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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 28, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> i love the warmer temperatures and don't like what the rain does with the commute. we'll let you know if crashes develop and how things are shaping up. >> developing overnight in the news and montgomery county a deadly police involved sho sooting. >> along stej within width road. when can you tell us, mel? >> good morning, guys, portions of stedwick road were shut down. you can see here the condominiums complex center court in montgomeryville aming and command senter is there in middle courtyard of sendwick court here. a sixth district officer responded and then around 11:12 p.m. the officer called for help saying shots were fired and fire and rescue personnel were needed. first responders came tractor-trailer scream and they found a man suffering from an pa parent gunshot wound. they started cpr and transported him where he died. following normal protocol the
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man will be identified once next of kin is notified. we're also told the officer is a five year veteran of the department and again following with montgomery county police department policy, we're told that that officer will be identified sometime today during normal business hours and he will be placed on administrative leave during the investigation is. detectives from major crimes division are investigating everything that happened here all of the events surrounding this and they're asking anyone with information to please give them a call. live in montgomery village i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> thank you, 4:31st time now. developing in maryland this morning extra counselors will be on hand at methocton high school after they say a student as plan attack. nicole savario is in the hospital under evaluation. frederick county sheriff said they found shotgun and pipe bomb making material and details of the attack in a journal
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student. >> she always looked like a friendly person. >> she was ap student in cl clubs. >> there's no doubt in our mind we avert aid disaster up there. i never seen anything like this to be honest with you. >> police say nicole was planning to carry out the attack next week. police were tipped off by her parents. if convicted she faces 25 years in prison. >> new developments in the rockville high school rain case the faeming of one suspect is now in custody. 4-year-old sanchez reyes is accused of being in the country illegally. he was picked up by ice agents friday his son henry sanchez is here illegally. he and second teenager are accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in a school bathroom. in a question and answer session in montgomery county the conversation turned to city of rockville becoming sanctuary city. >> i don't believe we should have a sanctuary city. it goes against the federal bhan date. i don't believe a lot of things
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go against federal mandates should be allowed. we have federal laws. if we want to change the laws then we need to take and do that through legislature. >> on friday the other suspect in the case, 17-year-old jose montano will face a judge for a stawts hearing. >> president trump surprise expected to sign a new executive order that looks to curb the federal government enforcement of climate regulations and order initiates a preview of former president obama clean power plan that restricts greenhouse emissions at power plants. by siping the order president trump intends to bring back coal mining jobs and reduce cost of electricity. and probe into russian election tampering, the panel chairman should step away from the investigation. representative devon nunez serves as chairman and accused of having a secret meeting with a source lasts week on white house grounds and sharing the information with reporters before committee members. >> u.s. attorney gener
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dangers of sanctuary cities the first in support of sanctuary cities was underway in new york city. they want to protect all immigrants especially undocumented by crafting municipal policy to confront mass de pourtation and cri criminalization. ths is ample evidence to support a crackdown including allegations of recent rain of a girl in rockville that allegedly happened by twoun documented immigrants and another illegal in new york accused of sexually assaulting a toddler. >> assault, burglary, drug crimes, gang rapes, crimes against children and murderers, countless americans would be alive today and countless lovered ones would not be grieving today if these policies of sanctuary cities were endd he could not be more wrong. he could not be more inaccurate and unable to allty see the realities that play in our
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cities and states. >> white house says it wail withhold funds if city that don't contemplate with the lie. organizers say that would be illegal to do. >> banning fraction being in the state in maryland the senate voted on the pressure yesterday and it's about approved i the house. the bill is is stent to governor larry hogan desk who supports the bill. >> 4:45 tuesday morning. gary mcgrady showers on the way. >> yeah, thunderstorms out there this morning and around the area. so let's go ahead and go to radar and show you that. there's two significant ones one moving to frederick county now and more bubbling back west of i 81 and tighter on the frederick storm and we join another storm down choseer to d.c.. actually just to the west of the beltway. moving through frederick right now as a lot of thunder and lightning and pretty heavy rain, too, crossing just now crossing up through frederick and moving over to central northern sections of the state looks likes that county, sorry, continuing to move up north and
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will cross into extreme western sections of carol county about it's all said and done. and there's still a little rain surrounding that. another thunderstorm is moving up through parts of loudoun county this and it's about to cross over the river even eventually. and coming up again most of this thunderstorm activity is west of the beltway. and closing in on rest injust a little bit. i tell you what we'll stop this and zoom into it more. a lot of loyingtening and thunder in that. oakton getting rain and move sment to north and north east here. it passed through shan actually and thunder out. there it's between beltway and dulles just so you know and most headed through great falls rain and thunder too. we'll continue with the trend through the morning. thunderstorms will last couple hours on and off. by this afternoon. i believe a little icon in this for thunderstorm activity wayne as i little bit. temperatures make it up eventually
