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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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shawn. we begin the 11:00 tonight in woodbridge. residents had to take cover as gunshots rang out in the streets. >> tisha lewis is live in the that neighborhood tonight. i know there were terrifying moments for residents who live there. >> reporter: that's right, tony. to say the least. and all of this unfolded here on the 15500 block here of banjo in woodbridge. let this serve as a reminder that crime can happen anywhere, any time, and in this case it was last night as residents were coming home from work when police say several calls came in reporting gunfire. >> i worry about my wife, my kids. >> reporter: it was anything but a typical night in this woodbridge neighborhood thursday. several residents say they are lucky to be alive after bullets came ripping through their windows and homes. the ma w
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was lying in bed when gunfire shattered his window. and nelson was home too when the shots rang out. >> we heard about, i don't know, 10, 15 shots. we weren't sure what it was at first, whether it was fireworks or whatever. but the first thing my wife said is it sounds like gunshots and she was wondering should we move. >> homes sprouted up about a decade again and by all accounts, nothing like this has ever happened before. >> we never had anything like that. it's a quiet neighborhood. >> when the gunfire stopped, in some places bullets were found lodged in walls. it's amazing no one was injured. >> i have my kids here. i hope we're safe in this neighborhood. >> reporter: one night after the barrage of bullets, a heavy police presence can be seen patrolling the area adding some
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confident to residents. and thankfully tonight there are no injuries to report. police are still investigating what prompted all this and who's responsible. now if you take a look over my right shoulder, the cluster of homes, especiay the first three, they're the ones that got it the worst. the most gunfire struck those homes. and one of the residents in this neighborhood tells me that investigators tell her that there's a forest across the street and there may have been a group of people firing off shots and when you think about that, it's scary, dangerous and of course it's illegal. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> in prince george's county, unsettling new details in a case of child pornography. sources tell fox 5 that deonte carraway allegedly handed out cell phones to children and told them to record themselves engaged in sexual acts. he then collected the phones at the end of the day. carraway met his alleged victims while volunteering at various places. so far there a
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victims. a wheaton man is behind bars tonight charged with sexually assaulting three women over the past two weeks. police have identified the suspect as william brown. they say he approached women on three separate occasions in the wheaton area and touched them inappropriately. he's currently being held on $100,000 bond. police are concerned they may have more victims and asking anyone with information to call them. >> a man charged with brutal mirders of a dc housekeeper and their family pleaded not guilty to the crime. he is accused of culling savos, his wife, their son and housekeeper inside their northwest home last may. wint was later arrested after his dan was found on a pizza delivered to the house. well, we are in for a pleasant change of weather. kiss the 30s good-bye and get
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ready for a taste of spring tomorrow. the down side is the winter weather is still in the pipeline. >> we're not out of the clear yet. we just have to anticipate that it can pop up at any time. let's begin with a look at what's happening outside right now. we've got clouds that are increasing and we have a frontal system that's moving its way through and we actually came through pretty dry for us. a little bit of activity to the north. but other than that we're talking mostly cloudy skies in the overnight hours. here's a look at your current temperatures. it's currently 40 degrees in the nation's capital, 38 in annapolis, 46 at fredricksburg, and cool 36 degrees at frederick. 36 is what our overnight low is under those mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are going to rise in the overnight hours. we've got southwesterly winds. for your sunrise forecast it will be 42 degrees at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow bright and early and
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tomorrow and we are definitely talking a little bit of a spring taste as winter takes a break. but it's not over yet, folks. unfortunately. and we're going to have to just let you know what you can expect. we have a couple of storm systems we're keeping an eye on and that temperature will dip again but in the meantime you hopefully will enjoy your saturday. i'll have more details coming up on what you can expect and the 7-day forecast. tony? >> thank you, gwen. the pentagon says it carried out a successful air strike against an isis training camp in libya. 40 terrorists were killed including one considered to be a high-value target in that strike. it was focused on a base located in the northern part of the country. the defense department says this is not the start of a sustained air campaign, but more air strikes will follow if and when they are needed. funeral services will be held tomorrow for supreme court justice antonin scalia. the service will begin at 11:00 a.m. at the basilica of the national shrine.
