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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> reporter: d.c.'s mayor apologizes for the night mayor commute but if an inch of snow s caused gridlock, what is thek, s city planning to do with more wo than a foot? >> plus the latest snow totalstw and timing of the monster m winter storm that's on the way.he fox5 news at 6:00 starts right >> wish we had something toh talk aboutwe tonight.onig >> yeah, exactly. exa >> thank you for joining usnk yg this evening. i'm tony >> and i'm shawn yancy. shawn y of course we're talking about the massive snowstorm headed or way. last night's practice run did dd not go so well inform factform f just a -- in fact just an inch of snow had commuters sitting initng gridlock for hours. hou >> many school systems are canceling classes for tomorrowfr and in fact activities throughac the weekend. those closing are at the aret t bottom of your screenly i willil tell you that almost everyry major school system has calledse in and closed schools for sch tomorrow. let's get straight to suet st palka for the latest on the the
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timing and the totals of the t storm which is very likelyy going to be a blizzard. let me just ask you this. i asked youus this downstairs. what's the likelihood thatihd this won't happen? >> i'd say zero. >> fair enough. >> you have a better chance at t hitting the lottery. >> you have a better chance atne getting that powerball again. >> oh, okay.y. >> this can't be a good sign. why is thi underneath theat weather center. >> you're not alone.'re t al >> we're still on track. on t you know, tony, the only thing that will change are the w amounts but the impact won't change and iil think we let go t of the amount and prepare for the big impact. impac >> got you. >> i think that message hasge been we've been talking about it abo since late last week that thek t potential is out there and now a it is upon us and there arend te changes today. let me get you up to date. to dt this is no longer a watchongea we're talking a warning is not put out lightly and now we are under a blizzard warning which means wai no, it's not possible, it's psi' now anticipated and that and t blizzard warning for our areaar
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south and west begins at 1:00 and that time is staggered ataed little bit but i'm going to ioig tell you right now be ready r and in place to kind of battenft down the hatches as early as ely noon tomorrow because we sawse s what happened yesterday in 10 minutes the ground got coverede with snow. now, igr know it was pretreatedr but within an hour there was w gridlock in the area so youlockh don't want to be one of thosebet people that gets stuck in thistn and i'd rather you be ready r earlier rather than later. here is our storm. s first of all it is swirlings s down in the gulf of mexico.n th i'm going to take this forward f in time so you see that it'shat quiet tonight, most of thef morning it's quiet as well. look what is creeping towardsre us as early as the noon hour hr south of 66 a little bit westlt of 95 here come the snow. sno that's why i say be in placen p by noon if not earlier becauseec sometimes this can start a little bit before we expect it to according to our model m times. ti by this time tomorrow night iw g expect we probably alreadyy alra have accumulation in some ine areas but the winds aren't tooto bad. now we take this forward toorwad saturday night, saturday morning -- rather fridayhe
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night, saturday morning. surda that's when we expect the mostt intense snow and some of those t snow rates could be up andou bep over 2-inches per hour in very heavy bands which always seeee with these coastal type heavy winds at the over 60 miles per hour at ocean city. we take this into saturday afternoon. afte still very windy, snow. windy, . the rain-snow line far to the-s south and east onof d.c. and. a this does not wrap up aroundroun our area until sunday morning, probably predawn but still windy after that and blowing and drifting of snow even if the big accumulation is over. when does it start? againtart?n charlottesville area before aa the noon hour, i'd say before 1:00 but probably by noon.y by one to 3:00 if you're south'r s and west of 66, 3:00 to 5:00 for much of our area including i inside the beltway, the 270 corridor and 95 between 9 bet arlington and baltimore andaltio baltimore north and east afterft about 5 o'clock for theo'ck accumulating snow. so, you've been warned.n hope you're ready and we'rend w going to make sure you're not ye afraid of this thing because bec
