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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 5, 2018 4:30am-4:45am EST

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lith on wee understand police we making hers m up toat date on happened. >> reporter: we areeer b hite. eyinth're trying to get a towe e ne. around eveng, gaestition hooftsrod or y tcounty police wr wereth migirin on homes in theeiborhirgh fincegoow
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man was using a some reptsn the rf thweonapshit firin og or whher he was just firing fromn here. you ca see it's an enclave of smaller older homesere. eratelrty,ldunfo axp rvive those gunshot wounds. again, other homes we believet. s unat that no one else wasre thankful that none of our at that we live andis dgenkl
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again, the officers involveed win the shooting are on navot have anior ou tn repe exania.enrs room hazing. a sayp eicke
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afternoon showersto shoul sunset is about 5 o'clock now but teur'serat heatheres. erin comoas or delays.n't is an a lot from dale city. and then once you cross themi g. time isckhensitr.
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stories on this monday, november 5th. ince william county police remaining on the scene in woodbridge. that's where a man is accused ofni those officers were responding last night to reports that the man s shooting at houses in hioo neighborh happened around 5:3m.0 p.yester. two officers returned fire on the man. that mmoffss hi t were injured. >> the u.s. reimposed tough redent trump iran which targethe iran's energy finance a piceshivved w ptr w
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iprt svesi sprethaty could some gusty winds behind wha we eing tomorrow afternoon. th sousystem passing down to thoiff's gnd a to our south and keep in the rain shower activity this morning. ftnd into theon 50'erno
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so we'll manage today but pleatise go votlyots w ae weathy i ctos erin for traffic if4: struction causi nd hou all lanes in both upper marlboro looks good. 295 goodslometro services pick0 a.m. no repordte camp springs. no problems heon t b we'whilit e wd owed o yon's t case betweenn
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$3cl00 m. sudan did not to the suit until attempts were made fromamica isde hver ci. ing used aas p and un t oau investigate the death of journalist jamal khashgi. asks n independent investigation into what happened to the
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urjo theli violent murder human a rights." more than 100 other celebrities patrick alec baldwin have also signed that that letter. let's talkp. that loo week c u of theun a tccountects carry pestriansycst aeh cs per hour. ofmgin uon a sluggi t tshi break, live look
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:5if1. ou ywe're bk newsh it nweews, right? that's inur >> ♪ >> ♪ a jimmy dean sausage.that t
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get yourself a large chunk of that good morning feelin
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boy, that smells good. mmm. ♪ern 4:54. >>♪ happy monday. ather glorious we l. >>kh,gran. boshe has a new song calankled . next. >> shots fired. e shinsists it's not dis'satuest
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yo handwritten lyrics being auctionedexpected to sell for more than $1,000 an auction later -- $100,000 at an auction in n york. runners in the district painted downtown purple for the ninth annual race to parts f pennsylvaniaevenu esthe yevent supports andorks to raise awaness funds to gynecy have mor ene eon a rule.egular >> elatwh y?ou to get on a schedule tolep moep. ap tpa.ontly droesws duh tesilr.
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. stuff.'s wth to atyou mikema thos.whe minut. isve it to us weather to d that study. les ra sindo mver the c. baltid.moet of be socked in with it through the first half of the day. second half we start to dry stalgs out a little bit. d ngutil bl wit all dine. ayhaupnktos to 71 tomorrotut a, thursd tshefo i, ol
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co got traff if 4:57 right now. keeping ourdsyes on the and we do have some problems .ar ibran p crash blocking some lanes there atroson lane into fox5. got your o'clock >> ♪ the washington post endorses jennifer wexton for congress... sying barbara comstock' "pro"" she's trump's "unquestioning foot soldier." jenner wexton is the "clear and convincing" choice. "smart, serious a substantive" ... "ms. wexton woulde
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i'm jeifei because i' 'orpakey d liacneros. that's how we can fix cgrses and make it work for us again. that when theytack who. it's a declaration.aton. we show what we'remade of. and we don't stand back- we stand up. fomeri. for health care. for r kids futures. the washington post says david trone is detailed, studious and no-nonsense-- an excellent successor to john delaney.
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ere's no sitng not me. t noyou. not now. on november 6th. vote. the best choice, co david trone for ress. i'm david trone, i approve this message. anrynd plan to
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rahell o out election :00 a.


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