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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Saturday SEVEN AM  ABC  February 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> see what's happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 7:00 starts right now. caitlin: a major shake-up ahead of the north carolina primary. the late-night decision from the u.s. supreme court on the redistricting dilemma justice antonin scalia. the notable absence drawing criticism. caitlin: and out of fiji , tropical cyclone wins topis making land fall, packing winds of 100 miles per hour with gusts over 220 miles per hour. that's the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. unfortunately, it's only expected to get stronger. the winds and heavy rain could spell disaster for the country's low-lying regions which are prone to sea surges and flash flooding. certainly thinking of those people over there as they weather that storm right now. thankfully nothing like that around here. it is a good morning in north carolina and thanks for joining
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i'm caitlin knute. anthony: and i'm anthony wilson. 45 degrees at 7:00 this morning. caitlin: we've been waiting for this all week. steve: we have. last sunday, we started the day at 15. remember that? caitlin: oh, yes. steve: so this sunday, tomorrow morning, we'll start near 50. caitlin: that's more like it. steve: let's talk about what's going on. mild start to the day, numbers in the 40s out there, 50 already in sanford, southern pines, 45 in fayetteville and roxboro this morning. uniform temperatures, thanks in part to all the cloud cover that we're seeing this morning. overall, looking pretty good, temperatures in the low to mid-60s this afternoon. at times, it could be mostly cloudy. tomorrow, a little bit warmer and maybe a shower late into the day and evening hours. next week, we'll turn cooler. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. anthony: thank you, steve.
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supreme court affecting our state's primary elections. forcing lawmakers to draw a new congressional map. caitlin: and that means congressional elections will be happening in june. heather waliga tells us what that means for voters. anthony: newly drawn maps could be here to stay. even though democrats complain it puts republicans at an advantage. >> we live in an evenly divided state. we also know that the map drawn is designed to produce three democrats and republicans. that's not reflective of our state. heather: republican representative david lewis was in charge of drawing the new maps. >> i think electing republicans is better than electing democrats, so i drew this map in a way to help foster what i think is better for the country. heather: he and other conservatives took heat for not considering race at all this
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republicans maintain they're following court order. >> i believe we complied with the letter and the spirit of the court's decision. heather: voters will now cast their ballots on two separate dates. the state board of elections now scrambling trying to figure out how to minimize confusion at the polls. caitlin: and that was heather waliga with that support. again, the supreme court decision means elections will take place on june 7th. the primaries will go on as planned on march 15. anthony: to an arrest in a drive by shooting that hurt an 18 month old boy. durham police charged 26-year-old marian laney with assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. investigators say the child was shot inside the home daycare you see on great bend drive. it happened tuesday afternoon. the boy went to the hospital for treatment and has since been released. investigators say the child was not the target and the shooting
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caitlin: thousands of people have turned out to pay their final respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. if you look behind me, you can see some of the long lines that was outside of the great hall yesterday. today, a funeral map will be held. president barack obama and his wife michelle were among those visiting scalia's casket yesterday. however, they will not attend the funeral today despite some criticism from republicans. the white house says that decision is a respectful arrangement given the president's large security detail. however, vice president joe biden will attend. and the president will spend part of his weekend reviewing nominees to fill justice antonin scalia's seat. information includes details of professional careers, records and experience. and governor pat mccrory, among those dignitaries paying their respects to justice scalia. the governor's office tweeted out this photo yesterday.
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there. he's attending the national meeting for the governor's association. anthony: the voters head to the polls for the republican primary in south carolina and democratic caucuses in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders included some casino stops during the campaign swing, both looking for an edge. and in south carolina, donald trump appears to hold a commanding lead. such a victory would prove a painful blow to ted cruz whose consistent focus on christian values and southern roots were expected to give him an edge. caitlin: two people being helped by the red cross after a house fire overnight. this is off the of university drive. crews say it was contained but there was smoke damage throughout the upper levels. no injuries reported. anthony: developing this morning, rocky mount police looking for a shooter who injured a 13-year-old girl. police say a bullet hit her on thursday night inside her home.
