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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 23, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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how's everyone doing? [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> cheers, docs. a lot of important stuff to talk about today. this is an important show. we will jump right in with it. this is a video i want you all to pay attention to >> dr. phil: will show you an >> i am about to show you an accident that sends a child to the e.r. every 30 minutes, not a car accident or a dog attack. something you wouldn't expect. >> hi, auntie. say hi. i wanted to send you a video of her. she's 2 months old today. she's got her favorite shirt on. cute like auntie. oh, she's so sleepy right now. all right, let's get your binkie and put you down. >> bye auntie -- >> oh, my god! [ audience oohs ] [ominous music]
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>> oh, my god! oh, my god! ♪ >> everyone thinks about the obvious. fires. car accidents. they don't think about these types of things. >> in the old days we had the old tv's with the rabbit ears and stuff, i tried to pull them over but i couldn't as hard as i tried. now it's different. they're all mounted on the wall. and, you know, as far as i am concerned i am sure i could mount them, but i always have professionals do them. >> i mounted my latest tv. it's heavy and hard to mount that thing . >> yeah, and after watching this, i have mounted my own tv's, but after watching this, i might think again. >> what would an average 6 month old weigh, jim? >> you know, 12 pounds,ish. >> a 32-inch tv, two bowling balls, imagine what that can do to a baby.
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>> there's a right and wrong way to do these things. young kid are most at risk. later in the show you will meet the mom in that video. we will show you how to avoid the most common tv installation mistakes so that, that accident never happens to you or someone you love. also, today, it's a pervasive creature that doesn't discriminate who he moves in with. whether you live in the penthouse in the city or a home in the suburbs, i guarantee you, the next story will have you saying "rats" . >> it's estimated that 21 million homes in america, will be invaded by rodents this year putting millions of families at risk for lyme disease or the haunta virus, if you are rodent free, a staggering 2% have pest infestations causing breathing troubles that contribute to asthma. and if you consider the average rat multiplies at a
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rate of 6 babies every 6 weeks so you don't get a disease-infected colony. >> rats end up in the most unexpected of places. [ audience oohs ] >> we tend to have a particular reaction. i can see it on yourfaces, right? >> rats. >> keep those out there. >> keep those out there. >> cage >> the look on everyone's faces is not one that's pleasant. would you like to handle one of these rats. >> out here in so-cal. these are like 90210, rats. >> are you bringing that over here? >> no, no, no. >> oh, i mean! oh, my gosh. >> these are clean. >> yeah, they are. but when you see them crawling. >> rats get a bad rap, you know that? [ laughter ] >> they should, look at them,
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man! [ laughter ] >> this one's really cute. >> i remember as a kid, we actually had a little mouse problem. we grew up in the city, gary indiana. we had a mouse problem. i remember coming down to the basement, and thereof a rat stuck -- and there was a rat stuck in the glue trying to get out. and i remember, ever since then, rats and mice and rodents, i think we will get into that, we will get into all of the various ways to prevent a rodent problem from occurring in your home, and more importantly, as physicians we don't look at rodents and say: ewww, gross! we think infectious disease. >> we think both. [ laughter ] >> i actually think they're cute. i genuinely look at a rat and think: yeah, i know they carry infectious diseases, and we will talk about the ones to be aware of, but they're cute creatures. look at this watch, watch. come guys. mm-hmm. [ audience oohs ] >> they just want some love. >> until they urinate all over
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the place and leave their droppings. they urinate every 10-15 minutes while awake. that's a lot of stuff being spread around. >> the is she not the astet -- the issue is not the aesthetics, it's that they're major cariers of disease, because the evidence they leave behind you cannot see, but you breathe it in . >> other than the droppings. >> we will talk about the evidence and diseases to be aware of. these rats are all safe; so no one has to worry about it here today. and we are also gonna talk about something else. they are beautiful. they're expensive. they do improve the value of your home. but could your kitchen countertops be making you sick? >> before you dive into the kitchen renovation, you may want to think twice about granite countertops, it contains uranium, releasing radon, linked to cancer. and while most granite is thought to emit safe levels of
