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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 13, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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night for a great cause.
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happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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it is the longest runway in new york i was told short. so walk with me. >> there is kit, getting the lay of the land before walking in the go red for women red dress fashion show last night. >> feeling very comfortable on the runway, you know. like a duck to water. just awesome out there. great ladies for a great cause. fran drescher, so many others came out. for the american heart association to raise awareness for heart disease. great cause. the longest runway in america. >> for the shortest legs. >> for a five-footer. it was terrifying out there. the best part was seeing you,
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>> the eyes are the last to leave. walk and linger. i think you did that. >> i'm not sure. >> here she come. >> i come out. i'm a nervous wreck right here. >> you're laughing. the crowd clearly loves you. >> i spot you. i come over. oh, i do a turn? >> our executive producer, rob and me. look at the fab -- see this? self deprication, warmth, cuteness. it's fabulous. >> here is the best part. i do the point. hold, hold, walk. now i'm starting to get my groove on and it was all from there. i think i dropped the mike at the end. >> thumb snapping on the way out was good. it all worked. and, with that, we give you the world's newest super model, giseleld @tires free. @>> @11:00 with republican
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@he was firing up the crowd of at @least 12 thowl in a packed house @at the usf sun dome. @evan was out there tonight and @evan, you got to hear the whole @thing. @what was your takeaway? @>> sipt ya, donald sint cynthia, donald trump was in @his glory, there were 12,000 @people in there, they stopped @him for applause many, many @times, it was something you @might see at a church or rock @concert or something like that, @and donald trump was certainly @in his glory here. @he hit on all of his main @points, all of his main topics, @he talked about the wall, his @negotiating tactics, he talked @about how successful he would be @in battling countries like iran. @take a look. @here is donald trump at the usf @sun dome several hours ago. @here se walking on stage. @donald trump knows that the @boost that florida could give @him since it is a primary winner @take all type of state, he spent
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@he owns the golf course in @miami. @he says he cut a good deal for @that golf course, he says that's @a sign that he'd be a good @negotiator with iran. @he also says he loves florida's @hispanics and that he has @employed many of them, also fair @to say jeb bush never thought he @would be booed this much in @florida. @he had several attack lines @against jeb bush. @he also went on the attack @against ted cruz. @trump went on about how bush is @only in the race because he has @raised money but then made fun @of bush for doing so poorly in @new hampshire. @trump also insisted he would @make america a rich country @again in his words and it @wouldn't take long to close our @deficit. @>> we are going to put ourselves @in such an unbelievable @position. @we're going to start making @money and we have to. @a woman -- i tell this story all @the time, it was a few weeks @ago, a woman came up, she said, @mr. trump, i don't like it when @you say we're going to make our @country rich again. @i said i know, because it's not
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@everything you have to say now @days is politically correct. @it's disgusting, right? @[boos] @>> radical islamic terrorism. @we have a president who won't @even use the term. @you can't solve a problem if @you'r afraid of it, you can't @solve a problem if you're not @going to even mention the name. @so we're going to solve the @problems, we're going to make @our country so strong, we're @going to win again and again. @we're going to win so much, but @here's what you have to do. @you have to go out and vote or @we're wasting our time, the @movement ends and that's the end @of it. @>> and the crowd was in awe at @what trump had to say with @people telling me afterwards @that they love his brashness and @his lack of what they say is @political correctness. @several acknowledge that many @politician, of course many in @this race, make big bold @statements about how great @america can be, and we heard a @lot of them tonight, no question @about it, but these viewers here @today, these folks at the speech @say they are not only optimistic
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@winning, they actually believe @that he can do the things that @he says he's going to do. @>> when you listen to him and @you see him in person, you @realize how many more people @actually believe him, believe in @him, and really believe that @this man can run the country. @>> he's spending his own money, @like he said, there's not people @funding him. @when he gets in there, he can @tell people to go take a hike. @>> and many people did not get @inside the arena seats about @12,000, there was, of course, @standing room also inside. @many people did not get in with @thousands of people being turned @away because the campaign gave @out more tickets than seats. @so some people were @disappointed. @also i do want to mention, @cynthia, that he has agreed, he @announced just a few moments ago @that he has agreed to an @interview with jorge ramos of @univision, you remember a big @battle over a press conference @that ramos was thrown out of, he @has his own opinions on @immigration from mexico and the