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argument outside the home when the bullets started flying. the eyewitness says the teen was shot in her side. she was air lifted to a hospital in greenville and is expected to recover. caitlin: time now, 7:06. the fight against apple. coming up, the compromise they're offe they try to gain access to the san bernardino shooters' phone. anthony: beyonce backlash. how her super bowl performance is affecting her upcoming tour which includes a stop in raleigh. steve: i think overall, temperatures for today are going
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geico motorcycle,
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. steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. live shot out of fayetteville. nice sunrise happening, light breeze around 8. temperatures at 47 degrees. temperatures in the 40s, very mild to start, uniform too, from roxboro, 45, to southern pines 48 and clinton and 43 degrees out there this morning. plenty of clouds around. a little bit of sunshine throughout the day today. again, we'll call it variably cloudy. warming quickly. lunch time, around 61 degrees, peaking into the mid-60s later on today. clouds coming in from the west, we'll see that all day today, but not rain producers. we'll be dry and mild. big game in the acc.
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63 degrees before heading out to your car. tail gating, not a problem. no jackets required. should be warm throughout the day. temperatures above average. we start to come back down through next week. a little prefrontal warming on wednesday with numbers spiking back down into the 50s briefly and that's about it. had a chance to talk to fifth graders in durham last week. faces there. hopefully we learned something, talked a lot about some pretty advanced weather topics in that class. meantime, if you are traveling out of rdu, looking pretty good. no major hubs showing any delays. anthony: thank you, steve. beyonce's backlash at the super bowl could impact her upcoming concert concert here. caitlin: the police unions are threatening to boycott. alenna athens explains. >> it was a super bowl
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and enraged others. beyonce saluted the black panthers as she walked across the state in military-inspired black jackets with back up dancers wearing boots and berets. unions in miami, tampa, and nashville are boycotting the tour or urging officers not to volunteer to work at her shows. raleigh is strongly considering a similar move. the president of the police association board tells eyewitness news officers of all different races and walks of life found her stance deplorable. >> i agree. i come from a police family, law enforcement family. so yeah, i agree. i really hope that happens that they get it boycotted, and i've tried to share that on facebook too. >> beyonce is set to roll into raleigh may 3rd. people are still trying to get ahold of tickets.
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beehives are standing behind the songstress and her message. they're calling it freedom of speech. >> i think she made a political statement. i don't know if it was the place but i'm with her. i agree with what she's saying. >> yawns has not commented on the back lash. the union will meet tuesday to make a decision on a possible boycott. elenna athens, abc 11 eyewitness news. anthony: it's 7:12 now. the u.s. taking the fight to isis. ahead on eyewitness news, ramped up attacks in libya.
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anthony: welcome back. these stories making headlines this morning. the u.s. supreme court refusing to stay a lower court order that demanded north carolina legislators draw new congressional maps. the decision on the house primary elections will not happen next month as scheduled. they're now in june. it comes down to votes in south carolina and nevada today in the republican presidential primary. it is another test of donald trump's strength as frontrunner. today is a pay back day for students in wake county on students on year-round tracks 1, 3 and 4 head to school today to make up for monday's snow day. students on the traditional calendar will have to make up the lost day on monday, april 25. caitlin: new this morning, a
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standoff with apple. the government is trying to make it clear it's open to less intrusive options for because it would threaten the digital privacy of millions of customers. breaking news, details coming in about a u.s. air strike that happened in libya. two serbian embassy staffers who had been held hostage in november are believed to have been killed. libya's government have not confirmed that yet. u.s. fighter bombers targeted a
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anthony: federal regulators say . the agency is calling on the city to develop a comprehensive plan of action. the windy city earned its nickname as gusts up to 70 mil chicago, even causing a wall to collapse on one of those sites. police closed some downtown streets yesterday because of all the debris and willis tower closed its sky deck, saying its elevators can't operate in strong winds. at o'hare airport, 160 flights were canceled because of those high winds. caitlin: used to be the sears tower. you got to go up there. he was with his daughter, emma, on a bowling trip.
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that glass and look down. steve: she had no problem. she walked right out there. i was really slow going. anthony: did you get sick. steve: no. it was fine. and the view was amazing. anthony: next trip, we'll check it out. steve: seeing what's going on, our active weather days not this weekend. we're looking ahead to tuesday and wednesday, as the most active days, and tuesday, we're talking maybe a quarter and a half inch of rainfall on that day. not a significant amount. we could see totals potentially close to an inch when you factor in wednesday too. so moisture comes over us on tuesday. notice the snow line well to the north, an all-liquid event. so tuesday and wednesday are pretty much the active days. our long-term forecast models, the european and the gff suggesting amounts climbing up there close to maybe an inch of rainfall.
