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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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chris: you're right. more snow longer and parts of the triangle. it is always a fluid situation. everything is not nailed down just yet. one thing is for sure, a major winter storm for parts of north carolina is looming. through midnight, no worries. it will stay dry. a beautiful day, the son helping to warm ground temperatures. this is a big storm, plenty of moisture. this is 2:00 a.m., not much going on, but some snow, sleet, freezing rain coming up from charlotte. towards a sunrise, 4:30 a.m., snowing in sanford and not raleigh. it will be pushing in. it could come down hard at times. northward especially, a mixture down south.
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so it could be tricky travel, especially on untreated roadways. our model has a changeover to freezing rain and sleet, and the freezing rain. that may be adjusted back south. it may snake -- states no longer around the triangle. -- stay snow longer around the triangle. it is above freezing and raleigh, and no freezing rain. it may come to pass that by tomorrow evening it is raining and raleigh with 33 degrees, 32 degrees, but freezing rain and durham and chapel hill. that happened a couple of years ago. that could be the case again with more extensive regulations of ice and northwestern parts of the triangle, orange county, northern durham county.
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7:00, a wintry mix it north and west. it tapers off to scattered areas of freezing rain until saturday, when there is a chance of wraparound snow, especially around the virginia border. how much? 3-6 inches, could be a plastering snow. northern parts of orange and durham county, higher amounts there. last and an inch down south. ice could be a big concern. anything over a quarter of an inch, you worry about power outages. we will talk about this and when things clear out. again, a major winter storm for some of us for sure. the concern is mainly for the power outages. a lot of trees on them can be a big problem. steve: thanks.
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the triangle could be paralyzed, and people are stocking up on essentials. we are live at a kroger in raleigh to show us what the rush looks like there. >> good afternoon. you can see that it is pretty busy. this is what we have been seeing the entire day here. people have been leaving work and going to get stuff. the good news is they still have some things on the shelf. it is thinning. you see the selection thinning out, but they do still have things on the shelves. people get certain things every time there are storms. we talk about no, bread, and eggs, but other people have other things they consider essential. take a listen. >> flashlights, extra batteries.
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>> juice, milk, bread, eggs. >> i need some lanterns. candles are unsafe. >> flashlights, batteries, bottled water. >> i'm not too concerned. >> some take storm preparation more seriously than others. there is a reason for that old cliche about stocking up on things like read and milk. storms can catch people off guard. being prepared can be a matter of life and death. even if you can get to a store, they may not be open or have what you need. so far, we have not seen bare shelves anywhere, but we have seen threatening -- thinning shelves everywhere, something to think about a spokesman their way home on the gurney's out of the storm. you never know what tomorrow will bring. tisha: always better to have what you need.
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road conditions will the teary during the morning rush hour. hundreds of thousands of miles of highway have been treated with a brine solution. crews are resting now, watching and waiting. we are live in breaking news one in wake county. >> the dot tells us they feel they have done a good job prepping these roads ahead of the storm. we are looking at 64 westbound back into raleigh. you can see the crews have been putting down brine. today, they were back out reinforcing several areas and extending coverage. now they are back at home. they come back into work late tonight and work straight through saturday. trucks have been converted from brine trucks to salt and sand spreaders.
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the dot is reminding drivers to put plenty of space between you and them. right now these roads urge right and easy to get around on, but the dot is expecting a mess tomorrow. they need plenty of room to do their work and treat these roads as the storm approaches. steve: thanks. the governor has declared a state of emergency in advance of the storm, concerned that people will get stuck on the roads. we are live at the state emergency operations center, where the governor brief reporters earlier today. >> the winter storm could be bad enough if icing leads to widespread power outages, so that governor and his assistants are urging people to not get on the road. the governor mentioned several times have state agencies have
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he hopes school and business closings will comment plenty of time to prevent gridlock. he says the highway patrol will move abandoned vehicles out of the roadways and make sure no one is stranded inside of them. the dot has heard from 20 of people who have professed they can drive in the worst of winter conditions. he had a message for them. >> it's not just you. some of the danger won't be because you do something but because you have to do with other people. >> the one thing no one knows for sure is if people will see icing bad enough to cause widespread power outages. duke energy's has crews standing by. i am ed crump drive -- live in raleigh.
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here is a live look very those are the arrival and the parts are boards inside terminal 2. a lot of people trying to get on flights, the airlines have canceled 30 flights, 170 tomorrow. most airlines are letting you change your ticket free of charge. steve: a blizzard warning for the mid-atlantic. tisha: washington come a d.c. is in the bull's-eye. they are bracing for a snowstorm that could rival 2007. >> they called the mega-storm of 2010 snow my get in -- >> this could be the worst storm since 2010. governor hogan urged residents
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>> f a.j. has 2700 pieces of equipment that will be deployed -- f h a has 2700 pieces of equipment that will be deployed. >> with up to two feet of snow predicted, residents are preparing for the worst. >> the fastest moving thing has been snow shovels. we have the last few of them. >> this supermarket trying to control the crowds, only allowing 10 shoppers in at a time. is it all too much? the director of the national weather agency said preparation can save lives. after wednesday's minor snowfall called major accidents -- caused major accidents, the stakes are higher. now forecasters are predicting
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nation's capital, threatening to bring this traffic to a complete standstill. tisha: we are staying on top of the extreme weather situation. stay tuned for world is tonight at 6:30 p.m. steve: president obama might send more troops to iraq. tisha: what role they could play in defeating isis. a mother talks about a heartbreaking tragedy. her 12-year-old died this week from the flu. steve: when a snow storm hits, we want to know when our street we plowed.
