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tv   Today  NBC  September 24, 2016 7:00am-8:29am CDT

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good morning. breaking overnight. mall shooter on the loose. an all-out manhunt this morning for a gunman who walked into a macy's in washington state and started firing. bleeding in the makeup section. i have one rifle left in the area. >> five people killed. and this morning, a community on edge as they're warned to stay indoors. we're on the scene with the latest pft. video controversy. protesters take to the streets of charlotte for a fourth night. hours after the family of keith scott releases the video showing the moments before and after the shooting. >> he has no weapon.
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don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> this as calls for police to release the body camera images grow louder. flooding fears in the midwest as rivers rise threatening to overflow banks. iowa's governor signing a disaster proclamation as residents are told to seek higher ground. and pippa middleton hacked? she is the latest celebrity to her photos now being auctioned off to the highest bidder. today, saturday, september 24th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones alongside craig melvin and stephanie ruhle and dylan dreyer. >> this pippa middleton thing is
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this is not the first time a famous person's account was hacked, but claiming to have intimate photos of pippa and photos of her fiance and her $65,000 wedding dress. >> goes to show it can happen to anyone. >> we will have more on that, but we need to focus on our top story. that breaking news overnight. five people killed when a gunman walked into a shopping mall last night and started shooting. we have gadi schwartz with the gadi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, stephanie. we received word that the fifth victim has died at the hospital. that means now four women, one man killed by a gunman who is still on the loose. the shots rang out just after 7:00 last night in a macy's department store outside of seattle, washington. >> out of nowhere it went bam, bam, bam, bam. >> i have two victims down
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i have one rifle left in this area. >> reporter: the gunman reportedlyelling a woman's name as fired as many as a dozen shots and fled t scene police release the security camera image of the shooter warning locals to stay indoors until he is caught. >> this is a rural part of washington. there's a lot of places to run to, a lot of houses. it's a big commercial area. to the east of us, there's spots for him to go. >> paying attention to one thing and one thingnly, getting myself to safety and getting the ones out running to safety as well. >> reporter: police say they are looking for one suspect. a young hispanic male who is armed and dangerous. they still have no motive r the shootings. the fbi is now sendinggents toh investigation. adding they have no information that leads them to believe there may be other attacks in this area. but right now, the priority is tracking this suspect down. back to you guys.
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gadi schwartz in washington state. to charlotte, north carolina, where a fourth night of protests held overnight after the deadly shooting of an african-american man. demonstrators taking to the streets hours after keith scott's family released dramatic cell phone video of his death. abc's gabe gutierrez broke this story and has the latest developments. good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. a midnight curfew was once again in effect. this was a peaceful night of pr we should warning viewers the cell phone video released is extremely graphic and some viewers may find it disturbing. for the fourth straight night, protests in charlotte. >> what did you think when you saw the cell phone video? >> it was devastating. >> it was very disturbing to hear the wife beg for her husband not to be shot. >> reporter: friday night's march is peaceful but passionate. >> don't shoot him.
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obtained cell phone video by keith scott's wife rakeyia after he was shot dead. >> he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> reporter: but police shout drop the g a dozen times. >> don't shoot him. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. >> reporter: rakeyia referring to a family's lawyer scott suffered in a motorcycle accident last year. police were trying to serve a warrant on another man when they encountered scott who posed an imminent threat. >> keith, get out of the car. keith, don't do it. don't you do it. >> reporter: moments later. [ gunshots ] >> did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be [ bleep ] dead.
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>> reporter: earlier this week, police sources told nbc affiliate wcnc, this witness photo after the shooting shows a gun near scott's feet. now a closer look at the cell phone video shows a similar object in the same general location and the officer in the red third stepped back, placing his foot next to that object. his foot remains in that spot for the rest of the video clip. scott's family insists the father of seven was unarmed. their lawyer says none of the they're looking into whether his medication may have played a role in his confusion. this morning, pressure is mounting for the release of the police's body cam and dashcam footage. >> it is not that i want to hide anything. i want to be deliberate in the delivering the whole story. >> reporter: the state does not plan to release the body cam or dash cam footage and is not commenting on the cell phone
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meanwhile, the city remains under a state of emergency and increased security is planned for the carolina panthers game still scheduled for tomorrow. craig? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. let's bring in ari melber. msnbc's chief legal correspondent. good morning to you. let's pick up where gabe left off. the state bureau of investigations taking over this thing. what's the thinking behind not releasing dashcam video, body cam video? how far would releasing that video go in tamping down tensions there? >> it could go a long way. the thinking is typically you don't release things in the middle fl the investigation to preserve its integrity. authorities have repeatedly characterized the video and selectively released other information. bottom line, they don't look good or fair when they do selective disclosure. >> i want to play a clip here. a small clip. this is before police shoot mr. scott.
