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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 19, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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>> right now at 11:00, a virginia county has joined forces with law enforcement following a recent string of heroin overdoses. >> and eagle mania has taken over our region. the first baby eaglet hatched today and they're not the only local eagle family that has people talking. >> as we prepare for spring, is more snow in our forecast? gwen tolbart has that answer and more as fox 5 local news at lech:00 starts right now. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00, i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm sarah simmons in tonight for tony. we begin in loudoun county, one of several counties not only in virginia but throughout the area battling a heroin crisis. >> tonight parents, students and recovering addicts took part in a community forum hoping to tackle the problem head on. tisha lewis joins us now with more. >> reporter: the emergency
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17-year-old high school student in fairfax died due to a potential heroin overdose. the goal of tonight's gathering was to get the word out about the perils of a heroin addiction. it's a mission that starts with educating parents. we're inside the drug enforcement administration's visitor center in leesburg. call it a perfect center for a candid discussion about the risingia of heroin among students. >> i lost my brother a year and a half ago to a drug overdose. it's important to me that nobody else goes through what my family has been through. >> reporter: her brother jason was 37 years old when he died. >> i don't have a solution. is this is enough? no. is it a start, yes. >> reporter: she is talking about this forum where she was just one of scores of people impacted by a loved one's drug addiction including heroin. the focus here is on getting help to the most vulnerabl
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population using heroin, children. the conversation also focused on rehabilitation as opposed to criminalization. >> i haven't used alcohol or any other drug in over eight years at this point. >> reporter: nick is a recovering her rin addict. he started using drugs when he was ten years old. now he's helping the state educate students about heroin's dangers before it's too late. >> get help, okay? i could not do this on my own. i've never met anyone that could. >> reporter: loudoun county reportedly saw 35 heroin overdoses in 2015. nine were fatal. the year before there were 31 heroin overdoses with 11 being fatal. the county hopes aggressive education like the program you just saw will help curb those startling statistics. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> also in virginia a spotslyvania county man is facing murder charges. the sheriff's office says william moore is responsible f
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the death of his wife ashley who died after a heroin overdose last month. moore admitted to police the couple used the drug on a daily basis and on the night she died he provided her with the lethal dose. investigators initially charged moore with child endangerment after it was revealed his two children were inside the home at the time. >> beautiful day today, right? spring is only two days away, by the way. but we hear snow is in the forecast. let's get right to gwen tolbart now and find out what we can expect, if we should pull out the winter coats. gwen? >> i know, justt as everybody thought oh, we finally can kind of ease up on the clothing a little bit. well, you know what? temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the 40s and we do have some rain, a little bit of wintry mix and just a little bit of snow, just as spring makes its arrival. right now we've got a couple of systems to the south of us that are moving their way up
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northeast and they are going to be responsible for bringing us that winter precipitation once we get into this weekend. right now there is a winter weather advisory in effect. this kicks in saturday at 6:00 a.m. and lasts until sunday at noon and here is where we're going to see accumulations that we can really start adding up. elsewhere things will be a lot different. we've got more of a dusting as we take a look towards the dc corridor. we are talking rain and a little bit of wintry mix and a light amount of snow. the surface temperatures are going to be too warm for it to really stick so not too much of an issue there. temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 40s everywhere and yes, it's here. spring starting with snow. but guess what? it will be out of here before you know it and we are heading to the 70s. i promise that. you'll see my 7-day forecast. back to you. >> we want to take you to breaking news right now happening in russia. a passenger airliner we understand traveling from dubai
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this crash occurred in a southern city. an estimated 60 people were on board. again we are continuing to monitor the latest developments. no word yet on exactly what's happening there on the ground. we will keep you posted with the latest updates. many of you tuned into the national arboretum's eagle cam and got to witness the birth of one of two eaglets this morning. another nest is getting a lot of attention and this one is in alexandria. these eagle parents nicknamed george and ma that appear to have some of their own. >> there's one in particular that's garn ared a lot of attention. there's no web cam or national spotlight but it is part of the view that some people say they would not
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>> mom's not moving. >> reporter: on this quiet alexandria street, way up in the trees just above the gw parkway is a view that john lawson can only describe as. >> breath taking. i'll just watch the bald eagles fly by. >> look closely and you'll see it. it's a nest. and while we've met mr. and mrs. president at the national arboretum, this is george and martha's home. >> i'm watching my eagles. they were here last year at about this time. i think the female is sitting on another egg. george is flying around finding food. >> reporter: bald eagles are long off the endangered list but their
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ignore. >> we can't see in the nest but their behavior is consistent of those of expectant eagle parents. the question is what would be the little one's name? >> oh, man. i don't know. let's see who gets the nomination. >> reporter: people are going to tell you about the original george and martha who lived nearby. there were eagles named george and martha and they were eventually broken up by a younger eagle that they nick named angelina. there was a lot of excitement in the neighborhood for that expected new arrival. >> you know how i feel about that. i was stunned to hear that. thank you, jim. tonight, dc police are investigating stunning allegations and an exclusive prep school. the same school the obama daughters attend. another student raped her on the school's campus. the alleged incident happened wednesday afternoon during
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later that night. according to the police report the two had a previous sexual relationship but she said the male students forced her to have sex with her without her consent. the school released a statement that said it is the long-standing policy to cooperate with any law enforcement investigation. it is also our policy not to comment on such investigations. dc police tonight also looking for two men connected to a murder wednesday on benning road northeast. take a good look at this surveillance video. it shows the men getting into a car and driving off. it is very grainy, it is hard to see. investigators are hoping that someone may know something about this. if you know anything, give them a call. >> new details tonight about the capture of europe's most wanted fugitive suspected of being involved in the paris attacks. police in
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apartment building and captured abdelasalm salah. he is the only one of the attackers who survived. 131 people were killed in those attacks. this sunday is a big day. don't be surprised if you see a lot of men getting down on one knee. we're going to have all the details coming up. >> i think ladies should pay attention too. >> yes. you don't need to get down on one knee. just saying. pay attention. also coming up, pay attention right now. it is friday night time to relax and say cheers to the weekend! >> he is shaking it up tonight, baby. he's shaking up a cocktail called the japanese. we're going to get the recipe coming up in just a few minutes.
