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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a government building in germantown. >> police are on the scene in tn the 12,000 block oflo middlebrook road as the upperpp county government center now we are working to gather allgata the details.. we of course will bring you the very latest as weur learn it. it >> with three days to go untileu the big fourth of july j celebration on the national nio mall.mall. u.s. park police they'reere stepping up security.epping >> their message to everyoneone be vigilant. vilant. annie yu is joining us with w some of the specific measures to keep you k >> reporter: tens ofr:ens thousands of people are expected to visit the nationall mall. it will be all hands-on decknec for park police to ensure eur everyone is safe and has goodndo time. they're setting up eighting ugh security access points aroundnta the mall.e they'll be opened monday from 10:00 a.m. through 9 p.m. and reminder, all bags coolers and back packs will be screened atl each check point.ea check be sure to leave the following o items at home. h alcohol, drugs, weapons, fireworks, grills, tents and drones. but park police say the pe say biggest thing is for people o
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remember to report any suspicious activity. >> we are advising the publicinp to be the eyes and ears fornd eo law enforcement.orceme if they see something, saye ing, something. whether you think it's suspicious, out of the ordinary or just didn't feel right, please notify one ofotiff the youth formed personnel psonl working the event.working the en >> reporter: if you're heading to their mall ong to thl monday park police encourage eou you to sign up for theirn up f t emergency text alert system. just text july 4 to 88677. 886 parents are encouraged to have o recent photos of their childheii on their phone so it can ben sent out to officers iff needed.ed. now, while security will bey wib tight this weekend and despite e the recent terror attack intt istanbul law enforcement heremee in d.c. say there is noo credible threat against the a t nation's capitol. catol back to you all.o yo >> annie, thank you.>> annie, tn if you are takingk metro this t fourth of july weekend metro m made scheduling changes. cng lines will be opened from 7:00e0 a.m. until midni
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>> now, on saturday metro willrl be opened until 2:00 p.m. andnd on monday, there will be rush hour service before and afternd the fireworks. plus, there will be off peak o p fares. fares. metro recommends people avoid,mm though,en the smithsonian.mithsi >> in other news this morningisi an accused killer arrestedrreste three days after the suspected murder. murder. prince george's county police believe 24-year-old lawrence sylvester rogers jr. shot five i people killing three of them. oe he's charged with first degree e and second degree murder and mur also manslaughter.aughte after police released rel surveillance video of him tipsfp started pouring in leading toeat his arrest.. the baltimore man who wasn o convicted of murdering hisring h former high school girlfriendhoi has a new chance at >> adnan syed has been grantedda a new trial.. yesterday a judge threw out his conviction after agreeing that cell tower data linking his crime to thlinkinghis
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the man accused of killingf three people including his estranged wife will be back in court.cour eulalio tordil is being held without bond. police say he shot his wife at e their daughter's high schoolgh s in may before going on ainon shooting rampage the next dayex and killing two others in others separate shooting. the 62-year-old faces life in prison.ison bad news for those of hugh r live in i you soon could be paying moreinm for your power bill. bil >> pepco has filed for a 5 percent rate hike for customers.cust if approved, your power billwel would increase by about $4.30bo$ a month.aonth back in april pepco requestedst a 10 percent increase for montgomery and prince george'sgs counties.counties both are under review. r >> reporter:. ssc cust kearse can expect a new rate hike. it will add about $3.28 to3.28 t your monthly bill. we're in the middle of the d nba free agencies son can s which
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free agent is under way. w >> durant held his firsturant meeting with the thunder the.tht the thunder are the favorites ft to retain durant in partn pa because they can pay him the most.. today steph curry draymond green and cliff thompson willn l join the warriors for a meeting with durant in new york.w wanted. wte >> isn't it? man.>>t? >> i want to be that wanted wane one day.onay >> the wizards are preparingreri to offer bradley beal a five year, $128 million maximumil max deal. the contract would pay beale roughly $22 million nextmilliont season. . if beale signs, both he andnd john wall would accomplishcc 39 million against the salary sl cap. cap. >> if we could just shoot aldsho basketball, mo. >> the caps resigned rightgh wing tom wilson to a two year ya $4 million contract.$4 m he posted career highs last season with 17 goals and 16nd 1 assists.sis. wilson has established himself as the team's enforcer.orr. yeah, you enforce it,
