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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  October 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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the fbi looking into new e-mails now, related to the case involving ll e-mail server right now. former congressman anthony we were a is part of the story >> as you can see this is the hottest story at 6:30, we invite you guys to join the conversation because there's certainly a lot to talk about. tweet us using the #5at630. >> late this afternoon, james comey he sent eight republican members of congress this letter right here informing them the agency found these new e-mails that may be pertinent to the investigation.
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e-mails came from a separate sexting probe of congressman anthony we were a >> matt ackland is live outside the district with more on this. >> what a midday surprise. really had both campaigns scrambling, we're told that secretary clinton's plane was in the air when this all broke. she later just probably within an hour after the news broke, she then held a rally where she didn't say much. it took a couple of hours until podesta who's the chairman of her team issued a statement basically asking the fbi director show what you've got. the american people deserve to know. at this point, as you all were saying before, there is new e-mails that have been discovered. they're not connected to clinton's private e-mail server, but they are connected to apparently another federal investigation that involves
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you'll note he's married to clinton's top aid and apparently came from some device that was found during that investigation. still, so many questions. we got 11 days until the election. one thing is for sure that you hear over and over, there's no way we're going to have resolution into this thing before election day. so will we all be going to the voting booth? wondering whether the e-mails about probably likely so. >> people that have already vo early voting is underway. a lot of people may be, whether or not they would change how they vote, they've voted. >> we've talked to people. >> before i leave, you wonder if that's happening, i should say that boy, donald trump really seized on this opportunity. it was not long at all after this was released that he went in front of cameras and i want to and i want you to listen to
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>> hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the overall office. i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible they made. >> the question is there this change anything? i'm betting there's probably polling taking place after the announcement and i'm sure we'll hear about it to see if it actually has had an effect on the clinton campaign. back to you. >> we're going to be talking a little bit about that coming up in a few minutes. what bombshell, what an october surprise on this friday evening. matt ackland.
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let's talk about what is next. 11 days left until the election, katie bow williams is here. joining for your joining us, what happens now with this? how do the clintons respond to all of this >> you have already seen a you ton of democrats come out and really hammer comey for making the decision to send this letter and not provide anymore details in the letter. they're saying it's giving republicans to misinterpret or misrepresent what this announcement actually said. the clinton campaign has already come out and said, look, the fbi should release all of the information that it has from its new discoveries because we're confident this is not going to change what the agency said in july when they said clinton did not do anything that raised to
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>> you're talking about some people out there sin waiting what the timing on this, why now, here's the thing, i wouldn't think that the fbi tim kaine you know, they're in a separate investigation looking at anthony wiener's information on his phone with the seconding investigation meantiming-wise. >> one of the criticisms that you are hearing of fbi director congress of not give any mower information, what you're hearing is that it could influence the election without giving the american voter all of the information that they might need to make a decision. >> kate, let me ask you, does the clinton campaign have a legitimate beef lear with the timing this? >> well, the clinton campaign certainly thinks it does. and you've seen that viewpoint sort of under scored by other
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senior democrat on the intelligence committee. she had pretty strong language, called it appalling >> it wasn't just the clinton campaign and asked for the fbi for more information, we heard from kellyanne conway, she also said they need to come out and release this information, i think it's a first both sides would have agree >> you're seeing democrats calling for more information. also questioning the timing, number two in the senate tweeted out why is this coming out 11 days before the election >> have you ever seen anything like this? i know there's always some or the of october surprise. have you ever seen anything like this before >> this is a pretty big bombshell. although there are -- there are some -- there's some people sort of warning this should be taken way little bit of a grain of
