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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 4, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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well. it's here to stay for the nexth couple of days up ahead of our next front. fron a few clouds out there, not not expecting any rainshowers locally. we will be dealing with clouds from time to time. to the bulk of the cloudiness early, north central maryland, that's the warm front you see in northern pennsylvania and parts of new york. we will be on the southern endhs of that. we are not expecting any rain, but we will deal with clouds,ds, generally sunny, warm, very warm, i mentioned 15 degrees above normal and humid 87 thethe daytime high. >> wow. >> 87. >> i know. >> crazy. tomorrow.r 90 >> it's only 68 degrees rightt now. >> get the sunup and we will start working its magic. >> thanks, tuck. thank you, much. we are learning more about a potential motive for the womanwn behind the chaos near the white house and the capital. >> family members said she had a history of mental health issues but was never violent. fox 5 sherri ly is live with thh details from capitol >> reporter: good morning,
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before we get to some of that information about that woman, let me show you what we have hae going on right here.. there appears to be more police activity at the scene where that car crash and this came to a deadly end. you can see there's ale capitall police, what appears to be an evidence van there. from what we can tell, they hav metal detectors out there where they are combing the ground,grod perhaps looking to get anyny additional evidence from what whawhathappened here yesterday,s a chase that started at the white house and hit speeds of 80 miles per hour. the question is what led thised woman on a wild and ultimately deadly ride.dly she has been identified as myriam carey, a dental hygienist from connecticut.icut her mother says she suffered from postpartum depression, but, she has never been violent. vion it's unclear why she was in d.c. the fbi has searched her home in connecticut but so far they hav
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provided no motive. video shows carey in her black infinity. the car had hit a secret servicc officer after trying to get through a perimeter barricade at the white house. officers surround that car guns drawn and then she sped off and opened fire. a capital police officer waswa hurt when his car struck a metal barricade. the chase continued to other side of the capital followed by more gunshots. the car crashed, the woman was shot dead and a 1-year-old child was found in the back seat. >> the black car on the opposite side of the guard post, it lookt like it could run up the side o the curve or had crashed. when i got a little closer, you could make out a police officer kind of hugging a child and taking that child away. >> reporter: botaway. >> both of the united statested secret service and capital police officers from what i hav seen so far this investigation acted heroically and in trying to stop this suspect fromus entering thepe security perimetm
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attitude both locations. >> reporter: the child believed for carry's daughter was unhurt. the capital police officer whor was injured was taken to the toh hospital, but he is expected to he is a 23 year veteran of the department. now the capital and white house were briefly on lockdown, butwn the police chief kathy lanier says that in this case the perimeters sat both locations worked -- at both locations lo worked. after the lockdown was lifted at the senate floor there was applauds for the efforts for the police and secret service here. back to you. >> sherri, thank you very mucher inside the deadly car chase and police shooting interrupted the house and ending the shutdown. but they did end up passing two measures, they voted 259-157 to
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finance programs for veterans and voted 265-160 to pay members of the national guard and an reserves be but democrats sayay the so-called crs are dead in the senate. however, there could be a rare show of bipartisan support on an vote to give workers missed pay after they come back from thek o furlough. the bill is sponsored by severa of our local members of congress. a vote on it, could come as early as today.ea i know a lotrl of folks will be watching that one. that the shutdown is hitting hom and it's hitting the wallets ofs thousands of furloughed federal workers. >> let's go back to holly morris live in dupont circle. she is getting a sense of how folks are feeling. holly, did i misspeak, i thought i heard you say if you come down, grab a cup of joe, it's on us. >> reporter: we have a lot of coffee. it's been interesting, we haven't seen a lot of furlough o workers coming down and take
