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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 31, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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this he fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10 we're in silver springs with breaking news. a water main break has shutdown university avenue.iv crews are on the scene right now making repairs. we'll stay on top of it for youu also happening tonight at 10, new developments in a kidnapping and murder that has lefteft communities in both virginia and
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maryland stunned. > good to have you with us i'mm will thomas. >> i'm lauren demarco. > a virginia tech student istue charged in the death of a missing 13 year old girl and today we learned another persona has also been arrested. fox5's alexandra limon is hererl wi the developments. >>reporter: that's right, today police announced the arrest of a second virginia tech student, a 19 year old from laurel. the pieces of the puzzle, though are still missing are the why and how. so far we know nothing about the motive and the disappearance of 13 year old nicole love el allegedly at the hands of twowo virginia tech students.ech in this picture, nicole love el looks like a happy young teen, but the 13 year old who recently had a liver transplant vanished. including the discovery of love el's body and the arrests of two virginia tech students. s
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we leave our doors open here sometimes. people don't even steel so toeel hear that a kid is somehow connected to a 13 year old girl's abduction is pretty synckenning. no one of thought it would happen. 19 year old nationally coopersao was arrested sunday morning facing a felony charge for improve disposal of a body and a misdemeanor charge of accessory after a commission of a felony. >> i was originally shocked. let's be honest. it's not something you would wou expect in your average, run of the million neighborhood, if you will. it its sort of surprising to say the least. > 18 year old david eisenhower was taken into custody saturday charged with first degree murder and felony kidnapping. icen hour and nicole were pointed before their disappearance. he used this to his advantage to abduct and then kill her. her
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divers spent the day on the virginia tech campus searching a pond for evidence. investigators know what they ar looking for, but haven't released that information. police said they found 13 year old nicole love el's body in north carolina yesterday. they say there's still a lieutenant of work to do in this investigation, but they want to thank the community for the out pouring of leads. lea they say they received hundredsh of tips in maryland and virginia. > thank you, alex. meanwhile family and friends are mourn the loss of nicole love el a candle light vigil was planned out in front of her house. h we came out to this vigil to pray for nicole, for her return home. we didn't realize going into this until right before that shs had been found and she wasn't going to be coming home. h i love her and i miss her a lot.
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this hurts real bad. but now we know that she's in a better place. > friends of the family say nicole's parents had remained hopeful until the very last minute. > the wait is almost over. we're now just a few hours away really from the first votes being cast in the 2016 the presidential election. the iowa caucuses take place tomorrow and the candidates, as you can imagine are making one e last push for votes. fox's carl cameron is on the road following the campaigns. >>reporter: on the last dayay before the iowa caucuses donald trump escalated his attacks on ted cruz. >> then he took an ad about me and he said i'm in favor of obamacare. my whole campaign is against obamacare. that prompted a new cruz counter attack straight at trump's finances about which he can be
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very sensitive. >> if you look at his financial disclosure he owes $480,000 right now, and it could be bills. when high did i and i take loans we pay them back. donald has declared bankruptcyty five t rub ohio is third, ben carson is the only other candidate to t reach double digits. the poll also says a whopping 45 percent may still change m theiray minds.inds > this is important because our country is really at a crossroads.cros team rubio argues cruz antrum p p are divides while theirheir campaign identifies themselves t as the uniter. >> no one running for presidente can bring the conservative c movement and the republican party together faster or better than i can. cruz warns iowa ands that trump and rubin have been on the wrong
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side. >> a vote for rubin is a vote vt for amnesty. >> rub oh is hoping for third place. ted crust is the front runner. r team cruz openly boasts it will win iowa a trump or rubio nomination could detroit gop brand. we can't get burned again. and that frustration, the reasor that i see conservatives uniting behind our campaign is they're e looking for a conservative. a storm that a forecast tears will put a slippery mix on the roads as people are leaving the caucuses monday night which candidates worry might make somm of them think twice about going out in the first place.ce. > carl cameron, fox news. > turning to the weather now and hard to believe that we were buried in nearly three feet of f snow last week.eek.
