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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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thunderstorms yesterday on our first alert doppler radar as well as the free mobile app. the radar pattern no matter where you're looking on air or online it's clear this morning and ourkies will be clear as we get into the morning cloud. just some extra clouds streaming overhead extending from the bms across south florida down to the keys. no rain being produced from these clds. we will thin them out. still have about an hour in the dark to go. then once the sun comes up we will work on breaking skoo is into mostly sunny conditions. 62 pompano beach. through the overnight hours dipping down into the lower to mid 60s. 65 opa-locka, 64 miami. i mentioned the extra clouds around this morning but we're dry. we'll thin those clouds out out your first alert forecast a warmer day, mid 70s by the murch hour, today's high 78, low humidity a lot more sunsne coming our way. we will look ahead to the weekend forecast in just a bit. good wednesday morning, south florida.
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we're accident free in broward conty but you see the flashing lights you are off in nhe distance i-95 northbound before sheridan street we have a broken down tractor-trailer. this is the only issue we have on your major roadways of broward county. let's go ahead and switch on sources take you over to our first alert traffic map. that small plane tha made an emergency landing on u.s. 27 southbound around the area south of pembroke road still has the left lane blocked off due to police crews. so you want to avoid that area just the left lane blocked off in that zone. we do have that traffic alert still that southwest 7th street ramp still blocked off from that accident that happened with the garbage truck on monday. you can take southwest 17th avenue, brickell avenue or biscayne boulevard instead. as ryan was mentioning, a dry day is ahead, which will be good for many in south florida because they will have to spend it cleaning up. nbc 6 was right there with you all morning long live on the air and online tracking the storms,
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nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live in northeast miami-dade where one of the two tornadoes swept through and actually made national headlines. good morning. >> reporter: hi there. sheli. here is a piece of debris, what used to be a shingle on a roof on 91st treat near northeast 14th avenue in miami-dade. it's a mess all around here. there are tree limbs still scattered and these are big, big trees, all along 191st street nearly every one of them has some kind of damage. let me show you just how powerful these storms are. get a load of this dash cam video that shows one of the ef-1 tornadoes that twisted through south florida yesterday and, wow, just looking at the power of that storm as it nears that power line there, you can tell just how strong this is and this is what snapped off branches and in some cases pulled up entire trees including palm trees here on 191st street, knocking into
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wall in some case, making a mess for firefighters, police trying to just -- to direct traffic here and keep people away from our downed power lines here as well. what some people tell me is that this storm was just so stunning but there's something else that is startling about it. >> i think it's crazy just tornadoes here. i know there's a lot onthe water, the water spouts, but lately there has been a lot of tornadoes. it's scary. >> reporter: and the clean up job went well beyond sun down yesterday, crews will be back on it this morning and meanwhile lots of families across south florida are still in the dark. have a look at fpl's latest figures showing 137 families and businesses in broward still in the dark and this morning another 751 mere in miami-dade. now, back out live i want to show you what knocked out power here to some lamp posts, there
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them on in block still standing and this no match for that ef-1 tornado. coming up at 6:30 we're going to show you what one woman saw that tipped her off that she knew this storm was going to be bad. we're live in northeast miami-dade, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. we've heard it so many times, sound bites of people talking saying it sounded like a freight train coming through when the tornadoes hit. this morning several people in fort lauderdale are homeless after the storm sunk their houseboats. tak a look at this video capturing yesterday's severe weather has left a trail of damage in south florida. julia was showing us some of that. here we see a boat being taken away by pretty strong winds nearby chopper 6 up over the scene where two boats went completely under water. mind you, with people still inside them. you're looking at one upside down there. fortunately help arrived quickly, everyone is expected to be okay. so we do know that two ef-1 tornadoes those have been confirmed, however, it is still
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made landfall in miramar, but homeowners are thinking there really is no other explanation for the wild weather they experienced yesterday morning. take a look at some of this video that they say proves it was a tornado although that's not confirmed. winds for through a neighborhood and left behind a huge mess. palm trees everywhere. cameras capturing those calm trees ripping apart, being tossed around like they were much smaller than they actually were. the worst damage were tiled that ca flying off a lot of roofs and on to truck windshields breaking th completely. neighbors are saying that the storm sounded like a freight train as it came ripping through. didn't last long buteft some damage. luckily in miramar where these pictures were from nobody was seriously hurt. we have pretty intense video on our nbc 6 news and weather app. like this piece of video where trees toppled over, lots of other things going airborne, some pretty big branches slashed