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70s depends if we got a little sunshine or not. here's erin como on this tuesday morning. >> coming up on 4:37 this morning caution as gary mentioned rain coming up through in the dulles area. here's a live look 270 southboundfy u by montrose road. traffic light southboundp owe 70 to frederick to beltway moving along long at speed. northbound quiet to 70. i'll let you know if that changes. we'll switch for a look at maps now. crash free. earlier construction on the outer loop braddock road cleared and residual delays look to be getting back to normal now. 395 beltway to 14 street bridge in the clear and we're not seeing problems on 95 dale city to beltway and south of that point stafford quiet 6 and also a dream right now. no problems from 29 to 28. use caution as you make your way along 28 you may encounter rain as gar didn't engs many. moving through the area and slow it down and watch for slick shots in morning and again just a little bit of light volume building closer to 7
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problems in olney. if you happen to verbally morning flight to catch traffic on way to bwi, reagan, dulles, any questions@faern ox d.c. twitter we'll take a look at metro next. >> coming up on "fox news morning" president trump calls for clintons to be inves investigated. >> if you had to do it over again would you go to prom with someone chosen for you. and that's what students in one high school have been doing for years. >> a live look across the dmv. time 4:48, 6, back in a moment
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>> 4:40. time to look at stories you're engaging with the most on social media. >> hol hoy joins us with what is hot on the web. >> good morning to you. president trump calling on the white house intelligence committee to investigate the clin tons for their
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russia. and last night mr. trump took to twitter and called out the clintons and then again dismissed allegations linking his team to russia. and the president also com commented on the failed republican healthcare bill. >> canadian prime minister justin trudeau has plans to little lies not canada. they can use medical marijuana with a precipitation. by 2018 he wants to rel lies recreational pot use and sales. if legislation passes canada would be the largest developed country to make recreational pot use legal. nfl owners approved it and so it's done. oakland raiders are officially moving to las vegas, nevada, vegas put up $750 million of public money tone tis the season. they'll play two or three more seasons in oakland until vegas is ready. >> marvel comics unveils superhero lesbian latino
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superhero lesbian latino chavez. she was created in 2011 she's not getting a solo title but she punched adolf hitler saved a planet and enrolled in college in the comic. prom season is here. what if you could not pick your date taken was chosen through a lottery system. a quinn high school in free port illinois has a prom draw boys pick a card own the drawing event is as popular as the actual prom. no student ever left without a date. interesting concept. >> yeah it's a talker i don't know about that one. >> i do. no. >> really? >> right. >> absolutely not. >> i think you can argue both ways. >> well, you know what we're going to talk about this lit later in the 7:00 hour. chime in. #what fox5dc and let united state know what you think. coming up on "fox news morning" if you need help finding a job we have
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be able to use. >> seattle seahawks water back is facing marijuana charge this morning. >> and 62 degrees. 4:42 the time. showers expected today. grab umbrella if you head out the door today. more details when fox news morning
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rockville high school rain fallout the father accused of raining a classmate during school hours is taken into custody. >> and a live look outside now the. you can leave the jacket at home. the warm, spring air is is here. here's a look at the forecast. it's already 62. that tells you something there. >> going to be a nice one hopefully that's what he's telling us. good morning to you i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> it's tuesday, march 28, gary mcgrady, erin como are here. let's start with gary mcgrady and talk about the 62 degree temperatures early in the morning. >> yeah, that 62 here. we do have 50s out in the suburbs this morning and showers and thunderstorms too. the rain jacket may be needed at times today. certainly have umbrella handy in the bag. let's show you where temperatures are now. bwi marshall lower 50s. here in town we're lower 60s. dulles sitting at 60 and across the area this morning across the regi
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there. lower 50s, i 81, frederick 54 a thunderstorm poovd through and westminster 54 and fred fredericksburg 64. over there in the annapolis area it's in the 50s as well this morning. listen this is a big picture. showers, thunderstorms out there this morning. looks like we'll continue on and off for the possibility of thunderstorms for the next several hours. i don't and anything severe here and i think it's basically a little too color stage for that. notice up through frederick this thunderstorm moved thr through. a lot of lightning and thunder obviously with this and moving up to northern sections of frederick towards jones victim. actually north eastern sections of the country and northern parts of frederick getting showers right now. this is headed to westminster. looks like core of the storm stays west of westminster. and another little thunderstorm moving up northwestern areas here comeing across the river now into southern stions of maryland up towards darns town and
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thoupder and lightning out there this morning. more in the forecast headed to the 70s today. heres airport erin. >> 4:47 i'm worried that rain moving through could cause traffic problems. things are moving along long fine as you head inbound on 66. no issues on the eastbound side from gainsville to the beltway. westbound side picking ape bit. traffic on the beltway looking good as well braddock road and back to normal as we had earlier construction that cleared. we'll switch camera to maps and show you what else you're up again. green right now rain through chantilly as gary mentioned rockville caution through southern maryland and i'll let you know if crashes pop up. metro start at five. safe track slowing us down. back to you. >> 4:48 the time while you slept a deadly police shooting unfolded in montgomery county. >> along said itwick road in montgomery county. mel. >> wisdom, maureen, since
