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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 17, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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and, you know, the lady go to pick up the telephone. so i must stop her. thank you. and if you did stop her, what made you think she'd change her mind? i don't know. maybe then i could talk to her. soow did you stop her? i-- i grabbed her. then she was fighting back against me. i tried to hold her, and she went back and hit her head. then what, mr. rodriquez? i went to see if she was still alive. but she was not moving. that's when you got the idea to go down to your truck and get the nylon strap? no, sir, i just go. so you still deny you hanged erin garrett
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i did not do this. di d you ever try to help this woman? no. because there was a man on the steps. a man? where? he was going on floor seven. are you saying you saw a man on erin garrett's floor? yes, but i thought maybe he was from the police. so i go back to my work. and what did this man look like? i could only see his back. and why didn't you tell the detectives abouthis when they arrested you? because i was scared... to say that the police were here. and i did not tell them what i did. (mccoy) i don't like surprises, lieutenant.
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through a defendant's hearing testimony. why didn't you get this out of rodriguez during his interrogation? did you ever consider he's lying to wiggle out of the murder charge? he's denied the hanging from the beginning. look, it's one thing to say you shoved someone. it's a big leap to say you strung 'em up. or your people didn't push rodriguez hard enough. so what, we should have broken out the waterboard? after all, rodriguez is here illegally. it was a sloppy interrogation! my people worked rodriguez appropriately! if you don't like it, call the chief of ds. anything else? csu never worked up the stairwell in erin garrett's building. they need to now. and you should talk to julio's boss. if everything's riding on this kid's credibility, i'd like to know exactly who we're dealing with. (easton) julio has worked for me for about two years, on and off.
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is that he shows up for work when he's supposed to. that's not much of a recommendation. why on and off, mr. easton? look, i don't want to prejudice the kid, but tools kept going missing wherever julio was working. if you suspected him of stealing, why keep him on? because i couldn't prove it was him. plus, he's got two cousins that have been with me for years. they begged me to keep him on. they told me they were gonna have a talk with him, and if anything else disappeared, they'd pay me back. did julio ever have a confrontation with anyone at work before? not that i know of. but it wouldn't surprise me. i always thought that kid had a short fuse. why? it was nothing specific, it was just the way he carries himself. a lot of these spanish kids are prone to that kind of thing. i know it's a stereotype, but, hey, stereotypes come from somewhere, right? all right. well, according to easton, julio is a hot-blooded latino with a pension forilfering. racism aside, he does admit going after erin garrett. even so, it doesn't comport with what i saw in the courtroom.
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the lieutenant wanted me to run these over to you. there were fingerprint hits in erin's stairwell that can't be excluded. fingerprints that could have been made yesterday or a year ago. that's true, but this is someone who was a person of interest before we honed in on rodriguez. ali mohammed. he's a sound engineer. he tried to sabotage erin's movie. he denied he was ever in her building. well, now we know that was a lie. now he has motive and opportunity. is it possible we're prosecuting the wrong guy? get up. what is it now? look, i told them i'll pay for this woman's two digitapes. you're gonna pay for more than that. you're under arrest for the murder of erin garrett. you have the right to remain silent. if you forgo that right, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.
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because he wrote a novel. theo van gogh was murdered by a fanatic because he made a blasphemous film. this isn't about some lingering empathy for rodriguez? are you suggesting my background is affecting my judgment? i'm suggesting that we look at the facts, not hunches or headlines. the construction foreman saw ali in erin's building that morning. he picked his photo out of an array. well, that's something. he strung her up for retribution. or to try and kill her movie. we've got viable cases against both of them. which, i might point out, are mutually excusive situations. both these men can't be guilty. motions to dismiss. one for each defenda. (shannon) the people initially charged my client with this murder. after realizing their case was falling apart, they arrested somebody else. it's time to dismiss this case against mr. rodriguez. judge, it's my client's case that should be dismissed.