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@now donald trump says he will @agree to an interview with him. @remember he was thrown out of a @trump press conference, so this @would be a major effort for @trump to reach out and do the @interview with ramos because, of @course, florida is such a big @deal and ramos is widely viewed @here. @>> a lot will be waiting to hear @what that interview says and @what he has to say in it for @sure. @thanks so much, evan. @>> and you see not everyone at @the sun dome was a trump f @outside the rally. @some took turns whacking a trump @pinata and yelling at trump @supporters. @>> he is a racist, he was born @with a silver spoon in his @mouse, he thinks he deserves to @be president. @he's horrible. @>> some protestors chanted @trump" while some wore t-shirts
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@>> a week has passed, still no @rest on that deadly shooting at @club rain. @they released pictures of two @persons of interest as they call @them. @tonight one of those men isn't @very happy about seeing his @picture on the news. @crystal clark spoke to the @mother of that 19-year-old. @>> crystal, how did they find @out that police were looking for @him? @>> la tanya welch says she was @scrolling through facebook when @she saw her son's picture @investigation. @she says it just took her @breadth away. @>> i jumped up and asked him, is @this you on this picture? @>> surveillance pictures at @club rain captured his face last @saturday when he ran out the @exit as a man opened fire. @two people died. @six others were injured. @despite hundreds of people being @in the crowded strip club, no @one has come forward identifying @the shooter. @>> it's very frustrating, @especially when you are talking @to the victim's family and
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@everything you can to solve this @crime. @>> tampa police say surveillance @foot anl has helped them find @possible witnesses. @that's why thursday, penny's @photo was released as a person @of interest in the @investigation. @latanya welch says as soon as @they saw it, her son called @courtroom stoppers. @>> i asked him about no shooting @or nothing. @i asked him, i want to know all @the guys that's available that @was standing around. @>> penny told the officer he @didn't know all of them. @>> the first thing that he @stated to the detective was @inconsistent with what was on @the video evidence. @>> by the end of the phone call, @penny decided it was best to get @a lawyer. @the officer was required to end @conversation there. @welch fears her son may be @labeled as a murderer in the @public eye. @>> don't address my son's @picture on no social media just @because you need to know who he @is to tell on somebody. @>> but police stress that a @person of interest is not the @same as a suspect.
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@names and if they were not part @of these crimes, we want to know @about it. @>> before releasing penny's @picture on tuesday, police @released another man's photo as @a person of interest. @he was quickly identified and @spoke with detectives. @they say each time they release @a picture, they get dozens of @new credible tips that will @hopefully help them solve this @case. @they say they have no intentions @to stop this practice. @in the newsroom, crystal clark, @fox 13 news. @>> crystal, thanks. @we're also following this @tonight, a wrong-way crash that @claimed the life of a @grandfather and the driver who @caused the crash. @it happened this morning just @before 6:00 a.m. on the @southbound i-275 exit ramp near @ashley drive. @a lot of you were caught in this @backup this morning. @troopers say the drivers driver @of a gold acura was driving the @wrong way on an exit ramp and @crashed head on with an s.u.v. @evan, i saw your story at 10:00, @you talked to the family of one @of the victims, and what a @touching testimony his
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@>> she did, and the family said @that they lost the man that they @considered their protector. @65-year-old eugene fisher. @the wrong-way driver was also @killed. @troopers say 47-year-old larry @thompson was driving his acura @northbound op the southbound @exit near ashley drive. @the two cars collided head-on, @both drivers died at the scene. @it's too early to tell for sure @if alcohol was involved. @fisher was on his way to work at @a company where he ran their @security. @his granddaughter told me fisher @was at her soccer game just last @night, just hours before the @crash claimed his life. @>> he was the best grandfather i @could ever ask for, best @grandpa. @>> and it's a loss this family @will never get over. @>> never. @>> it's happening way too much. @there's got to be something -- i @don't understand how you go the @wrong way anyway.
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@way that there's more awareness, @there's more something to stop @it. @>> troopers say it could take @several weeks to confirm if @alcohol or drugs played a role @in this. @now back live, troopers say they @are doing everything they can to @curb wrong-way driver accidents. @they say that they're doing @driver education, they have a @whole unit that is supposed to @look for dui drivers, and they @chris? @>> it's a scary thing out there @every night. @thanks for that story. @>> also developing tonight, polk @county is looking for a new @school superintendent. @that's after kathryn leroy @resigned this afternoon @following an investigation into @alleged misconduct. @now she made that resignation @knowing she faced possible @termination at a special school @board meeting tonight. @>> they were going to meet at @5:00.