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is still on but the copied min yums still an octave scene. i'll step out of the way. you can see where a lot of attention is being given right now. what we understand is that last night, a 6 district montgomery county police officer came here for a call of a theft. and then about 11:12 p.m. according to montgomery county police the officer called for help saying shots fired and he needed fire and rescue personnel to come to the scene. first responders arrived and found adult man spuvring with from a gunshot wound. they started cpr, transported him to a local hospital where he died. police tell us "following normal property ol owe call the man will be identified once next of kin is notified" we're also told the officer is five year veteran of the montgomery down they police department and he'll be identified this morning during normal business hours. also, as is procedure here in montgomery county, that officer will also be placed
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administrative leave pending outcome of this investigation. major crimes is still here investigating this scene and also asking anyone with information to please give them a call. live in montgomery village. i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> melanie, thank you. 4:50 is the time now. construction is underway at site of a deadly car crash in bethesda lasts year. yesterday workers began ins installing a light river road and pray burn parkway. residents long explained the area is dangerous, february 2016 three members of family were killed in a crash. there a judge sentenced driver that caused crash to twelve years in prison. prosecutors say they was going more than 100 miles an hour at the time. >> if you look for job supermarket chain aldi is hiring. they're holding job fairs in fairfax and false church. that's from 7:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon and the event is on to the public and there will be a hiring event in spring
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>> m coming up fox news morning michigan and flint leers reach a settlement in the flint water crisis. >> and popular singer thinks about giving it all up for peace of mind. >> time now is 4:51. temperature 6. fox news morning is back after fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer
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>> 4:53 is the time right now. later today a judge will review a setment in the case of the flint water crisis. they have agreed they will place thousands of home waterlines to settle lawsuit over contaminated water. flint will do the construction and state will foot the bill. flint switched to untreated water from the flint riverive back in 201
4:54 am
health issues. >> former tcu football star and seattle sea hawk star boykin is arrested and around a.m. monday morning i driver backed at a high rate of speed striking pedestrian and wall she was charged with intoxation and insult with a vehicle and boykin was arrested on marijuana charges. >> bad news for adele fans. during a show she said she doesn't know if she will ever tour again. she told the crowd she deposi think she's good at touring and applause makes her feel vulnerable. rumors are swirling for months this may be adele's final tour. her comments may have been out of frustration. she had to nerve a poncho at the concert because of the rain and the show had several technical issues. >> really? >>
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tuesday. tuesday. photo day for the playoff bound capitols and the playoff may give time to glorious displays of follicular achievement. check them out. they're like channeling harry styles from one direction look at that andre better kovski and williams paid up with big hairdos from the 20008 season will ferrell and john c. reilly stepbrothers movie and worth mentioning playoff fever is in the air at verizon center this is first time in the same surprise caps and wizards will have home ice home court advantage. >> all right. >> hopefully they'll both win. >> it's all in the air. like someso long power retaining follicles. >> you're on a roll with all these big words and all that. >> every once if a while it comes to me. don't worry by 9:00 i won't be able to read
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>> you wrote that on the fly deposit you. >> don't giveaway my secrets. >> listen there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms this morning. there's also just so you know a chance of showers and thunderstorms later on this too. we shoud he a couple thunderstorms moving up and there could be a few more. doesn't look like widespread. it doesn't look like everybody will get wet but there's places the thunderstorms are moving through and we're watching this storm by best minister kind of jump from frederick country over about to move into carol country okay. and then there's one more i'll move down to it. this is beginning to weaken a little as it gets closer to rockville and montgomery country and there's been a lot of thunder with that particular storm. as it moves on through. and later today, we'll eventually get to lower 70s like yesterday and slight chance of thunderstorms around even by this afternoon. and here's erin como with a look at traffic. >> right now, 4:56 we can see a lot of road spray coming off 28 by
4:57 am
give yourself plenty of space between vehicles and watch for wet conditions same story 66 we forward by 2 8 road spray there. things moving at spray. metro service at 5 and safe track slowing us down. any questions erin at fox d.c. on twitter. >> and mayor bowser looking to increase the number of pa patrolling d.c. street. >> and oil is flowing flew the dakota access pipeline. >> i like this strong♪ 6 degrees. 4:57, coming up on 5:00 hour we have your news, warm, traffic, all coming up on "fox" morning news, back
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>> today on "fox news morning" frederick county par mar teenagers arrested before she was planning a mass attack at her high school. >> rockville high school rain fallout father after teen age area caused of raining a classmate during school hours tape into custody. >> a live look outside now. you can forego that jacket. warm string air is here. today is the forecast. thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, march


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