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advantage of this.this. on my feeder tweet, holly, hello, they are sleeping in. they don't have to go to work. they are not coming for a cup of coffee. we have seen people who are going to work, and even thoughev they areen going to work, they e being affected by the furlough. >> i work at a think bank, and i do research on the library of congress, and the library of congress is closed. it's been a free open week wherk i could be getting a lot done on the research. alas, the doors are locked, andn archives are not accessible. >> reporter: who are you doing? >> i other things, and i work other things, it's a slow week unfortunately, because my big project can't be active. >> reporter: so does it helpest to get a free cup of coffee to
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help start your friday. >> coffee always >> reporter: wai say that myself. thank you, good luck. we hope this ends so you can ge to your other project. >> we had a furloughed worker who is here this morning. he was supposed to be of on a run, but he is still here. because we are so fun, he couldn't leave me and caribu team here. i think he has applied for a job. he has changed his shirt and is officially helping to serve up coffee. >> reporter: it's interesting, because we're having a hard time giving away free cup of coffee be even for r people who are going to work. >> i think people aren't used to getting something for free. all we ask is that you smile. start your day off right, smile. >> reporter: even with theen wt government shutdown, everyone has the mind-set all they do is taking, taking. it's hard to believe that somebody is offering a good free cup of coffee which is whatch i we're doing this morning. morn we try to be in touch with
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people. the mark a sed little bit, thinking that federal furloughed workers woulo come downrk here and take advantage. but what we can tell you and what we have learned is that so many businesses are going out of their way to ease their pain ash much as they can. caribu across the board, if you go to any caribu show your federal id. jam ba juice came down and and they're giving away free jam ba juice cards. that list goes on and on, what the area ions saying, we're in t with you, we are doing the best to help you out through this difficult time. meanwhile, you have about ---- what time is it? 9:07, you got 52 and 53 more minutes to come down and enjoy our on free give away. it's just free good coffee toto start your friday. back to you all. all. >> we still appreciate you and caribu and the other vendors who have joined in. maybe folks are sleeping in. >> holly, thank you.
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free coffee. .>> very good. we are going to talk about marion barry, but not for anything negative.a he is among the most interesting tweets of the week. >> i know what you are talking about. >> did you catch this.atch >> i saw his tweets. let's take a look. we got a screen shot of his twitter handle. he tweeted, what the bleep is going o he with got a lion the loose, congress out to lunch, police shootout, and you think i have drama. dr can't script this, live at d.c.. >> you think i have drama, thath is funny. >> but you know what, i vein i e seen similar tweets. >> what is going on right now. >> it's been a long week. >> or several weeks.r >> here is the thing, and it's unfortunate.
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there's so much going on, and i think there's a lot of tensionn and stress in this nation right now and people are on edge, anda they're worked up, and you know we got to get through it all. we got to get past it. it would help, it would help if congress could get their act together settle that and you know, dial down the -- the angry discourse and all of that kind of thing, people are all stressed. >> yeah. >> it is cool -- the tweet is really cool from mayor blithe when he said that. a lot of different levels, that there's an art to self-deprecating humor tocating acknowledge the fact that there's things that have happened in his legacy. >> right. >> but then to show this, i appreciate it.appr >> it's nice to also see, you know, we talked about this all week, local businesses steppingu up and helping those that haveth beenat furloughed. fur we did our part by going out to
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the community and reaching outrc and trying to encourage peoplee to come out. it's nice to see us uniting in that wayun after a week. >> what i found most impressive is that tony is reading a tweett from mayor barry.bay >> well, you know. >> tweeter. >> can i say something very quickly because i just got onon twit e what, today is friday. >> 48 hours. >> it's been 48 hours. >> less than 48 hours, and it's fun. i've got almost 800 followers which is great. >> that's good.hat' >> i think the twitter verse ha been waiting for your arrival. >> for somebody who was on the fence about it, you are great at twitter. have you 59 tweets, again who is counting? >> speaking of internet addiction.on. maybe. tony at the detox internet facility. there's a hospital in pennsylvania opening for fo inpatient treatment for internet addicts this week.