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that rodriguez was the one who hanged the victim, what is ali mohammed doing here? and what was he doing in her building that day, mr. greer? he went to persuade ms. garrett to withdraw her movie fr the festival. when he got to her door, he couldn't go through with it, so he left. and if that was true, why didn't he just tell the police that? are you alleging these men acted in concert, mr. mccoy? we have no proof of that. then how do you justify both of these prosecutions? there's no legal authority i'm aware of that says i can't pursue inconsistent theories. then i'm the authority. i'm giving you 48 hours to convene a grand jury. it's time to pick a horse. you should be talking to rodriguez. we believe his story, not mr. mohammed's. but i'm here with a gift. man one, nine years. (greer) my client didn't kill anyone. then we'll try the case. that was easy. no. no trial. so what you were telling me about this, ali,
11:47 pm
it was true. i hated this woman. but i didn't hang her. then why plead guilty, mr. mohammed? what chance do i have in an american court? this woman made a movie which was blasphemy to my faith, and your jury will convict me because of my religious beliefs. i'm not gonna let that happen to you. maybe they'll say i'm a terrorist and send me to guant*namo. no. let me stay in prison for nine years, and then i will go home. (greer) you sure you wanna do this? yes. ck? i can't accept his plea. he denies his guilt. i don't understand this country. did we just go from two defendants to zero? as far as i'm concerned, that was an intesting piece of political theater. well, unless ali is right about american juries,
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(mark) carl had to run over to brooklyn. mm, that's too bad. i'm mark, his office manager. something i can help you with? yeah, uh, i had some questions about something we found at the crime scene. it's nylon lashing, like this. what's it used for? all-purpose rigging. we have to secure some lumber, sheetrock, haul a couple of ladders up some stairs. so you just would keep it in your truck, right? uh, it'd be lying around all over the job. thank you. oh, i'm sorry. do you know when mr. easton will be back in? tough to say. he's not really in the office too much. he goes from job to job, always trying to keep an eye on everything. was he at the noho worksite the day the woman was hanged? i can find out. yeah. looks like he was there most of the morning.
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(rubirosa) jack. i spoke with the office manager and the foreman who were at 85 leonard, and i think we can prove that ali had access to nylon lashing left in the building's stairwell by easton's crew. something bothering you? it's just at any given time, east has five or six crews on jobs working all over the city. so? well, he always puts a couple union guys on every job to make him look good, but most of his workers are illegals. i ran some of the numbers, and his practice of using undocumented labor nets him at least a million dollars a year. he'd have a lot to lose if somebody were to complain. we're way past the exploited immigrant angle, connie. yeah, but easton was at the construction site on the morning of the murder. are you saying easton hanged erin garret i'm saying that i used to think this was about an immigrant chasing the dollar, but maybe it's just good old-fashioned american greed.
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connie said my client was off the hook on the murder charge. that can change. why did you never tell anyone that carl easton was at the crime scene? you were honest about everything else. why not that? i didn't see mr. easton there. i don't believe you. i'm reinstating the murder charge. (shannon) what do you think this is, a game show where you can change your mind every two minutes? your client is the one who's running a game here. i can't say anything against mr. easton. i wouldn't worry about your job, mr. rodriguez. u'll never work there again. i promise you. or is this about your two cousins who work for easton? is that why you're protecting him? no. you can put the charge on me. it's okay. it's not okay with me. but this is all my fault. i need some time to talk to my client.
11:51 pm
tell me you are not serious about reinstating against rodriguez. he puts himself in the apartment. he admits to fighting with the vic m. so use the assault charge as leverage, not a homicide you know he didn't commit. assault gets us nowhere. i need the biggest stick i can get my hands on. okay, let's target rodriguez. i know you didn't just do a 180. judge delahunt ordered us to convene a grand jury. you call easton as your first witness, let's see how deep he'll put mself into it. now, that's pushing the envelope. what do we have to lose? (easton) i knew rodriguez might be a problem right after i hired him. in what way, mr. easton? you could tell the kid was a hothead. and then i found out he had problems with women. what kind of problems? well, i got these two gals who do lighting consultations for me. julio was rude to them. he had this...macho attitude, you know?
11:52 pm
after what happened over there, i'm, i'm sorry i did. now, you also were at erin garrett's building on the morning of the murder, weren't you? i don't remember. well, the travel log that your office manager keeps indicates that you were there. that's not always accurate. were you ever on the seventh floor that day? our job was on the eighth floor. did you have keys to the construction van parked outside the building? what does this have to do with julio? in fairness to the accused, i'd like the grand jury to know who had access to the nylon lashing that the police found in your van. anybody on my crew. including you? [scoffs] you know, i'm not gonna answer any more questions without a lawyer. i couldn't even pin him down to being in the building. so we'll get him in a room with his lawyer and turn up the heat. they know we have nothing but speculation.