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but a decent amount of rain potential as you go into early next week. a nice warm weekend, temperatures mid-upper 60s. slight chance comes late tomorrow in our western counties and northern counties. doesn't look like much if you get it. it's going to be so late in the plans. rain is coming, a slight chance on monday, and the best bet south and east of the triangle. and on tuesday and wednesday, higher probabilities as an area of low pressure moves along a stalled front and cooler next week too. temperatures are going to come back down. we're going to be nice and mild as we go throughout our sunday. monday and tuesday, a little bit cooler, prefrontal warming as we go into wednesday. a little surge of winds coming in from southwest and the cooler air spills right back in as we end out your work week with temperatures falling back into the upper 40s. to fayetteville, seeing that deck of clouds, might see a lot of that today. it could be broken at times, mostly cloudy or variably cloudy day today.
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45 a pretty popular number across the region. uniform temperatures. that's typical when we have a cloud deck like this. look at the difference from 24 hours ago. sanford, you're 24 degrees warmer this morning than this time yesterday. so clouds will be moving on by. there will be breaks in clouds at times, and temperatures climbing at 61 mid-day and we'll continue seeing the clouds around at mid-60s throughout the afternoon, nice and warm. heading out to see state plait play, if you have nothing else to do, tickets available, clemsen in town. no jackets required. again, just clouds moving on by and plenty of clouds all the way back to the ozarks. these are all moving our way. mainly midand high-level clouds. as the front gets closer, a light shower, overnight monday and stays to the south. the farther south and east, the better chance of getting a shower on monday. cooler with the breeze coming in from the northeast and on the
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this low pressure developing, and that's going to scoot right along this frontal boundary and by tuesday, rain becoming more likely for everybody. up to the mountains we go, the pick day of the weekend is to go skiing. higher probability of getting a shower there tomorrow. and look at those temperatures in the 40s and 50s, a far cry from what we had last weekend. high temperatures today will be in the mid-60s, pretty nice, a lot warmer, mid-high-level clouds coming on by. and a shower chance late into the day and evening. spotty, not a big deal. the highest probability your house will get wet will be tuesday with high temperatures back in the 40s. caitlin: we'll focus on today and tomorrow. pick of the litter. anthony: thank you, steve. 45 at 7:21. caitlin: two triangle dogs getting attention from their owner.
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. anthony: they've got more followers on social media than most people on facebook. two internet sensations live
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caitlin: they have found out how their accidental fame has become a big career. >> this is betty tripod, the three-legged chihuahua. >> betty is definitely like the boss of the entire house. she is like a grumpy old lady. >> she takes videos of them and posts them online. one of them went viral. >> it was completely shocking. you know, i'm in law school, and i got out from school, happened to check it, and i was like oh, my gosh, there's 30,000 people following my dogs. went from like five followers to like 30,000 in one night. >> suddenly, people were asking for more videos. >> i think she's kind of inspirational. i think people relate to her story, she's so strong and happy, even though she's only got three legs.
7:26 am
family and became the internet sensation. this video of them walking in the rain seen 11 million times. together, he and saddie have 230,000 followers on social media. >> it's kind of crazy because that many people have seen our lives, our house, and our dogs. >> knox even caught his eye, who tweeted it to his 13 million followers. >> it's been shared millions of times. >> people love the captions and hashtags. all about that netflix and chill lines, come snuggle me. and somebody come bring me breakfast in bed because i'm not moving. >> more than just a great picture. i think our audiences connect with them and they have their own story, and and you know, they have a personality online. >> abc 11, eyewitness news. caitlin: see, now i have to follow them as an animal lover.