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the only thing that can gotan wrong is if you think you canhiu master this blizzard and bes blb out driving around in it onund saturday and that's where we w w see people running intonning trouble. so, if you stay home just like k in a thunderstorm you're goinge to be okay. bey. prepare for the possibility ofti a power outage and you can outlast that as well becauses ws you've done it before. tony and shawn much more much coming up in a little while. w >> message received. m the 1 inch of snow that paralyzed traffic has many oficm you anxious about the fallout fl from this weekend's storm. >> d.c.'s mayor apologized andmo even admitted the city botchedid its response last matt auckland is live in northwest. matt, did the mayor offer any reassurance that this won'this w happen again.happen aga i've got a feeling people peo behind the scenes are being sner told you better get it right. last night it took about a half hour, hour and then then roadways they were a i, for example, was headings hea home right around 9 o'clock.lock it took me an hour to get just
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2 miles, about 10 blocks. that's just one of thousandsfhon of stories out there.esut t people were miserable lastableat night and the mayor knew it and she apologized today.pologie take a listen. what the heck went wrong last w night? that's what so manyth people areat huge backups, fender-benders, travelers furious.urious even the president's motorcade r impacted and first off thisir morning, d.c.'s mayoror apologized. >> we are very sorry for inadequate response.espo we should have been out shoulve earlier with more resources.ourc >> reporter: some worry ife the district can't lathe an hann inch how can it take on an blizzard.bliz the biggest fear, power loss por because of blizzard conditions. the mayor ordered a state of a e emergency. d.c. schools closed friday and office shut down on friday but emergency service at full staff.staf chief chief cathy lanier
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ordering 12 hour shifts. >> don't take the storm forake t granted.gran this is 36 hours of a major36 storm. h >> reporter: the district isorte determined to keep emergency traffic moving and that means at you may want to move your car now. a snow emergency will begin atrg 9:30 tomorrow. tom you'll be towed and get a huge h fine if your car is not moved m by then. t >> this is a blizzard and what a the city is going to beng to looking to do is help peoplepeol that need help. >> reporter: i was told what was going on last night is nig that the focus was on what what will happen tomorrow as the tom city was preparing and theynd te really lost focus of whatt could happen last night. n the mayor has said over andd o over that she is going to deploy full crews. crews. you'll likely see them very thev early tomorrow and you'reomorw n likely see them spreading saltel and plowing like you've neverini seen before. one thing before i leave,i le shawn and tony. ty. remember those parkingng get your car moved as soon as as 9:30 they could start together vehicles. it's expensive.'s we're talking about hundreds hud
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of dollars and they're going to tow your vehicle.ou it is a big mess if you have you to pay those bills and then go retrieve your car on the other side of town if it's towed.sow move it now. now >> matt let me just ask you bytb 9:30 tomorrow morning, that'snia what you're saying?what you're >> reporter: yes, tony, ty, that's when the snow emergency takes place. that's basically you need toee have your cars out of the way.r they want to make surecaant ma everything is moved out of the e way before the snow begins too fall.fall >> great. thank you very much, matt.u ve great information. >> reporter: thank you.ep >> all right, now, the roads of course will beor extremely dangerous.ngous. metro, listen to this, metro m won't even be an option this metro is taking thehe unprecedented step ofedend st completely shutting down raildor service. listen up.listen trains will stop at 11:00 tomorrow night.ig that's 11:00 friday night andnd the system will be closed allll day saturday and all day sunday. nd no trains will run even underground.dergro metro is hoping to reopen onn monday. metrobus service stops at 5:00
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tomorrow night.ig crews were still clearing abandoned cars off of i-66 danan the outcry of anger over lastvea night's poor road conditions cds isn't just coming from the public also coming from thein t police. >> the fairfax county policentyi chief says roads were so bad they were some of the worstmef e he's ever seen. fox5's tom fitzgerald iserald live in merrifield.d. plenty of those abandoned carsec ended up where you are. you good evening. we're here right now at henry's wrecking service inn fairfax county. count this place has been buzzing today. wreckers have been in and out i of this place all day long. lon cars that were either involved in car crashes on 66 and 495nd or people who just will to leave their car because they got storks they all wound up here today. take a look at some of the cars that were damaged here. now, a lot of these vehicles veh all had the same types off today, either on the front end e or back end of these vehicles vh