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radon, the epa, says some stone presents the same health risks as smoking half of a pack of cigarettes a day. >> guess what i was doing when i read this report? >> i was in the kitchen, leaning on the lap top, leaning on the granite countertop >> dr. phil: spend hours >> i spend hours a day leaning on this stuff. >> in and of itself, it's not bad. but if you have the type of granite that's releasing a lot of radon, then you have to worry. >> i hope i don't. [ laughter ] >> you are acting like you are glowing. >> we don't want to scare everyone, obviously, granite: granite is very common. i have lots of granite at my house. >>i have more granite that you know have at your house. [ laughter ] >> let's have a granite face off right now! [ laughter ] >> i don't need to compensate for anything. i don't need the granite. >> you are a plastic surgeon, so i expect you would, but --
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[ laughter ] >> that being said, i never heard this story ever about granite. >> really, this is sort of your niche, you know about environmental things. >> but granite and radon is new to me. >> in certain areas of the country, radon can live in the ground around the house, so before you sell the home you may need a radon report. but various granite, depending on the color, may emit more radon, and we will talk throughout the show today, about how you can tell whether or not the granite in your house could be a potential danger. we live on this stuff, right? >> yeah. >> like you said, how often are you eating dinner and you are right on top of the granite? >> how about eating food that comes off of it? >> but granite's been around for centuries, being used since anticquitty times. we are sticking with it. we love our granite. >> more importantly -- >> we will talk about this
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later in the show, some say radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind cigarettes. this is an important topic we will cover. we will show you how to tell if your granite's safe, or not. and serving up surprising health risks that will surprise you, stick around! ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> coming up next! i bet you didn't know there's a connection between your mess, and your waistline. >> the clutter in your home, could it become clutter in your body. >> i was collecting sugar and flour right around my body. >> a quiet killer that may be lurking in your body. >> certain kinds of grantite counter tops could be as bad as smoking half of a pack of cigarettes a day. >> that's later! >> coming tomorrow! all new! erin brochovichis back, championing a new cause. >> they're perforating organs.
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>> and naomi judd. i felt like i am going crazy, hallucinating. >> plus: a day in the water turrence fatal. -- turns fatal. >> had you ever heard of this particular bacteria? >> that's tomorrow! and then on friday! before the doctors, she weigh the 286 pounds. see one of the most unbelievable weight-loss transformations ever. >> she looks fantastic! >> uh-huh! >> she looks fantastic! >> uh-huh! >> gun without a background check.. ithe dangerously mentally ill. criminals. endangering our families. ken cuccinelli opposed closing the gun show loophole - against comprehensive background checks at gun shows for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. siding with the
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nra and undermining law enforcement. no wonder the washington post calls cuccinelli polarizing, provocative and partisan. cuccinelli. too extreme for virginia independence usa pac sponsored this ad.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> let's face it, most of us are guilty of letting our homes get messy from time to time. did you know that keeping your house clean can help your family be healthier? also, i bet you didn't know there's a connection between your mess and your waistline. >> i am organizing expert dorothy breninger, you may know me from my work on the show, borders. >> we have one more rabbits. >> oh, there's the baby. >> what happened is i was filming the show "hoarders" and i was hoarding just like my client. i wasn't hoarding stuff, but sugar, flour, and food around my body. i was overweight, because i let the chaos of life turn into the chaos on my body! which is what i call "body clutter". my book, stuff your face or face your stuff, is how i lost
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75 pounds and took the body clut yer turned it -- clutter and turned it into good health. >> please welcome the orgination expert, author of "stuff your face or face your stuff" dorothy breninger. dorothy, thank you for being here! >> you are welcome. >> we love to talk about seemingly unconnected things but a messy life can lead to poor health and an expanding waistline. >> it happened to me. i had a clean house, i am organized but i had gained, i was at 200 + pounds. >> wow. >> i took off 75 pounds by decluttering by body clutter. >> did you find that the busier you got on the show and the more houses you were cleaning up, yours got more clut ? >> i had hoarding clients who were collecting stuff from around the house and yard sales and i was collecting sugar and flour around my body. >> your story is not unique, a