7:27 am
last year sadie broke her one good leg and followers helped raise enough money for surgery and physical therapy at nc state. those dogs are famous. anthony: it's a doggie dog world. caitlin: and obviously, their mom has a good sense of humor with some of those hashtags and funny posts. anthony: real cute. caitlin: north carolina's primary potentially thrown into chaos. anthony: ahead on eyewitness news, the changes you need to know about, and the redistricting ruling coming as president obama caitlin: plus, north carolina
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the >> the only station with three newsrooms, in downtown raleigh, downtown durham, and downtown fayetteville. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. anthony: good morning. 45 degrees. hope you're enjoying your breakfast on this saturday, february 20. i'm anthony wilson. caitlin: i'm caitlin knute. i'm laughing because anthony just saw a recipe online for oatmeal with greens and garlic. anthony: and red pepper flakes. caitlin: no, no. anthony: and yogurt. caitlin: some things should be just kept separate, and oat meal and salads. steve: don't knock it until you try it. anthony: knock it off the table. caitlin: not a recipe for us. anthony: anyway, enjoy your day. steve: all right, so if you're going to be out today, no jackets. as a matter of fact, you could
7:31 am
and t-shirts. caitlin: whoa, in february, all right. anthony: looks good. steve: 40s right now. typically we're in the low to mid-30s, so we're a lot warmer to start the day. that means a nice pleasant afternoon. mid and high-level clouds throughout the day today. overall looking good. 60s later on. could have a thicker cloud deck later on. tomorrow could be warmer. some areas will flirt with 70. then we'll be dealing with rain and cooler temperatures next week. more on that in a few minutes. anthony: thank you, steve. a big change ahead of north carolina's primary season as the u.s. supreme court ruling won't stop a lower court order demanding a new congressional map. the late-night decision means house primary elections won't happen next month as scheduled. they are now in june and voters will likely hit the polls twice as the presidential primaries still take place in march. state attorneys argue eliminating the districts would
7:32 am
shouldn't have to vote in another election cycle. caitlin: president barack obama urging states to make it easier for people to vote in elections. he wants to focus on voting rights in this election year because democracy's job is to make it easier, not harder. he made the statement at the annual winter meeting at the annual governor's association where governor pat mccrory is in attendance. anthony: hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off in the nevada caucuses. caitlin: and the republicans
7:33 am
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carolina primary.z and rubio next. caitlin: the attorney for two unc athletes are suing the university for coercing them into taking bogus classes and plans to take the case to the state court of appeals. a county judge dismissed the lawsuit citing the statute of limitations. they didn't file their lawsuit until a year ago. their attorney says the case not only impacts unc athletes but also college athletes nation wide. anthony: to the wake county courthouse. closing arguments expected monday in the sentencing hearing for trevion smith, convicted of killing melissa huggins jones in her apartment nearly three years ago. the defense has called several members of his family to testify about his abusive childhood. the same jury that convicted him of murder will decide whether he should get life in prison or the death penalty. caitlin: state health after
7:35 am
north carolina. they won't say where the person lives, but will only say the person got zika while travenever know they have it. the biggest danger is for fetuses. anthony: a fire destroyed a home in johnston county was accidental. we're talking about watson street. that's the home. the fire started in the rear of that house and quickly spread. firefighters say there was one person home when the fire started. that person taken to the hospital with minor burns. caitlin: asphalt and repair work could slow you down if you're in the i-40/440 construction zone this weekend. they're putting a thin layer the asphalt over the deep grooves that have made driving there pretty difficult. the work will also repair potholes and create new lane markings and add reflective markers. the winter weather and rain delayed that project. work will continue through the weekend.
7:36 am
abc 11 together highlighting the legacy of three college students who were murdered in chapel hill. coming up on eyewitness news, we'll tell you about the food drive that's happening today. organizers hoping for a big repeat of last year's results. caitlin: and the traffic alert, if you're in fayetteville today, a country star expected to draw some big crowds that could impact your driving around town. we'll tell you about that. right now, steve has good news for all of us in the weather department. >> absolutely, looking really good out there. temperatures above average, no
7:37 am
7:38 am
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around. steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you on this saturday. plenty of clouds in the sky, mild temperatures out there, 50s at our north hills center. 45 roxboro, 43 in oxford, 43 in fayetteville and smithfield at 46 degrees. as you step out the door this morning, you see the clouds will be dry, temperatures warming quickly by lunch time all the way up to 61 degrees. and we'll peak in those mid-60s later on today. plenty of clouds around for now. might be some breaks in the clouds from time to time. we'll call it mid and high level cloud cover. unc game today, starts at 1:00. tailgaters will be fine. temperatures in the low 60s when you head back to the car, 44 degrees, no jackets, quiet today. tomorrow, the temperatures start to come down a bit. tuesday looks to be the most active day with a quarter to
7:40 am
area. had a good time, spring valley elementary, the fifth graders in durham, talked to those kids, a lot of smart kids, good questions as we talked all about weather last week. meantime travel out of rdu looking pretty good. no major hubs showing delays. the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes, anthony. anthony: thank you, steve. three college students murdered in chapel hill, members of triangle community are holding an inter-faith food drive in honor of the students. last year's drive collected enough food to provide more than 25,000 meals through the food bank of central and eastern north carolina. organizers hope to do that again or even top it this year. starting at 10:00 this morning, you can drop off food at the islamic center of raleigh on atwater street. caitlin: a big night at the crown complex in fayetteville. country star jason aldean coming to town. that does mean a lot of traffic in the area though. so here's what you need to know if you're going to the concert. they will open up the parking
7:41 am
parking is first come, first served. the concert actually starts at 7:30 but they do encourage you to arrive early. anthony: 7:41 is our time. a dad's heroic action ended in tragedy. ahead on eyewitness news, we'll let you know what happened when the man went into this burning building trying to save his family.
