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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 28, 2013 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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took them. safety measure. so, wait, so, you mean to tell me that, with all the weapons they have, there concerned that someone's gonna bust in here and hack up the entire family with a steak knife? god, i don't make up the rules. well, you ask me, this president thing? real pain in the ass. (sighing) emily? patrick?
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our facial recognition results. dean ruggs, dmv employee from cincinnati. he claims he never set foot in dc. archer petit. born in brooklyn. age 36. ex-military. no priors. where does he live now? can't find a current address, but a search of faa records turned up a passenger manifest from thai airways that says he was out of the country on the night in question. okay, an alibi. and our third guy? duncan: paul jameson. serious rap sheet. lives right here in dc. sounds like he's our man. let's get on it.
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what time does the game start? any minute. do i have time to run back to my car? i forgot my phone. sure. should i buzz in or is there a code i can use? i just thought the code might be useful for later. 2332.
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yeah. one guy packing, back of the room, next to the bar. code is 2332. guy in charge is charlie. got it. see you in 15. good luck. you too. thai airways, huh? you don't miss a trick. excuse me, agent logan. i'd like a moment with agent carlisle. why didn't you speak up about archer petit? speak up about what? i searched his files manually in case we missed something. i found out you two have worked together in the past. we have. something else you want to say? because his alibi doesn't hold water. there's a record of him traveling to bangkok, but his passport never cleared customs. you have any idea how that could have happened?
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yes. i made it up. i needed to backstop him, so i falsified his travel records. what the hell are you talking about? he's working for me. as a confidential informant. why didn't you say anything? i assume you've never worked undercover, agent hoffman? you don't out a source in a room full of people you don't know. ever. even when you're investigating a possible assassination attempt? you're secret service, i'm fbi. we think differently. in what way? my informant's life is just as valuable to me as the president's is to you. you could've come to me privately. this is a highly sensitive operation. no offense, agent hoffman, but we only met yesterday. i don't know you. but i can assure you, archer petit was nowhere near angela nix on the night she disappeared. what about the photo? what about it? it's a decent match to a police sketch. but then again, so is every other good looking black dude under 40.
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you want to build a case on that? where's archer now? in jail. in jail? how come? i put him there. to sell his cover. like i said, this is a highly sensitive operation. don't move! (people shrieking) hand me your weapon. slowly. get down on the ground. face the bar. put your hands on your head. (people sobbing) kramer: where's the money, slick? i don't know what you're talking about. don't irritate me. okay, okay, okay. just don't shoot me. please. it's right here. and don't move.
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cell phones. in the bag there. dealer. up. stand up. grab that bag. hurry up. (yelps) anyone tries to follow me, i'll kill this bitch. go. here. i'll ditch the phones. man: where do you think you're going? calm down. take it easy now. man: hand over that money. (grunts) sandrine: come on, don't stand there, we gotta go.
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jeez. is it loaded? um...
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yeah. when should we... i really need to figure out the best time. we gotta make sure the kids aren't around. they've had enough to deal with already. so many secret conversations around here. you okay? yeah, just, uh... just gonna lie down for a bit. is he okay? he seems kind of off. oh, he's fine, he's just... we're both a little under pressure. work. kids. blah. i guess out here in the real world, that kind of stuff is stressful. it's such a different world from when i was inside. back in baltimore. oh, lauren, i can't even imagine what you went through. was it okay? yeah. and no, i mean, it's still a psychiatric hospital. (chuckles)
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i'm not saying it wasn't helpful. you picked the right place. the good news is i found a great doctor. i feel so much more balanced and engaged. and i know it's only been a few weeks, but i feel better than i have in years. yeah. maybe ever. and who knows, maybe one of these days i'll get my life together. like you. (chuckling) right. what does that mean? well, my life's not perfect. no, far from it. trust me. it's, uh... what? come on, it's me you're talking to. well. brian's having an affair. what?
