms available. pthey were also given flight pvouchers but they were also good pto use within the next 90 days. pwe've reached out to frontier pfor a comment, still waiting to phear back. p the sarasota county district pis looking into their bathroom olicies for transgender pbathrooms. pnate was born a girl but is
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pthere's no set policy on ptransgender students in sarasota pcounty. pthe school board is trying to pdecide if they should create a pdistrict wide policy. p>>woman: i don't want to make olicy based off fears that paren't based on reality. p>> so the school board says it pwill take time to study what pother districts are doing. pone board member will attend an plgbt workshop. puntil then, each school will pdeal with it on a school by pschool basis. p it's proposing an electric pshuttle program using the six assenger vehicles here with an papp on your phone, you can prequest one of the shuttles to ick you up and drop you off pwithin the downtown area. pthe rides will be free and pavailable every day of the week. pthe city will test out the rogram starting out in may. pif this is something you think
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pwants to hear back from you. pwhat do we think about that? p>> it's kind of interesting. pnice weather. p>> great weather, you can meet pnew friends on your fancy long pgolf cart of the. p coming up, hopeful high pschool students struggling to pmake one of the biggest pdecisions of their lives. p>>man: we're talking about a pbrand new website that's giving psecrets to help seniors get into pcollege that's right for them. pthat's coming up at 11:23. p a woman behind bars, not plong after giving birth. pso what happened to her baby? pthat's the question that has pcentral florida police puzzled ptonight. pand paul, what a spectacular plooking week. p>> yeah, it is. plooks good all the way into the pweekend. pthe severe weather threat is not pover yet.
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pweek. p developing tonight, this is pa strange story here. pthis orlando woman is under parrest but police still don't pknow what happened to her pnewborn baby.
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pyesterday afternoon, police pfound evidence that someone had pgiven birth in the parking lot pof the apartments. pbut there was no sign of the pbaby. pthey searched the neighborhood, pthey tracked down the mother, pshe's identified at 30-year-old psusan. pshe told them that she had a pbaby girl but then she wouldn't ptell them where the baby is. p>>man: searchers out there all pnight last night. pwe had blood hounds, k-9s, psearch and rescue team last pnight looking for this newborn pbaby. p>> she's charged with aggravated pchild neglect. olice want the public's help to pknow exactly where she was pyesterday. pthey're hoping the newborn is psafe somewhere. p millions of dollars worth of pdiamonds, jewelry, watches, all pup for auction through a st. ete jewelry store. pand those are the former ossessions of scott and his ex
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p>> the fort laurt dael attorney pscamming investors. pthey're going to auction 8-10 pmillion dollars worth of jewelry pwith the profits going to those pwhose lives were damaged by the pschemes. p>>man: we handle big things in ptampa bay but nothing with this pkind of flash and this kind of pextraordinary, outrageous pdesign. pthis is great on so many levels pbecause this is going to help -- p>> diamond ring right there pworth between 6-7 hundred pthousand dollars. pa watch that retails for more pthan half a million dollars. pthe auction begins in april. pbut look, a little shopping pright there, that was a pbeautiful ring.
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phow they try to help out the eople who have had their lives pturned upside down in the pscheme. p>> i think it's great. p>> there you go. aul, you now know where to get pa new rolex. p>> i'm going tomorrow morning. phave any alluminum for sale? p>> you've delivered a golden pforecast all week. p>> thank you very much. pthat's a nice segway. ptonight was unbelievable. pwe've had so many photos. pi wish i could show them all. pi had like one hundred sent to pme tonight. pthis one is the sunset poverlooking tampa bay. pgood one, mark. pup in new port richey, a revious fox 13 umbrella winner. pand then you have this, frank,
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pfrom rhondo in port richie. pif you're a gators fan, all pgreat photos. pcheck out my facebook page and pyou can take a look and maybe pone or two could be a nice wall aper on your computer. ptoday, 71 degrees was the high pwhich was a couple degrees below paverage. pwe're near average into the pweekend. pwe look okay but i tell you, pmonday and tuesday of next week, pwe'll have to start watching pbecause another one of those el pnino driven storms in the gulf pcould be impacting us probably pon tuesday that may give us more psevere weather, at least a pthreat of severe weather. pthat's a week from now so lots pcan change but certainly psomething we're watching. phigh clouds racing across the psky tonight. pa number of phone calls and ptweets and texts about a halo paround the moon tonight.