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trou caitlin: welcome back.
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45 degrees outside. here's what's making headlines this saturday. breaking news this morning as tropical cyclone winston has made land fall in fiji. this is the most powerful storm to ever hit that island nation. it's packing winds of 100 miles per hour with wind gusts over 200 miles per hour. it is the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. the funeral for supreme court justice antonin scalia will be held today at the basilica national shrine of the immaculate conception. the basilica can hold 3500 people and those seats are expected to be filled. durham police have made an arrest in the drive-by shooting that injured an 18 month old boy. 26-year-old marion laney is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon. investigators say the toddler was shot inside a daycare on great bend drive tuesday afternoon. anthony: a heartbreaking story this morning after a father who died after saving his daughter
7:45 am
the man carried his nine-year-old daughter to safety and went back inside to look for the rest of his family and never came back out. the wife carried the other two children out. the nine-year-old girl was severely injured with burns onley boily died on thursday night. police are looking into claims that his death may be linked to a hazing incident at an off-campus fraternity house. as the investigation continues, the chapter of alpha phi alpha has been suspended by the college and the national governing body. caitlin: the consumer product safety commission issued a warning to manufacturers, importers of retailers of the hover boards. some models of the self-balancing scooters are prone to catching fire and exploding. u.s. consumer product safety commission noted 52 reports of
7:46 am
hover boards in 24 different states. several airlines have banned them and they're not permitted on public streets and sidewalks in london. new york city has banned them all together. a whole lot of people hope they have what it takes to go to space lately. nasa received a record number of applications for its astronaut training program, nearly three times the number the agency got back in 2012, the most recent class. of the thousands who apply, only eight to 13 will be chosen and since 1959, thereof only been 338 astronauts. anthony: i wonder if our kids will be able to hope on a little jaunt to a space station. caitlin: you never know. steve: i remember it wasn't that long ago they were talking about hilton was like hey, we're going to -- on the moon, have hotels
7:47 am
caitlin: hasn't happened. steve: maybe. but so expensive. rocket fuel needs to come down in price. caitlin: uh-huh, we'll work on that. steve: now we'll be complaining about rocket fuel. can you believe it. 90,000 a gallon. let's get right to it to see what's going on outside. talk about the active weather days coming up. it's not this weekend. we're going to be nice this weekend. the most active day, more than likely tuesday, we could see upwards of a quarter to half inch of rainfall. you see that deeper moisture coming over us as we go into tuesday. put the snow on in there according to the euro model. this will be an all-liquid event for us and an upper level low back here could bring more moisture to the area on wednesday. tuesday and wednesday are the most active days as we go into next week. the long term models are suggesting 3/4 inch to inch of rain on both days. not a major rain producer but rain coming regardless. but a warm weekend for us. temperatures mid-upper 60s, slight chance of rain comes in
7:48 am
rain is coming on monday with a chance likely tuesday and wednesday. that chance on monday mainly south and east and cooler, temperatures start to go back down a bit as we go into tuesday potentially again by the end of the week. there's our sunday, nice and mild zonal flow. cooler air tuesday. and a warm up on wednesday. we call that pre frontal warming as we see a buckle in the jet stream and the cooler air filters back in as we round out the work week with temperatures back in the 40s. live, you see the clouds out there, 50 degrees, mild, southwest breeze at 8 miles per hour. across the board, everybody seeing temperatures mid-upper 40s, very uniform. and on average, 17-25 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday, so a nice warm start. plenty of clouds moving on by. i think mid-day, up to 61 degrees, will probably peak in the low to mid-60s right through the afternoon. we'll be advertising 56, well
7:49 am
state's in action today. tip-off at 3:00. clemson, good acc match up. tailgaters will be great. clouds and 64 when you head back to your car, around 62 degrees. plenty of clouds but notice just clouds. the radar not showing any rain out of this. so just a lot of clouds coming our way. and tomorrow, those clouds will thicken up a little bit more, but a good southwesterly flow will keep our temperatures warm in the mid-upper 60s. maybe a chance late in the day on northern and western counties, and this front should move right on through overnight into monday, and on monday, our best chance of seeing overriding moisture here will be in our farthest southern and eastern counties for the day on monday. that north easteast zone will cool us back down in the upper 50s. that low developing along the front, as it moves along, it's going to bring rain to the area on tuesday. meantime, how about some skiing. pick day is today.