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go. >> ♪ >> i wonder if any of themon need anyde new friends.ds. >> we're available.vailable coming up on 4:35 right now, now all right, gary, this is an all important weekendee forecast. >> yes. >> how about that? i agreebo with what you said earlier, e it's already july the first? >> right.>> right. >> wow. okay, listen, a t least most ofost this holiday weekend is going gi to cooperate. not so much today.od weekend doesn't start untiln't u tomorrow, right? here's whereee we are this morning. i want to show you. i've shown you just a couple aou seconds ago but there's the showers and thunderstorms trying to come can up from theme south. can't rule this out. if it holds together maybe clips southern maryland.sout i don't think this makes it toak the metro. technically we could haveould hv something fire up any timefire e over the next two to three hours really i believe we waite until this afternoon and thisero evening to get into the real threat of thunderstorms.ndst intera slight risk for severeev weather. it does look like late this afternoon especially as theseshe temperatures go mid to upperd u 80's and we get a little l sunshine in the mix later in e today, severe weather isther is certainly ss
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extends all up and down theown e i-95 corridor pretty much from richmond on up towards, you know, the -- philly, new york ny and even extending fartherther north than that is where we'rere having strong severetr i'll show that you coming upat m in a full forecast. plus, forecast for thisor t holiday weekend, it has notot really changed sincece yesterday.yeerday. we'll talk all about right now we got to get to erin como is standing by with w that.. friday, how sweet it sounds, erin.. >> not friday eve but actual friday. as you wake up around the dmve v we'll take a look at your inbound 210 north between palmer road r and livingston road at that's were he want to seeheant from fort washington.hito not dealing with any problemsros in oxon hill or forest f heights. looking nice in camp springs.p g heading inbound on fivefi northbound from 301 to30o surratts i like what i'mt'm seeing, traffic at speed. s we have road work however on 50. let's go ahead and take a liveel look outside. osi 50 eastbound out by vista road watch for slowdowns.h
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there is moving slower than it typically would. wld metro gearing up for service at 5:00. aside from safe track surgee two affecting the ontr blue anda silver we'll let you know if kni there are any other metro lowetl slowdowns.owwn back to you. >> if you find yourselff getting angry while drivingvi around our region a new study suggests you have valid hav reasons. >> i'm not crazy.>>'m n safety regulators open anpen a investigation into tesla model m s cars after a deadly crash involving the automatic automat driving system.ivte >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. time right now is 4:37.:37. much more fox news on theews t other side of this bre. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> taking a look at the stories you're engaging within this >> tragedy fortress l thedy f driver of a tesla model s
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sedan using the car's self s driving mode was struck and killed by a truck marking themat new technology's firstrs fatality. tesla founder elon murklon mu expressed condolences for the t tragic loss of the 40-year-old0d driver. >> looks like hillary clinton has found a niche for f fundraising. she raised $1 million and thishi was not the first time these micro fundraisers have landed le clinton big money.inn bi she's hosted 16 of them overr the past two months raking inaki at least $19.5 million total.. >> finally if you're feeling feg road research when you take toh the streets owhf d.c., your action might be justified.ig allstate insurance is outht whittle 2016 best drivers2016es report and out of the 200 u.s. u cities rated, d.c. ranks as as 197th brownsville texas is actuallys l the safest spot. boston came in dead last. las >> all right. >> your road rage -- [laughter][lgh
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can coming up on fox5 news new morning we may soon find out o how much collateral damage has m been caused by u.s. drone. dr strikes over the last eight years. >> gop lawmakers trop hints about a new gun you.ew g you. >> let's take a live look's across the d.c. region. reg you don't have to say sorry too us. we're happy you're with us onu' a friday morning starting offsto a holiday weekend.eekend 4:41 is our time.ur t we'll be right back rightk rig after this.hi >> ♪ >>
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>> 4:43 is the time and today an announcement expected from the white house regarding miliemtary dronite airstrikes. . president obama is set toid reveal the number of civilian casualties sustained by b strikes in pakistan yemen andmea africa since he took office.kffc he's expected to issue an executive order making theinghe protection of civilians a more a integral part of military planning. >> brad paisley weighs in onis the damage from severe weather in west virginia.gia. yesterday he visited the flood f ravaged areas of his home state.e. he says he's shocked anded heartbroken by thehe instruction. he's hoping to raise 1 million n goals in flood recovery efforts.ef he's contributed $1,000 of his own money. m >> hi, game. ge. nothing like that around here for us. it is quite lovely outside but b we did tee tease that storms might be coming in a little later. >> looks like it's very muchikeh so going to be a stormytorm afternoon and into the
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when that happens thisen afternoon, watch out 'cause these thunderstorms later today heavy rain, high t wun wi, hail and maybe a few isolatedsoa tornadoes, okay. okay. so, that really depends on hown much sunshine because moreecse m sunshine we get this afternoonee the more unstable we'lle' actually become.e. out in the burbs this morninguro frederick is 61, gaithersburg is martinsburg is 60. westminster is 70 degrees thiseh morning and hagerstown is 68.ows here in town we're holding at about 73 degrees or so. all across the region no big b pittsburgh is 60.ttgh i same for binghamton.inghamto nothing too chilly and nothi nhi too warm out there. all right, t here's futurecast thisecast morning. we start off with a fewew clouds. we could have a couple of showers or thunderstorms thisori morning. all right.l t. i'm watch a batch ofat thunderstorms coming up frommg u the south.outh. whether it makes it to us orto o not we'll have to wait and see. this is this afternoon and this evening. eve scattered showers,rs, thunderstorms, easily some of ef these will be strong, maybe may even severe. sev the cold frontological getld through and that means f bettere weather as we head on