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yeah, i found out a few days ago. i'm so sorry. thanks. are you... are you okay? yeah, i mean, we'll get through it. we just... we need some time to work on us, you know? which is why i booked you a hotel. but you stay as long as you want. no, i understand. i'll get out of your hair tonight. you know... oh, look at you. you need a tissue. oh, god, so do i. lauren, wait. ellen, what the hell are you doing with a gun in your purse? yes, ellen, what the hell are you doing with a gun in your purse? put it on the ground now, lauren. relax, i'm not some... (yelling) put the gun on the floor. now. okay. it's on the floor. sit down!
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don't move! now! let's go. what the hell are you doing? (tape ripping) lauren: ellen! (muffled yelling) (sobbing) please. please don't hurt her. this has nothing to do with her! let's go. where are we going? outside. what for? you want to play with guns? i'm gonna give you a lesson. (panting) please put the gun away. take the gun. take it! put a bullet in that tree. it's, what, 10 feet away? just aim and shoot.
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do it, ellen. shoot the tree. no one will hear a thing. (bullet whizzing) again. (sobbing) try again. (bullet whizzing) i... people who pull guns, but don't know how to shoot, wind up dead. i don't want to kill you, ellen. you know that. but that doesn't mean i won't. okay, but can we please just go back inside? i'm really worried about lauren. me too. oh, please don't hurt her. we don't have a choice. what are you saying? we're going to get rid of her. now. but we're going to do it my way. no, no, no. no, no, please don't hurt her.
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will you be my wife? yes. [ cheering ] since the day we first set sail, millions of them have been made with us. what will yours be?
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hey, my blindfold. keep your mouth shut. you hear me? what the hell happened? why is there blood on your shirt? (groans) one, nothing happened. two, i don't have blood on my shirt. three, if you say anything about this, i will kill you.
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randall brown, dc public defender's office. i have a client in jail who may know something about the president's nurse. the one who allegedly committed suicide. i'll handle this, amy. are you in charge of this investigation? would you like to follow me, please? i've left a number of messages. no one has returned my calls. in cases like this, we get a lot of frivolous testimony. inmates looking for deals. sadly, most of that information is not credible. please? well, my client is. i assure you. logan, do you need me? no, i got it. i'll let you know if it's real. okay. (muffled moaning) she's never gonna forgive us. brian: we're saving her life, jake. one day she'll thank us.
10:53 pm
where have you been? i got sandrine her money. what? how? does it matter? i told you i'd take care of it. good job. ellen! brian! call the police, right now! (gasping) (dialing) it's okay. it's okay. everything's going to be all right. what are you doing? just take a deep breath. take a deep breath? he's going to kill us! he's holding you hostage. that's why everyone's acting so weird. why brian has a hole in his stomach. please, just calm down. okay, what's wrong with ellen, hmm? she's just trying to help you. lauren: okay, someone, please tell me what's going on here. wait until i'm ready.
10:54 pm
(doorbell ringing) lauren: hello? why isn't anyone listening to me? lauren: what, have you all gone completely crazy? lauren: why are you looking at me like that? thank you for coming, dr. rowley. please. lauren: i don't understand what's happening. dr. rowley, what are you doing here? i called him. when your paranoia presented itself. i had no other option. and he's here to take you back to the hospital. to the hospital? you're the one who needs help, not me! where is he? hmm? where is he? listen to me, there's this guy... he says that he's a secret service agent. he held a gun to my face. he blindfolded me. he tied me up. and he's holding my sister hostage. relax, lauren.
10:55 pm
notice where you are. you're safe. everyone here is safe. oh, my god. oh, my god. you tell him! you tell him about the gun and the room! lauren, you're scaring the kids. okay, jake. hey. hey. hey, look at me. i know that you saw what happened. i know that you did. so, you tell him. i don't know what you're talking about. why... why are you doing this? to help you. to save you. you're gonna have to come with me, lauren. your sister has power of attorney. it's her decision. she thinks it's best that you go back to sheppard pratt. so you'll get well. i love you.
10:56 pm
you did the right thing. we did the right thing. you're a monster. ellen: stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
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yeah that's good. i like one, two, one! congratulations. nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. >> a democrat football legend bans from a football radio show after a verbal gaffes. >> i think troy ache man man is a -- troy aikman is a queer.