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the weather is being blamed for tossing trampolines high into the sky. at a couple points they actually toppled over, popped and ended up on p per lines and they are perched in bushes, up on fences. take a loo athat tree, that's one of the that was uprooted in broward county. today pope francis will celebrate mass in the border town of juarez mexico. across the border in texas thousands will fill sun bowl stadium to watch a simulcast of the mass. >> repter: pope francis ncluded his fourth day in mexico accompaniel by youth at a stadium in moralia more than 80,000 people from different parts of the country listened to his message about the right to live without drugs and violence. earlier in the day his holiness was given keys to the city. >> he is such a union afire and
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love that really resonatesith us. >> reporter: andrea traveled to el paso from south florida toto join dozens of women on a border pilgrimage. solidarity with migrants is expected to be a key theme during the pope's final stop in juaz juarez. >> it was so sisi for us to cross the idge, but thinking about all of the women who risk their lives to cross the border with their children, all the people who have died in the easy. >> the bishop of el paso says the sister cities are one catholic community. those are can't make it to mexico can celebrate at the sun bowl and watch a broadcast of the mass. >> i think he is going to explicitly and openly ask everyone to, you know, just get out of your chair and be more human. >> you are now taking a lookat the lights over in jaur rez, megs co. just so yououan get some perspective of how close both cities are, the event at the sun bowl is titled two nations, one faith, and the mass will begin
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we will bring you the very latest. repororng from el paso, texas, laura rodriguez nbc news. you can watch laura live in el paso, texas, ahead of the mass and that is at 5:00 p.m. you can always follow her on twitter to the latest updates. it's donald trump versus president obama. hear what the commander in chief is saying that has the gop front morning.
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man who took a backhoe f this weekend could be make it or break it situation for several presidential candidates. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in nevada's democratic caucuses, but this morning we focus on the republicans. for nbc 6 tracie potts is live in washington. tracy, president obama is
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>> reporter: yes, sheli, he's's weighing in saying that he doesn't think donald trump can win this despite his huge poll numumrs. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> repter: president obama on the republican front runner. >> it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. it's hard. >> reporter: trump's response. >> this man has done such a bad job, he set us back so far and for him to say that actually is a great complement. >> reporter: trump's double digit lead in our national poll mirrors what's happening in south carolina. >> we love south carolina. let's go. >> reporter: he's got twice as much support as ted cruz who is battling it out for second with marco rubio. >> this election has to beabout making a difference. >> on the other hand jeb bush a distant fourth in palmetto state polls. >> i will be a commander in chief, not an agitator in chief. >> he insists no matter where he finishes south carolina is not the end of his campaign.
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saturday night are we still go to nevada? >> i'll be there. >> broward county and john kasich are also hoping for a strong finish in south carolina. >> this is an important state for us. >> this weekend's primary could further narrow what was once a crowded field of 17 republicans now down to six and counting. and don't forget the democrats, their nevada caucus happens all on saturday although we don't have a lot of polling coming out of nevada,, so whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders on top, kind of anyone's guess. live from washington i'm tracie otts, nbc 6 news. we are sending nbc 6 political reporter steve litz to south carolina for the republican primary. watch for his reports starting on friy. funeral arrangements for the late justice antonin scalia have official been set. his body will lie in row pose at the u.s. supreme court on industry friday. the funeral will be held on saturdaat the basilica of the national shrine of the
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ask a lease' courtroom chair has a black wool blanket draped over it right to the left of center. it's a court tradition dating back to the 19th century. meantime president obama scoffed at republican's suggestions that the process of nominating is new justice should be paused until a new administration is in office. >> there is no unwritten law that says that it can only be done on off years. that's not innhe constitutiona text. i'm amused when i hear people who claim to be strict interpreters of the constitution suddenly reading into it. >> president obama then vowed to nominate a supreme court justice who is, quote, undistribute blee qualified for that seat. scalia died saturday, he was 79 years old. it's a peaceful morning here in south florida and that's the trend of the forecast for the