11:53 pm
he's willing to take the fl to save his cousins. call immigration. let's propose a raid on the compy. we can put easton construction out of business. but what about the people who depend othat work for their livelihood? the only way i can get rodriguez to cooperate is to take his cousins out of play. so we're gonna use these men and their families as pawns? easton is the big picture, connie. in more ways than one. cure the disease by killing the patient. you can't have it both ways. easton killed erin garrett. if he goes down, there's bound to be collateral damage. all right, you might be right, but i'm not gonna be the one to make that pne call. i won't allow julio to plead to murder. if that's what he wants, the court will have to relieve me and appoint another lawyer. i don't think that will be necessary. yesterday afternoon, all easton's construction sites were raided. eduardo and ramon rodriguez were taken into federal custody.
11:54 pm
why do you do this to them? they didn't do nothing! i'm sorry, mr. rodriguez. it's the only way i can get justice for erin garrett. what do you want from him? the full story this time. what about my family? julio, julio. quieres que el hombre responsable vaya a la carcel, no? s^. eres la `nica persona que puede hacerlo. solo t`. after i pushed the lady, i got very worried.
11:55 pm
i told him what i did. he told me to take him up there to see. so we went there. what happened? i showed him the lady. she was still on the floor. he told me to go back to my work. but he stayed in her apartment. was that the last time you saw him? no. later, he told me to come down to the street. we sat together in the van. he was very angry. he told me i did a very bad thing, but he took care of my problem. and he told me if i ever say this to anybody, he will fire my cousins and every latino in his company. calling my client to testify without immunity--
11:56 pm
how'd i know he'd become a suspect? please. we won't be using any of his testimony against him. against me? that's right, mr. easton. julio rodriguez is testifying this afternoon that he left you alone with erin garrett in hertudio when she was still alive. and i'll be asking the grand jury to indict you for murder. i don't believe this. you might get an indictment. you'll never get a conviction. do you wanna roll the dice, mr. easton? why would i kill her? to protect your profit center in illegal workers. over half of your employees are underpaid, undocumented aliens. look, maybe i cut a few corners. but it's still my word against the word of this-- this illegal spanish kid. and who do you think the jury's gonna believe, a kid who busts his ass 60 hours a week to send $75 to his mother or a man w flouts the law and parlays his desperation into a small fortune? if you're convicted of staging erin garrett's suicide,
11:57 pm
i'm offering you 15. i have a family, a wife and kids. so did erin garrett. if you're found guilty after trial, we'll also institute forfeiture proceedings against your property as fruits of criminal activity-- your co-op in manhattan, your house in westhampton. can we have a moment? they can do that? [oscar and easton murmuring] ten years. no property forfeiture. the deal is 15 to life. if i didn't hire these people, what else were they gonna do? how else are they gonna support their families? that might be a defense in a labor violation, not a murder. 15 years or a trial...
11:58 pm
[exhaling forcefully] ali had his card pulled for tampering with erin's movie. he's on his way to pakistan and julio to colombia. and easton construction filed with the attorney general's office for dissolution. you're a one-man border patrol, jack. you give me way too much credit. i don't think so. you cleaned house. not really.
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mr. fix-it. okay, car's coming down. doorman said she came in around 11:15. super found her just after midnight. any traffic through the lobby? just a few tenants. he said she was the last one he saw in or out of the building tonight. her cash and credit cards are still here. serena darby. darby publishing. i've heard of it.
12:01 am
well, here you go. looks like she never even madet into the apartment. hmm. [sighs] i'll start looking around. looks like she kissed the wall half a dozen times. pieces of plaster in her nose and mouth. and some teeth are missing. yeah, csu found two over there. probably hit her as soon as she got off the elevator. you think the assault killed her? took her halfway home at least. but see the color? plethoric face from strangulation. that's how she went. i thought i recognized the name. she was just in the news. serena darby's the publisher of j.p. lange's new book. right. about how he hypothetically woulda killed his wife. yeah, she's got stks of 'em on the dining room table. the picture alone looks guilty. well, the 12 people that mattered didn't think so. justice is blind. i can't imagine anybody would read this book even if it was free. well, from what i hear, they're not gonna get to anyway. what do you mean? so many people are pissed off, stores are refusing to sell the book. even her company's dropping it.
