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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  October 25, 2009 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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what he's done this postseason, 8 2/3 innings pitched, he's allowed five hits, no runs. tying run at the plate for the angels, and a strike on the inside corner to abreu. >> tim: during his career, left-handed batters have batted .203. >> joe: the 1-1, off the hands, strike two.
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shattered bat, diving stop teixeira. he continues to dazzle with his glove. one out. >> tim: a tight cutter, so from one dazzling pitch to a dazzling pl play. he's been all over the place defensively.
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>> joe: ball one inside. in case you're wondering, mariano rivera allowed seven home runs during the regular season in 2009. he has allowed two career postseason home runs. 1-1. >> joe: up the middle, cano was there. two out.
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>> tim: how about that? the threat of the steal placed cano around second base. otherwise he doesn't make this play. you can see him right there, set upround second. by the time he gets back close to the position, he's still in the position to make the play and throws out hunter. >> joe: wow, it's on the shortstop side of the second base bag. >> tim: well, the threat of the stolen base backfired on the angels there. >> joe: guerrero, runner at second, trying to get around that leadoff hit by figgins. strike one. our coors light freeze cam brought to you by coors. it was vladimir guerrero way back in the second inning being caught on a 9-3 double play. the throw by swisher,ed stretch
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by teixeira. it's guerrero up now who could tie it with a home run. abu one. guerrero's home run off andy pettitte in game three in the sixth inning was only his second reer postseason home run. one guy's given up two, one guy's hit two in their postseason history. 1-1 pitch, strike two.
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guerrero laid off that head-high delivery 2-2. that's ball three. >> tim: get the lasso out. nice try, vlad. >> joe: he forgot the count and headed down to first base on ball three. it's 3-2.
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rivera knew the count. and now this crowd serenades guerrero. tying run at the plate, two out. good swing by guerrero. >> tim: if guerrero can reach, kendry morales, who hit 34 home runs during the regular season, 30 of the 34 batting left-handed, is on deck. >> tim: it's almost as though the way rivera is throwing, if guerrero hits one out, it's going to be to right field. >> joe: still 3-2. 17th pitch of this inning coming from mariano rivera.
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the eighth of this at-bat. to the right side and through. figgins will come to the plate, there is no throw, and it's a one-run game, as vladimir guerrero has his third hit of the night. 3-2 here in the eighth inning, as the base hit sends figgins to the plate. >> tim: and sends reggie willits out to pinch run for guerrero. the almost knew he wasn't going to mess inside with guerrero, he kind of pinching one in on the right side, and figgins scores. feisty at-bat by guerrero. >> joe: nick swisher, the right fielder did not compound the problem for the yankees, and
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allow guerrero to get into scoring position if the throw got away. he made the right choice to put it in his pocket in a one-run game. >> tim: right. >> joe: now willits, he's at first, kendry morales at the plate, strike one. and is packed house just got awfully quiet as kendry morales represents the go-ahead run. 3-2 yankees in the eighth. off the hands, nasty pitch, strike two.
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we talked about the streak for mariano rivera, who has that broken. he gives up a run with two hits in this inning. they've got 25 straight in the postseason at home without giving up an earned run. the angels have made it 3-2. kendry morales waits for an 0-2 pitch. to the right side, cano picks it up. we go to the bottom of the eighth, angels get a run off rivera, trail by one. here in game six. oh, i just talked to someone at fidelity about saving for my kid's college. huh. what's this? well, that's how i'm going to get there. it's guidance. oh, so maybe i should follow it, too. it doesn't work that way, pete. you see, this is my own personalized plan. you've got to get one that's right for you. okay. but i can still walk along it while we talk, right? [ laughing ] yeah, come on.
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>> joe: robinson cano has had a nice night defensively. he also has a single, a walk, a run scored, and he faces ervin santana with the yankees up 3-2. mariana rivera in the game, game six, yankees up three games to two. it's 2-0 on cano. swisher on deck, and then melky
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cabrera. 3-0. >> tim: i'll tell you, joe, when you think about it, the play that cano made, as scott kazmir is warming, the play he made on the shortstopide of second base, that was a huge play in this game. even if at first and second guerrero gets that tight pitch, should the angels score that second run, with fird and third against rivera, it's a huge play. >> joe: santana gives up the leadoff walk. swisher is coming up. pitching change here in the eighth. on verizon wireless, there's a map for that. or why you can watch videos at 3g speed, almost anywhere, there's a map for th. and if you want to know why some people have spotty 3g coverage, there's a map for that, too. yep, with five times more 3g coverage than at&t, there's lots of reasons to switch--
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