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today was beautiful. warm out there in the sunshine s so can we expect more of the the same as we head back to work? gwen is joining us with yourour first forecast. say yes, please.leas >> there is a yes in this. t we're going to be warping up. u. we did extremely well today.oday yesterday we were exactly where we should be temperature wise. today anywhere from 14 to evenvn 16 degrees warmer and we're going to keep on that role for you. let's take a look at those numbers, 57-degrees at reagan ra national airport today, dulles kicked in at 60 and 6 # at bwi thurgood marshal. definitely a day that is a far cry from where we were a week ago. your current temperatures righte now still staying on the mild side. 5 # in the nation's capital, 43 at annapolis, that's the same as baltimore this hour. we have 54 at manassas, 50 at winchester, a pretty chilly 37 degrees to the west at cumberland while hagerstown is at 48 degrees. so our forecast for tonight we are actually looking at that southerly flow continuing.
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but but with the high clouds that are rolling in, the warmerw air and the snow pack we're also talking some f i anticipate that to develop inn the overnight hours and to bee still sticking around for the early morning.earl so keep this in mind if you're heading out. visibility certainly will be an issue. your overnight lows tonight we're talking into the low to mid 40s a little l cooler tot far north. temperatures there are only in the upper 30s. 3 once we get through into theth beginning of the week, the warmer air is sticking around ao and once again we're talking 50s and 60s as the mild weathereath continues. it's a roller coaster week for temperatures. we'll see things going up and ad down and i'll let you know when it's all going to start to turnu around again in just a bit. back to you. > thank you, gwen. after most schools being off off all last week a few in virginia are going to get a late start on monday. tomorrow morning two hour delays in loudon and fairfaxounty. there is a one-hour delay for fauquier county.fauq
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even though it is warm out and d that has helped melt some of the snow, road crews are trying to clear more lanes of traffic especially on side streets.n this is the scene in northwest d.c. plows were trying to get rid off the huge amounts of snow. some drivers still having hav trouble navigating the streets where the snow remains piled up. an important deadline to telltot you about, if you haven't already signed up for private health insurance you have justut about two hours. 11:59 is the cut off tonight too get it done if you live in d.c.. maryland is giving you up untill friday to sign up. virginia also 11:59 tonight. t it extended the deadline too february 5 because of thee blizzard, by the way. people who remain uninsured will face a stiff fine. the penalty is 9 # 5 bucks if you look he main without insurance. d.c. and virginia you still have time. > a local woman wakes from a coma after her husband plays her favorite david cassidy song.
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tonight she's meeting the guy. the 70s heart throb in person. e there she is getting out of the car as fox5 is there.
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> walk down memory lane. l a virginia woman involved in a horrible accident months agonths that put her in a coma not only survived possibly with the help of david cassidy music, but tonight she had a life-long dream come this is an interesting. marina maracco is live ins li alexandria with the details. marina. >>reporter: such an incredible story to see these two finally n meat. like you said, a lifelong dream. she'd met this man before that horrific accident that she hadhe and then after the accident many believe i was her idol whoho brought her back to live.ive. hundreds of fans lined up as the sunset at the iconic birch
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moore, a limousine pulled up, it wasn't the headliner, it was a centerville high school teacher who was minutes away fromrom meeting hire idol. >> i had all the part rage family, all the david cassidy albums and partridge family albums. kelly hen situate has been a die hard david cassidy fan since she was a teenager. more importantly some would sayy david cassidy brought her back to live.e. >> one of them that really resonated and i even held my phone up next to her ear so she could hear it next to her ear was i think i love you. last summer she and her son were in a car accident, both left in a coma. kelly was unconscious for nearln two months.s. the doctors said, talk to her.e. reach out. it might help pull her out. it might cause her to react to