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csu got a couple dozen lifts from the stairwell and hallway. well, it's gonna take a few days to run all those. what about this woman's family? just a brother. he's coming down from boston this afternoon. well, i'll sit with him. every tabloid in the city is sniffin' around this case. i don't want you wasting time. well, they got the scent early. they were parked outside her place at 8:00 am this morning. any idea how our suspect slipped past the lobby surveillance? well, according to the super, there's some teenagers in the building that sneak out the fire exit or to smoke cigarettes. we checked the door. it was unlocked. it woulda been an easy in and out. and no one in the place saw anything? we canvassed the entire building. there were two tenants at home at the te of the murder. one guy had his home theater cranked way up. and the lady that lived at the end of e hall thinks she heard a man and a woman arguing and doors being slammed. which actually coulda been the victim's face slamming against the wall. is there any chance this was a random attack? i don't think so. too much rage. what about a boyfriend or ex?
12:07 am
that made me think she was in a relationship. and the doorman said she just comes home to sleep, alone. there wasn't much of anything in her apartment except for copies of j.p. lange's book. well, that's a good place to start. (elaine fowler) lange's book is turning into the publishing disaster of the year. maybe of the decade. how so? by pulling the book off the market, the company's eating the advance, losing future royalties and rights. not to mention the 100,000 copies they already printed. how much money are we talking about here? easily 5 or 6 million. oh, my god, i can't believe she's dead. look, all those people that were angry about lange's book, any specific threats towards serena? just lawsuits. how was serena handling it? she was angry. humiliated. i stayed out of her way this week. tough boss? you have no idea. what time did she leave the office last night? around 9:00. did she say where she was going? was she meeting anybody? i don't know.
12:08 am
definitely not. most of her calls went through me. okay, so who did she talk to yesterday? uh, her lawyer. the ceo. the company's general unsel. j.p. lange a few times. what were the ones with lange about? it sounded pretty typical on her end. uh, except the last one. i mean, she always yells on the phone, but this was different. harsher. after that, she wouldn't take his calls. hey, i wanted to write a memoir about my baseball career. writing about the murder, that was serena's idea. so what was that little argument you had on the phone with her yesterday about? she was talking about selling the book to another publisher. i told her, "forget it. i'm not interested." you were just gonna walk away? what do you think, i went looking for this aggravation? i think you went lookin' for cash. so what? all that money dried up, though, since the book got pulled, right? no, you got it wrong. i got a civil judgment against me to the tune of 20 million. every penny i ever make is spoken for. you didn't do that book for free.
12:09 am
and any profit was to go to charity. so um, how much does this place cost a month? my baseball pension keeps the lights on. that's all i got. all right, man, look, where were you last night between 11:00 and midnight? right here. watching the knicks game. alone. i don't get out much. with these paparazzi vultures you brought with you, i'm probably not going anywhere anytime soon. well, this isn't exactly the prison you belong in, though, is it? your partner's got some mouth on her. you do have a history. we can't pretend that didn't happen. no, what happened was that some bad cops tried to frame me for my wife's murder. now serena gets killed and i'm your first stop? it's like d\j vu all over again. look, serena and i were both being harassed. and not just by the tabloids. all right, don raised holy hell. he got my book buried. he wanted serena's head on a platter right next to mine. don lampard?
12:10 am
former father-in-law. i'd gone over to jenny's apartment that morning. we were gonna go jogging the park. five police cars out front, an ambulance. i knew that son of a bitch had done something to her. i'd just buried her mother three months before that. jenny was all i had left. well, i'm su lange writing about the murder didn't help. that book is blood money. my daughter's blood. we heard the money wasn't going to him. right, that it was earmarked for some charity? baloney. the deal was a sham. how do you mean "sham?" serena darby's been paying lange under the table. itemized under "research costs." over 200 grand so far. you know this for a fact? i'm filing a lawsuit with virgil publishing and darby books because of it. did serena darby know you planned to sue? the ceo of virgil publishing, dean savitsky knew. i told him last week. i assume he had words with her then. and i assume that accounts for why they've been trying to pay me to go away.