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first and foremost live first alert doppler sweeping clear, no rain sight, no rain overnight and no rain in my forecast for the next few days so at least our roadways are dry first thing in morning. we will keep it that way. as for the sunshine we will bring that on strong as the day goes on. mostly cloudy skies and delightful temperatures, dialing back into the lower toid 60s and as you drive in progressively more sunshshne coming your way. a mostly sunny end to ouray with temperatures settling back into the mid 70s. so let's hope for some smooth -- at least a smooth ride into work, kelly will bring us up to date. first alert camera o island in miami beach. there's a sliver of daylight out on the horizon. that means mostly cloudy skies up above. that's the observation we're getting from the miami international airport sensor. we have northwest winds it feels real nice at 5 to 10 miles per hour and temperatures at 64. so we take you quickly into fort
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sunrise just before 7:00 this morning and oncnc we bring the sun up we will have some clouds lingering, ouremperatures are still dropping across broward county, 62 pompano beach, 63 fort lauderdale, 64 miami and west kendall, 68 in marathon. a nice warm up today coming in with some sunshine into the mid 70s midafternoon, upper 70s for afternoon highs. by the way, low humidity. we clear out tonight and with a north wind i think we're looking at upper 5 5 across the region as we head into the overnight hours s dnesday into thursday. your thursday morning 57 perhaps in coral springs, 57 pembroke pines, 58 into wes kendallnd lower 60s out towards the beaches. beautiful pattern finally. a stark contrast to the active weather we started our day with on tuesday. wednesday first alert forecast stly cloudy on the drive in, cool and comfortable, 64. up to 75 but skies clearing as we approach the lunch hour, we are up to 78 this afternoon. again, with low humidity.
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far west upper 50s. firsrsalert forecast into the weekend, we're just going to keep this trend going, cooler start tomorrow but mostly sunny and 7 of. friday 74 and a great weekend, we're dry, partly cloudy, mid 70s. next chance for rain not until next tuesday chopper 6 was over the scene of a reported trainersus car what you're taking a look at this is an area of opa-locka at 22nd avenue at rutland street. you can see a couple of police officers there blocking a cocole of your lanes but cars are sit getting by. we see this car pretty banged up in that areaea over on to the right-hand side. if you want to avoid this area you c but they're telling me they are not going to shut down the area. tri-rail has sent out a tweet saying there are going to be slow downs in this area because of that incident and that may be th tri-rail will not get to the station on time. let's go ahead and switch sources and take you over to
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these are the southbound lanes there is an accident reported blocking a couple of your lanes. let's go ahead and take you over to our maps if we can. right now a broken doo car -- broken down protocol still block that go right lane on i-95 northbound and sheridan street. now that the unitedtates and cuba are restoring relations many companies look to go bring their business to the island. this is why today and tomorro representatives from both countries will meet in washington to talk about regulations and the challenges presented. for the first time in 50 years u.s. commercial airlines will start flying to cuba. the deal allows as many as 110 flights a day, cuba right now receives 10 to 15 daily charter flights from the united states. american airlines still must apply for permission to fly specific routesbefore they sell tickets to cuba. resuming commercial p ssenger flights would be the most important development in u.s./cuba trade since the
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relations. fall. a lot of questions for a lot of heat fans, chris bosh could end up baa on the sidelines again. he is dealing with clot clots so he can back on blood thinners. it is the same thing that caused him to miss 30 games last season. taupe flee we will get good news about him quickly. one dog taking some the crown despite ruff competition. a german short haired pointer was awarded best in show at the westminster dog show yesterday. the event was held in madison square guarden. the kennelclub boasts this is the second longest continuously runninin sporting event behind the kentucky derby. he's cute. >> beautiful dog. nice to see. very)nice. your time is 6:20. miami has a new fire station but you won't find it on dry land.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's jusus not going to work. this woman that works thereecomes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought thatatnyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. rit then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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welcome back. 6:24 on wednesday morning. the city of miami has a brand new fire station but it's not really what you would really think that a new fire station is going totoook like, that's because this one is floating in the middle of the bay, it's designed to respond to emergencies much quicker because they can zip across the water as opposed to having to go all the way around. station 15 on bayside home to miami's fire rescue marine operations. officials say that the new station will better their response time for water emergencies although they do work for the city, they have no jurisdiction specifically on the water, meaning they will be responding wherever they're needed. a man facing charges this morning for taking deputies on a very unusual chase.