7:50 am
20% chance of a shower in the mountains today, and temperatures in the 40s. that's pretty nice. but rain more likely there for tomorrow. tomorrow, 68 and springlike, with temperatures close to 70. thicker cloud deck and by tomorrow, late in the day, especially in the evening, a brief shower. monday, a shower chance mainly south and east and rain likely tuesday, another chance comes in on wednesday. caitlin: we'll get out and enjoy today and tomorrow. thank you, steve we'll tell you what he's trained to do, straight ahead.
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>> now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports. mark: star wars night at pnc arena friday as the canes returned home from canada and got right back to work. still no justin faulk who remains injured and sidelined. the sharks in position out west, the canes trying to climb into a similar spot from the east. how about noah hannifin from the blue line.
7:54 am
2nd period tied 1-1, look at this, that is a rubber missile from nordstrom. what a shot. make it 2-1. early 3rd, eric staal in a major goal drought. he will drive the net looking to end it, doesn't get it to go but jeff skinner crams it in. originally waived off. that was overturned. 3-1 hurricanes. the sharks back to 3-2. and the shot blocked right into the path of jeff skinner and his 21st of the season. made it 4-2, and jordan staal, who continues to beast, had an empty netter. 5-2 win. to the hoops. the wound is undoubtedly still fresh at carolina after wednesday's stunning home loss to duke. the thing is, national hype aside, they have an even more important today at home versus miami. the heels and canes tied atop the acc. marcus page surely knows what's up. >> might be the biggest game of
7:55 am
too hard to get motivated for that. mark: no, it should not. no serious damage to his ankle. the bad news, it was sprained badly enough he won't be able to play at louisville. he hurt it late in the first half on that drive wednesday night trying to score versus carolina. that means luke kennard will be in the starting lineup. he stung them for 15 points three-pointer. well. it's been a rough season for danny manning and things got even uglier. deven thomas, the team's leading scorer and rebounder has been suspended for two games for violating athletic policy. it's worse for cornelius hudson. he scored a career high 22 versus pit. they host winless b.c. on sunday in the acc toilet bowl.
7:56 am
heritage, a first-round k.o., thanks to shots like that. dante williams, that is a tough make right there, nice shot. they were in there way over their heads. encouraging too much, the lickity-split spin inside for the easy lay up, and then more later, it will be george with the assist to set up the bucket and-one right there. had an easy 19-11 boards. john burwell led the way with 24. duke opening up their college baseball season at the bailey clark. one of the top arms in the nation shutting down the cow backs early on. striked down in the fourth, and gets help on defense. zach kohn, is short. beats the runner. more from clark, this is his stuff. the grand prix. the bad news, cal came from behind to win it 5-2.
7:57 am
all those and highlights later on abc 11. guys, back to you. its. while therapy dogs are common, you don't have to have a fluffy skin and paws to do it. steve: temperatures nice and warm in the 60s, even warmer tomorrow, cooler with a shower chance, rain likely tuesday and wednesday. caitlin: thank you for joining us. anthony: good morning america is
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good morning, america. happening right now -- saturday showdowns. the big battles for both parties. a pivotal republican primary in south carolina. the candidates confident. >> we have something very special. >> it's in god's hands and the voters' hands. >> however, will it spell the end for some? meanwhile, the crucial democrat caucuses in nevada. the late-night campaigning ahead of the big vote. >> bernie sanders hoping he'll be singing a victory tune. hoverboard warning. the government's big crackdown. >> it's on fire! >> calling them all unsafe. the question put to the feds in charge. >> would you let one of your own children ride a hoverboard? >> what you should do if you have one. celebrating freedom. released from prison after four decades in solitary confinement for a crime he says he didn't


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