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when they hit these slickse spots on the virginia lie waysai last night and just flat outt fl ran right into each other.ri ghnow, here in virginia it isit the job of the state, vdot, the virginia department transportation to clear thesetai roads.roads. now, you talk to anybody who who was in one of those accidentssec last night, they'll tell you tel flat out that was a job theywasb say did not get done. don while virginia governor terry mcauliffe today said that he he thinks vdot acted quickly in q response to last night's storm, fairfax county's police chief ed rosser says trying toto clear that avalanche of a accidents last night was in w i his words chaos. cha >> it was chaos and we had to put our accident policy into effect which means that any crash where there's nore's n injuries to a person justerso j going have to wait or not getr a report. we won't respond.pond we were overwhelmed. >> reporter: it wasn't good.'t
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that was then, this is now. now governor mcauliffe declared a state of emergency in virginiaci at 8:00 a.m. this morning. vdot now says that they are on 24-hour alert. virginia national guard says ss they have been activated andctid they have up to 500 personnelel standing by to deal with with whatever this blizzard brings the commonwealth's way.mmonwealh we're live in fair'sfax county, virginia, tonight, tom fitzgerald fox5 local news.oc >> thank you, tom. t. >> today maryland governord govr larry hogan announced a stateed of emergency starting at eme 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. m >> that's right.s ri today during his news conference from annapolis the te governor warned residents to be prepared. governor hogan said marylandai r state police will be out in full force and the national nata guard will be mobilized foriliz the storm.the the state is also working tokint try to limit damage and power outages. ou >> we've been in touch with w utility companies. we anticipate the heavy, wet w snow could result in downed
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trees and disrupted power lines with the potential forotar considerable power outages.erabp >> the governor said it couldsau take a week to remove all the te snowflake he urged residents ren to stockpile food for at leastp that long. >> wow.>> wow. >> yeah. >> still to come, this one hasme me a little worried. worri when is the last time you washed your winter coat? >> well, i dry cleaned it lastas year. >> you got to hear this.ea we have a warning about the a germs you are carrying around ao in the clothes you wear toes y a stay warm, tony perkins.erki >> all right.>> rig plus, milk bread and toiletnd t paper aren't the only snow day essentials.nt how a local beer distributor is struggling to meet demandeman ahead of the storm.
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>> ♪ >> well, apparently foodarentlyo shovels and toilet paper arepape not the only items in demandn d right now. >> a local beer distributor isa working hard to meet the needo e ahead of the storm's arrival. fox5's emily miller is in i
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upper marlboro with the story. o >> where is our beer.our >> reporter: in a snowstorm, demand for beer is enormous.norm here at bob hall distributorsor they have been working sinceki monday to make sure that when t the snow starts falling, you have a beer in your hand. >> ♪ >> reporter: they're working hard to get beer to all their tr customers here before the snow starts. starts. because their trucks can't gettc around in big storms.torm they've been working a lot ofotf overtime and extra trucks havech left this warehouse every dayry early in the morning and notnina come back until late at night.t >> snowstorms like this thats t come on a friday and over the te weekend, probably the best b situation for us becauseecau people are home, they're safe,rs they're not driving anywhere, ay they're not working and whatng t are they going to do? eat, drink and be merry. >> ♪
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>> reporter: they sell 200 2 brands of beer and they need nee to get the bruce to their 900 ti customers all around maryland, l bars, restaurants, liquorts, l stores and it's not just the the regular amount of beer.unt of b. they're doing extra e deliveries. people who are off work friday f can drink and enjoy the snow t day and the retailers want toto be fully stocked in case the the storms really hit hard andd an people are off next week, too. . >> they want the beer in case people don't go to work for work three or four days next week. w if week are off monday, tuesday next week we could get the beer to them they're going t the carry extra stock.o carr >> reporter: by the y end ofr: the day they expect all theirll deliveries to be made to theiree restaurants and liquor storeslis that you use so when the t blizzard starts you will haveyol a beer in your hand. from upper marlboro, emilyoro,mi miller, fox5 local news. n >> i was at a mall area thisre morning, like a strip mall andil there's one of those stateof t s stores. there were people going inng this morning coming out, ii mean, 10 o'clock this morningoc