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is, quote, unquote. reopening this investigation. what he said was we found some e-mails that may be pertinent and we're assessing if they have classified information. there's several a difference in language, in how you're hearing the fbi and how the republicans and critics of mrs. clinton talk about this. >> what are you hearing now? i'm sure you're talking to strategis how does the clinton campaign deal with this? we don't have all the information coming out >> that's kind of the big question, there's so many unanswered questions. we don't know what's in these e-mail. we don't know who sent them. there's a lot of unknowns here at this point. but i think at this point, it's pretty safe to say that the clinton campaign is scrambling a little bit. >> let me ask you quickly, people were saying this also is more of a -- the democrats were
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moment for the fbi director, because donald trump has been complaining the whole thing is rigged and he said if he was elected he would investigate comey and the investigation. do you think that's what we're seeing here? >> well, oddly enough, earlier in the day, you did see the conservative watch dog group judicial watch come out and sue the fbi for documentation relating to how it carried out its investigation. comey himself h b defending the integrity of the probe. certainly republicans who believed that clinton should have been indicted in this investigation have been casting a shadow on comey, suggesting that this was carried out in a political way. >> certainly it's what the republicans were before we go into the election, 11 days now, thank you. speaking of it getting hot in the kitchen. let's talk about it getting hot
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warmup. we like that, gwen. >> things are really heating up as far as the weather is concerned. but before that happens, we're going to be cooling down tonight. a little bit on the chilly side with our overnight lows. temperatures into the 40's. and to the far north and northwest, we have some 30's on our map as well. the winds finally have started to die down. no gustings to speak about. little bit on the breezy side but overall not bad. mostly cloudy skies as well. 47 at dc. 42 at 40 at manassas. now, for tomorrow, 74 degrees and no shortage of sunshine. very nice, but we warm up more once we get into sunday. i'm telling you deserves a real drum roll. 80 degrees on your sunday. can you believe it? and we have a little bit of a frontal system coming through sunday, that could bring us a late shower, just isolated in nature. things dry out very pleasant for
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monday, but cooling down into the 60's. then the opposite once again, temperatures start to rise and we get into hump day till the end of the week, back to the 70's all over again. so definitely we have a roller coaster for us with those temperatures. back to you >> liking that warmup. thank you, gwen. >> have you picked out your halloween costume >> no, i believe i got a couple -- actually, if i have to go out, i have the little october fest outfit. i'm going to use that as much as possible. pull it out can still fit into it. >> still ahead, depending on the polls, hillary clinton has a huge lead over donald trump, other polls show they're a neck and neck. we asked the votes in prince george's county their thoughts involving hillary clinton. >> no, it would not impact my vote. i just voted and i voted for secretary clinton. >> no, not bothering me at all.
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i voted and i voted for somebody thing who will take this country and lead us forward. >> i think all the information both candidates is pretty much out there. either confirming or denying what we already believe. so at this point in time, if you're undecided i guess you're going to stay undecided if you made your decision uyou made it >> you got to stay positive, you always hear things about these candidates and go with your best opio things. you got to think positive >> i still believe in the person i voted for, and i think if they will get to the bottom of it but i don't think they have anything. >> my gosh.
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gaining ground, the others say the race is all but over. after today, who knows which ones are correct >> cliff young president of ipsis republic affairs. certainly today will have an impact on the polls, i was looking at some of the polls from all over, one from the la times has trump up by two, another has clinton up by four, another has them in the time how are we supposed to make sense of all of this >> definitely confusing. what's the best thing to do if you're looking around. don't look at any one poll. i often say that on this program. take the average of all the polls, that tells the best story. look at a little bit fuzzy. average of all of them suggests clinton is up about five points or so. if you're a clinton supporter. that's good news, trump maybe not so good. there's still a chance for trump. right now, today, clinton is up
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with the big news that came out, the e-mails on anthony wiener's phone. how will be treating this moving forward? >> pollsters like us we're in the field every day. over the next few days we'll be engaging whether this has an impact. looking ahead of it, i actually think it's already baked in. for first and foremost, unless there's a she did something illegal, that people have already decided whether they like her don't like her as a function of the past. i don't think there will be big impacts but you never know, if there's a smoking gun, there could be. >> so there's no smoking gun, but people have this idea in their head, and it's unlikely that we'll find out the specifics within the next -- within the next 11 days. so as you go out there and you're polling people, you don't think this will make a difference.
