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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 21, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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the next "star wars" movie pushed back far, far away. good thursday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm marci gonzalez in for reena ninan. the winter weather bringing the nation's capital to a standstill days before a big storm is expected to hit. >> yeah, some people just making it home from work right now from last night. overnight drivers crashing on icy roads in and around washington, d.c. and gridlock hours past the evening rush. even the president's motorcade getting caught in t the inch of snow coming from a system not associated with a storm that could dump feet of snow on d.c. >> looking at the radar now that storm already moving out to sea. it was brief but it certainly caused a lot of problems.
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abc's ray-ray ramundi has the details. >> reporter: motorists crashing into one another. untreated roadways and light snowy literally wreaked havoc across mid-atlantic states. >> so i drove home from work and i'm not used to driving in snow, so it was pretty rough driving home and took a while. >> reporter: less than two inches of snowfall kriping enough in the nation's capital to even delay the leader of the free world. president obama's return to the white house delayed after his staff was forced to change plans due to the weather. >> en route to the hospital. we have multiple injuries. >> reporter: in montgomery county, maryland, outside of washington, cars were stuck on roadways for hours. >> just trying to stay off the roads. >> reporter: in west virginia utility companies bracing themselves for immending power outages. >> the thing that has us worried with this storm is the depth of the snow and potential for wet snow. >> reporter: some 15 states this morning under winter storm watches from as far south as north carolina to as far north
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as boston. this as the i-95 corridor braces for a potentially historic blizzard aimed at nation's capital, new york and philadelphia. >> we don't want to overreact but encourage people to get prepared. >> reporter: they're tripling the amount of snowplows and trucks. this as we brace for the major storm which is less than 48 hours away. marci, kendis, back to you. >> a lot are saying it's too late for them right now as we try to get home. ray, thank you. that extreme weather, however, is coming much sooner to the south. before it dumps all that snow on 50 million people, it will be bringing rain to the gulf coast. >> and picking up strength. justin povick of accuweather has the latest. good morning. >> kendis, marci, we are following developing severe weather on this thursday, more so over the western gulf coast states from louisiana back into alabama and mississippi.
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damaging winds and tornadoes and then later on friday into friday night and saturday we will be following a heavy snow threat evolving throughout the middle atlantic states and into portions of the coastal northeast. there is the potential for over a foot of snow for some. kendis and marci, back to you. >> all right, our thanks to justin. also breaking overnight, stocks in asia and europe taking a beating today after another wild ride on wall street. the dow starts today down 249 points after free-falling more than 500 points. at one point during the day, the s&p 500 at its lowest level in nearly two years. all this turmoil blamed partly on dropping oil prices. that's good at the gas pump but it's hitting 401(k)s hard. here's abc's rebecca jarvis with what to do. >> reporter: stocks this year are now down almost 10%. for those who are worried about that retirement savings account, you should know this, the hardest thing to do is the very
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money and that is to wait it out. >> that's going to be tough bus a typical 401(k) has lost nearly $8300 in value this year. in just hours, u.s. markets are expected to open lower. and with the presidential race ticking down toward its first real votes, a new poll shows donald trump stretching his lead over the rest of the republican pack. the numbers put trump at 34% in new hampshire. his biggest lead yet in the granite state. ted cruz is a distant second followed by jeb bush and marco rubio, tied at 10%. and trump took his road show to tulsa, oklahoma, and was nearly upstaged by his opening act, sarah palin. the former alaska governor accused the obama administration of neglecting war veterans having trouble adjusting to civilian life. then she alluded to her son track's arrest for domestic violence calling it, quote, the elephant in the room. >> but my son like so many others, they come back a bit different, they come back hardened.
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i can certainly relate with other families who kind of feel these ramifications of some ptsd and some of the woundedness that our soldiers do return with. >> democrat hillary clinton seized on the trump/palin partnership telling voters it is up to them to make sure this image doesn't become a real-life version of a bad "saturday night live" skit. clinton is struggling in new hampshire. eclipsed by bernie sanders' surprising double-digit lead and in iowa where sanders is within striking distance of a win. and a lot of dads out there can relate to president obama. getting emotional about a major milestone for first daughter malia during a lunch in detroit he was asked about her uncoming high school graduation. >> malia's school asked if i wanted to speak at commencement and i said no. i'm going to be wearing dark
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>> very adorable there. malia is a senior so private sidwell friends school and is expected to start college in the fall. still ahead, "star wars" fans will have to wait a little longer for the next film. plus, sinking fast and surrounded by ice. a driver perched on top of her car waiting for a rescue. and serious allegations comics accusing amy schumer of stealing hair jokes.
