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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, police found an assault rival in a d.c. teen's home. details on the revenge he was planning on his girlfriend, her school and her mother.othe we're also life in baltimore asa the city comes to grips with what justice looks like for freddie gray after another officer was found not guilty. and a young blind girl, a devoted mother and a virginia community that stepped in to change their lives.ives the gift she received and how she and her family are now paying it forward. all that and more as fox5 local newses at 11 starts right now. we thank you for joining u
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tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. d.c. police are making known kn they are pulling guns with somee serious fire power off theower streets every day.ets at a press conference earlier today chief cathy lanier say police derailed what could haved been a mass shooting targeting another teenager, her mother and her school. fox5's sarah simmons is life tonight with the very latest. >>reporter: tony and shawn, that 17 year old boy is facingai some serious charges and when you see these court documents you'll understand why. he threatened to shoot and kill his ex girlfriend. he also threatened to shoot kill her mother at her place of work and he also threatened to go too her high school, eleanor roosevelt high school in green belt, maryland and shoot that ut as well. the girl ended up leading police to confiscate an assault rival, rounds of ammunition from that northeast d.c. home where thatre boy lives. now,s you a you mentionedent earlier today, it's what d.c. police are alluding to when
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three ak37s were taken off the streets alone. here's police chief cathy lanier describing how she worked with the young woman. we worked with the young womanon through the night. found an on-call emergency gumcy and interrupted his day, got an emergency search want, was ables to go and recover an ak47 from the individual involved and 180 rounds of ammunition.mmun if anybody thinks for one second that the gun recovery unit didn't safe countless lives,ess you're making a mistake. police want to reiterate they believety no one else is in danger at thie interest post office.offi they're also still investigating to see exactly how that boy goty his hands on that gun and ammunition. the boy also posted according tg court documents posted instagram video showing the victim also performing sexual acts. now because of this he is facing a range of charges, green belt police plan to charge
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juvenile with plans of vinyl and for placing a sexual image online.on that's the latest here at d.c. police headquarters, sarah simmons, fox5 local news. ne > also coming up tonight, as we mentioned, the police chief tolh us that getting high powered weapons off the streets a priority and it will help make the city safer and help protect her officers.fice do you believe taking these typs of guns off the streets will reduce the homicide rate here locally. >> i do. i also make my officers safer. i hate the thought that my cops have to go out there and faceand these weapons over and over again. we've all -- she said while people can own guns in then district she will not go out ofo her way to promote gun ownership. crowds remain calm in baltimore tonight hours after police officer caesar good son was found not guilty in the death of freddie gray. he was the third of six officerx to stand trial
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who faced murder charges. fox5's marina maracco is lifeife tonight in west baltimore. she joins us now with more. reporter roars that he ' right, tony, that makes three of thef six officers charged in connection with freddie gray's death now virtually acquitted or have had a miss trial and officer caesar good son was the driver of that police van and according to the prosecution he was the one that providedvide freddie gray with that quote, rough ride, now the judge saying in the verdict that the prosecution simply did not meet the burden of proof and there wasn't sufficient evidence to substantiate that second degreed murder charge. the crowds, however, outside displeased for the most part. they feel disappointed that justice, they believe, was not served. there are small crowds outsideos the courthouse, however, thingse for the most part were veryer pieceful as they were here in baltimore. but freddie gray's family, they came out and they spoke and they say that still they are waiting for justice.tice so, yes, this family is he norm
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themselves, but for this community. again, they renew their supporto of marilyn most bibecause they e believe that she is fighting for a just cause because we stillwe have an unaddressed police brutality problem not just in this city where very little has changed, but in this nation. now, here in west baltimore this is freddie gray's neighborhood,, it's where he grew up. it's also where he arrested.este this time residents did not come out in force like they have before. a few protestors were pieceful but over shadowed by a large police presence. we did speak with a resident who said he grew up with freddie gray and he, too, feels like this community deserves more. he feels like something should have come from the charges.
