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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 11, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get this 1.5-pint orchid for only $9.98,
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welcome to my greatest gift of mankind to people who don't age good. sincerely, me. tag time and seriously blue steel.
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mine are terrible. you had the pleasure of hanging exclusively with ben tiller at the derek zoolander center here in new york. >> i did. billy, ben gave me a personal tour, then put me through pr some pretty rigorous test. >> do you age good or age not good? >> age not good. >> ooh, not good. >> he does have a point. you are only 14 years old. >> they say black don't crack. >> they do say that. i have heard that. >> here is more from our experience. >> does that say meatloaf? >> yeah. because meatloaf is something old people eat. it's really about getting your face and outside looking good. i think there's too much emphasis in life on the inside and being, you know -- >> a good person. >> -- a good person. really the outside does matter. i think returned to port and you will hear what passengers had to say about that rocky ride. >> new at 11:00, a safety harbor
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car slammed right into her house. that car was stolen and tonight deputies are still looking for the guys involved. we show you what had to be a terrifying situation in the middle of the night, josh. >> talk about a rude awakening. that car was flying down the street when it lost control and crashed into this house. you see some of the damage here, boarded up windows, and this chimney, the bottom cracked right off, but the good news is everyone inside was okay. >> it wasn't a nightmare that woke up dannielle westin but she probably wishes it was. >> quiet and then craziness. >> that is what happens when a 3,000-pound missile in the form of a p.t. cruiser comes barreling down the street toward your house. >> it went through the window, it was just craziness.
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okay, but it was a close call. >> our dogs usually sleep on the couch where the wall was hit and they were freaking out. >> and whoever the three guys were in the car did not stick around, and what is more, the car-turned-wreaking-ball was stolen. >> a spare key had been left in the vehicle and had the car been locked maybe this couldn't have happened. >> maybe the boards would be over the windows and the chimney might be in one piece and there wouldn't be tire tracks in the grass. >> back out here live, another look at the damage. we only have a very vague description of the suspects. one had a hat on and two others had jackets on. but if you know anything at
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sherrif's office is waiting to hear from you, we are live in gulf port, josh cascio, for 13 news. >> a close call for those folks. >> and in hillsborough county, these two students were arrested for having guns. but different situations. one was seen loading a handgun on a school bus and the other had his hunting gear inside his car on campus. again, two very different situations but a zero tolerance policy may have them both facing the same punishment. we are live to tell you about a very costly mistake outside plant high school. >> the school district has a zero tolerance policy. 18-year-old stratton patterson was charged with two counts of possessing firearms on school property. authorities were called out to plant high school after
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campus and so that school went into a modified lock-down and officials went about the school looking for threats and when they got to patterson's car, they found a shotgun and ammunition and a knife. he was arrested although police say he had nothing to do with the original threat. students are sympathetic. >> i don't think he meant for that to happen, it's just there is a policy no guns at school, but he is a good kid. >> efers in the he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had forgotten to remove remove it. >> his attorney says it was ans honest mistake and he is a great kid with no prior criminal history, and as for that zero
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has not said what type of discipline he could face on their end. >> and in the other case, a student faces the same punish. after he brought a loaded gun on to his school bus. the bus was headed to brandon alternative school, and a student saw 18-year-old jamarcus simms load a 9mm handgun and hide it along with a see ski mask on the bus. the student texted a relative who called 9-1-1. >> whatever he has planned he was stopped in his tracks tracks by the smart moves of that witness. >> they say they are still unsure of his motives. saying that the gun had been stolen from temple terrace but they are not sure who took it. simms had previous charges on his record, including domestic battery and grand theft.