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steve: durham police announced the arrest of three people, arrested today in baltimore. the december killing of a
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he was shot inside the business and died at the hospital. the two men are charged with the murder that happened on january 3. nicholas bell killed in that one. he was found behind a house on ash street. also in custody, another man charged with murder in the january 4 shooting death, a woman shot walking near the intersection of east main and am streets. tisha: the search for a bank robber. hoodie, and they say he has not shaved into-three days. the northeast bracing for a massive storm tomorrow, expected to impact travel with icy roads. officials in pennsylvania are
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track the snow flowers to find out which roads are clear. it costs $22,000 and is only activated in winter storms. steve: not $22,000 to download it, but to create it. chris: some people might pay that. some people are putting cameras into the snow flowers so you can follow along. the interesting thing is going to be the rain versus freezing rain , where that sets up tomorrow evening. it is possible that it is right over the triangle. that makes forecasting a bit of a nightmare for this winter storm, but we will tell you how things are playing out. right now, all quiet. the weather will be fine, but temperatures falling through the evening. i wanted to show you that
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look at the temperatures through the day. our in-house model has us above freezing by 5:00. if this is off by 2-3 degrees, then we will be in freezing rain. you see how close of a call it will be with that freezing rain line in parts of the area. the further south and ease, the quicker you will change over to rain. rdu, 41. the dew point 20, humidity at 43%. 42 chapel hill. clear skies, beautiful day. we've had highs in the 30's for quite a while now. this is our winter storm developing. there is not a lot of precipitation with it yet. there have been tornado warnings in louisiana and mississippi.
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to worry about, but look at all the winter storm warnings from kentucky, tennessee, north carolina, virginia. the bull's-eye for heavy snow is around washington, d.c. and baltimore. blizzard warnings are in effect, and a blizzard watch to new york city. quiet this evening through midnight. mid-to-upper 20's by tomorrow morning. the mixture comes our way. mid-30's across the coastal plains. the impact will be much less their from the winter storm. as you get into the triangle and northwest, we struggled to get to 32. here we go again. after midnight, the precipitation coming in. sunrise, snow it first, even around the sandhills.
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heavy snow for a time, then sleet, then freezing rain. how much depends on the time of the transition, but it looks like snow through the midday at the virginia border. we may transition admit day over to freezing rain and sleet and freezing rain. 4:00, 5:00, our model thinks that freezing line versus non-freezing will be from raleigh to fayetteville. last year, this model nailed it, while others said the freezing rain would last longer. if you're around durham, chapel hill, western parts of the triangle, you will stay in the ice longer, even through the evening hours, where it may change to rain from raleigh east. certainly, a change over to rain is possible in the city of raleigh.
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potentially north and west. this is midnight tomorrow night. things wind down as the storm moves up the coast. the wind will crank up, gusting up to 35 miles per hour. it will rattle trees, knock-down branches, and power lines with it potentially. the cold air a lot moves in, so we are back to snow. there could be some accumulation nude the virginia border on top of what you have, whereas around the triangle, scattered snow showers, but very little additional accumulation. near the border, another inch or so on saturday. these are the totals. you may not have this on the ground at any one time. the rain could wash some totals away. 1-3 inches over to wilson from the southern suburbs of raleigh.
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part, 1-3 in nash county. 3-6 in the triangle. the highest amounts in the northern part of the triangle. the bigger concern is the ice. a quarter of an inch in raleigh. chapel hill and parts of chatham county, up to a half of an inch in eyes. -- ice. winter storms for much of central north carolina, weather advisories to the east. things will settle down saturday afternoon and sunday. occasional snow showers, then warms up, 50 by the early part of next week. that should be a good cleanup day. we will get you through these.
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hear about the potential for ice accumulation and the snow on top. the further south and east you live, the better it will be. that corridor northward looks to be the main concern. tisha: thank you. steve: we are in the peak of flu season. tisha: a mother talks about losing her daughter who love to
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steve: healthsteve: moore school closing, the wake county school system, duke university, unc chapel hill, all closed tomorrow. more troops headed to the middle east to fight isis. there are 10,000 iraqi troops, but the pentagon and the iraqi government say 24,000 will be needed to dislodge the terrorism group and muzzle and retake -- m osul and retake the city. >> the reason we need new trainers is because that is the next step and generating combat power needed to liberate mosul.
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on an isis cast storage low -- cash storage location. this is the ninth time it has been hit. they think that tens of millions of dollars in currency has been destroyed. >> officials say a child was an otherwise healthy child, but got sick last tuesday and taken to the urgent care. the little girl had the flu, but her mom thought she seemed ok until saturday. her kidneys were failing. three hours later, she was gone. she wanted to be a singer. announcer: i hear her singing right now. -- tisha: i hear her singing right now. her mother says she did not get a flu shot. severe flu complications are most common in children younger than two years old.
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the ebola academic -- epidemic was over, but a second case has emerged in sierra leone. 150 people are under monitoring, and the new patient under quarantine. that would be a real setback. tisha: still a threat. people flooding grocery stores, stocking up in food and other supplies. steve: many cannot get out and depend on other people to get meals to their home. you will hear from people
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>> snowplows and otherleannouncer: see what is happening. >> first at 5:30, a major winter storm is taking aim. hello, everyone, i am heather waliga. anna: we could see a full range of winter precipitation from snow, ice, and even rain.
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