10:59 pm
>> and now talking about it on wusa 9. >> sometimes i say things inappropriate and i deeply apologize. >> from facing a felony to free on the town. the charges that kept chris brown in shackles and handcuffs in a d.c. courtroom. >> good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. chris brown and his bodyguard out of jail released without bond after a brawl outside of a d.c. hotel. >> both of them were charged with a -- felony assault. brown accused of punching a fan and now the charges are down to a misdemeanor. ken molistina live out of d.c. superior court where it all went down. >> reporter: what a spectacle this has become here on the streets of d.c. things going on out here on the d.c. courthouse
11:00 pm
front steps are quieter than earlier today. we are talking to chris brown's uncle, a local man here in d.c. and we're hearing from a legal expert on what the future could hold for the troubled artist. >> reporter: 24-year-old chris brown left d.c. superior court on monday as crowds gathered to get a glimpse of him since he spent a night in jails. before that he went before a judge in shackles and prosecutors reduced the charge to a misdemeanor. they say just because the charge was dropped to a misdemeanor, it doesn't mean he is in the clear. remember, he is still on probation for the 2009 beating of his girlfriend rihanna. if this charge sticks, brown could end up behind bars. >> the judge that gave him probation will be upset he committed the same crime for
11:01 pm
the same effect that he's on probation for. very bad -- he can go to jail on the original case with rihanna and this case. >> reporter: but until that bridge is crossed, brown supporters and his family are standing by him. we caught up with his uncle kevin brown who is from d.c. >> i don't think he'll get in trouble. i think people target him to get in trouble. all of this should have been void. but it happened but it should have been void and that is why it is a misdemeanor. >> reporter: he offers this explanation on to why his nephew is being singled out. >> most celebrities, they are talkers. people just want -- they want money from him. >> reporter: the details behind the attack on the 20-year-old fan outside of the w. hotel and browns' involvement will come out in a courtroom. but this is a scenario the brown camp is familiar with and ready to go through it again. >> it pulls us together, real tight, and that is what a family is supposed to be. >> reporter: so tonight we are
11:02 pm
told chris brown is back at the w. hotel, where all of this stemmed from and happened earlier yesterday morning. we are told that the judge here in the d.c. court ordered him to go directly to his probation officer once he gets back to los angeles. he'll have to explain this entire ordeal to the probation officers back there and due back in this court on november 25th. we'll keep a close eye on this and see what happens then. live outside of d.c. superior court, ken molistina, wusa 9. >> thank you, kenny. i'm sure every media outlet will be watching every move he makes. thank you. >> of course chris brown no stranger to legal drama. his troubles have been rising faster than his fame. so we look back at a few of the headlines he's made. here is our list of bad boy brown and what started at number one. in 2009 he was charged with two felony counts after beating
11:03 pm
rihanna, he did community service and probation. he was allowed to complete those in his home state of virginia. after march of 2011 he goes on good morning america and robin roberts asked him about the incident. after the interview he storms off stage and throws a chair out of the window. he get news a fight with rapper drake reportedly over rihanna. and he even tweets a picture about a cut on his chin. police don't have enough to make any arrests. and this is number four and the west coast where the los angeles police department opened an investigation after reports he got into a fight with singer frank ocean over a parking spot in west hollywood. and at number five on our list, just two months ago a judge dropped a hit-and-run charge against brown after he reached
11:04 pm
a, quote, civil compromise with the driver he hit in may. >> tonight dexter manly taking heat for using an offensive word on wtop today. he asked if troy akins junked the -- jinxed the team. and this was surprising even for dexter manly. >> what was troy aikens doing before the game. >> i think troy aikman is a queer. >> oh, no, we don't want to go there. >> okay. >> do you want to apologize to him. >> no. i just will say i'll take that back. >> and he is a contributor here at game-on so we invited him to appear on the 5:00 news to explain himself. >> dexter, i have to ask you, what were you saying there.