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few weeks ago, you met up with natalie, who was a mom who was feel buried under a mess she never seemed to be able to get under croil. >> i am -- control. >>im 30 pounds overweight. i have diabetes for 5 years. it's been an emotional roller coaster. i have a 2 bedroom, two story, two bathroom condo. i live in a studio apartment with 3 children. my kitchen is a storage unit. i cannot do the dishes because i can't get to the sink. i can't get to the table for my children. and the bathroom is also a storage unit. the quality of my life will change dramatically for the positive once i have space in my apartment. [ding-dong] hi, dorothy! >> i a hugger. watch out. >> the plan is to give natalie her kitchen back, she needs a place to cook and eat healthy
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not just for herself but the entire fam plea. >> we start -- family. >> we start left to right, top to bottom. we do this with every room. there's a lot of psychological work to this, sometimes we put it in an "i don't know" zone so we can think about it, so it's not drastic. then they look and see all of the space opening up and then the "i don't know turns into" get rid of it, i don't want it in my good space now. make the correlation to weight-loss, you can't be 200 pounds and be 150 tomorrow. >> you get to sit out here and relax, i will finish your kitchen. >> it's been an emotional roller coaster, i cried. it's a good change. ♪ >> oh, my goodness! it looks beautiful! thank you! [ laughter ] >> it looks beautiful! >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh! ♪ >> i am done! i am done, i am cooked, but i
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will tell you what, natalie did a fantastic job. she has goals in place and wants to be a success. i will follow her and make sure she's got the support she needs >> dr. phil: think she can do-- >> i think she can do it! >> like a genie in a bottle. >> and joining us - if we can, natalie, i will pull up a before and after picture of your home. because -- do you even recognize that before anymore? >> i don't. i don't. >> can you believe you were living like that? >> no, i don't. >> when we were watching this, we were, um, i mean, i started to feel stressed out. i literally started to feel your clutter, cluttering my thoughts! >> that's the whole thing. we see the clutter and we eat because of the clutter. i mean, what's underneath all of our clutter is what we want to ask. things are changing for natalie in a few weeks time. >> how has it changed your
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life having the clutter gone? >> this has been an amazing experience. um, i feel a lot lighter overall. emotionally, physically. you know, i am able to go into the kitchen now and cook healthy meals; not so much fast food and processed foods and quick microwaved foods. soy, it's been awesome! it's been awesome. >> it shows. you look raidient. and you started to lose weight . >> i lost 5 pounds. >> 5 pounds. >> great work. >> and we need to go to break but quickly tips for viewers. >> a messy life, wasteline connection: >> 3 tips. #1, identify what's out of whack in your life. you want to under what'sneath the -- underneath the clutter, keep it to 15-30 minutes maximum. and you want to link that organizing or decluttering process with good, healthy habits. have raspberries, walk a
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flight of stairs, link the new habits, and you are on the way to a new life. >> thank you so much, dorothy. >> we would like to find out how you can win a copy of "stuff your face or face your stuff". go to everyone in the audience today, you are going home with your own copy! [ applause ] >> and earlier in the show, we brought you a disturbing video of a baby that appeared to be injured by a tv that was improperly installed. we will find out what, exactly was wrong and why so many tv's can cause damage. we will show you the steps you need to take today to keep your family safe n. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> coming up next. >> oh, my god. >> how to prevent this from happening to your child. >> if you are mounting things the wrong way in your home, they can become a danger. >> have you heard of bubonic plague? rats and rodents are the
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reservoir for that. >> rodents in your home would put your family at risk. >> the existence of rodents in your home can be dangerous to the air you breathe. >> coming tomorrow! all new! >> country royalty and former nurse, naohmi judd. >> i felt like i was going crazy, hallucinating, your heart's po
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[poof!] [clicks mouse] there's doughnuts in the conference room. there's doughnuts in the conference room. automatic discounts the moment you sign up.
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you may remember earlier in the show, we showed you an extremely disturbing video. >> hi, auntie. baby annemarie. i wanted to send you a video, she's 2 months old and has her favorite shirt on, cute like auntie. she's sleepie right now. let's give you a binkie and put you down ... >> bye, auntie! >> oh, my god! ♪ [ominous music] ♪ >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> tough to watch, right? posting that video on line, people from all over the country are talkingabout it. they wonder what happened to that baby who appeared to be injured by the falling tv.