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@to stop the bleeding tonight and @put this issue to rest. @ahead of a 5:00 p.m. meeting to @decide her faith, kathryn leroy @resigned this afternoon. @following some very contentious @public comments, the board @ultimately voted unanimously to @accept her resignation. @she'd been under fire after the @associate superintendent filed @nine misconduct claims against @her, including sexual that @rasesment and harassment @and creating a hostile work @environment. @the investigation cleared her of @any misconduct but did say she @may have crossed profession professional @lines. @she'll get more than $230,000 @including $30,000 in lawyer @fees. @here a little from both sides. @>> some of them, just incredibly @unprofessional, the way teachers @and administrators were treated, @the way people were afraid to do @what they were supposed to do. @>> in those old cowboy movies
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@they decide they're going to @take the law into their own @hands and do what they want to @do rather than go through the @process. @so basically that's what i saw, @is a lynch mob. @>> so no doubt strong division @over the treatment and outcome @tonight. @we know the board did vote to @make jacqueline byrd interim @superintendent. @board members will begin @discussions for a permanent @replacement at a workshop on @february 23rd. @>> staying in polk county @tonight, we have an update on @the investigation into a triple @homicide there. @u.s. marshals have captured the @third suspect in the @execution-style killings of two @kim and a man at a home in @lakeland. @that crime shocked the community @when it happened on january 6th, @and it sparked a week's long @search for the suspects. @we're told the third suspect, @this man, jamal smith, was @arrested last night in miami. @officers also arrested two @people who they say were helping @hide him there. @now authorities had already @arrested two other men in
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@>> new at 11:00, all three sea @world parks in orlando are @raising their minimum wage @$10 an hour. @the higher wages take effect @july 1st. @they'll also apply to jobs at @sea world orlando, discovery @world and aqat aqawt aquatica. @>> dolphin trainers apply. @the city of tampa is helping @fight the zika virus and @cleaning up neighborhoods all at @the same time. @they're starting what they call @tire amnesty week tomorrow. @look at these things. @these old tires, they'll take @them from you, no questions @asked. @that's because mosquitoes really @breed in standing water that @gathers in those old tires, a @really popular breeding ground, @and now with the zika virus @spreading by mosquitoes, it's @even more important to get rid @of places where they can breed. @>> this way we're hoping those @folks who may have picked one
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@to bring it in and get rid of @that mosquito breeding area. @>> you can bring up to 10 tires @to the mckay bay refuse to @energy facility on south 34th @street in tampa. @you have to bring your photo @i.d. to prove that you live in @the area. @the tires will be recycled and @burned for energy. @>> that's a good idea. @get rid of some of those old @tires. @>> is it tampa or another city @that's allowing people to put up @to four on their curb. @>> tampa also doing that too. @>> there you go. @it will be interesting to see @how many tires are stacked up on @the curbs next week. @still ahead, working together @after a deadly week for police @officers across the country. @>> after tragedy, there's @triumph. @>> up next, what brought @attorney general loretta lynch @to florida and how students are @reacting to her message, work @with police, not against them. @>> plus the tampa bay lightning @fans, a celebration of the bolts @happening toap in tomorrow in tampa. @paul, got some ice out there on
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@>> every day should be hockey @day. @we had a great day today. @the weekend looks pretty good, @even though there's a cold front @on the way. @we'll talk about the arrival of @that cold front and peek ahead it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. thousands of people took part in a funeral procession for a fallen officer in seaside, oregon. officer jason gooding was shot and
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serving a warrant. he was a 13-year veteran on the force... city offices were closed for the day... so that employees could pay their respects. @ @>> the offices were closed today @so employees could be there and @pay their respects. @he leaves behind a wife and two @young daughters. @this week has been an unusually @deadly one for police. @in four days, five officers @killed in the line of duty in @shootings around the country. @it's part of a national tour, @u.s. attorney general loretta @lynch spent the day in florida @talking about repairing and @building relationships between @comeupts and @communities and police that @pretect @protect them. @students say they were @encouraged by what they heard. @>> it's very positive that she's @just coming down here to talk to @us and think about what we want @to do and get involved with the @police forces here in miami-dade @county and it's just very @positive to have our involvement
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@>> lynch's policing tour comes @amid the national debate of @officers' use of force following @toafs yal @controversial shootings. @>> in tampa, a celebration of @all things lightning. @how about that? @were current players and alumni @will take part in hockey day. @they'll lead teams for the honda @lightning high school hockey @lead all-star showcase. @that starts at 6:15 p.m. @that should be fun, and so will @this, if you're ready for some @baseball. @the tampa bay rays inviting you @and your kids to fall in love @with the game of baseball all @over again. @they'll be out to teach kids the @basics in baseball, there will @also be face painting, juggling @and plenty of other family fun. @play ball day is this sunday, @february 14th from 10:00 to @2:00 at tropicana field. @the first 1,000 kids who come @will receive a rays superhero @cape t-shirt. @one of those t-shirts that has @the cape attached to it.