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the new center is treating people who can't put the brakes on massaging, web curvin suffera web playing. pl you can develop unhealthy dependency on the web.he and here is a sense of red flags, you check messages and bruise the web compulsively without being conscious of other things, experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and depression when you are forcedfd to turn off your device. it puts a dent on things like your job or relationship; i think that is huge, the relationship part. i thinkti that is an important rule that parents enforce, put the phones away at table. >> addiction is a disease and there are people who are predisposed to it. that certainly can easily become someone's addiction. >> think about how many times we actually turn to our cell phone. we rely on it for alarms, games,
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your cal en calendar, phones, at messages a.mes my thing is i don't want to miss anything. you know as a person with responsibility, want to makeo me sure that i'm not missing anything. but i will also say that when i'm with my little family and we're on vacation.vacat oh, no. i don't do it at all and i don' miss it. that is how i know that i'm so ' far away from being addicted. >> when you come back to the real world after vacation. >> that is when i get stressed. >> that was a good week. >> all of those messages and everything. >> e-mails. >> on vacation. so all right.right. >> put your clothes on, that is the message shan nan o'connor i giving miley. she told miley in a public open letter, stop stripping, stop letting yourself be pimped and for heavens sake, stop lickingig
9:13 am
sledge hammers. miley hasn't directly commented back other than the things she said on her twitter, and she wrote, i don't have time to write you an open letter,letter because i'm hosting and performing on snl this week. [ laughter ] >> you did, and it's caused quite a stir. snl, caused a lot of hate after that. >> she wanted attention when sh ripped the picture of the pope, just like miley wants attention. >> and please, look at o'connorr expressing her individuality right there. like it or not, i'm quitequite frankly surprised at this.this but i guess as we get older, we have different views. i wonder how she would havehave taken someone older telling herh that when she was hot. >> miley is the it girl, rightrt now. she is the it girl whether wer like it or not. i think she wants a piece of the pie. >> there are a group of rappers
9:14 am
like kanye, 50-cent, 'lil kim. she has a rally of people behind her saying you're a genius. gens they wrote her saying, miley you're a genius, because you're getting awful this attention, and in their -- all of this attention, in their world that is a good thing. >> i don't know that she is a genius. >> genius is a very strong word. >> book her right now very smart saturday night live. >> that is so she will pardee herself. >> they will enjoy it. i think we will enjoy it. >> we have to go to a break. 9:15. 
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man: it's staying fit. it's staying motivated. it's... staying on track. no matter what your healthy is, we have the tools to help you get there. aetna -- what's your healthy? a bail hearing set today on san francisco for the accuse h e mastermind of a website wherewhe people could buy illegal rights.
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ross albert is believed to havea set up the silk road website in 2011. it provided anonimity to both drug dealers and potentialial buyers. he brought in more than $1 million worth of business.oro he is charged in maryland for paying someone to kill a witness. heavy-duty tough here.ty we have a new update on the biker road rage. the family of the driver of the suv is releasing a statement. she bummed into the bikers, helmet cam captured the inciden as the bikers chased down the suv. the family says our plan last sunday was to celebrate our wedding anniversary by having a nice day out with our 2-year-old daughter. unfortunately instead we were placed in grave danger by a mob of motorcyclists.mor the family is asking the media
9:19 am
to respect their privacy duringy this difficult time. nima davuluri spoke to a group of students. >> she is the current misss america, but she is a victim vim cyber bullying, being the victi of a twitter attack right after winning the title. she urged students to rise above it. >> it's very easy to lose yourself especially in today'sty society if you don't know what you stand for. know who you are, and stand up for what you are. are. that is part of a national bullying prevention month. >> it became a new platform after having firsthand knowledgh of what it feels like.. >> being honest without being harsh or hurting the feelings o the ones you love. that is today's allison's
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question. stay tuned to hear one wife's question about her husband's cooking. >> i heard the question.he >> i'm going to ask you to weigh >> brushing made easy, forgetfot the toothpaste, a new 3-d toothbrush is coming down the daily routine to cut it down too just seconds. we will tell you how it works, it's coming up at 9:21. 