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stole a backhoe from a con site site and took it for a joyride across the seven mile bridge. deputies followed him across the bridge for an hour-and-a-half before they managed to flatten the tires. the ordeal called damage to the bridge because blanik then dropped boulders on the road. it was a "full house" on "the night show" starring jimmy fallen. >> thth staged a "full house" reunion. the entire cast of "full house" minus one, but they had a special guest stand in for michelle because she couldn't be there. [ inaudible ] >> they keep it together the entire time which is so impressive. jimmy fallon dressed up as presidential hopeful donald trump taking the place of michelle tanner because there's
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>> of course. of course. so you have jimmy fallen/donald trump/michelle all so of bunched up together into one person which is a riot begin with. the skit features the cast of "full house" trying to console donald trump who is sad because she might not get the republican nomination. in you want to watch the whole thing you can head over to our nbc 6 6 news and weather app and watch the entire skit. >> by the way,, kimmy was never liked there and so she said, what are you going to do, build a wall to trump -- to michelle. never mind. said that. >> you have a lot of "full do. commercial breaks. 6:26. the pope waking up one last time in mexico. nbc 6 is live just across the border in i will pass so he, texas, with a look at technology had helping to bring those on both sides of the border closer together.
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plane landing is under investigation in pembroke pines. i'm michael spears. you're looking at a live pic
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plane mr. us hear what right now at 6:30 a team from the faa on their way to pembroke pines. you see here a small plan had to make an emergency landing on a highway, it's right there, right at the median, and we brought you this as breaking news last night. you can see live pictures right now. the plane remains right next to the road. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is working on the story and he will have a live report in about ten minutes. new video into the newsroom of the aftermath following a garbage truck plummeting over 100 feet and into a park. that was right off of i-95. cellphone video shows a stunned kasim smith lying on the ground next to what could you sayed to be e garbage truck.
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and the ramp remains closed. people in pompano beach cleaning up their homes and businesses after an ef-1 tornado brought winds and downed trees. at a horse park ponies panicked and bolted out of their stalls and fences and trailers were tossed around. right now a much different story in broward county. this is proof of it. a live look from one of our first alert cameras. a dry start to the day and ryan is saying we expect it to stay that way. ryan, 24 hours ago we were looking at radar that were just -- it was all over the map. to say thth a difference in 24 hours that's the least of our storieie >> a huge change here in the last 24 hours. eric, we are free and cllr of any wet weather first thing this morning, roadways are dry and it's a rain free forecast not just for today but the next several days. live first alert doppler available at any time online and on our free mobile app which serviced many of you yesterday watching the rains move in. right now we're watching the
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here is ok out toward miami beach in morning. a lot of excessive cloud cover, as a matter of fact, but i think the clouds will soon thin out and we will get back to some south florida sunshine. we have a batch of clouds, let's this moving on by. this squeaks bin the next 2 to 3 hours, we move into a sunnier pattern. 62 oakland park, 64 miami. with a northwest wnd feels great out there this morning. our temperatures holding steady into the mid 60s initially, skies thinning out here, that means m mre sunshine coming our way, 75 before the lunch hour and your high today 78. quick check on traffic here is kelly. >> we have multiple traffic alerts this morning. right now chopper of above the scene of a car versus pedestrian. we heard about this a little bit over an hour ago, chopper 6 is finanaly over the scene. you're taking a look at state road 7 which is shut down in a couple of directions here. this is between 41st street and justefore oakland park
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you are going to want to take 31st street as your alternate. this morning you can see heavy police activity in that area. they did have to air rescue one person. let's take you to another traffic alert that we have goingng on right now. this is a train v vrsus car around the area of rutland street and 22 avenue. it looks like that car crashed with the train the front bumper and the hood came off. this area partially blocked off, you see that right lane and three opa-locka units are on scene, cops are blocking a couple of the lanes but one lane is getting by. then we have an accididnt on i-95 northbound right now at northwest 62nd street, that's also going to be causing some deldays. we will take you on over to our fdot camera. you can see the flashing lights on the northbound lanes. it's actually northbound u you can see it here blocking that on ramp to northwest 62nd street. those express lanes were closed off because of the construction have have reopened. broward county you also have a traffic alert.