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>> we did that for a reason, what you didn't know, that video, luckily, wasn't real. in fact, it was created by us with one very important purpose. to get your attention so that this doesn't happen to your child or someone that you love. and i do want everyone to welcome alissa, one of our producers who's been out on maternity leave with her beautiful daughter! [ applause ] >> hello. [ applause ] >> and aliza, i will tell you what, that was so realistic, is it hard for you to watch? >> the first time i saw the video, even know i knew it wasn't real it got me right here. this is my first baby, so you don't want anything to harm your kid little alone a giant tv. the plugs and the outlets, the locks on the cabinets but i never thought to fix my tv. i mean, we have one down low and one up high, so, it just, it's really important information that we need to get out there about how to protect your baby. >> so, alissa did this as a
9:24 am
public service. >> yes. >> and i applaud you for that. >> parents need to pay attention to these types of things. if you mount it the wrong way, they could be a danger. we have a homeimprovement expert, eric stromer here with us today. eric's here, you all know him. [ applause ] >> he's so great our show, because people don't think of home improvement and doing things right, and how that affects your health, but tv's and mounting problems. >> having 3 kids under 15, i spend a lot of time baby-proofi. >> how often are people on the floor with the baby, and then, you know, the water's boiling and then -- >> little johnny the toddler comes up and accidentally, pulls the tv over, and that's where you come to a bit of an issue, obviously. >> so, there are ways around this, obviously. and, the thing that's most important, whenever i talk about baby-proofing a home or
9:25 am
creating safety for all of these appliances, that we live with in our homes, it's about earthquake strapping, in this case, keeping the tv anchored on to this cabinet. they sell many devices. this is a thing that straps to your counter top there. there's an adhesive that you can peel off on the back. there are screwholes on the back of a television, and these devices come with mounting kits. follow manufacturers' directions, you adhere it and screw it in and you can bolt it intothe television, in the approved bolts that come with the kits. >> this is not a time to get lazy and decide not to put the bolts in. >> it's not reliant on the sticky stuff that holds the strap to the tv, you have to screw it into the back of tv. >> we are mounting every tv, no matter where it is. >> but the more formal mounting methods with flat screen tv's, everyone's putting them on the wall.
9:26 am
>> we run into problems with mounting a television on the wall, why? because we try to install them in drywall only. if you would help me for a moment, this is your traditional power drill. psychiatry that on. >> screw that on there. and drill a hole in the wall right there. á >> it's kinda like a scene, in ghost, with the potters wheel. [ laughter ] >> now we will need putty. >> you made the hole, you want to mount the bracket and we are just in dry wall. as you can see, there's nothing to hold it in place. that's the #1 place where these installations fail. but, here's what you have to do. you have to find the wood in the wall or the studs, and that's the framing members behind the wall. that's every 16 inches on center. and you can buy one of these devices, it's called a stud finder. as you can see, obviously -- [ applause ] [ audience oohs ] >> wow! [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> okay, so, all you have to
9:27 am
do, again, is hold that on the wall, squeeze it and engage it, slide it over gently one way or the other and when you get to the wood, the red light comes on, and there's wood in that area. at that point, you use the drill and you can follow the manufactures' directions, it's imperative you use their hardware, it'sed guaranteed. this is a piece of wood behind the wall, and there's plate that comes and fits on the back of tv, and you screw that into the television itself, and if you do that and follow the manufactures' directions we can watch tv safely and secure and avoid accidents like this >> you are pointing out the cord that is hang off of these things. >> that's another issue, because toddlers love to hang on decuv. myids -- stuff. >> my kids did this for years
9:28 am
and they still do it with the curtain pulls but that's another show. and you can gather the wires and have them buried by an electrician or handy person, or they sell channels and they stick to the drywall, itself, so it's not temptation. you don't notice or read it on the wall. and it's a good idea to get rid of the cords, as well. [ applause ] >> earlier in the show, we told you how the granite counters in your home could be putting you at risk for lung cancer. eric stromer will help us spot the danger zones and tell us how to protect ourselves, when we come back! ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> coming up next. >> do you need to be cautious about your counter tops? >> there's no way to know if your granite could be putting you at risk by look at it. >> the at-home test you can do it next! >> and later! >> you look at this foot, does it frighten you? >> facts that your feet may be trying to tell you about your health. >> there's something i want
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everybody to know. >> that's later! everybody to know. >> that's lat♪ ♪ (it's alive... it's alive!) make your halloween come to life. twizzlerize your tricks and treats with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. canyes. with naturento moumade vitamelts.vor? tasty vitamin supplements that literally melt in your mouth in flavors like creamy vanilla... ...and juicy orange irresistibly melty nature made vitamelts.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> earlier in the show we brought you a shocking piece of information. living in a home with certain kinds of granite counter tops could be as bad as smoking half of a pack of cigarettes a day. the reason, it's an invisible
9:32 am
gas called radon, naturally emitted from granite, some types more than others. the scary thing is, there's no way to know if your granite is putug at risk -a putug at risk just -- putting you at risk just by looking at it. >> you have to do a formal test on it. if you are immunosuppressed or living where an interior air quality is an issue. you test it by geting a home test kit, get it on line, or get a fancy meter, it's a bit pricey and probably out of the budget range, but the at-home test that you get on line works well to detect radon. so let's go through each of these stones here. so it's activated and you place it on the stone. as you can hear, no beeping. >> anything below 50, low radiation risk. i can't tell the difference between this and this. >> i would have thought this would have been this blue stuff that's glowing.