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here it is. >> he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. >> drop the gun. >> tbi, traumatic brain injury. from a legal perspective, what is clear in that video? what's not clear in that video? >> a couple of things. what is clear is ms. scott's attempt to give police information that she bieves would be useful. we know in many cases you have people with brain injury disability who end up in fatal encounters. that could be good information for the police to use. what is also clear to be fair to the officers in this video is, i count when this story broke yesterday when gabe gutierrez obtained the video, we learned for the first time what happened in the lead up to the shooting. i count 12 times that officers said drop the gun in some way. 12 times. from the officers' perspective. they repeatedly tried to
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at the time someone holding a weapon potentially posing a threat. >> this investigation is obviously going to hinge on among other things whether he had a gun. whether scott had a gun. >> certainly. >> we have the picture from earlier this week. this is from our affiliate taken by an eyewitness. if you look closely. we circled it for you in red there. that shows a gun in the fore that's wt pice say, police sources saying. >> an object or gun. >> yes. and gabe, yesterday, this object -- there it is on the right side of your screen -- in a similar area. does the video help clarify whether it is or is not a gun? >> no. this video does not. what this video gives us is a lot more information about the lead-up to the shooting and the four shots are not visible on screen and some of the after-effects as you say, during that period, where we see the
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they waited two minutes to render medical aid. we see objects on the ground. we at nbc news have not confirmed. i think if you got the dash cam and body cam video, you would see multiple angles the flow. you would see the objects and have a better shot of figuring out if it was a gun. by the way, police repeatedly said that video helped them. if it helps them, craig, hopefully sooner or later the public will get to see it and people will make up their own minds about what is on all the videos. >> ari, thank you for your a funeral will be held tonight for terence crutcher. the unarmed african-american man who was shot and killed by a tulsa police officer last week. we are learning more about betty shelby. the officer charged with manslaughter in the shooting. her attorney says she was so caught up in the confrontation, she did not hear her own gunshot. he added that shelby is trained in de-escalation. she is set to train others on it in the police department. terence crutcher was 40 years
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let's get to the race for the white house. withhe election just 45 days away, hilrylintonasoing visto charl tbut postpopne the t a week at e request of community leaders. hillary clinton is off the ca trail prepping for the debate. daughter chelsea will campaign in pennsylvania for her mom. and donald trump has been spending the last few days getting ready, tonight he will headline a rally in roanok kasi hunt is live with the look at how the candidates are getting ready for the debate and unexpected endorsement for donald trump. kasi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump and hillary clinton both really familiar with big tv moments. this could be the biggest one for both of them with as many as 95 million people expected to tune in to this first debate. clinton and trump are both spending the weekend trying to
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last-minute boost. just days before donald trump and hillary clinton face-off in their first debate, trump's one-time rival ted cruz is finally getting on the trump train. >> lyin' ted. gettin the tmp tra. #neverhillary. after months of attacks and trump going after cruz's wife. >> you're a coward. leave heidi alone. >> reporter: and kellyanne conway tweeting quote hell froze heaven. conway is part of the team helping trump prep for his historic showdown with clinton monday night. they are not doing it the traditional way. they're keeping it loose at the golf club and his family in new jersey. >> he is studying and taking it seriously. at the same time, you have to be yourself. >> reporter: clinton is rehearsing. staying off the campaign trail. letting the ad do the talking. >> you treat women with respect. >> i can't say that either.
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practicing for the debate stage. >> crooked hillary. she is as crooked as they come. >> reporter: her goal is to get trump to lose his cool like he did repeatedly in the primary. >> don't worry about it, little marco. i've given my answer, lyin' ted. >> reporter: clinton hoping voters to think he is not ready to be president. >> temperament is everything for donald trump. can he seem presidential. can he fill that suit and convince voters he is ready to be in the white house. >> reporter: clinton and trump will meet separately with israeli prime minister benjamin ne try to project that they're ready for the oval office. sheinelle. >> kasi, thank you. the debate is two days away and moderated by our own lester holt. you can watch it monday night at 9:00 eastern right here on nbc. dylan is back with the forecast. with start with major flooding in the midwest. >> yes, mostly because we picked up 14 to 15 inches of rain in the last week for areas in the midwest.
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that's where we're seeing most of our flooding right now. it's the cedar river that's been overflowing its banks. people trying to san bag what they can. cars getting stranded in the floodwaters. unfortunately, we have a little more rain to go. the rivers are so high, itill take until fuss before the rivers start to recede. it's a very slow process. even when the sun comes back out, it is tough to get the water to go below flood stage. all of the red diamonds here is where we have rivers in flood stage. meaning the water is overflowing the banks. we have 43 river gauges in flood stage right now. this is the system that will move eastward. it's been producing some snow in the higher elevations, especially back towards utah. as this cold front moves eastward, we will see another line of showers and storms move through hard-hit iowa, only about 1 inch of rain or so. even a little bit does exacerbate the problem with the flooding in the area.