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we've got good news for you. it is national proposal day. >> one man in mississippi set the bar pretty high for those planning to get down on one knee. take a look. >> i love you so much. >> yes! >> that is kevin asking andrea to marry him had just heard for the first time following a cochlear implant. that is amazing. >> on top of the fact
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getting engaged. >> that was the first thing she heard. >> that is priceless. >> that's very sweet. >> engagement and wedding rings. they can be pretty expensive and if you lose it you may never be able to get it back. >> that was not the case for a couple in missouri. they went above and beyond to find their missing ring. after the couple accidentally through the ring away, we should say actually it was the husband, he and his wife put on hazmat suits, got to work, digging throughtons of trush to find that 12.5 carat ring. a garbage company made them take them somewhere else instead of to where they were digging. if you're asking why the pair searched for the ring, it is valued at nearly
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>> we've got really mixed conditions for this weekend. yes, winter making a comeback just as we're ready to head into spring on sunday. we're going to talk about temperatures being in the 40s for daytime highs tomorrow and rain, medication, snow all coming in on saturday. the snow is going to wrap up by sunday evening. we've got a warm, warm week ending for you. a couple of systems here that are going to move their way up the atlantic seaboard and one is going to transfer energy to the other and that's going to be our weather maker as we move into this weekend. now, in the meantime winter weathe
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effect. this kicks in
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>> a couple of 50s here on our map but it's going to cool down tonight. warming up by the end of the week. ridge of high pressure builds in. we're headed for the 60s and 70s in that 7-day forecast. not too hard to take. 39 degrees for tonight, chilly. and for tomorrow a high of only 46 degrees as we deal with all of that precipitation. and as i mention it's not going to be around for too long. it will be out of the way by the time we get into the later part of sunday. hump day, 70 degrees. not bad. but by the time we hit the end of the week we're talking 75 degrees and trust me, spring makes its return. >> say it ain't snow, gwen. terps fans, you can exhale for
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maryland advanced the terps escaped. >> in the end we did what we had to do. it was tough. i normally like to shoot the last
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the shot, passes, his first goal as a cap. later second period. the his career high 22nd goal of the season 2-1 caps still second period. number 51 on the season. tonight the nationals port st. lucie. rough first inning, nats up 2-0. no beard, still has the power. second inning nats are now 12 and 3. i'm sure some
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michigan state or cal they could really use a drink right now. >> thank you, brody logan. so when we come back it's going to be time to say cheers to the weekend! he's mixes up tonigh
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zbl it is friday night and that means it is time to say cheers to the weekend! every friday we invite a bartender to mix up a signature cocktail. >> and we invite brody to trim whatever hedge we have on the table. >> mat is here to mix
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call the japanese. >> tell us what is in the japanese. >> this is a delicious old-school cocktail. this goes back to 1870, it is not an original. you can date it back to new york. we're going to go ahead and add some cognac to get started. >> a healthy serving there. >> we're not just building one of the -- building one, we're building three. a little orjot. we're going to cut that with a little bit of lime juice to balance the sugar. the last touch, you know this is an old school cocktail. some agaster bitters. it's one of the most well-known bitters in the world. >> is it tw
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>> out of trinidad. >> it's well known but we don't know it that well. >> you've got to show us shake. >> yes! >> he is like the best shaker we've ever had on cheers to the weekend. you guys saw the recipe. it's also on >> you said this is kind of a traditionally a smaller cocktail. that's kind of your thing. >> our idea we're using the dainy glassware on purpose. let's have a small drink. so you come in, you'll have one of these, one of two others, you're going to have three cocktails in total in miniature form. the idea is to have a flight instead of just one thing. >> and then for the final little what are you doing er
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little twist of lime. >> so what would be some of the other cocktails that you would serve this one? >> come on in, brody. jim, come on in here. before we get the rest of the drinks, let's say a quick cheers to the weekend! >> i could smell it. >> the japanese. >> ooh. >> that's delicious. >> that's dangerous. >> it's like the drunk appetizer trio. >> you get three drinks in one, like tapas, kind of. >> tell us about the food you guys serve up. >> so we're a japanese, it's delicious food, a lot of sushi, a lot of small plates. we're
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american taste of japan. >> this is. >> it is delicious. and you said you have like a sake tasting coming up. >> we do. for the folks who are watching right now, if they go to eve eventbrite right now they can see our class series. >> go to eventbrite to look that up. we ask you to go to our website to get the latest information. jim aparptly is going to drink the bottle.
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