11:05 pm
because i don't think you have any inside knowledge on his sexuality. >> i have no inside knowledge. >> so what were you doing? >> i've had two brain syringes in 7 years -- surgeries if 7 years and sometimes i say things that aren't right. i can't say what happened. i just talk too much. >> and the guy is not that kind of guy. this lady hear can tell you more than i can. otherwise i wouldn't be here. so i support this man and i don't believe he meant it at all. >> why did you say you wouldn't apologize. the guy said will you apologize and you said no. >> i'll tell you what, derek. >> again i've had those brain surgeries and sometimes it goes over my head. i didn't know what i said until i left the set. >> and redskins hall of famer darrell green on hand to help dexter manly. manly said he hopes he deserves a second chance for his job.
11:06 pm
the man accused of killing sean taylor. >> and is your on the list of the most reliable cars. your world in 90 seconds. >> this is a pivotal day in the shawntae lor murder trial. prosecutors in florida rested their case against eric rivera. he is the young man accused of shooting the washington redskins star in a botched home burglary. >> penn state is paying $56 million to victims of jerry sandusky. the school said they face six more claims that might lead to more financial settlements. >> former national security agency contractors edward snowden leaked documents that the u.s. eavesdropped on mang
11:07 pm
ello and others. >> the president feels strongly that we should collect information -- should not collect information on people just because we can, but because we should. >> a suspect, deandre weans, the alleged trigger man. witnesses said all three talked about the murder and wean said, quote, the guy should not have tried to play the hero. >> depend ability ranking find that cause made like toyota and alexus, the most reliable. in the large up scale, the lexus takes the top spot and the legacy the top side and the honda fit is the best sub compact. >> okay. good live -- little list there. none of our cars are there. >> and better connection for
11:08 pm
those with disabilities. >> this is after a man died after an altercation back in january. deborah debra alfarone was the only media there. >> the meeting you are about to see seems like any other meeting, but it is historic and it is taking place right here in maryland. >> we are ecstatic that this commission has come together. >> today's ground breaking meeting had the roots from january 12th that is where a fredericks man with downs syndrome was physically removed from a movie theater by police for not having a $12 ticket. that night ethan died. after that the family petitioned governor o'malley for a independent investigation. today that came true. >> the goal here is to make sure no one is treated unjustly
11:09 pm
just out of ignorance. >> chairman of the special olympics is the chair of the commission, a commission currently unfunded. >> we don't start with a lot of money, we don't need a lot of money. we need our smarts, commitment and passionate. >> this is the first of its kind? >> anywhere. >> for advocates to those with mental disabilities to police officers, they will work to develop training and public policy with others in mind. >> when an incident happens like this, it affects us all. and we know that we are not perfect in the job that we do and we know there are always better ways to do things and i think being bet part of -- part of this commission will help that. >> and they have been advocating for the saylor family from the very beginning. >> we are seeing what happened to ethan on january 12th and i think it is humbling and rewarding but we have a clear challenge in front of us because this could happen again and we need to make sure it
11:10 pm
doesn't. >> if we can be successful, we'll make history and a lot of lives better. >> the commission needs to meet again before they present a report on january 29th, 2014, that would have been saylor's 20th birthday. deborah debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> new tonight at 11:00, the obama administration now giving everybody an extra six weeks to sign up for the affordable care act. you have to do it by march 31st or face a penalty. technical difficulties have plagued health since it started. >> and the race for governor. a new poll shows who wins could be determined whether more women or men hit the polls. they give mcauliffe 51%. and kuch of cuccinelli 59%. and among women mcauliffe leads
11:11 pm
58-34. robert sarvis has 8% and the poll has margin of error of 4.5%. >> and tonight a stump for votes in herndon, and bringing along bill clinton. >> we are defending virginia against an overzealous government, i give you the next governor of virginia. >> that would be ken cuccinelli and rand paul stumping for him. but mr. clinton did say he knows how to bring more jobs to virginia. in the meantime ken kutchin yell i was -- cuccinelli was also in virginia, supported by rand paul and this afternoon they spoke to a packed ground at the fairfax firehouse. >> and both cuccinelli and paul did blast the affordable care act tonight as well. >> okay. controversial comments all around today and we are just getting started. >> still ahead. wait until you hear the comments from brandon meriweather as he was talking
11:12 pm
to reporters as he comes back from the one-game suspension. >> so what did he mean by that? redskins hall of famer darrell green weighs in on meriweathers comeback. >> but first, meet the catch player that has no problem throwing punches. he is the baby of the team. not even old enough to have a baird. andrea mccarran sits down with tom wilson, the teen that is turning heads. >> and i'm meteorologist erica grow out here on the weather terrace where it is getting a bit chilly, but tomorrow waking up won't be as chilly as what we had this morning. partly cloudy skies, 41-48 as you are stepping out the door at 5:00 a.m. still dark and mostly cloudy at 7:00. 38-46 but temperatures quickly rise -- temperatures quickly rising in the morning hours. rising in the morning hours. i'll tell you about some 70s in
11:13 pm
gun without a background check.. ithe dangerously mentally ill. criminals. endangering our families. ken cuccinelli opposed closing the gun show loophole - against comprehensive background checks at gun shows for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. siding with the nra and undermining law enforcement. no wonder the washington post calls cuccinelli polarizing, provocative and partisan. cuccinelli. too extreme for virginia independence usa pac sponsored this ad.