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something she hears because it's very important, they said the longer you're in the coma the less likely you are to ever come out of the coma. and that's exactly what her husband did. he sang and sang cassidy's songs. two years ago before the accident, kelly and her husband watched her idol play at this ti very venue. i didn't even get a chance to c hug kelly. tonight she elgot to meet him. m what you did for her was incredible. you kept playing the music over and over and singing it, too, right. >> of course i kind of butchereb it compared to you.. > oh, stop. >> you don't know. you haven't heard me yet. > kelly heard him, sang with him and watched on the front row. >> it made my night. you certainly made ours. >> you made mine, too. that was wonderful. that means the world to me what
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he did. > and kelly now undergoesnder anywhere from eight to ten different therapy sessions a a day. as you can imagine, it has been extremely financially taxing for the family, so her friends and d the community have set up a goo fund me page. p if you'd like to check thatha account and donate yourself youy can do so by logging onto our website. > i couldn't imagine a bigger complement to an artist to have someone love you that much. >> you could see her lie light g when she was in the audience. >> without a doubt and she was singing along without missing a beat. it was an incredible night to watch her do that. > the power healing of music. > marina maracco, thanks. > well, we've had some real changes in terms of temperatures and it's going to continue as as the warmup across our area
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continues into the course of the beginning of the week. so let's take a look at ourur national map. take a look, you can see the colder air retreating tot north. that's a good and i. goo warmer air continues to move inn from the south and we are going to see the snow melt continuingc as a result of it. here's a look at your current temperatures for you. for we have 57 at fredericksburg, 43 at baltimore, 45 at frederick this h while dulles is at 50, that's the same for martinsburg and we've got 43 degrees at annapolis.napo satellite radar showing you somy clouds and we're going to see clouds tonight and into the early morning hours of tomorrow. looking at some fog developing with that warm air and the snowo pack in place, that fog is definitely going to be kicking k in and so visibility in the morning something you're goingue to be have to be aware of. of. it will certainly be an issue as you are heading out. out for tonight we're talking mostls clear skies and some fog. your overnight low about 43 degrees.
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southwesterly winds from five to ten miles an hour. h take a look at the temperaturepa trend, it's a roller coaster time as our temperatures go up p and down, into this week we are definitely going to see a warmup before we cool down all over again. we are definitely talking about roller coaster because it's happened before and it's happening again.agai i'll have the details on what you can expect in the all important seven day forecast.y o > thanks. i can't get that song out of my head h. h. you've heard the expression about it being a doggy dog world, right. >> in south korea it's something of a different, try shark eat shark. we want to warn you that you may find this to be a little bit a shark eight another shark. a day later the victim's tail ti still hanging the killer's mouth. while the larger shark consumed the smaller shark bite by by the
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it's unable to digest. fighting among sharks is common, but balancism is extremely rare. they believe the attack was the result of a turf war. > i see it with doings. >> female dogs are very territorial.terr and they can be really protective of our owners. as the 10 continues, a storyry you're going to light. you'll meet a d.c. machine who was paralyzed several years agoy in a motorcycle but refuses to let his disability hold him back. stay with us.
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> we're back to learn more b about what caused an amtraack train to derail in philadelphia last year. yea the ntsb will release more information on the crash tomorrow. eight people were killed and more than 200 others hurt last s may.y. the train was traveling more than 100 miles an hour when it should have slowed to about 50 miles an hour approaching a curve. the train's engineer hit the
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emergency brake seconds before f it derailed, but it's still unclear where the train sped up. > the sex a i salt case against bill cosby will take center cen stage in philadelphia this week they will try to get the chargea thrown out. out they say they had a preif just.. cosby said he was told information he disclosed andhe d that deposition would not be used against him in a criminal trial.ial. but prosecutors say they have no evidence of an immunity deal. the growing zinc a virus is causing big concerns for the 2016 olympic organizers in rio. the outbreak of the virus is set to begin issues. several of the rest letters discussed staying in their hotels to avoid mosquitoes that carry the zinc a virus. organizers worry the growing international health emergencyhe over the virus will scare away athletes and fans alike.
