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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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with what he had to say. >> reporter: this family's account is truly troubling. the teenager was shot on a metro platform by a complete stranger in front of his mother and two elementary school-aged sisters. >> it was him, his mother and his two younger sisters. and according to her, he came up and shot him for no reason. >> 15-year-old died from the gun shot wound. now instead of celebrating easter sunday, his family is left grieving and trying to cope. >> they're traumatized. they witnessed their brother getting killed. >> after the fatal shooting dc police said this. >> we don't know what the subject matter was, but it's not believed to be random. >> however the family disagrees. they say he was a sophomore at largo high school and lived in maryland. he's described as a quiet kid who was in rotc an
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basketball and fashion. his family feels it's unlikely he had problems with anyone in the northeast dc neighborhood where he was visiting his mother when he was killed. devonte's grandfather is also upset because he said in the moments after the shooting, help was no where to be found. >> so were there any security guards, any armed metro police officers? >> no. no one was around. she saw the station manager, he was slow to react because she noticed a guy running past him and jumping over the turn aisles. >> tonight dc police have not made an arrest they also have not made an arrest or released any surveillance or photos from the metro station. they are offering a 25 noud award for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> an the district firefighters battled an apartment fire in the 3200 bck
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to see the intense flames in the photos from the scene. several people were rescued from the fire. we were told two residents and one firefighter was hurt but they're going to be okay. >> a gunman who fired shots this afternoon. a man is in critical condition at shock trauma. early reports indicate the shooter likely left the area. >> and turning now to the forecast, let's take a live look outside on this chilly wet easter night. >> gwen is standing by and a lot of us going back to work tomorrow. gwen, how is it looking for them. >> the first half of the day we're going to have some of the wet weather but things will improve by the afternoon. not a total washout. let's put it that way. i'll show you exactly what's going on with that rainfall as it continues to move its way up the coast. we will see this moving in more so in the overnight
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and some of you might, you know, in the next hour or so get a little bit of drizzle but we are looking at primarily the main swath of this rainfall heading in overnight and linger in to the early hours monday morning before all is said and done. 57 at reagan nation, 56 in dulles, and 55 at bwi. these temperatures will be left in the dust for tomorrow because we're headed about 10 degrees warmer into the upper 60s. right now we've got 49 degrees at dulles, 50 at dc, 47 at baltimore, 46 at gaithersburg, 48 at frederick, 52 at winchester and 51 at fredricksburg. winds will be picking up tomorrow as well. they're going to be fairly gusty. we are talking an overnight low of 49 degrees, but we've got some fog to be concerned with as well. and that fog is expected to impact the early morning as well as tonight. so monday morning showers in the forecast, but that sun will make a bit of anap
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afternoon and i'll let you know what the 7-day forecast just how long it will stick around as well. >> it was a cold morning but that didn't stop thousands from attending easter sunrise services at the lincoln memorial. the tradition dates back 38 years. the service provides a unique experience, people attending are able to see the sunrise with the washington monument and the u.s. capital dome in the background. >> now in the middle east where thousands gathered in jer he's lum. local christians joined pilgrims from around the world. >> and in iraq worshippers celebrated easter despite the violence that continue toss plague the country. many people have been left homeless after
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their villages. parishioners say they are hopeful that iraq's army will wipe out the rebels and they'll be able to celebrate easter in their own home next year. >> easter turned deadly in pakistan and a bomb blast killed 65 people and wounded three ours. a suicide bomber carried out the attack. the area was crowded with family celebrating easter. that explosion went off near the children's rides in the park. >> and in belgium police are continuing their round-up. >> and the dragnet has now shifted to another country. >> reporter: mourning for the victim's last week's terror attack
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riot police using water cannons to disburse the protesters, anti-immigration/antigovernment activists who were shouting antiisis remarks. >> lots of families were here and we have some difficulties to confine those hooligans. >> reporter: the belgian government calling for a rally at the square to be postponed. >> we are still all over the country in threat level 3. there are inquiries, important inquiries going on. for these inquiries we need a lot of police capacity. >> local media here report the bombing suspect wearing a hat in this surveillance photo in custody. police in italy arrest
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algerian man for fake id's. the hooligans as they call themselves have been cleared out but security remains tight as people make their way to the plaza to mourn those who were killed. >> still ahead at 11:00, the easter message from pope francis. >> his words of hope.
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tens of thousands of catholics were on hand at the vatican to hear easter mass from pope francis. speaking before the large crowds at saint peter's square the pope urged worshippers to support the victims of terrorism as well as the victims of the ongoing refugee crisis. queen likz was in attendance other royal family members in attendance were the queen's children, princess anne, prince edward. >> the annual easter egg roll. more than 35,000 ticke
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handed out for the first family on the south lawn for games, stories and live music. the young entrepreneur has made her sugar-free lollipops a reality. >> i just wonder if they're sweet. >> what does easter monday have in store for us.