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tractor-trailer on i-95 northbound at sheridan street, i've been telling you about it for an hour and a half. guess what, there is an accident in that same a i can't, that's blocking two of your lanes. this is going to a make make for a low going ride. we have that southwest 7th off. you can take brickell avenue or biscayne blfld as your alternate. i will be posting them all on my twitter account. south florida picking up the piece this isorning after two tornadoes blasted their way across broward and miami-dade. you watched the live coverage right herep as our first alert weather team tracked the storms every step of the way as those warnings were issued. julia bagg is live. soso homeowners waking up this morning with a lot of workhead of them. >> reporter: still a bit of an ak stackel course on northeast
6:34 am
this is what one woman captured outside her window, a placid lake normally looks more like wild waves of the ocean. this is the stotm that struck this neighborhood. they are going to need some big rigs back out here this morning to clean up the branches, the trees, that just littered the streets here along with chunks of concrete in some cases and alsls asphalt as well. people tell me that they coward in their homes and talked about what it was like to watch the storm. >> the wind was lke all over. >> it was -- you could hear it rumbling and just flying. the lake was having like huge waves come up and you saw the furniture going across the lake and everything. >> reporter: furniture across the lake and two ef-1 tornadoes, that's what swept through south florida yesterday and this morning they will need some big chippers back out here to get
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crowding the street here. we are live in northeast miami-dade, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. 6:35. nbc 6 is everywhere. check out this video from broward county where strong winds whipped trees and debris all over this neighborhood. you see the bates at the entrance of that neighborhood complex, the surveillance video you saw first right here on 6 showing the minute that that storm battered portions of miramar and boy did they ever get smacked. tornado touched down incredibly clear dash cam video. on the right side of your screen there. this is the twister in pompano beach an ef-1 that was confirmed late yesterday. an nbc 6 viewer captured these images ashe was driving through that area on his dash cam and he was trying to escape the storm at the time but he had no idea that he was going to get those pictures. incredible. a lot of you s snt us pictures and video of the storm, we certainly appreciate that. if you can do it from a safe place we would love that. just a few of them here on social view 6 as we continue
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can also scan through every one of these pictures anytime you want to, we have all of them featured on a gallery on the nbc 6 news and weather app. messy workday aheadad for crews in fort lauderdale trying to fix a ser main break, it happened at the riegel trace apartments. the city says a inspection of the pipe is broken because of the repair work. now crews want you to avoid water-related activities in the area like swimming, fishing or jet skiing, the advisory affects a sectionn of the new river behind the broward center for the performing arts and we're talking about the area between northwest 7th avenue and northwest 4th. the city also asking that drivers and walkers avoid that area. pope francis ends his historic trip to mexico later today at a mass in juar, 6:00 our time. more than a million people expected to i a tend and tens of thousands will be watching from just across the border. for nbc 6 this morning jay gray is live in he will pass toe, texas. what's about to happen later
6:37 am
theology and technology coming together to create something that doesn't happen very often. >> reporter: eric, you're absolutely right. tens of thousands gather here at the sun bowl on the university of texas el paso campus, they will be part of a two-way video feed. so the pope who is just a fewew miles away across the border will be able to see and hear exactly what's going on here as they watch and listen to the mass. many this is the closest they will be able to get to the pontiff during his visit. pope francis ends his tour of mexico with a massater today in juarez, a five-day journey of hope in a country where it's desperately needed. >> he is a life changing pope, he is reforming the chump and i think he's absolutely wonderful. >> reporter: his message to hundreds of thousands who spilled into the streets, fields and arenas to listen has been focused on compassion for
6:38 am
eliminate the economic conditions, crime and corruption forcing many across the border, but most agree changing things here will take some time. >> i hear a lot [ speaking foreign language ] . if the po goes, things are going to change. i keep reminding them the pope is not god. and he is not going to change things immediately. but over time. >> reporter: francis is expected to echo his message of persistencecefaith and family to more than a ammel this afternoon in juarez and tens of thousands will gather in sun bowl stadium expected by their faith and a two-way video feed. in a place where many can't go home for the pontiff's historic visit. >> i'm in el paso, close to seeing mexico which i haven't seen in 20 years is very emotional, you know, being here. >> reporter: emotions affecting so many in separate countries, but from a single faith. and, you know, many expected to