9:33 am
>> looks more exotic. >> this looks exactly the same. >> and you hear it. >> you can warm your hands on that one. >> above 50, you have to be concerned. this is reading 51 right now. >> that's on the borderline, obviously. so, you know, in certain cases, if it gets a little too high, the recommendation is to remove tand get a counter surface that's a composite, or engineered stone. >> do you see how this part of the stone is a little different, so if we put it over this specific area, [ticking] you are well over 400. >> wow. >> that means you could put a piece of raw chicken and cook it -- >> just kidding. >> imagine, the kids sit on this stuff at home. >> this isy. are you -- scary. >> are you recommending that when you remodel, sometimes you go pick out the granite, at the stone place. do you remember testing it before you get to -- recommend
9:34 am
testing it before you get to the house? >> that would be great. >> most manufactures may not reveal that there's a potential to create radon, you have to be in the buyer beware mentality. and i don't mean to say, don't use granite, and it's served us all well. be careful and be aware that there are potential hazards and if you have something in your own home, these in-home tests work great to find out if you are at risk. >> what radon can do is disrupt dna, in the lungs so you get lung cancer like smoking. >> and if you are at the store, you are picking out the granite, do you pick out the actual rock you will get in your kitchen? you could test it, this is one i will pick out, test it and get the results? >> if you had this kind of a meter. >> couldn't you -- >> at the granite countertop store, they should have one of these available. >> this is why you are a
9:35 am
successful business man, this is a great idea for a granite store, to say, this is fine, this is not. great idea. unfortunately, i don't think many people do that. >> you could start a business. >> finally, our business, you and i! [ applause ] >> thank you so very much. >> and the take away is, be aware with granite countertops, it's worth getting it checked out to find out what the radon level may be. >> and going inside of a home that has rodents, we want to safely get rid of the rodents that may be giving you tape worms and asthma and more! stay with us! ♪ >> rodents in the home can be dangerous to the air you breathe. first thing you want to do is figure out how they're getting into the home. these small holes is all it takes. rats need a quarter sized hole to gain entry. closed captioning provided by: [ female announcer ] americas best value inn has you covered with instant room discounts and upgrades!
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yñ with skin this fresh, you'll need no filter. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> earlier in the show, i introduced you to those guys over there, and depending on who you ask, you may consider them cute or creepy. when it comes to the air you breathe, you may not know the problems with rodents, in terms of health risks, even long after you got rid of them. >> the existence of the rodents in the home can be a problem for your health. you need to figure out how they're getting into your home. small holes is all it takes. rats only need a quarter-sized hole to gain entrance. vegetation should be cut 2-3 feet under the roofline. >> this is easy access for rodents to get up on the roof.