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video of a man standing next to a white limo shortly after a stolen piece of chihuly glass was dropped off outside a gallery last night. >> police say they are missing one final piece and they believe that the man by the limo got a good look at the suspect's face. they spoke for about 10 seconds standing here the limo. the limo may may not have realized he had just spoken to a man who left a box with stolen artwork outside the building. police are trying to figure out whether this is an inside job. >> it seems interesting that the person would take it from the
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morean because to though those two are connected is something we are trying to figure out. >> police are not sure why the man brought the piece back in the first place but wondered if the media attention made him feel guilty or if he realized he would not get much for it on the black market. limo man had long blond hair and was wearing a baseball hat. police say they have ruled out limo man playing any role in the disappearance or return of the artwork but say he could play a key role in identifying the man responsible. >> new at 11:00, lawmakers in tallahassee will not pass legislation to give civil rights protections to lesbian, gay, transdependerred
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sponsor has vowed to try it again next year when there will be more senate leadership and more time he says to build support for the measure. >> the giant cruise ship slammed by a storm in the atlantic is back in port. video of the damage has been circulating on social media. it was bound for port canaveral, when it was battered by strong winds and big waves. the crew was forced to cut short the cruise. the rocky ride topples furniture and caused damage to the ship, and only a few passengers suffered injuries but passengers had plenty to say. >> the cruise from hell.
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you are in the middle of nowhere and i don't think they knew what to do. >> when you see the crew had praying the rosary and crying, it was scary. >> i kind of get that. royal caribbean has issued full refunds and also give passengers vouchers towards a future purchase. >> and remember when we had graphics of all of the republican candidates and there were 17? tonight it's down to six. new jersey governor christy is suspending his run after his sixth place finish. he spent more than 70 days campaigning in the gran grin granite sate, and fiorina dropped out, she finished with 4% of the vote and in seventy
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seventh place. carson didn't do well, either, but he is still running. the real action comes on march 1, super tuesday, which 13 states hold primaries all on the same day. >> there is going to be a brand new way to get around tampa. a brand new water taxi will be operating soon. yacht starship cruises is launching three new pirate-themed water tax sis. and they say you can catch a boat to channelside for a convert or concert or game, and they are $15 and one ticket gets you rides all day long. >> it's a hop-on, hop-off tour, and you guy one ticket and get
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expect to see them around come february 27. >> and how about this one? an abused and abandoned dog has a second chance at life thanks to a man who could not let him be niewt yiewlt euthanized. adam clark found this bull dog mix in front of his auto body repair shop, police believe someone had his chained to a cement surface for a long time, and animal services told adam they just couldn't afford to nurse him back to health and would have to put him to sleep. >> i asked to take him to my vet, and if there was nothing terminal wrong with him, i want to give him a chance.
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it will take some time to get him back on his feet, but adam didn't hesitate to put down the downat the same time. >> downpayment. >> he says once his wife sees andre he may end up with him as well. >> and justin bieber got his start from a youtube video. >> and some others have got their start that way. >> people are well aware of that. >> and the drama is bringing in big bucks for this woman, how she is making her living through youtube. >> and our cold temperatures are putting sea turtles at risk. can our turtles catch a break any time soon? >> it will wark warm up this weekend, but in the
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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>> florida's python challenge is almost over and so far hundreds have caught 91 snakes, already a new record. nonnative burmese thigh pythons have infested the everglades, and
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longest will win thousands in cash prizing. the hunt ends on wednesday. >> and youtube has created a lot of millionaires and for most of them that job is full time and very intense. >> but there is also a secondary level of youtube users earning subsubstantial monthly incomes with a much more relaxed approach. it's a thought that many of you could actually do. >> just a stone's throw from walt disney world lives an accidental reality star, not from tv but from youtube. >> this story is about making money on youtube, let's just get this out of the way. >> $1200 a month. >> this is what patricia vargas
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her feed is, roughly translated real girly girl. >> she is divorced and has two kids, one autistic, another mairng to marriage to the same man and then another divorce from the same man. >> a social life without leaving the house. >> she they told me a social life without leaving the house. >> and they are all subscribers to her challenge, and they racks up hundreds of thousands of views, much of her audience from her native brazil who is genuine genuinely criewr genuinely >> curious about how this mother