11:14 pm
>> to see your name on a washington capitals jersey and have fans want to you sign it, it is special and something you always dream about. >> he didn't dream long. only 19 years old and only on 9 tonight, there is a new kid in
11:15 pm
town playing for the washington capitals. >> he is the first round pick, tom wilson, he is 19 years old and out of canada and he is not a house hold name around here yet, but andrea mccarran tells us he may well be soon. that is tonight's cover story on wusa 9. >> a score. tom wilson. >> tom wilson has quickly earned a reputation as a fearless hockey player. >> and the fight begins. >> in fact, he chipped the first tooth of his nhl career during a game in september. >> kind of unfortunate, but now i'm a hockey player, right. >> at 19, he's the youngest
11:16 pm
player on the washington capitals. >> it is huge for me right now. i think the average age to make it into the nhl is mid-20s and i'm privileged to have the opportunity so young and i want to make the most of it. >> off the ice wilson is extraordinarily grounded and well liked by his teammates. >> it is different. i come from toronto, and 19. and i come here and the guys want to go out for a drink and i can't do that. >> you are sure your not 40 in a 19-year-old body. >> my parents growing up were not the hockey mom and dad that would scream at you on the ice. and if i told my dad tomorrow i didn't want to play any more. he would support me. obviously he would say what are you doing. >> he started skating at the age of 2 after his father built a backyard rink. >> my brother went to get a new pair of skates and i wouldn't leave until i could get some. >> he missed his prom and he
11:17 pm
remains focused so he does not have a girlfriend. >> nope, not yet. >> and as for the knocked out tooth. >> there was no penalty and my mouth was bleeding and my tooth was out and i wanted to say to the referee, you have to explain this to my mom. she's not going to be happy about it. >> and score. a cap in for wilson. >> the young player is skating quickly to his life-long dream. >> and on a pass, guess who is on the board again. tom wilson. >> andrea mccarran, wusa 9. >> so we also asked tom what he likes most and least about living around here. he said he loves seeing the monuments and capital when he drives to the home games at verizon. >> and what he still finds more challenging, driving in d.c. traffic. >> can't blame him there.