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important videoconference we knof the day.r most hi! hi, buddy! that's why the free wifi and hot breakfast are something to smile about. feel the hamptonality.
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we are now learning more about twitter's finance. >>it generated $337 million andn it's still losing it lost $79 million in 2012. the revelations come as the company prepares an initial public offering, twitter iswittr hoping to begin selling stocking and raise $1 billion from outside investors.stors reuters is reporting that the executives want the ipo to happen before thanksgiving. for people whew might bet b sick and tired of brushing their
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teeth, tony. a new gadget, not you, but a new grajgadget promises to clean yor teeth in seconds.nds. we're look ago the it. it's the bliz ident. you bite it and chomp for six weeks, while bristles placed at multiple angles clean your teet and gums. while saving you time, it eliminates human error whichr often leads to missed spots. you know what that means. mes. >> ignore your teeth and don't go away. >> you can forget about flossing, too. bliz ident handles serve as a floss dispenser. they thought of everything, thi is what they didn't think of is the cost. c it's going to cost you $299. how often do you have to buy it. we have to change our
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toothbrushes, every couple of months, do you have to buy thath every couple of months. >> you would prooblly clea prob out. >> if that is the case, you might have a customer. >> 25 years ago, seinfeld'seld's routine, about the electric toothbrush. the electric toothbrush is for people who are willing to to this but not this.. >> confess, i do like an electric tooth bush. a political tug-a-war for the federal workers. holly morris has details onn deals out there for you. she has one for you this morning. we will be right back. andnd when you get up- can i play?
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back now with a fluffy prank a at the president's yesterday. >> tiger is con sentraying.>> .
9:29 am
>> that is lindsay vaughn with a squirrel and she puts it on the tiger's shoulder. tiger seems annoyed. >> and why does he have it in his pocket like that. >> apparently the squirrel fell off of a >> get the squirrel off my neck. >> okay, sweety whatever youwhae want. a look onow you see tiger's face. >> right now he is thinking, cameras on me. >> this relation is going to end. i'm out here watching playingng golf with a squirrel on my my shoulder. >> apparently the squirrel was very friendly and they fed it and just stuck around. >> it's weird.t' >> i goat as lot of squirrels in my yard and they are never interested in hanging out with hey. >> is the squirrels in the chipmunks. >> we have another animal story
9:30 am
to get to, i'm being told. >> some more on animals today, they are getting a special blessing today in the catholic church and other churches. chur it's the feast day of st. francis who is the patron saint of animals. so today some parishes are inviting folks to bring theirthr pets to be blessed. >> how sweet is that? >> our cameras just happen to bo at church of enunciation schoolo at they happen to be there, tonyto and tucker.and the students were outside with their furry friends and i think i saw a fish. >> several fish. >> scaly, furry.>> s >> and the yorkie is getting their blessing along with monsignor james lock man all joining in to offer some prayer. >> the great thing is all of the different animals. >> the dog. >> the fish. >> and someone had a stuffed rabbit. >> hopefully not stuffed.ot >> they had a stuffed rabbit. he with want to thankk principal jodie reagan and all l
9:31 am
the folks at enunciation for waiting for the blessing until our photographer got there. we appreciate it be but the t pictures tell the story about au how special it is.ho today is particularly special, special feast day to st. franci because of pope francis who hasw the same day and visited town of a a a sisassisi. it's going to be a nice day if twiewnt g you want to go out. i have never seen a squirrelel that friendly before. >> nor have i, i must say. >> that is really unusual.y >> and would i not recommend.coe >> right. a squirrel inut your pocket. >> no. that could go very wrong. >> that is today's tip. of the day. >> don't put it in the yourin te pocket. >> don't put a squirrel in your pocket. >> can say i something? i would be afraid the squirrel