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coming back out with everything so maybe they'llay stock up for weeks. f >> trying to get their buzziruz on. >> apparently. >> it will be interesting. all right, still ahead at 6:00 0 a warning that you need to nd hear about your winter coat.nter >> thwart a.m. doctor explainstx why your coat and other wintertr gear is probably crawling with germs right about now.rm >> plus, the skies are clear the of snow for now. n sue is back with more on thek wr storm that is headed our way.her stay with us. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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>> ♪>> >> in tonight's health watch the winter gear you wear togh stay warm likel gyea needs a vea good cleaning. c doctors say winter coatster c gloves scarves they're all s full of germs and tcahey can get contaminated pretty fasttty because, well, they rarely geta washed.wa >> i think what's really thit' important is that they don't d take their gloves off withs offw their teeth.ei >> you are contaminating thehe coat. you're coughing into it, touching it and maybe a littlet saliva falls into it.
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>> well, kids also tend tolso te wipe their runny noses off onn their gloves or coat oroa sleeves. doctors recommend you cleanu c your winter gear at least once c a week to keep the germs at bay. i don't think they'redon' talking about wool coats.l coats like maybe your kids coatsidco washing them once a week. wee this is gross.this everybody sneezing andery sneezi coughing nobody is coming up licking your coat. >> speak for yourself, shawn. [laughter]au >> maybe not to you.ay not t lapse to me alhappens to me all. >> getting those germs. >> you know what works moreorksr than anything and we see theseet studies and we're so worried wor about germs, cure left lane is everywhere just keep washingkees your hands.. >> yes. >> or you can have hands like me they're all dried up dried prudence. i wash my hands a lot. my >> you need the lotion.e loon >> i never eat anything beforete washing my hands. h >> that's a great habit.atabit >> i usually don't get sick knock on wood.k i don't want toon get sick. sic.
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my super bowl. >> #here we go as another team t woe go. >> the winter awakens, #winter awakens. >> we're all on that star warst theme. we might want to keep this keets sleeping. this is a biggy. a b wait until you see the satellite picture of the thunderstorms, the tornadotorm watches that are deepening and intensifying area of low pressure is creating down across the gulf coast. t i'll show it to you in ayou i a moment. let's start with a look att what you can expect in termst ir of the kind of snow this may tsa be able to produce. produ this is a picture that arnold,rn one of our viewers took on his deck after the blizzard thatli we had in february of 2010,0, february 5th and 6th. 6 that have likely producedduce about 30-inches of snow in the n rockville area where he tookk this picture and he wanted me w to show you what that lookedatoo like and also how it buckledt bd the railing on his deck from dkr the weight of the snow. of the . so, this is what we've got to get our heads around and it's is
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easy to forget big storms likerk that. at if you've lived through them in this area then you know thenw what we are in for in the next n 24 to 36 hours, maybe 48 4 hours.hour these are all the winter storm s warnings and blizzard warnings i and now blizzard watches thereli are in effect.ect. just got expanded. ean the difference between a warning and a watch is nowtcis it's expected and a watch w means it's possible.ossi so, we've got eastern shore of maryland, much of northernf delaware and now new jersey, philadelphia and new yorkia looking for the possibility of blizzard conditions. they're expected in our areaur a and some of the highest snow hiw totals are also expected right here in our area. this is what i wanted to show s you. look at all these areas undernd tornado watches. wch inside there you'll see somee red and yellow boxes.ox those are tornado and severe anv thunderstorm warnings and look o at the squall line developingalv with this thing.wi this th so, it is going to be a really l big storm. storm. it's mostly rain right now andow this is where the circulation cn is. you can see that spin there. spe that's what's going to bet's oig moving over to the coast andst a once it gets there, it also