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again, this is i'll baked in already. people who have been paying attention to hillary clinton, whether they like her, don't like her. have heard things for last two decades. i don't think this will specifically have an impact on the election. i think it moves a the needle very little. >> i also thought it was interesting make taking a look at how many americans thinking russia is involved in trying to influence the election. tell us what >> there's actually, that's often used on the clinton side, the clinton campaign side. that russia is actually hoping the trump campaign, there is an underlying belief that's the indicates, first and foremost, that's the republican, not democrat or independents. but that is there. there are inklings of that, that somehow the russians are involved. >> now last but not least as usual looking at this, and doing
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issue about the million lendian voters. are you starting to see any difference now as you're polling them? and are they fired up >> huge voting block. as large as baby boomers right now, next few years they will pass them. important today in looking forward. we're finding basically strongly for hillary clinton but they don't show up on election day like older people. the big question is there they show up at historic highs or lo if they show up in mass, that's good for hillary clinton. if they don't, that's better for donald trump. they don't typically on average show up as much as older people. >> cliff young, the president of ipsis publics affairs. thank you for talking about this. come back again. >> again and again. just like the polls. the presidential candidates, they seem to have several catch
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well, when they're talking, you know, we hear them from time to time. >> donald trump uses caused confusion and one reporter decided to get to the bo >> we're going to see if you know what that word s if you think you do tweet us right now
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apologized for taking a shot at his asian opponent. deckworth spoke about her family's military service and her service in the u.s. marines, her opponent responded with an eyebrow raising comment. >> my family served this nation in uniform going back to the revolution, i'm a daughter of the american revolution, i bled for this nation. >> i forgotten that your parents came all the way from thailand
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>> both presidential campaigns. trump campaign manager, kellyanne conway tweeted the same mark kirk that endorsed his presently nominee? >> and hillary clinton tweeted he was thankful for duckworth's service >> not just nasty on the presidential level but senate >> it was sort of a nasty comment and surprised by it. we should mention senator kirk did apologize with a tweet that american hero and gratitude for her family's service. i'm certain that's big. we've been hearing from some of the pun dents that he might be in jeopardy there. . did you guys watch the last presidential debate? who didn't? did you hear donald trump use the word bigly, a lot of weird words came out. he used it while discussing undocumented immigrants
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i turnnal word television network, he was asked to settle the debate once and for all. >> are you saying bigly or big league? my guess is within. bigly or big league? when you're speaking at the podium and you say this is -- >> i use big league. >> ok. i don't know it's hard to hear when he talks so fast maybe you don't really >> i don't know either. regards to to be quite honest. thanksgiving might be a little tense. it's your household and the bail wynn, alex bald wynn portrays him on saturday night live. david bald win tweet iffed my father were alive he'd be ashamed and discussed with media based manipulation by people like anderson cooper, his
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father was alive today he would smack you on the side of the head for supporting donald trump. >> that's a family feud. bill later tweeted he loves his brother but doesn't support trump. fourth bald win is staying out entirely which is probably a good idea at this point. >> i didn't know there was a daniel. >> i didn't either. >> look, it's friday, we've had a lot of stuff happen today, october surprise, politics and cocktails, they go hand-in-hand. especially >> mixing some up with the alexandria when we come back.
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put a pastry chef in alexandria. thanks so much for being here.
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themed cocktails. tell us what these are and then what you're going to do >> we wanted a take election season tongue in cheek completely. we don't want take sides. we started with the hillary, we call it the crooked. not saying she's crooked. >> and this one is the i vote canada. hello mr. prime so we're going to be mixing up the diluted little manhattan. this is orange liquor. it's a half ounce of red and white vermouth. a little bit of brandy but we went on the cheap side. recipes there. if you want to try to take this. a little on the cheap side for that.
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the glass. little bit floating around. dump out >> you get a hint of it in the glass >> you don't want it heavy in this cocktail. so we're stirring it up. and then we pour. >> when people come into the restaurant you're asking them to sort of vote and then they vote on the drink is that correct? >> correct. once you order a we have ballots we've made up, and >> so far, the diluted little manhattan is in the lead. >> it is. we're currently polling at 41%. so you know, you can't have a diluted little manhattan without an orange tupay. once you have it. drop the orange in. have a sip. >> we got like 15 seconds left.
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do you like the crooked canada? everybody have a great weekend. happy hour is here.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: mariah carey says in your face, james packer, because she showed up last night with the guy that drove james packer crazy. >> he thought mariah and this dancer were having some relation. >> i wounlt wouldn't mess around with james packer. >> i agree. >> these australians are obviously crazy! [laughter] mel gibson. >> lady gaga, she was having a concert last night in l.a., and she's wearing her jean booty shorts that almost look like a thong. she poured bud light can all over herself at the end of it. m into that.d light all over >> i dumped a beer on myself once. it's the worst thing i ever did. >> that's not hot. [laughter] >> we got james otis, the gentleman that vandalized donald trump's star. he's loaded. his great, great grandfather is


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