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and that's your latest forecast. just ahead, pippa middleton allegedly hacked. is she in danger of having her personal photos and information leaked to the world? and later, the jurassic gods and later, the giraffe that got a little too close to a reporter. but first this is "today" on
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?? welcome to my house ?? >> we are back on saturday morning. sister to duchess kate, pippa middleton had her purse stolen and someone hacked into her iphone account. we have more with joelle. >> good morning. an estimated half of all americans have been hacked. now another hack attack rocking pippa middleton's icloud account hacked. revealing up to 3,000 personal photos. hackers stealing moments like nude photos of her fiance and prince george and wedding dress of the bride-to-be. offering up to $65,000. pippa middleton telling the
7:19 am
a thick skin. managing it has been hard. the pressure of living before the cameras has grown since 2014 when she sat down for her first ever television interview with matt lauer. >> it is seeming wherever i go someone is seeing me and good or bad, i don't relax. >> reporter: the police have been notified and scotland yard is >> the royal family media team should swoop in. >> reporter: and pippa middleton is far from alone. yahoo! disclosed 500 million accounts were hacked by a state-sponsored actor in 2014. and first lady michelle obama's passport was leaked online. u.s. officials suspect is run by russian intelligence. this summer, the democratic
7:20 am
the middleton breach could be big for the icloud product. in 2014, private photos of jennifer lawrence and kate upton were stolen. >> someone's personal information is at risk and daily lives are threatened. >> reporter: apple has not returned our request for comment. nbc news has not confirmed the hacking of middleton's account. change your password and use the two-step verification. and don't click on the shady link. >> jo, thank you. still to come, the prank war rages on. rages on. what they did this time ?"all you need is love" plays? rages on. what they did this time my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled.
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good morning. i'm julia fello. it's 7:27. new overnight.. multiple people are being treated police say gasoline was tossed onto a fire.. causing an explosion. three people were hurt.. two suffered burns to nearly 40-percent of their bodies while a third victim suffered minor burns. this all happened near a home on kings way. here's meteorologist brian
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring the learning the virtue of sharing why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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we are back on this saturday morning. september 24th, 2016. it is a beautiful-ish day out there. beautiful spirit for right here. we are going to go outside and see some of them. dylan looks great in a poncho. meanwhile, let's look at what has been making headlines today. it is a wild week. a gunman on the loose in washington state. after police say he shot and killed five people in a shopping mall overnight. police say a man armed with a hunting rifle opened fire in macy's and took off before they could catch him. residents in the area are told
7:31 am
in the nation's capital, the museum of african-american history and culture will open the doors for the first time. it covers slavery and civil rights and honors african-americans from sports to military. it is the bottom of the ninth for the most celebrated voices in baseball history. vince scully will retire 67 years behind the mike. >> oh, come on. it's just me. thank you. [ applause ] >> that's not fair. you made me cry once tonight. >> vin scully revered among broadcasters for bringing a poet
7:32 am
scully. now to the recap. >> the unrest rages on after the officer involved shooting in charlotte. police made quick work of catching a terrorist on the east coast and brad and angelina decide to call it quits. that is some of the stories in the weekly "download." >> a state of emergency in the city of charlotte this week as protests over the fatal police turned violent. >> tear gas used to push the crowd back. dozens of arrests as violence escalates. a shot rings out. protester down. >> i can't get in there right now. >> while in tulsa, oklahoma, a police officer shot and killed an unarmed african-american man whose car broken down is now facing criminal charges. >> the filing of the felony crime of manslaughter in the
7:33 am
officer betty shelby is warranted. and new york and new jersey are recovering from the bombing that rattled the area last weekend. >> today, ahmad khan rahami is charged with using weapons of mass destruction and bombing of public places. 31 people injured in the blast. after a shootout with police, investigators say they found a bullet pierced journal on rahami. >> it is clear from the journal that mr. rahami was inspiration from the isis spokesman. >> these events dominating the presidential campaign. >> trump blaming the weekend attacks on president obama and clinton immigration policy. >> what kind of screening procedures were performed? >> clinton arguing trump is giving ammunition to the enemies. >> they are looking to make this into a war against islam. >> big business under fire on capitol hill this week including the company that drove up the
7:34 am
>> you virtually have a monopoly and used it to your advantage. >> by introducing a generic is unprecedented. >> it is unprecedented to raise the price $500. >> and wells fargo under fire for opening fraudulent credit card and accounts. >> the only way you will change if executives face jail time when you fraud. and shocker. angelina jolie filing for divorce. >> asking for soul custody of the six kids with pitt getting access. >> and a close call for pilot tom richards. >> he shuts off the engine because it wasn't running well. the message failed to reach competitors.