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can start tapping the atlantic i ocean and its energy andnergy a there's plenty of it there. th so, as a result of that, heret,r are our updated snow totalsto for today. we've got a wide band west of of d.c. from hagerstown all theown way dohewn south off charlottesville of 20 tof 30-inches of snow.f s that's what happened in 2010.n 2 in here in the district we got t about 17-inches in 2010 we'ven w got a range of 12 to 20, soo 2 all of these are doable and a then maybe the rain-snow lineowl cuts down your totals with aalsw little bit of sleet mixing inixi far to the south and eastas across lower southern maryland. i think this will be rough at the beaches, lesser in thel esrn snow totals.snow total maybe you only end up with twoo or three but you'll also haveo v the very strong winds that could gust over 60 miles per o hour and huge waves just offvewf the i put a description of what is i expected there on my facebook page, sue palka fox5 d.c.ox5 d.c storm is in the process of taking shape and wow is it developing fast and you shouldas expect a quiet night. nht the clouds will buildouds wl bu overnight.ov we remain in the 20's so the pump is primed for whatever starts falling tomorrow to beli able to stick veryng quickly, qk which is why we expect things
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to go downhill really fast ont friday afternoon once this oe snow starts. sta 31 now.31ow. 27 for gaithersburg andsbur a manassas. right around where we weree were yesterday and we fall to 25 tonight. the clouds will buildld it won't be too windy tomorrow r night and it won't be too windy windy during most of the daylight hours tomorrow. we'll only reach about 32 degrees which means as soon as things start getting going, g everything does stick and young get an accumulation withinnit about a half hour of this snow starting at your house. hou 8:00 a.m., 26, still dry, sll maybe a little bit of sunun peaking through thinly. thi by noon clouded over at 31 and a by 5 o'clock snow is arrivings g across the area and startingandg to accumulate. accul the storm moves off to the carolina coast. when is it over? first of allof when is it the worst? i think i it's the worst friday night nigt into saturday morning andat before noon and then sundayday morning this should be over.r. do expect the winds to be very v bad at 5 o'clock tomorrow, noton too bad but they really geteally strong overnight and we couldndu see some gusts up and over 45 miles per hour, stronger athn
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the coast. the your fox5 accuweather 7-day 7 forecast, we're clearing itle out of here for sunday butunda b it's still cold.ll c there will still a be a breeze d blowing and drifting. drift chance of snow showers in thewen tuesday wednesday time frame. fa with the exception of monday temperatures try to get upures above 40 degrees and get the g melting process started.rt that's your seven-day forecast. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. reston virginia to surprise people with some interesting facts about their area.
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>> hello. >> hello there. we have a few seconds. any final words. >> i'd like to show the start -- the l storm istorm canceled.cael -- no, i'm just kidding. >> wish it was. was >> i just woke up and it'st' downton abbey time everyone.y me here is when we think the snoww will start. srt
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be ready by noon tomorrow. it will probably begin in ourabn area about 1 o'clock and 3 o' blizzard warning also kicks inni between 1:00 13::south to t north across our area andura an we're expecting potentially pen historic snows. this is an idea of what we arewe thinking. could be 20 to 30 west off d.c., 12 to 20 from d.c. east. >> all right.>> all r lots of schools are closed andse keep it here all evening.lveni we'll have the latest at 10:00. >> all right we'll see you then. tmz is next. >> ♪
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so the mayor of flint, michigan, she's grateful for the support from certain celebrities, but she's calling out others. >> eminem, kid rock -- >> ok. >> stevie wonder, aretha franklin. >> basically, every celebrity who's ever come through motown. >> the supremes? >> she does not messenger mention the supremes. >> the temptations? >> four tops some --? >> no, two tops? no. she did not mention the tops. >> ice cube on the radio show. she asked him, why do you think you didn't get nominated? >> maybe we should have put a slave or two in "straight outta compton." >> all of the movies that get nominated and win, there's a slave or a villain.


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