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>> it's different from television where people are passively watching. it's called a lean-back, and people are passively watching and the tv is in the back and they have a ipad or a phone in their laps whereas on youtube, it's called a lean-in experience, people are engaged and not distracted and they are not multitasking. >> this is a sought after after youtube consultant and he is the genius behind video creators. >> what i earn, me and my family, i have six kids and i'm a stay-at-home, work-at-home dad and my wife does not work and i have a small team of people who work for me. >> i worked with a gear who
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and in nine months he was making $15,000 a month from ad sense. >> this is where you monday tease your monetizeallowing companies to postcommercials on or before your videos, but bottom line? it's all about the content. youtubeers who make thousands and millions do so by making videos with high-value content targeting a specific group of people. in osceola county. fox 13 news. >> well, the manatees are not the only animals being effected by the cold. the marine aquarium has scooped up more than 140 turtles that are washing up, and they just got 24 in the past 48 hours, rescuers saying this winter has
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>> as the temperatures drop, so do the temperatures of the turtles, to dangerously low levels, a condition known as cold stunt. >> a lot of the turtles are also battling a disease that causes tumors. they are going to hold item until the sea temperatures warm up a bit, and i don't know, sounds like that might be a little while. >> it may take a while and they may have to keep those turtles toasty there for a while. and i was in pinellas park and the wind was really blowing and didn't seem bad during the day but it kicks up on us. >> we had water temperatures in december running in the mid 70's and now it's 55, 56. >> wow, what a difference. >> and this is a great shot, our good buddy josh harington, a really great guy and i met his daughter, and out in the
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bridge on the far left-hand side over there, right about there. that is a great shot, and that picture is on my facebook page. the story today is a continuation of our chilly weather. 58 degrees the high, 14 degrees below the average and the record 84 set in 1932, the low? 47 degrees and we'll be dropping below that now, that was the morning low and so the numbers will adjust at midnight tonight. six days in a row of below average temperatures, i should say below 70, the first time since 2015, and tomorrow we should be at zen days in seven days days below 70 in a row, the the first time since 2010 and it's allll because of a monstrous east-coast trough,.
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reinforce the cool air, but tonight a big temp contrast around the bay area, and this is an indication that the winds are lighter. everybody has fairly uniform temperatures but when the winds die down, you get all sorts of wild swings. it's already at or below breezing in citrus county. inverness and crystal river both at 32, and brookingville 33, new tampa at 40, and zephyrhills 45, and men will the the cold air drains right down the spine of the state, and there is a frost advisory out for most of the bay area, and a free warning north. the gusty winds from earlier
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in purple that is the frost advisory. it does not include areas west of 75 and tampa bay, but i will tell you i would not be shocked if anybody in the viewing area, away from the beaches wake up tomorrow morning and see frost on your neighbor's roof and on your cars. it will be that cold, and light winds. a freeze warning is up for citrus and hillsborough hernando county, at or below freezing. and winds calm, around the county a wintry scene in the east. we bottom out in the 30's and 40's, 40 in tampa, and east of 75, a number of 30's. west of 75, in the low 40's and inland, everybody will be in the 30's by daybreak. tomorrow we are back in the mid
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tonight, clear and cold, frost and mid 60's tomorrow, friday looks good. low 70's or upper 60's and by the weekend, the weather is outstanding. 70ish for highs and 40's and 50's for lows and a chance of showers arriving on tuesday. >> one choice created a firestorm for kanye west. >> some fans want to shut down his --
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exactly what he here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. >> kanye west is creating more drama, saying that bill cosby is innocent, one of the hot topics making news in hollywood tonight. so how is everybody reacting to that? >> um, kanye west is one of those people who should probably go into twitter jail.
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engaged in an all-on twitter war, and they called foul on him but he apologized and seemed like the internet forgave him but then last night, he ended a rant with bill cosby, innocent! and there were a lot of people who totally don't agree with him, and the crazy thing is you are two days away from releasing an album, and some things you can chalk up to publicity stunts and hype, but other things that cause people just to not like you. and especially women, and it's like kanye, you have kids. one fan tweeted, please, kanye, don't. >> and we are moving on to the people versus o.j. simpson, and in it chris jenner is someone
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