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our team discussion, the discussion with the numbers pallet, with state entitiesntit involved on mitigating the risks of mosquitoes, so actions are being taken with special vehicle also, this is work that has been so far and we will continue on n the way tot to the games. > the international olympic committee is urging travelers to take precaution against pre mosquitoes bites. the virus is linked to a wave of brain damage in newborns. no cure.ure. > i heard they were telling pregnant women to use repellent with keith which normally theyhe say not to do. > the raise for the white house cliques into a new gear tomorrog in iowa. just how important is the hock eye state when it comes to
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determining the next president. we'll have that story as fox5 local news continues.
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good. > this is fox5 local news at at 10. iowa is the center of the the political universe this weekend. many people outside the state s feel the importance of of the caucuses may be just a bit compass rated. fox's james rose than is in des moines tonight with an in-depth look at how much iowa reallyeall matters in the big picture. big >>reporter: at 7:00 p.m. central time monday night an estimated 3 to 400 i wants spread across 6,008 # precincts will gather in churches, schools and community centers listen to speeches and then have spiriteds debates about the candidates. after that the two parties handle things differently. democratic will cluster in groups as in instructional video
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preduesed by the bernie sanders campaign. the greens come over here and pink over here and then we'll count you to see if you're viable. > viable means at least 15 percent of those people present. if not, those folks leave or join another group.noth it really is a lively discussios about our democracy. it makes me feel like ben franklin would have done this. republican cokeses goers receivc slips of paper in which to write down their choice. c here, too, the final tally is is split proportionally h. we are vow whatever happens on caucus u night that will actually be whab is reported at the national convention regardless of who our degradation gates are. turnout for the iowa caucuses typically hosers at about 20 percent. although 2008 drew closer to 40 percent. this year both parties haveties teamed up with microsoft to
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produce an app that will produce precinct tallies in realtime. > iowa is just the first step s in deciding where the road tot r white house willoa eventually lead. >> this morning, fox5's political reporter ronica clearly along with tom fitzgerald and the hill's editor in chief bob cusak weighed in on how they see tomorrow shaking out. >> donald trump and hillaryand clinton. i'm with fits, i think trump wins. i think the voters show up for him. i think clinton, but in in a very close contest. i'm going to agree with you twot on trump. i'm going say i think bernie sanders is going to win. these are candidates who are igniteing, anger. > be sure to tune into fox5 news on air and online all day tomorrow for the caucuses. some of the latest pole shows
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45 percent of the polers in iowa could still be persuaded to vote for another candidate.her we're going to be watching it closely. > time now for a little check on the weather. amazing out there today. earlier i was out for brunch this afternoon and people were out, people didn't have jackets on. here she's saying what's going on? this is bizarre.. it's like christmas was 70. 7 now we're hitting maybe 60 tomorrow. >> it's that roller coaster that we keep referring to that we had all winter long. l the good thing about it is it's helping with the snow melt.elt. >> that snow is getting dirty now. >> i think so. s > at first it was like when ara we going to get snow and now it's like okay, when is it out o of here. h > definitely much warmer andy u that is going to continue as we move into the beginning of the week. nice night tonight, but the the clouds are rolling in in the overnight hours. look at this gorgeous photograph
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that one of my twitter l followers sent of the sunshine. how beautiful is this. t the sunset, i should say in al did i tonight. really looking absolutely beautiful. we're going to see the clouds c tonight take over and also some fog in the overnight hours. so that's part of the weather headlines as we start on what's ahead for you.r the week is going to start very much on the mild side. temperatures are going to be b well above seasonal. we have a very big rainy event mid week. late week, cooler, seasonal. i call it reality check for the season. no reality check today. look at these numbers, 57-degrees at reagan, 60 at dulles, 6 # at bwi thurgood marshal and even up to someome 16-degrees above the seasonalal average. so this was definitely a trick. but i think mother nature knows that we need to get rid of the snow, so that's what's average all up and down the mid atlantic the same story and that's because there's a real nice southerly flow. ridge of high pressure was in control