6:39 am
afternoon's mass, joining in prayers and songs celebrating the papal visit. that's your latest live in el paso paso, i'm jay gray. back to you now. nbc 6 reporter laura rodriguez will be in el paso as well. look for her live report tonight at 5:00. pope francis losing hisis cool in mexico. the pontiff greeted a crowd and a young man tugged on the pope's arms a little too hard causing him to fall on to top of a disabled man. he was not very happy there. the man is not seen on cam ration the man that tugged on him but you can see pope francis as i mentioned in a rare angry reaction. it doesn't happen very often but the pope reprimanded that man and told him not to be so selfish. the life of a supreme court justice honored and it will continue that way through the weekend. plus the rest of the season for miami heat star chris bosh is in doubt. the latest on his battle against blood clots coming up in the big six. but first the video made
6:40 am
back in october, a florida woman driving drunk and she was periscoping the whole thing. this morning nbc 6 has learned that she will not be doing jail time. we'll tell you why. it is a cooler and very quiet morning across south florida though we do have extra clouds right now florida checking in at 63, 64 miami, 68 key west. this is just a precursor to the beautiful weather we have in the days ahead. if you're heading out the door on a 85 you have an 8 minute drive, westbound 9 minute commute and i-75 a 10 minute commute but we have a car versus pedestrian, a car versus truck and also a couple other traffic good morning,
6:41 am
my name is patricia rodriguez. good morning governor, counsel, and jim allen. good morning everyone. i think it's still the most important thing we can do for any family in this state is to create an opportunity for them to get a job. i'm a single mother of three. i've been working for the seminole tribe for fifteen years now. this company has given me the opportunity to provide for my children. how does it make you feel when you worry about whether this compact gets signed? if the compact isn't signed, then it does affect me tremendously because i would be out of a job. a month ago my sister passed away. she have children? how many? five. so are you taking care of them? yes. this compact not being signed would affect me and many people that have grown with me at this company. if would affect them immensely. jobs for florida.
6:42 am
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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good morning to you, south florida. 6:4444 right now we have a couple of traffic alerts this morning.
6:44 am
leftover scene of a car versus pedestrian. they have taken that person so the hospital via air rescue, this is state route 7 southbound which is completely blocked off between 41st street and just before oakland park boulevard. you will want to take 31st instead. again, it's southbound interstate road 7 closed between 41st and just before oakland park boulevard. i will let you know as soon as that clears up but it doesn't look like it will be for some time, it's still under investigation. this happened just about a half an hour ago. this was repos of a car versus train. tri-rail has sent out push alerts on twitter saying that that train is going to be late. you can see the car involved in that accident bumper knocked out and you can see a couple of those lanes blocked off as well. this is rutland street at northwest 22nd avenue. we also have a traffic alert in broward county. if you take a look at your screen you will find a busy i-95 northbound. we had a broken down car i have been talking about for two hours -- broken down
6:45 am
the right blocking your right lane, but then an accident popped up in that same area and now it's blocking two of your lanes. you can see it's making for a very slow going ride, northbound lanes of $95 right by sheridan street. no major issues southbound. i-95 northbound at northwest 62nd street has an on ramp miami-dade. we do have extra clouds out and about across the area. we have been rain free all night and will be rain free for the next few days. we will get these clouds out of here as we get through the morningngcommute. we have a sunnier forecast for you this afternoon. at 6:46. severe weather is out, sunshine is in. you will see that take shape today. it's mild and dry forecast not just for today but on for the next five, maybe six days, that will carry you through your weekend. we're rain free well into next week. talk about this batch of clouds moving on by here and it's almost finished with his. it will dig kick off to the
6:46 am
dryer air no fs moving in we're back to sunshine. 62, we are about 10 to 12 2 degrees cooler this morning than we were this time yesterday when all the stormsms were rolling through, 62 pompano. we are 65 opa-locka and hialeah. 64 miami. 60s in the florida keys on our way to about 74 to 75 chains through the island chain, you have a north wind in store at 10, maybe 15 miles per hour. mostly sunny skii coming in afternoon. we work our way through the cloud cover your f@rst alert forecast at least on the morning drive mid 60s initidlly and then mid 70s this afternoon. our high today 78, that's the normal high at this point into mid-f-fruary, but with low humidity and a light north wind it will feel real nice. low rip current risk here, good beach day for us, retutuing to sunshine and really no weather problems in store, even with a northerly wind we don't really have any concern for any r r currents.