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pcrystals being bent and preflected. pall it means is there's ice pcrystals up in the sky. psome hail in northern alabama ptonight. pthat front is no concern to us. pit's a pretty quiet night. psarasota is 57. pthe dew points are fairly close pto the air temperature and the pfact that it rained earlier ptoday, i am concerned about atchy fog that could be locally pdense late tonight. pmostly burns off rapidly on pwednesday and then we're back to psunshine. pshould be a nice afternoon. pnot much in the way of wind to pspeak of now. p56 and the dew .45. pthe numbers are close. pwinds are light. pfirst cold front is gone, second pcold front doesn't impact us pmuch at all. pwe go from a true arctic blast pin the northeast to rain where
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pmaine and noviscotia where a pcouple of nights ago ptemperatures were as cold as 30 pbelow zero in the valley and now pthey're near 50 today with rapid psnow. pnashville 37, we stay in the 40s pand 50s tonight. pnice looking hump day coming up ptomorrow. plots of sunshine. pcooler up the coast. plow 70s inland. phigh pressure dominates. pthat trend will continue for the pweekend with high temperatures pevery day right around 70. pso tonight, mostly clear, atchying to fog and we're down pto 53. pbit on the cool side tomorrow, p68. pon thursday, more sunshine, a pnice day, near 70. pas i mentioned, just keep in the pback of your mind for next week, pwe'll be watching this. pwhat do you do? pwe start watching seven days paway. pthere could be rain or storms parriving on tuesday. pmore on that in the days ahead.
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pthat just that. pwe'll enjoy this week. p coming up, taking off some pof the stress when applying to pcollege. p>> it connects high sc there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500
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its free for 30 days. new tonight... it's no secret that getting into college ---is no p getting into college is no pguarantee but this is new. p>> the college you want to get pin to. pshare some of the secrets to
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pwant. p>>reporter: if you want higher peducation in the united states, pthe opportunity is out there, pthere are currently more than 4 pthousand 7 hundred colleges and puniversities scattered across pthe nation. pan average of 94 degree granting pinstitutions in every single p p>>reporter: but, more than 3 pmillion students will graduate pfrom us high schools this year. pthat means competition is fierce pto get into places like the puniversity of central florida phere or really any school in phigher education. p>>woman:it's not easy. p>>reporter: she went through it pless than a year ago. p>>woman: you go online to the pcollege, fill out forms, there pare different loopholes that you phave to know. pif i put this, i'm not going to phave a good application. p>>reporter: loopholes that vary
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pin turn -- p>>woman: it's like an linkd in pbut for students. p>>reporter: this is the site, pit's the service you pay for pdesigned to make the college papplication process that pstudents is -- p>>woman: very stressful. p>>reporter: stressful, a little peasier by connecting college papplicants with current college pstudents and recent alum. p>>woman: guide them through the rocess and making decisions pabout what colleges to attend pand their career path as well. p>>reporter: the current students pupload things about themselves pthat the people need. p>>woman: gpa, essays, work pexperience, and even advice pabout the application process. p>>woman: it was actually really phelpful. p>>reporter: she stumbled across pthe site accidently and it made pa difference. p>>woman: they said you want to
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pbefore any other form or if you pget accepted, do your housing as psoon as possible or just certain pways to write stuff. p>>woman: i really got very plittle of that information when pi was applying to school. p>>reporter: sheila and a friend pstarted it just a few year sz pago, bored of their frustration papplying to grad schools. pthousands of students are using pit. p>>woman: a lot of students don't pknow what they're doing when pthey go out there. p>>woman: it helped me a lot and pi hope it helps other people. p up next, we are closing out
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pwe'll give you the inside look in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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p all right, everything is a plittle bit on the quieter side pnow. pthis is the big ballroom where pthey had every single driver, pthey had pr people, team owners, pthey were sitting in here for pnascar media day. pi can't show you everybody that pwalked through here but some of pthe biggest names of the sport pcame through. pthe list is endless. ptampa's own who i think is oised to have a big year is one pof those drivers. pand to a man whose strategies pmight be a little different, the pone thing each driver can agree pon is that coming here gives pthem goose bumps. p>>man: i never will forget, it phappens to me every year when i pdrive through that tunnel, when


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