7:35 am
he was able to walk away with just a hand injury. he said he is not upset over the incident. just considers himself very lucky. >> and finally a beautiful moment of love and sacrifice at the world triathlon series. >> johnny was on the way to the first place finish, but his body was overwhelmed by heat and dehydration. he nearly collapsed. here comes older brother allistair. he sacrificed his own victory by pushing johnny to second pla >> priceless. brotherly love. >> better than any -- >> i'm getting teary. >> i bet he did not think twice about it. i got to get my brother. >> my brother probably would have tripped me up. >> he would trip me up. >> look at that. that is a happy moment. >> that is brotherly love. you have two boys. would they do it?
7:36 am
>> you say when we do a triathlon. >> they were wrestling around. i said no, no. >> this is your brother. you love him. >> your brother is your best friend. >> there you go. >> and your worst enemy in the case in my house. >> really? >> dylan, no one is worse. >> it is hot down south and it will stay warm. feeling more like summer. in the northeast, it will feel like fall. the crisp in the ai temperatures more seasonable. we are done with the 80s. we will move into 60s and low 70s. that is on target for what you expect this time of year. on sunday, it cools down. new york city, 71. providence, 67. in platsburg, 62. down south, we are looking for temperatures about 5 to 15 above average. nashville, 93 on saturday.
7:37 am
90s from nashville to montgomery. and most of georgia and florida too. we have to watch out for isolated storms today. the flooding potential through iowa were we could see another 1 inch of rain. continue to and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. just ahead, i'll call this i hope so. eating lots of cheese actually
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mcdonald's has you covered. starting monday, the fast food giant is testing out a breakfast happy meal in tulsa, oklahoma. it includes two mcgriddle sandwiches and one egg sandwich. you can choose from apple and yogurt or fries. i know which my kids will pick. you can expect to year. >> that is a good idea. >> you also get a toy. >> i tend to order a happy meal at mcdonald's. for portion control. i wonder if they had a happy meal for breakfast. now this answers that question. >> great idea. >> i have my kids say four nuggets. i eat the other two. >> are you not supposed to eat the happy meal? >> brian gets the toy.
7:42 am
>> if you are still hungry, science confirms something we have known for years. eating cheese is good for you. the university of copenhagen studied full fat cheese. another ate a lower fat and the other ate bread and jam. researchers found those who ate the high fat cheese had no change in waist or blood pressure. in the bad cholesterol have no change. the people's hdl, it increased. >> that is part of the french diet. french women are skinny or something? >> i have a friend who says you'll never been skinny if you eat cheese. >> those are people who live in new york. they walk seven miles to get there and walk home. >> cheese and mcdonald's.
7:43 am
kind. check out what happened when a san diego reporter encounters a very frisky giraffe live on air. >> man, that's a lot of slobber. oh! >> where is this going? >> all right. >> what is happening? >> that giraffe got to third base on live television. >> that's not third base. not where i come from. >> you started it. say it. >> that is the funniest thing you said to me. what is up with the giraffe? the san diego zoo saying there are a couple of reasons why the giraffe snuggled up to the reporter. the giraffe could have had a scratch or the reporter has a scent. >> you need to learn your lingo. i did not hook up with a giraffe. i was at a sanctuary.
7:44 am
one kept coming over and snuggled up. they are cute. they smell a little. your hands stink. >> you want to go to pop start? >> where i come from, that's hooking up. >> you southern boys. here we go. let's start with news for "saturday night live." we finally know who is hosting the premiere next week. it is the talented and stunning margot robbie. "suicide squad" will be joined by weeknd. we can't wait to see what they come up with for skits. up next, the prank war with matt lauer and ellen degeneres is alive and well. the fifty shades and the ping pong ball and then florence
7:45 am
when you thought the hatchet was buried, look at ellen again. >> henry tyler was here yesterday. he did celebrity readings. he did matt lauer. this happened on the "today" show. >> i don't understand the process. >> i found holding on to an object makes a stronger connection with a particular person. >> phenomenal to me. i don't spend a lot of time doing it. >> i don't know what that is. craig, share with us. coming up next, dylan -- i would not take that lying down. dylan dreyer getting ready to take us on a journey to some of the world's most amazing natural wonders. that's right after this. over there's good. so, how much longer you think this will take?