9:32 am
would go crazy and start biting. >> that is why we recommend that you don't put a squirrel in your pocket. >> i'm just saying on a lot of levels. >> that can go very 70 in gaithersburg, the adviceuh for the day. y. they're not going to get that in the other news stations. 70 this morning in culpeper. we are looking fine. fine cloud cover working through the north and north and west. just like yesterday we are dealing with clouds from time to time. no rain as the bulk of the activity, it's a warm front upt in northern pennsylvania andsyla parts of new york. new and some showers up there, for us just more of the same old heat and humidity.nd we got you here for the first part of the october. highs expected to be back in the mid-to upper 80s. when can we expect changes, thee weekend. cold front off to the north and west and we're watching the two will interact across the mid-atlantic by monday intoay tuesday and bring us rain chances. here is karen, not looking
9:33 am
terribly impressive, seen ripped apart by wind sheer, the wind sheer is doing a number on the storm. stillent examined texpected to a tropical storm.pical and that is wrapped in towardpen the north and east, and toward a us by monday morning. there's the models and both of the models are going to bring it up toward us by early monday. look for enhanced rain around here during the day on monday and lingering today on tuesday. 87 today, plenty of sunshine,hi, it's beautiful on friday.l on warm and humid 87, 66 tonight, clouds and there's the weekend forecast. both saturday and sunday, sunshine and a summary afternoon, each day, highs in hs the upper 80s, we might get close to 90s in some parts of the area both today and tomorrow. enjoy the last days of summer. tucker, thank you very muchh if we havean time some time before the end of the show, i want to rerun that video of the
9:34 am
squirrel. one of our stations has a different story. president obama has cancelen the trip visiting four countries. and economists who were expecting the september unemployment report, they are ty out of luck, no septemberember unemployment report because ofuf the shutdown government. gove they could vote to give furlough workers back pay whenever theer shutdown comes to an end. >> the furloughed workers ared k the ones dealing with the financial pay, thanks to congress' inaction. >> we are getting the man on tht street, general term. >> reporter: the sense of thes people is that they are notot here. they're not coming into the district. and i had a lot of people hit me up on twitter. say holly, the federal workersde live in the suburbs and they'rey not coming into d.c. because they're p no not working. we teamed up with caribu.
9:35 am
awesome coffee crew to give a lot of coffee too kickoff the friday and ease the pain a little bit. it didn't go that way, we didn' give out a lot of coffee. we cannot physically drink a lot of coffee ourselves. we gave a lot smiles to thees to people that came by. we talked to people tha few peot even though are still going to work their families are feeling it. >> we are thinking about you.t we are feeling for you, andyou,a there's a lot of businesses ine the d. credit and thc and the g washington area that are going out their way to give you good deals. caribu in general, if you buy a coffee, they will give you yo another one free. jam ba juice, and earlier we ha washington sports club here. they are giving you free passes, all you have to do is show them your government federal id and they are there to help you foru
9:36 am
as long as the shutdown lasts. come and get a cup of coffee. cf since it's heating up we should change to iced coffee. but you know, what, and also do want toal mention that caribu is honoring breast cancer awarenes month with the pink shirts, and we're serving up amy's best. what is your advice for people who are going to the shutdown right now? >> know that you're not alone in it. there's people like us. come down and talk about it. talk about it, and hang out, there are people that want to help you through it. we're all in it together. we're all affected by it differently. make sure that you don't staysty alone and really reach out toto people. >> reporter: we will all getil through ital together. >> it will help get us through if you do the coffee dance one more can you do it? i need a quick start. depo, go, ready. >> you know, what anybody can dance without coffee in their hand.