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that moved out of the way and it opened the door for these the temperatures to start rising ofi the right now we are doing fairly well anngd it's still pretty mild outside for this t time of night. 5 # at d.c., 48 at qunatico, 60-degrees at dulles this hour. we've got 43 at baltimore, a little cooler at frederick at 39-degrees and 55-degrees for leonardtown. so winds have been fairly lightl and they're going to be that way. our overnight lows with the fog, don't forget, that will linger to the early morning hours into the 40s pretty much every wherew a few 30s on my 3457, but generally we'll be into the 40s for the overnight low. with that snow melt we had today we're not dealing with any refreeze so no icy spots to bebe concerned we started out the weekend witht temperatures in the 0s on friday. jetstream well tot south of the cold air. now we're seeing a reverse acquisition as the jetstream jet moves tot north and our daytime highs tomorrow will be into thet 50s and the 6 0s. it will be quite warm across
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areas across lower southern maryland. up the 95 corridor we'll be more or less in the upper 60s or so. clouds rolling into tonight with the warmer air and the snow pack in place. that's how we're going to end up seeing the fog developing. on monday we're dealing with the approach of the frontal system. with h this frontal system anticipate seeing a few showers by monday afternoon. a nothing too heavy in nature fairly spotty, but once this frontal system gets out of theot way we are actually going to see a little bit of l cooler airr kicking in and it will be a lot cooler by the time we get to tuesday. highs tomorrow will be into the upper 50s. tot south we'll see some 60s. 6s still well above acinal even though we have the showers to deal with. wednesday is the day that i'm really watching closely. in is where we have a stronger frontal system that's going toh' move in. this is going to give us some widespread rainfall and the rai issue is going to be the fact f that a lot of drains are now covered with all the snow packak and with the snow melting because it's going to be into the low to mid-60s on wednesdayw
10:35 pm
so we have even more snow melt to think about with temperature and with the snow pack covering the drains with this rain cominm in we have some flooding to bee concern with. also, creeks and streams will be rising quite ability do be care lful and keep an eye on it. i our temperatures going back to seasonal at the end of the week. mostly cloudy with some fog, light southwesterly wind andly w tomorrow will be into the upper 50s and the low 60s starting oug with clouds and fog, but ending up with some showers very spotty in nature for the afternoon and evening. here's a look at your fox5 # accuweather seven day forecast, an important day on tuesday, asa the ground hog makes its appearance. will it see its shadow? i think if all the snow around it does and if it says more winter we'r' probably going to just accept it anyway. by wednesday heading up tot 60s6 with all the rain and then cooling right back behind thed frontal system back tot 40 #-s 0 and the end of the week we're
10:36 pm
dry and where we should be temperature wise. vitamin c with the weather up and down like this it's that time where everybody gets cold. >> i haven't seen it sort of i spill into the news room, but you're right. now that it warms up again that's just the time. > remember you can track the weather 27/7 24/7. download the answer.wnlo they are free. fr > one d.c. man is training foro one of the biggest accomplishments yet in his sporo after an accident that left him paralyzed. a few years back he says a distracted driver cut him off and he crashed his motor vehiclv he walk again, but as fox a 5'ss meghan dice shows us, hiss, h determination to be a top athlete inspires all of us. >>reporter: three times a day d you can find derek in the gym. he's a fitness trainer. he was even giving us some tipst he's training for an upcominging body building competition as a
10:37 pm
well. and this is nothing new for for derek who is a seasoned veteran. fairfax 1997 i think it was i had my first show and actually won my class in that show. s two weeks later i did the potomac cup which was down in woodbridge and i came in third place, got fourth place down in a virginia show. but this time it's one of a kind. wheelchair body building. the struggle just to go through life and then have to -- going g to the gym is the fun part. derek is paralyzed from the waist down after a motorcycle three years ago. i came to lying on my back looking up at the sky, just a hazy moment looking up at the sky. >> the doctor said we saved your