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duties here on "today." >> starting next week, i'm hosting a new show on nbc called "journey with dylan dreyer." we take you to the most amazing places on the planet. you don't have to get off your couch to get there. welcome to castle studios. the set of my show "journey with dylan dreyer." >> from the snow capped mo wilderness to the sands of the desert. this is "journey with dylan dreyer." a new show bringing the world's unexplored landscape, unique animals and ancient cultures right to your living room. >> they go under the ocean and up to space and to the amazon and serengheti. it is a chance for families to learn about their world in a way
7:50 am
>> to capture these incredible landscapes, camera orators u large format cameras. >> the stories have been photographed in the most incredible way possible using the highest resolution cameras. cameramen strapped to airplanes and cameramen over waterfalls. you get to see locations on the planet that are incredibly difficult to access and difficulo action. >> back in the studio, we're not strapped to airplanes, but there is a bit of tv magic using a large green screen. >> dry season is coming to a close. >> adopting the same technology like movies for "lord of the rings" and "spider-man." >> everything we have is on
7:51 am
like i'm on the whole big set. it is actually me standing on a box with a green screen. when it all comes together, it will be a unique journey to places you only read about. >> okay. you can catch "journey with dylan dreyer" it feels weird saying that on nbc stations next week.? saturday, october 1st. the visuals are stunning. it is like one you just sit there for a half hour with your family and take in the magic that this planet has to offer. >> and family is the key word. i can picture that watching that with my kids or husband. >> a lot of folks don't know about you is you have a very healthy amount of intellectual curiosity. it is good to see you. >> thank you. >> we're excited for you. >> congratulations. we're back in a moment.
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(beep, camera shutter click) did you just see that? that was awesome. we have to try it. okay. okay, mine's not working. maybe you have to bump it. oh, yeah. do the bump it thing. right. okay, yeah. (muffled) you can take money out using the bmo harris app! you want to buy a hairless cat? there's a pet store down the street. cool... i think she said "bmo harris app". yeah, that makes more sense. when your phone is your debit card.
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all right. that's going to do it for this saturday on "today." tomorrow on "sunday today" willie sits down with nick krol. he makes the move from tv to broadway. >> later today, new york's central park has a very big deal. rihanna and kendrick lamar are expected to play. if you cannot make it to new york for the concert. you can watch it on msnbc. >> the weather will get better later today. >> you promise? >> even if it is rainy here, enjoy the rest of your saturday and have a great weekend, everybody. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad
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s fall with the season's biggest savings at lowe's. russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
7:57 am
good morning. i'm julia fello. it's 757 this morning. new this morning.. police in cudahy are offering a 250-dollar information leading to an's all over who set fire to more than 60 garbage cans this month.the garbage cans were being stored on city property. police say someone set fire to them on the night of september ninth. if you have any information you should contact police at the number on your screen, that's 414-769-2260 here's meteorologist brian niznansky with your forecast.
7:59 am
8:00 am
- if you've come lookin' for some fun or a chance to be most anyone there's a little shop i know you'll find it on the chica show follow me and step inside imagination is your guide pick a costume off we go now you're on the chica show cowboys dancers astronauts and much more s the thing we always have in store so join our funny family - there's me-- - and me. - and me-- [chica squeaking] - the clothes are cool the fun is free so welcome to the chica show. - oh, i do love that fairy costume in the window like that. - it's beautiful-- mmm-hmm. - so, what have-what have you decided about the wings? - oh, well, what do you think, cluckums?
8:01 am
- can you tilt them to the right? yeah, sure. - oh-- - ah. oh, feather cakes, i think they should go a little more to the left. - no, right-- - no, left! - no, they're still crocked. - oh, you're getting closer! - it's perfect! - ha ha! [loud crunching] - bawk! - what was that noise? - i don't know! - sounded like it was comin' from back over here. [loud crunching] wow, chica-- those crunchy chips are very, very-- loud. [chica squeaking] no-no-no, thank you, it's almost lunch time. i don't wanna ruin my appetite. [chica squeaking] but just bring it down a little-- just bring it down a little. [chica squeaking] - it was just chica-- let's try this again. - oh, ha ha ha-- - okay. - oh, there-- - better? - oh, what do you think? - that's better-- - yeah. [crunching] - bawk! - oh-- - okay. i'm gonna go have a talk with her.