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earlier today thousands of mourners filed passed his casket. president and mrs. obama, members of congress, former law clerks and the family all came to honor the 79-year-old justice. >> god of faithfulness, in your wisdom you have called your servant antonin out of this world. we lease him from the bonds of sin and welcome him into your presence, so that he may enjoy eternal light and peace. >> president obama will not be attending tomorrow's funeral. instead vice president biden and his wife will be there to represent the administration. >> now to a fox 5 follow-up. we are happy to report a marine veteran assault at a dc mcdonald's last week is home resting tonight. sergeant christopher marquez's injuries were so severe he ended up in the hospital. the video
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the sidewalk, his wallet was stolen and he was kicked twice. meantime donations have been pouring in through a go-fund-me account and a good samaritan from virginia who saw our reports is also helping out. and it's not the first time he's helped someone in need. fox 5's lauren demarco has the story you'll only see here on fox 5. >> reporter: the attack happened last friday so it has been about a week since chris marquez was hurt outside of that mcdonald's. we have all seen the video. it happened in penn quarter. that video has been making the rounds online. very disturbing. and people have really been coming out in support of this marine. he is here with me now, a decorated marine. bronze star in combat. how are you doing? >> i just came out of the hospital today. i was there overnight because they wanted monitor my condition some more. >> i'm glad you're able to
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i know the back drop may look a little strange. we're in an auto body shop. there's a group of guys gathered over here. everyone coming together trying to help this marine. you guys having a good night out here. whole bunch of people gathered here. and this is mike, owner of nt audio body. tell me why we are here. >> the reason we're here today, i heard about it from a friend of mine, what happened to chris, it really hurt my heart. and being the marine that he is, it's something special that goes deeper. from the people that i have all my friends over here. a lot of marines, coast guard, they all have military. when i saw what happened to him, it hurt me they took his wallet, no money left. i had to do something. what could i do? i want to help him out by donating some money to him. chris, i hope you feel better for what happened. this is from me and my brother rob. that's rob right there.
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>> that is a $5,000 check. so very generous. and mike, there's a little bit of history here with mike. i see all these guys behind you. you're very close with law enforcement, with u.s. service members. this gentleman right behind you. >> peter lavoy. you at home may remember still recovering. mike gave you a big surprise as part of your recovery. remade a car for you. we covered the stories on that because it was something close to your heart. what did all of that mean for you and when you hear about this marine who was hurt, people coming out to support him as well, what does that do for you? what does that do for your family when something tragic like this happens to
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support? >> you can't really tell that it just made me feel special, made my family and everybody made it made everybody feel special. >> all the best to you in your recovery. keep doing what you're doing. >> we will. >> that's the latest here in alexandria. back to you guys. >> i'm glad to see the people who need it are getting the help. recently we've seen these go-fund-me stories, kanye west needs money. so really? this restores my hope and faith in people. >> still ahead at 11:00, how countries are uniting to find a vaccine for the zika virus. >> plus a delaware elementary school embarrassed after it accidentally sent out this form about whiners to hundreds of parents. >> we'll show you the form again. later in the show
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cheers to the weekend with john miller from vida taco bar in annapolis. he is getting us ready for national margarita day. he's brought a lot of stuff with him. can't wait to meet him. we'll be right back.
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we turn to the latest in the battle of the zika virus. brazil says the country women provide all of the resources needed to develop a vaccine. they're working to find a vaccine against the virus. more than $100 million usd have been dedicated to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds. >> the author of "to kill a mockingbird" has died. harper lee passed away today. this is a picture of her with george w. bush. according to reports lee's health had been declining for some time now. the author's agent says he saw her just over a month ago and that her mind was as sharp as ever. >> the washington monument was closed t
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the damage was caused by a contractor who was working at the monument on an unrelated issue. an exact reopening date has not yet been determined. they think it will be sometime next week. >> we've had quite a time with the washington monument trying to keep it open. >> in their statement they went to great lengths to point out this is not another problem like they've had. >> people will have to go to another monument when it's so nice out there tomorrow. >> it's going to be a beautiful day to just go outside tomorrow. not quite so tonight. it's a little on the nippy side tonight. but it's kould tonight and we're going to see the temperatures rising and that's the main story for this weekend is the rise of those temperatures for