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saying this morning. a tennessee teenager is safe and warm this morning thanks to rescuers who pulled her from a frigid pond. she was driving on an icy road when an approaching car lost
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that's when she slammed on the brakes and ended up in the water. well, could be another day off from school for thousands of students in detroit. yesterday 88 schools were closed and teachers are threatening another mass sick-out today despite the school district going to court to stop it. the teachers say they're trying to draw attention to the poor condition of the schools including safety hazards and supersized classes. well, there could soon be drastic new action over the safety of hoverboards. some of those boards now under investigation by the government after catching fire. well, a government watchdog is calling for a suspension of all online sales of all hoverboards until there's better testing and proof of safety in the devices. and amazon is now offering a refund on all hoverboards bought on that site. the big winter storm moving into the east is likely to disrupt some travel plans. five major domestic airlines are offering waivers for refunds for flights to, from or through
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cities affected by the storm. won't cost anything to change your plans and recommend you check their websites for flight statuses. okay, some bad news for "star wars" fans. the next movie in the series, episode viii is being pushed back. instead of memorial day weekend, 2017, it'll debut now just before christmas next year. episode viii from our parent company is scheduled to begin filming next month. when we come back, caught on camera, a snowboarder surviving an avalanche. why police are now taking a close look at this video. and the shiny sweater that's causing a frenzy at stores selling out and we'll tell you who wore it and for how much. [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance?
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oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero fat. and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable. mmm dannon updating our top story ahead of the blizzard expected this weekend there was a similar storm in washington, d.c. last night during evening rush hour. the 1.6 inches brought traffic to a standstill. even the president was affected. his helicopter grounded so the presidential entourage had to drive back to the white house. most of the snow and ice on the roads this morning will be in the ohio valley, flooding is likely on roads in the deep south and the west, wet roads, in the northwest and northern california late tonight and snow in the mountains. if you're flying airport
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new orleans. so, jada pinkett smith says that all of the backlash after her all white oscars rant isn't really about the oscars. it's about black people gaining power in an industry where they are undervalued. >> smith tweeted her thanks to academy president cheryl boone isaacs for her pledge to work for dramatic changes and now her husband, will smith, is speaking out in an abc news exclusive. >> the industry reflects america. it reflects a series of challenges that we are having in our country at the moment. that's not the hollywood that i want to leave behind. >> you'll hear much more from will smith later on "gma."." newly released e-mails show top officials in michigan tried at first to avoid responsibility for the water crisis in flint. a day after doctors reported high levels of lead in flint children, a top aide to the governor told him the real responsibility for the city's
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water issues rested with local government officials, but later e-mails acknowledge that it was the state treasurer who okayed the water supply switch to save money. more americans are living 100 years and beyond. new research by the cdc this morning shows between 2000 and 2014, the number living more than that was up 80%. a snowboarder who triggered an avalanche could face criminal charges in this video that went viral. he taped himself and narrowly escaping death or injure and officials at the california resort say he was in an area that was closed to the public but he's denying that telling a local newspaper there were no posted off limit signs. we have another celebrity rescuing someone from a car crash, new england patriots reserve linebacker darius
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inside her smoking car after a three-car accident. he couldn't open the door so he kicked out the window. fleming needed 22 stitches, but he played last sunday's game anyway. teammates say they're not surprised. he's a stand-up guy. >> all right, to some sports headlines. one nba team coasted again and another bounced back. >> let's get the detail, shall we, from our friends at espn. we have two great nba highlights. stan will read his better than i will read mine. >> warriors/bulls, you saw what golden state did to cleveland on monday. this pretty mump the same deal. steph hurry to draymond green. warriors up ten and then later green returns the favor. curry, 25 points, 11 assists and 7 rebounds in the game and you don't see him do this much. throwing it down. warriors now 20-4 on the road.
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>> you mentioned the cavaliers getting their warrior handed to them the other night. they were taking on the nets and this was all lebron james, kevin love, hey, let's be friends and teammates and share the basketball and share the love. i hold nothing against you but never talk about me again in the locker room. love, 17 points, 18 rebounds. lebron james had 17 points. stop looking at my lemonade. 91-78. cleveland cavaliers. >> he likes to bring energy and you saw it on that last play. >> ball don't lie. we're done. >> back to you. >> i don't get it. >> all right, thanks, fellas. french tennis star tsonga is showing off a great move off the court. >> noticed a ball girl on the sidelines who seemed to be ailing and stopped play and escorted her off the court. how nice. he appreciates all of the
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accolades that have been coming in on social media but he adds that offering a helping hand is just the normal thing to do. >> very stand-up move. >> very observant of him too. in the heat and everything to actually take notice that someone was in need. >> he won, by the way. he'll be hitting the third round of the australian open tonight, i believe, tomorrow night, it is confusing with the time difference in australia. >> all right. okay, so up next in "the pulse," amy schumer breaking her silence about other comics saying she stole their jokes. and history in the nfl. the first full-time female coach. i accept i'm not 22. i accept i do a shorter set these days. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem.