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this holiday the setup for today looks likekk this. this remember i said from richmond rm basically all the way up wayp through the i-95 corridor forrif new york city and then up u towards new england, just westuw of boston here obviously and so we find ourselves in theselv yellow zone there and that ishai the risk of severe thunderstorms, slight riskrss, s actually. to the west of us it's an enhanced weekend. this is your holiday weekend. 85 degrees. deg a few clouds on sunday 83.ouds y all of these temperaturesempe respect below normal by the way.e we should be in the upper 80'se8 for this time of year. yea it's still -- it still lookstilo like clouds showers and some s thunderstorms possible on thepo fourth of july. hoping it'sss not a rainout. rno but the trend is not good to goo be perfectly honest with you. so, let's hope a few thingsew ti change with that forecast so that it won't be a rainout foror the fireworks. we're keeping our fingersour crossed, right? okay.ka it's pretty nice today. tod evening showers and and thunderstorms again high temperature about 85
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souutheast at about fiveut f to 10 miles per hour.0 mi upper 80's today.od there we go.e i don't know where zip trip iss on saturday. i have to fix that.hat. sorry about that.about tha fourth of july is on twoly is different days, too. am i still asleep thiseeth morning? wow. w i didn't even get close.veget look, zip trip is wrong there. e that's right.hat's ight. okay.ok everything else.ev come here erin. save me, save me.e. we're back in the same houseameh this morning. >> i think gary just wants thean fourth of july party to extend t two days and i don't blame't you. you. >> wow. >> it was a subconscious slip.os >> there wasn't even close. >> right now we have road work w 50 eastbound at lottsford lottso vista road. be careful as you're making min your way towards two left lanes are blocked. bck. westbound traffic towards the beltway is looking good.ooking g we're seeing plenty green. g no problems on the beltwayel through largo this morning. if you're trying to get toe work on this friday morningay m keep in mind you're seeing very nice conditions.ryice co 95 south from the icc down toow the beltway, 270 passing frompaf frederick down to urbana anda 50 all in the green.reen that's what we like to same story i
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95 north 630 to 610. 6 as you pass through fredericksburg on theeric southbound side overnightnd side construction clearing as yoution head towards richmond. just be mindful that could cou cause a tap of the brakes.brake. 66 east passing sudly road ind i very nice shape.very n as you make your way ah outut around the district you can see all the green on the map. freeway is quiet. qui not seeing slowdowns fromm alexandria through pentagon p see city on 395 northbound. traffic is quite on our areaa bridges.brid i'll let you know if anythingny starts to slow us down on d monday for the fourth of july jl fireworks celebration andlebrn n parade. a lot of closures in the t downtown area around aroun constitution avenue.cons check in with me on twitter att erin fox5 d.c. for the latestats on those monday closures. holly and maureen. mau >> let's go to capitol hilllil where democratic lawmakers arere saying better late than neverev following a announcement madee by house speaker paul ryan.l he said the house will vote on a new antiterrorism legislation next week. during a conference call yesterday speaker ryan said sai
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blocking suspected terrorists t from buying guns. guns. now the vote comes more thanes a two weeks after house h democrats staged a sit-in ons sd the house floo ar and demanded m gun control >> this morning a majorn reversal into the pentagon payey dispute with members of its bomb squad. last year the pentagon dropped the bomb squad's hazardous duty. the pentagon says the bomb the b squad won't have to repay the re money that was given to themiveh by mistake. by m in addition allis the debt the employees were facing august fa waived. >> maryland's prisons aresonsre dangerously understaffed.nderstf officials say the facilitiess s are short about 1,000faabou1,00 employees.employ the union that lets represents s correctional officers demandedsd that governor larry hoganyog increase efforts to hire more people. puts py the shortage guards and inmates at risk. at r officials say the state currently has about 600 vacancies for correctionalfocorr officers and at least a thousand vacancies departmentan wide. yesterday union membersnion mrs gathered in jessup maryland to m address the issue. iss >> it's a thankless job and
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that or appreciate that andtnd it's hard. it's -- at the end of the dayfhe it's incredibly stressful and,sa you know, it's -- when you'rehe' being asked to run, you know, ko double shifts over and overhiftr and over again for days on end, you know, that wears on you.yo >> state officials say the department has launchedhed several hiring initiativesri this year adding threee recruiting specialists holdingol real cuting events throughout tu the state and starting next week they're offering walk inlkn eligibility testing initstin baltimore. >> taking a look at some of the new laws taking effect inefi maryland today.ryla the minimum wage will rise from $8.25 to $8.75 sino $75 increases approved in 2014.ed i2 the state's gas tax will rise rs .9 to 33.5 cents.ts maryland's gas tax has gone umo upa dime.ime. >> more out of state concealed l permit holders w