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@>> yeah, like the one i wear. @>> right, like the one you wear. @>> to bed. @my pa pajamas. @>> that's a good look for you. @>> i've needed the pajamas with @the feet in them the last few @nights. @>> i can't believe we're talking @baseball already. @>> it's here. @this is the time of year that @you don't play baseball inside a @dome, you want to be outside. @today was unbelievable. @take a look back. @i think it will end up being one @of the nicest days of the year. @we had sunshine, didn't have @much whipped, there's no @humidity, a couple little puffy @cumulus clouds going by in the @70s. @the middle of july and august, a @day like today, you'd pay big @coin for a a day like today. @it was outstanding. @the good news is, the weekend @pretty similar, even though @there is a cold front on the @way, we'll talk about that cold @front in a sec. @we hit 70 today, first time in @seven days we were at 70 or @above.
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@50, so we're pretty average for @february. @there is a cold front moving @down the peninsula later tonight @and tomorrow, there will be a @ribbon of clouds with the front, @but we're going to miss an @extremely cold arctic air mass. @we're lucky. @some of the coldest air i've @seen in about 10 years will be @innovate vaiding the northeast @this weekend. @we're going to stay on the @sidelines and kind of watch that @pass north of us. @it will be close but we're not @going to get into the heart of @that cold air. @you can kind of see the ribbon @of clouds here. @this is the water vapor imagery, @this kind of marks the cold @front, we're still on the dry @air over us. @the winter trough which has been @present all week long is still @in play. @it's going to briefly deepen and @allow the air from the yukon to @slide southeast and invade the @northeast. @we're not going to get much of @that at all. @right now with the wind off the @gulf, it's a much milder night @from the past couple of ?iets.
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@55 in brooksville, 57 wesley @chapel, southern counties @holding in the 50s and low @60s inland, skies are mostly @clear, in the mid 50s. @could be a touch of fog @overnight tonight with a @southwest wind, but winds will @be shifting as the cold front @moves right down the peninsula. @it's a nice night. @60, dew .57, there's a southwest @wind at 3. @we typically warm up in advance @of a cold front because our @winds ahead of a front move to @the southwest, the front goes @by, the winds shift behind the @front and tomorrow night should @be significantly colder as we @get a little piece of that @arctic air. @here's the map in the southeast @and here's the wider view @showing dry air across the @entire gulf. @ribbons or stretches of cold air @coming in from the northwest, @the lake-effect snow machine is @really cranked up, it's snowing @to beat the band in watertown @new york, a favorite spot for @lake-effect snow. @buffalo, 9 in flint, 5 below in @fargo.
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@the 50s for nighttime lows and @tomorrow we'll be cooler than @today because of the passage of @the cold front, we'll see highs @in the mid 60s, the cold front @moves right down the peninsula, @high pressure builds in, then we @just kind of watch and wait for @the arrival of another front, @and this one back here is likely @to impact us monday night and @tuesday with a batch of showers, @then we turn cooler and drier @wednesday and thursday, a quick @look at some of the cold. @these are wind chills this @weekend, this is tomorrow @morning, this is saturday night @into sunday morning, sunday -- @this is sunday at high noon, @wind chill 30 below in boston, @twep one below new york, 36 @below in albany. @that's dangerous wind chill @values. @the coldest air in about 10 @years heading for the northeast. @partly cloudy and seasonable @tonight, down to 53.
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@it will turn colder at night and @65. @a chilly beginning to @valentine's day, lots of @sunshine warming us up to 65. @i'm talking about a band of @showers mopped night into monday night into @tuesday. @that goes by, then after that, @wednesday, thursday and friday @look pretty good. @happy valentine's day, back to @you. @>> good kud cuddling weather on @sunday. @>> it sure will be. @>> enjoy. @>> still ahead, researchers of @central florida have a new tool @to help babies with congenital @heart defects. @>> fascinating new technology @that gives doctors a realistic @look at their patients' very @tiny hearts before here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet.
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gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. @ @>> this was a pretty amazing @medical break through using 3d @hearts. @>> fox's tom johnson shows us @how they're doing it at the @university of central florida. @>> when genevieve was pregnant
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@everything was great until 27 @weeks. @>> the doctor came in and said @we think something is wrong with @his heart, we want you to see a @specialist. @>> the specialist confirmed. @>> i just lost it. @>> ronan had a heart defect. @>> at that point, i was like, @they're wrong, they don't know @what they're talking about. @>> ronan is like 1 in every 100 @babies born. @he had a heart defect. @within hours of birth, he was in @an operating room for a 14-hour @surgery. @>> we didn't see him go back, @but we gave him a kiss, touched @his arms and legs and walked @away and went to the waiting @room. @>> this is 3d printed hope for @babies like ronan. @it is a recreation of a human @heart, a recreation student @researcher caylee garner helped @make in a university of central @florida research lab. @but this is more than just a @model. @it's an exact duplicate. @>> interior structures and all @of a real person's -- @>> full size heart. @>> real ticker.


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