12:11 am
i told them to go to hell. and i wanted serena fired. on that point, he said it was done. the advance came out of serena's discretionary money. i didn't know about the project until we were so pregnant with it, we had to see through. the book was in poor taste. now it's a public relations nightmare. how did serena take the bad news? actually, i was planning on firing her this afternoon. at lunch. you called don lampard last night and said it was done. as good as done. serena had been trying to find a way to fix things with mr.ampard. you mean pay him off? apologize. and offer a settlement if the lawsuit and public fury went away. she was making progress. he was interested? interested in jerking us around. serena had arranged a dinner at cafe du jardin for the two of them. to settle things. she called me last night and said he'd std her up. that's why i finally intervened and contacted him myself. he was happy with your decision to fire serena? i'm not sure anything will satisfy his anger.
12:12 am
lampard never mentioned the sit-down he was supposed to have with serena darby. but he didn't show. so if he was looking for a confrontation, he missed his chance. virgil's ceo called him at home. that argument could've set him off. he meets up with serena at her apartment. is she listed? yeah, her address was on the suit he filed against darby books. well, latents finished comparisons on the lifts from the scene. all but five come back people living in the building. lampard works for the city. they run his prints too? his and lange's. neither popped up. well, it was cold outse. they could've been wearing gloves. if i was him, she'd be the second person i'd want to kill. luds from lampard's home phone. he got the call from virgil's ceo at 10:22 p.m. the night of the murder. that still gives him time to get uptown. and i chked with the restaurant. they confirmed serena darby was there last night, but get this, her tab was 188 bucks. well, there's no way she ran up a bill that high dining alone. (man) ms. rby was here 9:30 to 11:00.
12:13 am
thank you. here we go. dinner, rack of lamb. then five drinks, two desserts. who was she with? some guy joined her near the end of her dinner. they had a couple drinks. i seated a couple at the next table. sounded like ms. darby and her friend were getting into it. arguing? they struggled to keep their voices down. she was upset. and then he stuck her with the bill. no class. was this an older guy? around 60? grey hair? no, younger than that. sort of looked like that guy o killed his wife, the baseball player. [grunting] oh, my two favorite cops. what was your best average, j.p.? 339? 340? 347, the year we won the series. you can remember some number from ten years ago, but you don't remember having dinner with serena the night she was killed? you ever eat there? it's pretty forgettable.
12:14 am
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12:19 am
that's it. that personal matter have anything to do with money? kickbacks from that book? we know she was paying you under the table. don lamparfound out about it, and he came after you both for violating the civil judgment. that's why you argued. i didn't kill her. you been using that line for four years, since you murdered your wife. i didn't do that either. man, everybody knows about your legendary temper. all those dugouts that got cleared because you started a fight. then you retire, you start beatin' on your wife and she ends up dead. now, serena's pissed you off. and this isn't hypothetical like your book, j.p. i saw you workin' that heavy bag. tell m.. how'd serena like your right hook? there's that mouth again. am i under arrest? no, you can leave. we ain't done with you yet, though. all right. i'll tell you since you're gonna find out anyway. serena and i were seeing each other.
12:20 am
last few times we got together, she started to get... clingy. attached. started talking about going to st. bart's. can you imagin being alone on an island with that crazy bitch? anyway, once the publisher decided to cancel my book, i figured i should cut bait with serena as well. you broke it off with her? yeah, i tried. serena wasn't the type of girl who's used to getting dumped. that's why we argued. so how'd you end it? she had a copy of my book in her bag. i signed it and gave it back to her. kinda like a good-bye present. then i walked outta the restaurant and i never saw her again. you signed the book? what'd you write? "screw you." i figured i couldn't have made it any clearer how i felt. if serena and lange were getting it on, he coulda known about using that fire door to get into the building.
12:21 am
'cause nobody had a clue about it. we, can we confirm anything about his story? the secretary said she did have a copy of lange's book in her bag when she left the office that night. (green) but we didn't find one at the scene. so the killer walked away with it? unless lange wasn't telling us the real story. well, we can't arrest him if that's all you got. well, that's all we got. what about lampard? well, we haven't ruled him out completely. but if what lange is saying is true, i don't see lampard taking the book with him. well, you need to verify lange's version one way or the other. that book could be on a trash barge halfway up the hudson by now. look, even i would've pulled it out of the garbage. stolen copies are popping up on ebay for 1,000 bucks. nele in a haystack. so go shopping. see what you can find. (stubbs) so i posted an ad looking to buy an autographed copy of lange's book. sobody hit? good news and bad news. got about 60 responses. obviously, most of them are fakes. how much did you offer? 100,000. [laughs] figured you were good for it.