9:39 am
make sure you get rid of things like this, dog food, water, things left out that attract the rodents. identify the areas and then set traps. we try to avoid the use of poisons due to the fact that a possible secondary foysening can happen -- poisoning can happen with a child or pet. once you sealed up the home, clean up the mess they have left behind. ♪ >> once the job is done right, you can rest assure, the air in the house is safe to breathe. >> and thanks for giving us those great tips. obviously, rodents are called "pests" for a reason. >> a quarter? people look at a quarter and say, what can get through there? a rat can get through there, a mouse can get through the size of a dime. so, i think going to the experts, some of these things you can do yourself, but having someone professionally look to see. >> i take it personally,
9:40 am
professionals have been there; i walk around the house and find droppings and i go, wait a second! so i work with these traps a little bit myself. and i say -- >> it's important -- >> this is pisses me off, i have 15 years of higher learning and sometimes those mice and rodents out mart me. >> -- out smart me. >> i have to have the right traps and the right food, a little peanut butter, apple, and banana. [ applause ] >> wait, wait, what dr. ordon is on to, is something that's important to mention, when you have rodents it doesn't mean you are messy or sloppy or dirty. we have all had problems, it just means they're getting into your house somehow. >> and rodents, the reason we are talking about them, they are a reservoir for illness. many, many respiratatory illnesses, have you heard of bubonic plague, it killed half
9:41 am
of europe? rats. rodents are the reservoir for that. and there have been cases of this in the u.s., recently. and that's why taking care of your rodent problem can help prevent illnesses from occurring. and the reason we are saying, go with the professionals, the glues and the pellets can be dangerous for the kids. >> kids and pets. those are the caviats. if you set these for yourself, and if there's only adults around, you will probably not get in trouble, but if you have to worry about pets and kids, it's a different playing field. >> there's a comment about sticky pads, the exterminators will talk to you. we had a vacation house in north carolina, the basement was dank, and dark, we didn't there often. we saw -- didn't go there often. and they said, we will use sticky pads when we saw the mouse droppings. it was not heavily trafficked by kids, sometimes the snap
9:42 am
trap works, or the box. it's not one fits all. >> the problem with the sticky traps is, it's inhumane, the rat or mouse gets caught, and they die a slow, painful death in there. >> you catch stuff you don't want to catch, birds and squirrels and other things like that. >> and it's sticky, too. very sticky. >> i think for the sticky traps, if it's behind a furn ace, in a crawl space, where nothing else will go but the bothersome pest or rodent, that's where you do it. >> if you don't know what mice droppings or rat droppings look like, if you have never seen this, it means you probably don't have it. be aware that these things can cause illness, we will be right back! ♪ [ applause ] ♪ >> people with diabetes are twice as likely to have problems with their feet. and they can go on to develop nerve damage. >> and if you look at this nerve damage. >> and if you look at this foot, doanother care package?
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against comprehensive background checks at gun shows for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. siding with the nra and undermining law enforcement. no wonder the washington post calls cuccinelli polarizing, provocative and partisan. cuccinelli. too extreme for virginia independence usa pac sponsored this ad. ♪ >> our feet can provide important clues as to what's going on in our bodies. so we need to pay attention to what they are trying to tell us. swelling from fluid build up may mean heart or kidney issues and sores that won't heal can be seen in diabetes. ♪ >> and you can't afford to tip toe around the symptoms and problems.
9:46 am
dr. freda lewis-hall, chief medical officer of pfizer joins us once again. >> i am always happy to be here! [ applause ] >> there's something i want everybody to know. people with diabetes are twice as likely to have problems with their feet, and they can go on to develop nerve damage. now, one form of this nerve damage, we call diabetic peripheral neuropathy. it's a mouthful so we shorten it to dpn, if you have dpn, you may get foot ulcers and may ultimately lose the foot. if you have tingling in the feet, sharp staping pain or numbness -- stabbing pain, or numbness, you may not feel the feet at all, that may be nerve damage. 60-70% of people with diabetes, actually have some form of nerve damage or what we call neuropathy. >> that's a high percentage, and if you look at this foot, does it frighten you? [ audience oohs ] >> a little bit, right?