8:02 am
[crunching] [chica clucking] - are you almost done with your snack, tweet pea? [chica squeaking] oh, good. she's done, dear-- - well, thank goodness. now fluff em' up a little. - fluff it-- - fluff it. [gasping] - we love it! - yay! [laughing] - oh, ha ha. [crunching] - ah! - oh! [chica squeaking] - we thought you said you were done! [chica squeaking] - it was me! [gasping] - i was eatin' this delicious carrot. [crunching] - ooh! - where did you get all that? - i just zoomed back from the farmer's market. - uh, what's a farmer's market? - oh, a farmer's market is a place where you get really fresh food from the farmer. there's always lots of delicious fruits
8:03 am
get to meet the farmer. [chica squeaking] you wanna be a farmer? [chica squeaking] [laughing] nice costume, farmer chica! come on, everyone. i have enough food here for all of us. - oh, great. [chica squekaing] - thanks, jet. - i have apples-- - oh, nice. - cucumber. - isn't that pretty-- - yummy! - fresh bread. - wow, look at that delicious bread! [chuckling] - oh, and here's-- - ba-bawk! - did you say corn? - mmm-hmm-- - chickens love corn! he an idea. - did you say corn? this is just a thought-- what if we take a lunch break? - oh, great idea, kelly-- - yeah! - oh, i'll go get chica. save me some corn, will ya, tweetheart? - sure-- - all right. [chica squeaking] - oh-- whoa! oh, chica, don't you want some of the delicious,
8:04 am
[chica squeaking] oh, you can play farmer, tweet pea, but you also need to eat something for lunch. [chica squeaking] well, chips are a nice treat sometimes, but fresh fruits and vegetables are anytime foods. and give us energy to work and play-- - uh-- no thank you! [chica squeaking] -- wha-- chica? [sighing] -- mmm, mmm, mmm-- -- mmm, mmm, yeah. all that delicious food has made me even more peppy. - now, i have the energy to finish my deliveries. - well, thanks for bringing us lunch, jett. - yeah-- - you bet. see you later. - bye! - oh, i guess we better get back to work too, cluckums. - yeah, let's go fix those wings! - yeah. [chica squeaking] - yee-ha! howdy, there, little partner! [chica squeaking] you and your little horse wanna take
8:05 am
[chica squeaking] yee-ha, and come on! oh, this pretend farm has lovely pastures. you doin' okay back there, little partner? all right, you take the lead! [chica squeaking] who wants to go horse shoe shopping later-- i do. [chica squeaking] o0h, farmer chica, when did you plant artichokes on your pretend farm? [chica squeaking slowly] oh-- oh, no. chica, i think you're tired because you ate chips instead of a healthy lunch. - so? - so, chips don't give you the good energy that fruits and veggies do. [chica squeaking] [rumbling] you may think you're fine, but your rumbly tummy says that you're hungry. - uh-oh-- - uh-oh. - a-brawk-a-doodle-doo! a-brawk-a-doodle-doo! - the coop is closing, but we're not done. let's lock up the shop and have more fun! [chica squeaking] - yee-ha!
8:06 am
but now it's time to stop - time to put our things away and close this little shop - so wipe the counter - and mop the floor - then say so long and close the door - did someone say one more time? - say so long and close the door - ba-bawk! - lock up. - whoo-- - whoo-hoo! - wow-- let's go. - ha, ha-- here i come.
8:07 am
- wow, chica, look at you! - time to dress up and play! - yeah-- [chica squeaking] - all right! - breakfast time! - mornin', farmer stitches. - what's on our to-do list today, hmm-hmm? - i'm glad you asked. today, we get to pick apples, harvest veggies, and then we get to-- [horse neighing] feed hank the horse. - ah, ha ha ha ha, let's go! - chica, i know you're excited to go do chores and feed hank, but you're forgetting the most important thing. first, we need to feed ourselves. if you don't eat breakfast now, you might get tired later. - you don't have to tell me twice! - that's okay-- i'll get started. - are you sure, chica? you don't look ready to get started. [chica squeaking] - whoo-hoo!
8:08 am
oh-- [chica squeaking] - i think we have enough apples. let's carry em' back to the barn. [chica squeaking] [chica squeaking] - chica, are you all right? i don't think i've ever seen you so tired. - i'm fine. - you don't look fine. here, crunch on one of these carrots. they've certainly put some bounce in my hop. [laughing] [squeaking] - no thanks. i wanna feed hank. you wanna feed hank? then you're in luck, chica. we have plenty of veggies now. so, let's go feed him. [chica squeaking] [horse neighing] - chica, you were so excited to feed hank the horse.
8:09 am
ed to get some energy so you can feed hank. [rumbling] - what was that? - yikes-- - whoa! - now, are you ready to eat somethin', chica? [chica squeaking] - oh, good-- let's get you something to eat. - ah! - you got your energy back because you had something healthy to eat. now you can feed hank. [chica squeaking] [horse neighing] [chica squeaking] - a-brawk-a-doodle-doo! - we got our energy from veggies and fruit. but that sound means it's time to scoot! [chica squeaking] yeah! yippee, whoo-hoo! [chica squeaking] that was a brawk-a-doodle delicious trip to the farm! [chica squeaking] [rumbling] [laughing] sounds like you could use some food right now. - yeah! - let's see what we have. oh, my goodness, we've got so much stuff.
8:10 am
delicious and fun, you know it as-- corn. [chica squeaking] i know you love corn. [chica clucking] [giggling] [humming] - my stars-- - mrs. c! - i can't believe i forgot my quickity-quick-grow sunflower for the garden. [chuckling] oh-- oh, wow. i told you it was quick-- oh, see you at home for some yummy sunflower seeds, chica. [chuckling] [chica squeaking] c-- - bye, kelly. - wow. - wow, indeed. - oh, hey, now that you've eaten some healthy food, and you have your energy back, what do you wanna do? [chica squeaking] well, if you are up for anything, then how about-- we gallop these vegetables home to your mom and dad and have dinner together? [chica squeaking] yes, chica, there is definitely more corn here. [chica squeaking]
8:11 am
ah, i wonder what kind of dress-up adventure we'll have next time at the costume coop. [chica squeaking] oh, horses, like hank. [chica squeaking] fashion designers-- how fashionable.