12:22 am
it says they can authenticate the signature. you want me to write back? yeah. hey, tell 'em we gotta see the book in person before we buy it. i compared the signature to some of lange's sports autographs. looked the same to me. where'd you get it? some dude contacted me through my website. "" can't say i've heard of it. oh, i collect stuff, you know? related to serial killers, famous murders. i get the idea. yeah, well, i paid 4,000 bucks for the book. that's like three manson letters or a gacy painting, easy. i cracked it, by the way. reads like a real confession. so i'm not getting the 100,000? uh, no. and we can't give you the book back either, sorry. well, looks like lange's telling the truth about something. who sold you this? here you go. i paid the money into an online account to gerald stockwell.
12:23 am
well, it's a different name on the buzzer. maybe a roommate? how long you wanna wait? my day's open. [laughs] hey, man. you live here? you know gerald stockwell, 4b? oh, damn it. get your ass back here. what? what're you doing? your hands. oh, what do you know, gerald stockwell. well, i don't money, okay? i can't pay you right now, man. who do you thinke are? what, you're cops? homicide. homicide, what? i didn't do anything. "i didn't do anything." they always say that when they run. gerald stockwell's the ghostwriter on lange's book. serena darby fired him after his first draft.
12:24 am
according to the assistant, serena also promised to publish his novel. two months ago, she backed out of the deal. and that set him off? that's a long lead up to murder. yeah, but then she wouldn't give it back. owned it, but refused to publish it. so she killed his novel, he might've returned the favor. the m.e. didn't find any foreign dna under her nails. but the blood spatter from the book he sold leads right to serena darby. okay, let's see what he has to say about it. sit down, jerry. i swear to god, i didn't kill anybody. then why'd you run? i borrowed some money from some people. they've been after me. i thought that's who you were. where were yououhe night serena darby was killed? i'm home every night. writing. alone? yeah, i was alone. where'd you get the book? what book? j.p. lange's, with the autograph inside the cover. the one you sold to the website. it showed up on my doorstep. figured serena messengered it to me. why'd he write "screw you" in the book? 'cause he hates my guts. he had serena fire me off the project.
12:25 am
after the book blew up in his face. sounds pretty thin, jerry. i'm telling you the truth! sit your ass down! why'd you sell the book? 'cause i needed to eat this month. you needed money because serena darby wouldn't publish your novel, then she wouldn't give it back. i bet that set you off. yeah, but that doesn't mean that i killed her! we found youfingerprints at the crime scene. what? you heard what i said. we found your fingerprints at the crime scenewhere she was beaten to death. you went to her apartment that night. no, i didn't. then explain these. i--i do not know. i went to her place a couple times to drop off revisions. that's it. we have your fingerprints at the crime scene. and the victim's blood on the book you sold. that book didn't just drop out of the sky. gerald! you got one ot to be straight with us. yeah, and i'm telling you the truth. you got the wrong guy. all right, now you can stand up. gerald stockwell, you're under arrest
12:26 am
what? you know, for a writer, you're a hell of an actor. you have the right to remain silent. anything you say can be used againsyou in a court of law. you have the right to an attorney.
12:27 am
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12:31 am
charge is murder in the second degree. i'll take your plea, mr. stockwell. not guilty. the people ask for remand. we request ror, your honor. how 'bout some middle ground, counselors? judge, they barely have a case against my client. we can tie the defendant to the scene of the crime. he broke into the victim's building where he beat and strangled her to death. not exactly the type of fellow we want running around, ms. bocanegra. your honor, my client lacks the means to make even the lowest bail. then it's easy. 'll let him stay put. i'm remanding the defendant. (bocanegra) if you had a better case, jack, you wouldn't be here. i've proven harder cases with less. we are here to listen. maybe mr. stockwell wants to share his side of the story. i didn't kill serena. i swear. as you've heard, my client maintains he's innocent. he's a writer, he makes things up. well, he's not interested in a deal. and i don't think he should plead. he sold a book spattered with serena darby's blood
12:32 am
he knew where she lived and doesn't have an alibi to say he didn't stop by. call it "opportunity and motive." i told you, someone dropped that book at my door. i don't believe this taking some things into consideration, if mr. stockwell went there that night without the intention of committing murder, but the argument escalated... i think man one, 15 years, is fair. 15? are you kidding? the alternative with a conviction, mr. stockwell, is 25 to life. (mccoy) quite a writer's retreat. i don't think it took tolstoy half that long to crank out war and peace. okay, so what if i knew something? something serious? maybe we could work things out if i told you? is there room here to trade, jack? some. i'd need to hear it. i've got interviews i did for the book. on one of 'em, lange admits to killing his wife. and not hypothetically "if he killed her."