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they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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>> a lot of people made the trip down to the tidal basin but if you can't head there, this may
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it's in the kenwood neighborhood and it boasts more than 1,200 cherry trees. >> we're anticipating rain moving in and you know what? some of that rain is already gradually starting to move its way up the coast and we've got some clouds and some fog to deal with also. and
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anywhere tomorrow morning, this is all going to be sticking around. starting tonight but lasting into the early hours of tomorrow. showers tonight, we've got patchy fog as well this evening and that's going to continue. that's going to continue in the overnight hours. so monday we have some showers but the good news is we're going to see a clearing trend. we're heading back to the 70s once again. look at this wide swath of precipitation. it's all associated with a frontal system, a low pressure system with an associated front i should say that's moving its way up the seaboard and that's what's bringing us this rainfall. we're going to get a difference in our temperature. but this is going to move through tonigh
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so very soggy as far as the morning hours are concerned. once it gets out of the way a ridge of high pressure builds in and for monday afternoon and tuesday we get back to some sunshine and it's going to be warmer than it was today but the good news is at least we'll have some brighter skies for you to enjoy. once that low pressure system moves out, however, and this ridge of high pressure starts to move in tomorrow, we have another situation to deal with and that's the winds. the clashes of the two masses here. we're going to see winds that are going to be gusty tomorrow. 30 mile per hour or stronger wind gusts and that's my concern where the cherry blossoms are concerned. we're going to keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't blow too many blossoms off the trees. here's a look at future cast and some of the
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right now 50 degrees at dc, 47 at baltimore and 48 at frederick. and for tomorrow we're going to be talking temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. even some 70s. so not bad at all. but once again the sunshine will kind of take a peak by the afternoon hours. we've got some warmer weather coming by thursday. we have a chance of seeing a rumble of thunder or two. tomorrow is the white house easter egg roll, big important day for the little ones. it will be a bit showery so we'll see those showers starting to pull out by the time we get to mid morning or so. 49 degrees as we wrap it u
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you, clouds, showers and some fog and tomorrow morning it sticks around again. we'll have 68 degrees for a daytime high and we get a couple of nice days of sunshine by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday and then a gradual warm-up into those long-await the 70-degree days which aren't all bad. with a chance of a thunderstorm or two. but that's typical spring weather and it's how we serve it up on the weather buffet. >> that's how it is. >> thank you gwen. still ahead tonight at 11:00, after getting called off, the wizards getting into must-win territory if they want a chance on the playoffs. we'll update our game with the lakers right now ahead in sports.
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>> upset by syracuse
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early on it looks like the whos would easily discard their acc breath ren. in the second half a game high 23 points. >> when i told him and i think it's right i was reminded i don't know if it's an old church song or not, weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. we will have some tough nights because you're so close you could taste it, but absolutely joy will come in the morning for what these guys have established for virginia basketball. >> it's all set here are the final four times who will meet in houston. north carolina beat notre
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second half, nene. this one going on wizards leading lakers 57-54. when you think of fencing you may think of the three musketeers. but one local at least is fencing for
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>> she is currently the number one ranked junior fencer in the united states. and is training for her final junior world championships next week in france. >> she's not very big girl and she compensated with fantastic technique. great footwork. and grea
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>> there's an art to tricking the person, which is my favorite part of fencing. you set them up so you can trick them and get them to do exactly what you want. she par laid her skill into a scholarship at notre dame where she has to parry swords and bad pickup lines. >> i had a boy try to flirt with me by being you're so on point. i'm like i never heard that one before. ever. >> boys should watch out. she may not look it, but she's intense. one coach said her yell after winning a match is like a lioness protecting her cubs. she even intimidated a male teammate. >> he's like 6'4" and i'm just like small me and w
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he was just like heh. >> she has her sights set on tokyo. >> gold in the olympics. >> she doesn't want to win gold for the glory or the fame or her own wheaties box. she wants to win gold for her country and her father. >> to be able to win gold and hear the national anthem. my dad is in the military. being able to hear it. it would just be amading. >> she's a very impressive young woman and it was interesting both of her sisters also trained at the same fencing club. i overheard her, i'm so happy i'm not good as good as amanda so i don't have to deal with this. >> she won't be thinking that when her sister is holding gold. >> exactly. and hopefully she is
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favorite to win gold. >> tbrody. >> and we're back after this.
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>> i get this feeling that with the wind that's coming, the cherry blossoms may not last that 10-day period that they can. >> we're hoping that won't happen. we do have winds coming and rain. we're going to keep our fingers crossed. let's think positive and hope that doesn't happy because they're so beautiful right
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we're going to be warming up tomorrow to about 68 degrees. it's not a total washout. we'll see some sunshine by the afternoon with just a few clouds and tuesday and wednesday look great. >> it's starting to look like baseball weather. >> 70s on the horizon, opening day. >> we'll catch you tomorrow.
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- [gagging] [vomiting] [cheers and applause] - it was either this or watch a voluptuous 14-year-old girl eat her tampon. welcome to the season 5 premiere of tosh.0. i'd love to tell you it's our final season,


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