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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  October 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm EDT

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mo forward are unwelcome in ghsbur.f dysfunction, a reports isig shedding ler on the university of maryland's football team followingeath of a player. you may not like this one, a popular feature on ttter may the news at 6:00 starts right ♪. t's the worst attack oeistory o jf thise u.s. r gunman killed 11 membersgogu o weekingd. charges and prosecutors are seeking the d peathtyowenerals an icerffwes re americans as
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part of his own family es funerals wbeilerl ae'ther armes to be stationed n id nside as yo ited statesca t se hteapitahe put uni second look at the own fast. hardening mi monitoring
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perimeters and training ceof t wasngto jewh active comm ionatuny ait already viewg as a g it would be tha partfwh e we're not talking e rmabntout, a alkingnd ound a lization lvinassio pfeofronst right noomw,e hiof t what nthe metropolita police department in dc sprung
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penemerg officers he weekend. on iaonsun c m ml erliin visibcd weapon,idesase with theent ayor gunson'take us mor msafe. the concenattr, believes i to reduce hate ed speech, fight it, in duhe t of the heated political contentnow. >> disturbing re ofplace. so what we a is me su that t bu
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particular fatygha and ralph h um. we'read t theo d board released a report. june guys,he boaeeptt as to
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call it ade and thirerd the university sho authorize an indepennt third rs a review. you remember, it wasen days ago when the maryland board of regents was briefed on these et go, s fivejo mcnair was hospd humiliated orinstces of him thr thwaedf eit athleticouhtaid hsi
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rector or e hef action p blaierw morning, guys >>ou can look at the full atn . firefighter d in upper g,in homeowner's daughter fire,
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idydlhogn caudse officers say they found two men shote o t dthean o river dale. police learned 34-yeaold michael bryant confronted dao-year-old richard air wall and shot and killed then the victim's brotherm, returned fire i his defense and others shepoitinhe st charge the victim's brother woman was fireing bak u ted abingunhtry w a a
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bydethvae her one lastnt mautho itipe s tse56-yr-draasol rat heenffort illegally uri l deployed earlier00s20
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this ar, dabbed the missionot one personic gup, who called themselv es aowg rus both mttsli but temperatures are trending both mttsli but temperatures are trending upward and we'll keep the litt' to v i an on
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to v i an on the washington post says david trone isdetailed, e ovemr 6th. vo david trone for i'm david trone, i apthove esis m at this cl in moment in amer..ic ben jealous is the bold leadd needs.arbaerckrd let us stand up for our kids let us stand up for families let us stand up for our state ben jealous, for governormo crde
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crhed into ten vehicles this morning, i ger vehicles w occupied and four people were with minor in. he climbed a 20ju fesoot pole t access the roof a facing multiplendows n charge. poli was not armed when shot,sea deh o weapons w oern i in reach down the geoe washington parkway, they pulled they are
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police has not p tmake getting toncidentwe'rera >> a metro's general manager,aul we'dfeld without a , rail service, rush ho an extra 30 minutes w more the morning and 8:30 at night. grnee and red line to to glenmont during peak hours and to make all cs long >> from the customer perspective these a things w heard ad repeatedly. a discussion on core issues which wvend done we'llo work on that. whte do we to be into the future. i see many more steps into the future, let's get this behind us
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and incasin the service to meet the ter on irecommenda fadopted, ely next year, the change cou say start going to en metro's next fiscal year next summer. halloween iswo days away andcay, you can take bags of candy to patient firstgh n 6rh a0oobod it can detect things like glass, metal and plastic, it will provide free safety blinkers that you can atth elki o wn iusdo t packed. it's a little bit after 6:00 and there's so many people inhe aan
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everything, you do takentpp s o the backheng adriana, the first amendment murder seit,pca group.alko twe a andor they're doing it >> reporter: obviously halloween for y what will you fod-ra diserictsf o and
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aneaarch, something r n. >> reporter:d to hi yeisak is kind of for this, d rep glar being the local band from
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different things. they're awesome, they're thesem starting authese amazing steps. >> rep we't.r:ut ore you guys e open through november 4. ope no31vest,em nov4. >> reporter: here we are, the ath becomes us a wle >> big night on halloween i'll toss it tobreak. we'll be right back and paul and i are going to enjoy our drinks. we'll be rig back. ng"promise has turned to dust."
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she's trump's "unquestioning foot soldier." t jennifer wexton he "clear and convincing" choice. "taart, serious and suive" ... "mswexton would be a breath of fresh air" in congress. i'm jennifer wexton this s party lines to gne.hi cngons eso and make iwork for us again. to
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y.dani ce tareat ahead, no tricks this week. >> i like it >> warming up for halloween, i love lhisive shot. it captures the day, the sky hat been dric.
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and the reason we've had off and on dramatices som low tle light shower, andes somet brilliant blue sky, i we have a. we'll see the clouds breaking u. it will thbe a noolanerd cthed weather that c to get the leavesoreeing c a le a and the pennsylva corlo 62 a little below average and certainly is at duls 57 and marshal 6 b1 today,tut we shoula little bit warmer than that tomorrow, that's day one of a trend that willaret usming up for certainly the middle part of this week, a check of temperatures at 6:00 is 56 in dc. 57n annapolis, wow, 50 in cumbe of the chillier spotslready down t 48 degrees.
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now, it has been a little brt e overnight hours and that means it will be chilly. dropping to about 38 in ma 4insberg. hagerstown3 dulles 45 for the districteo 47 for lrdtown and annapolis, that's a chilly srtis eezy. lots of sunshine, not sbr 40 the morning. after school, pretty nice, 58 t with full sunshine i thinkt what we've had today and why nd we've had so many r of clouds and fewe d thenshi, cold coming across the great lakes, we start tos get clouduilding up and showers i fromn styil situr bfaceet and the col aloft. buet utthme warr a especially asdny aeforecast, 63y
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the warmer temperatures as you saw through the mid week, holding off with showe until late thursday or few on friday and the wkend is e cppresses e just about o us tp afternoon as we head onst iorata
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day,we fhowe latayid 5 7aywersll ce clk d your 6:0 newsck ♪ico.
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m abigail spanberger, when dave brat and i appwent to congress,spger. he went washington. [ camera shutter clicks ] ile virginians struggle with rising drug prices,wr at's taken thousands harmeutil, iurance, e ca b the flames 5@0 t.
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♪ ♪ i was a navy doctor,
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so i'm used to getting to work early. now i have a general practice, with a lot of patients who are counting on me. many of them worry about president trump taking away protections c for pre-exonditions.wo and men are frightened they e could lose repro for pre-health care.wo it's why i'm glad i have a friend named b. ben is a national leader who's protecting obampcare from president. he's my friend ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin and i approved this message.
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synagogue. details. >> white house pushes back after critics say thehetoric is fueling the discourse and angers ou can see this is the big story at get to it. >> the only person responsible were the individuals who carried them out. it's not the enprt. >> the president will head to pittsburgh in the wake of that 11 people murdered at the hands of the gunman. the decision to visit which is after a former president of the synagogue said the president would not be wel in the city unless he denounces white nationalistism. shot and killed by a man who tried to enter a prominentlyam
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