12:33 am
a confession. his voice, his words. he can shout it from the empire state building. he was acquitted. i can't do anything about it, and it's no e to you. even if he bribed a juror to beat the charge? excuse me? he told me off the record. he said he bought his walk by bribing a juror. double jeopardy aside, jack. i can't believe you're not gonna touch this one. lange was your case. could there be anything to this bribery claim? i'd like to think i didn't lose the trial completely on my own. but nothing happened at the time to cse you to think twice about the verdict? we took some hits. the defense insinuated that the detectives on the case set him up. i thought i addressed it in my closing, but then... you don't know.
12:34 am
the jury deadlocked three times, right? could mean someone was holding out. (branch) it doesn't take tampering to get the wrong verdict out of a jury. well, let's say it turns out to be true. what's our recourse? lange's protected by double jeopardy on the murder. even an acquittal based on fraud wouldn't get past an appeal. i'm not gonna let it go if he cheated his way out the door. between jury tampering and bribery, he could get solid prison time. where he belongs. if you can make a case. you might want to see if the rest of stockwell's story holds up too. that someone framed him with the book? we'll look into it. (todd dawson) to this day, my brother calls me a friggin' idiot for lettin' that guy off the hook. girl broke up with me once 'cause i told her i was on that jury. why did you think lange was innocent? what can i say, in hindsight we were obviously wrong. did anyone approach you about the trial while you were being sequestered? no way.
12:35 am
when we weren't stuck in that fleabag hotel, they had us chained to the table in the jury room. so what were deliberations like? ugh, misery. anyone in particular argue for an acquittal? yeah, there was one woman. lydia. she was a piece of work. she was the holdout from the get-go. lydia neville. juror number seven. yeah, that's her. yeah, she was always coming back around to the cops who investigated. insisted they planted evidence. and then convinced everybody else it was true. more like wore us down. i mean, we were tired of being there. judge kept sending us back when we were deadlocked. we were stuck in that room eight days. i missed my kids. whether or not j.p. lange killed his wife, you people didn't prove it. simple as that. some of the other jurors i spoke with said you persuaded them to acquit. that's what a deliberation's about. i read the trial transcripts, lydia. saying the detectives planted evidence is stretching the facts. what's your point?
12:36 am
at the trial was bribed. bribed? and you think it was me? according to the others, you were the reason for the deadlock. i don't remember it that way. really? what i remember is jack mccoy got his pants pulled down. 'cause the detective practically admitted to framing lange. my fellow jurors agreed. look, i have a class to teach. we're done. i remember lydia neville. smart. phd. with the dna evidence, i figured she'd be an asset on the jury. that phd put her 75 grand in the hole with student loans, which, by the way, she paid off shortly after the trial ended. did the money come from lange? i don't think so. i spoke with virgil publishing's general counsel. he recognized lydia neville's name. serena darby? from a book contract. drawn up when? well, her advae was paid after the trial ended. but the lawyers drafted her contract even before defense rested their case. anything to confirm she was acting on behalf of lange?
12:37 am
in place with him. if you think about it, if he were convicted, what incentive would he have to follow through with the book? son of sam laws would've prevented any personal profit. darby had to get him a walk. i want ms. neville picked up first thing in the morning. serena approached me about doing a book after the trial ended. she paid me the advance, but the project fell apart after that. look, i didn't do anything wrong. don't lie to me, ms. neville. contracts in your name were drawn up even before closing arguments. i don't know anything about that. accepting a bribe is a d felony, lydia. seven years in state prison. we have more than enough to prosecute. and i intend to do it. unless you tell me everything. it was supposed to be a hung jury. a mistrial.


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