9:37 am
you're really good if you can dance with coffee in your hands. >> caribu pour it out. out. >> pour it up. >> pour it up, some cream it up. >> cream it up. >> cream it up. >> now stop. >> lay it out. >> there you go. there could be a lot of versus. did i say we didn't give out a lot of coffee but we had a lot of fun. happy friday, back to you in the studio. >> we tried, happy friday.y >> you made us smile, thank you all. >> still to come pint-size cooks. >> what have we got here? >> it's a for till iny, filling with a butter sauce. >> you have never cooked in italy. >> a new fox show is giving kid control of the kitchen. stay tuned for a preview of -- it's already going on.n. so stay tuned for a preview of tonight's master chef junior. >> interesting idea.ting ide >> also, she wowed the world with her i quit dance video, no
9:38 am
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today's buzz, they're just kids, but boy can they cook. master chef june. >> reporter:junior started itsr. the episode airs tonight. i talked with two young contestants who may be young but they know their way around the kitchen. >> next comes first mystery box challenge. how are you guys doing. are you loving it so far. far. >> it's fun loving it with my friends. the first episode was amaze something, what did you think? >> i think it was so cool to see
9:42 am
ourselves cooking like pros. i think it's really fun. >> now, let's find out how old everybody is. i dar a, let me start with you. >> i'm 12 years old. >> and khaylin. >> i'm 11 years old. >> khaylin, when did you actually start cooking. when did you know that you could cook? >> i started cooking when i was 7 years old. and i guess, i really never knee when i was starting to cook but just one day, i just started cooking and i guess i just felle in love with it. >> really. and how about you dara? >> well, i started cooking moreg like seriously around like li eight, but i was introduced to food and cooking at a really young age and preschool. i went to an all around the world preschool so we learned lr about different cuisines and different so i kind ofen learned from tha. >> did you guys watch master chef before you auditioned for
9:43 am
the show? >> yeah. >> you did.>> you >> so you knew it could be a little brutal, a little tough. the judges can be a little harse but i still did it anyway. >> how do you find the judges now, are they nicer than they appear to be on television? >> yeah. the judges are so nice, they're i thought kind of -- i was ale little intimidated by gordon an joe, but now. they are so nice, and i want to see them again. >> oh, kaitlyn who is your favorite judge. >> hum, gordon. and he i like his accent a lot, and he is really super sweet and nice. cool.t is how often do you cook for your family, or do you cook for yourself or try things out. tell us about the routine whenie you're at home?
9:44 am
>> i cook all the time at my house. my mom doesn't even have to coo anymore, because i'm always cooking. >> dar a, how about you, did you cook for the family, do you cook for yourself, tell us about you routine at home. >> i have a lot at school and i do a lot of activities out of school, so my mom, mainly like makes dinner, but i cook for myself on the weekends all the time and i have been doing a lot of baking and experimenting. i just kind of -- i mastered french mack ren ones. i have been making a lot of french pastries. >> you are still young girls, what do not you like about the kitchen. if you cook do you then have to load the dishwasher?asher? >> no, when we're done people pp come and clean it for us. that is why when i cook my kitchen looks a mess. >> is that the same for you?
9:45 am
because they're -- each of us have something we don't really like to do in the kitchen, what, is that for you, dara. >> i don't like cleaning, too. i try to do my best with cleaning, kind of go along and n clean some dishes, just rinse them off, but i'm not a very big dishwasher at the end. >> that's okay. you're the chef. good luck to both of you guys and all of your fellow contestants. one person will walk away master chef june oran junior that grea good luck to both of you. >> they're so cute. >> master junior will air -- master chef junior will air here on friday. here it is again. many the woman who used a video to quit, has another job offer. she became an internet sensation
9:46 am
after using a choreographed video to quit her company. queen latifa had her as a guest, and asked her if she would liked to work. if we see her doing a video for latifah show in a year, we will know. >> not going to work for the queen. >> maybe -- >> anyway, next at 9:00, we talked about master chef juniors, right. >> it's ask allison time and this is all tied in. does someone close to you think that they're the next great chef? hum. >> yeah, but they're not. >> okay. how do you let them down gently. >> that is what we're talking about. (crowd c cheering)