6:47 am
lower 60s and i'm thinking upper 50s begin to sneak in out west. really nice pattern with high pressure around mostly sunny skies, we will have a really splendid pattern after today. friday. great weekend ahead, stang dry, mid 70s our next rain chance not untilext tuesday. what a day -- what a difference a day makes. right now we arewaiting for faa officials to arrive at t t scene of an emergency plane landing in west broward. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at the scene. when we talked to you minutes ago you said it's not every day i say there is a plane on the sidef the -- on the road. >> reporter: that's right, sheli, as we wait for those federal investigators this is drawing a lot of attention and looks from drivers passing by. this plane parked in the median along u.s. 27, even causing traffic backup here on the southbound lanes. now,we brought this to you as breaking news last night, an
6:48 am
pembroke pines. this morning as you mentioned federal aviation investigators are going to be coming out here to figure out what exactly happened to force this pilot to bring the plane down here. you are lookingt life pics from chopper 6 over this area. good news, two people on board, they were not hurt, but one can only imagine what was going through their mind as this terrifying ordeal played out. we do know from pembroke pines police that the pilot radioed in engine troubles moments before he was forced to bring town this plane and headache this landing south of pembroke road. this morning we noticed a website on the plane fly that brings up a website for the deen international flight school out of miami. firefighters were called to plug a fuel leak shortly after this brought down and did cause investigators to shut down u.s. 27. overnight it reopened but as we got here this morning police did come here to blockk the left lane and again is causing some back up. that's something r morning commuters to keep in mind if
6:49 am
as far as in investigation, once investigators get here obviously they will get to work and we do expect this plane to be towed later today. michael spears. ten minutes to the top of e hour on this wednesday and the lake land woman who live streamed herself driving drunk using the app perisco is not getting any jail time. >> i am drunk on south florida person. >> because i'm a drunk person she said. it's a story we coverere back in october, it got some national headlines, a judge decided that whitney beall was better served with a sentence of 12 months on probation with her driver's license suspended for six months. booel was arrested after she was broadcasting herself driving home d dunk following a night of bar hopping in downtown lake land. two of their periscope soours called 911 right away and reported her. police say they found her driving with a flat front tire. this morning police are searching for a missing newborn.
6:50 am
to an apartment complex after peoe started calling and reported seeing remnants of a birth in the parking lot. they found nothing. officers did find the mother and she admitted to giving birth to a baby girl. this next story baffles us, a south florida teenager bondede out of jail this morning after police say that he was posing as doctor at an illegal medical office that he was running at the@time and he had patients. so you're look at her him here. 18-year-old mall lie love-robinson had a medical office in west palm beach and real patients w we going there and treating him like he was a doctor and he was treating them. his name appeared on the directory bod at the medical building with dr. love-robinson with a ph.d. and other certifications the investigators say they worked off of a complaint which was whh they found that dr. love-robinson was practicing without a medical license. a federal judge has ruled hat apple has to unlock the iphone belonging to the san
6:51 am
they were responsible for killing 14 people at his job in california last december. since then investigators have not been able to unlock the phone belonging to farook. now apple is being ordered to help get the fbi past the security and just within the last few hours apple responded saying it plans to fight the order because it threatens the security of its customers. also apple's ceo tim cook says they don't have a back door to get into locked iphones and making one is too dangerous for privacy. you might want to be on your best behavior with your loved ones, not that you shouldn't be all the time, but especially right now. of course, you remember last month's record powerball jackpot worth nearly $1.6 billion. a ticket was told at a publix in melbourne beach that matched all of those numbers. that ticket holder is expected to come forward later today to grab his or her share of all that money. two other tickets as i mentioned also matched the numbers, they were sold in california, the
6:52 am
a big clean up job for residents here on northeast 191st street near 14th avenue in the daylight you can see a lot more of the damage. australian pine missing nearly half its limbs. that's the s sry for streetssup and down the trees on this block here as you can sec. let's show you more out by the street. just these ef-1 tornadoes that struck south florida, one of them coming through here and sweeping down trees, knocking off pieces of roofs and also pieces of lamp pts still on the ground here. stay with nbc 6 and follow us on yr nbc 6 news an weather app for the latest on the clean up. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. and the clean up continues after storms swept through causing damages to ththe buildings and leaving thousands of people here without power. ceiling tiles and crash sit in piles at an auto store piles while one stable is cleaning up boats were also overturned or sunk during the storm.