10:38 pm
life. we did the best we could. i don't know if you'll ever walk again, but we saved your life. f >> that's what i came to. and i'm like, this is not way w want to hear. who wants to hear this. > unable to find work since the accident as a fitness trainer, he lifts the weights, but they're doing something more, lifting his spirits. >> you push yourself that hard -- in the gym, there's no stop signs, no speed limits. lim > in northeast d.c., meaghan dice, fox5 local news. > nothing is going to get in his way.s wa >> no, amazing. ama > staying with sports, marylanm hoops goes down tot wire at ohio state. and three capitols experiencence their first all star game. brody logan is up next with sports. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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broad guy logan to talk collegea hoops ann d it's almost time too fill out the brackets. >> a little over a month away aa
10:42 pm
and it's one of the things whether we still have the superr bowl going but you have to start looking for the cinderella upset teams. as the calendar turns to february tomorrow and that means college basketball teams start to think about march. m the teams start thinking about how their resume sacs up beforef selection sunday. s this week the terps got a big resume building win over numbero three iowa. today another chance to add another quality win against iowg state in columbus. first half, rashid gets a steel. he's out running in the open o court. lobs it over his head and spikes it home. h play the game, terps up 6 at the break. three minutes to go,s terps up one. a three-pointer, makes score 57-
10:43 pm
53. he had maryland holds onto win 66-6 # to improve to 19-p 3. this afternoon the revolutionary rivalry, dave paulsen facing mike longer gone and george washington. oat is livingston, fires a passs for the lay in and the foul. he missed the free throw but mason goes up two. a minute 20 to go, gw up four. u joe mcdonald lose the ball to the right guy. nice lay in down the lane. season high 19 points. gw makes 30 free throws in the here's how the area teams stacka up for possible ncaa tournament runs with just over a month agoo the terps got their best withinh over iowa which should move them up to the number two see the. gw, 119.9. georgetown they have some work m
10:44 pm
to do. do. a top 40 schedule, but have had a few bad non conference losses. caps, center, nikki backstrom bc finally making his well deserved first appearance. nashville, game one, metropolitan versus atlantic. 2-1 metros. the caps, braid and also in his first game.firs you let a 43 year old beat you, the metropolitan division loses to the atlantic 1-3. to the pitch, the american outlaws in full force, united states versus iceland just like mighty dukes, too.migh michael bradley free kick into t the box. feel the beer, the game winner, his first international goal and his second as caps. 3-2 in their first match of the
10:45 pm
year. time for our top five place of the week. number five, lpga tour at the what ham a as classic. hang yanukovych, par four, beautiful day to play some goveo and it's a beautiful shot. first of hole in one on a par 4p in lpga history. she is not worthy. w you got to kiss the ground a little bit. beautiful shot. but that's just number five. the best part of march madness. we have a preview, and 2001 200 speith. take a look at this. that's good. number four, two for. roosevelt jones.evel he hits one as well.
10:46 pm
he's only three, three point shots in his entire career. none of them have gone in until this onen. that ties the game at the half.l but two great shots not good enough to get past number four, though. those were half time shots. we value game winners here. number three, uva was down seven with 20 seconds to go. go. that wins the game. walk off, that was his only shot of the game and it won the game, made it count. the hamilton health cares that game winner was good. this one was even better. number two, a high school game in indiana, cas kay high versus speed high. game winner. what a way to win. win unreal shot. s we get plays from every where here on the top five. f if you go to arizona for number
10:47 pm
one. arizona state is known for their this week they had a guest, michael phelp with his speedo. of course he misses both free throws. what are you supposed to do whee you have michael phelps there gyrate in your line of site. > you have a couple chip n n tails. he is helping to coach the swime team. > we have a top fail this week. >> pro server tom gosslin surfing a break calls jaws dropd from over 30 feet from top of the waive.e wa watch it in slow motion. > is he all right? >> he said he's just a bit sore. he said about the fall he never felt more alive. mor he shook it off and was back p in the water the next day did the craze yes, sir part of his s interview of after is he said hi thought it was going to be worse. he thought it would be taller.