8:12 am
our bacteria family's been on this cushion for generations. i like to watch them clean, l never get me on the mattress! new lysol max cover with 2x wider coverage kills bacteria on big, soft surfaces.
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8:14 am
- if you've come lookin' for some fun or a chance to be most anyone there's a little shop i know
8:15 am
tep inside imagination is your guide pick a costume off we go now you're on the chica show cowboys dancers astronauts and much more [chica squeaking] adventure is the thing we always have in store so join our funny family - there's me-- - and me. - and me-- [chica squeaking] - the clothes are cool the n e so welcome to the chica show. - hair am i! descends from her tower to greet her waiting prince! namely you, gideon-- ha ha ha ha! ha ha ha-- [chica squeaking] what? [chica squeaking] oh, chica, it's you! [chica squeaking] oh, do you like my hair? it took me all morning to comb it out, ha ha ha. oh-- don't forget to eat the corn muffins i made you this morning for breakfast. [chica squeaking] ta-ta!
8:16 am
need to fix you, chica. your tweetness is always working. [chica squeaking] hmm-hmm. - uh-uh-oh, uh-uh-oh-oh-oh. [chica squeaking] ah-- oh, look out! so, what's up, chica-bird? [chica squeaking] your mom and dad are the best. no matter how busy they get, they always have time for you. [chica squeaking] you wanna do something special for them? do you know what you wanna do? [chica squeaking] this is so exciting! [chica squeaking] - ha ha ha ha! - where are you taking us, chica? [chica squeaking] a surprise? - that's right-- okay, here we go. [chica squeaking] one, two, three-- ta-da! [ chica squeaking ] - my stars! it's a relaxing spa. ahh-- - mrs. c., chica wanted to do something special for you, because of all the special things you do for her.
8:17 am
and thank you, too, kelly. - you're welcome. [chica squeaking] - you've got something for me, too? [chica squeaking] she sure does-- this way. - hmm-hmm-hmm! [mr. c gasping] bawkity-bawk! what's this? [chica squeaking] - mmm-hmm. - oh, a happy pappy hammock! [sighing] [chica squeaking] i'd love to try it, but who will run the store? [chica squeaking] yeah, chica and i are gonna run the store while you and mrs. c. relax. [chica squeaking] - oh, i suppose i could catch up on some z's. thanks, chica-- thanks, kelly. - you're welcome-- [chica squeaking] - i'll meet you at the counter. [chica squeaking] - ah ha, ah ha. oh! [phone ringing] [chica squeaking] - i'm coming, i'm coming-- i've got it! the costume coop-- how may i help you play today? [caller squeaking] a costume emergency? [caller squeaking]
8:18 am
we're on it. chica, we need to get your parents. we need to make a yak costume, now. [chica squeaking] oh, that's right-- they're relaxing. [chica squeaking] are you sure you can do it? [chica squeaking] well, that's awesome-- then you better get started. [chica squeaking] whoo. [chica squeaking] um, a yak looks like a cow, but it's a lot shaggier-- [chica squeaking] and it has horns on its head. [chica squeaking] - kelly? - hey, kip-- - hey, kelly. - welcome to the costume coop. why is everything yellow? - ha ha, maybe it's your glasses. - oh, yeah, that would be it-- and who's this? - this is my brother, mikey. - hi-- - hey, mikey. - we're here for the yak costume. - bawk, bawk! - did someone say 'yak costume'? - what's going on-- what's going on? - we-- i mean, we just had a teeny tiny bit of a costume emergency. - bawk-- - wha--! - no-- everything's cool, everything's cool! - chica's on it-- - ohh.
8:19 am
[chica squeaking] - my wig! - my horns! - oh-- - ohh... - sorry, chica, but that's not the kind of yak we had in mind. [chica squeaking] see? [chica squeaking] - oh, chica, wait! - oh, uh, oh, we have another yak in the bawk-- back, ha ha. - i'm on it, mrs. c. - oh, thank you, kelly-- - oh, yeah, thanks. - oh-- - oh. - what's the matter, tweet pea? [chica squeaking] t mess up. you were just trying to give your father and me a nice, relaxing treat. [chica squeaking] well, sure my wig is a little tangled, but it's nothing that a good brushing and a hug can't fix. [chica squeaking] - someday, chica, when you're a mama hen, you'll understand how a hug from your chicks can brighten your day. - mmm-hmm. [chica squeaking] - 'bye-- - 'bye-- thanks, kelly. - 'bye-- - have fun at your party.