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a very superb saturday ahead. it's going to be nice in terms of those temperatures. the winds are going to start to pick up in the overnight hours and tomorrow. and they're going to be gusty. however, they're moving in from the southwest and that's what's going to help to boost our temperature up. so we're going to get that warmer air starting to warm in and our highs tomorrow are going to be into the low 60s. a little cooler on your sunday but overall still and we've got a fair amount of sunshine tomorrow for you and we're going to keep an eye on this system as it moves through. this will affect us on sunday. it looks like it's going to stall out a little bit so we're looking at a chance of maybe a few showers on your sunday
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but it's still going to be really mild as i said into the upper 50s and low 60s. so the weekend is shaping up quite nicely. your overnight lows tonight it's going to be chilly. only 37 at quantico, 36 at dc, 33 for gaithersburg, 35 for dulles and for hagerstown and 34 for martinsburg. so we've got this ridge of high pressure in place once we get into the tuesday-thursday period. this is an area that we're going to have to really watch. because we're going to have this cold air pretty much parked in here in place. two storm systems to watch. the first one on tuesday. and the thinking is that this one here may have a pretty good chance of running into this colder air. and if it does, we could see maybe a little bit of snow or even a wintry mix. it all depends on where this cold air is at that time. second low pressure system will kick through as we move into wednesday. and this one here is a
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but there is a pretty good chance that the cold air might be out of the way by then. this could become primarily just a rain event. we'll watch those temperature wise where the cold air is and ms the track of those. so still a little complicated to pin down right now. in the meantime here's a look at the 7-day forecast for you. not complicated at all. for tomorrow we are talking those highs in the low 60s. very nice day for you. take a look. everywhere we're going to see a pretty pleasant day that we're going to get to enjoy. it starts to cool down as we get into the beginning of the week, however. watching it closely. back to you, tony, sarah? >> thank you very much. former president bill clinton is crediting his health to his all-vegan diet. while campaigning for hillary in las vegas. he popped into a cafe and was drooling over the men o. he told the owner he would put on 50 pounds if
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the cafe because everything was looking so good. clinton cleaned up his diet after undergoing emergency heart bypass surgery in 2004. he -- we all remember way back in the day he was eating burgers. good for him. >> he looks good. here's one more reason to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. research says coffee may reduce the damage that alcohol does to your liver. the study from southamton yoint reduces the cirrhosis by 44%. it kills more than 1 million people worldwide. good to know right before our "cheers to the weekend" segment. >> an embarrassing mistake for an elementary school. they meant to e-mail parents about an upcoming school event.
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instead of attaching this document, they included this hurt feelings report. it's kind of a satirical thing. >> it's not the real deal but it includes categories like quote whiner's name, date feelings were hurt, name of man or woman who hurt your sensitive feelings and did you require a tissue for tears. >> can you imagine getting this in the mail from your school? the school later apologized for the mistake. they're just sad they got caught. >> national margarita day just around the corner we're getting an early start our celebration. >> john miller from vida taco bar in annapolis is here. we'll be right back with cheers to the weekend.
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this week john miller the owner of vida taco bar in annapolis is here. john you're making a vida house margarita. what makes it so special? >> first it starts with the ingredients. it's definitely the secret to a margarita is quality. we juice all of our juices fresh. >> no plastic lime bottle? >> none of that stuff. opening up for national margarita day. >> not displaying but people can also drink. >> as long as they're drinki re >> of
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you know the drill. >> tell us how you're going t make it. >> so it's a traditional margarita recipe is 2-to-1 ratio so it's going to be one and a half of tequila, triple sec, our house margarita mix. >> can you tell us what's in it? >> agave, sugar cane. >> but we won't tell you the amounts. >> that's a little secret. >> so we have our zip here. we kind of shortened the traditional shake, and this gives it a creamier character of it. >> by using the zip too because it aerates it. lime zest you can put a nice flower here.
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the restaurant. it is. >> a farm-to-taco. >> we try to source as much as we can about 100 miles from annapolis. >> flower tortillas. >> we've got to say cheers. >> when it's fresh. it's so much better. >> i already did, it's yummy. >> cheers, everyone. and just remember, if you choose to drink, please do so responsibly. >> we remind you to stay tuned for tmz. are we almost out of time? >> stay tuned for tmz and join us again. >> i've already tuned out as you can see.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: this time paul mccartney did not have the trouble getting into the joint with the help of jimmy fallon, martin short, lorne michaels, paul and jimmy were actually singing some kind of a jingle. they were there for four hours. >> if jimmy fallon was singing across from me, i'd complain. harvey: i'm sure they would say the gentleman there with his dimple showing at the time table would like to give you a shout out. >> jennifer lawrence. she apparently does not like people watching her shop. she was at the alexander wang store. they shut the door and closed the curtains on the door. >> harvey, you walk through the store, they will do it for you too probably. >> baby gap? they shut down baby gap. >> there's a monkey organization. this is justin bieber -- remember, justin bieber had a


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