11:18 pm
>> helping you plan your day, wusa 9 first alert weather. >> i'm meteorologist erica grow and i have the same challenges that tom wilson does, our traffic can be a nightmare. we are taking a look at the washington monument and we have the arlington memorial bridge there too. 50 degrees at reagan national with a mixure of clouds and stars. dew point 43 and winds out of the north, northeast at 5 miles per hour. in our weather head lines, plenty of clouds overnight and into tuesday. an easterly flow bringing in the cloud cover but also giving us the coolest temperatures we'll have all week long. though it won't be as cool as it was this weekend. a shower possible overnight tonight and into -- or i should say overnight tuesday and into wednesday morning and by wednesday afternoon temperatures getting close to 70 degrees. but we're still in the 30s in a couple of spots. 37 in frederick. 36 in york. 41 in manassas and 46 in culpepper. it is 44 right now at andrews. an area of high pressure to the
11:19 pm
north is going to give us that easterly flow as we head through the day on tuesday. as this area of high pressure continues to move off to the east. it will bring us better temperature on the back side. that is when we'll see the surge in temperatures. tomorrow will be nice, but a little bit obstructive with the cloud cover. overnight, 38-46. milder than what you woke up to early this morning with northeast winds at 5-10 miles per hour. 40s and 50s tomorrow morning. limited sunshine. we will see a few peeks of sunshine here and there. and then in the afternoon we'll rise into the low 60s tomorrow under partly to mostly cloudy skies. the winds become straight upest ear -- easterly. and on wednesday, a high of 68 and then 72 on halloween thursday. that is the warmest day of the workweek. we're
11:20 pm
11:21 pm
11:22 pm
>> in his first day back after a week's suns pension, brandon
11:23 pm
meriweather has the first chance to talk about the punishment and the comments about other players opinion about his play. we asked darrell green to listen to meriweathers comments and give us his thoughts. >> you have to go low and end people's career. you have to have atl's mess up people's knees. >> and we bring in derek green. and when you hear statements like this, what is your initial thought of him coming back off the week off. >> i looked at that, what else can i do but hit the man in his knees. what else can you do? >> he's been fined over $400,000 and why would someone continue to hurt himself like that. >> i know i am supposed to be the resident expert here, but the reality is i don't know
11:24 pm
what the alternative is. and i like meriweather, but they are still trying to figure this thing out. this thing is an evolution and i don't agree all of the money he's been signed, probably not right. >> you feel like, i need to be kicked out of the league, you know. i feel like, people who beat their girlfriends should be kicked out of the league to. >> and obviously referring to a civil suit brought against brandon marshall charged with domestic abuse. so a personal dig. so smart or dumb thing for him to say. >> the team is not doing well. everything is bad. this is black monday. and all of a sudden he has the mic and it is not a good thing. he almost wish you didn't have to do an interview. and so i think that the fall, falls on him. he has to grow up and be more mature and his behavior on and off the field and understand this is a business and a game
11:25 pm
and the other guys talking, that has nothing to do with you. >> when you look at the hits again, you can see why he was fined. but darrell green makes a good point. and what meriweather was trying to say but couldn't articulate well is how do i hit the guy. >> there is a whole great bunch of space between the head and the knee. >> yes, but then -- >> you could hit a guy in the chest, the waist, the thigh and the shoulder. >> he makes a good point with the acl. you go back to the ravens- packers game. the rookie safety matt elam took out randall cob but two people were hurt that day because they were taken out with the legs. >> and there is an argument about whether guys are going low now because of the head thing. but a lot of space between that. >> but you don't say you are doing it on purpose. >> especially the late hits. you have to put the brakes on. and i'm not defending or not defending, but it is a football game and it is spur of the
11:26 pm
moment and guys are moving. >> very sad. >> interesting how it all starts to develop. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." "i'm very troubled by ken cuccinelli." "he tried to change virginia's divorce laws"
11:27 pm
"to prevent women from getting out of a bad marriage." "ken cuccinelli denies climate change exists" "and he used taxpayer dollars to investigate a uva professor doing research." "and cuccinelli tried to ban common forms of birth control." "even the pill." "even the pill." "ken cuccinelli is just way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme for virginia." ard to say no to the opportunity of a lifetime. even if it's five hundred miles away. there's a lot to figure out. new city. new job. new bank. a friend recommended suntrust. because mobile banking lets me manage my money how i want, when i want. so i can make the most of my new life. and focus on all that's ahead. with every suntrust checking account, it's easy to avoid fees and go mobile. suntrust. how can we help you shine today?
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gun without a background check.. ithe dangerously mentally ill. criminals. endangering our families. ken cuccinelli
11:29 pm
opposed closing the gun show loophole - against comprehensive background checks at gun shows for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. siding with the nra and undermining law enforcement. no wonder the washington post calls cuccinelli polarizing, provocative and partisan. cuccinelli. too extreme for virginia independence usa pac sponsored this ad. >> now this sign had us talking tonight. it says to the person who stole my son's pumpkin. thanks for the life lesson that sometimes people are mean. and we blanked this part out. but take a guess.


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