8:20 am
und the yak costume, so everything is gonna be okay. - ah, hmm-hmm-- [chica squeaking] - a-brawk-a-doodle-doo! a-brawk-a-doodle-doo! - the coop is closing, but we're not done. let's lock up the shop and have more fun! [chica squeaking] - well we've worked hard all day but now it's time to stop - time to put our things away and close this little shop - so wipe the counter - and mop the floor - then say so long and close the door - did someone say one more time? - say so long and close the door
8:21 am
- whoo-- - whoo-hoo! - wow-- let's go. - ha, ha-- here i come. - hurry up! - wow, chica, look at you! - time to dress up and play! - yeah-- [chica squeaking] - all right! - mom, dad! - over here, come on! - hurry up, hey-- - we're ready to play! hold your - over here, fur and feathers, children. we're coming. [chica squeaking] you're right. this is the perfect spot to eat my delicious carrot cake. [chica squeaking] - oh, right, the family picture. but, you know, dear, nothing gets me smiling
8:22 am
- ahh! - mom, dad! - can you play with us? - please? please, please, please, please, please? - how 'bout so [chica squeaking] - oh, okay, we'll play first. - yay-- let's play! [chica squeaking] don't worry, mama. we'll stay squeaky clean for our picture. - whoo-hoo! - tag-- you're it! aking] whoo, ha ha ha! [chica squeaking] - i'm gonna catch you-- - look out! - i'm gonna catch you! [chica squeaking] y,here - i'mdid they go? you! - ha ha ha-- hee we are! - and not one speck-a dirt. - wish i could say the same. - hey, stitches, catch! - i've got it, i've got it! oops-- no, i don't. - what?- watch out!
8:23 am
een a cake-tastrophe! - let's play some more! [chica squeaking] - we know, mama-- squeaky clean! whee! - oh boy, this is fun! [chica squeaking] - not the egg! [chica squeaking] i've rubbed and scrubbed, but there's still some mud in my ears. [chica squeaking] picture time already? oh, okay. come on, kids! come smile for the camera! - hey, mom, dad-- look what we brought you. - for all those things you do for us-- - your carrot cake! - carrot cake? whoo-- thank you! - hoo-uh! - nooo! [chica squeaking] - nooo! - nooo!
8:24 am
- oh, no! we're so sorry. - are you angry we messed everything up? [chica giggling] - nothing a little lick can't fix. no matter how big you mess up, [chica squeaking] we'll always love you! - a-brawk-a-doodle-doo! - come on, mama, papa, baby brother too-- let's pack up our picnic. our day is through! what a picture-perfect adventure! [chica squeaking] ah, chica, i loved having you for a mommy. [chica squeaking] ha ha! [chica squeaking] well, nobody's perfect. [chica squeaking] yes, they do, chica. no matter what you do, from tip to tail feathers, your mom and dad love you so much. [chica squeaking] - brawk! - oh, mr. c! [chica squeaking] - just came back for my tool belt.
8:25 am
-- ooh-- [chica squeaking] - with the help of my jackhammer shoes. see ya at home, tweet pea. [chica squeaking] let's start 'em up. ugh. oh. waaaaahh-- ah, ah, ah! 'bye, mr. c! [chica squeaking] [kelly giggling] [chica squeaking] how 'bout we save some of those happy chirps for tomorrow, huh? [chica squeaking] hmm-- do you wanna take your picture home? [chica squeaking] good. oh, is there somethin' else? [chica squeaking] oh, of course-- baby chick. [chica squeaking] where you go, she goes. [chica squeaking] y'all set, mama chica? [chica squeaking] 'bye, bunji. [chica squeaking] i wonder what kind of dress-up adventure we'll have next time at the costume coop. [chica squeaking] oh, little bo peep-- that'd be fun. [chica squeaking] aww, you'd make a great sheep.
8:26 am
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because no one kills germs better than clorox. - once upon a time... sounds like the start of a great adventure, right? by diving into a book, you can meet new friends and explore far-off lands anytime, anywhere. so pick up a book, grab a grown-up, and start reading. the more you know. grab a grown-up, and start reading. - this costs you money and runs on gas. this saves you money and runs on calories. save the car for rainy days and long road trips. biking is better for your body and your budget.
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8:29 am
- well thanks for watching one and all just like you we had a ball time to go but before you know we'll be back with another
8:30 am
ll] - hi, sean! i'm samantha-- this is my brother, joel, and this is my dad. we just got a new cat. how can we make him feel at home? - hmm-- aha-- i have an idea. everyone buckled up? - ready, sean! [barking] - all aboard the noodle and doodle b - we're traveling around in your neighborhood we're doing lots of things as we go making lots of arts and crafts and food that's good we're hoping we can say hello all aboard the noodle and doodle bus. - hop on! - there's lots for us to do we can bake a cake there are games to make it wouldn't be the same without you


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