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to legally carry guns in the state. state. an a prohibition against ain smoking in cars when children cd seven or younger will go into the state is raising thehe minimum age to get married to 18 and mandating 20 minutes ofes physical activity a day forty ar elementary school students.tu >> coming up on fox news morning, one of the most of popular tourist destinationstini in our region is celebratingratg its 40th anniversary.nniversary >> what better way to stayta cool in the summertime than a a nice sip of lemonade. lon coming up why we have --av coming up, we have one way youay can stay cool and actually actua also help some of your friendses on four legs.r >> as we led t head to break let take a live look across thes th it is 4:51. 4 it is friday everybody. got to make it through thisgh t day. day. come on, you can do it. i more fox news morning on this m side of the break. we'll help you do back after a >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> today the national air and space museum celebrating it's i 40th anniversary.ivsa the flight hall official will be opened today afterd toy af renovations.reno >> also tonight, visitors cans n actually spend all night atht the museum.e mu it's going to be openedpe through the night so that you can literally gaze amongst the stars. it's often common to see s children selling lemonade around a num sber of neighborhoods.neighb >> a group of kids in northern virginia are selling lemonade for a good cause. cse the children are raising money for home word trails animaltr aa rescue. any extra money they raise will help pay for a field tripri to king's dominion. domio lemonade sales continue conti through july 28. groups bridges to independenceon helped organize the lemonade stand. >> very cute. >> very much so. we will be living it up attu tent island for our zip trip. t we'll be exploring the island and see all the wonderfulon things it has to offer.s toff >> by we she means me.
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if you live out there or inre o the neighborhood, please stoples by and say hello because bau tucker and i will be out there t together.together. we're going ob out there allthee morning long. lon tucker will be there startingbea at 6:00.:0 i'm getting ready to leaveoea right now so i can be there starting at 7:00. 7:0 kent island is beautiful.eautul >> that's one zip trip irii wanted to go on. >> she's going on vacation.acat. she's over it. are we going to have goodav g weather for our zip trip. t >> i'm not going to promise you it's 100 percent drive. i think it probably will be. b >> what good are you.. >> what's? that.ha >> what good are you. >> you know what good i am holly. 64 for manassas.anassa 64 for dulles and 64 for culpeper.culpep temperatures out there alongherg the i-81 corridor lower 60's 6 for winchester. martinsburg 60 degrees andnd hagerstown that's where we are in termse is of temperatures.s. annapolis is 71. kent island pretty much thed pre same.
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and radar. an this is why i'm not preparedrepa to say it's going to beinto b completely dry.colete you see this group of showers, a couple thunderstorms, too,, tracking up from the the southwest.sout it looks like if it holds hds together, it will stay south of kent island, but if it doesn't, it could spread up ap little bit more and become ae a few showers.we we'll watch it move throughugh the area as well.ars we mostly dry this morning. mni more thunderstorms thiserst afternoon.tern here's erin with a look at your friday morning traffic. trf >> good morning, gary. 4:56.4:56. taking a look at our traffic you can see some cones are upcor for construction.t this is 202 inbound between the beltway and 704 so as youou make your way out near brightseat road watch for a w little bit of a slow downatf owd there. just light, light volume. vol let's switch it over for aswit look at our maps. m we have two left lanes blocked 50 eastbound heading outtb towards the bay bridge. you'll pass that at lottsford ls vista we'll take a look at metro m gearing up for service at 5:000 still dealing with safe tracksak surge two still affectinth
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back to you.back to you >> thanks erin. new numbers suggest d.c. streetcar system may have lost some luster with commuters.mutes >> and disney removes all references to alligators at its theme parks in florida. >> before we led to breakor let's take a quick look at today's stock futures, down just a little bit there. fox5 news morning, though, tug back right after this. t 4:57 is our time right now.ow. >> ♪ man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
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i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. >> straight ahead on fox newsoxw morning, thousands of touristss and fourth of july revelersuly are preparing to head to thetott national mall this weekend. weed is there enough security and e canno metro handle the rush?h? >> religious objections denectin night. a federal judge blocks a law which would have allowed all merchants and government employees to legally deny oreny delay services to same-sexex couples. >> a live look outside. live lo. the good news.the we are in for a beautiful weekend.we the bad news, well, we may not n have to pay for the weekend --ed we may have to pay for thehe weekend with some storms this we're going delay all that for now and just say hey -- hey - >> summer storms, right, mo. >> good morning thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh.een u >> i'm annie yu. today is friday, july 1st jy already.already. >> yes, it,


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