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life in the hands of the city police. do you agree, however, with how baltimore is now reacting foreat the most part. >> sure. i'm not going to riot because all that things is make things force. you're tearing down your own neighborhood. i don't think violence is a solution to anything. right now it's halfway throughhu the trial, everyone has to hold on. i don't believe it's going to be no guilty when it's all said and done. > now there is still remaining officers that are charged and awaiting trial.awai and today the baltimore city police union saying and askingnd the state attorney's office too drop all of those remaining charges following today's acquittal of the life tonight ah west baltimore, marina maracco,a fox5 local > fox5 is in
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now. police are looking for the vandals who spray painted racist and homophobic messages throughout the terabytero neighborhood. they woke up to find the raciale slurs and anti gay messages onon sidewalks and lawns. police believe it happenedppen around 56789. 30 this morning. they believe a group of young people may be responsible. we do have a neighborhood lift n serve and someone had mentionedi that graffiti and that the stone on the corner of liberty and lombardi had paint on it and that is in my yard. itself it's unfortunate. i don't know it's punk kidspunk being punk kids or if there is something more to it. arlington police say the vandalism is similar to graffiti found yesterday on the belmontmt trail. also in virginia we learn that police made an arrest in then death of an elderly woman. francis hopkins faces first degree murder charges in the death of s
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detectives say she was the laste person to see sinclair before sinclair went missing saturdaytd morning. they believe hopkins, the woman you see here, dumped the olderlr woman's body the same day she disappeared. now to montgomery county where a parent is suing the schoolhe system saying it's he emergent programs are skis discriminatory. will claims his daughter of color don't have equal access to the school's programs. he said the school system failee to publicize the opportunities to students of color and those for lower income families. if families don't know theseknow types of programs you're goings to get y the same types of families applying. programs where they are 50 percent of the population in the county they make up lessss than 5 percent on the magnets. that's a very wide disparate. the school system ironed a statement and said in part, quote, while we cannot comment on
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complaint, the issues raised is common concern of which we are well aware. far more families want their children to attend emergent programs that we have space for. this year we had nearly 700 applications for kindergarten and space for only around 300 students. > coming up tonight wait untilw you hear how far one father went to find his son a wife. the question is, would you go yu this far to find your daughter-in-law. > an incredible story of whatat one v community is doing to help give a girl the gift of site. we continue to keep our eyes on that, heavy showers and a rumble of thunder moving across the baltimore dropping some pretty heavy rain at 15 miles an hour. we can't sound the all clearar overnight for showers andand storms, but the weekend is dryer news then. wait until you see that forecast. fox5 news
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back. back. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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> new at 11, a virginiaew a community came together to givee a little girl who is legally blind a pretty amazing gift. g they're raising money to help hl her family afford special glasses so that she can seen. fox5's lauren demarco has the story from winchester. >>reporter: that's nine year old kay len mock seeing clearly for the very first time. she was born with a condition sn her vision is extremely limited. the tree, the ground? but not steps. >> i can't see steps. kay line sways her head fromead side to side so she can catch glimpse of lights and colors. co she learn the shapes of letters and numbers by touch. but when it comes to her to absolute favorite thing to do, reading, she relies on
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i want my mommy.y much it's all about the change because very soon, hopefully byy the time shunters fourth grade thfois fall she will have her on pair of e sight glasses. she ride them during a time in n arlington and there was a momeno she and her mother will never forget. she turned around and said, mommy, i see you. >> i saw my mommy. > it was a absolute miracle. i didn't think there was ever going to be anything that wasas going to help her when she was first i found out she wasn't going to be able to '. finally there is something out o there that gives us hope. she can't wait to see her babyer brother due in october. oc she'll be able to experience thx world with she's be able to see things that he is seeing, too. the e sight glasses mag my phi m the world around them and adjusa for color and contrast. she was able to read rows
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eye chart 10 feet away. she first learned about e sight when she saw a clip about it on tv. with her help and a go fund me n the family is very close to the $15,000 they need to raise. some local business owners also are also helping. diana's diner set up this up collection box, pretty adorable so the customers can contributec as they check out. they're also holding a spaghetth dinner fundraiser this at. the opportunity that would come along that would allow anybody to see again, i think it's just fantastic.tic. she's such a sweetheart. swe she may only be able to see frae members of light, but this th little girl lights up the room. her proud mother says any penny they raise over the $15,000 wil go to help other visual impaired kids starting with one of her classmates. we want to
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chance to see the world. every child should have hope.op. > yes, indeed, everybody should have hope.ed mr. what a wonderful story. >> it is. i hope people watching will contribute to the go fund me. just think, she saw her mom. it would be so amazing if theyf could raise that money in the next few weeks. you know what else is great, for those who have sight disabilities and hearing disabilities, there are some amazing strides being made. ma >> technology is incredible yes, indeed. i'm so happy for her.. i loved that moment. mommy is pretty. >> the weather is pretty. pre we're working our way out of it. we certainly got a big pass thia afternoon and this evening.veni once a week is plenty. once a week is more than enough. trust me i'm right there with wi you, shawn. tonight we're much whatting a few more showers that are still up toward the baltimore area. they're big