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all right, time now to check "the pulse" starting with controversy brewing for comedian amy schumer. >> yeah, she is accused -- i didn't even know this was a thing -- of joke theft by someone who compared her jokes to the gags of other comedians like kathleen madigan and wendy liebman. schumer vigorously denying the allegations. >> and if she thinks that i in 2006 again that i saw that or i saw wendy's joke in the '90s and thought, okay, if i just wait this out or that i reference old sets -- like that's so crazy. >> and schumer says, quote, i will literally take a polygraph
4:21 am
>> i didn't know things were that deep or that serious in the joke world. >> yeah, seriously. okay, so sarah palin in the spotlight again over her wardrobe. and this time getting lots of attention over that sparkly little number we saw yesterday that we were trying to figure out while endorsing donald trump this week. >> it's a bolero jacket from saks fifth avenue. the price tag on this thing, $695. >> is there gold on that? >> oh, my goodness. it sure moves. this thing is trending on twitter. you can't buy the jacket now because it sold out. >> it sold out. >> as a result of this? people saw that and said, i want to shimmer like -- >> there are a lot of rick james impersonators out there. >> oh, man. harsh. >> nothing wrong with rick james. something glittery. this is cool, the nfl has its first female assistant coach talking about kathryn smith right there. she will work with special teams
4:22 am
for the buffalo bills. this past season she was an administrative assistant to coach rex ryan. >> the arizona cardinals last summer hired a woman to work with its inside linebackers but only during training camp. smith's official title is special teams quality control coach. >> and the buffalo bills, by the way are trail bladers in this field. they had a recruiter, scout as you'd call her back 30 years ago, the first team to do that. okay, and high school coach coaches are always telling players to use their heads. but in a tight game in alabama, max nolan did one better. >> he collided with a pass that was meant for a teammate and made the layup anyway with his face. even the harlem globetrotters can't pull off this shot and this was taken by max's girlfriend. >> it would have gone completely unnoticed but apparently his
4:23 am
and then max became famous for this. >> and the slow motion is really what makes it. it would be embarrassing probably if it weren't so cool getting all this attention. >> more news after this. does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things. and there's one place that has it all. office depot officemax. gear up for great. and off you go,
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that's called opioid-induced constipation, or oic. a different kind of constipation. it's been a real struggle to find relief. paint a different picture. talk to your doctor about oic and prescription treatment options. checking our top stories u.s. stocks are expected to open lower this morning after a while ride on wall street yesterday. investors are still spooked by falling oil prices and worried about signs of slower economic growth. >> a new poll shows donald trump with a commanding lead in new hampshire. a full 20 percentage point as head of ted cruz. jeb bush and marco rubio are tied with 10%. people in the washington, d.c. area are cleaning up from a surprise snowstorm. just in time for a much bigger one this weekend. traffic came to a standstill even the president's drive home was delayed. looking at today's weather, the snowstorm is still west of washington, severe thunderstorms
4:26 am
for the deep south later today. rain along the northwest coast. okay, so we know pluto may have been demoted but now there's a new candidate for a ninth planet and this one in the far reaches of the solar system. >> and nobody has seen it but researchers at caltech claim they have some pretty strong evidence. abc's joevanna barna has the search for planet nine. >> reporter: after some two years of research caltech astronomers are nearly certain a ninth planet exists and about ten times the mass of earth and two to four times its radius. >> don't you think it's like a miniature version of neptune and think we know where it came from. >> reporter: dr. mike brown says he has strong theoretical evidence. their first clue a field of debris beyond anyone tur and uranus, icy rocks the size of los angeles.
4:27 am
>> if you concentrate on the biggest out there, they all tend to fan out into the same overall directions. it's as if there's a cosmic one way sign saying, there's something pulling on us. >> reporter: they believe that something is planet nine and that at some point it was ejected to the outer skirts of the solar system. >> got kicked out by the big bully, jupiter and saturn. >> reporter: brown is the same a astronomer who called for the demotion of pluto to a dwarf planet and his daughter upset about it would hold a grudge until he found another planet. >> this is it. this is for her. her ninth planet. she requested it. here it is. >> reporter: but no one has seen this planet and caltech wants help finding it. until then skeptics say as far as they're concerned planet nine doesn't exist. >> people have been looking for more distant objects in the solar system really for decades
4:28 am
if not longer so this is an interesting piece of work and quite possible there is a ninth planet out there. but it's also quite possible there isn't.the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] john: it is the calm before the snow. state leaders getting ready for ice. the cities that could see an hick blizzard. -- historic blizzard. it is 28 degrees now at 4:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. a few school systems are start starting late. person, roanoke rapids, vance,
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warren and with weldon among


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