10:48 pm
i was like, are you kidding me? > there are a ton of shots. there's a rip cord on his vest. he was wearing vest that inflates. he said i almost forgot to pullp the cord. he went unconscious a little lit bit. > good stuff 6789. > love that on sunday night. ng did you see it, degrees liveive right here on fox5 tonight. we're going to talk about it. doesn't she look like olivia newton john there? also one off the stars tonight went on stage. again, a live performance after getting some tragic news just js hours before. before.
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> a lot of you probably watchew degrees live right here on fox5 tonight shall the live
10:52 pm
performance featuring classicc hits from the broadway show as well as the film version with john travolta and olivia newton john. >> i thought it was awesome. air intive it called tony, jessie jay and boys to men also performed in the cast. mayoral lopez. l all kinds of people. here are some clips from tonight's show. summer loving had me a blast. summer loving happened so fast. meta girl crazy for me. meta boy cute as can be. summer days tripping away to the summer nights. tell me more. t tell me more.e did you get very far.
10:53 pm
> degrees lightning degrees lightning grease lightning. > wasn't that great?n't >> it was live. >> i love listening for the the parts where they were going to say bad words to see what they would do to replace them. > the opening part, the live shot. > good stuff. i will say this, you've heard the term, the show must go on and a for va niece a hutch hut instance she showed us all howll to do it. >> she lost her father to cancer yesterday and she said she dedicated tonight's performancef to him. here is some of her performance:
10:54 pm
> she was great. wasn't she? she had a great solo number. num >> there are worst things i i could do. i love that song in the movie. > if you're a grease fan i'm sure you weren't disappointed by this. they did it justice. > we're coming right back. tuesday we get a visit from everyone's favorite weather man, ground hog day. . arthur around the global we commemorate world cancer day. this year's theme we can, i canc founded by the international union against cancer. the day was created to help find solutions and unite in the fighg against the deadly disease.
10:55 pm
also, thursday, president obama host juan manual san toes at the white house. san toes comes seven weeks w before what could be a historic piece agreement between the country's government and the frac government. they will discuss the pending negotiations. the joint effort between the two countries is designed to create a safer future for columbians. and friday is national wear red day, a campaign started by the american heart association torta raise awareness about heart disease in women. it's the number one killer of of women, causing the death in one in every three. that's a look at the week ahead. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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> colorado springs, coloradoo where people are gettingsp rid f
10:59 pm
their holiday fruit cakes in a unique way.uniq they are participating in a fruit cake toss. participants provided 70 fruit cakes which people could rent for a buck and use for something of their choice.of t it has been a community tradition for more than 20 years. people are dressed up in fruit f cake outfits. o they bring fruit cakes for a bake off. it's just fun. > interesting stuff there. i'm not sure.e. > fruit cake not really myy thing. i love the idea of renting a fruit cake for a dollar, right? >> and then the costume part, i'm not quite sure how that works. > we talked about this earlierr you either love fruit cake or or you really don't. d it's one of the things that sits in the back of the fridge for a while. > the news tonight, far from over.
11:00 pm
>> it's 11:00. > this is fox5 local news at at 11. >> new developments that has left virginia and maryland communities stunned.un thanks for joining us, i'm lauren demarco and i'm will thomas. a new arrest in the kidnappingg and murder of a girl. fox5's alexandra limon is here to are the stay off the 11 tonight. >>reporter: today policeolic announced the arrest of a seconn virginia tech student, a 19 yeay old from laurel. the pieces of the puzzle l that are still missing are the why and how so far we know nothingw about the motive for the disappearance and murder of 13 year old nicole love el allegedly at the hands of two virginia tech students. in this picture nicole love el looks like a happy young teen, e but the 13 year old who recently had a liver transplant vanished wednesday from blacksburg, bla virginia. then over the weekend, a series


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