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producers. we did get a major pass thanks to the clouds. not just safed by the bell, bute saved by the clouds from having to deal with the big hail and ad the gusty and many da aging rains we saw on tuesday. if you didn't see it at 10 we have some really cool security video in howard county tornado r that was confirmed as an ef0 tornado. this is dropping a good inch of rain as it moves southeast. you might see some of that in northern anne arrundel l countyn loaded withe lightning and spinning tomorrows. what we're getting in comparison has been pretty easy to deal with, but we are going to have to deal a little bit of a chance overnight as our frontalt as boundary swings on through. unfortunately it doesn't swingwg too far south and as the front r that comes through tonight begins the process of stalling out, it will focus more showers
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and thunderstorms near where it says it's stalling out and thatd means clouds for us tomorrow, a few storms possible and some scattered showers for friday. it doesn't look like a severe weather day for us, though. but the boundary down to our south will attract these areas e of low pressure and the storms h love to feed on that and that's where the action will bel tomorrow. we should be able to get intoo the 80s, but again a good amouno of cloud cover. c we did get to 82-degrees today d despite having thick cloud cover. we had record rain at dullesulle today, 79-degrees, the record9-e for the day. it was about three-quarters of an inch there. th temperatures 76-degrees in the district. 72 for west minister, 70 at culpeper, but again very, very v humid tonight and our futurecast going forward just has a few scattered showers in theatte overnight hours, but at 8 in the morning it looks like more of our activity would be on the on earn shore and over at the beaches. you can see there is a lot of lt cloud cover the
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afternoon the possibility of a few more showers and maybe some rumbles of shower activity. keep the rain gear handyandy tomorrow. you'll be able to ditch it latei tomorrow night as the rains the stall we're breaking for sunshine. sunshine will be in full effect as we get into the afternoon ont saturday as well as sunday and it looks like the humidity willm be dropping as well. so great news. ne there could be some drizzle inrz the morning and some showers around afternoon, but here's thh weekend set up. the high pressure is going to wedge its way into the forecast bringing a really fantastic weekend with warm temperatures,e but low humidity and no thunderstorms to deal with. 85-degrees for saturday. sunday 87. we're even thinking beaches look pretty, good, too. water temperature is a comfortable 68-degrees. that's pretty good for this early in the year. saturday at row hobart 76 and 78 in cape may on saturday.y it ok
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830 on sunday. i wt to mention today is marine safety day. they want to let you know a fewa things about boaters. last year we had the highest hi death toll in 20 years. yea there were 21 boating fatalities. that is more than thunderstorms analyte thing. it's more than hurricanes and tornadoes all put together. why did that happen? we think it's fast chaining weather. you have to know the forecast could change. we want to remind boat others td have a smartphone with you and download our fox5 weather app. it will let you know if you have a severe thunderstorm in your area. next week it will be heating upa into the upper 80s into low 90 and a chance of storms back in s the forecast on monday with ada frontal boundary getting closer and maybe even on tuesday as well. here's your seven day forecast.r by s the way we are zipping to
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vienna tomorrow morning.en i don'tna think it's verbalerba terribly wet. for the rest of the weekend we dry things out nicely and maybe a chance of a couple of thunderstorms monday andunde tuesday. we'll take a break fromrom thunderstorms on wednesday and e thursday with a few clouds around on wednesday. we'll get right back into the mid-80s as we say goodbye to june at the end of next week. > what are we going to say, sue >> goodbye to june. jun > while you're here i want to show you some incredible video this is coming from westrom virginia where they've had a tha lot of rain and flooding. take a look at this video. this is a house on fire being swept away in flood waters.ater it's moving -- this is somebody's home.'s it first caught on fire and thee swept away. awa i is moving downstream and you'll see in a moment it goes through a little bit of a wooded area and then right towards a bridge. if you look close enough it looks like the bridge is
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over as well right towards thehe middle and then we lose the t image just as the house gets to the my goodness. go i've never seen anything like that. maybe a gas line erupted or or something. > something like that. >> unfortunately some other newa to tellte t you about out of wet virginia related to this flooding. we told you about the houseu ab that's been flooded, but also aa frantic search is underway righh now for a toddler who was swept away in flood waters caused by the heavy thunderstorms in thati this is in southwest ton, west virginia. the flood waters were behind some homes in a town called ravenswood located in the southe part of the state. it flow noose the sandy creek which then empties the ohio river. meanwhile in the northern parten of the state police found the body of an 8 year old boy after he was swept away by swift water. this information just coming in to us in the news room. some treacherous, awful situations there. flash flooding is so deadly and
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it's often underestimated. >> it rises very quickly. > it's a shame to hear that. >> thanks very much and we'll be right back.
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a full page ad in an who he newspaper in the idea of finding his new daughter-in-law.ghte the problem is son had no idea. barron lives in salt lakes city, utah. his dad was looking for someonee ready to have kids right away and that's not all. prospective brides must beiv between 34 ande 38. they must be willing to locate. they must be political conservative. if you voted for president oh bam or plan to vote for hillary clinton you would not be a match. barron said it is ridiculous and i'm embarrassed that he did
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ben affleck was off the rails on bill simmons. >> you're the ultimate [bleep] outrage of sports. harvey: he's slurring a lot of words. on the other hand, he is articulate. >> getting drunk is like a bell curve. when you hit the top of the bell curve, you're smart. >> in your mind you think you're smart but you're not smart to the world. >> kylie jenner posted on her mething -- at she spilled harvey: oh, my god! >> -- all over her pants. >> yeah, she spilled urine! [laughter] >> amber heard arriving to l.a.x. after she was just getting fitted for her "justice league" costume in london. harvey: johnny depp's lawyers wanted to take her deposition and they wanted to do it last week any day. they said no, she's going to


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