6:53 am
messy workday ahead for crews in fort lauderdale trying to fix a sewer main break, it happened at the riegel trace apartments near 5th street and northwest 4th avenue. the city says a 20 inch secon is pipe of broken. crews want you to avoid water related activities in that area, swimming, fishing or jetet skiing all should be avoided. funeral arrangements are set for late jujuice antonin scalia, his body will lie at the u.s. supreme court on friday and a funeral will be held saturday at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate'mmmaculate conception conception. scalia died eight at 79 years old. pope francis ends his historic trip to mexico. it will end today. more than a million people are expected to i a tend and tens of thousands will share that moment across the board in el paso at sun bowl stadium. you can watch laura rodriguez live in el paso at nbc 6 at 5:00. chris bobo could end up back
6:54 am
with bloo clots again so he is back on blood thinners. this is the same thing that caused him to miss 30 games last season. the heat have a practice today and a a game friday. hopefully we will get good news soon. south florida right now we have a couple of traffic alerts. what you're taking a look at at your screen is that u.s. 27 south of pembroke road, you can see one lane is blocked off. michael spears is on the scene he has been telling you about this small plane that made an emergency landing yesterday. keep that inin mind as you're making your way out of door. i want to take you over to the palmetto expressway southbound, reports much an accident blocking two of your lanes a you are approaching northwest 122nd street, the accident is around northwest 122nd street. you're seeing the delays because of the crash and your typical morning tie ups. we have two traffic alerts, w wt you're taking a look at ask a car versus pedestrian, this i` around the area that's blocking 41st just before south of
6:55 am
one person was air rescued, keep this in mind and you're making your way out of the door. we also had another accident, a trn versus car, now, this is in the area of opa-locka and % northwest 22nd et avenue and rutland street, you can see a couple of those lanes blocked off. i-95 northbound and sheridan street that broken down car an accident starting to clear out of the way,ou can still see residual tie ups there. ryan. thanks, kelly. we kick things off on a wednesday morning at the bus stop with lower to mid 60s. extra cloud cover but we will focus on south florida sunshine. we are quiet and dry, that's the main weather story on a wednesday morning. there's the 836 first alert camera at mia, clouds lingering up above. it will take some time to work through those then full sunshine this afternoon. 61 oakland park, 60 pompano beach, 64 miami. well on our way to mid and upper s today, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. a peaceful pattern that will
6:56 am
no rain chances until next tuesday. >> we just saw some tumble weedu across that radar is all we see there. >> the "today" show is next. we will be back in 25 minutes
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
we'll see you then. good morning. the govnment versus the tech giant. apple's ceo vows to fight a judge's order forcing it to hack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino killers. is the company taking a stand for its customers or making it harder for law enforcement to keep us safe? southern discomfort. the republican presidential candidates brawl in south carolina ahead of saturday's primary. even the president gets in on the action. i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. >> donald trump, quick to respond.
7:00 am
last time when romney ran, because you would have been a one-term president. >> fresh polls from south carolina and nevada with the voting three dayaway. we'll hear from mr. trump when he joins us live. no mas! in a rare expression of anger, pope francis vividly frustrated, scolding on eager tofollers tugging on his arm, causing him to topple over a man in a wheelchair. it's a dog beat dog world tonight. german shorthead is the best in show at the westminster dog show, beating out 2 rksz,700 other dogs, to have his day today, wednesday, february 17th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.


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