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tv   The Final 5  FOX  October 19, 2018 11:30pm-11:40pm EDT

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i e signature, with mid-terms over rolling out a new catch phrase, at's your "final 5," let's do heutkaloly capital, i'm jim y, t died.
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but thereong,y's if it ntteci acthngeimeve prorn eacxplanaonti credible but not ruling consequences. >> saudi arabia ally what happened is at the t
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large number of people place in turkey consulate. and it ast step fbut it's swela big f dn asthis yt, of people hey're talking about and people as retri ctibuon pom wots
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, if you look tens ofil ms onl. i callndm aed memrs>>he disexicd
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achieve what i believe are ourao f that ys, inuring yocl be didgenmi igrsants threatenin ge the ap.tree' a g racrgia govs
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majo nisthplattsan ar mnnin de for georgiawifli016ld
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the u.s. t out empaign.otace than me now they odo. after some haer russia and they say, oh, it had nothingdo to with t trump campaign. bud. the remarksertoome ey hekr.
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? t wrys y v. ael look at it y doanded it'slly a w ne texas msf
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a>>gike t love an airport nger theed like big issue gop wanted econom the multi-facetted. he has a lot of other subjects that he conside his election to be sabout. >> thi kavanaugh, the caravan,oing to
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oseth law and orr, it's goi ngka to b election of the about.he t cara at tag, you know, it's ci in >> democrats produce republans proce jobs. so this ,mb, nmobs.ot just do it. using just wor w attom corner?
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mae s g tiara e im young joins me. will he
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sto s a week that >> d sai evie dent wryee ekm, tb
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elizalwaenabtrrh of bch mus oing themnne 24 could
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s resonate, nobody really cared>>hey they m deal withw,chow. >> here we go. >> just -- >> with r,she there's literally no w should . ative.rr >> which amin12si t a no ter es4tp
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>> can everone wrong at the same time? they're probably both accurate -> you don't call - host, get thewe's
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ot nse idea tthaet'tur t wha mads >> okt. for themnist and a oob l aut0 ow
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's t tria a are tl iithih s-gi. inemisreerfr t m wnh om,>> andt
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bo og♪itie w ♪ i wanna put on my, my, my, my, my boogie shoes ♪ ♪ booe with you n ♪ i wanna putmy, my, my my, my b ♪oogie with you s
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of a ket thweek ts,hepresident. >> last year,titan a, b ltlecou spice things upit. ut dnat t
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enthe sitting nexttt mper a hto i ari uot re talutto ton'lngrylint
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>>igddna m so a old cld you imaginnle doing shohe wthey don p't -- what? who turned off thend on their cell phone noreped televi fsimos,. republ
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barbara comstock might as
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well ba trumpstoar.barb expag medicaid in virginia. hiking insuranceates up to 64 prginia in barbara trt isaiur e sou.ffin, tomorrow>
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starting heower t, c toakese sl andpi andout ll see you
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utwi ath l manythoraypronngisenht could lose reproductive health care.amed ben. ben is a national leer psi. i'toind the y. but with t o compassion and strengf a na, and the security of the cross and shield,s. obstacle as we has, for more light the way.thcare ss rd.
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to whate ve sawtsaield. tom scharetimelf s tore bail too. >> it's all about theing w coli kaepernick. >> if rihannaets thear ag. bnitr bl>> they have till f minutes. what is it after baby. >> prince harry visited the sydney harbor bridge and climbed th toidge all the way to th d di s>>cale it with a rope? >> how did he get up? >> you walk up the >> the bn red sox are going to the world series.


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