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initial 50:00, it's time to ask allison. we are talking about how bi howe honest without being harsh. my husband talked about being the great griller in the world. the truth is he can't cook on the gill or the stove for that matter. how do i tell him the truth without making him mad or hurting his feelings? this one is touchy. okay. this though, applies to so many different situations. i think we can all relate to it, right. like not just this, but somebod thinks a certain style is working for them when it reallyy isn't. they go out. do you tell them that. anyway, you get the idea. thank you for reaching out. i have not included your name because it's sort of sensitive. i love that you don't want tot o insult your hubbie nor do you
9:51 am
want to anger him. you are already showering thists situation with compassion andcop with so my short answer, is continue to do what you're doing already, treat your husband how you would want to be treated. trea the golden rule is entirely inly effect put yourself in his position. i know we all process things differently so maybe you can hear criticism differently thany your husband, but you know thekn guy andow you likely will know he will react. we are all been invited to someone's house and that person's cooking isn't the best don't we dread it. the food was terrible and we talk about it afterwards. we all do it. it's if i knew the food from our house is the one that is going to be talked about. i would try to step in andin season up the food or offer some nonthreatening suggest, something like that tastes just right, you could take it off th grill now.gril it gets pretty done. or you know, this person likes
9:52 am
it a certain way, maybe it's ae little rare, whatever. if the problem is seasoning,sean maybe grab a few spices for him when you're at the supermarket.. i found this, by the way there' a lot of good in spice mixes. me there's one for burgers. we put it on turkey burgers. you can't mess up with stuffth like this. make it seem likeseel it's his idea and you're complimenting his cooking. i think gently offering suggestions will go a long way. if he asks you flat out do you like this?this? well, then i think it's okay to say, well, honey, i think it needs a little more paprika, some salt. whatever.. letting him try out for cookingo and competitions would be great, like the chef shows, they don't pull any punches on that show and he can learn what his weaknesses are in a forum like that and you don't have to tell him, really. >> i do think there might come
9:53 am
day when you have to tenderly tell him you are going to help him a little. like if you are having a dinner party. there might be when a kid butte it out, we like it when mom doe the cooking. maybe at that time you mightmigt have to say honey sometime. some let it slide for now. get him a cooking class as aas a gift, because he likes to cook, so nurture that. that way the instructor can giv him the tips on what he needs. at the end of the day, he is not trying to quit his job or openon up a restaurant or a food truck with grilling in it. he likes to cook at home for you and you guys, no harm is done here. i would never suggest that you be dishonest. ultimately let's give it to the guy who wants to cook for you and your family. it's tough, yeah. i asked tony earlier as a man. we can all be sensitive
9:54 am
creatures, men and women. >> yeah. >> would you like it if rondah told you, hey, honey, this is not -- let's do this instead? >> would you be insulted, would your feelings be hurt. >> i would like to think that ih would like it, but we're allal sensitive and say, oh, really? >> why don't you just do it yourself, are you prepared for that. >> i think your suggestions are good. handle it can kit gloves and be careful. i love the idea about let's take a cooking class. >> let's do it together or whatever. >> keep your questions coming.os i answer a new question everytin friday here on the 9:00 hour. that's a good one, isn't it. it. he can't cook on the grill and he can't cook on the stove for gnathat matter. >> a malfunction with my anchor:  [ laughter ]
9:55 am
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we're showing the video ofsh the squirrel in the pocket ofe the golfer. one of our state, we got this all wrong. the squirrel was trying to get into the pocket to hide and thed golfer is trying to get the t squirrel out. >> he had him in his hand and hn tried tod get in the pocket. >> i don't know. but then the squirrel gets put on tiger woods. this is the craziest story of the day. >> he looks like an awfully friendly squirrel.fri >> maybe he is trying to get in. it's a warm place. >> we are on top of this kind of thing. >> we have two showers ands sprinkles there in northern montgomery county and northern maryland. otherwise hot today. >> have a great weekend. .
9:59 am
melissa gorga setting the record straight on her new control book. nelly performs his new hit song. all the latest hot topics. >> now, here's wendy! ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the show.


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