9:47 am
it should. because poor blood flow is a problem that could impact the feet. i will show how it happens. because, instead of healthy blood flow to your feet, so, normally, blood flows no problem down to the feet, pretend this is an artery, taking blood to the foot. with diabetes, and high cholesterol, fat and cholesterol deposits in the arteries prevent good blood flow. you see that? so this is your foot. you are not getting good blood flow. that's called peripheral vascular disease and it makes it harder to deal with injuries and fight off seemingly minor skin problems. >> not everybody who has nerve damage related to diabetes who has problems with blood flow, but if you imagine those two things get together, it smells trouble for your feet. >> it's really important to understand the challenges of having diabetes . because in the u.s., 60% of
9:48 am
all lower-limb amitations are re-- amputations are related to diabetes why do amputations ? we talked about diabete, and what can happen in a diabetic patient is, you can get a cut on your foot, and not even necessarily know it's there. so you don't know whether or not to treat it or not, because you don't know it's there. that can lead to an infection, with diabetes you have a compromised immune system, so the local infection can spread quickly and it can become grangrenous, and to save your life you have to amputate at the site of that infection, and that's why diabetics experience so many amputations. >> exactly. and i just wanted to make sure that we remember in aftercan americans the likelihood of a lower limb amitation is 3 times the risk. what can we do to avoid that. inspect your feet, look at them. second of all, make sure that
9:49 am
every time your feet become wet, you get them absolutely dry. and last, i know it can be a little difficult, make sure that your shoes are always comfortable, and a good fit. >> can i see your shoes? >> yes. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> freda, those are beautiful shoes. but are they comfortable? >> these are perfectly comfortable, sitting shoes. [ laughter ] >> i love it. and you know -- [ applause ] >>the best way to lower your foot fear factor: keep your diabetes in check. keep the blood surar stable -- sugar stable, reduce cholesterol, and stop smoking which makes the blood flow much worse. >> and make sure that you get regular examinations of your feet and anything, anything, anything, no matter how small that's going on with your feet, you go to tell your doctor about it. and your doctor may also want
9:50 am
to see how much feeling you have in your feet. and would do a test with something that looks like this. >> this is called a monophilame. this is about the size of a fishing wire. your doctor will ask you to turn your head and then will touch your foot in a few places and ask you whether or not you feel it. it takes a few minutes and i promise you, it does not hurt. >> there's so much to know about foot health, if you want more information, go to >> or visit dr. freda lewis-hall, thank you, as always! [ applause ] >> thank you. [ applause ] ♪ >> coming up, breaking health news you can't afford to miss! ♪ clos[ woman ] at just $6.99,y: this burger is an investment closed captioning provided by: that pays dividends in bottomless fries. 24 burgers. a million reasons. ♪ red robin
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>> it's that time, time for the doctor's news in 90. ♪ >> researchers found that 75% of breast milk samples obtained from on line sources tested positive for bacteria, even fecal matter. whether it's improper shipping, or handling, these could cause life threatening infections, mothers with extra breast milk should consider sending it to a mibblingbank to be -- milk bank to be screened and treated to kill harmful bacteria. >> the assassination of john f kennedy, it raises the question: what ever happened to his brain? he was buried without his brain. there's an alleged theory that his brain was hidden by his brother that could have revealed illnesses and
9:55 am
medications taken. 50 years later, jfk's brain is still missing! ♪ >> teen mom star, kalin lowry said she will be consumer her placenta, like january jones, it's a trend to treat or prevent post partum depression, which has no scientist data to support the treatment. there's a growing number of companies will that encapsulate the placenta. and lowry tweeted she will spend 290 for placenta pills. >> we covered what could have been lurking in your home, and doctors orders are this: make sure you get rid of potential toxins that can get into your home, going down the line with some ways you can do that: >> you know, first thing, equip your forced air heating and cooling, that ductal and vent system, with the best
9:56 am
high grade filters you can get. and make sure you change those filters regularly. because as we have said, these byproducts can get airborne, they're in the vents and you are recycling, you are investing in your health. >> when you vacuum, use a hepa filter vacuum which remoses small -- removes small contaninants. look for hepa filters. >> pay attention to where little kids are crawling and playing. get down on their level, get down and look up and see their eye level. it's a whole new world at that level. >> good. and you will love this one: wet mop your floor at least once a week. >> oh, yes? >> it needs to be wet. it can't be dry, if you are drying you moving the dust around and putting it in the air. you wanna wet mop once a week. >> those are doctor's orders! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪ >> for more information on anything you saw on the show
9:57 am
today, as always, go to thanks so much for being with us! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪
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